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tv   Headline News  RT  July 14, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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breaking news on all see this sewer and all the allegedly discovers a lab used by the rebels to produce and install toxic chemical substances those reports coming from state television. huge shift n.s.a. leaker edward snowden asks russia while asylum as he struggles to put an end to his legal limbo in a moscow airport transit zone sparking american outrage tools to criminate. the chemical probe and a criminal probe for an ex-president egypt's former leader is investigated for allegedly spying peddling and wrecking the economy even as his bankers continue to protest for his return.
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the latest news on the week's top stories we're watching the week making an aussie and first all breaking news story this hour so we're in a state t.v. says the military has found a chemical laboratory which produces poisonous materials in the town of jobar on the outskirts of damascus sources claim the rebels were planning to stop shells would become a cause and use them to a time of the capital let's now get more from our middle east correspondent paula sia hello there paula so what do we know about what's been found. well we know that the syrian army has found chemical materials in the town of jobar which is on the outskirts of the capital city of damascus initial reports say that the syrian army seized effect tree that was occupied by a group of foreign backed militants and that chemical materials were found inside that factory now we do see canisters we do see white packages that they have
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uncovered and it does seem as if there were producing chemicals in the tree there was also clearly written the word poison on these on the outside of these packages it says poison chemical substances made in saudi arabia so we do see that the factories are also involved we're also receiving reports of the rebels were planning to stop artillery shells with the chemical weapons that they were producing here and used them to attack damascus this comes on the same day as heavy clashes are being reported near the capital on sunday let me remind you that on the seventh of july armed rebels found were found in position of some two hundred eighty barrels of chemical substances at the time of the syrian ambassador to the united nations said that the quantity found was enough to destroy a whole city if not the entire country. under school so we're seeing
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a lot of claims and counterclaims about exactly who is using these weapons or can you say. well we use of chemical weapons has always been a red line for washington and its allies they've always constantly pointed fingers at the syrian government and accused it of using chemical weapons saying that if the if there wasn't a proof with a head this would be the red line that they would not tolerate but back in march there was an attack in aleppo the second largest city in damascus and it was later found that the deadly sarin nerve gas had been used in that attack moscow conducted its own investigation and concluded that the syrian rebels were actually to blame for the use of the gas and russia gave samples and documents relating to this to the united nations last week russia's united nations ambassador said that with some claims appear to be aimed at undermining investigations into the chemical attack he said this when he explained the findings the results of the analysis clearly
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indicate that the ordinance used in qana less cell was not industrially manufactured and was filled with sodium. at the site in technical specifications proving that it was not industrially manufactured either the projectile involved is not a standard one for chemical use therefore there is every reason to believe that it was the armed opposition fighters who used the chemical weapons so. it's very important to make the point that the united states claims that the regime is using chemical weapons that these claims are without any kind of proof and of course the whole argument over the use of chemical weapons were maine's a hot potato but without that kind of proof the u.s. and its western allies are going to have a hard time of proving anything that they came to his fall asleep paula thank you very much indeed for that report. syria's ambassador to the u.n.
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said they alleged a rebel store of toxic substances was enough to devastate an entire city and a fast consultant annoying routh said it's now crucial to find out whether rebels are getting to chemicals from. the make a political point of the military that is it really very good it's good. and that they should and if. a little better than we know what the root and of the book but i have become too good at it or you know all the rugby or look at need for the like are built on the block the start and the. use of well you know like iraq that will be going up to one man and deployed to the like will be a meter reader at the end and the security will have not react it's been a riot that when people who were part of the riots but i'm sure we want the open
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bar on that. meanwhile anonymous u.s. officials claim. an ad talking serious pool city of latakia the strike allegedly targeted a russian made on to ship missile battery which they were received two years ago the fischel sperate provided no more details on the strike that happened a few days ago israel's prime minister refused to come on or deny tell a babes and well involvement but said it will not allow weapons to reach lebanon's hezbollah militants it would be the fourth and confirmed israeli strike on syria within the last several months when the tree compound outside damascus was bombed from the air twice in january and a rocket struck a warehouse of the capital's international airport and that should lead containing surface to surface missiles on all occasions that tox were justified operations to wipe out iranian missiles bound for hezbollah in lebanon and army or in senior correspondent of a zero haaretz newspaper told my colleague what we saw this month reported raid had
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the same intention. israel's defensive agenda of not clashing with syria but when a terrorist organization such as possible are tries to get its hands on such a sophisticated missiles we have no current confirmation of direct hezbollah involvement we also know that these russian weapons were actually sold to syria more than two years ago now if indeed israel is involved in these airstrikes what's turn of the motivation here israel does not go out and preempt syrian missiles and it does so only when syria seems to be on the verge of transporting transferring those missiles to hezbollah so rather than wait until these missiles reach the root or side of israel probably decided to. hit the suburbs. now more than three weeks after arriving the
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wildfire it got side of and i say whistleblower edward snowden this week when he surface to from his hideout in moscow airport transit science he met human rights activists the chair met here i asked for their help in requesting temporary political asylum in russia are going to closely watching this and i don't sign here . russian immigration officials say they have not received an official request from edward snowden regarding his political asylum in russia but that request has been filed on friday evening so perhaps due to the fact that it's the weekend in russia right now the people would simply hasn't hasn't been properly process just yet russia's conditions apply that snowden has to stop his anti american to something which snowden promised he will no longer do three latin american countries said they were willing to take him on now he does not have any people want to travel with his american passport has been the knowledge he doesn't have any other people work he cannot even buy a ticket and he does need some something in order for him to move to another
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country so that is safe passage could be provided in that he's relying on russia snowden himself has explained the situation that he was living in during the meeting with from the rights activists a little every one month ago a. family home in paradise and i lived in great comfort. i also had the capability without any warrant of law just search or see these and read your communications anyone's communications at any time there is the power to change people's speeds it is also a serious violation of the war so finding himself in such circumstances it seems that what he was doing came into conflict with snowden's own personal beliefs and he has explained that in an interview to the guardian newspaper the interview that started it all with the second part of which came out just very recently increasingly was exposed to true information that had not been propagandized in the
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media. that we were actually involved in misleading the public and i was actually a victim that i grew up with the understanding that the world i lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with them each other and the privacy without of being monitor without being measured or analyzed or or or sort of judged by these shadowy figures or systems so really the ball is in russia's court at this point and it's all up to moscow to decide whether or not to grant edward snowden a status of an aside and for how long they're willing to do that. leaked information from edward snowden is building up a picture of how america's global surveillance operations are structured and let's have a look at what we know now so far first store there is the futuristically named new clan system listens to your phone calls. and it's sort of suspicious key was flooded out then you are subjected to further scrutiny also than those the
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cryptically titled pain away all systems so it trolls for suspicious activity in online videos whether or not lives skype calls to friends of family or and uploaded to you tube video of next who you found and when and where you call from is all stored by what's known as main way so this estimate is reportedly capable of building a facebook like friends list just from your calling habits and lastly we now know of merino which records your online life and this is sent to catch and store you send emails before they even reach the recipient so these four are just some of the systems that make up america's surveillance network and the ones we know. at snowden's revelations have left an increasing number of americans losing trust in their government were said of poll shows of a sixty percent have either not much confidence in the authorities zero nine s hold
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his maria point nine small tell the truth or someone might just tell it for you does the n.s.a. collect any type of gate at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. it does not. not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not wittingly in america it's a crime of violation of federal law to lie to congress during testimony i responded in what i thought was the most true for least untruthful manner by saying no the us director of national intelligence james clapper publicly acknowledged his error only after n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden spilled the beans on america's clandestine espionage activities the director of national intelligence is now apologizing for what he
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calls his overall u.s. response to congress over n.s.a. surveillance programs one of those covert programs indiscriminately collects the phone records of hundreds of millions of americans secret surveillance once criticized by a familiar face no more illegal wiretapping of american citizens no more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime but upon entering the white house u.s. president barack obama seems to have had a change of heart my assessment and my team's assessment. was that. they help us prevent terrorist attacks government lies surrounding the n.s.a.'s programs has raised questions about the possibility of additional untruths being told in the name of national security i have been crystal clear about my position on iran possessing a nuclear weapon that that is a red line for us the fact is u.s. intelligence officials and the united nations have concluded that iran is not
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currently building a nuclear weapon but that hasn't stopped washington sanctions if we're throwing accusations that are not true that cloud the domestic debate the political debate and also send negative signals to the other side we make it much more likely that diplomacy can succeed and we end up going into a war that was of avoidable. in the case of syria's civil war the french and others had already. concluded that he's using this sarin gas in small quantities but again here's this is the red line and we allege they killed between one hundred one hundred fifty people washington recently began arming the rebels after independently concluding that damascus used nerve gas against the opposition findings u.n. investigators have not supported. reasonable. here in
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haiti we haven't had the british rule you have u.s. government under well as for the whistle blowing website that aims to expose the truth the u.s. has listed wiki leaks as an enemy of the state until you the obama administration comes forward with a way to roll out open this into the national security debate there's going to be a problem of people trusting working ministration is up to the american public has witnessed a top u.s. official law about the nation's pervasive surveillance program. and an n.s.a. contractor reveal the truth yet only one of those men is being punished and prosecuted for their actions and if people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust congress and don't trust. federal judges to make sure that we're abiding by the constitution due process and rule of law then we're going to have some problems here. welcome to your problem mr
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president. our team i mean york. check out a timeline on bass note and song at home to follow all his revelations attempts to escape us prosecution on the international potential cause by his leaks and also one guardian journalist has been from a show snowden still has candy moved on wish some erika's than anyone ever has before all right if you want to bother at all she called. and also still ahead for you this hour vandalism break out in belfast shortly were reports on the latest trouble to flare up a northern ireland's capital chance in a second night of sectarian violence in iraq after the break. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. for
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a factual standard of living. i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my go larry king now right here on r.g.p. question more.
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this is the weekly here on our c welcome back former neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman has been found not guilty of murdering black teenager trayvon martin a verdict which has caused fury across the floor. they said it will give us a place called the united states of america always grandma rising this is not a place to cut not african-american because we've been slaughtered we've been workable since we. never get justice we're always killing all going to another color kill. demonstrators outside the florida courthouse chanted justice for trayvon and cold war and nationwide protest over what they can say that could be a racial injustice similar projects took place and i think u.s.
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citizen creating new york chicago los angeles in a lot of faith life in prison and pushing seventeen year old martin in fibroid last t.x. something he claimed was in self-defense and even though it turned out the teenager of us are not and the money was still not charged two months the case has a count of course full fee is debate about racism and guns all over the country and investigative journalist george mop explains why. so many people try to skirt around the issue of race absolutely in my opinion was a racial case i think there is actually no doubt and i think if george zimmerman would be black and he killed trayvon martin would have been white they actually positively think that he would you know george zimmerman would've been arrested right away and he would have been found guilty of mentioning i don't think anybody you know what it is like to be black american less experienced it once you've been you know political for d.w.b. driving while black it's happened to me it's happened to most black males
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unfortunately you know they have to stop and frisk in america you know george zimmerman like i said he's worked around free with the gun that killed trayvon martin and the thing is that this was a man that should have stayed in this well as according to the police he was you know he you know disregarded what the police told him to do and he went and solace trayvon martin and now do you know that unarmed teenager is dead in trayvon you know in that george zimmerman is free with the gun that he killed him with you know you know it was definitely you know not just. case which divided the united states has reached a controversial conclusion and here's the verdict of some of our viewers let's now have a look and at this point of our thirty eight percent of our visitors at aussie dot com say that big court decision was wrong since women started the fight because martin was blind and nearly as many people see no problem with that decision since is entitled to solve defense about eighteen percent of you think that they actually
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don't care and they didn't follow the case and just over ten percent of you don't feel there's enough evidence so log on to our to dot com right now and have your say. egyptian prosecutors are investigating the country's president mohammed morsi for allegedly spying killing protesters and ruining the economy the president was deposed by the military earlier this week and the army has been clamping down on his islam is the muslim brotherhood organization of a since morse's opponents have been celebrating on the streets of cairo but he's also got plenty of supporters who are demanding his reinstatement while the interim government is taking shape with former u.n. nuclear chief mohamed el baradei sworn in as vice president the u.s. has also sent a senior and boy to egypt for a two day visit the first such trip since small who was ousted the muslim brotherhood said there would be protests until morsi is released and returns to
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power or we spoke to the organization senior adviser a good hard that he says changes in the country should be carried out through the ballot box and not amid a shrink. every human being does something wrong and certainly every government does a lot of things wrong but that's not an excuse for a military coup and i can see how many people are making that excuse that it's ok to have a military coup similar to what the idiocy that we've heard from some of the world leaders and other western leaders that military coups are a new form of bringing about democracy this is a new level of intellectual low this is not acceptable now this is the twenty first century political scenes are governed by politicians by democratic means if you want to bring down a government you go to the ballot box and you don't go brushing up to the military because you failed as a political leader or you failed as a political party at the end of the day it's easy to collect all the people that are angry at one thing it's very difficult when you ask them to make a choice with responsibility because then they have to man up to the policies that are they asking for you got turned down the street on t.v. running a government swearing in a nose to the ministry of defense political prisoners in jail close down of the
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major parties in the media channels that are anti the coup and killing of protesters in the street while more do you need is the classical ingredients of any military coup. under egypt's interim leader has promised new elections and next year to get the country back on track but the constant unrest means the nation known for its pyramids and other tourist attractions is seeing fewer and fewer visitors come its way on his cairo correspondent beltran looks at what's happening to the country's vital tourism industry. behind me is the egyptian museum one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the country is the first port of call for many tourists coming off the plane here in downtown cairo however it isn't empty this is a scene that's been seen across the country in all the most popular tourist destinations following a week of political turmoil after the ouster of mohamed morsi egypt's tourists and history which makes up eleven percent of the country's economy has taken a massive beating since the tiny with a defined revolution particularly as terrorists are becoming increasingly scarce in the last week we've seen massive makes my demonstrations funded by clashes between
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rival groups on sunday fifty people were killed in clashes between security forces and supporters all the deposed president leaving many to face the terrorists won't come to egypt in the future that bin travel warnings have been issued by embassies including the u.s. embassy actually sent may spend on a measure to see stop time after a u.s. citizen was stopped last week in these bloody clashes made to international tour operators that are becoming can also come soledad better as to why all this and september fearing the fiscal shammai will continue to do through this this is a free like but still work this has most kids however no cool tour operators on souvenir shops and you don't have international backing israel to plug the gaps the poor woman's. we need to to see the boy he now lives don't play for so yeah and. if he did that somebody place toes and you feed it as it should we see no more war then he says he steve thank you very
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much sir. so people are fearing meant as those supporters of the previous leader mohamed morsy remain in my city and refuse to go home in various parts of the country that are going to see further clashes that those like chokey working in the tourist industry they feed this means tourists are going to continue to be scared from coming to egypt and actually the future of egypt tourism is going. even was. a second night of violence has had the capital of northern ireland with pro-abortion loyalists clashing with hundreds of police brought in to provide security but trouble flared as protestant marchers hold parades every summer to show their loyalty to the united kingdom past a rival group of catholic nationalists who threw projectiles at his staff after reports now from belfast. a tinderbox of tensions once again ignited police on the front line feeling the heat the belfast most recent riots or the
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thousand police officers from across the u.k. drafted in to assist northern ireland's police force and a surrounding the july twelfth parades spilling over into a second night rising the scene of the disturbance once again focused here in the loyalist would fail words very more than a stone's throw from the republican arguing district police hadn't forced a controversial ruling from the parades commission that the march could not pass the arduin shops on its return rate sparking the latest on rest but was the first lights riots who waged by taking part in the parade these rioters were younger and smaller in number seems like these the flare up over the decision to restrict the flying of the union flag last winter but their protests occurred almost daily and the cost of policing those raw is estimated to run into the tens of millions of
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pounds these riots taking place in a loyalist streets the rioters waging this fight. steps mean having children is so what do you want to see happen for younger people yeah i want all that stuff we don't have enough i want what i don't want. that's on the street. level something. i need round the voltage party to seem to be held in belfast. but there can fit him at fifty eight hundred of the questions many will want to see addressed they surrounding cultural expression the flags grades still most some of the most employment she is she's tween the nylons put student and catholic communities scotch below the surface it will deny that its peace plan and it's clear to me that the sectarian divisions are made in the big question and need to be given the event everything they can that if they make me up a big pool. headed by members at the end to think the more crease still
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there. right after the break we'll be leaking and be told the global economy has taken on the african state of ghana. many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding onboard trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so
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president of some contra since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man got to get that still guy at all costs right well one man's delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have a plane search it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't do anything. think for a moment that any officials who are so willing to groan morales would dare do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion.


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