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sources tell all c. that were all use the tigers base to carry out a recent attack on syria but denies the allegations of collaboration. meanwhile the syrian army finds an alleged rebel lobby used to store and produce chemical substances that's according to the country's state in the version. clashes under rats as protests rage across the glass treated by the acquittal of a neighborhood watch god. an unarmed black teenager. international news life for most code this is with me. hello and welcome to the
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program for the first time since the break when they say we're in conflict the sources have told me that israel used a turkish military base to launch a recent attack against syria. respondent bonus lier. r.t. sources tell us that israel used turkish military bases to launch attacks inside syria the latest attack was carried out in early july when there was a pre-dawn strike on the syrian city of latakia that allegedly targeted russian made anti ship missiles u.s. officials speaking on condition of anonymity say that this attack on the weapons of the pope was in all likelihood and israeli airstrike it happened not far from a russian base and there is suspicion from many quarters that israeli fighter jets were responsible a number of syrian troops were killed and wounded in those explosions no one has
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officially come forward and came to sponsibility for the attack on requested a reaction from the israeli government about the government declined to comment what is important is that the attack from the reports we have from our sources here in r.t. originated on the turkish side of the border our sources telling us that is late planes lift a military base inside to a key and approach the taqiyya from the sea to make sure that they stayed out of syrian airspace so that they could not become a legitimate target for the syrian air force this if true is yet another graze an israeli attack on a foreign country without any declaration of war as well in turkey have not been the best of friends in recent years we have the fewest till incident back in two thousand and ten in which nine people were killed that was condemned internationally and although there were conflicting reports as to exactly what happened israel never stepped forward with an apology and to march at the time to
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keep record its ambassador it suspended ties with israel and what we see now is a sudden change of heart in turkey towards israel they can now be legitimate questions asked about the sincere motivation for the apology that israel gave over their fertility. incident questions need to be asked how and why an islamic country like turkey is allowing its arch enemy israel to use turkish bases to bomb a nother muslim nation and no doubt there is going to be massive fallout for turkey because of this cooperation with israel meanwhile turkey firmly denied israel use its military base to launch a raid against syria. has more now from istanbul. as we've been investigating we have just received a letter from the foreign ministry in turkey saying that the turkish foreign minister a minister has addressed these allegations in the turkish media today and we know
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that he has said that he flatly denies any cooperation with the israeli minister with the israeli military on any attacks in latakia alleged israeli attacks in the attack here now we've also just received a letter from the turkish embassy in moscow echoing the words of the foreign minister saying that the news the reports all of the turkish corporation with israel are surely groundless and nothing to do with reality they also underlined the fact that turkey will not be a partner to any military operation with israel turkish prime minister has been a vocal supporter of the syrian rebels he's called for bashar assad to step down publicly behind the scenes it's been widely reported that he is a major coin jewett for rebel weaponry flowing into syria we know that there are rebels and syrian opposition figures that receive medical assistance that receive
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training and that fund raiser plan. from southern turkey that side of turkey that part is known as a so-called buffer zone somewhat of a safe haven for syrian opposition figures that have been a number of exchanges of artillery and mortar fire from the syrian turkish border there have been a number of explosions where. korea has pointed the finger at damascus for launching to so-called terrorist attacks on the border while damascus has. opposition figures and islamic militants for causing this trouble over all turkish officials have made it clear that they want to avoid any direct military involvement in syria. relations between turkey and a zero have been at a low since a two thousand and ten commando raids of a turkish humanitarian aid flotilla were sparked fewer from ankara at the time the
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turkish prime minister accused israel of carrying out a massacre saying it won't be able to clean the blood of its hands and the un sad israeli troops were in breach of international law in two thousand and twelve for former israeli commandos went on trial in absentia on chinese of inciting murder through cruelty and torture however in march this year all legal action came to an expected and abrupt halt after benyamin netanyahu. spoke on the phone with the israeli pm expressing his regret at the loss of technician life and her aunt to me an associate professor at the university of oklahoma says if turkey's involvement is confirmed by the ones government would face consequences so we search is so boring israel oil on israel to use its airspace against syria even dossiers now officially turkish archenemy actually not israel it how it works the consequences for the un government and today that all jokes newspapers and t.v.
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stations are full of meet your news there but do you buy the. claim that turkey allowed to see a space to be used for a ministry and others came up highest high ranking officers deny this right away because it would take a huge toll on our governments popularity but again it's impossible to confirm and we don't even concrete evidence that i'm wrong government is a lot to gain from this but they did a lot to lose as well if it gets leaked to the public and i'm just. israel's attack on the thai care would be the fourth unconfirmed strike on syria within the last several months a military compound outside damascus was bombed from air twice in january and may rocket strike a warehouse of the capital's international airport allegedly containing surface to surface missiles on all occasions that were justified as operations to wipe out iranian missiles bound for hezbollah and lebanon middle east expert and historian tariq ali says israel has been looking to get even with the militant group by
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choking the syrian government its rules moderation as always. showed the arabs both inside and through them outside look this is our stuff we know we can get any girl get in the middle east we want to know want to do it anything about it this is going to cream which is above the law considers itself the law it's united states musters and its european friends will do nothing to stop i have very little to use really use inform the united states that we are going to attack. those. oh to be right. these ratings haven't been able to wipe it out though they've tried many years. they're now hoping to do it by completely weakening or destroying the syrian regime the syrian state could break up. or be completely destroyed so they're not around aware
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of what is happening in that country you know indirectly i would say your studio providing help to the rebels. meanwhile syrian state t.v. has announced the army has discovered a rebel operated chemical laboratory packed with toxic substances the military claims they were distressed into the parks into mortars and used to time government forces in damascus it comes a week after they army found more than two hundred eighty barrels of hazardous chemicals at a rebel hideout in a different city the syrian u.n. ambassador claimed it was potentially enough to devastate a whole city allegations of chemical weapons being used by both sides have been a crucial issue in the international dispute on how to handle the conflict in syria but the rebels and assad's forces have repeatedly made claims and counterclaims over the use of nerve gas and belgian journalist we leave undone has been closely following the syrian conflict says the allegations of rebels using chemicals sound
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very familiar. no that wouldn't be a surprise because we all you know the students made by the syrian government but they go in so we are there are reports. for you interruption from your vehicle or bureau you know it's you know it suits me to similar allegations against the seller to the rebels are bugged limited use of jungle weapons similar go she was moved by the syrian government and by other those galaxies rose. up and most of them are. the people who used to post in iraq are now by the in serious this is our sea and just ahead a transition in turmoil egypt's new government is shaping our but islamist supporters of the countries out the president are still out in force we examine the
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challenges facing the country as a tries to restore order. menaces across the u.s. have been golfed in process after a controversial court about its thousands express that anger at the acquittal of george zimmerman who shot dead unarmed black teenager trayvon martin and aussies were in a fortnight is joining us now live from new york with the latest hello there so just how big are the proud says they are new york in the u.s. as well. well the justice for trayvon protests as they're being called drew tens of thousands of americans into the streets throughout the week and in many cities like new york the crowd was much bigger than most anticipated thousands of new yorkers is estimated possibly up to ten thousand march through manhattan sunday evening beginning in union square and converging in times square and then continuing uptown at many points cards were blocked because the rally took over
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mean streets and avenues if you saw some tweets online some would say that this rally actually occupied times square now police and demonstrators did eventually clash on the upper east side as cops deployed pepper spray and at least one bottle was thrown as the scene became very tense and reports more than a dozen protesters were arrested during the new york demonstrations against george zimmerman's acquittal of the in the fatal shooting of seventeen year old trayvon martin however rallies and l.a. in oakland california turned more violent as started as protesters clashed with police in oakland the windows were smashed and police cars were damaged there were also reports of small fires burning throughout the city according to reports inspired rubber bullets against some of the protesters and several demonstrators were transported to the hospital in l.a. officials say nine people were arrested during ongoing demonstrations the l.a.p.d. says some protesters hurled flashlights batteries of rocks and chunks of concrete
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at police and the cops responded by shooting beanbags at the protesters now demonstrations in washington d.c. denver atlanta philadelphia and boston also reportedly attracted very large crowds and the fatal shooting of trayvon martin occurred in florida last february but the incident has come to symbolize a national debate on racial profiling and gun laws zimmerman a former neighborhood watch volunteer shot the unarmed black seventeen. old claiming it was in self-defense now critics believe that it was a racially motivated crime that has gone on punish since timmerman has been found not guilty zimmerman supporters see his his acquittal in line with protecting the right to bear arms and the right to self-defense now in a statement u.s. president barack obama acknowledged that this case has elicited strong passions throughout the country but he also urged americans to respect the verdict of the jury made all these protests that are they're spreading nationwide the u.s.
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justice department is looking into the prosecution of george zimmerman on criminal civil rights grounds federal prosecutors would have to show that mr zimmerman attacked martin because of his race and that the attack was unjustified even if this federal prosecution doesn't come to bear zimmerman may still face a civil lawsuit from trayvon martin's family but clearly as we see from the pictures and the photographs that have been put on line and from what i witnessed myself in new york city there is a lot of aggravation and anger surrounding the ruling in this case the keys to kill the people shooting seventeen year old trayvon martin. from new york with the latest marina thank you very much indeed. and michael is see a web page as a former office and they know sanjay is pleased about meant and let's get his
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thoughts on this particular a shape at the center but thank you very much indeed for joining us right now so it's in the her a very complicated case to say the least well the problem with the validate now if the jury thought there wasn't enough to prove that is a man committed a second degree matt. well i have a lot of experience historically and personally with trials in cases like this and this is not the first time a case has played or been played this way i will go back to. experience with the rodney king verdict in the los angeles in one nine hundred ninety two and also with the o.j. simpson verdict i believe in one thousand nine hundred sixty where the the race card if you will and was overhyped it was played and fan like a forest fire of by corporate and mainstream media and that's exactly what i see happening in this case unfortunately there is no shortage of tragedies around the world or in the united states has an old saying that five people die it's
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a tragedy fifty thousand die it's a statistic incidents like this occur throughout the united states and occur throughout the world on a regular basis i'm what i'm extremely concerned about and what i find extremely offensive is the fact that corporate media has deliberately fanned is and i believe with the intent of producing these kinds of results on the street as distraction from much more serious problems being faced by the obama administration and the u.s. government the verdicts in in in in criminal cases we know that the executive branch of the united states government is totally corrupt thanks to the documented revelations of edward snowden and a great many other facts across the years so is the court system in this country as well so it is possible and i am a former police officer and. and i'm an investigative journalist it is possible to manipulate court cases so that burdens can be arrived at certain times and at
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certain places so that they provide public relations opportunities to make major news stories which distract from messes not to minimize the injustice in this case at all but so as to distract from larger issues which we call the powers that be don't want people to look at yeah mr bad but do you pass and i believe that this is remain a racial case would it have played out differently if both monson and white for instance. it certainly would have and that provided the wedge issue for corporate media and media and very mind when we have white commentators on on corporate owned media and black commentators also very. surveyed this in the one nine hundred eighty s. a very critical decision was rendered by the us second circuit court of appeals in a case called hobson versus wilson which went back to the cointelpro programs against american indian movement anti-war activists and civil rights activists of
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the sixty's and a top secret f.b.i. document was disclosed in that case showing that the number one priority of the federal bureau of investigation throughout that era was to prevent any alliance between blacks and whites martin luther king a great man a hero was murdered assassinated because he had had been a civil rights activist but he became an anti-war activist and began to bring races together and the way this is being played in the media now is with two intentions one is to divert public attention away from much bigger issues the snowden case the complete disarray of u.s. foreign policy the corruption in the executive branch and major events happening around the world to dissipate and direct that energy into a divisive. result which we are seeing happening now what i don't know and what i would like to know about these protests is how many whites were in there with the
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blacks as well and i believe there were a great many whites and whatnot latinos people from many races participating in these demonstrations but i think that this is a wag the dog case that's being played i'm not to minimize the injustice i believe mr zimmerman should be in jail for what he did but now this is this is now all of the attention that might be focused on more important issues is now being focused on these very convenience civil disturbances. a.p.g. office and michael say well put thank you very much indeed for sharing it he's with us thank you pleasure. and you can stay up to date on everything that's happening with those post inviting demonstrations across the u.s. by calling to our website where bring you all the ages pictures videos and reaction . and also plenty more to come here on l c as well they sound off had a very short break a look at what's up a secret documents marking whistleblower edward snowden but how about his family.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. do we speak your language or not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angola's stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit actually.
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wealthy british style. that's not on right in the front. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on. this is coming to you live from moscow welcome back fugitive whistleblower snowden reportedly has a blueprint showing how the national. security agency is structured and all trades that's according to the guardian journalist glenn greenwald has been breaking the news from the cia leak and ties the intelligence analyst and us a whistleblower himself is worried that snowden search for asylum is stealing attention from the significance of his revelations it seems that mr snowden's plight
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and the witch hunt that's going on for mr snowden is sort of taking over the real story which is in my opinion the fact that our government is in violation of our constitution spying on our own citizens and it's unfortunate the press especially the western press in the press in united states is just concentrating on the and mr snowden the person you know and not the story itself. if revealed those documents on the cia blueprints can be huge harm to the u.s. but snowden's not planning to disclose them says greenwald the n.s.a. leaker is still holed up at moscow's sheremetyevo airport apparently awaiting russia's decision on his asylum application the whistleblower has renewed his bid for political refuge and is ready to accept moscow's condition that he did no more harm to the us they revelations he's already made have been and major blow to american intelligence on his postcard takes a class of well not only are civilians from all over the world being monitored but
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so are governments that are closely allied to the united states according to newspaper reports thirty eight separate missions and embassies have been surveilled the countries believed to have been spied on are in green that starts in the asia pacific region south korean authorities to reinforce anti bugging measures after their missions were allegedly spied upon japan also fell foul to u.s. surveillance now moving to the middle east iran's nuclear facilities of course a long time cause of contention were apparently targeted by a computer virus created by the u.s. and israel in two thousand and nine it's claimed the n.s.a. got their hands on top secret communications between russian president dmitri medvedev and his delegation during the g. twenty in london if we move to europe french president francois hollande said negotiations over a huge pending trade deal between the u.s. and the shouldn't go ahead into washington halted any surveillance activity on a new allies moving to latin america where oil and military purchases were
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monitored in venezuela there were also telephone and e-mail intercepts in colombia a close military ally of washington while brazil has expressed its deep concern about revelations that its citizens were spied on in an industrial scale now these are just some examples of the thirty eight countries missions and embassies the u.s. thought to have spied on a many of these nations remember a friendly to washington one such country is germany which was. particularly stung by snowden's revelations europe's strongest economy is it seems being closely watched by the united states with around five hundred million data intercepts each month these include mehta data on emails telephone calls s.m.s. text instant messages meanwhile in china of course the country that allowed snowden to slip through the net when he fled hong kong leaks revealed that every chinese computer that is hacked thirty three percent of these attacks originate from an american i pay address and it's not just civilians being monitored hospitals and
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universities are also being targeted when you look at the scale in the scope of america's global surveillance program and the fact that allied governments have also been bugged in recent years it makes it increasingly difficult for washington to get continue using national security as a justification for simply appears to be a mass espionage. and in germany the words united stars in america appeared on the walls of the u.s. embassy this sunday comparing washington's spying tactics to ease germany's infamous intelligence service the stunt was carried out by how to his group anonymous just a week after a similar action by the online activist. egypt's military bank government to suppress sing along with its transition plan despite supporters of the ousted president morsi continuing their protests the government features at least two western leaning officials in key posts and u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns has already met some of the new officials
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in cairo the former u.n. nuclear chief mohamed el baradei has now become a vice president covering foreign affairs and the country's foreign minister is excedrin ambassador to the u.s. now bill fahmy meanwhile opponents of the muslim brotherhood have released a document on social media they say came from the group that apparently shows the organization calling for no bloodshed and they disbanding all the egyptian army the middle east journalist says the islamists still need to be involved in the political process. and the big question is what what power will they really have the civilians i mean it's really the military are running egypt they run the country since the nineteen thirty two and to say that they are no somehow going to lead the muslim brotherhood in the political game i think that's that's the big question morsi being much more. than he was to the opposition not trying to get a monopoly on power as he did i mean morsi played
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a very stupid game and in fact shot himself down. shot his own party go in the same time he's as much response of course anyone through creating the mess that egypt is in right now if that the muslim brotherhood now is frozen out of the future political system in egypt there's nothing but trouble ahead. they saying. that country is what one means have a very special part of the russian military just after this break. or remember those old wacky communist countries who constantly boost their numbers to make themselves feel better or who cares if stores aren't the end this piece of
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paper a one hundred thousand tons of potatoes that is good enough for me well now we're in a new age of technology but the same lying to make yourself feel good is still going strong it just moved over to the capitals world the u.s. state department's bureau of international information programs has spent six hundred thirty thousand dollars on facebook advertising campaigns to get fans a sense of the government is out there to buy likes oh what a fantastic use of tax dollars but wait maybe i'm being too pessimistic perhaps it worked and really helped spread the message of the us state department effectively wellness victor general's report says that since the advertising campaign started twenty eleven there has been a dramatic increase in users liking state department sites but the problem is that only two percent of them actually use the sites so you get what you pay for a big bag of likes but if you hard core fans probably the most shocking example is a vision of america group in farsi made for a rainy and which has gotten over four hundred twenty thousand members but only one percent of them is actually in iran where facebook advertising doesn't even exist
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that's effective getting lots of likes doesn't mean you are actually reaching people instead of paying for them why not you know get them naturally bar by providing interesting honest content on a regular basis oh wait that takes effort and honesty yeah you know what just keep wasting our tax dollars but that's just my opinion. music is our job the army our destiny. yes of ago i always say that we are on the front line. trying our weapons are our instruments.


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