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tv   Headline News  RT  July 16, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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america protests continue across the nation after the acquittal of a man who killed a black teenager with civil rights groups pledging more of the same in the coming weeks. denial over the highly sensitive. israel used to military base during a recent strike on neighboring syria. we didn't invite edward snowden and russia wasn't his final destination anyway. of any blame over the snowden saga saying the fugitive has been left marooned in moscow because of washington's.
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a very good morning to you from all of us here. in the morning here. world headlines civil rights leaders in the u.s. are vowing more protests over the acquittal of neighborhood watch guy george zimmerman shot dead an unarmed black teenager last year issues of racial hatred are again at the forefront people have been left outrage across the country with police trying to calm the anger felt on the streets. this report from new york. new yorkers are now back on the streets for a second day to take justice for trayvon rallies to protest in illinois even says they're outraged with anger for whom the new head of the george zimmerman we all knew that more than eight hundred thousand people had signed their name put session that was put forth by this and don't always secretly call on you
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for the u.s. justice department to open it up prosecution against george zimmerman on civil rights charges. as as we see the the anger and the outrage is still boiling from coast to coast because the issue of racial profiling does strike a chord with americans throughout the country particularly here in new york city the stop and frisk program that the n.y.p.d. has been forcing over exacting scene was predominantly african-americans and let's you know it's be targeted when it comes to us stopping and searching people that just look suspicious it seems like now that the that this verdict has been rendered it feels like it's open season like we all have a target on our back not just from the police so we're not just worried about the police now have to worry about some crazy races person killing us and claiming self-defense we have the race to stop and frisk policy which targets young men of
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color disproportionately and trayvon. you know fits fits that demographic and you know i think it strikes on because here in new york even though it's such a diverse city we still you know see that kind of racism and discrimination on a day to day basis on sunday evening at least twelve demonstrators were arrested after tens of thousands flooded the streets of new york city there's a heavy police presence right now so rounding. the rally is. so far the demonstrators have spilled out of union square. mark and i are walking through. manhattan below the park and of course they are surrounded by police officers out on the street let's head over there and just show us the police officers on motorcycles and police officers on what's clearly a guy the crowd is very aggravated an incredible injustice they are now in the camera like everyone around them like a black man i think you think you actually got to meet
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a lady day and i think just trying to avoid getting it is more than just a black or white thing it's not just because trayvon was a little black boy it's it's it's that the sickness here in america you know which you know it gets to decide who it's dangerous and who's not following three hours in the bully's ng feet demonstrators were still walking through new york city demanding justice and dozens of police officers by their side a sporting them reporting from new york marina porn i.r.t. . and all the justice department is determining whether a criminal civil rights charges could be filed against george zimmerman but professor charlie rose from stats and university in florida he believes the chances of putting him behind bars are relatively no if they're going to get him back in court again is going to be difficult to do because the civil rights law requires that he be a state actor and there's no indication that he was an employee of the state government during that time frame the other option would be to charge it has
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a crime under the shepards act the problem there is that we just don't have evidence that it was a hate crime motivated if there had been that evidence it would have been presented in the state trial that just concluded the families have that ability to bring a wrongful death claim against mr zimmerman they could force him to testify but the problem will be that mr zimmerman probably doesn't have much in the way of assets so they would wind up spending a great deal of money for very little result the road to the ease with which you could not only purchase a weapon but then use that weapon to defend yourself in the state of florida in approximately twenty other states is really what led to this tragedy. thanks for joining us on the program today turkey has slammed artie's report based on information from a reliable source claiming israel used a turkish military base to launch a recent air strike on syria let's get the latest on this now their reactions as
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well the middle east correspondent paula slate joining us and good morning to you from moscow and what exactly fishel saying about the r.t. reporter apparently are some feathers being ruffled in ankara at the moment. yes there certainly are some feathers being ruffled turkey has dismissed the r.t. report the turkish foreign minister saying to quote him it is absolutely wrong and he's accused of spreading the story of an act of betrayal he said that turkey will never be a partner nor a part of such attacks and that the ones who claim this one to damage turkey's power and reputation he slammed turkish media for even mentioning the report now we approached the israeli defense forces for a second time asking them to comment their reply was that the response has not changed since the earlier on so and that is that they refused to comment on the issue we never got a reply from the prime minister's office there we just received an e-mail response to our request saying that they will not be participating in our board costs we
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also never got a reply from the foreign affairs ministry a reminder of what we actually know at this stage a reliable source told r.t. that is will use a turkish military base to help stage the recent airstrike on the syrian city of latakia now what we know is that it was a pre-dawn attack it happened in early july latakia is a key syrian ports not far from a russian base there were several syrian troops who were reportedly killed and wounded in that attack the r.t. sources tell us that israeli planes left that military base in turkey and approached latakia from the sea and this was to make sure that they were not inside syrian airspace and so that they could not become a legitimate target of the syrian air force what is important is that the attack originated on the turkish side of the border and revelations that turkey may in fact be copulating with israel against an arab country would indeed be for lack of
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a better word highly inconvenient for turkey itself and for its nato allies including the united states you need to remember that. to keep positions itself as a key player and a regional why of all of israel it's also interesting to note that the global mainstream media hasn't largely ignored the r.t. report its continued focus and its intent attention instead on the conflict inside the country itself and the controversy surrounding the whole question of the use of chemical weapons here in israel the report did receive a little coverage not that much but certainly across the board just about every israeli analyst and expert that we approached to comment on the story declined to give his or her viewpoint on his policy or in tel aviv thank you now if indeed this is proven to be true took a squad of cooperation with israel would land on korea right in the middle of the crossfire between its people and its arab neighbors and the cost of damage control
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could prove too high for the turkish government as on his part of the reports from istanbul. the news that tactic could be collaborating with the israeli government to attack an arab neighbor could badly damaged the government of prime minister read jet at one there will be a mess for a test because there are protests going on here in turkey against governments and does this on the except of the for the turkish people so distorts. the new first as i think the turkish people are. not in the least they look for people rights to country road to independence and this this means that. you have become puppets of. some states and. therefore you didn't this is even enough to be in there so that's where the turkish
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foreign minister has been quick to dismiss the reports saying that they have no basis in reality critics disagree and say the government may need to get ready for some damage control turkey in israel work together a lot and it's entirely plausible that they would work together turkey didn't even retaliate after nine civilians were killed by israeli commandos and if you look at her the ones track record with the usa it's even more believable he's a puppet of the usa but this is a scandal for the turkish people so of course the government is denying everything . turkey's words are still rule from two thousand and ten when an aid flotilla heading for gaza was stormed by israeli commandos they boarded a humanitarian aid ship and killed mine turkish civilians and with the past week smogs by anti-government protests here in istanbul these latest alleged revelations about cooperation between israel and turkey could present even more problems for
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the his government party boy harry oxy a stumble so he does have a long running history of cooperation with israel and both countries are united in their opposition towards the syrian government and that is according to middle east affairs analyst. we have an underlying strategic alliance that continues through exercises its first and far turkey was the first islamic state to recognize israel in forty nine and nineteen ninety six there was a free trade agreement and throughout the last few decades there was very heavy involvement in terms of men look through security and political cooperation the fact that this witness is somewhat of victories in the last two three years should not overshadow the fact that corporation continues between the two countries
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over the last few months in all four of both there's that really is the turks have been supporting the free syrian army against the syrian regime so as far as that goes we can see where this is coming from. live from moscow this is r t the former n.s.a. and cia contractor edward snowden will leave moscow as soon as he can that's according to russia's president vladimir putin snowden has been holed up in the transit zone of sheremetyevo airport just outside the capital now for more than three weeks let's cross live to our teaser andrew farmer get the latest on this here on the program a good morning to you andrew so the russian president perhaps seemingly frustrated about the ongoing asylum saga he was in the tone was that there is no end in sight to the said with snowden soldering that an american should take a large amount of responsibility for that now despite three days ago edward snowden saying that he was going to apply for political asylum in russia russia has yet to
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receive an official application of mr putin went on to say that regarding the situation with the whistleblower the situation is unclear but what was very clear was that he said russia was not to blame is edward snowden now when tis his fourth week in the transit zone of moscow's sharon met. the airport he said that he arrived in russia without invitation and without the proper documents on top of that america revoked his passport preventing him from traveling elsewhere and then they scared countries from two into rejecting his bid for political asylum in effect that meant that he became trapped in russia this is what he said. we should do i'm not sure. we didn't invite edward snowden and russia wasn't his final destination anyway he was in transit but as soon as he began his journey his route was revealed in our us partners effectively blocked for their flight they even made other countries afraid of taking him no one wants to so he ended up blocked on our
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territory. or so it's no to remain stuck in a basically in a state of legal legal legal limbo here and you but what about further leaks of classified data any more to come do we know well if you go by what snowden said just on friday when he held that press conference at sheremetyevo airport we should not expect the leaks simply because he said he was prepared to accept russia's precondition for asylum and that was he would not damage the u.s. but it is clear he has plenty of information up his sleeve and that was the comment made by the journalists who broke this story on the guardian newspaper he's in possession of literally thousands of documents that contain very specific blueprints that would allow somebody who. to know exactly how the n.s.a. does what it does which would in turn allow their by their to evade that surveillance or to replicate it and that's what i was talking about that he has
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basically the instruction manual for how the n.s.a. is built. us would be worried into hearing that we also know that. snowden does not intend to stay in russia permanently he hopes to use any asylum granted here as part of a wider plan to then travel to latin america where he has in principle been granted asylum from venezuela bolivia and mickey regular but at the moment we think that the ball is in snowden's caught mr putin also made that clear because when he was asked what would happen next he actually said no this is his fate up to him to take the next step but as we heard earlier mr putin also took the opportunity to make sure everybody knew that russia was not to blame for the fact that edward snowden remains trapped here in russia all right. thank you. stuart we are coming to you live from moscow this is r.t.
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travelers on their way to britain might want to leave their phones at home it's been revealed they could be seized and browsed by police amazingly it's totally legal details now here's our. this is one of the most visited countries in the world right behind me one of the busiest airports but one many travelers may not know one till they actually get to where you can airport or any other port of entry is the fact that police can actually use anti counter-terrorism malls to take more vile phones from anybody they want to and go through that private data download and store that this kind of information would include a call history contacts photos whoever the person may have been communicating with through texts or e-mails although not the actual content of the messages now there doesn't even have to be any reasonable suspicion for a police officer to take a mobile phone and keep the information for court and court as long as necessary at the u.k. telegraph reports that up to sixty thousand people
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a year are stopped and examined as they enter return to the u.k. we did get in touch with the scotland yard and they sent us this statement that they said. two thousand a person may be detained and questioned for up to nine hours to determine if that individual is a person concerned of the commission preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism they also added that the use of such powers are proportional and appropriate and that they are if they have oversight or by independent reviewers case anti terror laws whatever reviews that are being conducted have highlighted the broader nature of such powers and there have been calls for more safeguards to prevent any abuse of power now we spoke with the freedom association to discuss more on the issue in a democracy the starting line really should be about a private individual has a right to privacy is that right is being sued by the state it must be because there's a good reason to do it so is it true for sure is it's in public interest. is
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it is it being done through. the entry oversight these questions have to be asked and that's why that is the line that we need to look out for so just to say we're going to glean information for anybody and anyone and hold it for as long as the police deemed necessary really isn't acceptable thank you very much for the well the terrorism act two thousand which is the first of several anti terror legislation have been surrounded by a lot of controversy first there was the a stop and search powers which were deemed illegal by the european court of human rights and also there was a controversy surrounding the retention of d.n.a. and fingerprint of people who were not convicted of any crime and now that we have these reports of people's phones being seized at border of the u.k. will certainly once again raise the issue of where to draw the line and calls for more checks and balances will come again it to the forefront reporting from london and tests are still. part of the. brilliant stories to check out for example this
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one here. jailed in germany for posting on top secret data to russia for more than twenty years. also.
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police forces in the. crowds of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi protesters. hold. a number of members of the muslim brotherhood which of course.
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i think there are a very. they know they need to bring the muslim brotherhood leadership into some kind of a coalition and they're standing and they really they should also free morsi from jail rather than now that investigating him and trying to accuse them of crimes i think that this will not hold true and they will lose some water from the people of the u.s. deputy secretary of state william byrd said during a visit that the u.s. will not take sides during egypt's political turmoil why do you think the u.s. took the stance after actively backing the ousted president before the coup well they're trying to protect the long range interest of the united states if they take the position only to support morsi the twenty million people in the street which resulted in an adventure of the former for good uses who. they would lose all that
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support and they already the opposition accuses the united states of being in cahoots with the muslim brotherhood so the long range interest of the united states is maintaining. these three d. between egypt and israel that's their number one and the whole one point five million billion dollars was for that purpose to be very honest. just in jordan and saudi arabia. to be maintained with the new leadership i think the military will go along with that but the opposition may not go along with all the demands of u.s. foreign policy interest in middle east. ok straight into the world update and to greece we go it's very sing itself for the general strike this year mass rallies planned in the capital athens the standstill comes as greek lawmakers are set to start a two day long debate over new cuts of course demanded by international creditors
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and the bill which would leave thousands of civil service workers redundant is vital to athens to receive its next bail out of the country has remained in the. deep recession now since two thousand and eight. forms of exploded amid violent protests in the capital of northern ireland belfast and the blasts targeted police who responded by firing water cannons more than forty police officers have been injured during four days of clashes after protestants were banned passing through a catholic district of the city during their annual pro british march. now decades of war in afghanistan have brought many consequences including a rise in the world's biggest heroin industry with the amount of land opium cultivation constantly on the rise it's also affecting neighboring pakistan where it's now sometimes easier to buy a portion of drugs than that of getting a meal. investigates. an
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ambulance rushes to kharaj largest morgue another body is brought in to be identified there's no shortage of ways to die in this city target killings bomb blasts and drugs abdullah was hoping not to find his father here has been searching karachi for more than two weeks as a last resort he checked this morgue but amid the portraits of the dead a grim discovery and a familiar face abilities father was addicted to heroin for almost a decade now he's another one of the drugs casualties. but i don't want to just going to be hard to break the news to my mother but this is what happened and we have to face it there will be tears at home tonight. tears that abdullah believes could have been prevented he says his father tried to quit several times but in pakistan there are few treatment centers and plenty of temptation by just i mean the markets don has been flooded with heroin it's easy to get that it's even sold out in the open the police do nothing because they're also involved and just
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a few blocks away a dark underworld in broad daylight these heroin addicts don't even bother hiding their habit it's thought that pakistan has more than four million drug addicts but fewer than eighty dedicated we have clinics. for the young maybe in part because there's no shortage of heroin problem they may be a problem problem but they share one thing in common what you assert that london armando can heroin that deadly in. afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium heroine's main ingredient and it accounts for ninety percent of the global supply roughly forty percent of it as smuggled through pakistan it's a multi-billion dollar industry fueled by years of war and instability opium production is up for the third year in a row and is predicted to grow even further and once nato leaves in two thousand and fourteen there are fears that the floodgates will open for the spread of the deadly harvest you are going to get rid of the. wall of their school i suppose
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but you would be inviting end of the war which would be very difficult. to win. and there could be the wall of drugs pakistani security experts want nato forces to take heed they have gone drug trade is the elephant in the room the biggest challenge was fox on his face to face that in all honesty negotiations and twenty fourteen post for troll strategy drugs has been left out by the united states nato and other european partners as an issue which is not to be considered. the port of karachi a key drug smuggling exit point the city is flooded with cheap heroin which addicts here say is easier to buy than a healthy meal and near a busy highway this hole in the wall serves as a makeshift heroin takeout window money goes in and drugs are pushed out into eager waiting hands. i tell myself that i'll stop using this drug for the sake of my children that's what i'm thinking about but i can't help myself because my body
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needs it and the heavy winds easy to get to easy it seems pakistanis get through an estimated one point two billion dollars worth of heroin each year but as just a dollar fifty is enough to get them high if it's spreading now it's going to my heart straight to the heart from the heroin heartland of ghana stan a casualty of the poison spreading from the war zone next door to see caffein of karachi and i must warn you to come in about half an hour's time with me rory sue show you the next after a break it's probably interest. rates technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. some of these traditional a chilly lines they've been grid in
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developed and past down from generation to. this is a total destruction of the culture in mexico i tell you what i mean this this is not going to impact asylum in mexico whatever happens here it's about the whole world now where even antibiotics in the in the you know in the eighty's you know all the organs or. genetically engineered crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. exactly what happened i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confront the police officers don't beat
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people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. the. good afternoon and welcome the prime in traffic i'm hereon boring and i'm bob english here's the headline that we're tracking today and. more next thing you know new york a manufacturing beat expectations but the latest retail sales report this morning and disappointed the headline number increase to the euro point four per cent.


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