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tv   Headline News  RT  July 19, 2013 11:00am-11:45am EDT

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a little more freedom for in of all me the russian opposition blogger is released with travel restrictions before his appeal is heard a day after being handcuffed in court. u.s. whistleblower bradley manning faces the very real prospect of a life behind bars after eight judge refuses to drop the charge against another aiding the enemy. israel reels over an intimate financial blockade effectively cutting off settlements built on palestinian lands from any sort of european funding. and as if economic desperation wasn't enough for beleaguered spain crowds have poured into the streets over rival violations of mass corruption at the top of the ruling party.
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thanks for joining me this hour we've got live news and analysis for you of course you're watching r.t. with me lucy catherine of well on to our top story anti-corruption blogger all exciting of all me has been released at least for now this after he had been handcuffed in court and taken to preliminary detention of only was sentenced to five years in prison for embezzlement but prosecutors insisted that he shouldn't be locked up until his appeal has been heard. reports from outside the courthouse. well diversification has made an appeal to the court following yesterday's verdict guilty to both of ali and his codefendant but if it's set up on charges or the best moment in the amount of roughly sixteen million rubles that's about half a million dollars of the work been taken into a preliminary custody in court right after the bird. it was read and it took the
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judge around three hours to read the hundred page document but the prosecution has later filed an appeal saying that this measure of preliminary confinement was too strict in this particular. valley and officers have to be released from custody which is exactly what happened after a short court hearing again in the town of europe now both dividing up its arabs are not to leave the country both of them are on their way to moscow and that means that me is now essentially free to purchase debate in the moscow mayor elections as was initially planned but the problem with that is that these election campaign manager says that they will proceed to himself that he is not so certain about his electoral campaign nevertheless he is going to make the final announcement of up exactly what he's going to do what the speech or plans are after he arrives in moscow on saturday morning washington is accusing moscow of suppressing dissent in
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civil society this in the wake of nepalis sentencing while the e.u. says that it is very concerned over the rule of law in russia but john law glen's from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris believes that stays release demonstrates the opposite. what i want to say about the release is that it is surely the proof that the western idea that this trial is political is false because if the court were and the prosecutor were under the control of hooted as the western press caricatures this is trial then. then it is clear that he would not have been released on appeal because between now and his appeal he cannot run from moscow city where he can give as many interviews as he likes it's an absolute publicist a godsend for him it doesn't remove him from politics at all it's the absolute ideal solution for him in a sense because it gives him maximum public city and it today able to him to carry
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on politics so this release if you like is the proof that the trial is not being is not telephone justice small groups are valid saying i'm only a supporters have protested against his del sentence in central moscow on friday but it pales in comparison with a rally that was held straight after that verdict was announced our days after former brings us the latest free x.l. from the army's camp they have asked his supporters not to carry out demonstrations that had been planned over the weekend in light of his release of course yesterday just hours after the new values conviction thousands of his supporters did did turn out on to the streets of moscow to protest they said that the trial was politically moved. claimed that seven thousand people turned up police say the figure was nearer three thousand they had originally intended to demonstrate mannish nice square but they didn't have permission from the authorities had the police prevented them from doing so however crowds were allowed to gather on its perimeter
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very current close to the kremlin and also the state duma overall it did pass peacefully has to be said even though police made two hundred arrests they do say the bulk of those were made because people were obstructing the highway they were standing at a busy intersection during rush hour in moscow last night similar scenes were repeated instant hate is big but it is also fair to say this was not the picture across the whole of russia the valley does have very strong support on the internet and on social media networks that's where he made his name particularly as an anti corruption blogger two years ago during the mass protest after the parliamentary elections but a poll has come out to say that only ten percent of russians night he wide are actually following the case or perhaps not just put things in perspective but the news we have from the valley's camp is that they have asked his supporters not to demonstrate over the weekend in light of his release party is andrew farmer reporting there meanwhile political analyst dmitri babich told us that not only his
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political career is unlikely to reach great heights despite the visible support for him on moscow's streets i don't think that he stands a chance of winning in moscow not because of their authoritarian nature or the russian regime but because his program is not very different from some balance problem differences there can be. and i think that when the western press depicts not only you know in roles because i said libero and humanist and all these things it's a simplification because he has been expelled from the liberal party for nationalists deviations i think there. secret of his success is that he is a very average young groschen and. not squeaky clean maybe you know a little nationalistic. striving for economic freedom so i think that he house some support but of course it's not massive support it's not millions of people
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he's just an interesting young man just like many young going to oprah knows that you have in more school and in other russian speakers now of course if you missed any of our coverage you can catch up at our team dot com also there for you live updates and the best pictures from the protests against the verdict and of course don't forget to check out our correspondents on twitter keeping an eye out on all the latest news from the ground cross the globe. now u.s. judge has ruled that bradley manning must face the charge of aiding the enemy a decision that could mean the whistleblower may spend the rest of his life behind prison walls the defense had argued that manning sent a trove of classified information to spark debate and reform or to use those wall has been following the case. it is the most serious charge of a private first class for he says so that means he still faces the possibility of life without parole now the court took a look at the testimony and evidence we've heard so far throughout this case and
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found that there is enough evidence to move forward with this charge this charge of aiding the enemy prosecution has cited manning's job as an intelligence analyst they say that as an intelligence analysts he should have known that by leaking these documents to the n.c. secret secrecy website wiki leaks that al qaeda osama bin laden and al qaeda affiliates were going to see this information and now the defense has insisted and has maintained that bradley manning and no way intended to aid the enemy they say that he is a whistleblower and that he leaked these documents in an effort to expose wrongdoing and to basically to spark a public debate of what is going on in the wars abroad diplomatically really what the truth is the u.s. government isn't only coming down hard on bradley manning it's also squarely targeted at another secret sleeker the former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden now he of course blew the lid off of america's surveillance activities and is currently stranded in
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a moscow airport transit zone but only one has the american public sympathy as our washington correspondent going into town explains. the u.s. government's relentless crackdown on whistleblowers is sort of designed to scare the whistleblowers of the future but we see that bradley manning's fate has not scared edward snowden for example so despite the crackdown whistleblowers keep coming forward with revelations about the government's wrongdoings as they see them so the u.s. government decided that punishment is perhaps not enough in the wake of bradley manning's lease the government came up with the so-called insiders like program under which government employees with clearances are basically instructed to snitch on each other so employees have to judge their colleagues each and behavior and determine whether they might might become a whistleblower you can imagine how many baseless and discriminatory investigations the program could trigger critics argue that the obama administration is using mccarthy methods to go on whistleblowers on top of that you have journalists who sources in the government have dried up the justice department has shown that to
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track down an on off the rice source they can see quickly seized during this communications records as was the case with a.p. germany's so about this new era of whistleblowers we spoke with them for nix who's been writing extensively on the bradley manning case take a listen you know for forgetting to leave the country don't see how to walk out of the rand corporation in the hospital documents a little bit of a. seventy two hours and. hours of documents on a lot of beer belly being underground and not loaded here. you know presumably did something so we were just running scared of the documents and we were the editor of a president of secrecy and a person who in this these two sources are bound to collide it's interesting poll show that the majority of americans think of edward snowden as a whistle blower not a traitor whereas the majority of americans think bradley manning is a traitor to
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a certain extent the public support for this or that whistleblower depends on the subject of their revelations bradley manning revealed the u.s. governments were crimes abroad. not surprisingly many generates more sympathy abroad been at home but one can argue that americans are more sympathetic to snowden because these revelations are about their rights their civil liberties so they care more. iraqis rights they apparently care less. well now the u.s. government is responding to the popular outrage saying it will use security measures intended for nuclear weapons to safeguard sensitive data that includes the so-called two man rule meaning able to take two people to enter a server room so that nobody else can gain access by themselves data will also be stored in facilities scattered across the united states and encryption will be overhauled all of this is part of washington's drive to prevent leaks like the surveillance revelations of edward snowden you can get the details on that story and a lot more at our teeth dot com. in spain thousands of people have
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clashed with police officers in thirty cities outraged over revelations of corruption within the ruling people's party that they're demanding that the prime minister quits after claims that he and other party members received over eight million euros worth of bribes all right now spain is gripped by its worst economic crisis in decades madrid financial trader felix marino believes that it will be tough for marianna to survive these protests. well it goes very deep and very high to the top basically what people are really curious about is that we've seen austerity and cuts for the people but not for the politicians spain is one of the countries of the highest number of politicians per population ratio in europe we have. debates between one hundred thousand two hundred thousand politicians actually drawing a salary from the eight people furious that government families businesses
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everyone has to cut back but the government has just raised taxes so i do believe he would have a chance to survive this if the economy was improving. it's not unemployment is not going down the latest numbers to see two thousand and thirteen growth in spain negative one point three to one point five. they're still putting off recovery through two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen so i don't think raju will survive this i think he will say bye for now i don't see any movement before the general election months from now. this stay with us coming out for you striking support for the syrian rebels as the opposition gets caught between assad's forces and the growing threat of al qaeda extremists the u.s. president has the options for military intervention laid out before him. and the threat of fresh clashes looms in northern ireland unionists leaders in belfast appeal for calm after the authorities decide to limit their traditional annual
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parade. ovoid a repeat of the past two weeks riots that's coming up straight ahead. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged as a big picture. speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's what you hear on all t.v. reporting from the world talks to feel like p. interview intriguing story to tell you. the. arabic to find out more visit our big. dog called.
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wealthy british style it's time to do it right in front. of the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the report on our. welcome back washington has plans ready for support of supporting part of a syrian rebels with a military force and the president is reportedly considering whether to use them now this was revealed by barack obama's top military adviser as he spoke before the u.s. senate this is as the free syrian army raises the alarm over al qaeda alleged plans to create a terrorist state in the north of the country extremists reportedly plan to use land captured by the rebels pushing out the more moderate opposition and seizing
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its weapons and oil smuggling routes meanwhile world affairs journalist neil clark believes the terrorist threat could be a pretext for the rebels to secure that western intervention. it's interesting isn't it when president assad was warning about al qaeda in syria from twenty eleven all of which he was dismissed by the west you scaremongering etc he was saying that al qaeda was coming to her in syria and now we're hearing this from the f.s.a. so it's interesting isn't it that those of those who did want this were were dismissed as the colleges for a sad ologist of the syrian government now the west has got to wake up to what's really going on and that i think having said that it's very important journalist on the f.s.a. strategy in our view is very keen to get western intervention right in there now change their strategy and they're sent look al qaeda going to take control unless we do that and help us the f.s.a. have lost and i think now they're lost and say look you've got to help us out and to try to put the training so that the good guys the moderate rebels were not too late because terrible crimes and terrible terrorist atrocities so it's i think it's
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a kind of faux division to say that there are bad rebels the fact is elections are due in syria next year twenty fourteen there's no excuse for anybody to be using violence now to achieve little change in syria democratic elections are available to people so i think the f.s.a. this is a sort of desperate last chance for them really. on living on making good and decades of rhetoric the e.u. is cutting off funding to firms funds and social projects in israeli settlements built a legally on palestinian land the move had taken israel by surprise officials describing answer as brutal and an earthquake that will have serious consequences on his middle east correspondent policy or reports from the one of the us that the areas. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is furious with this new european union directive and a number of leading israeli officials have called it an earthquake what it states is that in any future agreements between israel and the european union the needs to be an exclusion clause referring to settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem now i'm standing in the israeli settlement of aureole behind me is the university
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that was founded thirty one years ago and which today has a student population of fourteen thousand degrees that awarded here are recognized by the israeli higher council for education but this latest move by the european union is bad news not only for settlements like this one but also for universities like the one you see behind me what it states is that they needs to be a pretty big on all grants scholarships prizes and money that is awarded and less there is this exclusion cause now it is estimated that this will affect some thirty percent of israeli institutions including large corporations and banks that have been direct ties with the settlements palestinians and their allies have congratulated and welcomed this move saying that it is an important political and cultural boycott on the settlement movement but these raids are angry particularly the right wing elements in the ten yahoos government who say that they're now going to step up their cause to end any kind of gestures for resumption of peace talks
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with the palestinians policy r.t. in the ariel settlement west bank earlier i have spoken to racial xabi and award winning writer and journalist on the middle east now he told me that the real value of the movie is that it sets a precedent to take a look. it's unlikely that the actual financial cost to israel of this shifting guidelines will be that huge but was what it has done is that set a precedent whereby the european union has said it's ok to principles with lol it's ok to say we oppose israel's occupation of the palestinian territories and to inflict penalties and consequences if israel continues to flout that international law but it is the result of a growing sense of frustration with israel constantly. international as far as
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illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem that kind of frustration has been mounting over the past year and in particular. with the especially right wing government of israel however it's probably the most pro settler government that it's that i had. and time for a brief world update we begin in egypt where tens of thousands of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsy are gathering in mass in the capital to demand his reinstatement now the army is reportedly blocking off the road leading to the presidential guard house where more than fifty protesters were shot almost two weeks ago morsy is opponents also plan protests raising fears of violence between the two camps almost one hundred people have died since the president was forced out just over two weeks ago. police have clashed with hundreds of environmental campaigners in china's southern. province violence has erupted as
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officers moved in with rubber batons to disperse the rally against a government plan to build a trash incinerator protesters fear the construction of the worst and pollution in the area and lead to health problems. in colombia a landslide in a mountainous region has swept a number of vehicles and a bus off the road killing at least four people it's thought that nearly a dozen were injured in the accident that took place three hundred kilometers south of the capital bogota emergency crews and local residents dug through the mud to try and reach the remaining survivors. protesters have set up camp in ukraine's capital demanding that the interior minister resigns now this is part of a wave of such rallies over the reported rape of a young woman by two police officers and june protesters say the investigation was deliberately hindered by the police and that it shows the endemic corruption in law enforcement agencies. northern irish unionists are lashing out at
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the authorities decision to again ban a new parade in the following street riots sparked by a similar limitation that took place last week the orange order had planned to march along the street in belfast which effectively separates the bitterly rival loyalist nationalist communities are to sour firth looks into the current instability as well as its history. well first there's a city of flashpoints and interfaces still so large extent very much divided along sectarian lines with loyalist and republican communities living right next door to each other and then finds a tension it's all too easy for violence to break out as we've seen in recent days but away from that night i'm writing and it's a completely different story so we've come to gain a different perspective on what's happening in belfast. the titanic's and the odyssey arena and the waterfront welcome to moe's in
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belfast but as well as taking in the sights along the more glamorous was a front regeneration area because it is a rule say given a guided tour through northern ireland's past troubles at the tool to avoid certain parts of the normal to rate bringing us sharply back to the here and now to the belfast that in the days following the twelfth of july or in july to unionise parade because once again being plagued by scenes of violence these tourists a financial remain unafraid i first came here in one thousand nine hundred one and of the time it was a very difficult period to because i remember it was the time of the hunger strikers so we used to going to town and we were checked so now to see that there is this peace process in the northern ireland things have changed so much and benefits has become such an attractive place to be seen i think it is i mustn't be the latest you know it was the right thing might be highly likely like the impact
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is far reaching is estimated the last two years writing a big issue with how many days the union flag can fly coast businesses in belfast millions in the trade this time around the riots sparked by a decision not to let loyalists great power. the nationalist area with the arrival of the former u.s. government peace envoy richard haass to check out. its take that a new route can be good to keep the peace process progressing every year that we had this time of year. to crisis mode and that's what you know is very welcome development of the drug is agreed to chair and old party talks and some of the very thorny issues that of the. the peace building here for a number of years saturday looks like the next week has nothing controversial
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ruling by the parades commission and the parade yet moves the potential for another great series riots a search on. the u.s. government's policy of indefinite detention for its citizens as well as bradley manning's possible jail term are all up for debate on ip martin's breaking to stay with us. if you want is something truly baffling the u.s. supreme court has ruled that generic drug makers cannot be sued for bad reactions to their products only the original brand of creators of the drugs can the court's decision was five to four overturning a multimillion dollar award for a woman who was horribly wounded by taking a medication which gave her toxic epidermal necrosis which is basically the
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equivalent of getting third degree burns all over her body and of course after winning the case mutual pharmaceutical company is demanding their millions of dollars back from the woman who they naturally blame for having side effects from the medicine they made themselves remember this is not just a ruling about one drug but a ruling about all generic drug. which are eighty percent of the u.s. market all of that will not have any accountability i cannot wrap my head around the logic of only punishing the creator of a product and granting immunity to anyone that later reproduces said product i mean would any sane person say that if you shoot a person with a colt forty five pistol that is a crime but if you use a copycat call made in mexico to blow your neighbors off well that's ok because it's a generic copy no no sane person would allow generic drug producers to have no liability for their product but that's just my opinion.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous and lucky i got so many i mean. i know that i've seen really messed up. and we're all very so sleepy it's. worse for the little thing the white house or the. radio guy and four minutes from the. one close are about to produce never seen anything like this i'm still. on top everyone i'm out in mine and this is breaking in the set so i have some sad news to start off the show today you may remember our in-depth coverage of the lawsuit over the national defense authorization act which gives the government the ability to indefinitely detain u.s.
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citizens while after months of deliberation the second circuit court of appeals in new york city has officially ruled against the plaintiffs and struck down the suit so that means indefinite detention remains legal as long as detainees fit within the very very definition of whatever the government deems to be of quote associated force or provides quote substantial support. to the enemy following the court's decision the main plaintiff in the lawsuit and pulitzer prize winning journalist chris hedges said quote this is quite distressing and means there is no recourse now either within the executive legislative or judicial branches of government hope to study assault on our civil liberties and most basic constitutional rights it's an issue that sits close to home for hedges who like many journalists often embed themselves with the enemy forces or even known terrorists to get both sides of a story his precisely the kind of person who could be a target of this law although implications loom for whistleblowers and activists as well so as it stands plaintiffs in the lawsuit can asked the court to rehear the case and later appeal to the supreme court which seems to be quite
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a long shot at this point considering the obama administration's action to preserve their right to indefinitely detain us look this decision is clearly one of the biggest blows to civil liberties we've ever seen but it's also a call to action we need to start waking up and realizing that our rights are not a guarantee and if we don't stand for them now who will. be looking for a. regime anything like that. i often talk about the koch brothers on the show and for good reason charles and david koch are the billionaire brothers who have gotten their financial tentacles and anything and everything that yields even the slightest bit of influence in this country and since the two thousand and ten citizens united decision that influence has grown ten fold corporations being granted free rein to a load of political campaigns it's a relationship that's been magnified in
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a new documentary called citizen koch which examines the overwhelming amount of money at play during wisconsin's political showdown last year take a look. at look at how with the wealthiest interest it will bring out with text there's no better place to look than the state level. is a web. well the billion dollars has been spent making this election the most expensive on record it's rumored to be a completely run through the can we do to help. the koch brothers number of companies the five areas that specialize in some of the worst types of oil how much you can put into a chance and since january of last year just over ten million dollars spent on billion dollars for the film went to sundance this year and i had planned to finish its production with the help from the independent television service where i had t.v.'s but it is unfortunate twist t.v.'s hold its funding from the project backlash from a major donor david koch so here to talk about her film the battle to get to the
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public airwaves is academy award nominated director to les and thank you so much for coming on to yet thank you so much for having me so why did you and co-director carl deal to believe decide to make this film. you know we wanted to look at the impact of money in politics and there was no better place to go than wisconsin in two thousand and eleven scott walker the governor of wisconsin had been bankrolled in part by david and charles koch and we were curious about what the impact of that private money on the public to mock racine wisconsin was to the film focuses on the koch brothers involvement both in the case of wisconsin like you just said a national politics in general how would you describe their influence and was it more than you even thought it was going. well yeah i mean look the it's not just them i mean it's those two billionaires it's wealthy interests and it's corporate interests that have been super empowered and super enfranchise in the aftermath of the supreme court's ruling in citizens united which essentially open the floodgates to unlimited spending by third parties on behalf of candidates and the really
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troubling thing is that the candidates who are elected with this money. have a patron or many patrons and those interests are those interests that they serve we think when they when they go into the state legislatures or into our federal government so i think all citizens are aware of. the money in politics and the extent to which it's undermining our democracy and what we tried to show is is some of the folks that are fighting back against this war i actually had the opportunity to speak to an ex lobbyist jack about the citizens united case and get his opinion i want to play that for you. citizens united i think is probably a little bit overblown in terms of our presentation of the problem the amount of money again i've never witnessed money that wanted to get into the system couldn't get into the system my entire life and so there he is saying that you know citizens united is kind of overblown what's your response well look it's certainly true that there was plenty of money in politics before assistance united systems united you
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know open the floodgates as i said i think. story you know we know how much money there is in the capital because of lobbying and we know that there's money throughout the system the think tanks and academics that are pushing public policy and politicians what we looked at is what happened in the electoral process and we know for a fact that systems united created the you know the biggest spending in this past election in the two biggest lections in two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve it's documented it has had an impact and you know i think we need to look very hard at how we can overturn that decision will the film's funding was pulled from the i guess which originally greenlit the project i mean this is a public agency which funds independent documentaries why did this happen and did you find it ironic that you were censored by the same crap in politics that you're trying to illustrate in this film oh absolutely no i mean look we had no idea when we you know were greenlit for funding by public television that david koch had
11:34 am
a role at on public broadcasting as the trustee of both and he w n e t in new york and boston. not only that he's given a tremendous amount of money over the years to public broadcasting and because of that i think the. certainly the affiliate here in new york was quite nervous about the impact that programming was going to have on david koch and because of that our funding was pulled our funding was pulled not only that but public television viewers won't have a chance to see our film which is you know i think the biggest change well i think it's really indicative of something when public organizations that are supposed to work for the public are bending to the will of entities like the cokes i mean and the hundred fifty thousand dollars is not small potatoes but luckily you guys were able to raise seventy five thousand dollars on kickstarter in just three days but that's right we have a you know we've turned to crowdfunding as the answer to the money that you know
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david koch wields and the influence that he has over public broadcasting and so we have a campaign on kickstarter kickstarter dot com the film's name is citizen koch we are initial goal was seventy five thousand we're shooting for one fifty we're hoping that we can not only replace the money that public television took away but we can also create a distribution pipeline for this film because we are so eager to get this film out there and we have gotten a tremendous response and we're overwhelmed and inspired and moved by all the folks have stepped up and just given their small dollars i mean five dollars ten dollars twenty five dollars you know but pulled together by thousands of people makes an enormous difference so we're so grateful and we've got twenty more days to make our target great i hope that you do it because clearly the public wants this kind of information to have the public broadcasting will fail the public and to deliver this information hopefully we can all step up to the plate and really show everyone
11:36 am
that we want this kind of independent media we want this kind of truth telling how do you guys receive any more censorship threats or anything else from these you know coax or any of the large scale and don't want the skating exposé to rest easy well yeah look i think they want to squash our film in any way they can and i think . you know what the kickstarter campaign is showing to me is that you know there are more of us than there are of them and we're more powerful ultimately and so i think if folks can pull their money together and pull their resources and support the release of this film you know we can get out there and we can send a big message to david koch to charles koch to all sort of public broadcasting that you know we will not allow this kind of censorship of our public institutions because of big big money and to tell people were they can find out more and help. that's where our website citizen coke that's k o c h not c o c o says and.
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backslash kickstarter you'll go directly to the kickstarter website you can see our trailer you can see the video we made for kickstarter you can learn about the pledges because if you do make a pledge you will get an award or a reward and there are all sorts of cool rewards up there you can also go directly to kickstarter dot com their website and type in the title system coke and look we would love to hear from folks who want to hear the comments we'd love to get their support and we'd love your help in spreading the word thank you so much tia lessin co-director of citizen co-producer time thanks so much. every war we remember those men who gave the orders to invade occupy and to kill and import remember that these wars would not be possible without the foot soldiers carrying out the orders you see without them the military machine falls apart and
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it's precisely for this reason that one military man is decided to turn in his gun his name is brandon toy and he's a former u.s. soldier who served in baghdad before taking a position with general dynamics one of the largest defense contractors in the country an open letter of resignation from his position he wrote quote at the time of my enlistment i believed in the. as i was ignorant naive and misled the narrative professed by the state and echoed by the mainstream press has proven false and criminal we have become what i thought we were fighting against the power of sentiment from someone who's been on the inside the military industrial complex for the last decade or earlier i spoke to brennan toy himself and i first asked him to shed some light on the experiences that have led him to this moment take a look. it took me a while to come to the realization unfortunately that i was taking part in something that i no longer believed in and if i had known the truth i never would
11:39 am
have been a part of you mentioned in your letter that you had become the thing that you were fighting against can you talk a little bit more about what that means yeah exactly. the america that we live in today one that i know is not the one. that they told us about when we're going out. we've crossed the line and done things that i thought our enemies did. things against the constitution human rights violations. mass surveillance. assassinations drone terrorism. and many other things. yeah i mean people have said that they you know this is just terrorism on a much larger scales are really fighting terror with terror calls into question the whole purpose of the war brannon and you said that you had learned that you were on willingly training and supporting sectarian death squads when you're in iraq can
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you explain what that consisted of sugar during two thousand and five i was deployed on the side of baghdad in the solder city and almost on a neighborhoods as a military policeman i would say the machine gunner and my units mission was to train support equip and. transport iraqi army personnel and iraqi police and we got to the police stations show them how to shoot them down to the green zone for training etc etc. jeremy scahill. i'm sorry not jeremy scahill b.b.c. arabic and. now the guardian came out with their expos any i think in a pro about the directory wars colonel steal their way over there in training or military counterinsurgency orse. to fight the terrorists basically with their own terror tactics and of the sectarian violence three thousand civilians
11:41 am
were being killed within baghdad area. now i didn't have any knowledge of what was going on at the time there were rumors that much of this unit militias infiltrated directly police. finding that out completely infuriated me or what do you think as an m.p. in the military in baghdad and two thousand what do you think what the role of military contractors when you were there i thought it was very interesting we had military contractors that rode with us and i went on our missions they seem to do essentially the same thing that some of the army personnel were doing in many instances it seemed like a duplications of effort. they would go to the same places take the same reports work a lot less hours get paid a lot more get a lot more vacation there seem to be a large amount of wakes and i think that's been well documented there's a lot of hardworking contractors i don't want to detract from the work those people
11:42 am
do they're well meaning. overall it's obvious that we wasted billions and billions of dollars on contract he got hurt overseas right i think there was a report that came out that they we can't even track what it is that they're doing in afghanistan and of course many times more salary plus the kind of lawlessness in the private privatization of the military but then you join general dynamics which is a huge defense contractor what exactly did you work on while there. i worked on the stryker combat vehicle program i was an engineering project manager for developmental engineering projects the small stuff nothing. nothing secret or you know but interesting really did you would you say that you know being in kind of both industries the private and. and the government would you say that people in the massive defense industries are compartmentalised or kind of detached
11:43 am
dissociated from how their work aids the war machine and really what's the danger in that. absolutely it's very easy when you're sitting there at that computer typing some benign or or. even though you're working directly for the army you talk to army representatives every day you see the army symbology you're speaking in military terms basically like a soldier without a uniform it's very easy to lose sight of the fact that there is this bigger picture upstream this bigger effort that you're a part of. for me in my mind as i've said before it came to be that there was an alliance between sitting at that keyboard and being overseas with a rifle in my hands i knew that i was aiding the bigger picture and that's what really bothered me why did take you ten years to realize you're participating in something that was so wrong. question i asked myself that quite a few times and i was
11:44 am
a trim believe or after i joined after the iraq war started i thought what we're doing overseas was great it was all about let's bring them democracy and mass destruction fight terrorism on its own soil etc etc and then i slowly started getting disillusioned over the years but at the same time i needed to feed my family so when i got out of college i went to work for general dynamics it was good to start with and i was excited by the possibility of a new administration coming into office and those hopes were dashed for me obviously. and then finally i just got to the point where it was either. my own sanity or leave that place basically i could no longer live such a double life believing one thing with all you know every fiber of my being you know behaving and working against my own interests and really i think humanity's interests.


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