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according to russian officials then this one might be snowden's best bet specifically because there are clauses in the country's extradition treaty with the u.s. that pertain to reject any politically motivated requests in other words if venezuela thinks that the u.s. wants known and back for political reasons they can simply say no and don't think u.s. politicians haven't noticed senator bob menendez told meet the press that he's quote not surprised by the countries that are offering him asylum they like sticking it to the u.s. yeah dude and i wonder why maybe it's because the u.s. has been sticking it to then from far too long that said let's break that. actual security agency is that tory asli allusive so it's not every day that you get the chance to confront its agents about the mass unlawful surveillance being conducted on innocent americans but last week
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a handful of students at the university of wisconsin got that unique opportunity and what resulted was nothing short of amazing and essay was at the college campus for recruiting drive and held a session with students to pitch its career opportunities but they got a little bit more than they bargained for you see one of the students in attendance but you had to hear took over the session and started interrogating the n.s.a. reps about their criteria for issuing surveillance they responded by simply saying that the subject of surveillance would have to be a quote adversary and this is how she followed up. i'm surprised that for language analysts you're incredibly imprecise with your language and it's just doesn't seem to be clear so adversary basically is what any of your so-called customers as you call them which is also a strange term to use for a government agency decide if anybody wants any any part of the government wants something about some country suddenly they are now internally considered or turned an adversary and that's what you seem to be.
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i'm saying the same thing about a thing that. but that wasn't the only qualm she had seen the n.s.a. had issued fact sheets riddled with complete untruths and fabrications so to hear then call them out for misrepresenting themselves it's very strange that you're selling yourself here in one particular fashion is as absolutely not true. the figures will be there for the entry this is a recruiting session and you're telling us things that aren't true a government agency to write about it's motives what a shock but i hear being the bad as that she is didn't stop there or they try to dodge her questions by saying that they want to remain a political and that they didn't represent the agency as a whole but her completely obliterated the two n.s.a. drones are. less interested in what your specialized role is within the n.s.a. i don't care the fact is you're here presenting a public face for the n.s.a. and you're trying to sell the organization to people that are as young as high
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schoolers and trying to tell us that this is an attractive option in a context in which we have clearly know that the n.s.a. has been telling us complete lies so i'm wondering is that a qualification i don't believe a lot of you believe. you know i mean you know a lot of human beings. are. portrayed as that and that doesn't mean that just because there are you read it or intelligence reports you. know the recruiters everything you've been seen and read in the news isn't necessarily true but a lot of news comes from actual kernel intelligence reports and while toward the end of the session an exasperated n.s.a. recruiter told pa here that she didn't need to be there that she was actually detracting from other students who were interested in n.s.a. careers and once again here's the student's lambda rebuttal. there are one here who
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are in your career the trouble is we can't opt out of n.s.a. surveillance we don't get answers so we actually you know it's not an option you're posing it as a choice like oh you know people are interesting you just sit here and those of us who are not interested can leave if i could opt out of n.s.a. surveillance and it was no longer my business that would be fine but it is my business because all of us are being surveilled so we're a year. or so there are that that doesn't seem to be incorrect given the leaks right and you were not able then to see has not been able to actually put out anything that is convincing contrary to that. she is dead on even though they vehemently deny it documents show that the n.s.a. is indeed spying on every american citizen and furthermore it's not only her business but it's my business and it's your business to care guys i can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear a young college student ask the right questions and confront abuse of authority
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this student provided more hard hitting journalism about the n.s.a. in ten minutes and the entire corporate media has in the last month or so here's to hoping more young mind follow my idea to here is lead. a little more of ever seen anything like that. u.s. government is no stranger to supporting brutal dictators and its relationship with a tyrant a bone has been no exception for the last half century a bone has been under palestinian rule by the bongo family and its president ali bongo is among the most corrupt dictators in the world have reportedly pocketed twenty five percent of the country's g.d.p. since taking office in two thousand and nine according to yahoo finance but this is an aspect of the small oil rich west african country that you won't hear about instead obama's recently been in the news for hosting the new york africa forum a meeting of leaders and international investors aimed at opening the continent for
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investment but behind this polished economic forum is a dark side of the country that goes beyond just financial corruption you see gavin his leadership is allegedly covering up a massive black market trade in human organs which are used for ritual killings sacrifice believed to bring good luck to the powerful in the country in fact this past may thousands and marched in protest against the killings so to talk more about these human rights violations and why the u.s. supporting not condemning them i'm joined now by gagne's activist and human rights advocate from pain thank you so much for coming on thank you so much for having me so for people who are watching this in the u.s. why should they care about bone i mean they should care about but because first of all governing is human beings so. that's one reason i should care and i think the easier problem in the world right now is the problem the major
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problem is that people have employment everywhere and i believe that one of employment. people on their own country to have the ability to find work so americans should care because. what's happening is that if they're not the governor's people are not allowed to express themselves freely in a bone. fortunately they would have to go to other countries where freedom ease valuables so they can leave their dreams. you know let's talk about all the bongos relationship with obama in two thousand albany came in he was praised he was also praised by rudy giuliani amongst many other politicians why is it that obama has this close relationship with the u.s. well a good one has a little a little. multiple american corporation in the bone. so because of oil i think that's why we have that strong relationship and i also believe that the u.s.
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is supporting the army they they have some mission together i know that the u.s. is very interesting in establishing bases in africa in order to secure who materials because china is advancing very rapidly in africa so i think the u.s. would like to have a bone and the gulf of guinea in his backyard because there is always there. were oil is there that's where he has interests usually ally or the imperialist powers rather i mean third the population in the bone is below the poverty line a lot of people say it's a dictatorship but they did have a lections so why is he viewed as a dictator if they had elections in the us in one well his you as a dictator simply because he there was election there was supposed to be a free election but before the result was given he declared himself prison of kabul they stopped counting the vote government has a history of bringing the lections i don't recall
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a president being. elected all normally elected. so this election is no different and let's talk about these ritual killings and when i first read about them very shocking and disturbing why are they happening who's doing them how long has this practice been going on i think this practice has been going on for a long time and i think that what's happening is that it increased special. when during the election period i think that the culprit is the is the government and the reason why i think it's the government is because nobody is being arrested however we see bodies of people seashore we see buddies in the street being mutilated so we know the crime there but it in my great surprise there is nobody paying for those crimes so if nobody is paying for those crimes or that government should have should be behind it that's what i believe so you're saying that the government actually covering up these these ritualistic killings or even
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participating and i believe the government is participating because the reason why they're doing ritual killings is to secure power or to obtain power and i think that they also want to terrorize the population because we all know that a population that is terrorize is a population who actually is not able to dream is not able to try to advance their cause of course you know your imagine that no one's been held accountable recently there was this one senator who was just arrested in connection to the ritual killings but is this a sign that there isn't any more accountability i mean who was this guy that kind of was he kind of scapegoated you know held up as an example maybe of where they're still going on what do you think about it what i think about it he is he's a sinner and yes he's been arrested and he's in jail right now i think what's happening is that the pressure is mounting on the governor's people have reached a level where enough is enough so there was a huge march in may believe where the governor's people rise up and say we want
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justice and we want the people who are doing this to the governor's people in jail and of course the prison has no choice again because of because of the pressure of the streets so what he decided to do is to our greek to have a march and march he promised to the governor's people that he will. do something about this problem and so where do we go from here how can people help the situ. what can people do. well i mean what the people can do is what other people have done in the in the rest of the world so i think the governance people need to stand as one people and they need to pressure the government they need to demand to the government to do what is white i believe that government is there to serve the people not the other way around and i think that the governance people need to realize that the bodies their land and they have a seat and they need to choose who they want who they want them to lead them and. they need to put pressure industry to take control of their own
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resources their own lives and hopefully we can stand in solidarity with every human life is precious thank you so much this from truck ten governors activists appreciate your time thanks so much. guys we have to take a quick break but we're coming up we'll take a closer look at everything that's unfolding in egypt. wealthy british style some time to explain the free. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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i would rather as to why shouldn't the people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find life though larry king now right here on r.t. . question more. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lang you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture.
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more news today. again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets and canada. giant corporations are ruled today. for days after the military ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi rival protests erupted across cairo as tensions rose between the opposing political groups and just today fifty one protesters lost their lives many at the hands of the egyptian military backers of the recently proposed president are rallying to assert that morsi is the nation's legitimate leader because he was democratically elected and
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they're outraged over what they say is an unjust military coup however those that oppose the former president argue that he did not and body a democratic leader by any means morsi was often criticized for marginalized and opposed to the egyptian people with a particular neglect for women and minority religious populations in egypt climate of political turmoil there's a growing concern for the new violence and instability moving forward so will the country find a political comedies ahead or the latest clashes merely beginning to talk more about that i'm joined by our correspondent rima. thank you so much for calling rima thank you having us on torn a little bit when i first saw the tens of millions of people in the streets i said amazing i was really excited and really inspired and then you know the military took over and and everything has happened since would you call this a coup or is this revolution part do. it really doesn't make a lot of difference as to the situation on the ground however technically speaking
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this is a co it's a text book if you look up any different from any historian or from any scholar who has written extensively or studied extensively the issue of who fits all the definition of these people they could do that it's true this was backed by the masses by the millions of people out on the street protesting the rule of law how much morsi but it was not. them storming the presidential palace it was the army ousting the president so this is a man and really doesn't. their name is still a coup exactly and the fact that you're protesting the name of what actually happened in egypt does not really change what it is it is a coup we can argue if it's a good one or a bad one if it's good for the people if it's bad for the people if this is what should happen based on what's going on on the street but that really doesn't change what actually happened that's
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a good point i mean and i guess i was thinking it comparable to here if i saw hundred million people which is comparable to thirty three million in terms of egypt's population on the streets of america i guess you would say what would you want the military to do back the people of one hundred million on the streets demanding that obama step down or would you rather them sided. but then again here we are now military has gone and arrested multiple muslim brotherhood political leaders. shut down i mean very sketchy things going on the way it is this is to be expected i mean should we just expect total chaos for a little bit and have things like this happen or should this worrisome you know are they just trying to contain maybe what's going on because they are not sure what the leaders of the muslim brotherhood are going to say if they are out on the street and we so some of the leaders who were actually out and took part in some of the protests. sit ins that are organized but the muslim brotherhood we saw what they said we heard and maybe the military is afraid of that however they're still setting the precedent that if you say something that we don't like regardless if
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it's a call for violence or not there is no due process we are just going to get you no one is trying to uphold the law here and this is what scared this is maybe what sketchy about what's going on in egypt they understand what's least from the you point of us the ability in egypt that they're trying to continue the situation but at the same time you're setting the precedent for the future and the president that you're setting is not really. a lot for one what do you say to people who say this is an enormous setback for democracy i mean the people who are opposing morsi should have just waited another three years till the next election galvanized the opposition and then tried to oust him democratically i actually spoke with people about this exact point just because for an outsider for somebody who lives outside now having gone through over the past year and over the past two years and before that over the decades of the previous rule we don't really know what the people
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should or should not do and a lot of them told me specifically that who are you to tell us what we can endure and what we cannot over the past year we saw what no one else could. see basically and it was the constitution the killing of protesters the failure is that one failure after the other however again all of this year and maybe the. thirtieth where a great demonstration of the people's will how things turned out the end maybe is not what they are looking for. kind of position even for me i mean why do i have a stand you know i've never been in egypt i don't know anyone there who's been in the leadership and i can't help but think you know the u.s. didn't support for those decades of brutal oppression then where would you now i mean i just can't help but think about let's talk about who's leaving the country now military appointed this you know the interim president does he have any real
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power should we worry that there's no constitution in place right now how long do you think this is going to go on he just declared a constitutional or issued a constitutional declaration in which he said that laws will be. passed in accordance or in coordination with the interim government that he is going to form so i think he is in he is he is in power he is trying to set things right he actually ordered the investigation of what happened last night with the protesters who were. killed over fifty of them so i think he is in power however who is actually in power we don't know there is the military and it's very obvious that the military is the final arbiter of power in egypt since they are the ones who took that decision to oust or to basically to overthrow how much more so. things signs in egypt show that this is actually trying to do something is actually in power how much of power does he have i don't think anyone knows at the moment
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and for people who are worried to say you know how long is the military kind of usurping their power and seizing it and maybe they will go the timing but they did before they did allow democratic elections to happen how long was that process last time it was about a year i think a year and a half before they actually had elections the military made it very clear they do not want to be part in the political life in egypt they are running the scenes maybe behind the screen but they said publicly that they have no desire to be part of this life to be part of the decision making of everyday life they did make sure of though in the constitution and in the previous constitution that their budget is not vented by the people by the people it's not transparent we don't know exactly what their budget is we don't know exactly who it was in command i want to get in one more point we have about thirty seconds left but do you think there's a chance that in the next democratic election that morsi supporters will kind of
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show up in droves and actually elect another muslim brotherhood figure i think it's very unlikely just because people through a whole year of the muslim brotherhood they know exactly how that year was run and they're probably very skeptical of choosing another m.b. or another justice and freedom and justice party leader just because of what happened last year and you said that the opposition party in the meantime under really consolidated really kind of united and united front so hope. we will see some big changes happening soon they do so much for wayne and her mob and who dia shit. i am. for many of the words gone tonally conjures up images of forgotten prison where dozens of men have been held indefinitely for over a decade others might see it as a jail for dangerous terrorists who deserve to be there but no matter where you
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stand the unmistakable truth is that none of these men have been afforded a fair trial for their alleged crimes and according to the u.s. government indefinite imprisonment is a just punishment even for the crimes that have never been confirmed moreover eighty six of these prisoners have already been cleared for release but remain in legal limbo because of this a gross injustice one hundred six of the one hundred sixty six prisoners in the facility have gone on a hunger strike according to the detainees refusing to eat is one of the last desperate measures they can take for the world to pay attention to them and it worked because human rights activists began to probe the issue the u.s. government was finally forced to respond after much silence but instead of reevaluating the purpose of keeping get no open the obama administration decided to remedy the situation by torturing the inmates even further twice every day prison officials force the detainees despite an international ban that recognizes the
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practice as a form of torture you might be thinking right now force feeding what's the harm in that doesn't sound too bad according to one prisoner being force fed is one of the most agonizing things a person can endure in an open letter he explains quote as the tube was thrust in it made me feel like throwing up there was agony in my chest throat and stomach i would not wish this cruel punishment upon anyone but in case you still don't realize how horrifying this procedure really is rapper most deaths recently volunteered to take part in the standard operating procedure for force feeding get no prisoners and here's what happened when he tried. but it was seemed. to stand it. operating season with a force feeding detainees at guantanamo bay. and
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the. good. guy. who. wanted. to. lose. the. job. no truck. i've got something i took me he's got i could do it. i don't know about you but that was very difficult to watch in fact he couldn't even do it he later said it felt like an object syrian's his brain just imagine in
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forced against your will to incur this kind of treatment not once but twice daily so kudos to most def or even attempting to do it just to send us a powerful message now it's our job to make sure that message doesn't fall on deaf ears. if you're watching and wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin likely see you can follow me there and you'll also find all of my tweets linking to the segments from the show as well as out there of the day and please help us get breaking the set when nina on which up ok janelle throws in the hashtags you can get trending on the twitter sphere of the i want your guys that helped so i did twitter dot com check me out at abby martin because that's it for tonight's show make sure to come join us right here again amount to break the.
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the interview. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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as edward snowden's invited to venezuela after intercedes his official asylum request we learned why the was so blower felt compelled to go on a crusade against global surveillance. egypt on the edge the muslim brotherhood plans mass rallies and divided by monday's bloodshed in cairo while the interim leader lays out a post-coup roadmap. and we'll look at why waves of high spending chinese tourists are splashing their cash across europe but not in britain.


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