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downcast and dejected edward snowden could stay in russia for a while a lawyer involved in the case says that an intense u.s. manhunt means the whistleblowers plans could now include russian citizenship. and scaring the scots the british government goes on the p.r. offensive telling scottish voters their independence could cost them a heap of problems ranging from lower salaries to bigger phone bills. meanwhile photographs of western weapons in the hands of pro assad militias emerge online sparking fears the us government can't control where its arms and. thanks for joining me this hour we've got live news and analysis for you to see
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caffein of and you're watching r.t. well the man who exposed america's global surveillance network may be looking to settle in russia at least in the medium term edward snowden has been stuck at a moscow airport for three weeks now trapped in diplomatic limbo artes and her farmer has the latest on snowden's plans. we've now learned from the lawyer representing mr snowden that russia could become his permanent you home if he does receive temporary asylum it will allow him to live and work freely in russia for one year and after that we are told he might apply for russian citizenship just portions of it he told me that he's going to stay in russia and i do not rule out but he may stay here permanently and become a russian citizen with all the rights and responsibilities while the lawyer added that mr snowden has been down while he's been holed up sheremet at the airport over the last three weeks and he was very surprised at the intensity of the manhunt but he says that mr snowden has every chance of getting asylum and says the main reason
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he has asked for it is because he fears for his own life if he returns back to the u.s. and. when asked why immigration service agent why he chose to prosper titian in russia and why he came here who replied that he fears for his life and well being and also fears that he could face torture or execution and what he says sounds quite convincing as the u.s. still administers both capital punishment and torture. now edward snowden has also said that he would not release the documents which could damage u.s. interests while he is on russian territory in his words mr snowden has said that is something he can do it is an important point though because president putin has made this a precondition for asylum and he says that in this whole saga it has been russia's role to take a humanitarian stance and the actions it is taking should not be regarded as hostile towards the u.s. and he also said that mr snowden's actions were actually in defense of human rights
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as a shit ton of human rights work usually carries some cost for those involved when this work is done under the auspices of the united states government with its financial and political support it's quite acceptable but when someone criticizes washington the situation becomes much more complicated. the incident with the bolivian president's plane illustrated this well in the coming days he should receive these documents that will allow him to go through passport control here at this airport and then come through the exit and onto the russian soil proper because remember at the moment he does not have a valid passport or visa but these documents should arrive with him we understand within the next five days while his application for a temporary asylum is processed which could take up to three months the next thing is that he would require accommodations about something he would have to look for effectively he's probably a man feeling much more it sees this afternoon and it could be a new life and
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a new chapter for him here in russia. it's known as asylum request to russia is assumed to be a stopgap measure if moscow does granted that he'll find himself with some breathing room to pursue longer term asylum in south america or to contribute or are afshin rattansi says that it's been a diplomatic nightmare for all involved. he's applying for temporary asylum resume reason we can just go about his business as a normal citizen walk into the venezuelan embassy in moscow walk into the ecuadorian embassy and fill out forms and papers the obama administration was so quick to just say right. it isn't causing trouble in this way well they didn't just go that route so drabble because the. government's trouble notably the bolivian one with the high jacking drama. few weeks ago. good to make lots of allegations in the press and you'll see them in lots of right wing newspapers that the national security agency is
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a beacon of freedom and without their ability to surveil your skype account your outlook dot com accounts are in breach of revelations about microsoft the forces stationed in iraq and afghanistan would have sustained formal casualties what rubbish we know the american government in the surveillance state is desperately seeking around to prove that they need to be able to be through all of our emails all of our phone calls for our own security of course we here at r.t.i. are closely following the twists and turns in a snowden saga both on air and out r t dot com but sixteen weeks on the follow from his leaks continues to rain down on washington the architects behind america's global surveillance network are being called in for another round of questioning on capitol hill lawmakers say they want clear answers this time around adding that spying to this level was never authorized by congress more on this as well as the reactions by the obama administration and our team dot com. scotland's make or break referendum next year is seeing london feverish we try to
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keep britain together with an anti split campaign that sometimes verges on scaremongering probably boyko reports on what exactly westminster is doing to persuade the scots to vote no. it's just over a year until scots have to answer a simple yes or no question about whether or not they want to break with the united kingdom the scottish national party says there's absolutely no doubt that scotland has the potential to be a successful independent nation with a strong economy but the british government wants scotland to state in the united kingdom. i believe that england scotland wales northern ireland we are stronger together than we would. it is time to speak out whatever the consequences because something very special is in. that sense of danger is one that the british government has recently been accused of playing on too heavily though in the run up
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to the referendum westminster has been busy publishing papers on how it believes independence will be bad for scotland the latest and most bizarre caution is about mobile phone bills and new government paper suggests that if scotland breaks away then scots visiting the u.k. and using their phones will need to pay extortionate raving charges the scottish government has already debunked that myth saying that all roaming charges in the european union will be abolished in twenty sixteen but according to whitehall scotland might have to reapply to join the european union as well the british government has also been keen to remind that the royal mail and the post office will no longer be for scotland should they choose independence nor will the two hundred or so public bodies that deal with bureaucratic procedures such as issuing driving licenses managing roads and even broadcasting such as the b.b.c. if wool that hasn't put off any of those considering voting yes in the referendum
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next year well a recent think tank report has cautioned that an independent scottish army would struggle to defend itself and what about money well the scots say they'd like to keep the pound something the u.k. chancellor george osborne has been quick to dismiss so if the scots choose independence it could be no pound no e.u. no army high phone bills and not even any royal mail to use as an alternative the repeated questions have led to accusations that the anti independence campaign is engaging in scurrilous scaremongering what we're getting there is the kind of fear factor managing you can't be part of a single currency union a sterling union if you have independent you can't have this you can't have got no these are big. substantial debating point but it should be used as a gun to the heads of scores if you want this is going to be a punishment scotland's first minister has already said that the british government's so-called project fear isn't going to work as we go through that to be
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every. will be dismantled. how more horror film the release of cautions on obscure subjects has reportedly angered senior figures in the u.k. government by dwelling on petty issues such as these many say that only giving credence so the scottish nationalists probably boy care artsy london well earlier my colleague worry sushi had listened to both sides outline the key pros and cons of a great british break up some say scotland is the richest part of the u.k. outside of london so perhaps scotland actually could go it alone. i agree with that i think scotland could go i think it would be economically viable and i think there's still it's still a big risk that it would create a lot of economic uncertainty for instance what currency would scotland use that examined consistently given different answers on that what would its boring rate
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its credit rating be we need much greater detail on this but i think scotland could make a good go of it it's on its own countries of similar size which was do well on their own but i just think that scotland is better for being part of the u.k. the u.k. is better for having scotland as part of it the truth is that scotland is more secure today i can omit clearly if we are breaking with waste minister we want no truck with illegal wars which cause security problems we want no truck with the stated see which cause great deal of issues for people that are facing not just job losses but actions from their own homes and we have the opportunity here to build a society which is in fact good advance of everything that waste minister is doing just no should we want to oppose war we want to we want to oppose the states and in their place we want to see scotland taking a peaceful role in the world but we also want to see school and it's actually building an alternative to the market into a new liberalism which let's be honest there's one run put in which minister.
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there's been a fourth day of protests across the united states over a controversial court ruling thousands are angered by the acquittal of the killer of an unarmed black teenager even the country's attorney general wants a deeper debate on gun control and racism story coming up ahead also for you egypt's new cabinet comes under scrutiny as it leaves out the muslim brotherhood just spite the group's popularity among a large chunk of the voters that story and more after a short break. some of these traditional chilly lines the grit and developed. passed down from generation. this is a total destruction of the culture of new mexico and i tell you what i mean this is not going to impact in mexico whatever happens here throughout the whole world now where even antibiotics in the in the marrow you know all the organs that work for.
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their crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. download you keep location so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter about what your mobile device you can watch or to be anytime anywhere. egypt's interim president has sworn in a new cabinet dominated by liberal politicians now it doesn't include anyone from
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the muslim brotherhood which had propelled the now ousted mohamed morsi to the presidency the islamist group had dismissed the capital's formation and its supporters are now pledging mass demonstrations egyptian journalist shahira amin had told me that excluding the group won't do much to improve the political climate in that country. i think that is a fatal mistake excluding any political faction from the transitional political process is a fatal mistake people were complaining the morsi was in when eyes in the state and now they are doing exactly the same keeping the islamists sidelined hoping to push them back underground this will have very serious implications just a short while ago there was a very brutal crackdown on pro morsi protesters outside the parliament. and just last week fifty one pro received
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protesters were gunned down by security forces we're already hearing jihadi groups say they will launch. a holy war to defend islam but at the same time the muslim brotherhood brotherhood of leadership had willingly boycotted the transition government had effectively removed itself from the transition do you believe that that was a mistake on the part of the as women. yes they refused to take part in any negotiations unless morrissey is reinstated which of course there's a very slim chance of that happening they are in denial and i think that their only chance is to take part in national reconciliation talks because. other than latter i don't see any solution to this crisis. the world student games are concluding in russia in just a few minutes will sum up the event that is brought team rush over one hundred gold
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medals but also some criticism at the closing ceremony. america and europe may be squarely behind syria's rebels but large numbers of high caliber u.s. and european weapons are circulating among the other side now internet images of shiite militia men fighting alongside president all sides troops with a western arms have emerged feeling some concern that washington will be able to will not be able to control where its weapons eventually end up or she's going to has more. with this don't discriminate us made arms our national will not be in the hands of iranian backed militias fighting in syria analyst philip smyth points to photos with hezbollah fighters coating us made m. sixteen s and m. force fitted with laser and holographic sights as well as an two or three grenade launchers how do they end up in their hands if there's a will there's a way and if you want to get let's say an m two zero three grenade launcher on an
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employer car being you'll find a way to get it so long as you have the right amount of money and the right amount of for connections it's not clear whether the weapons were captured stolen or bought on the black market this weapon might be and. has been law from. military only when these are me of course illegal but i don't believe that is and. could be the source of the script in iraq. similar u.s. designed weapons appear in the hands of syrian rebels including fighters with all new sort of front and al-qaeda affiliate the us has designated a terrorist group it shows the alarming tendency for the weapons to change hands in unexpected ways but despite this the obama administration has decided to directly arm the rebels in syria a move supported by washington's hard syria we can give them the heavy weapons that they need who's there who's them i know them i've met them they're there
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unfortunately for senator mccain some of the rebels he met in syria were kidnappers and his office had to issue a statement saying the senator did not know that when he agreed to do a photo op with them but not everyone in washington thinks flooding syria with more arms is the solution a group of congressmen have introduced the legislation to block an unauthorized u.s. military aid to syrian rebels arguing that the law prohibits any military assistance to syrian opposition forces unless congress issues a formal declaration of war since our nation's security interests in syria are unclear we risk giving money and military assistance to our enemies. there's great ironies to supporting the syrian rebels one will be supporting forces that are associated with al-qaeda the two thousand and one use of authorization of force said specifically that we could go after the taliban al qaeda and associated forces
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we will now be one of those associated forces because we will be allied with al qaeda against assad the voice of caution comes not only from the president's opposition in congress but also from former administration officials including for us to think we can influence or determine the outcome of that i think is a mistake i thought it was a mistake in libya. and i think it is a mistake in syria we overestimate our ability to determine outcomes you may think that the u.s. has learned the hard way that by arming friends you may be arming your animals but it seems with leaders yet again are ready to take that risk in washington i'm going to take on a. former cia officer ray mcgovern says that even a key republican congresswoman admits that little can be done to control who gets hold of any weapons that could eventually be sent to syria well right now seventy percent of the american star against giving military aid to anyone in syria and but there are enough weapons now to go around even rowsley recognizes that she can't
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prevent us weaponry from aircrew going into the hands of people who might turn them against us in the longer run six thousand syrians are leaving syria every day over the last month this has got to stop this is humanitarian crisis approaching what happened to wonder we ought to think about human needs to go to think about people be killed unnecessarily. and with no letup in sight in syria's civil war the human cost continues to rise with the latest u.n. figures putting the number of civilian deaths and almost one hundred thousand the details on that story at our t.v. dot com now we do have lots more for you on our web site including robot to the rescue this mechanical guy could soon be saving lives in disaster areas says the pentagon's advanced research department all the programmers have to do now is give it some brains plus. reviving the ruins libyan officials want to transform the rubble of the late leader colonel gadhafi is residents into a family recreation area get the story out r.t.
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dot com. us laws on self defense gun control and racism apparently need revamping that is according to the country's attorney general thousands had rallied across america over the past few days since the acquittal of george zimmerman a florida man who had killed a black teenager trayvon martin last year now this was ruled to be a case of self-defense even though trayvon was unarmed law professor charles rose says that it's not about race but gun control. the road to ease with which you can not only purchase a weapon but then use that weapon to defend yourself in the state of florida in
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approximately twenty other states is really what led to this tragedy not the issue of race i prefer to think that what it gets us in the united states to do is to what we as a nation of immigrants always need to do to talk about how we come together and that issue of race is an issue that's always present within the united states and it gives us an opportunity once the emotion is run itself out to talk about this in a way that can be positive for the country in the long term it was not about race it was about self-defense and who was the aggressor race had nothing to do with it but has become synonymous with racial issues within the united states and that's what something takes on a life of its own becomes very difficult to separate them back into what the objective truth is my big now for slightly different perspective and we spoke to social justice expert and professor lisa albright and she believes that zimmerman's acquittal reflects a deep racial bias within the u.s. legal system. all that data just system in this country is racial from the
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moment of impact police arrest more people who are or. are convicted in greater numbers than apes or sentences that are longer and there are greater numbers of people who are in prison and the united states given in terms of their population so you already have all that data and that this we see as a continuation of. this man has been acquitted so now is the time for our government to hear our words that's why i live in minneapolis who stayed in minnesota we will have thousands of people in downtown minnesota in front of a court to share our concerns about these issues. a quick look now at some of the other stories making headlines this hour. hundreds of police reinforcements have been called to belfast in northern ireland to help restore
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control after five nights of riots across the city the violence began almost a week ago after u.k. loyalists were prevented from walking through a mainly nationalist area half a dozen cars were burnt and dozens of petrol bombs lobbed by protesters as police came under attack on tuesday night. a prominent supporter of the assad government in syria has been killed by gunmen in neighboring lebanon and now the syrian official and state media commentator was found dead at his home his body riddled with dozens of bullets lebanese security services say rebel groups in syria are the suspects the main suspects in this case it certainly raises more fears over the civil war spreading out to more countries in the region. protesters have rallied in the greek capital to demand an end to government budget cuts amid a twenty four hour nationwide strike that has brought the country to a grinding halt several thousand demonstrators gathered peacefully outside of the parliament building waving flags and chanting slogans this comes before
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a vote on wednesday to set up a show called reserve force of twenty five thousand people but there is concern that it could lead to more greeks being put out of work. the world student games are coming to a close in the russian city of khost on the cohost country's overwhelming lead in the medals count has been somewhat marred by criticism that moscow has been politicizing the games more now from artie's paul scott. well for the last twelve days. to more than thirteen thousand student athletes from one hundred sixty countries now these games boasted more sports than ever before and there were more gold medals on offer than even at the london olympics last summer three hundred fifty one gold for grabs in total that is a record breaking number tens of millions of people have watched these games worldwide and russian estimates say that seven hundred thousand spectators have descended on over the last fortnight well russia top the medals table some margin
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as well they currently have one hundred fifty one gold medals to their name challenger in second place there have just twenty four and it has led to some people suggesting that russia politicizing the games an intent to enhance the nation's sporting reputation added what is going to be a massive decade of sport for the country now this criticism stems from the fact that russia do have a number of professional athletes competing in their ranks up against the fisa who are the games governing body the committee that oversees the games they check every athletes for eligibility and their credentials and the rules are the same for anyone and for russia's part they say that less than ten percent of their entire squad is actually made up by professional athletes now the other criticism of being is being a indication the organizers is the cost of the games at the start of the games russian estimates said that the games cost four point five billion u s dollars now that's not just a one off payment organizes jesting it's not a one off payment for
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a twelve day party it's a long term investment not just in the future of russian sport in the next generation of sporting athletes but also in the city which has undergone a huge renovation in the last five years that the new transport network new hotels and new student university campus and of course thirty new sporting venues have all been built from scratch as for now well all attention turns to the stadium behind me where tonight's closing ceremony is set to take place. well that's it for me today but do stay with us on the way as our look at the powerful interests behind the genetically modified food industry you're watching our teeth.
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wealthy british style. that's not on. the. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for our no holds barred look at the global financial headlines join in to cause a report on are. controlling
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the seeds is not some abstraction whoever provides the world seeds controls the world's food supply are locked in steel vanity fair. for the first time corporations are patenting products that are self replicating uncontrollable and irretrievable. genetically engineered pollen carried by wind insects bacteria viruses and humans has inadvertently traveled the globe. scientists in laboratories and corporate spokespeople would have americans believe that pollen from flowering plants in the
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open environment can be controlled farmers hay fever sufferers and anyone who observes the chaotic natural world would disagree tonight a look into the world of genetically modified organisms through the lens of new mexico's iconic chili peppers. at the plant genetic engineering laboratory on the campus of new mexico state university in los crucis scientists are developing a genetically. engineer chili pepper. genetically engineering the new mexico chili pepper has stirred controversy because it is a cultural heirloom and defines new mexican cuisine this is what he mexico is known for and this is what makes us unique i mean this is this is threatening this is very threatening to our stars there are. well i mean this is the seeds are sacred some of these traditional chili lines the.


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