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tv   Headline News  RT  July 24, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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breaking news this hour reports are coming in that whistleblower edward snowden has been given temporary paperwork to finally leave the moscow airport has been holed up and for months. all caught on links militants holed around two hundred kurdish civilians hostage in northeastern syria we try to gauge the many faces of the country's opposition. and the situation in iraq is spiraling out of control with al qaida plot a prison breaks and fresh terrorist attacks setting record death tolls.
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four pm in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie now washington's most want to ban edward snowden is reportedly about to receive permission to set foot on russian soil as a crucial paperwork has been issued to allow him to leave the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport well let's get to the details now from artie's lynndie france hotel insist now edward snowden is about to see the outside of the airport and. well that is what it appears very recently in fact just a couple of minutes ago heavy police presence became very noticed on the first floor of the terminal the police are heavily guarding a by the dozens a certain door there on the first floor is cordoned off to press and passers by and more and more security is being brought in and here's what we know so far that that interfax is reporting that if formalized notification from the federal migration services has indeed come through allowing edward snowden to move freely. about
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russia for the next three months until such time as the immigration services decides whether or not he can stay in russia for the next year on temporary asylum it's also been reported that anatoly katrina and advisor to snowden during his time here in russia was spotted at the federal migration services office today and he is indeed on his way from his offices here to share metro airport so we are all on standby it's a been a long wait all day long a lot of us were sure that this documentation was good going to come through today all indications pointed that it was going to happen and definitely from the police presence and all of the extra security being brought into this airport right now it does appear as if edward snowden the n.s.a. leaker is going to be coming out of the airport for the first time in the last month this place he's called home here in moscow and possibly stepped foot on on russian soil for the first time. all right lindsey well i bet there are a lot of journalists there keeping your watch and thank you for bringing us this
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update and will be crossing back to you for more. now average snowden's made a name for himself and got a bull's eye on his back after exposing america's global surveillance program so had to our website r.t. dot com to check out and directive map showing the extent of the spying operations carried out by the national security agency which has been closely monitoring unsuspecting citizens both at home and abroad while we correspond more important i tried to see if it's possible to avoid the prying eyes of big brother while going about her daily business in new york. in a post prism usa anonymity has become a rare commodity some accept it others are outraged but at the end of the day there is no easy way of escaping the prying eye of the n.s.a. five years ago i would have a cell phone little snitch in your pocket dump it don't bring your cell phone with you all the time and i would go smoother now you have automatic license plate
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readers to track where you are now you have metro pass through. the city bike system and facial recognition like it or not every american armed with technology has been cast in their own twenty four hour reality show the national security agency is the uninvited popper razzi you never see or hear it makes me want more careful about what i speak about on the phone and the way i conduct my business and i think it creates a certain consciousness. that weighs on us i feel like at this point i'm just a number in all of their data everything these days is so it's so critical to be using that technology is just part of our lives now and it's kind of unavoidable if you want to keep up with what's going on this is what do you know do not have a cell phone out of a car not live in a city. the only solution for living n.s.a. free is to divorce from all things digital experts say using encrypted search
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engines or changing security settings. on social networks isn't enough the truth you have to maintain. all to compartmentalize that you have to behave like an intelligent surgeon you have to constantly be thinking what tracks do i leave clearly retaining privacy under america's web of surveillance requires some sacrifice and here is where we're going to figure out how much so first things first i use a subway to get to work now if i use my credit card to buy my metro card then i can be tracked so instead i do use cash. easy. i usually check emails and voice mails during my five block walk to work but living in a safe three wires living without a cell phone fingers crossed i'm not missing any breaking news right now. so now i am at my office i need to swipe
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a key card to get inside the security company knows where i am. at my desk i'm still n.s.a. free i log into my corporate email but i can't use skype i can't use twitter i don't have a facebook account so there's no sacrifice there but here's the problem i can't use the web to research or read the news because all my activity can be tracked. newspaper yesterday's news but better than nothing this is about the time that i check my producer. invalid number my phone calls wouldn't go through and my only other. option is snail mail a slower but surveillance free alternative. or so i thought up or deny our team in new york. well kind of going to extremists are continuing to hold about two hundred kurdish civilians hostage in syria including women and children occurred in the
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area have been trying to protect their homes and have a fighting between jihad his forces and syrian government troops are reports more than two hundred civilians and let me stress that we're talking here about innocent men women and children all being held hostage by extremists in north eastern syria now we understand that the hostages are being used as human shields the russian foreign ministry saying that they're mostly from kurdish families whose members are fighting extremists in the region now fighting broke out a few days ago between syrian kurds and al qaeda linked militants in the towns of. and rice along the syrian turkish border this is exactly where al nusra and other al qaeda affiliated groups have been operating it looks as if these extremist groups are now literally out of control there are attempts by the kurds to form some kind of interim government while the al qaeda affiliates one to form an
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islamic state what the fighting shows is that attempts by al qaida to secure kurdish support has failed although there are some kurdish jihadists of course there are still tensions between the kurdish groups themselves but it seems that at least for now they have found common ground against the extremists turkey of course is looking on with concern it's worried that if the kurds fight al qaida they will get support from the waist but on the other hand the kurds in cells are not keen on the syrian national council either and they have refused to join the turkish backed syrian opposition that has not given them any assurances of promises as to a division of syria off to president bashar assad. now britain has recently backtracked on its desire to san arms supplies to the opposition saying there are a lot of extremists on the ground in syria but that doesn't seem to bother the free syrian army which has admitted it will accept help from anyone including al qaida
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my colleague bill dodd spoke to a rebel army spokesperson. the situation in syria with your position is pretty much complicated if you're on the idea of that is lot of the visions within the free syrian army. there of the one that let's say you say it's complicated there are divisions basically you've been hijacked by radical extremists by the likes of al qaida no. you can't so with. the logs of al qaida to. go to yes and they thought look if brothers are being killed by these torrent and the world is doing nothing about it just sitting back on the backs of us and doing nothing what we're going to be so you know or anyone is willing to hold us in advance to take on this torrent we are willing to accept him whether he looks like bin laden what he looks like the u.k. prime minister he says there's too much extremism on the ground there in syria so
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if extremist groups fighting the government multiply do you actually fear losing support of your foreign allies because you know a prime minister of some western country says there's extremism within the opposition i mean it's still not a justifiable reason not to call the moderates. meanwhile washington's eased congressional hurtles to arming the rebels moscow has reiterated weapons deliveries would go against revues agreement and the future peace conference on syria the opposition coalition has undergone a series of shift in its leadership but still suffers from a chronic lack of unity party's poll scott looks at who exactly is finding president. while the opposition are united in their desire to overthrow president bashar al assad that seems to be where their similarity ends the syrian national coalition is the umbrella group recognized internationally as the legitimate representative of the syrian people but they don't represent all factions opposed
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to a sad one group operating out of their control for example is the al qaeda linked al nusra front the coalition say they've hijacked the revolution or they've been classed by many in the west as a terrorist organization elsewhere a separate syrian group affiliated to al qaida helped facilitate a jailbreak in iraq over the weekend freeing high ranking al qaida operatives infiltrated by foreign fighters and this was agenda seems separate from out of the coalition and it's even led to infighting one f.s.a. commander was killed by a rival group and the f.s.a. feel they could soon be fighting on two fronts but when we use the phrase opposition exactly who are we talking about well the coalition alone is made up of at least eleven different groups including the muslim brotherhood who have recently called on the us and the e.u. to send arms in the battle with assad while only offering loose guarantees they won't fall into extremist hands there's also the coalition of secular and democratic syrians the syrian democratic people's party supreme council of the
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syrian revolution and so it goes on the disparate nature of the syrian opposition combined with the presence of islamic extremists means any nation looking to support the rebels are walking a continual tight rope with very few guarantees that any military support won't backfire and actually encourage the one thing met trying to fight elsewhere. and a reminder of our breaking news this hour reports that a temporary paperwork's been issued which will allow the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden to freely move around russia all that means he'll finally be able to leave the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport where he's believed to have been staying for more than a month now ever since arriving from hong kong his formal asylum request could still take up to three months to process and hills and get asylum for a year and will be able to renew his stay annually it's not yet known where a snow will had now but we'll be bringing you the latest as we get it.
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and also to come later this hour here in r.t.e. almost half of guantanamo detainees will get parole style hearings while others who have been cleared for release are left trapped inside prison walls more than that after the break here on r.t. . talking about language at all but i will only react to situations i have read the reports from. the british no i will leave the state to comment on your letter. to carry out a call it's all you're talking no. thank you no more we say. what you need a direct question be prepared for a change you know you should be ready for a. freedom of speech and
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a little bit of the freedom to watch. wealthy british scientists. go to. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines conjure reports. come back this is already coming to you live from moscow well july is not over again but it's already become the deadliest month in iraq this year of the country's north has just suffered a brutal gun attack that claimed the lives of at least nine policeman cities and towns all across rock are being devastated by similar attacks by al qaida
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insurgents on an almost daily basis by the late on sunday the terrorist group used a different tactic by alang sieged to keep prisons and freeing up to five thousand and mates including al qaida followers or more than fifty people were killed during those brazen prison assaults by adding this number to the soaring casualty figures coming from various parts of iraq since saturday we're getting to a shocking death toll of one hundred eighty seven in four days alone and the this brings us to the latest estimates which sadly show july's already seen more than seven hundred twenty civilians die in a bloody turmoil journalist and broadcaster neil clark believes the us wanted an unstable iraq which is why it invaded the country in the first place. this instability all goes back to two thousand and three and the illegal invasion when a secular government which held the country together was destroyed by the west deliberately and i think that this chaos is all right and i think the last thing
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the west wants is a stable iraq peaceful iraq because at these fleurette will be a regional cleric and they don't want that usa doesn't want a strong iraq israel doesn't want a strong rats i think this kind of chaos is an icky bombs going off every day i think it suits the west very well in fact temple unfortunately al-qaeda is an ally of the west in many ways in this and so we've got this sort of double game going on where we're told that al qaeda is the great enemy the great threat that western policies are used in their dirty work in a lot of countries in this region we did it in libya and in syria today so i think that the blood the blood shed is on the hands of tony blair and your severe conservative said those of us who protested against your will have blood on my hands the blood is on the hands of the neoconservatives who started this whole thing off of the illegal invasion in two thousand and three. well the days of harsh copyright regulation could soon be gone for good in finland as you can learn right now by a logging onto our website of the finnish parliament will all all call the common sense and copyright act which was completely drawn up by the public more on the
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breakthrough legislation at r.t. dot com. and just another click away online these replica gun heels look quite real but can't shoot that or whatever it was no argument for security staff at a new york air board who banned them from being taken on board. right to see. first street. and i would think that you're. on our reporters with. the. one number of leading companies in german industry have accused the chancellor of following policies towards russia that are damaging the nation's business interests
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well giants like lufthansa siemens volkswagen were among the one hundred eighty companies and unions lobbying for their interests in eastern europe and the group believes merkel's government is not paying enough attention to its relations with russia and wants to see a new strategy to prevent relations cooling and further while key though that are closer ties between the markets russia and the european union with business leaders also criticizing politicians and the media for their negative portrayal of russia are just bitter all over reports from berlin. this report has come out it's been published by the committee on eastern european economic relations now what that is essentially is a group of almost two hundred of the the biggest companies in germany now they were polled about. how they do business and how they see the relationship between between germany and russia with fifty four percent of them saying that the
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relationship has deteriorated in recent times now fifty percent of those who were polled said the reason for that to teary ration was the foreign policy of chancellor angela merkel and the fact that russia hadn't been given the required importance in that foreign policy. germany is russia's major trading partner in europe it's billions worth of euros of trade between the two countries free every year so it's seriously a quite a big deal economically also this could be seen as something of a warning shot to chancellor merkel there is an election coming up in september and her main opposition in that election is. now he has called for a change of attitudes towards russia saying that germany should be less competitive and more understanding to its russian partners and this is what's been echoed by the business leaders as the director of this committee for eastern european
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economic relations told me those jobs that generated by the russian market are integrity to germany. our business is really to to have the fund the government to have the relationship very close and i cannot make ties we have a lot of energy toys we have thirty percent of our energy comes from russia that is true for germany and for the european union but also we want to export our machinery or cars you know to russia and we do so and have a lot of work in places created in russia one point five million working places in germany depends on the german russian trade on nearly half a one to animal prisoners will have their cases reviewed the boards are to decide whether the inmates still constitute a threat to america that merits continued detention it took the u.s. government more than two years to carry out this plan ordered by president obama
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out of one hundred sixty six prisoners currently held at guantanamo bay sami one inmates will get parole style hearings while most haven't been charged with any crime because there isn't enough evidence to hold a trial but they were still considered too dangerous to be released of the rest only nine have been charged six of whom are awaiting death penalty trials and three have been convicted of war crimes eighty six others are also ineligible for reviews because they were cleared for release a long time ago well earlier we talked to john eisenberg one of the prisoners lawyers and he says that while parole hearings may be a welcome step toward shutting the facility it's still not enough to make inmates stop their hunger strike which is nearing its six months now. in the case of these detainees the statement they're trying to make is stop our indefinite detention it's inhuman it's brutal half of us have been cleared of cleared for release let us
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go the only way they can express that is by hunger striking and it is very much get in the world's attention that's the purpose of it i believe international pressure i believe pressure from members of the senate in the tappan through letters written by senator feinstein senator durban and next i hope pressure from the senate committee i hope all of this together will continue to put pressure on the president to do something positive about the problem that guantanamo bay has become . and returning now to our breaking news story a washington's most wanted man ad word snowden is reportedly about to receive permission to substitute on russian soil as a crucial paperwork has been issued to finally allow him to leave the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport well let's now get all the latest from artie's lindsay france wider lindsay any glimpse of snow and yet.
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not quite yet but everyone here is waiting with bated breath including the police there are dozens of guarding very heavily a certain door on the first floor it happens to be a door that lies five floors beneath the hotel where it's been reported edward snowden has been staying here sheremetyevo airport for the last month now the document that one of his his advisors so to speak here in russia anatoly. is reported to have brought here to the airport is a document that states a federal migration services will be reviewing his application for a temporary asylum for the next three months therefore he has the right over those three months to move about freely within the russian federation this will mark the beginning of a possible new life for him here in the country and the end of those three months if the if the reports are favorable if the federal migration service says it will grant him asylum then he can it be in the country for up to
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a year and they will need to renew that temporary asylum application yearly thereafter so he he says according to his advisors here in russia he could possibly seek work and a new life here in russia if that is favorable if not he plans to appeal that decision so it looks as if when he emerges from these doors and gives us finally a glimpse of him after a long month here in russia that he may be embarking on a brand new life and so we are keeping our eyes and our cameras trained very closely on those heavily guarded doors. by minute and of course be bringing you immediate reports as soon as any glimpse is caught of edward snowden. of course the watch continues as we are in suspense and keep your eyes firmly fixed on those heavily guarded doors are you sad for dallas thank you so much for bringing us this update and well add words snowden as we know has spanned more than a month in the transit zone of shared major airport and what turned out to be
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a very long layover we're going to discuss this with ivor. thank you so much for joining us and i'm going well we don't have a crystal ball right now we don't know when snow will come out of the airport if indeed he will today but we can now speculate on the options of what's on the table right now what sort of options does he have with. the only game in town that he's got right now is the moscow option so the lawyer. is the only guy that seems to have reached out and successfully set something up with snowden whether snowden brought him into the initial meeting that he set up with human rights activists and lawmakers a couple of weeks ago expressly to do that or not i think it is something i really question i'd like to put to snowden himself is you know how he how he reached out to the local russian authorities and how he managed to bring someone like put you in so i think we're at a key stage in the process he's going from stateless to some form of paper that's an enormous step forward for the guy i mean he obviously was stuck in the airport
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for about a month now so he's at least moving somewhere up there were to weigh in literally yeah i mean that's what i think it's widely accepted at this stage that nobody least of all snowden himself expected that he was going to get stuck in moscow or wind up in moscow but there's an interesting point going on there as well because i think i think snowden is very keen or would be wise not to portray moscow with some form of door not before you know that he's going to what's going on before heading off because there's a temporary stay after a little piece so he said for now. that's what we are but at the same time we're also hearing well we might stay in russia you know we might get a job. never know how things go you know you never you never know there's a bunch of questions i mean if a guy tries to get out of the airport today or you know as we know there's a media scrum going on out there that i would not on anybody and if snowden makes a public appearance do do we see a press conference when he answer questions by going to visit there's a lot of a lot of really interesting stuff while yet at this point there are more questions than answers both here ira thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and views on
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this with us here. and it will be of course bringing you more updates as we get them here on r.t. and next breaking the set. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. choose your language. of choice because you know in the financial system still some.
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choose to get consensus to. choose to get the news that immigrate to. choose the stories that in your life choose to access often. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck. i mean. i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old very slow motion with. the. worst for delivering the white house or the. radio guy and four minutes from. one local are about to just you've never seen anything like this until.
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you guys i'm out in march and this is breaking the sat so in today's chapter of corrupt cops tell you what the case of pamela held a long island resident was pulled over because her card in the have an inspection sticker however when new york police found prescription drugs in the car she was taken to the station while there the n.y.p.d. began to interrogate her about where she had been that night sort of prove that choose this it in a friend hell gave one of the officers a security code to herself from and the cops left with their phone in hand and it wasn't until it held was released three hours later that she got the phone back but that's when she realized that twenty personal risque photos and five videos saved on her phone had been forwarded the personal cell phone of one of the cops would interrogated her you heard me right this disgusting police officer take advantage of held attempt at providing her innocence prove your innocence sorry.


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