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yeah you know what just keep wasting the tax dollars but that's just where. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had luck i got so many i mean the town i believe that i'm still the same thing really messed up. in the old story so actually. it's a little worse if you're going to go lie down sick as a. radio guy minestrone. one quote for about
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fifty years you've never seen anything like this i'm told. comes up guys i'm abby martin love the break in the set while the george zimmerman trial richmond on guilty verdict on saturday and since then protests have sparked a nationwide his acquittal has renewed national debate over guns well to fans on the issue of race in the u.s. justice system which brings me to the year old case and the result xander an african-american woman from florida who was sent to prison for twenty years for shooting a warning shot into the wall very domestic dispute with her husband ironically both zimmerman and alexander had the same prosecutor that's about the only similarity between the two cases george zimmerman killed an unarmed teenager and walked away a free man but morris alexander will spend the next twenty years of her life in prison for us. firing a warning shot against a man who had
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a history of abusing her call me crazy but this injustice might have something to do with the fact that white people who kill black people and stand your ground states like florida are three hundred fifty four percent more likely to get away with murder according the f.b.i. zones to test except that doesn't sit well with the you can join me and let's break the set. a little for. ever seen anything like that. almost one year ago a man named man while dia's was shot dead by police in front of his neighbors as he was surrendering the community was outraged over what they saw as blatant criminality and organize mass protests as a result however the demonstrations were short lived after police responded with overwhelming force and violence many of you may remember the shocking footage of an eye and police unleashing attack dogs on protesters and using dangerous crowd control methods on everyone at the range including babies and the elderly to make
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matters worse the very next day please shot and killed another man droll votto which drew thousands more of the streets to protest police brutality and while the problem of police overreach seems more like an end epidemic there is a growing consciousness toward the issue and direct action being done to counter it so to talk to be about just that is answer coalition organizer douglas kaufman what's going on. so dog answer coalition reported that just in may of this year ten people were killed by police in southern california answer alleges that this problem is only getting worse what is causing this escalation of police violence i think the cause of this escalation can be most accurately illustrated in the case of rio are say oh this is a father husband who was racially profiled pulled over told to exit his vehicle in ca to california by los angeles sheriffs and then was immediately shot in the chest
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multiple times despite having his hands up and complying with their orders it's a systemic racism within the police and it's the lack of accountability the impunity that police officers have when it comes to murdering innocent citizens in the streets it's a bit almost one year since the death of the as an author how is the relationship been between the anaheim police and residents of the community since that event. i think that the relationship in anaheim is like the relationship in cities all around the country the relationship between the police and the community is worse and more people are being killed just like you said in may over thirteen people were murdered in the southern california region alone and you know despite the fact that all of this is happening in people are actually mobilizing and fighting back and rising up and resistance of these things on a much greater scale we saw anaheim last year we saw east flatbush recently and now
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we're seeing the outpouring for trayvon martin the as and others wrote an open letter published on answers website where they said we will march on disneyland a world icon and expose the real life experience of working people that are pushed outside the bounds of southern california tourism and athens how does disneyland and gentrification in southern california in general play a role in this issue doug. well disneyland is actually the primary force behind the power structure in anaheim itself they fund the political campaigns they profit the police and they want to attract as many of fluent individuals to live in the city through urban redevelopment they want to attract as much tourism as possible it's the number one visit place in the state of california but they want to hide the poor and working people that exist in their city they want to push them into tiny compartmentalise to get allies neighborhoods and keep
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them there to use as a cheap labor source for the service sector in that very same industry it's in agree just a front to the power of the people in that city to run their own government and the answer coalition is organizing this march that they just spoke about alongside the families of people who've been killed by police talk about the march why is this such an unprecedented action and. this is an unprecedented action because families are uniting from all around the state in a coordinated effort families have realized that not only do they have to participate in the police brutality movement to win justice and put an end to the epidemic but they actually have to become organizers in the police brutality movement and they're doing just that leading the way alongside organizations like the answer coalition in this mortgage and as a response to your actions on this issue last year answers headquarters in l.a.
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were actually raided by police have you guys received any threats since then are you would expect any sort of backlash from police from this action. well you know they know that they are racist and brutal and they're open about this kind of racism and brutality but i think that you know police around the country are. increasing fear of the people as we begin to rise up against these conditions and obviously part of us marches to ask for accountability demand accountability for these crimes what accountability look like to the victims' families. when a cop murders an innocent person in the streets they should be put away into prison for life just like any one of us who doesn't have a badge and a gun i think that that is the first step to accountability while speaking of people getting killed in the streets answer has also been very vocal about how the zimmerman verdict is playing out and how that's an example of the flawed justice
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system what do you see as the connection between man while diaz and trayvon martin . what i see is the connection is simply racism it was racism that led to the murder of man well d. as in the streets of anaheim and it was racism that fueled the police department's role in florida in not arresting zimmerman in the first place we actually had to pour into the streets the masses poured into the streets for forty four days just to get zimmerman put on trial and i think that we can see right now that people are pouring into the streets and will continue to pour into the streets until they reach victory again just like they did in getting him put on trial in the first place doug how can people get involved with the march how can they help the organization and as stand up with you guys. i think there's a few key ways first and foremost come to the march we're going to be meeting that and home city hall on july twenty first and bring all of your friends and family
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and also get involved with the answer coalition look up answer l.a. dot org and find out ways to contribute there you can volunteer you can donate and these are things that are needed right now to make this march a success thank you so much i was coughing organizer for the answer coalition. thank you. amidst everyone in the corporate news given their two cents about edward snowden i mustn't be seen as melissa harris perry thought to be cute to read in a letter that she wrote take a look. cloak and dagger game is having real and tangible geale political consequences so well we have to talk about you i mean we're talking about how maybe now you're compromising national security by jumping from country to country causing international incidents and straining u.s. relationships with russia and china really important relationships now we could be
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talking about whether accessing and monitoring citizen information and communications is constitutional or whether we should continue to allow a secret court to authorize secret warrants using secret legal opinions but we're not talking about you and passed between moscow and venezuela and how much of a jerk glenn greenwald is so perry is criticized for putting himself as the point of focus while at the same time becoming yet another t.v. personality to only focus on him well glenn greenwald articulated my sentiments exactly when he responded to her he said i'm really sorry that i forced you to talk about snowden and barred you from discussing our multiple and as a revelations oh snap you see no months forcing the media to just talk about snowden it is a national escapade he only came out to say is peace because he knew that he would eventually get smeared by the media anyway so i have a novel idea of blaming the whistleblower for trying to evade death by way of the espionage act you actually talk about the n.s.a.
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revelations are slow to do the job melissa harris perry failed to do and take a closer look at the developments first a quick recap already know about prism program that allows the government to gain unprecedented access to user information from online giants in addition to spying on everyone the n.s.a. is storing about a billion cell phone calls on a daily basis yet the n.s.a. has no shame guys and despite all of that damning information unfortunate there is much much more. leaks also reveal that the software giant microsoft is shall we say chummy with the security agency is the corporation was actually instrumental in helping the government circumvent its own and christian process so that the n.s.a. would have easier access to emails and web chats on software like outlook hotmail and skype silicon valley corporations might as well just give their keys to the government because they've already given d.c. pretty much for rain but microsoft is not the only recent development the case because we've also learned the n.s.a.
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has its dirty surveillance pause on another sovereign country brazil oh global newspaper just reported that the us has been collecting data on millions of phone and email conversations of brazilians why beats the hell out of me maybe said that the perverts of the n.s.a. can have an excuse to listen to the private conversations of beautiful brazilian women but seriously guys all this is an incredibly disturbing and there's still more according to greenwald snowden still has thousands of documents outlining the literal blueprint of the larger than life spying apparatus that is the n.s.a. . you see these are the realities that miss harris perry should be focusing on but instead of talking about why snowden is being forced to seek asylum or why he's being prevented from doing so the media would rather mindlessly character assassinate him which is all great news for the government after all as long as you have media feeding into the strachan there will always be
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a monopoly over the message. still ahead guys will take a closer look at the role of anarchy as an american the growing movement with author scott turow. wealthy british style. is no time to. find. markets why not. join the. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. zachary what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about
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polygraph results. innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were taking they could get what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. to the. i.
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don't break in the set i strive to showcase the alternatives the real philosophies that you'll seldom hear talk about in the corporate media one of those is anarchism possibly the most misunderstood ideologies of our time back in april i touched on this issue through an alternative voices debate on the show and here to represent the voice of anarchism with scott crow is the founder of the common ground and archives collective and author of black flags and windmills here's scott defining anarchism and that that they. are he is a living a dynamic framework based in. their ideas of cooperation where we can all get along to make the world better for each other we call it mutually the ideas of direct action that we don't have to wait on others that we are more than voters we're more can consumers it that we there are other paths that we should take that we don't need to wait on others to do it we start to do it ourselves and we do it in our
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communities the ideas so to dig more of the conversation of community cooperation i invited scott crow back on the show i first asked him to give us a better sense of what arab islam would look like in modern society and here's what he had to say. to stress is that it's also. anybody who tries to assume power over the rest of us whether they be a corporate entity or a state government that. uses that every term and that it's you know that to me personal liberation. as well as could reach those are two other pieces that are really important to talk about energy and has this philosophy ever been practiced successfully and sustainably and entire areas of modern society and more modern times. you know like christiane i did mark which is existed for about forty years which is it was hard it was a community that exists and has it has its secure its own health its own education
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its own problems. i think what happened in argentina at around the turn of the millennium two thousand two thousand and three when the population fired the president and then started having neighborhood assemblies. thousands of people were participating in trying to sound their own futures i mean eventually cooperate is recruited read a lot of factories and now you know argentina has the largest amount of property factories and and the and in the world let's talk about katrina because you helped found common ground collective in the wake of katrina and talk about how that functioned in terms of disaster response and relief. well i mean if you think about it what it was it was it was a perfect storm of criminal neglect by the government. response and it wouldn't do the criminalization of black largely black populations and all populations along
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the coast so. it just seemed a natural for and that's why we didn't have to wait i'm stating to do anything to we need a state was failing and three we knew we could do it ourselves down the state fair and states well. if you just got together amending what we mean was a former member of the black panther party oh many sure johnson. were that it was all going to be built on the ideas of mutual solidarity direct action and the activists were really easy it was that the idea too. rebuild infrastructure collapsed or katrina came there you talk about how your education roots of civil society evolves and rebuilt those things and new and different ways that really work for those communities to decide their own futures instead of letting the governments come in and tell them how they're going to do it or us coming in to tell them what they were do we want to work with people to help them to build their
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own power we weren't the only relief organization we were we were only a handful that refused to work with the government. that made us enemies of the state we were also law oftentimes common ground muleteers would use civil disobedience to stop destroying people's houses to stop to stop clinics from being shut down. in their bodies on the line and other relief agencies didn't want to do that and what really came out of that was it didn't come out and start out of nothing we grew alarmed and his response has been going on since nine nine tonight here in the united states after seattle scott what would be the first step for people who are a little bit confused about how we get from where we are today to something that you're talking about would it be decentralizing power into just smaller community management across the country. i think the centralization reconstruction is one part of it right we don't need kinder gentler large multinational corporations we
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don't need. government bodies first the first thing is to realize that it took hundreds of years to get up to what we have now and i'm going to break the structures down and make them manageable and that we start to reach each other in our own neighborhoods in our own in our own cities with each other to start to ask these questions and doesn't propose a rigid set of ideology or a program that is never going to live what it is that we as a group of people can make these decisions ourselves and localized ways to really affect yourselves can you talk about how capitalism is problematic. that you know capitalism like like many systems like for instance to not be asked to be abolished we need to find ways. to share each other new ways with each other new ways to build civil society infrastructure which has been falling down for many of us for.
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years at least at the top continue to build a second tier society and so capitalism is the problem because things like. sexism and racism and and having power over are all reinforced in capitalism today and free markets. change that respects the free markets that a lot of libertarians call for which is trainer gentler corporations or pretend to not have state involvement and making decisions about exxon mobil or corporations like that but what i'm saying is that we're going to have free markets we need to have markets that are barter systems there are exchange systems that are given economies that are not predicated on profit that are not an exploitation and not predicated on oppression of any current and that is a challenge to people to come out of that libertarian dr. to say we didn't have to happen or that we can have a kinder gentler free market systems they just can't exist we need to challenge
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ourselves to much more difficult just to challenge ourselves to say we must create something. and it doesn't mean socialism and it's not about big government because socialism you know scientific socialism was told as one two three steps to revolution also with dictatorial communism to our socialism and so what i'm saying is that we really really begin to reimagine start to ask ourselves what could argue like and look today and that's a much harder set of roads to go down it is and let's go over some of the criticisms of of this philosophy scott people say that there will always be gang formated mafia people who infringe on the liberty of others how would that be dealt with and regulated under anarchism. you know we took care of it in new orleans ourselves i mean you know somebody has got to take out the trash and it's going to be you know measures like what it is because communities do not necessarily mean
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there is no violence there is what we do is we try to mitigate and try to bring down the markets and their communities have a right turn in their own futures and communities have a right to do that themselves against corporate bonds five against mark you know arms legs gang arms like anything but he was necessary and i think that that's a misnomer is that anarchy means that is your b d b p's. in a world that transcends violence is the world that we want but that we do have a right to defend ourselves by any means necessary scott you mentioned taking out the trash in basic amenities for communities that would need you know way say remove all garbage pick up water. infiltration and the city i mean what would be the incentive for other see that because i think that this notion is predicated on the assumption that people beings have an innate good nature and that they'll just be incentivized to do these things. they are going to do something else and you
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make the choices i don't believe that people i don't believe that people are stupid or anything i believe that we have incredible dynamic and creative people all around as we've just been shut out of any process in deciding their futures and then once you start to get people that know the choices they start to make different choices you know color pepsi is not a choice that is still a capitalist tells you that that's a choice but given a choice real three choices people begin to make decisions that are somewhat about themselves and but also the operative and then stream example of that again was in new orleans where you saw you saw people with nothing begin to help each other like you about it last bottled water even though they'd never even know what was going to be there i mean i saw people cooperate and bodies this is not this is not our this is the people who were affected by the storm we saw the same unoccupied we saw
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the same and we saw. and more recently in oklahoma these are just examples of extreme disasters where what we think we know about civil society is not out from under people and then began to reimagine what about occupy wall street because many people said it was a failed attempt at cooperative activism what do you think. our josh. and i keep my movements was. hundreds of thousands of people just bringing chairs all over the world to try to reach names face public domain to actually talk about the commons to actually have these questions and comments and conversations affect absolutely people who are questioning your work and you have to understand two hundred other much. level. was twenty years of interviews or four years of it and it was organising much of the service because how did all the occupy camps organise it wasn't a central committee meeting it was decentralized they were going to sing they were network they used of energy groups use models to share says thousands of people
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were able to disappear and then you had general assemblies people got to share their voices you cannot take that away because they didn't have a single agenda doesn't fit into the policy wonks and he used to talk about building a grassroots movement it's incredible the. aftermath it's been happening with that sprung up all over the place community garden projects. this is nationwide this is not just in new york this is all occupy since it was able to come out of that i mean all of these things were able to come out of these these dynamic drives dia's and even even the names to say it was a value are missing the bigger picture right i mean when you have ninety nine problems i don't know how you can a focus on one really is solidify behind you i think anarchism is one of those misconstrued philosophies i tend to even fall into the trap that you know not really understanding it articulating is well as it should be articulated thank you
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so much for coming on breaking it down explain it a bit more about what it truly means that in a wrap it up can you tell people who might be interested in the philosophy where they can find out more and get involved. yeah i mean there's websites there's a good there's that info shopped out or there's a beer snoozed out work or you can find my website it's got credit or. you can just talk to your neighbors about it you don't have to get online and you can talk to your neighbors face to be and anytime that you make decisions you're stuck you're getting the steps to get to her thank you so much scott crowe always a pleasure to have you on thank you so much and it will feel like we see so far ahead to our you tube channel at youtube dot com such great insight and we should have subscribers you not miss a single episode as segment else of our interviews posted separately under the videos have the courage i want to check out my interview with investigative journalist kimberly the boric the tragic death of michael hastings so go to you to check out all that and more on youtube dot com slash breaking the sat you guys that's it for today's show i have a great event and thanks for breaking the set of me today.
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illo. live live. live
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. please. please please. please heed that speech feed. her her. the to. sleep. mislead the good. sleep. the touch. and. the truth. i know me better let.
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me. tell. you that. over three weeks off the touching down in moscow n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden finally submits a request for a temporary asylum in russia. seven people are killed and two hundred injured during the latest violence overnight in egypt says backers of the else did president morsi clashed with police. and protests across the u.s. reach a third day after neighborhood watch god is cleared of murder despite shooting dead a black teenager.


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