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george zimmerman yes this lone court case that is completely dominated mainstream media for weeks is finally coming to an end believe it or not and it's the zimmerman the hype another or case began this week that has much more relevance to you and i on wednesday the trial of alleged boston bomber nineteen year old dzhokhar sarn it began appeared before a federal court and pled not guilty to thirty separate charges related to april's boston marathon bombings according reporters inside the courtroom sorry to have appeared to be still recovering from injuries endured from the police and gun fire citing that he was wearing a cast and half of his face was extremely small and and despite the media incessantly covering the boston bombings for weeks and weeks along with the high profile chase of this kid the story of his trial seems to be completely omitted from the corporate media and since the federal court case while that means no cameras video or audio recordings to share with the public there's one glaring problem with keeping the public in the dark about this case how will we ever get
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answers from the police department about what went down and why more importantly how can we get closure from sarnia of why he did what he did and if you want these answers to stick around and the expect the said. even though it's been more than two years since the assassination of osama bin ladin many questions still remain about the raid on this compound and to add another layer to the secrecy admiral william mcraven the u.s. top special operations commander just ordered the military files related the raid to be kept hidden from the public yes the files which were kept on department of fence database were purged from all the computers and then transferred to the cia making them even more difficult to ever be brought to light this is cia has special thora to prevent quote operational files from being released there. actions can't
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even be challenge in a federal court so why all the secrecy was this a cut and dry mission accomplished of the world's most wanted terrorist here to discuss further producer manual i have a going on man why do you think that these files were moved where you're saying that you don't like having to guess what agency or or department you're having to try to send out for a request to. well there's two answers to this you get the government narrative right yeah or you have what's really probably going on here what the government is saying is that the cia specifically is citing that seal team six was working for the cia at the time of the raid so technically the all of these records belong to the cia and like you said in your introduction just now it makes it extra hard to get a hold of this information because the cia can just sit on it and say look it's a matter of national security and you know there's no way that you can take us to any sort of federal court and get this information from us it also kind of look is the government acting. doing anything illegal here i don't know but you know this
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is the obama administration that claims is the most transparent administration in history and they have ways of getting around the law but the fact of the matter is is that purging this information from the department of defense and transferring it over to the cia violates a couple of. pretty serious laws one of which is the federal records act which makes it illegal to purge any sort of information whether or not it's a violation of that i don't know because technically they move this to the cia but it also under federal rules transferring government records from one agency to the another requires authorization from the archives and now the spokeswoman for the national archives miriam kleiman has said that they received no such requests to transfer this information so i think that really what this boils down to is if you are a reporter if you or someone in the public trying to find out a little bit more information about this raid and like a.p. for example who put out a request two years ago the government can now say oh sorry you know what transfer that information over the cia ok so basic. the obama administration is breaking
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multiple laws to keep this information classified what you base the question of why are they going to such great lengths to keep information about something that supposed to be just cut and dry classified let's talk about the raid what we know right now i mean because the official narrative completely fallen apart over the years first they said osama bin laden uses wife as a human shield that was a lie he was totally unarmed completely is false then the white house that the seal team six had a helmet cams running a live feed during the entire event and then months later they said you know what that feed when they were in the house just went out conveniently. totally blacked out when they were there no feed exist there's no photos and videos at the rate a federal judge actually ruled and said that they don't have to release them because of matters of national security so all we can go on really is the word of the government narrative here many and there's just so many questions that i have i really can't ever trust them at their word because of course they're not very trustworthy what i find most interesting though is this clip from the guy who
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actually killed bin ladin or allegedly or whatever i mean it's the guy who basically did it he killed the man on the ground and he's interviewed by sixty minutes let's hear what he had to say. the seal in the stack behind you also shot. point is body still. did you recognize you don't. you know everybody thinks it was but you know it's him know. it could have been anybody but it was a motorola maybe it was a body guard and it doesn't you know in my mind if you look where younger than i thought he was going to be his beard was in great all started lot of lots of photos of them and you know they were always gray so basically you know jeremy scale back i was just saying you know he just shot this guy and it was even confirmed has been a lot and when i had jeremy scahill on he said it was a kill mission i mean they went in there to kill him did not want to capture him did not want to put him on trial no due process for this man and said dump his body in the ocean and according to muslim faith many is that is that something to
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respect the muslim faith of throwing a body in the ocean well first of all the reason that the government so that they dump the body in the ocean i have my own theory behind this i think honestly but you know this is just because there are thirty needs a sequel just like transformers megatron into the ocean it came back and you have another transformers movie but no they said that they didn't want to have a shrine right they didn't want to have a shrine to obama that another thirty enslaved to solve a lot. so that you know people could go to but if that's really the case and you know why not dump. a body into the ocean for that for that reason again right no due process you're just going to sass and am i really don't understand why that was the case for the rate if that was so much planning it was so much known if he was an armed that we do know now that the law just goes along with the whole extra judicial sustentation thing like we just say that someone is guilty even though he was never on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list for the crimes of nine eleven for other crimes he was but it's just so interesting that we have the most wanted terrorist in the world eleven years of him just being rogue and then we just decide to just
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kill him take him out throws about in the ocean no evidence at all and it goes it goes against the narrative that you know how long was he in pakistan like nine or seven or seven years seven years in pakistan and people were interviewed in that area do you know did you know that this compound belonged to a solidly. and repeatedly you get tons of testimony from from people that lived in the neighborhood kids called students regular people the neighborhood saying we had absolutely no idea and going so far as to say you know what we actually don't believe that it was even him staying in that compound there's. actually a widespread conspiracy around pakistan. and you know they don't believe anything the government says no but i mean i'm not saying they don't get me wrong i mean that i don't think that osama bin laden is dead advice you know of course there's a lot of it is dead but really what happened is is anyone's guess considering we haven't really seen the evidence and advice that really good documentary following up with let's talk about. how they actually claim that they found them and what we
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know about now because they set up a fake vaccination program to try to get the d.n.a. of bin laden and his family and pakistan has now has the highest rates of polio in the world because now people when they found out that the cia was doing this now they don't trust any n.g.o.s no aid workers there and it's also well there's a lot of truth to this so-called conspiracy if you look back at what the united states was doing in part of this kind of operation to try to get d.n.a. from bin laden and his family and they were doing these so-called vaccine did you just mention that pakistan has one of the high average of polio and yes i think that the united states does have some culpability here because they were ministering these polio drops and. you know did we really find out about bin laden because of torture like thirty and that's the. that's the bigger problem here is that where we get one narrative which is solidified in the public psyche for ever now thinks is your dark thirty but really that's you know where are the facts the
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nation of programming but i wanted to sum this segment up by just saying you know you can you can run with whatever theory you want whatever narrative you want but the truth is and this is also really in the guardian that the nine eleven confession tape with some of a lot of back in two thousand and one when he came out and they found in the cave in afghanistan that actually came out there was a cia sting operation from the guardian expose. this is the cia set him up to allegedly confessed to nine eleven my question is why didn't they arrest him if they had him there to confess the crimes of nine eleven in front of them they let him go manny and for the next nine years he's rogue you know doing whatever i did on pakistan so that's my biggest question of all yeah that question is your guess is as good as far as a thank you man you out right below for coming out of britain is that your shit. guys are sure to stick around after the break we'll talk to two people but the tragic death of journalist michael hastings. this journey is known about seeing the world and. it's
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a mission that i could to myself to project to succeed if i stay in the same place all the time. i've been travelling around the world for twenty days so far you know a time when i haven't spent any money at all the main idea of the project because of the artist paints people's portraits and a time for some kids. that yes we have to get used to each other i think is a little disappointed about the bus a thing because we're still spending a lot of money i mean if i spend it you shouldn't worry about that right now i don't think so you guys are great but i don't think you know if you don't like the painting that you just don't do anything. choose your language. make it with the infidels and i say still some honest.
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truth is that the consensus you can. choose your opinions that you think are great to. choose the stories that in time good night. choose the access to often. these. little.
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old. looking for a never seen anything like. it's been almost a one month since the tragic and untimely death of the award winning journalist michael hastings is probably best known for an investigation that ended up bringing down the career of stanley mcchrystal then commanding general of the afghanistan war in the early morning of june eighteenth hastings died in a mysterious and fiery car crash in los angeles the l.a.p.d. officially declared it an accident however since that day the lack of answers surrounding the incident have only lead to more questions with very little information available in the l.a.p.d. stonewalling any investigation it's hard to know if we'll ever get the answers but friends of hastings and some independent investigators have not given up and
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insists that there is more to the story earlier i spoke to two people concerned concerning the investigation first i spoke to joe pags a personal friend of hastings who has gone public about why he thinks this is not just an accident i first asked joe how well he knew michael. and let him back in two thousand and eight he was in bed with my unit in afghanistan you spent after a few delays he was supposed to go on some other places even getting there he was there with me for about three months you said that you have reason to believe that michael's death was not an accident why. well i thought you know which everyone knows by this point on a monday morning and just the very essence of the whole you know how it was written the way he normally when he started off speaking to me would be how are you doing how's the family and this is kind of just completely different panicked and rushed and it didn't seem like it also i just didn't feel we were i mean i didn't feel
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right it felt weird just reading it so i called him then get the answers i texted already getting answers and i just felt bad i asked a few people i said what would you do if you got something like this from a buddy of yours and yours doesn't seem right well the day goes on and later on that night i get the e-mail i mean i get a call from a friend saying that he had died and it's just you know this happening after that e-mail and then just the circumstances of the whole accident itself don't seem to add up to it being an accident i want to read that e-mail really quickly for people who haven't seen it it says it was as sent to you friends buzz feed only hours before his death a threat the feds or any of my close friends and associates perhaps of the authorities arrive to buzz feed headquarters may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news gathering practices are related journalism issues i'll sign on to a big story and i need to go off the radar for a little bit joe has he said anything similar to this before or was this totally
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out of the blue this is pretty much out of the blue i mean the times he had ever been worried about things he had called me and we spoke on the phone about it back in two thousand and ten when he released a story on mcchrystal with general kristol. he talked about how he was worried. you know and i was you know i i had told him i would be worried too i mean we just got to basically had a general who was fired i'm pretty sure that's going to do well with him and you know the people to help him get to that position so you know you should always start off with you kind of like how does a family this and that and concerns about whatever was going on and this just jumped straight into it so that's why i do a red flag right i mean especially since your got kind of told you that something was very wrong on he's never had a suspicion that his head or his family were being investigated because of his work before and has he ever wanted to go off the radar before. not that i recall he's never used that term did anyone figure out why he thought the f.b.i. was investigating him. i mean he was working on
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a few stories he was doing some stuff for the n.s.a. or looking and i say the cia they are brown and. i mean basically what happens is someone's got to be a whistle blower someone gives them a tip and he starts going you know chasing a story and i'm sure he spooks somebody and you know he kind of felt threatened by joe did did you follow up with any of his friends he talked about why he was out that late that night on twenty one talk on the day he died about what he was doing that day. before we heard before the l.a.p.d. had actually been to his house for some for some strange reason i got an anonymous e-mail from someone saying that the l.a.p.d. was called out to his house just prior and that he was seen looking underscore. as far as friends saying anything i was at the memorial service a couple saturday or sunday is ago and i spoke to a lot of his close friends and no one mentioned anything about. and wiki leaks of course had that tweet where they said that michael had contacted them regarding the
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investigation being done on him i want to read it says michael hastings contacted wiki leaks lawyer jennifer robinson just a few hours before he died saying that the f.b.i. was investigating him joe did he ever talk to you about this has there been any follow up with wiki leaks that you know of to find out what they know so i'm not sure about that i do know we contacted a lawyer and i know it's not a wiki leaks lawyer so that whole thing i'm still trying to figure out myself. the chance to speak to kimberly darr national security and foreign policy correspondent based in san diego has been conducting a very thorough investigation into michael's death evers ask him really what drove her to look deeper into the matter. there you know kind of sitting on the news i mean i think it should qualify journalists to see the visit having actually sat on the story for a good couple of weeks before it just kept bugging me nibbling at my my mind thinking hey you need to go out and have a look at this and see what's really going on so when i decided to go to los
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angeles nationally spend the day there and and and kind of retrace what happened in spain that probably agencies that are involved in this it became quite clear quite quickly that this seemed to be a lot more than just as a single car accident and it seemed a lot of the details that were being provided to the media who aren't in the los angeles area were you know that let's put it that way and let's let's so over those details and set the scene of the car crash for us what kind of road how fast was he going and what were the other circumstances that we know of that he was traveling down north island boulevard what did eight two planes that mean either direction plus a really big why plane on the outside for partying in the evenings as events that live there so this was a very wide ground there is no it wasn't like dark or dim or things like that as well that part that there grows there and he was traveling down. high rate of speed some say a hundred miles an hour some guy and then for some undetermined reason his car
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maybe sixty degree turned directly into a palm tree and then the car exploded that's what the law enforcement l.a.p.d. is saying and what mrs are saying that you know they heard explosions before in the car hit the palm tree and it kind of rolled into the palm tree now as you look at the scene look at the damage on the curbs and. more of the engine in the drive train more work for the hauling to the ickle so basically defy gravity in my mind in talking with the university. department in there is while they said that the indian should have been the opposite direction it's also important to note that . mercedes benz this was a twenty thirteen car or say he said their cars are not designed to blow up in fact they go to great drives to make these are incredible east state and if that there is like
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a sensor can't stand all of the flammable liquids like the transmission or of the gasoline so it doesn't explode and that kind of was an interesting detail to look at looking at it i just wanted to break all these down because it's a lot of information at once and i just want to kind of digest it for the audience there was no skid marks as well i mean if someone's going that fast and they get into a tree you would think that they would slam on the brakes there was no skid marks on the ground when you said they spoke no witnesses said that they saw sparks explosions before the car crash i mean what this is what's the significance of these explosions and then you also contact the bomb squad what information how to get about what they say about the explosions. i mean you know when you see no skid marks a black eye simply you're actually out there on this greeting you're looking at this you're just like this is insane this i have no idea how they could come to that conclusion just sitting there staring at the actual scene l.a.p.d. while giving nothing obvious and waiting for my four years to come back i've
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requested nine one one call and they've been among all of these really interesting to hear what the first you know what is on the scene where he's saying to law enforcement why volumes. or not just bats in the scene why we don't have access to the vehicle you know there it's the number of questions that would be able to help us figure out what happened and why. poll up an article from the huffington post where former national coordinator for counterterrorism richard clarke said that hastings car crash was consistent with a cyber car cyber attack there's reason to believe that intelligence agencies from major powers including the u.s. know how to remotely seize control of a car kimberly can you speak to why this crash looks like it could have been the result of a car had been. so so mad i mean i actually took it one step further i still have a lot of drone manufacturers here in san diego and i went and spoke to a couple of these folks and they said that it's you know you have to hack into the
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computer system of the vehicle you can just trigger a sensor and it's going to make the car either slam the brakes on excel rated or go you know headlights go out windshield wipers there's a number of things by just triggering as a sensor on the vehicle and that way they couldn't eat there was no recourse that you couldn't go back and find who hacked into the system because all they did was touch the sensor so there was a lot of talk that this could have been at this point we don't have all the details and that flights were nicole that we get the police or cory it's critical that we get the report are saying it's because whatever happened with that vehicle that night all of that information will be sent via a black box that's on that vehicle what's it been sent to mercedes and mercedez is anxious to go into los angeles and work in what they tell me is they have not received that call from the los angeles police department and i believe police department here is just looking at it like they may let it go as a as an example car accident it's gotten
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a little bit bigger than that and now they don't know what to do and hopefully they're going to you know figure this out that i'm going to stay on this i'm not going to journey them or violent a lawsuit if need be to get this information from the los angeles police department so just to be clear there is a black box and a way to access this after the fact. yeah whenever the airbag is triggered it automatically set and you know all cars at the end of use in. a way are kind of car that's a modern day car they have that ability in these cars particularly that all of the report what is life in an nanosecond been sent to mercedes benz so i'm you know i i think mercedes knows a little bit more than they're they're letting on my i think that they deserve a little more pressure on this is well i mean it's quite simple to prove that no doubt flame was involved in this it was out of my own personal curiosity i find it odd that former counterterrorism official clark richard clarke is
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a government insider i mean why you think he would even come out and say that the u.s. government has the ability to do this it might it seems to me that this is almost even some sort of veiled threat saying like well this is kind of a chilling effect for journalism what do you think about this the fact that he came out and said this i think that that's very telling and i considered it a story that i wrote writing a little journalist stating that you know if we're having journalists that are being murdered that's the ultimate in chilling effect for journalists and we've seen the detriment lately go after journalists listening to phone calls and packing in theaters i've had issues with it seems if you are trying to investigate in any story all that is there it's national security out there i kind of also look at i try to contact mr clarke myself on several occasions and they've not returned the call. and i find it interesting i also think that i think a lot of journalists are scared and you know as this is a high profile case i've received
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a lot of great e-mails of support from people that have also read see it sent driving me nuts as well that we have to make sure that you know we are watching out for ourselves as well and doing everything in our power to make sure we're protected but at the same quite this is our job i'm an investigative journalist this is what i do it's what i love and. if this is indeed something that there was foul play i mean the american public deserves to know what you know and who it is to a journalist and it's very very chilling saluki and i just have one more question i mean has there been any sort of toxicology autopsy report released and if not why. having an apparently there are two different types of toxicology reports one will be as simple as how much alcohol is in the system if any and if there was marijuana and this is them and the wind and i've been told by a lady that there's a more extensive one and they haven't indicated which one was sent that way and only and put out any kind of like if there was like heroin or you know or any kind
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of. it's something in the you know where he drank something at a you know club and the it's in there that really we have about thirty seconds left but based on the research in your investigation i mean i know that you hate to speculate but what do you think is the most likely scenario here. i think that is mary's i laid out are the most likely that either michael decided that he was working on a story which is cited in incriminating nature to our government that he decided he needed to disappear or the fact that he was murdered by someone and by that someone i i don't know it's way too early to speculate but i'm inclined to believe that this was not a single car accident with no foul play involved in it in my mind it least it would have to be a free freak accident like a lightning strike in you know all the stars had to align i just don't see it something happen here and i think we need to get to the bottom of it and l.a.p.d.
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needs to come up with these reports and they need to and you know at least release some of this i'm hoping his wife is following through with all this she has a lot of the answers and she should be able to get them on mercedes and l.a.p.d. well thank you so much for asking questions and demanding answers is something that we all need to do appreciate your time can really. feel like reso far charges on hulu hulu dot com breaking the set there you can watch the latest episode of breaking a set like yesterday's with richard my interview with brian lewis about the horrific amount of sexual assaults suffered by men in military would also scroll through and watch every show since about the middle of december so go favor us and calling on how are doing at hulu dot com so lots of breaking this that you guys that's it for us here in d.c. this week have a great weekend and please come back and break the set with me all over again next week.
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head of words snowden still without asylum is russia says it hasn't got an official request yet from the fugitive whistleblower while washington scolds moscow for giving me a quote propaganda platform. hunger strike on pause one hundred mo jail officials claim inmates have started eating again but prisoners lawyers say it's not the end of the protest against indefinite detention that's dragged on for more than five months. three battles in northern ireland clashes continue in belfast following the annual orange order brain with skirmishes between protestant hardliners and police for the second night in a row.


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