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tv   Headline News  RT  July 14, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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breaking news an r.c. the syrian army allegedly discovers a lab used by rebels to produce and store toxic chemical substances those reports coming from state television. also this hour fugitive n.s.a. leaker edward snowden asks russia for our son liam as he struggles to put an end to his legal limbo in a moscow airport transit zone sparking american outrage towards the kremlin. under a criminal probe for an ex-president egypt's former leader is investigated for allegedly spying kelli and of wrecking the economy even as his backers continue to protest for his return.
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the latest news on the week's top stories this is the weekly here on our c. and first to our breaking news story this hour syrian state t.v. says the military has found a chemical lab or a tree which produces poisonous materials in the town of jobar on the outskirts of damascus sources claim the rebels were planning to stop artillery shells with the chemicals and use them to attack the capital and let's not get more from our middle east correspondent paul is here who is now live for us paula will do in our what what how what has happened that. well the information we have at this point in time is that a unit of the syrian army has found chemical weapons in the town of jobar which is on the outskirts of the capital city of damascus now initial reports say that the syrian army seized a factory that was occupied by
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a group of foreign backed militants in the town of to buy. and that they they found chemical materials inside the factory we have no more information than that at this stage but it is worth pointing out that some months ago samples of chemical weapons were found in the city of aleppo the second largest city in syria samples and documents relating to that were given to the united nations by russia last week moscow revealed that it had conducted its own investigation and that investigation concluded that syrian rebels were actually to blame as well as to be held responsible for killing more than twenty people in that particular incident all of this relates to a deadly sarin nerve gas attack three days ago the united nations did accept to meet with damascus and discuss the use of chemical weapons but so far other than that there's been no further statements or any comments from united nations officials about the evidence and the samples but what it does seem to suggest is
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proof of chemical weapons being used by the so-called syrian rebels let me also remind you that on the seventh of july armed rebels were found in the position of some two hundred barrels of chemical weapons. and counter claims about who exactly is using these weapons right. certainly be united states claims that the damascus regime is using chemical weapons but it's made these claims without any proof russians in bassett or to the united nations has said that western planes appear to be age at undermining investigations into the chemical attacks when the when the explanations in the findings have been given. the results of the analysis clearly indicate that the ordinance used in commerce so it was not industrial manufactured and was filled with saddam. the study and technical specifications prove that it was not
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industrially manufactured either the projectile involved is not as standard one for gimmick or use therefore there is evident you seem to believe that it was the armed opposition fighters who used the chemical weapons in khan assault. but what's also claims that these allegations from the west are an attempt to try and create any rocky type scenario where as at a later date justification could be given for launching some kind of armed warfare some kind of armed conflict at that stage is. right and he told us here live that all of many thanks indeed. meanwhile anonymous u.s. officials claim israel carried out an attack on syria's port city of latakia the strike allegedly targeted a russian made on to ship missile battery where c. were received two years ago the officials didn't provide details on the strike
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including the extent of the damage and how many missiles were used. let's outraised back some of those ad raids over syria which have only been confirmed anonymously by israel's military officials and military compound just outside damascus was bombed from the air on january fifth fast a second similar operation reportedly took place on the third of may rocket strike a warehouse in damascus international airport allegedly containing surface to surface missiles and just three days later massive blast that were described as after quake like should of the same military base that was targeted in january and on all occasions that types were justified as operations to wipe out iranian missiles bound for has been line in lebanon and i mean oren senior correspondent at israel's newspaper told my colleague mary sue shane this month's reported raid had the same intention. israel's defensive agenda of
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not closing syria but when terrorist organizations such as below are tries to get its hands on such a sophisticated missiles we have no current confirmation or direct hezbollah involvement we also know that these russian weapons were actually sold to syria more than two years ago now if indeed israel is involved in these strikes what's the motivation here israel does not go out and preempt syrian missiles it does so only when syria seems to be on the verge of transporting transferring those missiles to hezbollah so rather than wait until these missiles reach the root or side of israel probably decided to. hit. more than three weeks after arriving the world finally got signed and it's a whistleblower edward snowden six weeks when he surface from his hideout in a moscow airport transit himmat human rights activists that sheremetyevo and ask
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for their help in bequest intemperate political asylum in russia. has been closely watching the snowden saga for russian immigration officials say they have not received an official request from edward snowden regarding his political asylum in russia. all right we do apologize for some technical problems here of course will bring you . later on today as snowden is meeting with human rights activists at a moscow airport triggered an immediate reaction from washington the u.s. criticized russia for providing him a propaganda platform although that i was met with a certain these men and at the state department's briefing. we are disappointed that russian officials and agencies facilitated this meeting today by allowing these activists and representatives into the moscow airport's transit zone to meet
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with mr snowden despite the government's declarations of russian's neutrality with respect to mr snowden so you're disappointed that they looked on into their own airport and well it well that they facilitated this event of course why because this gave a forum going to be should have before there's a full use forfeited his right to freedom of speech as well met miss mr snowden as we've talked about let me just say this because i think it's important he's not a whistleblower he's not human rights activists he's wanted on a series of serious criminal charges brought in these certain eastern district of virginia in the united states and i'm sorry but i didn't realize people wanted on charges forfeited their right to speak to free speech the president's opinion and obama have discussed the status of edward snowden on the phone in the parent attempt to resolve diplomatic of wrangling over the n.s.a. whistleblower and stephen cohen professor of russian slavic studies at new york
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city says this is a tough test for any. this is a classic case of the testing of leadership both in moscow and washington neither leader neither obama nor code can be happy about mr snowden sitting in the moscow airport who didn't invite him to russia but he can't toss him for various political reasons obama needs to show he's tough on the snowden it i can't believe that the united states actually wants to put snowden on trial because if it was a fair trial a legal trial all snowden would have the right to subpoena american officials who have knowledge of all this intelligence is exposed that would not be so i think there's a vested interest both with obama and putin defined a way to solve this problem so that neither is damaged politically so we'll now study what kind of leaders they are. and a wall that leaks information from edward snowden is building up
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a big trove how america's global surveillance operations are structured and let's not have a look at what we know so far and first of all there's the futuristically named nuclear system it listens your phone calls wherever you are true and it's thought it suspicious key was flung up then you are subjected to further scrutiny as the cryptically titled pain well system that trolls for suspicious activity in online videos whether or on live skype calls to friends of family or an imploded you tube videos up next who you follow and when and where you called from is all stored by what's known as a main way and this is done was reportedly capable of building a facebook like friends list just from your calling habits and lastly we know of merino which records your online life this is to catch and store you send emails
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before they even reach their recipient so these for just some of these systems that make up america surveillance network and just the ones we know will. so i checked the timeline on this note and saw that he dot com to follow always revelations attempts to escape us prosecution on the international tension caused by his leagues and also one guardian journalist sound been from a show snowden still has can do more damage to america than anyone ever has before read all about that i'll say don't call. him jack another significant amount of small arms into these already extremely volatile the region of with porous borders. what kind of a placation would it have not only for syria but also for the rest of the region it's a power game i mean if the opposition gets more weapons which can release to teach
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if it were the government it could change to the equation very roughly. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero. zero zero
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and let's go beyond child breaking news story this hour syrian state t.v. reports the all may have found a rebel store pots with toxic substances and for. more on the allegations of a chemical weapons in syria let's now talk to a defense consultant maureen raju mr roe thank you very much indeed for your time now and joining us here on r.c. and of course there's been a plenty of conflicting reports over the use of toxic arms in syria from both sides could this alleged revelation by the syrian army be a turning point now there was people turning point for a very long. you know we recall. iraq then we spotted it right which we've just been brought to the border area and it's not the pride of the. political point of the military that's been really very good. that they should not be. a little better than we know what we all rooted and we
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think not. all that but you know all the rugby you look at needs the crucial and i know the real issue. first it brutal. where these people were. this is when i'm bias or to the you are the amount of toxic substances discovered in the rubble story is enough to devastate the city if that's confirmed what kind of international reaction can we expect. i doubt there will be. a reaction because you know their lives are on the. cards and there's a growing again a case of well you know like iraq will be going up to one man and deploying the alternate will i thought will be a major reacted and the security council has not reacted this way to private went on to iraq. i'm sure we want. that on the
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russian experts have also reported recently that rebel groups non-government forces were behind chemical attacks chemicals attacks and that in any proper you want prague to confirm that. the u.n. the u.n. is run by the permanent five members. and they have not reacted the only nation that reacts not only to know it's appropriate to china and russia are the only two have asked for it but the other three permanent members again because it's not that it's not or have not done that neither have they passed a resolution to the u.k. to disband the group but the the secretary general. all investigate. this they haven't got the backing for the results and with the crucial it's really
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a lame duck the great you're. all right will the u.s. and its allies in the e.u. continue to support rebel groups despite all the mounting allegations and now it is stan who were using chemical chemical arms the rebels yes i believe they're doing it through proxies or. they are using the ability to bring in weapons that the web the picks supplied by saudi arabia. as usual they're using proxies they're not the rebel fighters from your problem all over the place. to syria by the just made up my theory so yes i believe the west and i know in in in stopping all the but specially during this period from at the end let's remember that most people stop will not because there was a popular uprising used topple because the appalled the israelis bribed syria and
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when it went on it lost with saudi arabia asked. for the arab league and. by all to. stop the attack on syria which it would be nice. all right defense consultant maureen a relative thank you very much indeed for your time. former neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman has been found guilty of murdering black teenager trayvon martin as verdict which has caused fear across the collapse. they said it will go to a place called the united states of america where they always grammar rising this is to place the call. african-american because we've been slaughtered. since we. never get justice we're always killing we don't know that could kill. demonstrators
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florida courthouse chanted justice for trayvon and told me how i protest over what they consider to be racial injustice similar protests took place in other u.s. cities in creating new york chicago los angeles is in amman facing life in prison for shooting seventeen year old martin in february last chair something he claims was in self defense and even though it turned out the teenager was unarmed them on . two models so the case has become because full fee is a debate about racism and guns all over the country let's get more now on base from investigative journalist georgia a mop and mr mop thank you very much indeed for joining us here at top see what some justice if the state could not prove beyond reasonable doubt the base was degree is second degree murder i'm sorry it's very complicated definitely justice
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was not served you have george zimmerman who killed trayvon martin the unarmed armed teenager who's dead now and george zimmerman is walk around as a free man with the gun that he killed trayvon martin with now unfortunately according to the law. you know george was found not guilty i understand the law i spent a lot of time working as i thought a lot of different cases and unfortunately if there is just. you know of. you know doubt if there's any doubt that the jury has to find him not guilty. protest to say divide it demonstrates a racial injustice so would it have played out differently among what block and trayvon martin was white. well i think a lot of the people from when i covered what i saw in a court courtroom you know so many people try to skirt around the issue of race and it absolutely in my opinion was a racial case i think there is actually no doubt and i think if any. you know
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person you know look logically and what happened if george zimmerman went in black and he killed trayvon martin would have been white i absolutely positively think that he would you know george zimmerman would have been arrested right away and he would have been found guilty of benchley i think this is i want to argue that and i think for you do they just not you know being sensible or not being honest with themselves but that's what i did started a huge debate in the country now this is true it's such a huge oceans i never seen such you know negative comments and racial comments and slurs on social media ever before you know in the months to follow murder and now recently with the announcement of the verdict you know it's brought out the worst in america it's unfortunately it's a very racially you know divided. trial. but by all hearing about ray's could it be that some civil rights activists were just trying to make is in the mind scapegoat for decades of racial inequality. i am i
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mean that could be part of it i don't know that i want to beijing so i can't speak for them but i don't you know i mean you know being a father in america and having two sons you know and you know i don't think anybody on fort sumter and growing up in america you know can know what it is like to to be black american less experienced it you know unless you've been you know pulled over d.w.b. trying all black it's happened to me it's happened to most black males unfortunately you know they have to stop and frisk in america you know george zimmerman like i said he's walking around free with the gun that killed trayvon martin and the thing is that this was a man that should have stayed in this beautiful as according to the police he was you know he you know disregarded what the police told him to do and he went in follows trayvon martin and now that you know that on teenagers dead in trayvon you know in that george zimmerman is free with a gun to kill them with you know let it eat only it's definitely you know not just
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and that's because the justice system unfortunately the justice system in all states is different and unfortunately i don't want laws are just you know we have some rights going we have to fight to change the rules the laws you know going back to the times of when the constitution was written but it was late so you know the people that say come on t.v. have a lot of people in congress saying that you know the laws are color blind you know it's definitely gotten better over the years but that's because you know people have to fight for that and there still needs to be some adjustments if you look at a criminal justice system in america right it's a very honest controversial nature of this case indeed all right investigative journalist thank you very much for talking to us my pleasure. so a case which divided the united states has reached a controversial conclusion and has the verdict of some of our viewers right now at this point thirty eight percent of our visitors at auntie dot com say that the court decision was wrong since zimmerman started the find because martin was blind nearly as many people see no problem with that decision since he is entitled to
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self defense and close to twenty percent of you simply don't care at all and didn't follow the case and just over ten percent don't feel there's enough evidence so little to article right now and have your say. the egyptian prosecutors are investigating the countries our sort of president mohamed morsi for allegedly spying killing protesters and ruining the economy the president was deposed by the military early last week and the army has been clamping down on his islam is the muslim brotherhood organization of a sense most his opponents have been celebrating on the streets of cairo but he's also got plenty of supporters who are demanding his reinstatement a monday fifty seven people were killed in clashes between the army and he's bonkers they claimed it was a massacre by the authorities meanwhile the interim government is taking shape with the u.n. need to achieve mohamed el baradei swarmed that sworn in as pride minutes vice
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president should say the muslim brotherhood though says there will be protests until morsi is released and returns to power made news commentator and blogger call shallow believes that gyptian people should have been allowed to decide their future in a more democratic fashion. let's remember what their interest of the ministry here is it's not that continuation of a democratic rule you shouldn't the manager stepping in and effectively carrying out discourse is to stop this threat of a genuine or popular uprising and that end of the day the muslim brotherhood was elected with people knowing who they were and not only they won the presidential elections when they have of course of people from other political affiliations but they also wanted parliamentary elections will be put down to for gad days out of which were constant on the parliament was also another and disbanded egypt should have given the chance to presentation towards a more democratic future and carry out the process and for the muslim brotherhood
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to be kind of kicked out of office by distorting to the democratic process not to a military means. the international community ever learned the lessons of pos misha conflicts. but that's kind of like the next. remember how all the sudden an afghan card protest group became world famous and in were completely forgotten by next month yeah i'm talking about the feminist punk rock group pussy riot that performed a vulgar anti prayer and one of moscow's most famous orthodox cathedrals one possible reason for their explosive popularity in the media's eyes was revealed recently by german actress on a tall buck the actress claims a german t.v. channels e.d.f. paid her a large undisclosed amount of money to come out on behalf of the activist band show
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said on a t.v. discussion that she doesn't even remember what she said except for wishing them well with dealing with their incarceration it would be very odd for an actress to just make up a bribery scandal especially one she was complicit in but it makes you wonder just how many other people may have been given a little extra motivation to cry travesty overall i think that most important of what her public revelation is that she said that you know what it's a bit dumb when actors talk about politics and i couldn't agree with her more but that's just my opinion. hundreds if not thousands of that's happened breaking down the conflict resolution and he's building one that taught us down the subject and universities all over the
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world but the lessons of people complexity for god. covering the war the international community often paralyzed down the spread of violence and sometimes openly aiding it all to discuss the subject i'm now joined by fred tanner the director of the geneva center for security policy thank you very much for your time sir now when i was a student at one of them merican universities i took many courses on the external and internal dynamics of war and of course i never expected to utilize this knowledge but these days you can pretty much cover international politics without covering war so i wonder with so much knowledge and demick expertise on this issue why is it that violence is sparked so easily and sustained for so long. i think clearly it is a distinction between theory and praxis we all know intellectually that.
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of war spat use of force is that civilians will be victims but then of course to apply the concepts of peace theory of war term in a. completely different story because you find out why is it they're completely different story if we know how bad the war really nice for the civilians i guess some might argue that it is precisely because we know the dynamics of war so well that well some countries would resort to using war as a policy to exactly i think be found ourselves into in the real politic politics where interests of states or such they they may lead to to go beyond the threshold see the problem with with series of international relations is that. there's
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a term acceptance that conflict is not bad we have conflicts every day being at home i do. we're but that we want to avoid that conflict turns while it but of course i think that that perception that. you know. what they want is on a permanent signal number of countries because people on the receiving end of those policies sydney don't think that conflict is ok yes i think of course one theory is . democratic peace which actually has been found by a terminal also for comment i think about two hundred years ago. assuming that if you have internally in a society a peaceful coexistence the state will be peaceful as well this has been picked up again more recently which led to these theory of democratic peace which was picked up by some states. arguing.


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