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we were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all public's developing story tonight ca whistleblower edward snowden explains what pushed him to expose america's secret surveillance program in a newly released part of his interview. deadly divisions in egypt fifty one people are killed muslim brotherhood rally sparking fears now that the country could slide into chaos we've got a report few from a hospital on the front line of the violence. at the u.k. policy drift away from the e.u. the british government is planning to walk around one hundred european regulations on justice and the police force.
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kevin i would hear it out th cute not just after eleven pm in moscow on our top story that we're supplier on the run edward snowden hasn't been seen since he arrived here in moscow where he still believed to be stranded in the transit zone at an airport here but the second part now of an interview he gave while he was still in hong kong has surfaced on the web it's up to the last few hours out he's going to shoot you can reports next on what exactly he had to say. in the second part of edward snowden's video interview with the guardian we learn more about what drove him to fight these seemingly comfortable lifestyle and blow the whistle on u.s. government secrets of aliens activities we have to remember that edward snowden has worked with a number of government agencies he listed in the us army because he wanted to fight in iraq at the beginning he thought he was a noble war but as he became familiar with the system he says from the inside his
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views have evolved snowden says he hoped that with a new president new leadership things would change but he says instead he witnessed a new growth of surveillance in the state and his interview his inferiors and his words are actually full of love for his country and he certainly doesn't see himself as a traitor i increasingly was exposed to true information that had not been propagandized in the media. that we were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all publics not just the american public in order to create a certain mindset in the global consciousness and i was actually a victim of that i grew up with the understanding that the world i lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with each other in privacy without it being monitored without being measured or analyzed or or sort of judged by these three shadowy figures or systems i think
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a lot of people of my generation anybody who grew up with the internet that was their understanding the obama administration tries whistleblowers as spies there's virtually no protection for whistleblowers here and certainly the u.s. has gone a long way from the days of the pentagon papers the days of daniel ellsberg and you'll hear pundits and politicians on television suggest that if edward snowden were a real whistleblower he would have stayed and gone to jail and he certainly question his motivation and the focus is on these on these other countries that may or may not grant it or so. and asylum the u.s. has sent requests to many countries trying to make sure that they don't accept snowden we just heard that ireland has denied the u.s. and arrest warrant for edward snowden in case he lands in the country the high court in dublin did it on the grounds that the u.s. that u.s. authorities failed to give information about where the alleged offenses took place or what had been stolen but this doesn't mean of course that ireland would easily
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give snowden asylum first he has to somehow get to the territories of those countries where he has requested asylum and second the u.s. has shown that they're willing to go to great lengths to get hold of snowden is going to be in self believes it's not so much because the u.s. government wants to get hold of him but because authorities u.s. authorities want to want to scare future whistleblowers from doing what he did a correspondent in washington d.c. well but in the u.s. the n.s.a. is still looking for potential new employees by going to college campuses across the country monday a target is a student at the university of wisconsin she actually got to see the recruitment drive only last week joins us now live tell us what you saw either thanks for being with us i mean this whole story i'm sure you've been following it has created a huge media frenzy a big storm at the same time we're going rogue recruits signal trying to create more people what do you think about. i think it's very strange that the n.s.a. seems to have been entirely unprepared for what war i mean fairly basic questions
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it speaks to the bubble i think community lives in that they are so disengaged they think that they actually don't have to answer any questions that they can go on recruiting just they have just as they have which is any feeling of a movie contrition there with the people you were speaking to. me among you mean of the recruiters yeah. i mean i think they were completely caught off guard they were confused you can hear that on the tape it sounded like they've never had to actually justify or even critically think about the work that they're engaged in and they simply didn't know how to answer the questions and these were very basic questions about the nature of their work what kind of questions were put to them just give us an idea briefly well we started off by asking them about what. what is an adversary and how do they figure out what is an adversary because they keep telling us that are part of their work was to surveil the communications of adversaries and yet we know from the edward snowden revelations that's simply not
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the case and we know from glenn greenwald's reporting more recently that there is a fair view program which is about actually. monitoring so what i want to say to that head of the council. they are i mean they had absolutely no response they ended up by telling us that the n.s.a. is simply an apolitical organization that fulfills requests that are sent to it by other departments i mean they seem to be taking their in your inbred defense that they were just doing their job which is not of the sense at all or you won't convince anybody of front of students to recruit day. i have no idea whether they recruited any one you know certainly after i spoke up a couple of other students spoke up. to that exchange we left and some other some scholars with us i'm told that by the end there were only four or five students left and i don't know i guess. looking at it from the other side his point of view it's a tough job i'm going to do trying to recruit people that will do a good job but not to the web would snowden though. i'm sure it's the tough job but
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i think we're doing our jobs. as citizens to ask these questions about what this agency has been doing both american citizens but also internationally across the globe. after that recruitment drive and what would you say is needed to become a successful and i say recruit. i think we have to be a liar and you probably have to be quite skillful because these guys unfortunately weren't dealing with these kinds of questions and you know you know be engaged in double speak i just go back to the first point again did you get the impression after all or any shape or form but the people at least that were there talking to you trying to get you to join their ranks were making any effort to change or taken anything on about what a pig so widely reported over the last couple of weeks. miller they were not and they're absolutely surprising i mean this is what i'm saying it's these company
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this is this company but this surveillance establishment lives in a complete bubble you hear it's referencing in the tape we're making references to karaoke well that's in reference actually to me earlier comment that it's not why the female recruiter telling us that after work they all tend to you know dress up and asked you what time go down to the bar get drunk and do karaoke and this is what these guys do because they're not able to talk to their families as he told us about the climate work that they're engaged don't ring true to my view tariff exhibit so much should be on the program i see tonight question of what happens for edward snowden next a lot of to do fro him to go in on the nicaraguan embassy in moscow has confirmed that it's received an asylum request from him that's been forwarded to the country's president this says more for more revelations from the ex cia employee have been appearing the german media the u.s. national security agencies know allegedly he says be working closely with secret
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surveillance activities it's pointed out on the board snowden says agency share information with no questions asked concealing their sources to protect as he puts it top level politicians from any public backlash these revelations appear though of course to contradict comments from german chancellor angela merkel she early you may recall recently slammed what she called the n.s.a. sco quote cold water act six she said that spying on friends is unacceptable how do those things gel well rebecca holmes is a german politician and member of the european parliament she told me she's concerned that a number of european states could be violating privacy laws. i'm very concerned about the way how united states of america but especially also europeans european governments european secret services are dealing with citizens' rights with the freedom of citizens in europe so for example. the is sure and
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your communication to a telecommunications is protected is based on laws in germany for all citizens and obviously so this law has been broken by maybe all the secret services in europe and in the united states over all i would three comment two governments in europe and in the united states to rethink the balance of freedom of the invidious individual and the need for surveillance to achieve security for me it's clear that we have to fight against terrorists but for me it's also clear there at the fundamental rights freedom has to be protected. there's a saying just now there's been a constant stream of new developments from revelations of the n.s.a. spying scandal and man who said the man who set it all off we got all that sorted
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norbanus for you online we invite a check at the thailand over at r.t. dot com our website. egypt finds itself on the brink of chaos small of fifty people have died know during a massive sit in support of the ousted president mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood claims security forces used live rounds and tear gas against the crowd during dawn prayers of the republican guard headquarters but the military blames the gunfire on terrorists claims and counterclaims here artie's bell truce at a makeshift hospital for the wounded we want to warn you that the witness accounts featured in this report can't be independently verified. i'm here as a field hospital inside the city and it was a scene of bloody clashes between security forces and those still supporting our president mohamed morsy in the early hours of this morning speaking to the doctors here who were treating wounded they told me that the first injuries that came in why from live ammunition they believed was the bullet wounds came in from the back and through the abdomen later they said they had superficial wounds that were just
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skin deep from possibly what's called him cartouche which is birdshot in addition people are being treated at the moment the suffocation off the tear gas bombs. women. seem right to the patients of right to the injuries most interesting to some back on those arms as i have seen part of sea level mission and we have. only found out. maybe three point six speaking to eyewitnesses they tell me they were praying and early in the morning when they hired people chanting which means praise to god after that they saw armed groups they couldn't identify who they were he started firing on them and then the security forces apparently also started firing on them this is are unable to verify this is just speaking to eyewitnesses they say they've been attacked with live ammunition with bad shots and gas bombs as well the gates all been from our backs even before our prayers and they started fighting the bullets
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and they were the problem that there were many children and men women children couldn't breathe five of them died hundreds of bullets coming from the backs many people who fell to the ground and even when they fell to the ground we thought that even fighting the and this is this is where they're being treated first of all before that meets the main hospitals behind me an old woman who's in her late sixty's her husband was arrested she was injured in this into an old man who was in his late fifty's early sixty's he has a gunshot wound to his back and it's very chaotic a went on able to verify any of these accounts but the people here who are dealing with the engine say they been overwhelmed by the amount of people coming in with wings meanwhile the greatest fear determined to stay put they say that even though they feel they're under fire from the military they want the president to be reinstated and they will stay here until the happens the army for their part say that they were attacked and they're just in front of me here five to six and they say the armed groups supports the morsi had attacked them meanwhile the military helicopters continue to circle the area and their army deployed in all the streets
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surrounding this city and including armored vehicles it's extremely tense here we don't know if these costs going to break out again. well true there with the u.s. but the revolution that swept egypt's two years ago but so far avoided taking sides now and this ongoing crisis despite the simmering violence washington's been reluctant to call the ousting of president morsi a coup which would require it to cut military aid to egypt political analysts talk to admit it ghanem believes the white house is taking a wait and see starts. they united states is not they can find the stand yet and they want to stand on the fence no the fence was everyone the friends with the army and the other friends of the people they say what what everyone wants to hear they go to me and say yeah we support you against the better team and they go to the people and say we're not sure if it's a military coup or not it's course of the military coup if people came back and change every instance of democracy they would support the people they waiting to
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see what's going to happen on the ground. coming up post-war mali gears up for presidential election amid mounting worries over its fragile security situation report from inside the west african nation struggling to return some outlets he put off this break. what if china were a military superpower on par with the united states what kind of world would be living with china put in to check washington's appetite for unilateral military action and manipulation of the global economy or would we witness another cold war where both beijing and washington maintained in chile the relatively peaceful world choose your language. we can without any financial crises still somehow.
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choose to use the consensus he. chooses to give to the ins the immigration to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to your office to. sigrid laboratory kirby was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dot com. two twenty three seventeen moscow time now leading figures sit in the us muslim community are calling on president obama to bring
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a stop to the force feeding of guantanamo prisoners during the muslim fast of ramadan mostly inmates been refusing food for over five months now in a desperate protest against their indefinite detention and the jail staff have been pressing on with their efforts meantime to end hunger strike let's discuss the situation with abraham hooper from the counsellor on american islamic relations he's been advocating against this force feeding is going on there hi thanks for being with us have you had any response from president obama about this than no not really other than to say that they're going to be force feeding them only during night time hours during the month of ramadan i mean our position has always been that it's wrong to force feed detainees that's a position international legal experts position medical ethicists it's a position i have every right thinking person who doesn't want to see detainees abused in this way and whether you do it during the daylight hours or it after sunset it
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doesn't really matter wrong is wrong i mean everything you say that i take in their house by their little concession i guess as they say the u.s. government now says this is only going to happen at night because of ramadan you take any comfort in that that at least some of what you said has been heard. i don't think if you were told that well we're not going to abuse you during the day we're going to only abuse you at night i don't think that would be much comfort i mean we know how controversial this is but i guess the authorities will say they caught in the rock and hard place of the don't do the prisoners will die is that would you want to see what we'd like to see is for president obama to fulfill his promise to shut down guantanamo and deal with the issue of indefinite detention you cannot have a situation where people are held basically for the rest of their lives without charge without being convicted of
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a crime it's it's un-american and it's against every international legal norms but till that happens what do you want the authorities to do you want to stop force feeding how is it going to work till the the ideal that you want happens well be the only reason these people are carrying out this hunger strike is because they feel desperate they feel that nothing will ever change for them you have to give them some hope somehow that the situation is going to change otherwise what do they have left. we want to hold this spot because it started with the it makes a special items in the qur'an is being badly treated mishandles disrespected has that changed is not addressed since this all kicked off. well that's not really the same issue we dealt almost exclusively with the issue of the force
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feedings and that is universally agreed upon that it's wrong by scholars by academics by every legal expert and medical expert out there it's wrong and it should be done now the issue of khurana and these other issues they're dealt with at a different time yeah but i guess i guess it goes about it tells a story about how these guys are respected from the start the general attitude towards it doesn't it we could talk about this so much to mummify we're out of time tonight we're going to go to a break in a bit but thanks ever so much for your time thank you for having british governments moving to distance itself from brussels with m.p.'s planning to ditch roughly two thirds of e.u. imposed regulations on the police force in the justice system but secretaries of mace's the u.k. will have to walk into some of those rules later on. try to find out what britain actually wants them from its relations with the. overarching theme here is that they want to repatriate powers back from brussels to the u.k.
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and specifically the home secretary theresa may had said that we will prepare present proposals for britain to exercise its opt out option which is and flies in the lisbon treaty on the e.u. regulations relating to just as crime and the policing now one of the most contentious parts of. these regulations is the european arrest warrant which when issued by a certain country would require another country to arrest and send that person to the country that requires that person to face justice and all of this happening on the back of that recent vote to pass through the house of commons three hundred four votes to none in favor of that in or out referendum case membership in the let's get more insight on all of this from a rory broomfield is director of better off out campaign and deputy director of the freedom association all right let's get right to it for first on one hand you were fighting for freedom you're a euro skeptic but on the other hand you have the police the chief of police department dealing with your case is saying well this is going to make crime attacking quite inefficient wouldn't it be better for the u.k.
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to simply remain and be a part of these e.u. regulations. because we are concerned for the future government whether it be labor conservative or any other color will actually go into these firms and expose british nationals to experiences that they do not want and would not be ok ultimately this is something that would not turn out. to many of these regulations if we were european union completely but there is that still up for debate for vote if and if it indeed does happen wouldn't this be very shortsighted on the part of the u.k. i don't think it would be sure so it's because the u.k. like any other country in the world will be a. member state of the tradition. that fits both you know it's a kingdom and that you. are right in some stories over my websites and items were
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online tina got fear there were talking about laundering dirty money from using clean energy we've got a story reporting on the italian mafia the surgeon investments the making of wind farms what a spark there is certainly interesting green energy but evelyn saw not what we got the one says about si dot com also a billion defense dollars down the drain as u.s. missile interceptors show that they're not up to the task of stopping ballistic rockets but it why it's been a frustrating headache making five years for an american missile defense project on our website. the presidential election campaigns kicked off in post-war mali the west african nation struggling still to return to constitutional order after his the most occupation and the political crisis that followed the transitional government is now lifted the state of emergency has been in place since january that gave sweeping powers to the army during the french intervention to drive militant forces out of the country's north thousands of un peacekeepers
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are going to be helping now to maintain security curing the forthcoming vote has been set for july the twenty eighth france then will be withdrawing most of his troops by the end of the year but many fear money just isn't ready for an election at a time when around half a million people are still displaced and peace is still very fragile at his mere financial met some of the people there trying to put their lives back on track after being so uprooted by this war. and these people from a small village to the west of mali's capital. but they also have their theory only traditional beliefs stretching back to liberation is using nuts to help predict the future and influence whether you know we're going to be able. it's people like these who helped form africa's unique and diverse cultures but it's exactly these types who would have been a trieste of an isolation had the militants who took control of mali's north in the name of radical islam also swept aside the authorities here. have
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a large bar they say they're not muslims i don't like these people and other spiritual groups they think the same way if they find us they'll kill us. french troops intervened in northern mali in january as the insurgency made a push towards the capital two months later paris proclaimed the north for the rated but for some followers of traditional islam that was already too late. twenty three year old silly man from the gal region claims al qaeda linked fighters chopped off his right hand and left food after he a father three and a muslim who prays several times a day refused to join their ranks and. they brought the chair to a square in the center of gower they tied me up they gave me an injection and put a band-aid here brought a knife like this and cut it. however some people from solomon's village claim has
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a speech which the radicals punish him for one to sharia law they imposed will do so we're against their opinion they don't consider the muslim they have their own interests or what that traveling to was the north we met no one who sympathizes with the insurgents and their rigid religious themes and that's even goes for the next generation you want to fight against them why are they bad bad all of them lot of gallon yes they are bad bad for our country. but when those ringers of shari'a law too cold to the north a significant number of mali ends either join them or help them. some suggest by they while it's militants have capitalized on widespread poverty while others have been drawn in by they slogans it is. now many people who join the radicals understood they were mistaken and they've joined the side of the mali an army to fight against those people are you guys that frayed that these people will come
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back. you know they will not come back. all the way on why they will never come back here. because mali and france now here. but france is drawing much of its military and the very people paris claims to have driven out still appeared to be very much around. the same groups that to mali's north claimed responsibility for a terror attack on a french run uranium facility in neighboring new shan while the very factors that allowed the rise in the north proved to be a feeling of injustice and general frustration are still very much evident. in. critical period of campaign money battle is not a legal matter it makes. the bank wish to. research it and only.
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one can keep it sounding it is the missing link to fate richard now seen from mali. call of the top world news stories tonight for you first off in south east india two story buildings collapse killed twelve people eighteen are injured some more believed to be trapped under the rubble of the city lights hotel local authorities are recently warned that several buildings in the area were unsafe but ironically they said that hotel itself will give the all clear such a sad story developing from right also protesters have gathered once again in libya's capital tripoli against the growing influence of mercenary groups paid by the state they say they want the government to disband these militias and create a legitimate army a police force it comes after more deadly clashes last week between two armed groups in the south africa. coming up to a twenty three twenty i want to go time after the break the rise of the chinese dragon the global political change that's what people of ellis gets are talking
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about the late edition of crosstalk but you can stay with us for that. remember how all of a sudden an average guard protest. group became world famous and then were completely forgotten by the next month yeah i'm talking about the feminist punk rock group pussy riot that performed a vulgar anti prayer and one of moscow's most famous orthodox cathedrals one possible reason for their explosive popularity in the media's eyes was revealed recently by german actress on a buck the actress claims a german t.v. chills paid her a large undisclosed amount of money to come out on behalf of the activists banned show said on a t.v. discussion that she doesn't even remember what she said except for wishing them well with dealing with their incarcerate.


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