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coming up on r t despite mohamed morsi his removal from power the underestimate egypt rages on mourning clashes have left scores dead and more on the growing conflict up ahead. whistle blowers are now revealing abuses by big banks bank of america is accused of giving employees bonuses and gift cards for lying to homeowners an in-depth look at this story coming up. in california two women's prisons face a growing scandal dozens of female inmates were sterilized without the approval of the state more on how this happened and today show. it's monday july eighth four pm in washington d.c. lopez and you are watching our t.v.
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well let's begin our coverage in cairo where protests are no closer to settling down after the egyptian military deposed president mohamed morsi and his government last wednesday instead dual protests are underway in the country some supporting morsi and the muslim brotherhood and others backing the military and the opposition . at least fifty one people were killed in today's clashes alone bringing the death toll count to around one hundred and fifty and those are conservative estimates at least five children were among the dead meanwhile egypt's army chief abdel fatah al sisi and his troops are attempting to restore order in the country using tactics protesters say are tense amount to outright suppression and egypt's top muslim cleric is now warning the people of an all out civil war earlier today i was joined by our teams paul asli are in cairo for the very latest. well as you can see i'm standing here into his square this
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still it crowd here well those significantly smaller than it has been on previous evenings the focal point this evening israeli army pro morsi demonstrators which are about a twenty minute drive away from where i'm standing they are calling what happened this morning the deaths of some fifty one people and some two hundred and fifty three people injured in a massacre what they saying is that they want the army to run search for what they say was the army's execution of a members we're hearing conflicting reports in terms of exactly what happened this morning the army saying that they were acting in self-defense but the muslim brotherhood supporters say that they were attacked while quietly playing am in the predawn hours of this morning they needs to be some kind of clarity but certainly tension is running high in a lot of anger on the streets of egypt tonight now as i understand economists say the protests are not really that surprising can you explain why that is and also the financial toll that these protests are taking on the country.
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will certainly be protests are political in nature that there and depend by the very real economic issues that this country faces if you look at the statistics some forty percent of egyptians below live below the poverty line which is some three dollars a day at the same time this country faces massive unemployment you have food prices that have high to have an economy that's not growing you have international investors that are pulling out against the backdrop of all of that in this revolution ole for want of a better word these protests are costing the egyptian economy some one billion dollars a year now one of the reasons given for why mohamed morsi became so unpopular after just one year in office is partly because he spent their church trying to consolidate his grip on power on the country people here are saying he did not spend enough time addressing the real. economic concerns that they have so this new
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interim government that is being established is going to have to pace place a lot of attention on economic concerns but first and foremost we need an interim government to be formed and here the interim president is trying to find a prime minister and to find a government ministers to make up this government that would be acceptable to all sides of the opposition as well as the the supporters of morsi so poll let's talk about that some objections are saying that they want a new constitution to be drafted first others are saying that they want to new election first is there any idea what will happen first of what would possibly be a better politically for the country and more to ensure stability. no there is really no clear indication of what goes next i mean this is uncharted water the one from the army is that they temporarily in control they say that they've dissolved the constitution they're going to call for french parliamentary
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and presidential elections at the same time they're going to put forward some kind of road map the question is of course whether or not they stick true to their word and there is a lot of concern on the egyptian street that the army is not going to hand over to civilian rule but let's put that aside for a moment and assume that they are even if they do they need to be some kind of interim establishment in the meantime many in here as i say to you we have a problem with the current interim president two days before his announcement had just been appointed the head of the constitutional court here he needs to find a government that is satisfactory to all the parties the name mohammed el baradei is being bandied about he is the former head of the international atomic energy agency he's now being put forward as the deputy president there is a popular left wing lawyer being bandied about to be the possible prime minister a man by the name of ziad barhai eldin but again because we have so many different conflicting political viewpoints it's going to be quite touchy to try and get everybody to. we to all of this and then what's the next step will the next step
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greatly is drafting a new constitution having me elections but you're also going to have to deal with the very real popular anger on the street and one of their political progress is hopefully going to happen one day you have a very real threat of further clashes further to demonstrations and further instability here in egypt and paul i'm very glad that you brought up the name mohamed el baradei because that name was thrown around as being prime minister the next prime minister wasn't thrown out it was announced and then rolled back and that was because of the office nor party they were jetted him and spoke out against him so if the newer party is so much a part of this process this islamic group is so much a part of this process are we were creating history here what does this say about the role that islamic groups continue to play in that country. basically is a sense that history is repeating itself on the point of mohamed el baradei there's a lot of skepticism around him by those who feel that he's really for lack of
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a better way of putting it a puppet of the ways you need to remember that he did stand for the presidency some two years ago he did not get in the criticism at that stage was that he's too tightly around with washington and it's been a criticism that surfaces today there's a lot of anger on the streets towards the united states and it's noticeably growing i mean i was on the streets it say a week ago and it is never been much popular support full force for washington but certainly this morning when i was busy filming and talking to demonstrators they blame the united states a lot of them say that they pushed morsi to come to power particularly here in town his way people are very anti american so mohamed el baradei fits into that camp and he doesn't have the credibility of a lot of egyptians when it comes to the islamists they too are very critical i mean they're divided amongst themselves you need to remember you have a party like the newer party which is the second largest islamised ponty in this country it's a hard time islam is party. and it was part of the negotiations up until this
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morning this morning when you had the massacre which is essentially what the muslim brotherhood is calling the deaths of more than fifty people in a new party withdrew from talks and says that they not going to have anything to do with negotiations he needs to be international intervention that's what they're calling for there also and here i'm quoting the brotherhood saying that he needs to be urgent intervention before this country turns into a second syria so you have these allegations of the united states in the way speak involved as for these not missed this growing concerns that morsi was applying his own agenda he was taking this country into a more islamic state and of course this is a big concern not only for the christians in this country but for the moment it islamised egyptians as well so there's a lot of issues at play here and i think the fairest way to summarize the situation is to say there's a lot of confusion and lot of anger and a lot of issues that an interim government needs to address and address quickly it's a very volatile situation and egypt right now and there's no what it's saying when
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this these protests will end and who will end up in power at the end of it are to middle east bureau chief policy or. while egyptian protest of vine of the country and threaten stability in the region back here at home many viewers have little idea of how large or how serious these were votes really are and that's all due to one man soaking up the media spotlight george zimmerman in fact c.n.n. and its sister station headline news have dedicated numerous hours each day to broadcast an interrupted parts of the trial the jury must decide if they were men is guilty of murdering seventeen year old trayvon martin or if he was acting in self-defense a rare moment for george zimmerman in the courtroom as this week's testimony could see more family on the stand the mothers of george zimmerman and trayvon martin testify still you have protests continue but there was one decisive moment when c.n.n. did focus on egypt when its report. as they came the story i'm told we're told.
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here they're trying to take away our. other my life. and that's what appeared to be that bad and we demean them in the middle of giving us a reporter a live report and he was stopped by the egyptian military. but that's not the only story that we have are out of the military this week and it's not only the military that has issues with cnn's coverage over the weekend protesters in new york complain that cnn's calling the overthrow of morsi a coup is misleading the supporters of the opposition argue it's a revolt that the egyptian military kicks morsi out based on the popular will and the anti c.n.n. sentiment goes further someone created an anti c.n.n. facebook page saying quote c.n.n. is giving you a totally fake and untrue picture of what is going on now in egypt for an in-depth
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analysis on media coverage during the egyptian protests i'm joined now by our to arabic correspondent remodel him dia thank you so much for joining me so let's start by talking why is there so much opposition to c.n.n. of all people well maybe because c.n.n. was there at the end to share square at the time when. c.n.n. was there into your square that is plus that is somebody who is on the ground reporting what's going on right there at the same time you have the headquarters who are reporting the news from the usa people are watching as the reporter on the ground is talking to the anchor who is calling their revolt their protests their. d. posing of the president as a coup and they simply made it very clear that they do not want this this to be called a coup and it simply wasn't one c.n.n. correspondent or one c.n.n.
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anchor that was calling this a coup it was across the station they had it on their banners saying that this was in fact a coup so talk about the word coup i mean how important is that versus revolt i mean obviously the facebook page that was set up against c.n.n. alone shows obviously a big a big outcry against the word coup exactly it's just the use of the word well technically no one can debate that this is not a coup. definition of the word coup is when there is a president who is overthrown by a protests a military allies an opposition group this is the different ition of the word however the egyptians seem to not one to use this word just because the military took the side of the protesters and the protesters who were in millions probably we have never seen anything like this in the in modern history people say that just because we were out in millions we have the right to call our revolution whatever
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we want to and we don't want western media to call this a coup and there is no question that obviously this is a huge event but also the media plays a huge role in how it's being covered let's talk about obviously you pay attention to a lot of different arabic news stations different arabic newspapers talk about the role that the u.s. plays in all of this and the idea of battling news sources in for infotainment what to do in the sides for those first of all it's not just the u.s. media that's lee billing this is a co some arabic stations are labeling this as a coup and they are having issues with these stations and with these countries as well however. it gyptian media took the side of the protesters seemingly from the very beginning and so this is the this is what they see coming on their screens and when they see something different on other stations they basically they
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dislike it because for the past year according to them they've been living in this hell and i caught one of the protesters there and no one came to their aid no one was helping them and for them to be able to go out and protest all of this and now be seen as people who are staging a coup for them this is misleading to say the least however the u. was also is playing a major role of role in all of this let's talk about that let's talk about the fact that we have seen pictures one. after another of posters that are very anti obama and you have you have a lot of protestors protesting against obama and then as we mentioned you have some protestors protesting against c.n.n. do you think the two are being acquainted to one another that c.n.n. represents the obama administration or vice versa not really i don't think so and i know none of the egyptians i spoke with said that they are equating c.n.n. with obama they know that there are two different worlds here there is the media war that is basically reporting however they want and they've seen this in the past they saw how they have the american media covered the twenty fifth of january of
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last year or two years ago revolution they saw how the media not cover the june thirtieth. protests and for them maybe this is where a lot of the anti c.n.n. comes from however they also know the obama administration and what happened and maybe what they called the vague and very understandable. statements that are coming from the president and they expected the president to be on their side to be on the side of the millions and millions of the protesters and he basically his statements according to them did not it's called the fourth estate for a reason and it is playing a fair a major part in this gyptian revolution r.t. arabic correspondent thank you so much. let's turn now to the other story that has dominated headlines over the past month that of n.s.a. leaker edward snowden and the government's massive secret surveillance programs over the weekend bolivia nicaragua and venezuela offer the former n.s.a. contractor asylum bonus well and president nicolas maduro and nicaraguan president
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daniel ortega made their offers public during separate speeches on friday however venezuela says it has not heard from snowden and set a deadline of today for him to respond meanwhile bolivian leader our evo morales said snowden is welcome to his country although he did not admit to receiving any official asylum request even morales his plane if you recall was diverted to austria last week over suspicions that snowden was on board now that he has been offered asylum in not one but three countries the question is now whether or not he will be able to leave russia without a valid u.s. passport and if not what measures is latin american countries are willing to take to somehow smuggle him out of the country. well bank of america is at it again but this time former employees are pointing out abuse for us seven former employees and a former contractor submitted sworn affidavits to
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a civil lawsuit claiming that bank of america purposely stalled delayed or denied home loan modifications they even have forced foreclosure quotas and employee on employees and handed out bonuses to the people with the highest foreclosure rate these fraud allegations were broken down in a salon article written by david day in here's how the modification worked by our borrowers were supposed to make payments before the loan modification became permanent in actuality many borrowers would make payments for a year or more only to find themselves rejected for a permanent modification and then only the difference between the trial modification and their original payment causing many families to be foreclosed on and the accusations go on and so will bank of america face consequences for lying to its customers as these whistleblowers say it has been doing or is it bank of america that is too big to actually face any criminal charges at all or to help me
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break this all down is richard he's a senior fellow at the campaign for america's future hi there richard now before we get into all the nitty gritty details i just talked about let's start off by explaining to the audience how some home loan modifications are supposed to work. well basically the way it's supposed to work is that the the president's program the hamp program we were told would give people a chance to modify their mortgages to an affordable rate because a lot of people who can't pay their mortgages who are out of work whose homes are underwater it's they can't sell them they're paying much higher interest rates than the rest of the country because they can't refinance so it was supposed to help them bridge to getting a better and more reasonable loan but what banks have done over and over is the administration decided to let the banks police themselves in and how they handled this program and what we saw was a massive wave of fraud in criminality what they called extend and pretend where
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the banks would stretch these stretch out these discussions of the modifications people would continue to pay the banks would collect another year's worth of mortgage money or so and then foreclose anyways for the cruelest kind of deception and this was supposed to be ended with a foreclosure settlement the administration spearheaded last year along with most of the states of the country but as these revelations show us the banks didn't even slow down at least bank of america continued to defraud its customers with this lying patternist customer fraud known as extended pretend and obviously we're learning a lot more about this fraud from these whistleblowers but you're saying the bank of america probably isn't alone in this practice do i have you correct i would be astonished if it were these practices were endemic across the industry banks watch one another and if one bank is cheating and lying and getting away with it i would almost be certain that the others are many of the others are as well do we have any
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sense of how many people are affected by this loan modification process. well in terms of bank of america it's not clear but we know that many many people have been dragged into this extend and pretend process as we call it i wrote a piece years ago about it and was just inundated with e-mails by people saying i thought i was the only one we didn't get a full investigation because one of the other problems with the settlement deal last year is that it ended the ongoing investigation so we don't have the full numbers but we know that it was massive been widespread for are now at the same time richard last year bank of america was part of a twenty five billion dollars settlement for wrongful foreclosures do these new accusations fall under that i mean is bank of the america sensually free from liability in a sense stance well bank no because according to these revelations some of these
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fraudulent activities took place after the settlement which should if we had which we don't and aggressive administration and justice department that should it validate the settlement and leave bank of america open to prosecution to further suits for fraud but of course we're seeing none of that because the pattern has been not to pursue banks but to know the fact that some of these revelations involve activity after the settlement was was find suggests that if our government wanted to we could go after bank of america big time let's step away from the banks for a moment rush out and let's talk now about non-banks service or is that a bank american others we're working with is to sell millions of mortgages companies like nation star ost when and greentree as i understand it these companies are not subject to a lot of the guidelines that the government set up after these foreclosure crisis is can you tell us a little bit more about why that's important and what these companies have been up to as of late. well there have been patterns of abuse that involve banks for
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example stretching the negotiation out with the struggling homeowners and collecting large sums of money while these various mortgage service organizations continue to collect in administer the mortgage then they'll switch servicers and the new servicer will quote unquote have different rules and they will say well those negotiations don't apply now that we're stepping in and handling this mortgage and when that happens you see these homeowners basically being told everything you've been paying for negotiating for for the last year eighteen months whatever it is doesn't count anymore and we're starting from scratch and that's often being used as an excuse to foreclose yes or no will we ever see a bank executives fired as a result of this not unless people march in the street demanding it because we don't have a government that wants to do it neither political party has shown us are going for it thank you richard ask our senior fellow at the campaign for america's future.
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and now to california where a bombshell report from the center of investigative reporting shows that doctors in the state's prison system were sterilizing prisoners as recently as two thousand and ten without the necessary state approvals from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten one hundred forty eight women received a procedure called to veil litigation which prevents a woman from having any more children all of these occurred it to california prisons the california institution for women in corona and the valley state prison for women in chilla this was a direct violation of prison rules many of the women who underwent the procedure did so after having a child in prison now the doctors in that prison system defended their use of the procedure but former prisoners and advocacy groups are calling the sterile sarah was ation coercive and reminiscent of eugenics on to discuss this i'm joined now by courtney hook she's a communication director for justice now an advocacy advocacy group that's called
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attention to these sterilizations courtney thank you so much for joining me now it seems like the inmates gave their consent for the sterilizations so first of all can you explain why you consider these coercive. yes certainly so since two thousand people in california women's prisons have collaborated with our organization justice now to document and the many ways that racially disparate imprisonment practices deny the basic human rights of family and grant the state the ultimate control and power over poor communities and communities of color the power to control whether or not we can exist so our findings after partnering with people inside california women's prisons and participatory research evidence eugenic pattern of policy and practice with the devastating whole. or devastating impact on the reproductive health of our communities and the people and inside the women's prisons so we have confirmed that since two thousand and six the california
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department of corrections and rehabilitation has illegally sterilized at least one hundred forty eight people and there is reason to believe that approximately two hundred fifty people or pregnant people were sterilized during labor and delivery since the ninety's the department where you let me stop you right there that's a lot of information that we've got coming in why does the state need to give its consent if the women already are. they're not giving their consent if you actually read over the testimonies that we've gotten that people inside have documented from their peers the level of foul play is absolutely horrendous this is not a system of people actually giving their consent you have one person in the article that corey released cory johnson really talking about being on the table strapped down ready to be cut open for her says they're in delivery and the doctor coming up to her as she was undergoing and these you know actually about to go unconscious saying we're doing a tubal ligation and she said no that's not what's happening she refused he brought
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over a form and she actually could not read it because she was going under and of these she could not see what was actually written on the page that's absolutely not the appropriate time that's not in a medical protocol to be attempting to get consent for a major life changing surgery while you're in labor and delivery while you're about to go under and that is a horton absolutely now we find out juror said that in any inmate expressing remorse for having this procedure is trying to get a handout from the state what is your response to that. my response is the part that launched this legal sterilization protocol with the federal receivers knowledge the same receiver who was appointed to the federal courts to raise health care provision in california prisons to constitutional levels at least one prisoner dies per day that's what the receiver documented back
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in two thousand and six due to severe medical neglect so when you have officials who are working for a system that treats people so abhorrently and leads to dead i don't know that we can trust their opinion i don't think that we can trust what it is that they're saying individuals have documented the use of that they have experience and that is backed by their medical records and backed by documentation of what's been said when they've actually gone to these doctors so i think that that's something to certainly look further into and that's why the justice now is calling or public hearings do nothing less than the most thorough of investigations into these abuses it's all very interesting and it brings up the question of who is ultimately and control of an inmate's body corney hucks communications director at justice now. and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com america and check out our website r.t. dot com slash usa and for the layer very latest coming from my end when i'm not behind this news desk follow me on twitter at night and underscore lopez stay tuned
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prime interest does next. what if china were a military superpower on par with the united states what kind of world would be living with china put in to check washington's appetite for unilateral military action and manipulation of the global economy or would we witness another cold war where both beijing and washington maintained a chilly the relatively peaceful world a little worse for those things only the white house to give it to the radio guy in colombo minutes from a cricket club i want you to watch what we're about to give you've never seen anything like this i'm told.
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good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english here in washington d.c. here's a story we're telling today the world is turning or is it looks like we have the slightest inkling of a crack down on wall street but is it too little too late the press have quarter not told though it may be continues against john corazon and ex goldman i gary gensler is being painted as a tough new sheriff even though he abdicated oversight of the entire futures industry one m.f. global ago and its age of whistleblowers today actually yesterday snowden and then today bank of america thanks to two lawsuits we learned how the too big to fail giant systematically built home over promise and loan modifications who then they proceeded to take out of those homes and you might have heard of the volcker rule that says banks cannot go.


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