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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 22, 2013 5:29am-6:01am EDT

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live. live live live . i've seen the perception of the cross many times it doesn't matter if there's snow a heat wave or hail storms from people keep on going i don't expect anything just
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one i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to make sure that's all i want to at the moment micki i have sense so mind she's see i'm carrying these sayings on my shoulders. do you want me to put a bandage here you know that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted we've already back to it three two wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring. wealthy british style some time to plan for. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's cancer the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines conjure reports. hello welcome to this edition of sophie and co so. egypt at the crossroads again with thousands and the streets to protest out single handed morsi the president only elected a year ago people are being killed or wounded hundreds arrested us day muslim brotherhood announced they will fight to read. state their deposed leader what are the chances for egypt to find. what needs to spill for the sake of democracy.
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egypt is in turmoil once more division and economic disaster the military has its hands back on the reins of power after bringing down a democratically elected president yes the international community shrugs his shoulders as the fruit of egypt's young democracy is eaten by the army mohamed morsi is president no more a year of poor performance opens the door to change and further deepens polarized politics in egypt but it wasn't all morsi is fault the ghosts of dictatorship really haunts the valley of the kings the muslim brotherhood is being edged but will it hit. is egypt in danger of sliding into civil war. and our guest today is all somehow morsi the son of the ousted president mohamed morsi it's great to have you on the show and thanks for agreeing to this interview so are you hiding what exactly are you fearing. i'm not hiding our being
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among egypt's young revolutionaries since the twenty fifth of january two thousand and eleven these young people came out to the country squares to defend the democratic path of the revolution i want to say this again and one of those people defending the cause of the january revolution and its achievements i'm out there on the streets with the others i think we need to keep the treatments of the january revolution we need to stay on that which has been threatened by those who organize this bloody coup in egypt. we are defending the revolutionary cause presidency in egypt is an institutional there was a stamp list by the will of the people of the revolution today's situation is not just the president's problem. it is a violation of the people's will the constitution that the people voted for and it goes against the lawfully elected president the president all these institutions
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have been because of the coup this cannot be justified the egyptian people can't just be observing. the coup shouldn't think. and they succeeded against the will of the people and this will never happen. now after the twenty fifth of january. people on got with the help of a lot about the hands of the people leaders are not some it's bloody regime. so you're saying you're not hiding but it was so hard to arrange an interview with you there was so much secrecy around it what your saying so does it mean that you can be seen in the streets every day with your supporters. yes of course. we are square on the streets of the revolution that far in
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hiding i wouldn't be able to talk to you today. where is your father now do you know. that my father is. on the location now with the leaders of this school i mean a war criminals. they detain the president they go without any charges. and he's a little fully elected president who spoke the will of the people and on the canal and now they're finding a. secret locations where our but i don't can you expect from war criminals. they violated the cause of those mother who died in the name of the revolution and a lot of. so we still don't know where my father is kept. we don't know where he is don't know why he was detained are you worried for his life what do you think could happen to him. in the lead out of
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a now military spokesman in adelaide ali and basically admits that they arrested the president here so statements are a joke. that the president was detained for his own safety at this point of this we say. don't worry about the president's safety. or the president come out to the people with this don't talk to the. aleutian the rest even this is strange they don't constitutional modern man and then what they get in that is are you not scared for his life. very dangerous really. worried about him. and i fear for his lawyer said. but as a revolutionary i see you see him as already. giving
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to. all of us not just me but our whole family supports him well i think we call on him to give us and it's a favor flow to the will of the people. though and you argue. the president doesn't . get to the heart of. it can't just deal with it. this is the will of the egyptian people that are that this. was about you seem very close here father in this whole process how did your father not see this coup coming i mean there where science egyptians wanted a more inclusive government a more inclusive society and the army was warning morsi. and you can ask the gyptian president this question how do you know when he returns to his office through this revolutionary effort and then a lot out of that he will be able to tell you. i don't know the mechanism so let's
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govern as the i'm just the president son but what's your take as his son and his ally on things i'm not one of those people making decisions look i don't know what the president meetings even though i'm his son but this is a very personal question my grandfather was deposed by revolution at one point and i always told him what i thought even though i didn't take part in presidential meetings. sure i will answer this question prison more see the school because he recognized perfectly well that the justice and the will of the egyptian people is stronger than any stronger than the military coup and the three mills who staged it out to a club illegitimate president of egypt to repeatedly say that he believed in the common sense the vision of this again city of the egyptian people that well besides
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the prison knew that people all across the country would rise to disagree and this is what we see happening now a mass revolution of protest against the coup against the people's will being ignored all of the focus of this. but right now it looks like it's a fifty fiftieth's split between morse's supporters and people who want him out according to the polls fifty nine percent think the country would have been better off with the military in power. this is excellent proof that hamann morsi has ruled with democratic model going to democracy you have both the ruling regime and an opposition but the case of forces taking on a certain political stance is something unprecedented. and this is sort of a sure sign of the military takeover all right but with all due respect there is no doubt morsi has a lot of supporters but in a very short period of time an overwhelming majority turns against him it's not
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about the military it's the people in a democracy such political differences and confrontations are normally settled through elections rather than tanks well i saw them at the. is there any true democracy we are no make a mole into discounts the will of the people and illegally deposes the president was it you know that the coup is actually a crime you are committed by the egyptian ministry of the. right temperature breakout coming up next just to syria scenario possible in egypt or could there be a return of dictatorship to the land states.
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i would rather as questions the people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images called world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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all right welcome back to the show the muslim brotherhood supporters have flooded this streets of cairo with demands to return their ousted leader mohamed morsi back
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to office what is causing a coup the revolution and the possibility of peace with osama morsi who takes close to hard to remove all of his father from the presidential seat so it's not many believe muslim brotherhood has failed not even because of the religious factor but because they didn't have a political plan an economic plan do you admit that your father made mistakes. and i believe the only way to settle political differences is democratic general election it's. good or russian or american or british defense minister would be overthrown you have a democratically elected government just because there's opposition respirator testing on the streets it's impossible egypt egypt that evolution as well. that it can go to mass because it was here as will.
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still strong so it we. made our getaways and you're going with the people of egypt with their own government i didn't but some of you have called your supporters to come out to the streets and fight even if it leads to bloodshed more people died in recent events than in the whole year under morsi. this is entirely wrong entirely. well if we represent the egyptian people in the south of the city and we're defending our democratic choice and. second if we're doing it through peaceful means only i underline and peaceful means only not at all for we're not at threatening anyone and we don't tolerate threats to criminals that stage this kind are responsible for all the blood spilled on the streets for disrespecting the people as we always are and foremost accusing you know just trying to peacefully
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defend. the gyptian revolution has been peacefully and since day one the laws of no no one is threatening anyone however they was responsible for the bloodshed and violence of color by the supporters of and the bar every gene was that we used to be difficult tiresome and each of us has been going through a whole new stage a counter-revolutionary cruel irony gates of everything the revolution achieved they destroyed a democracy in a city the egyptian people in there who opts for medicine all the people see very clearly who supports democracy on who wants to rob them of a. look but as of now muslim brotherhood is out of egypt new defacto government muslim brotherhood refuses to cooperate if there's not cooperation stance a valid political strategy the muslim brotherhood does not speak on behalf of all the gyptian people and that's the way the whole world has to understand that the egyptian people are out in the streets right now. the muslim brotherhoods only
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represents a certain part of the population and that the muslim brotherhood candidate does not make decisions on behalf of the gyptian people they were not elected by the people or you but president bush sr laws and others are they have to distort the will of the people is in shrine to the constitutional is a document which he was drafted by the people and not by the muslim brotherhood. not only the brotherhood but the entire you to believe the crew out there should have happened to the first place it's a new government shouldn't have been imposed properly to what and are you prepared to fight it's mostly that egyptian people will not recognize the current government for them. nor the actions it to try to get to ruin democracy that again that again they gyptian people will stand for its choice as martyrs now
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i'm telling you whatever it takes. but when it comes to the number of deaths when will you say enough you should ask this question to those who orchestrated this violent crew that asked them when they're going to put an end to their crimes against the gyptian. how many more deaths that will take to stop us. well it goes both ways i am telling you i'm telling you to ask this to a c.c. and his group this the scoopers you must ask them when will you stop killing egyptian be able not not asking us when you when used tobe to be killed we owe all of us the egyptian people we decided to rule ourselves by our well. mbox is yes yes now egypt to be born asking where
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is my vote where is democracy. so again so have only gyptian people out of this have the right to determine who is to rule their country and it has to be determined by a elections it's only by casting their ballots that the egyptian people decide part of the post or we will lose many have said the candidate of the last election will never be elected in the future money and the winner harbor might be a letter for a second term this is what we understand by democracy and in which country can the opposition a model come to power through protests lot i mean instead of winning a general election are. there gyptian people stated loud in clear that democracy is the only road working for them and most of the people are they only think governance they are negative. they are not afraid of.
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murders or oppression that the rebels perpetrate house even most of the savage muscly the egyptian people are not afraid of the security forces what their foreign factor in a coup. all i know is that it isn't the anti-democratic coup which aims to lead egypt all the way from the path of becoming a respected it's almost a democratic nation when the gyptian people staged arrival lucian in january of two thousand and eleven and it was not a revolution of beggars nor revolution of the hungry oh no it was a revolution. people who are free and those free people another one so now protesting in the streets against this on constitutional illegal and on democrats a coup besides all the gyptian stop protesting the longtime democratic whose brutal and violent policies are the most loaded on a possible roll back to the practices once used by mubarak and the secret police.
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but no one looks at the situation in egypt from outside the first thing people are discussing after the clashes there what what role does the united states play and it's very unclear you may not know for sure but what are your thoughts the u.s. policy has been serving only the american interests all the time i don't really care about that as. the i don't care about the situation in america i'm not interested in the medical situation there. protected a lot of military. in the history in. other states and in egypt the us supported military coups in the ninety's way you. need them and some other countries when it was beneficial to their country that that is a well known fact this is a model for why we're talking now the situation in which he you find yourself where
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your father is suppose you don't know where he is there are clashes in the streets do you think your u.s. citizenship is a hindrance or a help. americans speak for democracy in the media but in reality they don't defend democratic principles and it is very important projections not seen called democracy from the us or some other country. on january the twenty fifth two thousand and eleven is that the egyptian people will rule to make independent decisions about the future of the country if not i will vote i beg then the u.s. administration does not have a clear position on this will be enough for you paul have to clarify here the clashes are between repressive security forces and peaceful protesters or you can't use the term civil war in this situation talk about it is not a civil war between egyptians what i'm asking is is your american citizenship helping you or damaging you right now so are many egyptians it is on that list that
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i don't have u.s. citizenship although one of my sisters these are you citizen. some are how come qatar has turned their back against you they were your supporters you can ask the leaders of carter on this question. but you certainly have your opinion on that as well. are you doing really understand the position. will it help the home turn are doing really can. only cure about the will of the egyptian people that's the main thing. to think that this syrian scenario may repeat of egypt absolutely not that's a gyptian zone understand what's going on. the egyptian army is the army of all the people egyptians understand it we'll well respected that. they just know me as well respected to know me you would like
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a great shoestring little to love people in this town the difference was you know the army and a few military commanders who organized the coup. some i thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us this was a sum or so the son of the ousted president mohamed morsy you are what so think of me so. thanks for watching i'll see you next time. they all told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for. the pollution to know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter. to secure your car is on the job.
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a secret partnership reportedly been working closely with u.s. intelligence despite its. public show of indignation over america's surveillance of europe. german chancellor angela merkel faces stiff questions over just how involved germany was in the n.s.a. prism spying program. the toxic legacy of war the us invasion of iraq is the keys of causing an epidemic of birth defects thanks to the use of uranium tipped weapons are to be found the problem could be worse than they originally thought. and elections not tanks the son of egypt's ousted president tells r.t. that's the only way to change the country insisting his father's rule was truly democratic.


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