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don't protrude back to break. ok. after george zimmerman was found not guilty protests spread nationwide to look at why so many people took to the streets and what it says about race relations here in the u.s. . and watching the media at first attorney general eric holder denied any involvement in the e-mail search of a fox news reporter turns out that's not the case and now the department of justice has created new guidelines they claim will protect journalists but is that really true. and edward snowden may how they blueprint of the n.s.a. the guardian's glenn greenwald suggested that these n.s.a. whistleblower has an instruction manual on how the agency is built more on this
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story and his efforts to leave moscow in tonight's show. it's monday july fifteenth eight him in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you are watching r t well we begin tonight with a look at the protests that are taking place across the country as a result of the george zimmerman trial now in case you have somehow managed to a void the media mayhem surrounding the trial let's get you caught up to speed late saturday night a jury of all women ruled that george zimmerman the man who shot and killed an unarmed seventeen year old named trayvon martin was not guilty and that her back to has civil rights groups calling this a case of institutionalized racism the tragic death of one teenager has now turned into a national discussion of the law known as stand your ground as well as race relations
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here in the u.s. for a look at how these protests played out let's take a trip across the country now will start off in washington d.c. where yesterday i braved the heat to attend a protest with hundreds of others. oh. ok. not guilty that was the jury verdict in the george zimmerman case that caused people across the country to rally within hours of that announcement calls had gone out over social media for protesters to demonstrate against the ruling i don't claim to be an expert i'm just literally someone who just did a google search about trayvon martin found out about it and decided to get involved hundreds heated to the call and took to the streets with signs and chants. they use their fists to show solidarity instead of acting in anger at the volcano dissimilar in the moment and their words to tell the world that they believe racism is alive and well in the u.s.
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but we got big shoulders we can say go on that float he weighs a ton the fact that this was sanction. last night by the state of florida just further illustrates the reality of what it means to be young black man in this country despite him sitting in the white house you know we're still sitting in the court house we still sit in the cell house a group of protesters gathered in washington d.c. over the weekend far from the courthouse in florida because they say this case is bigger than one teenager look at me. you know twenty years ago it was trayvon martin and it's bigger than one court case i want this to basically turn into a rally about actually accomplishing rather than simply advocating human rights reforms because at the end of the day when you're a young black boy that there there's a cause there's a conversation you get from the adult men for from the adult male role models that you don't get if you anybody else you know they're aware that their you know modes
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of conduct you are expected to hear to that you are not there are levels of deference that you're expected to show just to get home safely the fact that they have to have these conversations with their children is discussed. deplorable we shouldn't have to do that the protesters paused for a short time at the park to speak out and then march down the u. street corridor or the same location of the one nine hundred sixty eight street riots after martin luther king jr was murdered for delivering a message of equality but this time the protests were peaceful and the protesters say this isn't a moment but a movement i think that we're seeing something over the first start to something that you know what we saw in the sixty's and seventy's a new civil rights movement they want to see people who mobilize energized around to say should become part of organizations in our community are doing good work we don't want to just see people just riled up and out here in the streets doing anything up productive i am here malcolm x. park right now where there is about a hundred and fifty people all marching and protesting against the jury verdict in
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the george zimmerman case you know all the people that i spoke to today that died trayvon martin that they have to stop the point jury ruling is a tragedy yet but the community needs to come together moving forward to discuss and come up with a plan to deal with race relations in the u.s. in the future in washington meghan lopez r.t. . a collective course of anger and frustration manifested itself in southern california after the acquittal of george zimmerman in the killing of trayvon martin was you was the support i got to saudi not only that make no sit state of florida versus george zimmerman verdict we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty president obama has asked the nation to respect the jury's decision he's a wannabe cop but they let him get away with it but protesters here in los angeles
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believe the verdict is another example of an equal justice system they've been doing to. people kill black boys like me and you know you know black men get arrested for that they. can remember the angry masses have made their presence felt in l.a. . a few hundred people shut down a metro train in the hours following the verdict. to start beanbags at marchers hitting a protester and the journalist. with a police helicopter overhead a group of protesters took over a major interstate photo show the crowd bringing traffic to a standstill anger over the trayvon martin case has clearly spilled into the streets of los angeles behind and you can see police in full riot gear trying to hold off demonstrators who have approached the ten freeway one of the busiest freeways in the entire world has been shut down as protesters make their way
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through the streets of los angeles. in cities across the u.s. victims of profiling perceived zimmerman's pursuit of martin as racist. i. think. the deport me. the justice claims it hasn't found any evidence of racial profiling says a researcher structure that benefits me every day i think white folks need to at least recognize it and it made it and i think one step further is how willing are they really to get rid of the bell says he's privileged to not feel the discrimination young black men feel i've never known what it was like to be followed around a store i've never known what it was like to be followed him on a neighborhood zimmerman's claim of self-defense against an unarmed black teenager has awakened simmering fury with emotions still high street protests are expected
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to continue well number you know now mary thirty three the people of. the los angeles. archie. the case may be over but the outreach has just begun. from manhattan to brooklyn the streets and parks of new york city look clogged with demonstrators and the evening. thousands of strangers united by overwhelming outrage and disbelief that george zimmerman the neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot an unarmed black seventeen year olds is walking free this verdict makes it very clear and gives a green light to anyone that wants to shoot and kill a youth of color you know and you can get off in iraq and go on and live your life and it's ok i do have a daughter and it's terrifying that i now have to go and have this conversation with her about being profiled and keeping her safe and helping her understand what she has to do to keep herself safe against other people and the police department
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and. several different justice for trayvon rallies says they're being called took over the big apple halting traffic throughout the city. a diverse crowd of all ages and races converging at times square chanting and finding signs of solitaire. with trayvon martin by the late evening the mostly peaceful demonstration took a churn for the worst as police in riot gear moved in on protesters bottles were thrown pepper spray was used and at least twelve people were arrested the field shooting of trayvon martin has come to symbolize a national debate on racial profiling a baptist that many civil rights attorneys say happens on a daily basis in new york city courtesy of the police department's stop and frisk program since two thousand and two more than five million citizens have been stopped and searched for no reason other than looking suspicious and eighty percent
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of those searched have been african-american and latinos reporting from new york marina were not artsy. just issue for a few short months ago the associated press a respected journalism outlet that often breaks the news that made the news when word came that the u.s. justice department secretly confiscated two months worth of telephone records from multiple bureaus days later fox news reporter james rosen found out that his personal e-mails had been targeted in an investigation dealing with north korea now this type of monitoring of the press caused outrage and demands for an official investigation president obama responded by ordering attorney general eric holder to come up with a report on these cases and we finally have a response the d.o.j. issued a new set of media guidelines on friday that restricts the agency from labeling a journalist as a criminal coconspirator that is while they're searching for
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a search you are seeking a search warrant for their reporting materials but not all are happy with the outcome of this investigation to help me dig into this new set of guidelines i was joined just a short time ago by jesselyn radack she is the national security and human rights director at the government accountability project and i began by asking her if this really was a new start for the department of justice. i hope so i mean definitely it's a make nice gesture with reporters i mean under the old guideline they could only subpoena a reporter as a very last resort this doesn't address the fact that they have the right jim risin of the new york times these guidelines like so many things obama sound really good in theory but in practice that's where. the rubber meets the road in terms of actually carrying them out and the one of the things that this report
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said time and time again is that they will not try journalists as coconspirators but they can't pursue them in other ways right right i mean that's significant that they can't be churches coconspirators because of course they should be allowed to engage in ordinary journalistic news gathering and publishing the problem is that i can see an exception being carved out for a group like wiki leaks where the government will make the argument that it's not ordinary journalistic publishing even though it is so they also had an interesting provision in there about finding other ways than criminal investigations to deal with leaks for example in ministry to penalties with that part i agree with i just i mean it's a good start if that's accurate and they're going to abide by that but. i want to see follow through now one of the things that is another kind of issue that we need
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to be bring up here is the fact that attorney general eric holder was the one who was responsible for signing off on the investigation of fox news reporter james rosen he is the same person that president obama tapped and tasked in order to look into this kind of investigation into journalists this kind of warrants taking a journalist information so is there an ethical problem here yeah i mean i think holder's can. for a number of reasons and again all of these. kind of the intrusive spying that was done on reporters are all under the rubric of these leak investigations and prosecutions of whistleblowers because journalists are in every single indictment so i mean if you really wanted to put some meat on this skeleton that has been put out i mean there are four active cases right now as we well know snowden and manning among the two most visible but also of strolling and jeffrey sterling and
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stephen tim i mean go ahead and drop those charges and charge them and ministry typically as they should be in the first place and something else or bring up is the fact that these days the idea of media is changing fundamentally it is not just reporters working for newspapers or reporters working for a television station anyone can be a journalist presumably but they use this word media numerous times throughout the entirety of this report and it's very hard to determine what a media person is but can we go beyond this and talk about the media shield law that might be regurgitated at this point as a result of these investigations well i would be in favor of the media shield law that would give source protection because obviously all of these leakers that thing they have in common a number of them some of them implicated themselves but also it was i mean they were caught some in some cases by the news media outlet revealing who they were not
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intentionally necessarily and not in all cases but i would love to see that i mean that federal bill has been kicking around for a long time i would love to see that kind of reporter shield law but i don't have a lot of hope i would also love to see these guidelines followed because again so many of these cases for example the thomas drake case collapsed and he played. to a minor misdemeanor that was essentially and in a straight of penalty which is all he should have been charged with if anything in the first place so perhaps a very small ray of hope moving forward jesselyn radack national security and human rights director of the government accountability project thank you so much you well get ready for another n.s.a. bombshell over the weekend guardian journalist glenn greenwald told the media about a revolution a revelation that could unravel the very fabric of the national security agency however this weekend's announcement was not really a leak so much as the threat of one if something was to happen to edward snowden
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and this one would compromise the entire future of government surveillance in order to take documents that prove that what he was saying was true here to take ones that included very sensitive details blueprints. of the n.s.a. does what they do and so he's in possession of literally thousands of documents that contain very specific blueprints that would allow somebody who read them to know exactly how the n.s.a. does what it does which would in turn allow them either to evade that surveillance or to replicate it and that's what i was talking about that he has basically the instruction manual for how the n.s.a. is built so is it really possible that edward snowden how's the key to unlock pandora's box of n.s.a. surveillance tactics and how does that affect his ploy for asylum in russia as well as latin america well for more i was joined earlier by douglas mcnabb he's a senior principal at macnab associates and i asked him if this would really help
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or hinder snowden's plea for asylum. i don't know that it would that it would help him or hurt him he has disclosed significant amount of information he's been charged by the united states government for having committed three offenses and whether he has full further disclosures or not from a legal standpoint i don't think it's going to make any difference the united states government once again they want to prosecute him for the alleged federal crimes that he's committed now one thing to bring up is that on one hand you have noted that threatening to leak more information when it comes to the n.s.a. surveillance tactics and a lot of other things we don't know really what he has on the other hand president vladimir putin said that snowden would only be permitted to stay in or russia if he stops hurting his quote u.s. partners so is he hurting his case here for me i will to accept or possibly get temporary asylum in russia but i think the disclosures were released to the press
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prior to mr snowden's arrival in the transfer there. as i understand it mr snowden has not yet applied for asylum. in russia. and mr putin president putin doesn't quite understand but from what i've read mr snowden in my view is to have a clear strategy in terms of what he does of these doing and i'm certainly not here to giving legal advice because on prevented from giving pretty probable advice to him that i would recommend to mr snowden that he needs to engage u.s. counsel he's a u.s. citizen charged with u.s. crimes and you used to be advised of what it is he can and he cannot do at this point i see him similar to a ping pong ball he seems to be bouncing all over the place now he had a request for the refinement of russia and then rescinded that request and now he's announced that he'd like temporary asylum although yes as you say russian
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authorities have said that they have not react received that application or any formal application for temporary asylum now let me ask you about the idea of temporary asylum is it realistic here. well i think that. president putin has made an offer to talking about legally is it is something that is a temporary asylum but common no it's not common but it but that isn't to say. that russia couldn't extend that offer to him to be able to state a bit longer in in russia or in the transit zone but that's up to the that's up to the individual states to make that determination this case clearly is ten percent legal and ninety percent political and the political stakes are very much involved in what is occurring and not occurring with regard to mr snow and finally we have a very short amount of time left but does he have
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a legitimate fear for flying over a nato air space could he proud should he could have perhaps consider taking a boat out of the country or other means well again i can't i can't answer your question i'm afraid i love r t but i can forgive a pretty probably box with regard to that i will say to you from a legal perspective that the u.s. certainly has the right to ask e.u. states not to allow mr snowden to enter their spies the united states government has a special maritime interoperable jurisdiction are the law but that's not breaking international law it is not and. under the federal statute the u.s. has jurisdiction over the high seas as well as the airspace over the hard see americans are going to be very difficult douglas mcnabb senior principal at macnab associates thank you so much my pleasure meanwhile a sort of sociology professor has nominated edward snowden for a nobel peace prize and his letter addressed to the norwegian nobel committee stefan. actually praised snowden for his quote heroic efforts
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a great personal cost he went on to say that snowden showed individuals can stand up for fundamental rights and freedoms. the bradley manning trial resumed in fort meade maryland today army judge colonel denise lind allowed the defense lawyer david coombs and his team to deliver their arguments to have bradley manning acquitted for some of the charges due to a lack of evidence the team is seeking to have the most serious charge aiding the enemy which could result in a life sentence dropped along with six lesser charges for more on the trial today are to correspondent liz walsh joins me now hi there liz so can you start off by talking about what came out of today's trial really. yeah that's right meghan as you said today we heard arguments regarding the defense's motions to dismiss some of the charges that bradley manning faces like you said the computer fraud charge and aiding the enemy charge the most serious charge that
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bradley manning faces carries a life sentence without parole and today we heard from manning's attorney david coombs what i've been hearing time and time again from his supporters and people keeping a close eye on this trial and that's that the prosecution simply did not present enough evidence to get manning on this charge this charge of aiding the enemy now what coomes reiterated today is that the government did not present any proof that manning had actual knowledge of these two key words here actual knowledge that he was aiding the enemy when he leaked these secret classified documents to the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks who said that the only thing mandy did was put information on the internet he said there is no proof that when he did this when he leaked this information he had actual knowledge that al qaeda that osama bin laden or. were going to get a hold of this information said there's no proof that that was bradley manning's intent and that is why he's asking for the judge to drop these charges we should be here maggie and the judge's ruling on these charges on these motions on thursday no
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liz let me ask you this because i also understand that the prosecutors were supposed to rebut some of the evidence that the defense had laid out in its case what happened there how did they bought it or did they. well if that is going to come we as we know the prosecution it is made clear that they do intend to have this rebuttal trial and that is going to continue on thursday we heard today the prosecution saying that they want to call up some of the witnesses that they had called and their phase of the trial they want to call up some of their witnesses. and try to basically. as a rebuttal to. what the defense has has put forward and their case so we're going to have this rebuttal trial that's going to continue on thursday today in regards to we heard arguments from both the defense why they want those charges thrown out and by the prosecution and basically interesting what they said they said you know
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that the government they're saying that it's the government's theory that bradley manning did know that he was aiding the enemy when aiding the enemy excuse me when he put this information on the internet they cited his job as an intelligence analyst that's what he that's what his job was to work on computers and to be computer savvy and that he knew exactly what he was doing when he was putting distance from ation on the internet so that is that's what the government saying they're going with that they are going with is aiding the enemy charge but from what i'm hearing so far what we've seen in this trial is that the evidence has been circumstantial there has been no hard evidence that this has been bradley manning's intent so we should hear thursday magen a big day because we're going to know whether or not the judge is going to dismiss this serious charge this charge of aiding the enemy and we so we are going to find out hopefully have within the next couple of days whether or not they use these charges will or will not be dropped what's next in this case was.
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well what's next as i said we're going to have this rebuttal case on thursday so we are going to hear more some more testimony from some of the witnesses that we've heard so far so we're going to hear more testimony more evidence thursday we're also going to hear back regarding the computer fraud charge and this aiding the enemy charge and then after that it's unclear how long this rebuttal part of the trial is going to go on but once that closes up in that case we're going to hear from the judge colonel lind is making the ruling by herself she is she is the one since there is no jury she is going to deliver the verdict in this case and again the trial of bradley manning falling down into the hands of one woman are to correspondent walt thank you so much for reporting from fort meade maryland today. although the internet has been around for over a decade it's still developing in many different ways besides ongoing concerns over privacy there's also the subject of whether or not there's
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a limit to what we can say and share for some examples of that the residents laurie harmfulness tests her two bites. we might feel like the internet is an indispensable tool that we could never imagine living without but the truth is the world wide web is still in its infancy and because it is like a big whiny baby we have to teach it how to grow up into something that doesn't totally suck for society one of the first quandaries we're facing is internet parents is how to deal with internet haters people who post bigoted racist or
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otherwise crappy but non violent or non threatening things on line and two big legal cases just happened that indicate what kind of internet parent we are turning into here in the us. first the case of sarah jones a web site called the dirty dot com published an article about her and then users of the site posted comments to the article which made her sound kind of like a slut with s.t.d. she sued the website for defamation libel and invasion of privacy and she just won her case. the reason the ruling is significant is because it happened despite something called the communications decency act which protects all websites from being held responsible for what their users post so the ruling set a dangerous precedent saying that websites can indeed now be held accountable for
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what their users post. the second example is a case where four organizations and france asked the american company twitter to hand over the names of the people holding account that posted racist and anti-semitic tweet twitter has been all about protecting its users private information but in this case they just agreed to fork over the user's identities. here in the us freedom of speech is supposed to rule the last end and that includes the freedom to be a totally bigoted racist hater jerk and there used to be an old adage parents would teach their kids to deal with this kind of jerk sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me but that is not list so she will rule we are applying to our big internet babies instead when it comes to raising the internet
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the us is turning into the kind of parent who teaches its kid that it is right to be very politically correct the kind of parent who doesn't back up its kid when they get into a fight the kind of parent who side with third parties and a kid who grows up with a parent like that often turns out terrified of speaking its mind of p.c. addled conformist who can't tolerate anyone who says anything negative as it were is that the kind of brat we won our internet to grow up to be america tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the residence. and that's going to do it for announce for more on the stories you cover we cover go to r.t. dot com slash usa and don't forget to tune in to larry king's egg segment tonight
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comes in at nine pm it will feature deepak chopra world renowned spiritual teacher and his son gotham chopra for now have a great night. plane . load. was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little the letter there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news the lead alexander's family cry tears of the war you and your great things out there.


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