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downcast and dejected edward snowden could stay in russia for a while now a lawyer involved in the case says an intense u.s. means the will supply was plans could now include russian citizenship we're following that up this hour. scaring the scots the british government goes on a p.r. offensive telling scottish voters they're independent could cost them a heap of problems ranging from lower salaries to bigger phone bills. each new cabinet comes under scrutiny as it leaves out the muslim brotherhood despite its popularity among a swathe of voters. and photos of western weapons in the hands of pro or sad militias have emerged online sparking the fears the us government can control where its arms and.
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very good evening she wait here wednesday night here in moscow this is our t.v. my name's kevin i know in our top story the man who exposed america's global surveillance network may be looking to settle here in russia or at least in the medium term edward snowden has been stuck at a moscow airport for three weeks now trapped in a diplomatic limbo now t's andrew farber's got the latest on snowden's plans. we've now learned from the lawyer representing mr snowden that russia could become his permanent you home if he does receive temporary asylum it will allow him to live and work freely in russia for one year and after that we're told he might apply for russian citizenship just told me that he's going to stay in russia and i do not rule out but he may stay here permanently and become a russian citizen with all the rights and responsibilities while the lawyer added
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that mr snowden has been down while he's been holed up sheremet at the airport over the last three weeks and was very surprised at the intensity of the manhunt but he says that mr snowden has every chance of getting asylum and says the main reason he has asked for it is because he fears for his own life if he returns back to the u.s. . when asked by immigration service agent why he chose to prosper titian in russia and why he came here who replied that he fears for his life and well being and also fears that he could face torture or execution and what he says sounds quite convincing as the u.s. still administers both capital punishment and torture. now edward snowden has also said that he would not release the documents which could damage u.s. interests while he is on russian territory in his words mr snowden has said that is something he can do it is an important point though because president putin has
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made this a precondition for asylum and he says that in this whole saga it has been russia's role to take a humanitarian stance and the actions it is taking should not be regarded as hostile towards the u.s. and you also said that mr snowden's actions were actually in defense of human rights was issued militants on the options human rights work usually carry some cost for those involved when this work is done under the auspices of the united states government with its financial and political support it's quite acceptable but when someone criticizes washington the situation becomes much more complicated the incident with the bolivian president's plane illustrated this well in the coming days he should receive these documents that will allow him to go through passport control here at this airport and then come through the exit and onto russian soil proper because remember at the moment he does not have a valid passport or visa but these documents should arrive with him we understand within the next five days while his application for
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a temporary asylum is processed which could take up to three months the next thing is that he would require accommodation is not something he would have to look for effectively he's probably a man feeling much more at ease this afternoon and it could be a new life and a new chapter for him here in russia andrew farmer the well snowden's asylum request to russia is assumed to be a stopgap measure if moscow does granted he'll then find himself with breathing room to pursue longer term asylum in south america or to contributor afshin rattansi says it's been a diplomatic nightmare for everyone involved here. these applying for temporary asylum presumably so he can just go about his business as a normal citizen walk into the venezuelan embassy in moscow walk into the ecuadorian embassy and fill out forms and papers the obama administration was so quick to just say right we'll see him a non-citizen causing trouble in this way well they didn't just cause edward
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snowden drabble because most troubling cause all sorts of governments trouble notably the bolivian one where of course the hijacking drama took place a few weeks ago. good to make lots of allegations in the press and you'll see them in lots of right wing newspapers that the national security agency is a beacon of freedom and without their ability to surveil your skype account your outlook dot com accounts are in breach of revelations about microsoft the forces stationed in iraq and afghanistan would sustain far more casualties what rubbish we know the american government in the corporate surveillance state is desperately seeking around to prove that they need to be able to be through all of our e-mails all of our phone calls for our own security. well as you know if you've been watching this over the last couple of weeks we're closely following the latest twists and turns in the snowden saga both on air and on the web site r t v dot com but six weeks on fallout from his leaks continue to rain down on washington the architects behind america's global surveillance network being called in for another
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round of questioning on capitol hill lawmakers say they want clear answers this time around adding that spying to this level was never authorized by congress more reaction about another bulbous defense to. america and europe may be squarely behind syria's rebels but large numbers of high caliber u.s. and european weapons are circulating among the other side internet images of shiite militiamen fighting alongside president assad's troops with western merged fueling concern in that washington won't be able to control where its weapons end up has gone if you can reports. where this is don't discriminate us made arms our national going up in the hands of iranian backed militias fighting in syria analyst philip smart points to photos with hezbollah fighters coding u.s. made m. sixteen s and m.
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force fitted with laser and holographic sights as well as an two or three grenade launchers how do they end up in their hands if there's a will there's a way and if you want to get let's say an m. two zero three grenade launcher on an m. four carbine they'll find a way to get it so long as you have the right amount of money and the right amount of for connections it's not clear whether the weapons were captured stolen or bought on the black market this weapon might be ended up in the hands of hezbollah from. lebanese military or lebanese army of course illegal but i don't believe that is another source could be the source of this weapon iraq . similar u.s. designed weapons appear in the hands of syrian rebels including fighters with all new sort of front and al qaeda affiliate the u.s. has designated a terrorist group it shows the alarming tendency for the weapons to change hands in unexpected ways but despite this the obama administration has decided to directly
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arm the rebels in syria a move supported by washington so hard and we can give them the heavy weapons that they need who's there who's them i know them i've met them they're there unfortunately for senator mccain some of the rebels he met in syria were kidnappers and his office had to issue a statement saying the senator did not know that when he agreed to do a photo op with them but not everyone in washington things flooding syria with more arms is the solution a group of congressmen have introduced the legislation to block an unauthorized u.s. military aid to syrian rebels arguing that the law prohibits any military assistance to syrian opposition forces unless congress issues a formal declaration of war since our nation's security interests in syria are unclear we risk giving money and military assistance to our enemies. there's great irony supporting the syrian rebels one will be supporting forces that are
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associated with al-qaeda the two thousand and one use of authorization of force said specifically that we could go after the taliban al qaeda and associated forces we will now be one of those associated forces because we will be allied with al qaeda against assad the voice of caution comes not only from the president's opposition in congress but also from former administration officials for us to think we can influence or determine the outcome of that i think is a mistake i thought it was a mistake in libya. and i think it is a mistake in syria we overestimate our ability to determine outcomes you may think that the u.s. has learned the hard way by arming friends who may be arming and but it seems u.s. leaders yet again are ready to take that risk in washington i'm going to take on. egypt's interim president is sworn in a new cabinet dominated by liberal politicians it doesn't include anyone from the muslim brotherhood which propelled the. morsi to the presidency there's
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a risk group dismiss the cabinet formation indeed its supporters in a mass demonstrations instead more analysis from cairo should reside alleles a constitutional expert with the international institute for democracy and electoral assistance so begs the question i guess how legitimate is a government that's been formed on the post-coup circumstances well i mean it really depends. how you define that there are different ways to define it one is constitutional it is a messy if a government is formed according to constitutional rules or for some time that clearly isn't the case here another is democratic legitimacy in the sense you've been you've been elected or you have the support of the majority of the people here there wasn't an election and. there's a perception that majority of the population or at least a very large population is in creator and. this new this new arrangement of these new authorities we don't really know if it really is a majority it might be might not be but the perception is there and that perception
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is important and another form of issue misuse normanton right so what that means is that a government can be legitimate if it's serving the people if it's doing a good enough job and providing services to the people in an effective and transparent and non-corrupt way so out of those three forms of digital history we don't really have much to stand on to we you know there's a perception that it might have some form popular of the genesee but we're not really sure they haven't started working yet so we don't know if they're going to be doing the job and they certainly don't have constitutional legitimacy have been formed. in terms of their normal to the gym you see they're going to have a major problem very soon because as you know in as everyone knows them as you hear here is no egypt is in dire straits and in this situation economic situations not particularly good i'm not an economist but people are not particularly impressed with the with the mid-term prospects for egypt so we'll have to wait and see whether or not this guy who can actually start forming reducing unemployment and
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improving the delivery of services but unless that happens and that's the government starts there very very very soon then the popular legitimacy issue is going to start becoming very problematic precisely because this government was elected the previous government so i don't know how those questions all this question just raise now do you think it's even going to survive until next year the elections the new government well i'm not sure if this current makeup will what will survive but it is less important than the individual ministers is whether or not this transitional framework is going to survive you know the me change ministers them even change the prime minister and so on so forth that the details of who's occupying which particular ministry isn't so important and what's more important is whether or not the whole transition process can make it through to the end without a significant increase in violence and an increase deterioration of public services so that's the more important interest. i'm smart move all know that the muslim brotherhood have said no we don't want to be involved with this they've got a longer term plan or is it just we don't want to be part of it get on with it well
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i don't know what their plan is you would have to ask whether or not they have a plan but the fact that they're not not involved necessarily means that they're going this current government the current transitional three more of the current transitional. process that we're in will have to overcome the fact that they don't represent. a significant portion of the population particularly in so far as the constitution concerned so as you know it's not just a government formation but this new transitional elite you know these new people who are in charge or planning on performing the constitution i mean assuming that the muslim brotherhood will also not participate and so what the previous constitution the muslim brotherhood adopted a constitution was perceived as being illegitimate because it didn't represent the entirety of egypt population or at least as i can clean yes thank you for your thoughts going to a break in a second so it was over so quickly thank you for your time for that much appreciate on the line there from cairo so. much coming up for you scaring the scots
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away from independence add a look. black teenagers killing that set america relights right after the break. interview.
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first struck. and i think you're. right fifty moscow time now scotland's make or break referendum next year saying london favors free try to keep britain together with an split campaign that sometimes verging on scare mongering. reports next to what exactly westminster is doing to persuade scots to vote no. it's just a very year until scots have to answer a simple yes or no question about whether or not they want to break with the united
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kingdom the scottish national party says there's absolutely no doubt that scotland has the potential to be a successful independent nation with a strong economy but the british government wants scotland to stay in the united kingdom. i believe that england scotland wales northern ireland we are stronger together than we would. it is time to speak out whatever the consequences because something very special is in danger that sense of danger is one that the british government has recently been accused of playing on too heavily though in the run up to the referendum westminster has been busy publishing papers on how it believes independence will be bad for scotland the latest and most bizarre caution is about mobile phone bills a new government paper suggests that if scotland breaks away then scots visiting the u.k. and using their phones will need to pay extortionate very mean charges the scottish
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government has already debunked that myth saying that all very mean charges in the european union will be abolished in twenty sixteen but according to whitehall scotland might have to reapply to join the european union as well the british government has also been keen to remind that the royal mail and the post office will no longer be for scotland should they choose independence nor will the two hundred or so public bodies that deal with bureaucratic procedures such as issuing driving licenses managing roads and even broadcasting such as the b.b.c. if all that hasn't put off for any of those considering voting yes in the referendum next year well a recent think tank report has cautioned that an independent scottish army would struggle to defend itself and what about money well the scots say they'd like to keep the pound something the u.k. chancellor george osborne has been quick to dismiss so if the scots choose independence it could be no pound no e.u.
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no army high phone bills and not even any royal mail to use as an alternative their piece of cautions have led to accusations that the anti independence campaign is engaging in scurrilous scaremongering what we're getting there is the kind of fear factor managing you can't be part of a single currency union a sterling union if you have independent you can't have this you can't have got no these are big. substantial debating points but it shouldn't be used as a gun to the heads of score a few. this is going to be a punishment scotland's first minister has already said that the british government's so-called project fear isn't going to work that we go through that to be every you. will be dismantled. and disintegrate like dracula and all how more horror film the release of course earns on obscure subjects has reportedly ankit senior figures in the u.k. government by telling on petty issues such as these many say they're only giving
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credence to the scottish nationalists polyploid care artsy london. us laws on self-defense gun control and racism need revamping according to the country's attorney general thousands of rallies across america in the past few days since the quibble of george zimmerman a florida man who killed black teenager trayvon martin last year it was ruled to be self-defense even though trayvon was unarmed while professor charles rose says it's not about race but gun controls here. the road to the ease with which you can not only purchase a weapon but then use that weapon to defend yourself in the state of florida in approximately twenty other states is really what led to this tragedy not the issue of race i prefer to think that what it gets us in the united states to do is to what we as a nation of immigrants always need to do to talk about how we come together and that issue of race is an issue that's always present within the united states and it gives us an opportunity once the emotion is run itself out to talk about this in
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a way that can be positive for the country in the long term it was not about race it was about self-defense and who was the aggressor race had nothing to do with it but it's become synonymous with racial issues within the united states and that's what something takes on a life of its own becomes very difficult to separate them back into what the objective truth is my big social justice expert professor lisa believe zimmerman's acquittal reflects a deep racial bias when america's legal system. all the. justice system in this country is racial from the moment of impact at least the rest more people. are convicted in greater numbers they serve sentences that are longer and barracora to remove. persons united states are giving in in terms of population so you already have. this we see as
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a continuation of. this man has been waiting so now it's time for our government to hear our voice that's why i live in the appalachian state of minnesota we will have thousands of people in downtown minnesota. court to share our concerns about these actions. ok let's go back to that a scotland story talking about the make or break referendum next year sing london feverish we try to keep scotland from not breaking away i'm very pleased to say we go to westminster party gardners the labor m.p. hi there barrie one of the latest polls suggest a little ball that thirty percent of scots support independence should politicians in london even be worried that at this stage. i don't think it's a matter of being worried i think it's a matter of trying to take seriously the very real concerns that there are in scotland about the sort of powers that need to be exercised locally and one of the
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great things that the labor government did was we devolve power we wanted to put to the regions we wanted to put out to the nation like scotland and wales and northern ireland but what's been very interesting since the nationalists have been in control in scotland is that they've actually centralized power they've tried to take power back to themselves from local authorities in scotland so instead of cascading power down from westminster to edinburgh and then out to the local authorities in in ever greater devolution of power they've actually tried to concentrate it back in edinburgh and i think the people of scotland are seeing that and i think that's why they don't want people you should one of the very good reason that they don't they want is a real autonomy in their local area so big national pride over common sense we one of the big questions here is can scotland really afford to go it alone ok it's got its offshore oil and gas to rely on for the moment anyway i mean how would you. say
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. i don't think it's about that i wouldn't what has been a huge question or the lord mayor has been a huge question whether they could actually afford it well they could afford some of the job cuts that would come with it whether they can afford to balance the books. my view is that we are all better together and that's not just the people of scotland it's the people of scotland and the rest of the united kingdom all of us together work really well we exercise real influence in the world as the united kingdom and i think that influence would be reduced and dramatically impaired i don't see any real advantage either to the people of scotland or to the people of the rest of the united kingdom from a devolved scotland what we have is is actually a large amount of devolved power through to the scottish parliament at the moment but an independent scotland i don't think is in anybody's interests and we were
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talking about balancing the books to just one particular thought relocating that nuclear base in fast labor cost tens of billions of good london afford to do that could scotland afford to lose their jobs well there's been a lot of a lot of talk about that recently and whether in fact it would be designated as sovereign territory by the u.k. that was one suggestion that the ministry of defense were looking at that i don't think the government were keen to confirm or deny that but there are other options for looking at this but certainly i think there are real real problems about the way in which a an independent scotland and the rest of the united kingdom would then interact and function together they are not simply financial although tax and and the currency is a very big one they are as you suggest issues around defense and how our
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combined defense strategy would then be teased out and separated and the only government has people in scotland look at this carefully will be the reasons that they say independence is not an option british people regardless thank you for your thoughts there from london. the world student games are coming to a close in the russian city of cause than the host countries overwhelming lead in the medals counts but somewhat marred though by criticism that moscow has been politicizing the games more on that from artie's paul scott at the venue. well for the last twelve days. to more than thirteen thousand student athletes from one hundred sixty countries now these games boasted more sports than ever before there were more gold medals on offer than even at the london olympics last summer three hundred fifty one. in total a record breaking number tens of millions of people have watched these games
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worldwide and russian estimates say that seven hundred thousand spectators have descended on over the last fortnight well russia top the medals table some margin as well having one hundred fifty one gold medals to their name. in second place. just twenty four on it has led to some people suggesting that russia politicizing the games an intent to enhance the nation's sporting reputation added what is going to be a massive decade of sport for the country now this criticism stems from the fact that russia do have a number of professional athletes competing in their ranks up against the amateurs . who are the game's governing body the committee that oversees the games they check every athletes for eligibility and their credentials and the rules are the same for anyone and for russia's part they say that less than ten percent of their entire squad is actually made up by professional athletes now the other criticism of being a indication the organizers is the cost of the games at the start of the games
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russian estimates said that the games cost four point five billion u s dollars now that's not just a one off payment organizes jesting it's not a one off payment for a twelve day party it's a long term investment not just in the future of russian sport in the next generation of sporting athletes but also in the city which has undergone a huge renovation in the last five years there's a new transport network new hotels a new student university campus and of course thirty new sporting venues have all been built from scratch but all attention turns to the stadium behind me where tonight's closing ceremony is set to take place. all the way will controversy over genetically modified food on the menu right after the break.
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we'll do the. science technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. speak your language. programs documentaries in arabic. reporting from the world talks of the ip interviews intriguing story. because it.
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only adds to the crops to drink poison. eighty five percent of all the g.m. crops are sold with the herbicide that it's designed. so brady soy is designed not to dung from. genetic engineering is on the tail of conventional and culture that is characterized by the proliferation of agro chemicals fertilizers pesticides herbicides fungicides all of these chemicals have. costs in the energy production they have cost and environmental this is self-propagating genetic pollution we have technology today to fully clean up the dinner maybe we will in the future but we're not feeding the products of a good food science to the entire population and release even to environment where they can never be really.


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