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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  July 18, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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well i've been in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture in the wake of the george zimmerman not guilty verdict the american legislative exchange council alec is back in the news again but well you probably know about that group support for stand your ground and shoot first laws you're likely haven't heard of its plan to end the public school as we know it more on that would happen tony just a moment also if they really believe their own rhetoric the n.r.a. and its or friends in the republican party would start talking about giving people like trayvon martin easier access to firearms tell you why in tonight's daily take an ad well mcdonald's says it pays its employees well its workers say otherwise
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isn't it time we made all businesses pay their employees a living wage. you need to know this the koch brothers and their buddies at the american legislative exchange council are coming for your kids elementary school a new report from the center for media democracies p.r. watch says that the american legislative exchange council the conservative lobbying group more commonly known as alec has ramped up its campaign to corporate ties our public schools during the first half of this year since january conservative lawmakers across the country have attached to their state's budget bills one hundred thirty nine different alec drafted education proposals thirty one of those proposals have been signed into law disguised with pleasant sounding names like the virtual schools act and the special needs scholar. shit backed these proposals chip
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away at the most fundamental of american rights the right to free ineffective education all under the guise of buzz words like parental choice the aforementioned special needs scholarship act for example gives money to families of students with learning disabilities so that their kid's going to roll in local for profit somebody makes a box schools only problem with his nice sounding policy is that the for profit institutions are often exempt from federal and state standards for special needs education so while corporate schools participating in the program get a nice chunk of to wishin and profit in the form of taxpayer money the most vulnerable students don't get a decent education but wait there's more the so-called environmental little literacy act requires public school science teachers to teach the controversy about global warming and other words of forces public school teachers to use the fossil fuel industries big why and teach kids about
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a flat earth society pseudoscience that denies manmade global warming a quick glance at alex backers reveals the real reason for this push to so-called education reform as the center for media and democracy report points out for profit education corporations like corinthian colleges and k. twelve inc who c.e.o.'s serve on alec's education taskforce by co-incidence all stand to make big bucks when states approve alex legislation and you and i of course are expected to foot the bill with our taxpayer dollars paying for vouchers and subsidies privatized the gains socialize the losses alex education plan is the classic conservative get rich scheme and if we don't do something quick it could be game over for public education in america for more on this i'm joined by my pappa tonio attorney and host of ring of fire radio pat welcome back. i'm fine and i should add that if we're going to fire t.v. as well so pappy earned my intro al. it is systematically chipping away at our
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public schools yet there doesn't seem to be much of a public out cry how do we get here well the good thing about what's happening with alec is if you recall color of change got involved with the alec picture and we finally started hearing about who they were and how disgusting their conduct was when we started hearing about stand your ground from the zimmerman case then we learned that they're also the same people that came up with the three strikes rule they're the same people who came up with truth in sentencing they're the same people that came up with minimum mandatory rules state by state and the same people who imprisoned more americans than any other democracy in the world any more people than any other democracy in the world and at the same time were the people pushing to privatized prisons so they could make money on all of those people that they privatized and all the people they put in prison so look school privatization the austerity myth union busting jerram man during anti environment government
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packing the courts with right wing judges all of that comes from alec what's so incredible tom what we what is so remarkable to me is it's been going on for so long or really on years ago we were talking about i think you were talking about i was talking about the idea that alec was a group that was inviting judges federal judges state court judges to these huge seminars they were inviting legislators to these seminars they were writing bills that the legislature would take back to the state and then enacted into a law they're willing to pay for whoever can pay them enough money provided that pimping takes place for the right wing ideology types that they represent so the good that's come out of there is very little good that came out of the room in case tom but one good that came out is people started saying who in. the hell are these
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bottom feeders and now we're at least have a picture of who they are because of organizations like pillars color of change now alex started it was co-founded back in the in the early eighty's during the reagan campaign or thereabouts by paul way were going to others and i understand that a couple of times a year they literally get together one to one state legislators almost all republicans and lobbyists and representatives of big corporations those big corporations have already written legislation that benefits the big corporations and they together fine tune that legislation so that these republican legislators that can then take it back to their home states and introduce them to their own names is that a reasonably accurate description and if so why is america not just you know why or why are heads not exploding. well it's because we don't it's because we don't really we're so we've become so numb to outrageous conduct by organizations like
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alec i mean we we've really become numb to it and look it's more than just tom than them holding a meeting once a year you understand they load up on their private jets they fly to places like florida they meet with the four or five key legislators in that state along with the governor they make promises about how many how much money they're billionaire babies can raise for them and then they say oh by the way let me pull this out of my briefcase this is what we want you to do for fracking we want to make sure that you promote fracking in your state we want to make sure that you deconstruct education to where you privatized it all and we can make money on it it's far more insidious tom than even the media reports we saw first hand them coming in on their jets to florida meeting with key legislators writing the legislation to the point to where it was it should have been and shameless embarrassment for the legislators
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they were introducing the legislation because it was written word for word by the way corporate america wrote it so look this is all you recall we talked about before the sagebrush rebellion sagebrush rebellion is where they launched the borax so salesman ronald reagan into the political agenda then there it's of in america that was just part of it the second part was we have to have think tanks we have to have organizations like alec do the thinking for the real dummies in state legislators to where they can look like they have some original thoughts in part of the way they do that is to write the legislation lation the legislation feed it to the dummy and then make it law in whatever state for example stand your ground twenty six states you know now you know in twenty six twenty six states are the minimum that have the most draconian type of stand your. ground laws that didn't just happen by accident it happened by them jumping on it on their jets going to
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the state and actually face to face lobbying these this low hanging fruit state to state two quick questions. i'm curious your thoughts on the parent trigger law this apparently one of alex newest little creations and secondly i'm curious your take on the news in the wake of the george zimmerman verdict. well the take on the news was what i expected it is that yes if you look at the way the case was presented the prosecution did a i think a horrible job first of all second of all they they it order to get a conviction with this law that we have in florida it was almost impossible i mean because if you review read the jury instruction the jury instruction time is a matter of fact i have right here it says if george zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity and was attacked then he has the right to stand his ground to defend himself or
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a some third party will that's the last thing the jury heard unfortunately the prosecution never built they knew it was coming it's a standard your instruction the state of florida they never built their attack around that they built it around race they they it took them in the wrong place but the point being the point being it was almost impossible when you look at that jury instruction unless you've really built your attack around the jury instruction it was impossible for the prosecution to win and it was very evident from day one but that jury instruction came out of a law that was passed in florida back in two thousand and five signed by joe jeff bush proposed by alec was that that's right it was written it was written by alec and add to that tom if they already had just a just the pure self-defense law in florida was already pretty in compassing and it is in most states in most states where alec went in and they tried to give in are a this big bonus this was all for in our a in our a was pimping their way payin the
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money and they were just paying these guys to come up with any legislation that would that would sell more guns this sold a lot more guns and they did this in states where the self-defense law was already very clear they already had a great self-defense law but this was just a bonus it was almost as if the n.r.a. said you know what we've got everything we want from. the feds the federal legislation has been great for us we can sell any kind of damn weapon we want any kind of killing machine we want let's go ahead and continue overreaching so they went to the states with this stand your ground law and they're in as i said the three strike law the truth in sentencing law the minimum mandatory laws they just accomplished so much that the real right wing of this country said you know we have this opportunity we have all of these state governors all these state legislators let's take advantage of it and that's when you saw the real push by alec and now the next step is to suppress voters and voters oh yeah well well of course you
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understand as you've always pointed out the the real voter suppression laws originated with alec alec let me tell you they they they do go about hiring very good constitutional writers you know they hire the writer that understands that you still have to face a court somewhere so you have to write the law to which constitutionally valid it may stand on its own they do a very good job is corrupt as they are and disgusting as they are they have very good people working for him they they go out and they get the best people that will do anything for the right amount of money they draft these laws that are for the most part pretty full proof in the way that they draft them and then they just unlatch that they just unleash unleash them state by state i mean mike papen tonio thanks so much for being with us pat thank you to ring of fire radio dot com coming up the g.o.p. and its austerity hawk allies have been warning us for years that the american
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economy is drowning in a sea of sovereign debt economist eve keane will join me after the break to explain why they are wrong. lead. player. i was a new alert and a patient scripts scared me a little lame. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news amy alexander's family cry tears of the wife at a great things other than their theatrical regard in a court of law found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life the
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a player. he is eat eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat eat eat. sleep. blemish free accreditation street in-store chargers free arrangements three. three stooges high priests old free blog just a lot of videos for your media projects a free media dog our t. dog tom. clements.
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little science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered. in screwed news last night senate democrats and republicans agreed to a plan that will retroactively prevent student loan interest rates from doubling from three point four to six point eight percent under the plan interest rates for all newly issued federal student loans will be tied to the ten year treasury note rate with an additional two point zero five to ten and a half percent act on depending on the type of loan it is signed into law the senate's compromise will help stop the rate jumps for now but it still doesn't change the fact that the united states is in the throes of what is by all accounts a full blown student loan crisis student loan debt in the united states now totals
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over one trillion dollars and counting for all the republican talk about the crushing impact of sovereign debt you know government debt government all on the american economy it is private debt in the form of student loan obligations credit card debt and mortgages it is the real drag on the economy in the middle class so when will washington wake up and do something about it let's ask steve keen professor of economics and finance at the university of western sydney and author of the book debunking economics professor keene welcome back to the united states and to our program glad you got on the program a bit worried about being back in the states with problems like that about the hitcher oh yeah well you know i'm guessing you don't have student loans we do have student loans we actually originated the whole idea of students through education in australia. and frankly i think it was always a mistake a whole lot of reasons why the might but i'm now an ex economic by the way my university shut down like some of the pop and earlier this year i'm not retrenched
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along with a dozen upon call that cycle most of the world's most famous on employed economists could see that particular fos. what is what's the student loans from my point of use a teacher of done with the students to university not focusing upon learning and education . but focusing upon financing their way through as well as i can getting the education as quickly as i can and they really trying to learn they're trying to get a credential and wouldn't be valued education by putting a monetary value i want to particularly in the form of dead right and student loan debt now in the united states is a trillion dollars but that's only a small piece of the total private sector now republicans and and the so-called deficit hawks are all hysterical about the government debt and the government deficit the annual deficit has actually declined over the last couple years during the obama administration but still it's stansell and the government debt it continues to grow but it's roughly equal to our g.d.p. right now. why should we not be hysterical about that and if so is there something
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else we should repeat will have to say what actually caused the problem you're in and if you did in a thawing the public as the coals of the cross is a bit like in the fall in the band-aid as to why iran is bleeding i mean put a band-aid on after you've been injured and the injury was done to the american economy gone escalating levels of profit that financed a speculative bubble in a spending boom everybody was very happy when it was borrowing money and spending it on main street but when that borrowing stopped then it stopped pretty much on john in two thousand and eight the decline in private debt. growth is actually what triggered the crosses i should never have had level of profit growth to begin with the banks that irresponsible lending but while they were doing it that's what gave you that apparent boom for ninety three right through to two thousand and seven two thousand and eight so it's private spending that cools the bubble and it's the collapse of private spending close to the downturn and public debt rose in response to that simply because first of all tax receipts declined because incomes phil and
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welfare payments were up because unemployment rose so the govern was a passive response to the injury done by the private sector and that's why i got to a bend rather than the actual injury so. to further define terms just for people who are watching who may not be familiar with these when we're talking about public debt of course we're talking about the government yeah we're from a private debt we're not just i'm a student loans and we're not. a credit card home mortgages corporate debt what what else am i missing this is this is one of the one of the great problems to be working right now with the mind of called the governance woods foundation which is established a project called debt hyphen economics that old which is trying to thaw and globally what the level of private data is because statisticians don't collect daughter about debt the way that i would walk them to do so what they record is every last form of debt now some forms of debt don't have the macroeconomic
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consequences that all the forms are and what matters to me is the banks create dead . money double entry bookkeeping solar i'm still unsure and that expands the amount you can like has to be when it's going up it contracts the amount of a connectivity when that's going down so that's the debt i want to identify and strictly speaking having just on this one just recently with the governors would foundation it's only in the last couple of weeks i had all been including in the financial sector debt. which some of which is genuinely should be counted but some of it barring the banks themselves or from other banks which doesn't have any impact on. the it's a long winded answer but the bottom line is basically what the. fed reserve recalls in the flow of funds is household debt which is consumer debt plus mortgages and business state nonfinancial business and what's the total of that that survivor dead and that's about twenty to thirty trillion dollars ok and our government debt
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is in the neighborhood of fifteen to sixteen trillion about four change so you've told go to go to least watch the level of private debt you have a government debt and that private should be what i think for the. comfortable functioning the american economy that that should be of the order of five to ten trillion wall and has it historically been at that level in a sense of russia yes it has been if you go back to what i regard as the golden age of the american economy from the not in fifty through to about not in sixty five the debt ratio was rising but it was in the order of forty to eighty percent in that range ever since one hundred percent which it exceeded during the late sixty's early seventy's then you started having a compounding of debt and the lending being focused really on not financing general motors is an industrial corporation but general motors is a financial speculator sort of thing so you should look at literally is you know i may say yeah you've shifted from being an investment industrially focused economy
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across to a speculative gambling economy right and it's all been driven by the rising level of debt which the banks of pumped out because fundamentally banks profit by creating debt so we've got a private debt that's more than two hundred percent of g.d.p. and more there's a value having now whether it's all of the order one hundred six hundred ninety percent unfolding right now and fall and which is a good thing good because it should be going down but when it goes down it drags the whole economy with it and that's that's the dilemma and so private debt and. so public debt should be going up to compensate compensate to some degree i think we should actually be abolishing some of the profit did we let the banks much money certainly the whole subprime fiasco and all the way to describe it was linda's creating debt because they short term returns it might them now there are people who are suggesting that you know you know we used to say we will pay for an education to the point where a child or young person is ready to enter the economy yeah ok in the eight hundred seventy the sixth grade of the eighth grade then in the early one thousand hundreds
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or through the one nine hundred twenty by the early twentieth century it became the tenth grade then the twelfth grade and then it stopped at the twelfth grade and we kind of froze it there and now we say now we're going to attract money from the people who are saying it really should be all the way to ph d. you know like most of the european countries do why don't we just wipe out that trillion dollars we just do that and that is not that and wondering yes so is that a that should be a sensible and that's because it's on the government's books that's something the government can actually abolish on sun accord much of it's on the government's yes you know much of it's impelled by private banks but you know i mean we think that bill probably is a bit of that for the girl caught up in the whole game but to me that is totally not only unproductive dead it's counterproductive because first of all people study less well the i mean i've seen enough research now to back up the the feeling that i've had as an academic over the forty years the dog being an intellectual in twenty years i've been a function of the working academic decline in the quality of the student and not just to me that's probably because the number of the range of students is expanded
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of its time but it's also because for the whole lot of them they're now focused on paying their student debt down before they graduate well and learning and after they graduate if they're carrying tens of thousands of dollars in debt they don't get married they don't enter the job it was quite enough when they do they don't buy a home which is the beginning of middle class wealth genuine wealth accumulation generation all those kind of things so government does talk about government debt for a minute if if government debt could be here's the here's. the counter-argument people say ok government debt that's about one hundred percent of g.d.p. almost if government debt was to exceed one hundred percent of g.d.p. oh my god we owe more than we all and you know the world is going to fall apart and then the price of gold is going to go to six thousand dollars in alanson and the hitler is going to run the country will hitler almost run the country back in the second world war and the reason he didn't end up in running the country and been at least with europe in europe was because of the level of government that was taken out with absolutely no regard as whether it could be paid back on not to finance
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building all the tanks and building multiply and sending over the soldiers and paying the salaries that defeated the nazis and but the end of that level of the american public that was a bit about one hundred twenty percentage a day we believe had worse deadly force to have right now and you the red raising the debt phil is not that you paid it off all that much and states that the economy when it was booming at that stage had something which was really really really really bad according to the same people you'll paraphrasing right now inflation all that high inflation did was it reduce the debt level of it's own right and and that at the same time the economy is booming right you know we had almost full import what we had full employment during world war two and we had close to full employment throughout the fifty's and sixty's much much healthier than you getting some it was it was it was either a five percent process when it was about four percent you know back in those days now to be hallelujah i want to go below six but i say you've monument you shift your mind to shift about what's good and what's bad in terms of unemployment so we didn't we didn't pay off we were one hundred twenty seven percent of g.d.p.
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in terms of debt after world war two we did not pay that off through through republican austerity we did not pay that off by cutting back we did not pay that up by cutting any programs we pay that off by borrowing and spending like crazy and building a highway system and schools and hospitals that's when eisenhower was doing right all those years yeah ok then yeah that's what you're suggesting we should be doing but if you also you would have let the private get so totally out of control that one reason you could do that was back in the end of the second world war the profit was about twenty five percent of j. and now it's hundred two. percent now it's showing a percent so we've got a problem the reason you got out of the process and i hate to say this but it's the it's the empirical truth what got america and the global economy out of the process was the second will and the shia skyla government spending then with all that spending going on the private sector could step down and get a nobody noticed it didn't hurt and yes it's now the private sector pays off its debt quickly it causes a recession even a depression because there was so up and so spending go on so we have to compensate for that by government spending in the worst way to do that of course is to have
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a war but an alternative would be what massive infrastructure building that we want to alternative in that certainly even in the east the state of american infrastructure manage not to go on a on a quite enjoying and if you go on a conservative radio station in seattle and i want to go back and talk about this whole issue of quantitative easing and so on and what it actually means a very intelligent honest enjoying the conversation set up the next i didn't make the end if you because a bridge in seattle collapsed. you really have got you know both crumbling literally crumbling infrastructure so you would definitely spend that money was indeed steve king it's always great seeing you and thank you for joining us you're welcome. coming up the phone lines are alp and for our your take my take a live segment so if you want to chance to ask me a question live here on the big picture and give us a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four maybe i'll be talking with you after the break.
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i would rather as twice two people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can buy. my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. give
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me your take my take it live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment or ask a question live on the air give us a call or two or two and i know for twenty one thirty four and a wonder for the number for our international viewers before we get to your phone calls let's go to our video comments for the night our first comes from robert in seattle. it centers a straw issue here regarding the trayvon martin case and i think the case itself is a strong issue the real issue i feel is the american legislative exchange commission alec they're the ones who wrote all these laws and they're the ones who are writing all the anti-abortion laws and not enough attention has been paid to them they need to have. thank you robert i
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completely agree and in fact let me take it a whole step further this is what might happen tony and i were talking about earlier in the show it's not just the anti-abortion laws or the years of the stand your ground laws you know and ultimately these are always have at their core an economic basis right it's the deregulation laws it's the voter suppression laws the american legislative exchange council alec is is. the original creature of paul weyrich the guy who said that he doesn't want people to vote i mean this this is the guy i don't know if we have the video of this but this is the guy who literally created or helped create the american legislative exchange council and and kurt you have that video footage and. maybe now ok maybe curt is busy in any case the guy who literally ok ok yeah here it here is the guy you know
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many of our chris have what i call but goo goo syndrome good government they want everybody to vote. i don't want everybody go both elections are not won by a majority of people they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now go matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly go drop owning populist gold dow now that was when he was working on the reagan campaign since then the organization that he helped found the american legislative exchange council alec has helped promote these anti voting laws these voter suppression laws the so-called voter id laws all across the united states and the consequence is that in the last election hundreds of thousands probably millions of people thought they voted for cast placebo votes because their votes were challenged or they cast provisional ballots or were just turned away. it's just
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astounding so yeah alec is a real problem and alec needs to be revealed there's a whole project devoted to this to to to if you're revealing the you know what's going on with alec and and of course among their major funders are the billionaire koch brothers our next video question comes from alex no relation to alec in cortland manor new york. is the separation of church and state that was appointed by jefferson and the means to take the same as it was to jefferson and his contemporaries the idea that church and religion should have no. new will intrusion into government. yes in fact it's really interesting there was a james madison was thomas jefferson's protege he was younger than jefferson than sort of his jefferson was his mentor and. jefferson and madison had
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a series of correspondences from before the nation was founded in during the you know after the revolutionary war as the as madison was he was the father of the constitution itself or the constitution and in these correspondences both of them were agreed that there should be this wall of separation as jefferson referred to in a later letter it's not that phrases does not appear in the constitution but twice in the constitution one that there should be no religious test for somebody to serve in public office and then secondly of course in the first amendment that the that there shall be no established religion of the united states but it's interesting the different perspective jefferson and madison brought to this because jefferson was a deist he did not believe in an act of god he didn't believe in an old guy in the in the sky with a beard who was looking down and keeping track and going to stop he for he believed that when the universe was created some some intelligence something just kind of
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blinked and the universe came into being and for billions of years it operated according to its own natural laws that were built into the nature of matter that was jefferson's notion of god and religion ok so he was he was very anti-religious you could say it was spiritual or was it a religious madison on the other hand was either a good presbyterian or or a congregationalist i forget which but he was a good christian so jefferson's fear was that a church man his phrase might end up or a priest his phrase might end up in elected office he was afraid that religious people might actually take over the government the end it was a legitimate fear they had to watch this happen for almost one hundred years in massachusetts. where they were literally putting women to death for being witches and you had to pay a tax that went to the church and on sundays there were police who went around and banged on your door and if you were home you were arrested for not going to church
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and just ten years before the revolution they had seen this happen ministers said jefferson was afraid about religious people getting in power madison was afraid that if the government started giving money to churches that it would corrupt the churches and in fact when james madison became president he was the third president united states it was. no use the fourth president as george washington john adams thomas jefferson james madison and during the george washington administration washington passed legislation that gave money to poor houses for the poor in d.c. and during the during the the madison presidency congress changed that to give the money to the churches in d.c. to give to the poor people and that was his first veto that was madison's for his veto he was of it so they were both afraid of it for very different reasons our third question comes from mike in massachusetts the video question on decriminalizing. mike from massachusetts state where we decriminalize possession of
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under an ounce of marijuana. in my opinion decriminalization of the worst of both worlds what's needed is full blown legalization taxation. without a legal supply chain the criminal element is there and with the cruel zation it gets stronger because the police. have essentially disregarded the substance as something to worry about in most areas and the c.d.o. image has gotten stronger rather than going away and i'd like you to refine that big band piece. piece i completely agree with you the decriminalization is not legalization and there should be both legalization and regulation of marijuana much like there is with alcohol or tobacco and the reason and your point is really really well taken as long as something is illegal there will be a black market and as long as there is a black market you're going to have people who are not only pushing pop but they're pushing other substances that are that are also illegal technically illegal so we need to do like colorado and washington state has done and we need to do it all
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across the united states and that is fully decriminalize fully legalize and regulate recreational marijuana as well as medicinal keep the video questions coming that's it for your take my take live just grab your phone hold it horizontally record your question or comment and e-mail it to us at your take my take at g.-mail dot com. crazy alert down kitty seriously police in villar italy quite a surprise earlier this week during a routine drug bust after they burst into the apartment of well known powder pusher antonio diaz a colombian national they noticed something strange says very large. that was behaving strangely eagerly scouring the apartment floor for pumps of his two
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hundred fifty gram stash of prime colombian alone police haven't yet released a photo of the cat in question we do have reason to believe that it might be guy the guy featured in this popular new viral video from a few years back. and you thought cops never met the real criminals. just. the good the bad in the very very now freyja's slowly ugly the good former president jimmy carter according to dare should be gold the former president
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criticized the n.s.a. spying program at the meeting of atlantic bridge in atlanta on tuesday claiming that the invasion of privacy has gone too far carter reportedly added that he thinks edward snowden's revelations are likely to be useful because they informed the public well said mr president to encourage him to see a public figure of your stature stick up for our most important liberties when the rest of the washington establishment would follow your lead. the bad guy ted nugent in his most recent column for the website rare the far right pundit and guitarist encouraged george zimmerman to file a lawsuit against the parents of trayvon martin he wrote the age of majority in florida teen years old trayvon martin was seventeen years old when he attacked mr zimmerman there is a room. which potentially means that trayvon burns very possibly be held responsible for the strauss emotional pain and anguish that caused george zimmerman
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mr zimmerman should our legal charges determine if he has grounds to surgery on martin's parents or the actions of their front. really to last time i checked george zimmerman killed someone and that someone was trayvon martin emotional pain usually comes with the territory trayvon martin's parents are already going through enough these days the fact that you want them to be sued there's just how out of whack your priorities and your brain really are and the very very ugly ken cuccinelli the republican candidate for governor of virginia. the new minister out ultrasound as a great you plan for the old dominion state. and oral sex seriously on wednesday cuccinelli launched a new campaign site that advertised this is planned to reinstate virginia's crimes against nature law after
10:42 pm
a federal court ruled it unconstitutional earlier this year the website says that the law is an important tool to stop out of files but in reality. the laws language covers pretty much all so-called unnatural sex acts even those between married people it states that if any person currently or knows any male or female person by the anus or with the mouth should be guilty of a class six felony that's right a felony crazy ideas like this which you know you better make sure he doesn't stick his foot or anything else for that matter in his or his wife's mouth before the campaign is over all bad jokes aside the attorney general is trying to tell virginia residents what they can and can't do in their bedrooms and that is very very. coming up what did trayvon martin need on the night the george zimmerman decided to play wannabe cop and. i'll tell you in tonight's daily to.
10:43 pm
exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman got killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could get what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
10:44 pm
let me let me or one wouldn't let me ask you a question from. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our knives out. but if you give the scientists a bad thing never get here in a situation where be united way to talk about the surveillance which. the mission free couldn't take should free transfer charges free. range ones free risk free. to tide free. download free broadcast clothing video for your media projects and free media and don to r t dr.
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last week mcdonald's released a budget planning guide for its employees it was supposed to show employees how they could easily live off mcdonald's current wages unfortunately as many of pointed out last week that mock budget guide fails to include a number of basic expenses like food and transportation costs and donald said in a statement that the sample budget is a generic example and is intended to provide a general outline of what a named individual budget may look like but for mcdonnell workers have now come forward revealed their actual monthly budgets and no one surprise their budget showed just how out of touch mcdonald's is with their employees ability to survive and provide for their families so isn't it time the giant transnational corporations that make billions of dollars each year start paying their employees the very people responsible for their wealth anough money to be able to live comfortably and provide for their families that's david alaska director of
10:46 pm
communications for the new york republican state committee david welcome back good to be with you first of all this so-called budget guide or sample budget that would put together assumes that the person who has a second job pays almost as much as the mcdonald's job so that they're assuming that the person is working eighty hours a week and still doesn't have enough money to provide for heat isn't like on itself an indictment of that gobbles oh absolutely i mean this was a really stupid thing for them to do and i'm not going to defend it but let's not lose sight of the real issue here an increase across the board in the federal minimum wage and we're not just talking about mcdonald's here we're talking about every company in america it sounds really good it's great politics but it will hurt the very people that it's intended to help sixty percent of our nation's employers are startups and small businesses those are companies that depend very heavily on a very few people and they're often operating you know these are. national corporations they're operating on very small profit margins and these are kids are going to pay more of it and see far more of
10:47 pm
a they do small businesses and local businesses typically pay far more than minimum wage in fact when you look at the studies done on a wal-mart or wal-mart comes in the communities on average over one hundred small businesses go out of business those small businesses on average we're paying anywhere from one to four dollars an hour more than wal-mart was because local employers have to face their employees they had their neighbors they paid better but beyond that every single time of the minimum wage has been increased from the time it was first introduced in one nine hundred thirty five until in you know until now every single time it's increased you haven't seen this disaster that you're talking about instead over the following year as you have seen an increase in economic activity right across the board look at g.d.p. . time in two thousand and seven when nancy pelosi as congress passed an increase in the federal minimum wage of over forty percent they were shouting from the rooftops of middle class americans hard working americans are getting a raise the reality is that the most vulnerable members of our society the most vulnerable members of our workforce i'm talking about young minority teenagers did
10:48 pm
see a net seven percent decrease in their employment rate and that even takes into account jobs lost from the recession that these are two thousand and seven abzar that housing is that he's off for clearly revive her son. that was. we're talking about the most vulnerable members of our workforce kids for whom these sorts of jobs these mcjobs represent the first step on the wrong to climbing how it happened i steve if we lived in a country where these big jobs were the things that people got when they got out of high school would be nice but it isn't the fact of the matter the average the average age of me donnel are going to twenty two you walk into a mcdonald's or you walk into a wal-mart if you walk into any of these large employers that paid minimum wage or close to it you are going to see people in their twenty's thirty's forty's fifty's and sixty's that's anecdotal time and it's wrong on its face the average age of fast food employer employees in this country is twenty two years old so you know we are talking about young kids for whom these are a transients jobs they'll be there for a little while to learn how to get out of the work had to be a productive member of a workforce and then they'll move on the so david are you suggesting that we should
10:49 pm
soon are you suggesting then that what we should do is say we're going to change the minimum wage so that it actually can be a living wage will make it you know say twelve dollars an hour or something like that to make it a buck or sue higher than what it was in one hundred sixty eight and it doesn't kick in until you're twenty one years old actually yes i don't think that's a terrible idea or at least let's offer a youth exemption or a training wage for young employees which will give them the option of voluntarily i've only had a minimum wage loss if it means losing their job if it means we've all they're going to always have that it's been a state levels i mean when i was fourteen i got i had to get a work permit in the state of michigan in order to work at henry's hamburgers. it was when you were fourteen but every you know every state in the country doesn't have a youth training exemption it's not a federal law it's a good idea but in fact that doesn't address the larger question of what why do we allow businesses that are massively profitable but are showing billions of dollars in profits and those billions of dollars are being siphoned off by very well paid
10:50 pm
c.e.o.'s senior executives and stockholders why don't we simply say to them if you're going to do business in our country you have to do it in such a way that the people who work for you can actually live and raise a family what's wrong because i knew that using our social contract until reagan became president this caricature that you have conjured of the vulture capitalist sitting at home who owns a business and goes home every day and counts is dollar sign bags through the lens of a monocle it's just not true again sixty percent of this nation never has and i've never been as i never saw that straw man. a lot of your ilk does the bottom line is a lot of employers just can't afford to pay every single employee a living wage there are kids in this kind they shouldn't be don't get a living wage because they're not paying off student loans and up putting food on the table for a family they're just learning how to get into the workforce so let's use as you know example that some people out of that that's who are talking about it and so i'm talking about you're really trying to change the subject away from the fact
10:51 pm
that the vast majority of minimum wage or close to minimum wage be the vast majority of corporate employers in this country build large very large corporations are paying low wages are we're you know the largest thing that you and i are subsidizing with our tax dollars in terms of welfare payments you know food stamps and things are wal-mart employees. well well here's here's a subsidy that you and i might agree on if we want to put more money in the pocket of lower income americans and we all want to do that let's expand the earned income tax credit let's allow tax credit they have been in a wage. the earned income tax credit if first of all it's very generous and i'm suggesting we expand it and if it exceeds the overall tax burden of a lower income americans then they get a. subsidy they gave it a check for the album as anyone with the last of the david way out of type i believe in you with a last word of thanks thanks down to their. kids
10:52 pm
there is a village a geeky on gold take a second to look down in your hand chances are you're wearing some kind of jewelry and chances are some of the jury is made out of gold well as it turns out that gold you're wearing could be straight from the depths of outer space the origin of gold has always been a mystery since it's not formed within stars like other elements including carbon and iron but now new research suggests that all of the gold on earth and in the universe may have come from cosmic collisions between super dense dead stars according to researchers at the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics the collision of two neutron stars which are incredibly small and incredibly dense cores of exploded stars could promote and catalyze the creation of gold you know berger lead author of the harvard smithsonian center study said in a statement that we estimate that the amount of gold produced an objective during the merger of the two neutron stars may be as large as ten moon masses quite
10:53 pm
a lot of bling birger and his team arrived at that conclusion by studying a single short gamma ray burst which is a class of explosions that are among the brightest in the universe according the researchers the burst which was located three point nine million light years away from earth is thought to be the result of two neutron stars smashing together the research in the study also showed the the ones that one single star collision and subsequent gamma ray burst studied produced approximately one hundredth of a solar mass of various materials some of which was gold and by combine. in the estimated amount of gold produced by a single neutron star collision and gamma ray burst event with the number of such events that have occurred over the lifetime of the universe researchers now believe that all of the gold in the universe may have indeed come from these star collisions and gamma ray bursts so the next time you go to a jewelry store to buy
10:54 pm
a gold ring or a gold watch just think that little piece of bling could actually be the result of one very large deep space. on the night of february twenty sixth two thousand and twelve what did trayvon martin need that he didn't have. a loaded gun of course after all as the n.r.a. pointed out earlier this week having access to a gun and being able to stand your ground is a human right in response to attorney general eric holder's comments about stand your ground laws to the end up on tuesday the n.r.a. released a statement saying in part that eternal general fails to understand that self-defense is not a concept it's a fundamental human right to send
10:55 pm
a message that legitimate self-defense is to blame is unconscionable and demonstrates once again that this administration will exploit tragedy to push their political agenda and as the n.r.a. has two million dollars a year spokesman wayne little peter says blood pierre has said the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is where the good guy where they got on the night of february twenty sixth two thousand and twelve both george zimmerman and trayvon martin felt threatened. zimmerman lawyer zimmerman's lawyers prove that he felt threatened with pictures of his bloody nose and and with the verdict in the case and it's safe to assume a trayvon martin had a legitimate fear about dying because he ended up dead what's greater proof of fear for one's death then that they end up dead so for young black men like trayvon martin who are being constantly profiled and stalked by creepy ass cracker is like george zimmerman what's the solution is not obvious god and pro-gun rights
10:56 pm
fanatics like ted nugent rick perry and even the late charlton heston they would all agree right. if somebody close to you were killed by a gunman would your views and guns change absolutely no i would never turn against this from wonderful tool that brings me self-defense capabilities and brings me great joy in competition and marksmanship training something that gives the most common the most uncommon of freedom. when ordinary possess such an extraordinary instrument that symbolizes the full measure of human dignity and liberty. surely these guys are just talking about in showing us how great guns are only for
10:57 pm
white people when if the n.r.a. is serious about the right to bear arms and serious about the right of self-defense being a human right then that group needs to announce a new program mediately which would arm every young african american in the united states the program should be complete with a website that takes donations of both money and guns to give to young african-americans only then when an african-american male is profiled in stalked by creepy white guys in the united states will he too at the ability to stand his ground and that's the way it is tonight thursday july eighteenth twenty thirty don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag you're it.
10:58 pm
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market why not it's going to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations or the day.
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he led the democratic party at last summer's national democratic presidential convention he demanded immigration reform from congress and led los angeles as the first hispanic mayor in over a century of acquiring a celebrity himself l a's former mayor and only all the other of those is coming up next on politicking with larry king. welcome to politicking with larry king our guest one of the major young political figures in america and tony will be our go so he served as mayor of los angeles from july of two thousand and five to july of two thousand and thirteen he was national cochairman of the larry clinton surprise eventually but in two thousand and eight he chaired the democratic convention two thousand and twelve served two terms as the forty first mayor of el.


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