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tv   Headline News  RT  July 25, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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this is why you should care only. edward snowden could make russia his home but still lacks the paperwork to walk out of a moscow airport transit zone where the u.s. was still waiting for a decision on his asylum application. the n.s.a. data collection program that snowden helped to expose is going to stay in place as the u.s. congress narrowly rejects legislation aimed at curbing the government spying activities. a train derails in northwestern spain killing at least seventy seven and injuring more than one hundred and one of the worst accidents in decades. and the u.k. launches an ad campaign to persuade illegal immigrants to text the earth or visa for advice on how to become legal or go home.
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it's just after ten am here in the russian capital research your life when i see with your top world headlines the fugitive american it was a blower edward snowden is still waiting for the paperwork which will allow him to leave his limbo in a moscow transit zone now if he receives it today as some expect he might he'll be greeted by the glare of the world's media who have been waiting for him to come out since he arrived from hong kong has now been over a month ago and has applied for temporary asylum right here in russia and is apparently willing to settle down. brings us the latest from right outside sheremetyevo airport there are so many journalists here with their eyes and our camera lenses trained very heavily on any of the doors out on the first floor that he may eggs. out of that being said you never know this is definitely
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a sort of catch me if you can situation if you will now his adviser here in russia anatoly in a did say the paperwork that he needs that would allow him to officially exits the airport and enter russia. is still not here we were waiting for a long time yesterday hoping that it would arrive it was not forthcoming now it's important to clarify what this document means now it's a formal notice essentially that federal migration services is considering his bid and it is officially in process what that gives edward snowden is close to three months to move about freely in the country until he gets that document in his hands he cannot leave on them it's now after that three months that's when the final decision from federal migration services will come through if it is a favorable decision on edward snowden's behalf he plans to settle here pursue work if not he also plans to appeal that decision that shows just how serious he is
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about actually settling here now everyone expected to snowden would use russia as as a transit point to another country but just a little while after he landed here from hong kong when he didn't appear on that flight to cuba. people people looked at that very suspiciously wondering what was up well there was a lot of fear that any plane he boarded would that be rounded up by the u.s. government in an attempt to catch him this is a cat and mouse game with the media at this point we don't know if he will if he if he does get that documentation if it will be made obvious to us and if you will then come out and maybe give us a couple of comments or even a press conference he could also sneak out a side door and hop on that train into downtown moscow so you can bet today tomorrow and over the weekend and even next week the journalists here are waiting with bated breath to see if edward snowden does emerge from this airport with documents in hand. the frogs are sportscar just a short while ago here on the program in the meantime. washington has warned russia
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against letting snowden out of the airport again reiterating his demands for his extradition but moscow has dismissed that as a display of double standards saying the u.s. routinely ignores russia's calls for the extradition of individuals wanted in on charges as serious as terrorism now if he was sent home snowden could be tried for espionage ultimately for revealing the scope and details of america's ongoing surveillance program and its artie's guy nature can explains obama's war and whistleblowers leaves little doubt as to what would happen to snowden. by relentlessly going after whistleblowers here we picked some of the most notable ones the us government is sending a message this is what's going to happen to you if you speak out even if you think you're doing it for the public good even if the public things you did the right thing in edward snowden's case fifty five percent of americans consider him a whistleblower not a traitor and yet even as many americans are thinking to snowden for greater awareness about the government's blatant snooping on millions of absolutely
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innocent people snowden still had to flee the country so was not to share the fate of his fellow whistleblowers had he stayed he would have been in jail facing life in prison or maybe even the death penalty the example of bradley manning is right there the twenty five year old u.s. army private bradley manning has been in custody for three years now and is facing more than one hundred fifty years in jail many leaked documents and videos that exposed war crimes committed by the u.s. the military judge has recently ruled that manning still has to face the most serious charge the charge of aiding the enemy despite many claims that he's sole intent was to make the public more aware of the cost of war the human cost and other whistleblower former cia analyst john king also thought he was doing the right thing when he spoke about the cia's torture practices and became the first government official who confirmed waterboarding at one time who was the head of the cia's counterterrorism operations in pakistan father of five kids out who is now in
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jail serving his two and a half years sentence former n.s.a. employees william binney and thomas drake were very close to jail time after they separately blew the whistle on the government's massive surveillance program which they saw as ineffective an illegal they were both indicted on the espionage act needless to say their careers were destroyed edward snowden's revelations have only confirmed would be drake had been saying for years but possibly unlike binney and drake snowden has also made public indisputable proof of the existence of the programs i had the chance to interview three of these men john kiriakou william binney and thomas drake they talked to me about what it's like being targeted by the u.s. government take a listen if you're in itself is control. and what people will do when they're fearful as they were they will begin to censor themselves so much of what's happening now particular my case it sent it extraordinarily chilling message that anybody and i was a senior executive the government had
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a very high position and say it sends that extraordinarily chilling message that if you speak out if you speak up we're going to hammer you and we're going to hammer you hard because look what we did to mr drake i never believed i would be going to prison under a president obama never. that's been i think my biggest disappointment the classified documents that then you know ellsberg leaked four decades ago revealed that the us government had lied about the vietnam war and those revelations contributed to the erosion of public support for the war daniel ellsberg was the first whistleblower who was charged under the espionage act the government went after him with all he had wiretapped him without a court warrant broke into his therapist's office trying to find something to discredit him with the judge dismissed all charges against ellsberg due to the gross government misconduct and illegal evidence gathering today daniel ellsberg
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stands in support of all these whistleblowers arguing had he been charged today he would have most probably gone to jail in washington i'm going to shake him. in the meanwhile though the u.s. house of representatives has blocked an amendment that would have curbed the n.s.a.'s vast collecting of phone records now it was a narrow defeat of just twelve votes for the legislation over afflicting deep divisions in congress earlier my colleague bill dillard he discussed the amendment with pete ashdown and he's the owner of an internet service provider which has been shielding its clients data from the n.s.a. enough for years i think that the only solution for keeping the n.s.a. from spying on people on the internet is people using encryption and then having service providers. and stand against broad surveillance and wholesale monitoring now what about this amendment is it more about party politics in trying to embarrass obama than generally really trying to protect people's interests.
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well i. hope that something good is coming out of washington but you know i'm certainly there's a lot of that going on and i want to put it past the republican party for trying to do that but you know there are many in congress who are calling edward snowden a traitor and a criminal when in fact i think it's the people in the n.s.a. who are the criminals who are not following the constitution and have perjured themselves in front of congress these are these are people we cannot trust and it's a time that we taught them or shut them down the whole self surveillance or the doing of americans is part of my america i would like to see it stopped now one of the very disturbing stories we've been covering here for at least the past twenty four hours on oxy is the fact that a german cyber security specialist has discovered that hundreds of millions of sim cards around the world can be hacked instantly by just somebody sending one special hidden message to your fine how do you feel about that well you probably feel pretty worried about it because your phone can be hacked like that is how you
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voting right now from ati dot com and the vast majority saying well you know what this is just one of many ways that security officials can steal data that's the overwhelming seventy percent of all voters that let's go down to the third position now a very distant third position are saying ultimately that the manufacturers must be able to try and fix this flaw if indeed the security agencies are willing to let that happen in the first place down to the bad knuckles here four percent saying well it's too hard to carry this kind of threat out everybody needs to just basically calm down well ultimately it's your phone that can be hacked from anywhere in the world by security agents so i suggest certainly you take note of that we still gauging the pulse. com get involved at any point you feel like. well for the meantime here on our at least seventy seven people were killed when a high speed train ran off the rails in northwestern spain and more than one hundred other passengers injured in what is the deadliest crash in decades a motor chief. correspondent has the details on this. and this is of course one of
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the worst accident train accidents had that happened spain the worst certainly that we can remember for the past forty years and the first one to occur in a high speed like the one involved but as far as causes go there's still no confirmation from the government so what could have caused the train to do well at least the ministry of homeland has discarded completely the possibility of a terrorist attack and now speculation leaks that greece accidentally could be the consequence of speeding as a lot of people to my writing of the scene actually emergency services asked the neighbors to help with. even with to turn on the lights so the cars to eliminate the zone emergency services half of course. and stay out installed a phone number for the family for the families to call to. make contact with most
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of the services. we know that local authorities are type already the minister of. one we have two of the government is already there. you can log on to our website dot com for the latest on that accident and you'll find photos also reports from the witnesses as well as reaction from the spanish officials. thank you for joining us here on r.t. i'm brewery sushi in moscow the u.k. government is opening up a new front in its struggle to deal with illegal immigration vans carrying signs urging immigrants to seek free advice on how to go home and also appear on the
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streets of london. this is not the first initiative to try and take this whole crisis on the fight with immigrants or begins even before they arrive early ministers considered an advertising campaign to stress the negative parts of life in britain hoping to thwart off the potential immigrants and those who still arrive especially people from asia and africa will be forced to pay three thousand pound bomb before they even enter britain that money though to be returned only after their departure home and if you want to apply for citizenship well there's a new version of the citizenship test coming into force this week with questions about the u.k.'s history and culture in fact here are some of the latest questions from this new test. though now we're having a look at the collapse of the idea of multiculturalism and whether the new and see immigration initiative will do anything to help it or. this is barking and dagenham one of six london boroughs where vans with massive billboards like the one behind
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me with a message go home or face arrest will be driving around london in the next week this is the latest attempt of the u.k. a home office to would deal with illegal immigration in the country they say they want to encourage a voluntary leaving of the country now would also advertise a number that can be texted by immigrants to ask for help and how to leave the country on their own accord now the home office says that voluntary rich returns are the most cost effective way of dealing with illegal immigration with about twenty eight thousand departures last year and the immigration officer minister mark harper had said of the message essentially is that there is an alternative to being led away in handcuffs however this program has received a lot of criticism we have spoken with the david coburn of the u.k. independence party we're awfully horrified i mean this is like. the nazis going around washington to trucks it's dreadful it's discriminatory it's unpleasant it
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makes the country luke extremely unpleasant indeed and not something that i told british and something that i'm absolutely convinced the vast majority the british public would not put up with it's not the fault of the immigrants is the fault of the government for letting them in the control of the great britain should be controlled by our parliament they should not be controlled by the european union but we also spoke with the migrant rights network to see how this might impact communities and what kind of reaction it could get from illegal immigrants and the locals alike. the minister has chosing very diverse areas of london to drive design around and what they will do is actually create suspicion of immigrant communities people who might look for in one way or another and we think the government should be trying to be promoting good community relationships rather than trying to be stoking up fear within communities and all of this falling under an active push by
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the government to make britain more difficult and as has been reported a more hostile environment to unwanted immigrants reporting from london i'm tess are cilia and mohamed but a councillor on the london brunt he believes the government risks radicalising and isolating those illegally staying in the u.k. . illegal immigrants they are here for a reason the probably scared of going back home because return back home i just cannot see how this trick they're trying to use to flush out people is going to work just cannot work because i can't see people responding to these text it could actually backfire on the home office there is bound to be some impact on the community in my community where people feel stigmatized isolated and divided the top of language that's being used from the holding will actually push people further underground and my fairies rock the most vulnerable people like women and children that you end up being exploited in criminality. artist i have
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a few here on the hunger strike in guantanamo bay prison could finally be getting a reaction just a moment here the u.s. senate is at last set to debate the possible closure of the facility the status of dozens of inmates also finally getting a refute all programs on but also the top headlines as well still to come. i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our
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t.v. question more. we are not far from the mountains breaking the set but for the meantime here on our team a two point five billion euro bailout traunch for greece has been held back until
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the country delivers on the last condition. that involves transferring thousands of public sector works and are desperate for help nearly a quarter of them living well below the poverty line and even the brightest unable to find a job that is you've got pissed off. forties has a master's degree in engineering management you got it in the u.s. and hoped it would help him find a job in greece but for months now this logistics mastermind hasn't been able to find a use for his skills he says business is are simply afraid of hiring new staff because there is all these unstability they don't know what will happen in the two or three months later so there is zero investment going on in the market highly educated people unable to find work are becoming as common pleas here as strategies in a greek salad officially two out of three grads in greece or now unemployed it's not only about graduates most of all can find a decent job even of a master's degree and also decided to stay in science often in front of us while
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leading to an academic deadlock that so far even the brightest minds haven't been able to crack. because of the latest star city measures by greece's creditors the so-called troika around seven hundred fifty scholars who are elected to serve a straggle the members of the national academy can't be officially appointed to their posts stuck in unpaid limbo they're also unable to use existing research facilities even if they are willing to do so for free but that just finished their ph d.'s and want to give things to education and to thirty veltman of the country cannot have a just held hostage just waiting for their plane when they don't have money they are looking for other jobs to survive according to a recent study by the university of just a little over one hundred twenty thousand professionals including scientists have left greece since two thousand and ten and as the troika continues pressing athens with the new austerity measures in exchange for financial aid the potentially kind
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of. the country is experiencing is either being a nudist. you go to school of athens greece. and as per usual or artist max keiser brings a rather alternative point of view to the table as he looks at europe's public debts and a growing unemployment for show is going to be in about seventy one minutes from now if you can stay with us for that. the u.k.'s business secretary vince cable as compared the bank of england to the taliban vince cable saying that the bank of england are jihadi he's for insisting banks have minimum capital reserves then then this is all boy. surgery use of bank of england are indeed like the taliban but only because they provided this safe haven for the jihadi of banking fraud who strapped on the debt packed suicide vest and blew up the entire frickin
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economy and that same taliban central bank is now papering over the bloody aftermath with little pieces of digital paper. or before we get to the r.c. world update finale put our attention to cuba as the us senate has held a hearing on the closure of guantanamo bay prison for the first since two thousand and nine five years though after obama's pledge to actually close the prison down now many detainees will actually have their cases reviewed by a special panel which will decide whether they should remain behind bars most have been charged with any crime due to an overwhelming a lack of evidence but they were still considered too dangerous to be released this report to r.t. correspondent this while. this is the first significant congressional hearing that has been held since two thousand and nine course president obama vowed to close
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this brings back in two thousand and nine and that has not happened to date is here in columns as a hunger strike is under way act one tottenham obey dozens of detainees are still engaging in that strike some of them are being force fed we heard some testimony today there were some activists that showed showed up in their orange prison jumpsuit in protest of this we had some lawmakers testify against this calling it a moral we also heard from a military physician that said that this is contrary to the military court code of ethics certainly a lot of fear there among several republicans that what exactly these detainees would do where they would be sent so whether or not this hearing would have gone on to if this hunger strike did not take place it's unclear but certainly lawmakers here have taken notice. cindy lawyer for one of the prisoners out she says it's
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time for hearings and has long passed the u.s. government has got to act. what we heard today were not any concrete steps that the congress or the president are going to take to close the base but we heard more talk which is heartening that the base will be closed but at this time we would like less talking a little bit more action as president obama still has not appointed an envoy in the department of defense to effectuate the closure of the base and there's still not been designated a separate and alternate site for the prisoners that will be transferred reviewing the status of these men is again another step towards possibly clearing other men for release but again the review boards decisions are in no way binding because as we've seen eighty six men have been cleared by previous reviews and remain held at the camps. for the r.c. world up to now getting opened up with iraq where at least twenty two people have
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been killed dozens injured in a spate of attacks and bombings in the deadliest assault fourteen truck drivers were shot dead after militants stopped their cars at a makeshift checkpoint that followed attacks on security vehicles on checkpoints as well as a bomb blast at a market in baghdad violence has claimed of a seven hundred lives in just july. and egypt where the central public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of good leader of the muslim brotherhood mohamed but the eight other senior islamist officials are accused of inciting violence and instability a body has been detained before but was later released after the army ousted president morsi about three weeks ago both all me and hard line islamists have already called on their supporters to hit the streets now we're looking at more rallies being planned for friday. and to the philippines where hundreds of taken to the streets of manila to protest against beijing's claims on the islands in the south china sea the marches demanded china leave the disrupted area accusing it of
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being overbearing and arrogant beijing sees the scarboro show last year the area which the philippines considers its own territory. and staying with china and disgraced former top politician bo xilai as being charged with bribery abuse and corruption last year as you know i was a contender for the politburo committee of a for being accused of tarnishing the communist party's reputation after he was linked to the murder of a british businessman and the ruling paves the way for a trial which is being held up as an example of the government's fight against corruption. by a very short break here and i'll say that it's obvious mohsin she's going to be having a look at what's behind washington's it washington's decision to carry on with its ongoing global n.s.a. spy program that's after the break you.
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boy oh boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there from mysterious extra planets trip to lean creatures living among us but there also may conspiracy theories that are very plausible and some that are well actually true one that i've heard for a long time is that they are specifically trying to fool the police with dimwits to abuse the american people which is silly right right well according to a.b.c. news a discrimination lawsuit revealed that robert jordan was denied the chance to become a new london police officer because he was too smart his entrance exam score was a thirty three which is an i.q. of one hundred twenty five and it was just too high to allow him to defend the public good that police department only accepts candidates who have scores from
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twenty to twenty seven the logic is that people who are too smart get bored as policeman and they're more likely to quit after years of costly training. yeah this is proof of a conspiracy theory well the lowest score they accept is still around an average i.q. so that doesn't mean they're specifically trying to fill the place with sub par people but it does seem really weird to fear people with high i.q.'s entering the police force this case to have a confirms nor denies the conspiracy theory but it's definitely food for thought and does a kind of not make sense to discriminate against anyone ever for having a high i.q. i don't know but that's just my opinion. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month so food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had lunch i got so many i mean family and i know that i'm seeing the same thing really miss. the
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old story so personally. the. worst you are going through the white house or the. radio guy for a minute. they want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm still. going to break into said i'm adding martin today something very important is scheduled to happen the first ever vote on the house floor of the n.s.a. is collection of phone records a bipartisan amendment was proposed by congressman ammash and co-sponsored by congressman conyers on the two thousand and fourteen defense appropriations bill now a majority yes vote would mean that the blanket indiscriminate gathering of every u.s. residence phone records would end according to mattias website it does this by requiring the fire as a court under the.


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