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tv   Headline News  RT  July 15, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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sources tell all c. that is road used to carry out a recent royal naval attack on syria but denies the allegations of collaboration. meanwhile were in on the fines and leisure to rebel lobby used to store on produce chemical substances that's according to the country's state television. clashes on the rest mass protests rage recalls the u. was triggered by the course of a neighborhood watch god who died an unarmed black teenager.
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international news life a moscow this is with me here. and welcome to the program for the first time since the outbreak of the syrian conflict sources have told aussie that is zero used a turkish military base through a recent attack against syria. correspondent city sales. r.t. sources tell us that israel used turkish military bases to launch attacks inside syria the latest attack was carried out in early july when there was a pre-dawn strike on the syrian city of latakia that allegedly targeted russian made anti ship missiles u.s. officials speaking on condition of anonymity say that this attack on the weapons of the pope was in all likelihood and israeli airstrike it happened not far from a russian base and there is suspicion from many quarters that israeli fighter jets were responsible
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a number of syrian troops were killed and wounded in those explosions no one has officially come forward and came to sponsibility for the attack r.t. requested a reaction from the israeli government about the government declined to comment what is important is that the attack from the reports we have from our sources here in r.t. originated on the turkish side of the border our sources telling us that is late planes lift a military base inside to a key and approach the taqiyya from the sea to make sure that they stayed out of syrian airspace so that they could not become a legitimate target for the syrian air force this if true is yet another brazen israeli attack on a foreign country without any declaration of war as well in turkey have not been the best of friends in recent years we have the flip tell incident back in two thousand and ten in which nine people were killed that was condemned internationally and although there were conflicting reports as to exactly what happened israel of never stepped forward with an apology and to march at the time
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to give a court its ambassador it suspended ties with israel and what we see now is a sudden change of heart in turkey towards israel they can now be legitimate questions asked about these sincere motivation for the apology that israel gave over their fertility. incident questions need to be arsed how and why an islamic country like turkey is allowing its arch enemy israel to use turkish bases to bomb a nother muslim nation and no doubt there is going to be massive fallout for turkey because of this corporation with his will. he has firmly denied. a raid against syria and let's not get the reaction from archie's correspondent who's in istanbul for us hello there paula nice to see you so some told requests for official confirmation what have we heard so far
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as we've been investigating we have just received a letter from the foreign ministry in turkey saying that the turkish foreign minister or minister has addressed these allegations in the turkish media today and we know that he has said that he flatly denies any cooperation with the israeli minister with the israeli military on any attacks in latakia alleged israeli attacks in the taqiyya now we've also just received a letter from the turkish embassy in moscow echoing the words of the foreign minister saying that the news the reports of turkish cooperation with israel are surely groundless and nothing to do with reality they also underlined the fact that turkey will not be a partner to any military operation with israel but how is talking involved in the conflict in neighboring syria. well tiger's prime minister
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has been quite a vocal supporter of the syrian rebels he's called for bashar al assad to step down publicly on a number of occasions behind the scenes it's widely reported that turkey is a major corn jewett for rebel weaponry flowing into syria turkey's got an open door policy to syria meaning that there's some four hundred thousand refugees already that have flooded over the turkish syrian border and that border is one that's been quite tense recently we've had a number of exchanges of artillery and mortar fire across the border there's been a number of explosions actually that i'm korea has blamed on damascus while damascus has pointed the finger at is in the midst militants that have been that they say turkey has been allowing to come in in and out of tuckey freely and of
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course turkish opposition figures to assist rebels they're allowed to come into turkey i'm sorry syrian opposition figures and syrian rebels they're allowed to come freely into talky and a lot of them we know use in order to receive medical assistance in order to fundraise and in order to plan operations from that so i was recently had a very tense moment with takesh syrian relations when. the syrian government. shot down a turkish reconnaissance plane at the time they requested talk you requested that nato ask for help from the nato. at the time they requested that nato provide some sort of assistance in a response but no response was ever given collectively by nato to that so overall turkish officials have made it clear that they want to avoid any direct military involvement in syria all right and he's fully point was coa line from istanbul
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paulie thank you very much. and let's now get more perspective from james corbett has set of the colbert report janus and nice to see as always so if israel did indeed team up with. to conduct a strike on syria what's in it for. well again we do have to stress that these are preliminary reports so they do need to be confirmed but if this in fact did take place then this is obviously a pretty big move from just the recent apology over the mavi marmara incident to full fledged military joint military operations and that that would be quite striking to a lot of people but i think it just serves to show again if it is true that turkey really has been played trying to play a role in in shaping and what's happening in syria for for some time now and i think they really want to step up their regional dominance by being a staging ground in an arming ground for the free syrian army and other syrian
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rebels and also i think they see the political tea leaves and read which direction the wind is blowing and understand that it could certainly help them that in the event that ultimately there is some sort of literary invention in syria if they've been on the right side of that event from the nato perspective all along then i think the their regional dominance will be will be seen to be greater as a result so i think is really playing a political game here that that sees them growing in importance the more they help the u.s. and israel and their allies in in waging this war on syria after the previous trying by israel damascus claimed it was a declaration of war from your point here how syria is about to react now. well this has to be seen as a as an act of war it's a declaration of war. by by decree by default if not by decree and certainly this is a huge step forward for any two nations so i think that this has to be seen as an act
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of war i think the only appropriate response would be for syria to be treated as such and in fact there is some indications that there has already been some sort of retaliation just shortly after this airstrike occurred there was an f. sixteen that was downed at sea and israeli f. sixteen was downed at sea the official explanation was that it was engine malfunction and now the entire israeli air force is grounded all of its f. fifteen s and f. sixteen s but sources inside syria are indicating that in fact that was shot down by syria so so there are still some some up in the air about that report but if true again that means that syria has already taken this quite seriously now again tech is one of the strongest opponents of this see were in government so surely uncle i would have nothing against teaming up with israel which is no friend of i'm cry that what do you think well i think obviously. these types of extreme circumstances can create strange bedfellows and most people wouldn't see turkey and israel getting into into bed in
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a military operation but again they do share that that animosity toward syria and i think they're both interested in seeing the assad government overthrown so i think in this case it does make sense and it goes to show that i think or don't want it is more likely to cozy up to israel then the massive turkish turkish population i think there's a big divide between what the turkish people think about this and what the early one government is doing absolutely and actually i would i want to toss k. what would be repercussions of texas possible involvement how for example with the kurdish population here this. well absolutely not only the kurdish population i think the turkish population generally if this were to be confirmed would be quite upset about this and of course we've already seen some massive protests taking place in turkey so i think that the erdogan government is especially on a on a knife edge at this point and and can't really handle much in terms of a political scandal so i think that if it were to be revealed that they were
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complicit with israel in attacking another muslim nation that would be the type of thing that we might see might actually topple the or one government to overall so i think this is a really precarious situation for turkey at the far right to james corbett and so the colbert report james thank you very much indeed thank you israel's attack on latakia would be the fourth unconfirmed strike on a city where within the last several months a military compound outside damascus was blown from the ad twice in january and a rocket struck a warehouse of the capital's international airport allegedly containing surface to surface missiles and on all occasions that time justified as a racial still wipe out in the rain and missiles ban for hezbollah in lebanon and the middle east expert and historian tariq ali says israel has been looking to get even with the militant group by choking that syrian government. it's rhodes
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moderation as always joel showed the arabs both inside israel an outside look this is how tough we are we can hit any good in the middle east that we want to no one to do anything about it this is a gun crew which is above the law or considers itself above the law and it's united states marsters and its european friends will do nothing to stop it i have very little doubt that these release informed the united states that we were going to attack. is like a red bull to the israel it's. the israelis haven't been able to wipe it out though they've tried many a try they're now hoping that they can do it by completely weakening all destroying the syrian regime the syrian state could break up or be completely destroyed certainly a lot on aware of what is happening in that country and in directly i would say yes
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they are providing help to the rebels. in while syrian state t.v. has announced the army has discovered a rebel operated chemical lab or a tree packed with toxic substances the military claims they were destined to be packed into mortars and he's start time government forces in damascus it comes a week after the army found more than one hundred eighty barrels of canada's handles hazardous chemicals or same rebel hideout in different city the syrian u.n. ambassador claimed it was potentially enough to devastate a whole city and a geisha of chemical weapons being used by both sides have been a crucial issue in the international dispute on how to handle the conflict in syria by with the rebels and assad's forces have repeatedly made claims and counterclaims with the use of nerve gas defense consultant and lawyer while who've said it's now the vitally important to find out what the rebels are getting the chemicals from.
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the military went to the military at that spirited military. base should know. and we should know what we all rooted in the family pick up. or shut up or you are you look at news. like. oh well you know like iraq at all. it going after one man and destroying the whole nation like the old will be a reaction security will not react to each riot bit when it was the iraq so i'm sure we want to know. that. this is on c.n.n. just ahead thing at this hour a transition in turmoil egypt's new government is shaping up but islamist supporters of the country's ousted president are still out in force with the sun
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and the challenges facing the country as a tries to restore order. demonstrations and demonstrators i should say in los angeles and oakland have clashed with police as protests involve the uighurs after a controversial quarter verdict thousands were outraged and the acquittal of george zimmerman dad unarmed black teenager trayvon martin is more important i witnessed one rally in new york. in los angeles now the rally has gotten some would say quite violent violent because some of the protesters participating in the in the justice for trayvon rally were shot at by rubber bill bullets those bullets were fired by police officers in los angeles and the arrogant receiving reports that some protesters have been transferred to local hospitals to be treated for their injuries we don't know how it will stream the injuries our streets are clearly
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still full with lots of protesters that are have been walking hour by hour all through the streets of manhattan it started out in union square and the procession of people interest grew larger and louder i caught up with the crowd it out was probably in its thousands on twenty third street and at that point the crowd was so large that cars could not pass through the streets hording to what we know there have been at least five arrests that number though is you know we're being more cautious but that number according to reports that number is quite quite higher now what has brought all these people on to the streets of new york city in los angeles and boston elsewhere is clearly the frustration aggravation that millions of americans have with the verdict that came down for george zimmerman george zimmerman it was found not guilty and acquitted on the charges of as second degree murder sword zimmerman a neighborhood watch volunteer shot and killed seventeen year old trayvon martin he
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was in self-defense now that was his claim and that's what the jury of how millions of americans believe that this is not just a matter of stand your ground or or self-defense this is a matter of a man that was a community watch person that was armed with a gun we spoke with some of those participating in the in the rallies here's what they had to say this verdict makes a very clear and gives a green light to anyone that wants to shoot and kill a youth of color you know and you can get off the rock and go on and live your life and it's ok it's. you have a daughter and it's terrifying that i now have to go and have this conversation with her about being profiled and keeping her saying and helping her understand what she has to do to keep herself safe against other people and the police department saying. now overnight protests from saturday to sunday did get quite heated particularly in oakland california where we saw video of the windows
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of police cars in the windows of buildings being smashed by saw of those that were participating in rallies meantime the u.s. justice department has announced that it will be investigating and looking into whether or not a civil rights prosecution should be raised against george zimmerman. and you can stay up to date on everything that's happening with those posts but of demonstrations across these was by going to our web site bring you all that i just pictures videos and reaction as you don't. plan to most common you know now see as well the softer the break we'll look at what the secret documents american whistleblower edward snowden could have up his sleeve.
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and. we'll talk about language and what i want to react to situations like him through the reports for the you know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter to see. the security of a car is on the job here in melbourne i. think you know more recently. when you made a direct question he prepared for a change when you thought you should be ready for a. freedom of speech and a little different to. the
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world. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. this is on c welcome back fugitive whistleblower edward snowden reportedly still has some extremely sensitive documents which allows you to be making america a little now that is that partly relate to how the national security agency is structured and operates that's well journalistic glenn greenwald has been breaking the news from the cia leak a sense he's in possession of literally thousands of documents that contain very specific blueprints that would allow somebody who read them to know exactly how the n.s.a. does what it does which would in turn allow them either to evade that surveillance or to replicate it and that's what i was talking about that he has basically the
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instruction manual for how the n.s.a. is built. revealed those documents could do huge home to the u. was that snowden is not planning to disclose them says greenwald the n.s.a. leaker is still holed up at moscow's sheremetyevo airport apparently awaiting russia's decision on his asylum application the whistleblower has renewed his bid for political refuge and is ready to accept moscow's condition that he do no more harm to the u.s. while at the revelations he's already made have been a major blow to american intelligence on his post called takes a closer look. well not only are civilians from all over the world being monitored but so are governments that are closely allied to the united states according to newspaper reports thirty eight separate missions and embassies have been surveilled the countries believed to have been spied on are in green that starts in the asia pacific region south korean authorities to reinforce anti bugging measures after
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their missions were allegedly spied upon japan also fell foul to u.s. surveillance now moving it to the middle east iran's nuclear facilities of course a long time cause of contention were apparently targeted by a computer virus created by the u.s. and israel in two thousand and nine it's claimed the n.s.a. got their hands on top secret communications between russian president dmitri medvedev and his delegation during the g. twenty in london if we move to europe french president francois hollande said negotiations over a huge pending trade deal between the u.s. and the shouldn't go ahead into washington halted any surveillance activity on a new allies moving to latin america where oil and military purchases were monitored in venezuela there were also telephone and e-mail intercepts in colombia a close military ally of washington while brazil has expressed its deep concern about revelations that its citizens were spied on in an industrial scale now these are just some examples of the thirty eight countries missions and embassies the
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u.s. thought to have spied on a many of these nations remember a friendly to washington one such country is germany which was particularly stung by snowden's revelations europe's strongest economy is it seems being closely watched by the united states with around five hundred million data intercepts each month these include mehta data on emails telephone calls s.m.s. text instant messages meanwhile in china of course the country that allowed snowden to slip through the net when he fled hong kong leaks revealed that every chinese computer that is hacked thirty three percent of these attacks originate from in america. can i pay addressed and it's not just civilians being monitored hospitals and universities are also being targeted when you look at the scale and the scope of america's global surveillance program and the fact that allied governments have also been bugged in recent years it makes it increasingly difficult for washington to get continue using national security as
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a justification for simply appears to be mass espionage. in germany the words united they were america appeared on the walls of the u.s. embassy on sunday comparing washington spying tactics to east germany's infamous intelligence service the stunt was carried on by hacktivist group anonymous just a week after a similar action by the online activists came dot com. egypt's military branch of government is pressing on with its transition plan despite supporters of the ousted president morsy continuing their protest u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns is in cairo to talk to the new government which features two western leaning officials in key parts the former u.n. nuclear chief mohamed el baradei has now become a vice president covering foreign affairs and the country's foreign ministry as x. adoption ambassador to the u.s. bill fahmy meanwhile apartments of the muslim brotherhood have released
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a document on social media they say came from the group it apparently shows their own eyes ation calling for more bloodshed and there is a finding of the egyptian army middle east journalist barry nando's says the islamists still need to be involved in the political process. and the big question is what what power will they really have these civilians i mean it's really the. military are running. around the country sense. that they are somehow going to lead the muslim brotherhood. little game i think that's the big question. morsi being much more all and then he was to the opposition not trying to get a monopoly on power as he did i mean morsi played a very stupid game and in effect shot himself down and. in and shot his own party down at the same time and he's he's as much response for as anyone for creating the mess that egypt is in right now if that the muslim brotherhood now is frozen out
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the future political system in egypt there's nothing but trouble ahead. that's ok pomfret's with his sport turned up a bank with the interest of the whole thing. privacy has a better chance now then it has had for the past decade or so because now we have a lot of people who knows if there's a problem and how big it is. right from the scene. first strike you and i were being featured.
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on our reporters' twitter. instagram. to be in the know. on. a mission. accreditation three times for charges free. arrangement free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media oh god our t.v. dot com. hello welcome to the latest action packed show i'm kate partridge and i'll be bringing you twenty six minutes of support from russia and around the globe these
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the top stories. title fight as to scott peterson a three nil in the cut the raising russian super cup we assess the contenders who are doing battle for the. title in this season's premiere. plus minority report as host russia donate the podium at the world student games we look at the optional sports that are watching the crowds in cars. and diamonds in the sky russian parachute team the story curls right there right national records with a sky diving formation of one hundred one people in the clouds above moscow. but let's kick off with football and the new russian premier league season got underway this weekend with a traditional curtain raiser of the super cup case again on the scored twice as double win as tesco one is that zany to three million raw stuff and concentrate on the top of examines the top slice chances for the new campaign. it's going to be a tough challenge forty has got to repeat last season's double but the moscow club
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says they have all they need to succeed the army men have kept their key players in the russian bag known to the squad with only playmaker kids who get honda looking likely to leave while they vetted midfielders goldie milan a full body area and swede steven tube to help deal with their the demands of a champions league campaign and the club that's been playing between moscow's heem que and luzhniki arenas for a way dickey might soon return to their own ground. we're one big family together with the fans i wouldn't lie about that so from now on stop asking me about the new stadium as i promised by the end of twenty fourteen or the start of the following year we will be playing at our own stadium. three time former champions eat i keen to clinch a third title in four years record signings hoping that some leads that have no adapted to russia's top flight while travelled to my chagrin turns after five years with a buy in munich along with former captain andre out shaving though this.


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