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toxic discovery of the syrian military allegedly finds a rebel lab meant to produce and store chemical substances these reports coming from syrian state television. a criminal probe for an ex-president egypt's former leader investigated for allegedly spying killing and wrecking the economy even as his backers continue to protest for his return to office. protests growing across the u.s. over the controversial acquittal of george zimmerman shot dead an african-american teenager while the justice department pledges to review the verdict. to the n.s.a. leaker edward snowden asked russia for asylum as he struggles to put an end to a legal limbo in a moscow airport sparking us a rage toward the kremlin. six
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am in moscow i met très a bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news syrian state television says the army has found a chemical laboratory where rebel forces were making poisonous materials military sources claim the substances were meant to be packed into mortars and used to attack government forces in damascus our middle east correspondent policy or has the details. the syrian army has found chemical materials in the town of jobar which is on the outskirts of the capital city of damascus initial reports said that the syrian army seized a factory that was occupied by a group of foreign backed militants and that chemical materials were found inside their factory now we do see canisters we do see white packages that they have uncovered and it does seem as if they were producing chemicals in the laboratory it
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says poison chemical substances made in saudi arabia so we do see that the factories are also involved we're also receiving reports of the rebels were planning to stop artillery shells with the chemical weapons that they were producing here and use them to attack damascus this comes on the same day as heavy clashes supported near the capital on sunday on the seventh of july armed rebels were found in possession of some two hundred eighty barrels of chemical substances at the time the syrian ambassador to the united nations said that the quantity found was enough to destroy a whole city if not the entire country b. use of chemical weapons has always been a red line for washington and its allies they have always constantly pointed fingers at the syrian government and accused of using chemical weapons saying that if the if there was any proof that the head this would be the red line that they would not tolerate that back in march there was an attack in the second largest
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city in damascus and it was later found that the deadly seven nerve gas had been used in that attack moscow conducted its own investigation and concluded that the syrian rebels were actually to blame for the use of the gas and russia gave samples and documents relating to this to the united nations last week russia's united nations ambassador said that with some claims appear to be aimed at undermining investigations into the chemical attack he said this when he explained the findings the results of the analysis clearly indicate that the ordinance used in commerce so was not industrial manufacturing and was filled with saddam. the study and technical specification is proof that it was not invested in manufactured either the projectile involved is not as standard one for chemical use therefore there is evidence you seem to believe that it was the armed opposition fighters who used the chemical weapons in khan so it's very important to make the point that the united
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states claims that the regime is using chemical weapons that these claims are without any kind of proof and of course the whole argument of the use of chemical weapons with mains a hot potato but without that kind of proof the u.s. and its western allies are going to have a hard time off moving anything that they came washington's previously threatened action against a mask is if it uses chemical weapons against its citizens but the middle east expert in a story and terry gulleys says even the reported discovery of a rebel chemical lab wouldn't change u.s. rhetoric. it's very clear that these sections of the rebel leadership have been desperate for western men who cream to bring. and i had to go a long way through it she retired remember before whole just after this sarin gas attack media emblazoned across their front pages in some european countries to put pressure on washington so if the latest clearly from the syrians is true it's very
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serious indeed but washington doesn't need to react at all i mean double standards radio and international diplomacy there are very few norms if it is not in the truce with the united states and its european union allies to react they won't react are told they will not treat the rebels in the same way as they agreed to a syrian state. meanwhile anonymous u.s. officials claim israel attacked syria's port city of la to ten days ago the strike allegedly targeting a russian made anti-ship missile battery that syria got two years ago now israel's prime minister wouldn't confirm or deny whether or not such a strike had taken place but he did say that he would do everything he could to keep arms from getting from iran through syria to hezbollah militants in lebanon let's take a look at some of the other possible strikes that israel did conduct in syria in the past twelve months on january thirty first at
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a military compound just outside damascus there was a bombing that happened then on may third there was another bombing that happened near the damascus airport that one allegedly targeting a facility that was holding surface to surface missiles and then two days later back near the where the bombing happened in january there was another bombing so severe that supposedly it shook the ground according to witnesses there and that one was also targeting military equipment that was supposedly moving from iran through syria to hezbollah amir or in a senior correspondent for the jerusalem haaretz newspaper says that if there was another raid recently conducted the stopping of a shipment of arms was probably the motivation for. israel's defensive agenda of not clashing with syria but when a terrorist organization such as his beloved tries to get its hands on such a sophisticated missiles we have no current confirmation of direct hezbollah
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involvement we also know that these russian weapons were actually sold to syria more than two years ago now if indeed israel is involved in these airstrikes what's tell of eve's motivation here israel does not go out and preempt syrian missiles and it does so only when syria seems to be on the verge of transporting transferring those missiles to hezbollah so rather than wait until these missiles reach beirut or side of israel probably decided to preempt and hit. egyptian prosecutors investigating the country's ousted president morsi for allegedly spying on killing protesters and ruining the egypt's economy he was deposed by the military early last week and prosecutors are now cracking down heavily on members of the muslim brotherhood party there artie's bell true has more from cairo. egypt's prosecutor general this is from judicial sources has actually
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freezing the assets of fourteen leading is the most figures who are behind mohamed morsi this comes you know after course reports all the rest so many of the lead is of course after these recent reports of the charges laid against the former president himself meanwhile the most a brotherhood for their part maintains they will steadfast that they want president the former president ahmed mostly to come back and they will not move from the city in a mosque in central cairo and that the university of to cairo in till he is reinstated meanwhile with things in the can developments here in the interim government we have a lot of appointments and i don't want to make significant ones is the vice president of foreign affairs and mohamed el baradei he is a leading opposition figure and once had what was the largest coalition of opposition forces the national salvation front another leading opponent we've had is that the foreign head of. this. former egyptian ambassador to the u.s. the bill for me he was a barack era ambassador and is very well regarded in washington in america to these
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two appointments mohamed el baradei and the bill for me could be seen to be a knowledge towards the west as they both have very good relations with america meanwhile america for their part have announced that they will have an envoy coming to you. to egypt the first. leader to come from america to egypt since the ouster of mohamed morsi this is reportedly to be a leading member of the state department bill burns he is due to come in the coming coming months america is looking cautiously egypt at the moment they haven't announced the last two weeks as a coup neither have they confirmed that it neither confirm that it isn't it's obviously very important that definition because that would affect u.s. assistance to egypt you know america paid to be extending a hand out to the new interim government so we have yet to see what's going to happen with the people who are determined to support the deposed leader. whether that involves a classes in the future and also to see how this interim government to continues in
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the next few months or a morsy supporters refusing to leave the cairo streets calling for his reinstatement office the crowd chanting slogans waving banners holding pictures of the ousted president meanwhile the muslim brotherhood party called for a million people to take to the streets and march monday middle east analyst barry lando says if the brotherhood is not included in a transitional government egypt may face more chaos but the question is what what power will they really have the civilians i mean it's really it's really the military are running egypt and they run the country since one thousand nine hundred thirty two and to say that they are no somehow going to let the muslim brotherhood back in the political game i think that's the question morsi be much more. than he was to the opposition not trying to get a monopoly on power as he did i mean morsi played a very stupid game and in effect shot himself down and shot his own party down at
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the same time and he's he's as much response was anyone through creating the mess that egypt is in right now if the the muslim brotherhood now is frozen out the future political system in egypt there is nothing but trouble ahead. so to come a shelter from a storm fugitive n.s.a. leaker edward snowden turning to russia the refuge is here remain stranded in moscow's sheremetyevo airport for more than three weeks we'll look at his asylum attempts in a quest to evade u.s. prosecution. but first the u.s. justice department says it will review the verdict that sent former neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman free after a jury found him not guilty of murdering black teenager trayvon martin meanwhile protests over what demonstrators consider racial injustice are unfolding in several cities across the u.s. authorities marina porton i was at the rally in new york when thousands of people walking through the streets of twenty third street you know right in the center of manhattan thousands this crowd was freaked out and the cars could not get through
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they could not make it down fifth avenue and broadway the because there were you know protesters that were taking part and in the entire crowd actually blocking the streets to make sure that the procession could continue its high every other person was carrying a sign that either said i am trayvon martin or justice for trayvon martin i clearly the sentiment among all those that turned out not only new york but also in boston and san francisco and other protest planned for the united states is that they feel these people feel that justice has not been served they feel that i'll bite by bite the jury finding george zimmerman not guilty essentially trade the fine mar and and all those that could have been in his position are still susceptible to . what they call it in just as we did speak to some not part of that are participating in the rallies taking place in the united states for the next few days i here's what they had to say this verdict makes it very clear it is
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a green light to anyone that wants to shoot and kill a youth of colored people and you can get off the rock and go on and live your life and it's ok i do have a daughter and it's terrifying that i now have to go and have. this conversation with her about being profiled and keeping her sane and helping her and i just stand what she has to do to keep ourselves safe against other people and the police department a saturday into sunday we saw the overnight protest when california turned very violent but we saw a video of windows two police cars and windows of buildings being eyes smashed in as hundreds if not more took to the streets demanding justice for trayvon martin you know the u.s. justice department did say sunday that it will be interviewing the george zimmerman case for possible civil rights its violation now let's remember that it was back in
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february of last year and that george zimmerman and i'd neighborhood watch person living in florida that i shot and killed seventeen year old trayvon martin he he had his defense attorneys claim that it was in apparent to us self-defense according to prosecutors according to those that are supporting trayvon martin's family they feel that i george zimmerman acted outside of the law he's not a police officer he said neighborhood watch member of a community in florida and many argue that if trayvon martin was not blocked maybe the situation would not have occurred reports suggest police are shooting rubber bullets at some protesters in new york are below me as a kiwi and editor of the penn africa news wire in detroit believes that the shooting was of the seventeen year old was racially motivated and will have far reaching repercussions. zimmerman of course acted based upon the racial profiling political culture that exists broadly here in the united states he is not
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a law enforcement officer he had no right to be pursuing trayvon martin and the same time the people who came to his defense are the same people who defend white cops who defend wild races when they take this type of blatant valid action against african-americans this is clearly a case of people of color of oppressed people here in the united states not being able to achieve justice inside this country and what's very interesting about this case is that many people don't realize this is definitely going to have long term implications in regard to race relations inside the united states it's not an isolated incident george zimmerman would have never even then arrested or indicted in this case if it had not been for the alway's of millions of african-americans and their supporters throughout the country just one and a half years ago they were going to allow him to go scot free in this killing and they have done so anyway some kind of
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a half years later. more than three weeks after arriving at shea metro airport the world finally got a glimpse of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden this week when he surfaced from a hideout in the transit zone he met human rights activists a shame at a law school for their help in requesting temporary asylum in russia or to go has been following the saga. immigration officials say they have not received an official request from edward snowden regarding his political asylum in russia but that request has been filed on friday evening so perhaps due to the fact that it's the weekend in russia right now the people it simply hasn't hasn't been properly process just yet russia's conditions were that snowden has to stop his anti american. something which snowden promised he will no longer do three latin american countries said they're willing to take him on now he does not have any people want to travel with his american passport has been the knowledge he doesn't have any other people work he cannot even buy a ticket and he does need some something in order for him to move to another
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country so that is safe passage could be provided in that he's relying on russia snowden himself has explained the situation that he was living in during the meeting with human rights activists a little every one month ago a. family home in paradise and i lived in great comfort. i also had the capability without any warrant of war just search for see and read your communications anyone's communications at any time that is the power to change people speeds it is also a serious violation of the war so finding himself in such circumstances it seems that what he was doing came into conflict with snowden's own personal beliefs and he has explained that in an interview to the guardian newspaper the interview that started it all with the second part of it came out just very recently i increasingly was exposed to true information that had not been propagandized in the media. that we were actually involved in misleading the public and i was actually
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a victim that i grew up with the understanding that the world i lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with each other and privacy without it being monitored without being measured or analyzed or or or sort of judged by these shadowy figures or systems so really the ball is in russia's court at this point and it's all up to moscow to decide whether or not to grant edward snowden a status of an asylum and for how long they're willing to do that. german chancellor angela merkel called for global rules on the protection of personal data merkel made the statement in an ad he will t.v. address where she also said she's experienced she's expecting the u.s. to wait here to laws on german soil in the future the european nation has been one of the top targets of benefits of n.s.a. surveillance but i'll as william engdahl doesn't think this spying revelations come as a real surprise to berlin i think the politicians are feigning surprise on the americans
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and others about the level of involvement between german intelligence agencies and the n.s.a. . they're not naive germany knows that the united states has a. lock grip control over anything sensitive that happens in germany and has since the end of world war two german soldiers and so they are not amateurs they may not have the skills of the russians and the chinese in that regard but they're not amateurs so i think the politicians are pretending to be shocked in order that their voters not to overreact if germany starts becoming. too close to russia to china in terms of trade agreements in terms of economic agreements they can preempt that energy especially they can preempt that intervene at the point at the key time it's an enormous weapon so norma's advantage. leaked information from snowden is building up a picture of how the u.s.
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global surveillance operations are structured let's take a look at what we know so far first off there's the nucleon the system it listens into phone calls wherever they're directed and it's thought that if it catches a suspicious key word or phrase it'll be flagged in subjected to further scrutiny then there's the pin well system the program is set to troll for suspicious activity through videos on the web whether it's a live skype call with friends or family or you tube video that's been uploaded then there's a who you phone where you phone them from and when it happened all stored by a system known as the main way this system reportedly capable of building a facebook like profile of your friends and just from your calling habits and lastly we know of marina a program in charge of recording an online life that said to be able to catch store and record sent e-mails before they reach their recipients these are four of just some of the systems that make up the u.s. surveillance network the ones that we know of anyway snowden is meeting with human rights activists at a moscow airport triggered an immediate reaction from washington the u.s. criticizing russia for providing quote
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a propaganda platform for him although the accusation was met with a certain skepticism during a state department briefing take a look. we are disappointed that russian officials and agencies facilitated this meeting today by allowing these activists and representatives into the moscow airports transit zone to meet with mr snowden despite the government's declarations of russian's neutrality with respect to mr snowden so you're disappointed that they let someone into their own airport and well it well that they facilitated this event of course why because this gave a forum you don't think that you should have before as he flees forfeited his right to freedom of speech is well met mr mr snowden as we've talked about let me just say this because i think it's important he's not a whistleblower he's not human rights activists he's wanted on a series of serious criminal charges brought in these certain eastern district of virginia in the united states i'm sorry but i didn't realize people wanted on
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charges forfeited their right to speak just to free speech residents bowden and obama discuss the status of edward snowden in a phone call in an apparent try to resolve the diplomatic wrangling over the whistleblower stephen cohen of n.y.u. professor of russian and slavic studies says it's a tough test for both leaders. this is a classic case of the testing of leadership both in moscow and washington neither leader neither obama nor code can be happy about mr snowden sitting in the moscow airport and didn't invite him to russia but he can't toss him out for various political reasons obama needs to show he's tough on snowden it i can't believe that the united states actually wants to put snowden on trial because it was a fair trial a legal trial all snowden would have the right to subpoena american officials who have knowledge of all this intelligence is exposed that would not be so i think
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there's a vested interest both with obama and putin defined a way to solve this problem so that neither is damaged politically so we'll now study what kind of leaders they are. check out the latest revelations of the whistleblower saga on our website r.t. dot com including claims by the guardian journalist covering the story that snowden has quote specific blueprints of how the n.s.a. operates also online for you right now russia stages its largest military drills in soviet times about one hundred sixty thousand servicemen one thousand tanks on hundred thirty planes taking part in the exercises the full story on our website plus. taking to the skies a canadian engineer creates the world's first human powered helicopter click on r.t. dot com for the video of the revolutionary machine fueled only by the pilots pedaling . sporadic clashes have broken out in belfast for the third consecutive night after the annual probe reddish parade turned violent hundreds of additional officers were
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deployed from across the u.k. dozens were injured more than thirty arrests were made trouble sparking protestant marchers from their traditional route shortened to keep it from passing through a sectarian flashpoint or he sara for has more from northern ireland. it's in develops of tensions once again ignited its police on the front line feeling the heat at belfast's most recent riots well the thousand police officers from across the u.k. drafted into the night and police. anxious of rounding the raids spilling into the second night rising the scene of the disturbance once again they kissed here in the loyalist wood failed wait betty moved in a stained throw away from the republican doing districts police it in full is to clinch of ruling from the parades commission that the much. so that's the time we spoke the latest on. that was the first night riots were waged by they've taken
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part in the parades these why it is the younger and smaller in number seems like these actually that flare up. david the decision to restrict the flying of the union flag. but then protests occurred almost daily and the cost of policing these riots estimated to run into the tens of millions of pounds these riots taking place in a loyalist streets riot is waging this fight. steps i mean having children is so what do you want to see happen for younger people yeah i want all that stuff to them but i want to look at it but. that's obviously. never about something to be. an event of both seem to be housing. led by americans to limit it to. the questions many will want to see addressed the surrounding cultural expression the flags and parades still most some of the most
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inflammatory issues we know the nylons protestant and catholic communities scott's below the surface of will deny this peace plan and it's clear to me that the sectarian divisions remain in the big question but now need to be on the given we have been everything that is going to make me up coming cool. headed by members of the international community. create feel. odd thing. now to some international stories in brief or roadside bomb explosion has killed at least three people i'd love for is wounded and egypt's northern sinai attack reportedly carried out by militants targeting a bus carrying factor workers to a factory outbreaks of violence have become more frequent in the country since the ousting of president mohamed morsy the increasing number of attacks has triggered fears of a looming confrontation between egypt's military and islamist militants. blast
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wounded four police officers outside a shiite village village in bahrain and made a growing unrest in the kingdom rioting erupted after leading female activists to use guards of physical and psychological torture while in prison earlier this month a police officer was killed and three others wounded in separate explosions violent clashes with security forces in the oil rich nation have left more than eighty dead and hundreds imprisoned since two thousand and eleven. a string of deadly blasts in a mainly shiite area in iraq on sunday has now claimed the lives of thirty eight the most recent shook the city of basra killing eight this comes after a series of bombings and shootings across the country over the last week including assaults in the city of kirkuk that left more than fifty dead the death toll is now surpassed three hundred in the month of july. and typhoon soulik has been downgraded to a storm but continues to cause havoc in china three people killed in the guangdong province while rain triggered landslides claimed the lives of forty eight in
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sichuan province prompted mass evacuation from coastal areas forcing more than three hundred thousand to flee their homes earlier the typhoon wrought havoc on taiwan where it left two people dead so. worlds apart with oksana boyko coming your way after a short break stay with us. one of the greats a spade blind to what is happening in their country. the american dream is disappearing. the houses with gardens are leading. the poor are left hopeless the streets are full of angry crowds that are fighting against. heise who stole the american dream.
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hundreds if not thousands of folks have written on conflict resolution.


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