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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2013 2:00pm-2:45pm EDT

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edward snowden want to remain in russia he told human rights activists during a meeting in a moscow airport transit zone that he is applying for temporary asylum. former n.s.a. contractor promises to stop leaking documents that harm the u.s. which is the kremlin's condition for giving snowden refuge plus. fears that snowden could be subjected to ill treatment in the u.s. are looking to me. we talked to the activists who met snowden about his current predicament and whether they think russia will offer him a way out of his transit lounge limbo.
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live from our studio center here in moscow where it has just turned ten pm this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day and we start with our breaking news story this hour and the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden says he wants temporary political asylum in russia and promise to stop releasing leaks that harm washington to security he told russian and international human rights activists of his wishes at moscow's airport where he's been stuck in a transit area for more than two weeks on his knees and now he is following the developments at the airport and discussed snowden's request for asylum with a russian politician who was at that meeting. well it seems pretty clear cut at least the announcement edward snowden will apply and is going to request political asylum in the russian federation a couple of weeks ago president putin laid out conditions on which he might be welcome to stay in the country the top one being that he would have to stop doing
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his work that quote harms russia's u.s. partners it seems in the past two weeks he's decided that he's ready to do that although it still could be debated what exactly harming the u.s. means he made it clear that he thinks his work is helping the u.s. he sees himself as a patriot he met in the airport in the transit zone possibly we'll find out more we have a guest for you within that meeting but he met with human rights activists to my deputy with prominent lawyers and made this announcement and. we'll hear a little bit more about what exactly you have to say but it seems clear that he's going to ask for this is tie them and now the question is how is russia going to look at this what will be the process of looking into this will he be able to get asylum will that mean that he'll continue to travel on to latin america or perhaps will he see russia as the safest place to say so far joining me to speak more about what exactly edward snowden had to say is such that he could not he is on the do
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was head of the duma's education committee and you were personally invited as far as i understand to join that actually i was personally invited by snowden. and i actually asked the question you raised just a minute ago about what his condition. and highest had ordered it whether he was prepared to comply. and he said yes it's easy because one. you've. heard the united states' interest that was in the past. and if there is a scandal now it's something which has to do with journalists the road. with snowden. and second a he is not prepared to hurt the united states as a country why do you think that a couple of weeks ago he withdrew his application and now he's asking for political
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asylum and what is the next step then all my feeling is that a couple of weeks ago he had real intention to leave or let in america. probably he would love to do that actually he said that his intention was to accept the asylum from as many countries as they can provide but course there were legal arguments but. whether anyone can have more than one asylum in one country and he said that at this point he doesn't see any other option since the u.s. government will not let him leave freely to let in america will do whatever they can to prevent him from traveling freely because no passports were and he is on the no fly list. at the request of the u.s. go. what are the chances of him getting russian citizenship well i think there are such chances of course at least that there is such
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a possibility on snowden no says that conditions are acceptable he can get it on the other hand i think he really. said as far as the requirements for a political refugee because. i'm not an expert on the issue but human rights activists of lawyers who are there. who are at the end worry green that he was prosecuted for political reasons rather than on legal grounds because he no excuses the u.s. government over while eating fourth and fifth amendments. to the u.s. constitution. and he considers himself to the person which fell. yes rather than hurts the united states and represents the majority of the american public which is supportive of houston cause he probably those governments which provided here with political asylum. more representative of the will of the american people down
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the u.s. government since fifty five percent of americans consider him to be. freedom fighter rather than the criminal taking into account. the international law. the death penalty in the united states the. will of the majority of the russian people the public opinion polls what they show put in a statement the russians are not extraditing anybody. taking into account that he came out with. snowden all came out with recognition of those conditions that he is not going to hurt the united states probably the easiest realistically to use you we can realistically snowden can get political asylum you can love was in fact in that meeting with edward snowden here at sheremetyevo airport thank you so much for your insights and really kind of details of what happened today will be here
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throughout the evening bringing you the latest analysis on edward snowden i think he will be asking for political asylum in the russian federation. president to be pigeons press secretary has reacted to snowden's potential assign unpaid and he took his call for retracted that snowden could stay in russia if he stops all activities causing damage to russia's american partners he also added that if this condition is fulfilled there should be no hindrance to him getting refuge if he does indeed for himself well a lot more details now from artie's and in a goodish who was in the transit zone of shuttle to the airport where the meeting took place twice that snowden has been asked. at this airport for a month for more than two weeks at this point and the house to hans blix to the thirteen people who were at that meeting and airport officials have assisted him in organizing this the secure fence of course there were hundreds of journalists at
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the airports all of them anxious to find out what's going to happen. during the day we have been getting a first we've got we got our hands on the letter that the edward snowden has sent to civil rights activist and lawyer is and then he caused issued a statement which was publicized spread by weeks and weeks and in that statement edward snowden has expressed praise for russia and several latin american countries such as one as well as the brother in ecuador for standing up to the united states in their defense off him essentially this is a this will be egg groundbreaking day and the entire story of edward snowden and these adventures you can say because until now there have been all numerous peculations about what exactly is going to happen to the former and it's a contract audience been staying pretty mama on the whole issue this is the first time that he has officially spoken to anyone i've regarding his plans for the future. course as far as the conditions in which show us
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a this far is the conditions on which the russian authorities may grant him asylum well edward snowden has already weak leaks and edward snowden have essentially said that that this point they're done with their leaks that only information that he had to give is already in the hands of the media outlets which he has contacted earlier a back in may so really it's up to the newspapers now to divulge that information and snowden as it is as of right now apparently doesn't have anything else to say he has already said everything so it does look like there's at least some definition in the edward snowden scale civil wars will be losing a very close eye on what's going to transpire from here on up there and the falls it does seem at this point is in the hands of the russian government. whistleblowing website we could be released edward snowden statements to shuman rights groups here in moscow in it the former n.s.a. contractor asks for assistance in getting asylum in russia until he can legally travel to latin america he underlined that his asylum status is official off to
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venezuela provided him with refuge but that unlawful threats from the u.s. makes it impossible for him to get there he also condemned western european states willing to act outside the law to appease the u.s. and he stressed he was not in partnership with any foreign governments or seeking to enrich himself he insisted he is acting solely out of conviction that the public should know about america's unlawful spying activities well now let's go live to washington and where will join our correspondent going to check and she has the latest from the official reaction there gonna in washington tell us what has the u.s. said about the latest developments so far well bill the white house calls for russia quote not to provide edward snowden with
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a propaganda platform the president's press secretary referred to president putin statement that snowden had to stop harming the interest of the united states if you wanted to stay in russia how far as how edward snowden views the interests of the united states that's a different matter he doesn't think is harming you think it's helping his country anyway it should not be a secret to the u.s. that putin is not happy to deal with snowden situation here and he would rather have him leave the country as soon as possible as the russian president has said himself on several occasions now about the possible harm to the u.s. russia relations which president clinton is going to avoid here's what the president what president obama's press secretary said about that must be. your position also remains that we don't. believe this should and we don't want it to. do harm to our important relationship with russia and we continue to discuss with russia. our strongly held view that there is absolutely
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justification for him to be expelled for him to be returned to the united states. to face the charges that have been brought against him for the un authorized leaking of classified information. now as far as the legal justification for expelling edward snowden russia has a different take on it first of all there is no extradition treaty second of all russia doesn't extradite to countries that have the death penalty and also there are there are reasons to see snowden as a political refugee as a political asylum seeker because he argues that he broke his secrecy obligations his contract if you will to expose the government's wrongdoings now or whatever russians might think about snowden at the moment according to the most recent polls fifty five percent of americans knew snowden as a whistleblower and and only thirty four percent consider him a traitor at the obama administration tries whistle blowers as spies snowden is wanted on espionage charges and whistleblowers in the u.s. potentially risk the death penalty the u.s.
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has certainly gone a long way from the days of daniel ellsberg and his pentagon papers but it's interesting how the public opinion evolved just in the last three years three years ago twenty five percent of the public said the government anti-terrorism policies have gone too far in restricting the average person civil liberties now it's forty five percent so you see a jump from twenty five percent to forty five percent just within the last three years and that's a significant shift in public opinion one can argue that people would not oppose something they heard nothing about so with knowledge comes opposition perhaps not surprisingly the u.s. government is going to great lengths so that the public knows as little as possible about these programs. going to thanks very much indeed for that it's going to come live in washington well full moral washington's next steps i'm not joined live by political cartoonist ted roll. of. the or i'm sorry looks as if we have peter tatchell here instead so one of months we'll
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talk to you peter since you know of most peter we go to ted what are we to do let's go to ted first. right ted let me just quote what the white house said they said giving a platform for propaganda would break russia's neutral states it's not how harmful could this be for relations between washington moscow and now. i think in the end konami acts are going to triumph are going to trump all other considerations the u.s. russian relationship is is it may seem like a retro cold war shenanigans around the snowden case but in the end there's a lot of business between the two countries there's a great interest in stability between zero and hooten and nobody really wants to see us go back to the old soviet atmosphere so i think in the end this is going to be a story that we're going to look back in a year and say whatever happened to edward snowden if you don't think there be any retaliation then from washington if moscow really does grant him all the documentation and allows him safe passage to where every wants to go. now i mean
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it's definitely a black eye for the united states but it's also kind of an embarrassment for snowden because snowden had really wanted to go to latin america in the united states there's still the cold the cold war hangover among many people who would probably be confused and think that he was perhaps defecting as opposed to just seeking asylum there's going to be questions about what happens to the five laptops that he's famously let looking around so it's a. comfort in that but i don't think i just can't imagine there's not going to be any sanctions or anything like that but he said he seems to be terrified that he could be facing possibly the death sentence if he is returned to the u.s. all his fears justified. absolutely the atmosphere in the united states particularly after nine eleven regarding anything that reeks of espionage or terrorism is borders on hysteria look at johnny walker lindh the so-called american
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taliban from california he was arrested in afghanistan a foreign country with which the united states was not at war at the time and he literally is serving one thousand and a half years in a federal penitentiary for a possessed for carrying an a k forty seven in a foreign army it's ridiculous this was a kid first time offense never had a traffic ticket a fine so yeah when you steal a whole passel of secrets from the u.s. government for revealing their their programs that are incredibly sweeping and unpopular with the american public he's embarrassed them made them look foolish and and way too far reaching yeah he should absolutely be in dire fear of his life if you give an idea of how much of the american population feel about him but what about himself has he achieved a great deal in twenty years from now people of course at the moment saying he's a hero but has he really achieved anything if we look back at. that say from twenty
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years from now. well there's no way didn't you know i mean what did daniel ellsberg really succeeded with with the release of the pentagon papers in the early one nine hundred seventy s. you know what did we learn we learned that the u.s. government is extremely militaristic and will fight wars based on lies well you know they still do that in iraq and afghanistan so but that said you know that the battle between good and evil is eternal and he is clearly a hero snowden has done something that more people should do he's spoken out he's revealed programs that the american public didn't even have an opportunity to discuss now we know about them so in a sense what he's done is given the american public the opportunity to engage in a political dialogue that might never have happened if we decide to have to come down on the wrong conclusion as a result of that dialogue then at least he's allowed us to have it for that alone he has to be commended briefly ted when he make it to venezuela bolivia or whatever
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what what's what's his predicament now do you think just your prediction well i mean you know i think i think that what this really boils down to is the question of relying on commercial aircraft if you if you know all that all the commercial flights from moscow to havana which would then be free to go onto a latin america pass over u.s. airspace so unless you can reroute a flight from moscow to havana that's pretty hard to pull off i think the answer here is clearly. and i think the russian government would be happy to be well rid of mr snowden but when is that going to happen i don't know i mean if i had to if i to really predict this you know call this down the line and say that mr snowden will spend the next six to twelve months cooley his heels in moscow and then after things have the headlines of turning to other places somehow he will magically pop up in caracas well could be twelve months in the transit zone and there paul well it may go away and say ted thanks very much if thoughts interesting to hear what
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you have to say thanks very much ted rall there live in the states and we're getting more reaction from washington in a moment u.s. state department spokesperson has spelled out america's disappointment with the meeting that took place in port but a comments prompted some retorts of questions from the journalists and have a listen to what was asked and said. we are disappointed that russian officials and agencies facilitated this meeting today by allowing these activists and representatives into the moscow airport's transit zone to meet with mr snowden despite the government's declarations of russian's neutrality with respect to mr snowden so you're disappointed that they looked on into their own airport and a lot of other well that they facilitated this event of course why because this gave a forum i don't think that you should have before there's a for you forfeited his right to freedom of speech as well met mr mr snowden as we've talked about let me just say this because i think it's important he's not
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a whistleblower he's not human rights activists he's wanted on a series of serious criminal charges brought in these certain eastern district of virginia in the united states i'm sorry but i didn't realize people wanted on charges forfeited their right to speak to free speech. to london now where i can talk to human rights activist peter tatchell on the latest developments peter some say he has betrayed his country's a traitor so why would this be a human rights issue. but of course everyone has rights under the united nations refugee convention and what is so disturbing about this case is that the united states government is seeking to undermine a fundamental principle of international refugee law namely that a person has the right to apply for asylum and that right should not be obstructed in any way what the united states government is doing is seeking to obstruct edward snowden to seek asylum not to get asylum but to seek asylum you know he was bullied
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and menaced and threatened other countries around the world to not grant him asylum and to not give airspace so that a flight can take him to another country that is a direct attack upon the united nations refugee convention and it is shocking and appalling there's supposedly democratic government the united states with the collusion of european governments including the government here in britain has been conspiring together to not allow our mr snowden to make a valid asylum application there is no way that he is a spy he has not contacted any foreign spy agencies he's not divulge any information to foreign governments that are here simply expose the fact that the united states national security agency over and britain's spy agency g c h q had
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been snooping and spying upon millions of innocent private citizens the government that is not spying charges he is a real blow up and he deserves assad and he has turned to human rights groups here in moscow will lay have the influence the clout to ensure that he does get safe passage to every wants to go. i think certainly the support of human rights watch and amnesty international would be influential and valuable to him but the key thing we need right now are is the united nations general secretary ban ki moon coming out and saying to the u.s. government or other governments around the world that this man has a right to seek asylum and indeed the united nations and particularly united nations high commission for refugees should grant him the relevant travel documents
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to ensure that he can go to the country of his choice and peter briefly how do you think he's played it up to this stage he invited not politicians or journalists invited. human rights organizations behind closed doors at the meeting there the airport has he done the right thing is he played it well or should he be more transparent and open it up more to journalists for him to express his point of view and for people to see him as a as a real man as it were how's he played at this stage. well i think it's timely understandable he would seek the support of respected bona fide the human rights groups that are acknowledged and respected by governments all over the world amnesty international and human rights watch are respected they are the right people for him to go to i'm sure that he would have probably wanted that meeting to be open or at least there to be an open press conference afterwards but i suspect in the light of the russian president's statements that he must not use russian space for propaganda or to attack the united states or to do things the united
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states may be displeased with then i think that's probably the reason why he hasn't himself made public statements i think he's there under some considerable duress he doesn't want to attack his own country he's about telling the american people what the government is doing in their name but which until his revelations they were not allowed to know it's not propaganda it's not spying it is blowing the whistle on wrongdoing by the united states government and by other governments such as britain's g c h q spying agency as well and for that i think the people the world over him a great debt of gratitude and we have to create a global movement of public opinion to say that the united states and those lapdog european governments have colluded with united states must stop blocking his legitimate claim to seek asylum live from london peter tatchell thanks so much for your thoughts on this back with more news after
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a short break including the latest on a blast outside a mosque in the u.k. town of tipton that another story is shortly. interview. choose your language. call it
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a killer though if you. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that. choose the stories that impact the. choose to access to. it continues here naughty in the u.k. town of tipton a nail bomb is reported to have exploded near a local law school the fourth such attack in a month the device went off shortly before friday prayers over nobody was injured this incident comes on the day of the funeral of a soldier lee rigby who was murdered in broad daylight by alleged islamic extremists in london. joins me live for more now from london. is this saying being seen now as a warning new trend in the u.k.
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. well indeed bill counterterrorism police are investigating this incident outside a mosque in the west midlands where reportedly a nail bomb was exploded now we know that a nail bomb was the device used for the boston marathon bombings where there were a number of fate talent seized and casualties so this was seemingly aimed at people attending the mosque and it's a very violent device that could have killed and maimed these people attending the friday prayers now miraculously friday prayers normally drawer in hundreds of people but this is the last friday of ramadan so the most cap'n to be nearly empty and luckily nobody was hurt but people in the area saying that they're extremely shaken that they're now going to be looking over their shoulder next time they go to their place of worship now this is happened as you said on the day of the
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funeral the private funeral of a british soldier drummer lee rigby who was killed in an islamist terror attack in which in may since then there's been a real spike in islam of phobic attacks across the country so tensions are certainly on the rise and people today speaking outside the mosque saying that they're not feeling very comfortable a tall about this now as to who may be responsible for this attack it's much too early to speculate the police haven't said anything yet but there's already speculation on the internet they're saying that this potentially could be a reprisal for the death of drummer lee rigby by perhaps a far right movement we've seen a number of attacks against most mosques in the past months so it's definitely possible worrying trend now to talk about this further i'm joined by fear asma gal from the charity faith matters because this isn't the first mosque that's been attacked that we recently had a bomb found in a mosque just miles away from this mosque in tipton today what's the feeling among
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the muslim community. there's been a lot of fear that's been with instant communities to some degree subsided a couple of weeks afterwards but each time there's an incident against a mosque that rises again so there's been a there's a sense of disorientation within muslim communities a sense of fear but also a sense that they feel a bit under siege at this moment in time particularly around mosque institutions now there's a very worrying survey that recently came out saying that two thirds of britons believe that there is going to be a clash of the civilizations between white britons and between muslims living in the u.k. do you envisage that these sorts of tensions getting worse in the u.k. and i think certainly we're seeing localized areas where there are where there are heightened tensions particularly where mosques are involved i think in general. this theory of a clash of civilizations will not take place or not take root in the united kingdom but certainly a lot of the incidences are caused localized issues and localized tensions
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particularly where the english defense league then comes in and tries to manipulate those tensions we saw that post which we see in other areas so really localized tensions may take place within the national picture thankfully we're not going to have these kind of issues play out at a much more why the level. thank you very much for your comments well the investigation into this incident at the mosque is still underway it's being treated as an attempted terrorist attack and already a number of muslims in the area as i said saying that they feel extremely unsafe in the light of the most recent attack. live in london thanks very much indeed for that. the divisions between islamists in syria and the rest of the opposition have reached a critical level a key free syrian army commander has been killed by al-qaeda linked militants and the group responsible also threatened all of the commanders of western backed forces situation in the water all countries for some nations to rethink supplying the rebels with weapons even the u.s.
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has put the plan on hold concerned they will end up in the wrong hands the free syrian army has been trying to distance itself from radical groups fueling dissent within the anti acetyl position british m.p. george galloway i spoke to a lowly he believes that people are beginning to see exactly what the syrian rebels are fighting for. countries that were in the vanguard of trying to arm these maniacs as the london mayor boris johnson described them are now having to think again it's not just the wheels that are coming off heads are coming off heads of bishops and priests and people are being mobbed by these maniacs including the commanders of the so-called free syrian army which is the quote unquote moderate part of the syrian opposition that western countries have been blowing hundreds of millions of dollars into i suspect it's partly about money control of these stolen syrian oil reserves that are being harvested in rebel held territory it's partly
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about ideology the notion that these people want to bring democracy to syria is laughable the kind of democracy they have in mind is the democracy of al-qaeda that al-qaeda brought to parts of afghanistan and the vast majority of syrian people absolutely reject that kind of future. now for some international news in brief at least seven people have been killed in a train crash near france's capital the train with three hundred fifty passengers was moving at high speed when it reached the station and ran into a crowded platform parts of the train a flipped over some passengers remain trapped inside and rescue teams at the scene searching the wreckage. also in a world of play the sound london's heathrow airport earlier shot both its runways after an empty boeing dreamliner caught fire they have since been reopened ethiopian airlines jet had no passengers on board at the time of the blaze crews
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assisted by london's firefighters brought the fire under control dreamliner fleet was grounded early this year due to overheating batteries. live from moscow this is r.t. will get the latest on the turmoil in egypt after a short break stay with us if you can. many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so president of some contra since he had a delayed flight for a few hours they happen man plus you've got to get that still guy at all costs
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right well one is delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane search it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it to any of you think for a moment that any e.u. officials who are so willing to groan morales would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. continues
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here in egypt is braced for more rival demonstrations with the muslim brotherhood vowing to reverse the el sting of president morsi and the army willing to let them the protests come amid a crackdown on the islamist movement which has led to bloodshed and arrests now you see in the latest pictures now from nasr city it's a district in the key. karo where supporters of president morsi have gathered to demand he returns to office another rally by opponents of being held in tahrir square with those backing the revolution showing support for the army but as artie's bolter reports egypt could once again be owned by the military if no alternative is found. this is the moment that egypt found that the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi had been ousted. her square erupted with a chant of the army and the people of one hand chief of the armed forces defense minister c.c. became the hero of the moment however after clashes between morsi supporters and
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the army left over fifty people dead just days after a new interim president had been sworn in some began to fear the army would wrestle power from civilians and rule with a heavy hand why is the army in disguise making a hard stand interfering in politics but they're not really helping civilians on the ground and then you see something like the massacre by the presidential guard club and what happened even if it was a muslim brotherhood was started this at the end of the day there is a human rights violation which is massive and severe because if you are going to shoot people who are trying to get into a building of that importance you don't actually shoot to kill it chips in n.g.o.s maintain the military had a terrible human rights record during their last period of rule after the ouster of hosni mubarak they were involved in killing protesters that was the accountability for any of the military crimes they torture protesters there they also tried to restrict freedom of expression and most of all they really monopolize decision
2:37 pm
making power when they wrote the road up at the time the military for their part promised in a number of televised press conferences that they were not interested in politics or reeling and instead are assisting the countries movement towards a civilian democracy. in armed forces have issued more than one statement saying we want a real democracy in the country. the new president doesn't have enough experience with the political situation in egypt so the military is merely supporting him in the way the muslim brotherhood attacked the military which was defending itself its offices and the institution. as the chance of those on the high. a square behind me indicates people turn to the army in moments of on rest the military is the real power base here in egypt every one of the country's presidents has hailed from the armed forces except for mahmoud morsi was ousted after just one year in office but apart from minute tree money and political clout they also have significant
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economic interests owning several business monopolies and factories as one of the only functioning state institutions at the moment and with little civilian alternative to morsi and his missing brotherhood many people fear that the army whether it wants to or not will once again run the country. true r.t. . well next week u.s. lawmakers are said to hold a vote which could put the one point three billion dollars military aid package that washington sense to egypt at risk if events in egypt are officially labeled a coup then support would have to stop well for more we're joined by digital journalist had the day so ahmed stopping this aid what impact could it have on the country now in its present predicament. well the forces they have interests in egypt whether they are west whether the east the army has massive economy the half interest the people on the other side the interest as well they have the interest
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of like living life in dimity and making money and make it light and eating bread but it's a completely different interest by by killing people and by invasions and by. the other interests which are very peaceful interest which are which which are through social media and through protesting and through peaceful. demonstrations so it's really interesting really far but i don't think i don't think that he that the u.s. will never like stop this kind of aid because they want to secure the peace of israel and at the same time the egyptian military they have like i mentioned they have massive economy. and of course they do not want to to to to stop this kind of eight so since interest is very it's very mutual here so was the coup in egypt a revolution by the people or by the military because the military is saying they were helping the people it was a call for help by the egyptian people. i think i think what's going on it's
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kind of upset us that we in the west and pundits who who are saying that this is a coup and between the secular movements in egypt that they're saying is a religion i think it's very useless at this moment what happened in twenty thirteen happened exactly eleven with the help of the army morsi was democratically elected mubarak himself was in the crowd to get active in the most revolutions the army has a system because egypt is a military country it's a military state the military owns more than seventy percent of the economy of egypt so the army has intervened later but what happened i mean we can't turn a blind eye to what happened before what the model has done what the grassroots movements and the and the egyptian and politicised you with and and middle aged men and women this kind of massive political engagement twenty two million people in the streets in four days the president was toppled so we can't go to these kind of like teenagers and and university students who are open and clear the times by
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collecting signatures and tell them sorry that's a cool or it's an international conspiracy against you because this these you must feel it's their own victory the ideal that if they didn't go to the streets and connect to the evolution would not happen i'm quite sure their mission would not happen with this kind of of engagement the model has identified the problem point blank they have engaged rapidly with people they have to use social media and then the home for massive protests and succeeded and i think they are taking a source of that this is some prostitute's movement in the region to the next level thank you very much indeed i wanted on digital journalist like that telling us what he thinks is happening there in egypt the moment well our show the truth is out next not be about with the news team with more for you in about nineteen minutes from now r.t. in moscow. we
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speak your language anything but they will not advance. music programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little turn to to angola's kids stories. you hear. to try all teach spanish find out more visit eye to eye. teeth. i'm not used to the tundra to freedom i am my dear. in second grade i ran away from the boarding school with to my friends will be around to the tundra. the tundra is just an escape doze practically i don't know how people can live there to get in there no t.v.'s in the tenth how can i send my child to boarding
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school i won't be able to sleep at night after that. they enter a life without knowledge of how to do basic things is that they don't get that in school. right from the same. first street. and i put think pictures. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on. she good leverage or two mccurry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on for shit. mission to teach me.
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