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tv   Headline News  RT  July 20, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the egyptian army shows it's in no mood to compromise breaking up mass rallies of pro islam is calling for the reinstatement of the or ousted leader mohamed morsi and warning of a wider crackdown. around six million surveillance cameras are keeping watch in u.k. citizens twenty four seven and that's according to a new report that's alarmed privacy campaigners and prompted calls for greater transparency. and this financial movers and shakers from the world's leading economies me to moscow ahead of the g. twenty summit in st petersburg we look at how the upcoming event is being overshadowed by the russia u.s. dispute over at work snowden.
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coming to you live from the russian capital in marina joshie welcome to the program . in egypt at least three people have been killed in overnight clashes as backers and opponents of ousted president mohamed morsi held rallies across the country that's after the military warned supporters of morsi is muslim brotherhood against stoking further unrest and disrupting the transition to a new government troops in cairo fired tear gas to force back thousands of protesters on their way to the presidential palace to demand more of his reinstatement meanwhile on tahrir square in the city center crowds gathered to voice their support for what they see as a revolution and to rally behind a new interim government but as political activists sara outside told us they are feeling a victory may be short lived. there are millions and millions of people in this
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case who do not want this army will come back again along will say along with mubarak's corruption right now we see it's pretty dark stakes come back bubbling to the surface and the military will do just as it has done before whatever it can do to subdue and to you know qual these protests that are in the streets right now as they have been for sooner or later it's only a matter of time that this government is going to go and already they're showing signs of weakness they are turning to killing peaceful protesters as we've seen. or maybe you have been because they cracked out on the media that shows those who are supporting morsi and those who are in the streets the protesters have repeatedly said they will not go home until they see democracy until morsy is reinstated as the first freely elected president. and we're winning journalist and author or hugh miles believes the only way to break the political deadlock in egypt is to form
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a coalition government. country is more divided than it's ever been and the feature is highly uncertain have to try and form a government that includes the islamists and the seculars. liberals but so far. they haven't managed to do this at all and so what we're likely to see is a swinging between these two poles in egyptian politics going forward between brotherhood has very deep roots in egyptian society it has millions of supporters it's been around for many years and it has to have a stake in power they need to reconcile these two sides because otherwise it's going to be too easy for the islamists to make problems for example by using peaceful protests they can bring the country to its knees the country is already on its knees. meanwhile in the united states army witnesses are being called forward in the trial of whistleblower bradley manning who faces life in
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prison on a charge of aiding the enemy madding is accused of leaking thousands of classified documents to wiki leaks abby martin discussed the case with our producer andrew blake in breaking the set what happened was you know this case is three and a half years at the making at this point almost and you know the government's long been saying ok manning you aided the enemy because you want to wiki leaks you gave them files those files got on the internet and then osama bin ladin dialed up his modem and got those papers and because of that we can send you away to prison and use these for the rest of life and you left because a lot people think that's kind of funny that by using the internet and sharing documentation that has never been proven to cause any harm you know really aiding the enemy right so that was that was the defense's argument and they said you know this is a bit preposterous and when you know the styles been going on it actually only happening for a couple of weeks now when the prosecution actually had to present their case and they had to call witnesses and they actually had to try to make an effort to say bradley manning give way to the enemy afterwards to defend said we don't think so
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we don't think you even you we don't think you even gave enough evidence that the judge can actually make this decision so they filed a couple of motions a few weeks back and just today colonel denise lind the military judge presiding over the case she finally responded and said no there's enough evidence that i can actually go ahead and i can make a decision should not to make the decision now the court case is going to wrap up sometime next month most likely but she is not dismissing the charge by not dismissing the charge bradley manning will now face a maximum of life plus one hundred fifty four years in prison i believe life plus one hundred fifty four years and if you lose a hell of a guy you might live to or yeah you know you know aiding the enemy or not your life span how is the prosecution going to prove this i mean i guess we don't know but based on what they've already said it seems pretty flimsy elder we already know that manning did all this stuff really aid the enemy but we know he's played with the leaks of hundreds of thousands of classified documents that sets that's out there. it is that the prosecution's tried saying that these documents caused harm to national security and they had people come in and testify about all of these
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documents separately released to iraq war logs afghan war logs collateral murder video that my tongue will be a detainee assessment briefs all these information and that's what the last couple of weeks of the end witnesses being called by the prosecution and by the defense trying to say well either you know he did it knowing that this could happen or no he was a naive twenty something guy who wanted to help the world but that's going to be ultimately up to the judge to decide. well that show is available in full on our web site r t v dot com also there we are asking whether using bradley manning did really aid the enemy let's not take a look at your abode so far well as you can see the majority of yours at this point think it actually helped america by revealing the government's crimes thirty who voted believe that the charge against him only makes sense if truth itself is now washington's anomie while a small minority at this point believe further investigation is needed and just
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three percent which is a small fraction think his revelations were actually godsend for al qaida will do us know what you think on this issue by logging onto our t.v. dot com and what is letting us know what you think. finance ministers and bankers from the world's most powerful economies are meeting in moscow to shape the path for global economic recovery well the talks are ybor cursor to september's g twenty summit in st petersburg but aside from finance there are complex political issues at stake as you know now explains the occurring g twenty finance ministers and central bank governors meeting which is taking place here in moscow out the moment is really a part of some major proper aeration is for the coming g. twenty summit that will take place in st petersburg and of the september and now actually it is the the allows the official meetings a meeting of those of members of the g twenty stays before the summit kicks off and
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on but it really seems that it is increasingly being used as a bargaining chip in international politics first there were rumors that the u.s. president barack obama may not have sound the g twenty summit in st petersburg if russia grants the former n.s.a. contractor adverse note an asylum but than there were even reports that to us some republican lawmakers opposite just to change the location of the. the upcoming g. twenty summit and not so hold it in russia basically in order to crush russia into actual dice adverse notice now meanwhile there is still of course time until the summit kicks off in st petersburg iran a month and a half and a redo seems that those economists who have gathered here in moscow house put politic aside and really are discussing some major quite challenging economic issues now in particular the g. twenty back quite a fundamental rethink of the rules on tog saying multinational companies basically
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to fight those loopholes so will we at times those companies are using to avoid billions of dollars and taxes now is a group of leading economists sad that the current system does not work especially for those companies which trade online now companies in the spotlight for using this legal but a triumph quite controversial practice of booking profits in low tax countries are you as a giants really you google amazon and apple own now. stop gypsy especially for us those countries which are quite badly heads by the un going economic recession and the port from taxation transparency there are many other issues on the agenda of this g twenty finance ministers meeting which is taking place here in moscow including sources of private investment into economic growth business policy ways how to recall her from the economic recession so again as
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a sad some major proper ration is for the g twenty summit which is going to take place in st petersburg are taking place here in the russian capital. and coming up after the break the biggest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history r.t. looks at what's amply in the pockets of the city of detroit once an industrial powerhouse. and a shoeshine store proves surprisingly popular among the banking sat cats of wall street find out why later in the program here in our team. when the great blind to what is happening in their country. the american dream is disappearing. the houses with. the poor are left hopeless the streets are full of angry grown ups fighting against.
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who stole the american dream. world. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we. covered. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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welcome back this is our teeth out of ali the russian anti-corruption blogger who was jailed on thursday for embezzlement but unexpectedly bail the following day has returned to moscow crowds of supporters greeted him as he got off the train from kirov were he scored here into place upon arrival and a volley of vocal critic of the government's promise to continue his campaign to become moscow mayor he was registered as a candidate for the september election just a day before his sentencing of ali still faces five years behind bars for defrauding a state owned timber company of half a million dollars and he was set free pending his appeal following a surprise appeal from prosecutors and is subject to a travel ban. well all the details of the of on the case his conviction and release are available on i or website r t v dot com also there you can find pictures from the protests that volley sentencing sparks in moscow. privacy
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campaigners in britain are sounding the alarm over the dramatic rise of surveillance according to the latest estimates the u.k. now has at least one this c.c.t.v. camera for every fourteen citizens the majority of surveillance systems are operated privately not by the state but activists say that only adds to the lack of transparency and oversight r.t. says or so he explains. if you ever feel like you're being watched perhaps even feel singled out no matter how huge the crowd. chances are it may not just be paranoia. the british security industry association estimates that there are between four point one and five point nine million a close circuit television or c.c.t.v. cameras in the u.k. one in every fifteen or one in every eleven people whether you're with the tube in the shopping mall or what are called sensitive locations like schools and hospitals there are likely to be electronic arts on you know in recent years much criticism have been thrown out what is seen as the u.k.
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government's growing surveillance state but in the most recent report it shows that in fact majority of c.c.t.v. cameras are not government funded but rather privately owned and mostly used for security reasons another b s are you stressed the c.c.t.v. schemes are invaluable for crime detection and evidence for the police however one of the main problems highlighted by watchdogs is the fact that there are not still not enough regulations governing public c.c.t.v. surveillance much less of those that are privately owned we discussed this issue with a big brother watching u.k. rise of private c.c.t.v. cameras far those installed by the police and local authorities so it does challenge the idea that it is the government that's acting as big brother doesn't it i think it's big for there was a hole in the u.k. at the moment i think the private sector seen the proliferation of c.c.t.v. cameras public sector and this kind of attention that c.c.t.v. prevents crime from happening and so it's. only
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a matter of time before the private sector. started installing private c.c.t.v. footage but we're seeing some incredibly sophisticated pieces of technology appearing via the internet so things to do with facial recognition and things cameras that can sense people for miles away so i think it's only correct that the law catches up with the technology and states how and when these cameras can be used at the end of the day the sophisticated they can form a very intricate picture of everybody's daily lives all right thank you very much i am a car for the. information but the vast number of privately owned surveillance cameras will add to the debate of the so-called surveillance society you know this is just coming on the back of after one year of the protection of freedoms act was passed in the u.k. where the government was forced to trim down its database of d.n.a. and fingerprints records and it's just coming days after the code of regulation is imposed on the public surveillance cameras of course the debate created by the
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revelations of edward snowden already ongoing reporting from london. meanwhile across the atlantic the us government's appetite for its citizens private data seems to be stronger than ever with the obama administration approving yet another extension to the infamous anastase snooping program to get the full story at r.t. dot com. plus london is about to provide a boost to companies and gaged in the highly controversial practice of hydraulic fracking the government is pledging record low tax rates for shale gas producers online would tell you what's behind the move. a judge in the us state of michigan has ruled that detroit's filing for bankruptcy violates the state constitution and has refused to allow the liquidation of the city's acids to pay off creditors the city's debt has now reached around eighteen point five billion dollars and there's no cash to repay it was public services already cut to the bone david has been
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following the biggest municipal bankruptcy in national history. it's something that i think a lot of people in detroit aren't incredibly surprised to hear that the city has been in decline for many many years all of my life since i've been born at least but i think what you're seeing really is just this sort of vicious cycle that the city is not really been able to get out of you know you have high unemployment because you have high unemployment you have thousands of people that are just leaving the city in droves to find economic opportunities elsewhere when you have people leaving the city you're obviously producing less tax revenue you have to tighten the budget and not to mention that when you have more unemployment you have more issues like crime and then that's just one inevitability of having high unemployment so that puts a further strain on resources from the police department the fire department etc so it's not all that surprising that a system like that that's frankly unsustainable would would collapse aside from that i would say that the traders are pretty optimistic detroiters and metro
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detroit are pretty optimistic about this they're not looking at as hitting rock bottom they feel like we hit rock bottom a long long time ago and this is the thing that had to happen to move forward to turn the page and really sort of you know kind of the beginning of the end of the pain. when there is a crisis there is also a window of opportunity aspiring entrepreneurs have found a way to earn quick cash on wall street by setting up a shoe shine store arches marina portnoy reports on why it's proving so successful wall street it's not just a location it is a culture synonymous with big bonuses bailouts risk and the one percent following the financial meltdown of two thousand and eight most americans criticize bankers right now shining their shoes has turned into a high end business. welcome to starshine and why see it's just different from everything else there's. their sheer size up
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the block and they don't offer the same things that we are for the store offers large leather chairs flat screen t.v.'s and oh a women only staff uniformed in teeny black shorts and they did take tops for the first week we had about one hundred people a day no coincidence that nearly all of those people happen to be finance years bankers or other wall street employees when you start a business like this it makes sense to fish with official if you're going to put a business where you're going to shine people. you're in the heart of the financial district you have to make it somewhat resonate with the type of people in the type of demographic that you're actually pertaining to. while the so-called wall street demographic has bounced back exceptionally well following the great recession economic recovery has been extremely difficult for young americans latest figures suggest ten million u.s. workers under the age of twenty five can't find full time work idea this to help
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out with the bells and entering thing a part time while in school and still learning how much extra we're not sure twenty five year old college graduate leah prefers not to specify the. very clear. the summer special on five minute shoe shines is four dollars down from seven of the service is disturbed by a very walling it comfortable like a good lesson come watch again with the pretty lady where there's class korean t.v. and lovely ladies as well if it's a hobby it's a magnet you know attract that attention starshine also offers services at corporate events and trade shows the store meanwhile will soon be serving beer and wine. the business is owned by kevin white jr and his father who both work in finance neither were available for an on camera interview but tell our t.v.
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that business is booming so maybe those who argue that wall street creates jobs were right marina port ny r.t. new york and while some are working hard to earn a living others are raking in easy cash argues max geyser and stays at her and have been looking at the shady dealings on wall street that's in kaiser report which will be running later today here at r.t. . now thousands of orthodox christians have gathered outside christ the savior to seadrill in moscow where an ancient holy relic has been brought from greece the queue stretches back several kilometers and church volunteers have been brought in to try to keep the line under control the same as this process which dates back to the first century arrived in capital on friday to mark the anniversary of russia's
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conversation to christianity more than a millennium ago it will be on display at the cathedral for five more days and up to four hundred thousand believers expected to pay their respects. to other stories from around the world in bahrain scuffles between anti-government activists and police have left dozens of people injured one officer was also wounded after being shot by a homemade firearm police allegedly fired shotguns to disperse the crowds who were more ching against the ruling sunni dynasty the protests erupted a day after the government banned opposition demonstrations in several shia villages following a car blast near a mosque. and the sectarian violence is deepening in iraq were a bomb explosion a sunni mosque and a series of other attacks have killed at least twenty six people the blast came during friday prayers during the islamic holy month of ramadan rampant violence throughout the country claimed over three hundred lives in july alone with the
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first week of the fasting month having been used since two thousand and seven. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says israel and palestine could be ready for real launch of peace talks with negotiations planned take place in washington that follows his meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister and that a now earlier the palestinian leadership demanded. guarantees that further negotiations on territorial disputes will be based on the ceasefire line held before nineteen sixty seven when israel captured the west bank and gaza that condition was rejected outright by television. well as politicians try to revive the peace process israel settlement policies are continuing to outrage palestinians and it's getting tough for many a local youngsters who protest against settlement expansion often ending up on the i.d.f. one of the list artist boss leader has a story armed to the teeth that's one of the most sophisticated armies in the world
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state of the art weapons high tech to fins and world class combat training but when it comes to dealing with an unconventional enemy children it resorts to this post is threatening to find them wherever they are like a sheriff in a small town with a bounty on outlaws hid every night. the truth. and sound bombs the words the houses before i've been polluted with the children live in very bad so critical situation and it's working a suffers one of the children whose faces was plastered around village in the more than we spank the warning reads we are the army be careful we will catch you if we see you. we were very afraid when they put our pictures of their threatening us that they will arrest us and they will come and take us from our home. the posters went up one afternoon after another demonstration ended in tear gas and rubber coated bullets every friday villages take to the streets to protest against the
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wall israel is building between them and a nearby city home and on the front line and in the line of fire children the idea to publish these posters was probably the initiative of the local army commander they were placed on the walls of a mosque and nearby houses. as of says he wasn't throwing stones but the army and settlers have a different version but so is the head of a nearby city home and each day he drives on this road which connects his settlement in the thirty five thousand jews who live in the area with the rest of israel and of this what would usually happen is they would come and stand on the road to pick up a brick or a large stone and throw it directly and from a short range of the cars many of our residents were hurt three months ago a baby got hit and she's now in a vegetative state stones kill and that's why we expect the military to do what it takes in order for it to stop israeli figures say rock throwing incidents are up by
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a hundred ten percent in the last few months but the army's track record for dealing with palestinian children is dismal at based on recent un report found that the i.d.f. we teenie abuses and tortures youngsters in the occupied west bank the community has hit back by putting up posters of its own the message that their year long good . luck. as for his sons he has exams but khan concentrate way we have soldiers that are on the prowl looking for him and his classmates policial khufu could doom spend coming up a look at how failed politics have triggered a one of the worst financial disasters in history.
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or remember those old wacky communist countries who constantly boost their numbers to make themselves feel better or who cares if stores are empty and this piece of paper a one hundred thousand tons of potatoes that is good enough for me well now we are in a new age of technology but the same lying to make yourself feel good is still going strong it just moved over to the capitals world the u.s. state department's bureau of international information programs has spent six hundred thirty thousand dollars on facebook advertising campaigns to get fans and such of the government is out there to buy likes or what a fantastic use tax dollars but wait maybe i'm being too pessimistic perhaps it worked it really helped spread the message of the u.s. state department effectively well inspector general's report says that since the advertising campaign started twenty eleven there has been a dramatic increase in users liking state department sites but the problem is that only two percent of them actually use the sites so you get what you pay for a big bag of likes but if you hard core fans probably the most shocking example is
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a vision of america group in farsi made for a rainy and which has gotten over four hundred twenty thousand members but only one percent of them is actually in iran where facebook advertising doesn't even exist that's effective getting lots of likes doesn't mean you are actually reaching people instead of paying for them why not you know get the next bar by providing interesting honest content on a regular basis oh. wait that takes effort and honesty yeah you know what just keep wasting our tax dollars but that's just happened. choose your language call it we kill it oh in the financial center say still some of the. treatments that the consensus didn't. choose the opinions that invigorating good. excuse to stories get in life choose the access to your off to.
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a. start for. myself and my friends of. mine or it would. make. a. massive job was record of home foreclosures a devaluation. lost retirement savings.


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