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tv   Headline News  RT  July 25, 2013 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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spied spying and will spy us congressman allow america's national security agency to continue its worldwide surveillance despite visible divisions in washington. and the man who exposed the agency's wrongdoing is still stranded in the moscow airport as he lacks the paperwork to leave it. on his asylum request is still being processed. the ruling party's headquarters torched in the streets thousands of angry protesters clashed with police. following the assassination of a prominent opposition leader the second such case this year. our brave young men and women to fight against al-qaeda in some countries and with
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al-qaeda in other countries us and the syrian rebels siding with terrorists as the syrian national council plans to talk weapons shipments during its visit to new york the top stories this hour. from our studios and this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day. the show must go on that's the message from american or makers who allowed the national security agency to continue spying both at home and abroad a motion to curb his activities was blocked in the house of representatives by a narrow margin of only twelve votes if approved it would have the n.s.a. from listening to every phone call made to or by a u.s. phone the vote has exposed
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a major split within both the republicans and democrats discussed this division and ways to protect public privacy. is the owner of one of the few internet service providers which has denied n.s.a. surveillance requests. i think the only only solution for keeping the n.s.a. from spying on people on the internet is people using encryption and then having service providers that are willing to stand up and stand against broad surveillance and wholesale monitoring and if as we've seen with the revelations this past week the n.s.a. wasn't really happy about encryption coming on the internet they tried to block it they tried to stall it and they've tried to request keys from large entities like google and others to monitor the encrypted communications as well they've they've gone way overboard on this thing i'm on the side of the people who want to defund the n.s.a. i'm on the side of the people who are our gas to the constitutional violations they're executing you know there are many in congress who are calling edward
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snowden a trim credo a traitor and a criminal when in fact i think it's the people in the n.s.a. who are the criminals who are not following the constitution and perjured themselves in front of congress these are these are people we cannot trust and it's a time that we audit them or shut them down as long as that information is transmitted in the clear and there are willing partners of the n.s.a. allowing them to collect data off the internet they're going to continue doing that as long as they can the man who unveiled the speaking program is facing espionage charges if he steps on american soil the history of a bomb his war on whistle blows leaves little doubt that in this case it would snowden could end up at best heading down the path of his father lee because and he's got a ton reports by relentlessly going after whistleblowers here would pick some of the most notable ones the u.s. government is sending a message this is what's going to happen to you if you speak out even if you think you're doing it for the public good even if the public things you did the right
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thing in edward snowden's case fifty five percent of americans consider him a whistleblower not a traitor and yet even as many americans are thankful to snowden for great awareness about the government's blatant snooping on millions of absolutely innocent people. not in still had to flee the country so was not to share the fate of his fellow whistleblowers had he stayed he would have been in jail facing life in prison or maybe even the death penalty the example of bradley manning is right there the twenty five year old u.s. army private bradley manning has been in custody for three years now and is facing more than one hundred fifty years in jail many leaked documents and videos that exposed war crimes committed by the u.s. the military judge has recently ruled that manning still has to face the most serious charge the charge of aiding the enemy despite many claims that his sole intent was to make the public more aware of the cost of war the human cost another whistleblower former cia analyst john kitty arkell also thought he was doing the
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right thing when he spoke about the cia's torture practices and became the first government official who confirmed waterboarding at one time get out who was the head of the cia's counterterrorism operations in pakistan father of five kid out who is now in jail serving his two and a half years sentence former n.s.a. employees william binney and thomas drake were very close to jail time after they separately blew the whistle on the government's massive surveillance program which they saw as ineffective an illegal needless to say their careers were destroyed edward snowden's revelations have only confirmed would be drake had been saying for years but possibly unlike binney and drake snowden has also made public indisputable proof of the existence of the programs i had the chance to interview three of these men john kiriakou william binney and thomas drake they talked to me about what it's like being targeted by the u.s. government take a listen if you're in itself is control and what people do when they're fearful as
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they were being will begin to censor themselves so much of what's happening now particular my case it sent it extraordinarily chilling message that anybody and i was a senior executive the government had a very high position and. it sends that extraordinarily chilling message that if you speak out if you speak up we're going to hammer you and we're going to hammer you hard because look what we did to mr drake the court is supposed to protect the constitution all these all these people in government take an oath to defend the constitution and they're not living up to their oath of office i never believed i would be going to prison under a president obama never. that's been i think my biggest disappointment the classified documents that daniel ellsberg leaked four decades ago revealed that the u.s. government had lied about the vietnam war and those revelations contributed to the erosion of public support for the war daniel ellsberg was the first whistleblower
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who was charged under the espionage act the government went after him with only had wiretapped him without a court warrant broke into his therapist's office trying to find something to discredit him with the judge dismissed all charges against ellsberg due to the gross government misconduct and illegal evidence gathering today daniel ellsberg stands in support of all these whistleblowers arguing had he been charged today he would have most probably gone to jail in washington i'm going to shake up washington still battling for the extradition of edward snowden who's been stranded in a moscow airport for more than a month ever since arriving from hong kong he's applied for asylum in russia and is waiting for paperwork allowing him to finally leave his current state of limbo auntie's indifference brings us the latest now from outside the polls. there are so many journalists here with their eyes and their camera lenses trained very heavily on any of the doors on the first floor that he may exit out of that being said you
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never know this is definitely a sort of catch me if you can situation if you will now his adviser here in russia anatoly did say the paperwork that he needs that would allow him to officially exit the airport and enter russia is is still not here now it's a formal notice essentially that federal migration service is is considering his bid and it is officially in process of what that gives edward snowden is close to three months to move about freely in the country until he gets that document in his hands he cannot leave after that three months that's when the final decision from federal migration services will come through if it is a favorable decision on edward snowden's behalf he plans to settle here if not he also plans to appeal that decision that shows just how serious he is everyone expected to snowden would use russia as as a transit point to another country but just a little while after he landed here from hong kong when he didn't appear on a flight to cuba people looked at that very suspiciously wondering what was up this
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is a cat and mouse game with the media at this point we don't know if he will if he if he does get that documentation if it will be made obvious to us and if you will then come out and maybe give us a couple of comments or even a press conference he could also sneak out a side door and hop on that train into downtown moscow so you can bet today tomorrow and over the weekend and even next week the journalists here are waiting with bated breath to see if edward snowden does emerge from this airport with documents in hand. and it turns out that american surveillance agency whose tactics were exposed. it seems. the n.s.a. which is a green light to spy on the whole world can't track what is actually happening in his own backyard all it. we report on how the spying contagion has spread into us from new zealand. to play in washington for this.
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violent protests are broken out across following the killing of a prominent opposition politician been reports of tear gas being fired at protesters who are blaming the government for the assassination and skip more now with a reporter with live. fire we're getting conflicting reports including news of the torching of a ruling party headquarters and also tear gas on the streets tell us how bad is the situation. this morning the president accepted placement of the ministry of the interior. there was he got that and it was a smaller group of people and there were no clashes between some of the policemen and some of the postmaster's and that's when the police used tear gas to spread across but then and there were people who also went to the hospital where everybody on the ground is and make
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a few hundred. miles per second and then screaming. and then after that some of them headed in the main avenue and. that's when the clues started getting bigger and bigger and so now there are hundreds of protesters on the main avenue of who gave us in front of them a few people here in genesis protecting but so far they got sick because they don't know the where they will they are not because it's from a bit here and. we don't know what their people need but didn't come back leave a legacy give us more details of the assassination itself what you know. what we heard this morning was that muhammad was shot dead in front of his house. this morning some people said some of the neighbors said that it was over about
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luck eleven or this. man on a motorcycle. shot him with eleven bowlegged. others. said it was less than that but it's at least five bullets and it's clear this all the people that we talked. we still haven't heard anyone claimed possibility or not. we are the luckiest accusations and many you know some people kids in the you know being party and not others in the opposition. and just briefly this isn't the first such assassination in your country and its recent history is a. no it's not. actually. in february should he be allowed. also an opposition politician and also. because pollution brown's party is part of the party. however another politician also died
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at last all that is. that you know not that the heart of that. class is that so it's new it's relatively new and the revolution. for a thanks very much indeed for joining us here in r.t. for sunday reporter with tunisia life thank you. under the veil of pursuing the goal of a peaceful syria the leadership of the national coalition has arrived in new york and plans to talk arms shipments with the us secure state now that says the u.n. put the death toll from the civil war to more than one hundred thousand people more important more on the story. well it's no secret that the syrian opposition wants to receive the weapons and military aid that the obama administration has promised
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to provide to rebels fighting against president bashar al assad and this is likely going to be the main topic that will be discussed between the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the syrian delegation visiting the u.n. which is being led by the president of the syrian national coalition the new president jarba now the issue many experts are raising here is the fact that the group has no official power and lacks support and recognition inside of syria the syrian national coalition was founded in doha and is based in is stamboul many see this group as outsiders lobbying for more arms to import into serious already bloody civil war now u.s. officials say that during the bilateral meeting that will take place between secretary kerry and the delegation of the syrian opposition that secretary kerry plans to convey washington's commitment to help strengthen the opposition and to discuss not only the situation on the ground but the power forward toward
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a political solution however several u.s. lawmakers have publicly opposed providing any weapons to the syrian rebels among the most outspoken is republican senator rand paul he recently accused u.s. president barack obama of asking the american military to open up a front without any congressional approval paul said he's not convinced that u.s. intervention into syria will end the ongoing civil war the u.s. lawmaker also said that accusations of damascus using chemical weapons so as accusations with the which the obama administration recently made he said that those accusations is identical quote to the massive deception campaign that led the u.s. into the iraq war the assad regime is no friend of freedom or the united states but this does not mean that the enemy of our enemy is our freund there are currently seventeen different rebel groups in syria including the largest group.
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of fighters are radical anti-american geodes and they're affiliated with al qaeda. but your politicians in washington are eager to send weapons they promised own weapons won't get into the hands of the enemy i don't believe that anyone believe that well i think those goals are what will be discussed in the informal security council meeting that will take place on friday meeting was called for by the u.k. now according to reports the syrian national coalition the delegation at the u.n. is expected to state its readiness to send its representatives to the conference in geneva in order to join other influential opposition groups at the negotiation table with the syrian government without preconditions now that meeting is the second international conference in geneva it is commonly referred to as geneva two it's co-sponsored by russia and the u.s. now the international conference as our viewers probably know already aims to
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outline a political settlement settlement in syria in accordance with the geneva communique which calls for a transitional government to be established that takes members of the opposition and members of the assad government now while all these negotiations are taking place most recently as you already mentioned the u.n. secretary ban ki moon announced that more than one hundred thousand people have been killed during syria's ongoing civil war and this is leading many to ask including rand paul who we just heard from if sending weapons to an ongoing conflict is the best idea for ending all the violence and bloodshed because that is what the u.s. plans to do to arm the opposition and the rebels with military aid and this is something that we can be sure will be discussed at least behind closed doors at the united nations. well many experts think the u.s. military has already made iraq a failed state terrible things and bring the number killed in the country this
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month alone to a shocking seven hundred fifty nine people as interposed international. breaks up five hundred of its own from iraqi prisons. in a couple of minutes. last set of questions about the president of this country lied to me and putin and i know that you personally called him a dictator why do you find so disagreeable about him we're going to follow you him till the moment one whit when he will give up his place we're going to follow him we're going to be his his knights knights knights is a nightmare. mission . critical free. free. free
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free. free. free. free. for your media project free media gogarty dot com. come up to twenty minutes past the hour this is r.t. live here in moscow continues now activists in new zealand say launches a big organize against government attempts to allow the country's intelligence service the g c s p to legally spy on citizens and this is prohibited under the current legislation but the agency it doesn't say dozens of times since two
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thousand and three namely while helping other security agencies mega upload founder kim dotcom it was exposed to unlawful surveillance tactics himself says it's the us which is promoting the motion overseas. n.s.a. director general keith alexander visited new zealand right after the legal spying by the g.c.'s be in my case it became known and during his stay here in new zealand he brainstormed with the g.c.'s b. what to do about the scandal i assume that only an american general could have had the idea to push for new spy legislation granting incredible new powers to the g.c.'s be under such circumstances. the death toll in iraq this month alone has reportedly reached a staggering seven hundred fifty nine people after a new wave of violence claimed dozens of lives across the country this comes as
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interpol issued an alert after al qaeda freed some five hundred of its members in attacks on iraqi prisons in a statement the organization said that most of those who escaped senior members and pose an international threat let's discuss this now with political analyst patrick henderson first of all patrick the figures the death toll is over this certainly the last few months is pretty grim reading isn't it why is the country going through such a violent period now. but i think iraq at the moment is only realizing seeing the fruits of the seeds that had been sown through a decade of occupation by the united states and other forces so the two really the big success with the u.s. occupation was to create a sectarian situation in iraq between shiites and sunnis. to you know destabilize that country for the next generation that's what we're looking at right now and these prison breakouts what does it tell us about the capability of the security
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services now in the country want to face the iraqis have in their services now. it's quite an extraordinary event five hundred terrorists sprung from two different prisons. it's quite extraordinary i mean the odds of this actually happening without any outside. help let's say either from satellite from the air or telecommunications support this isn't a prison break that al-qaeda could organize on their own would have had to be either an inside job and also have outside support so it's quite extraordinary the ramifications of this for iraq. there isn't a lot of confidence in the security services in iraq after an event like this happened but i think we need to investigate further about how it happened and who might have been involved and helped but what about the ramifications beyond iraq interpol has issued an international alert is this a major security threat throughout the world now that these people are. not
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throughout the world but that's how it will be portrayed in the western media is that if there's any bill if there's any terrorist event over the next twelve months they're going to reflect back to this event and say it's one of the terrorists who escaped from the iraqi prisons and that might prompt a call for the u.s. to bring forces back to iraq or to probably more likely build the iraq will be out with the cap in hand begging for more money in there of course that will be money for security in their country and of course that will be u.s. or british contractors providing that security but more of a worrying factor bill is that a lot of these terrorists who've been sprung from jail are probably heading for syria. to think very few people are going to argue with just briefly you talked about west and help that what about western intervention clearly it's getting critical now in iraq some people say that would justify western intervention just briefly. this is
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a real political football of course president obama will be naturally blamed by the republicans or the neoconservative right in america for pulling too many resources out too quick in iraq and this will be a big point maybe in a couple of years this is not going to get any better bill in iraq the situation is getting worse by the by the month by the year and the situation we have in syria and we have a new arc of destabilization which is stretching from lebanon all the way to the border of iran patrick thanks very much indeed for joining us with your thoughts now for some international news in brief update vivid security footage of the train that hurtle off the tracks in northern spain killing at least eighty people report said may have been going around the corner more than twice the speed of a high speed passenger train derailed several kilometers from the famous pilgrimage . two investigations have been ordered to find out how the accident happened.
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closing arguments in the court martial of bradley manning it began after the judge refused to drop charges of theft against him last week she ruled that would also have to face the most important accusation of aiding the enemy has already pleaded guilty to ten out of twenty one charges against him says he leaked hundreds of thousands of documents to spark a public debate about the role of the us military. emergency services have had to evacuate parts of a small airport in miami after a suspected leak of depleted uranium a fifty five gallon drum containing the substance was found opened in an area where a plane was due to be broken up executive airport officials say the container had been sealed earlier as yet unclear how that seal was broken. well news and health with me in the team in the meantime and well it's a part of the brain. boy
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oh boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there from mysterious extra planets to rip killian creatures living among us but they're also may conspiracy theories that are very plausible and some that are well actually true one that i've heard for a long time is that they are specifically trying to fill the police with dimwits to abuse the american people which is silly right right well according to a.b.c. news a discrimination lawsuit revealed that robert jordan was denied the chance to become a new london police officer because he was too smart his entrance exam score was a thirty three which is an i.q. of one hundred twenty five and it was just too high to allow him to defend the public good that police department only accepts candidates who have scores from twenty to twenty seven the logic is that people who are too smart get bored as
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policeman and they're more likely to quit after years of costly training. yeah this is proof of a conspiracy theory well the lowest score they accept is still around an average i.q. so that doesn't mean they're specifically trying to fill the place with subpar people but it does seem really weird to fear people with high i.q.'s entering the police force this case to have a confirms nor denies the conspiracy theory but is definitely food for thought and does a kind of not make sense to discriminate against anyone ever for having a high i.q. i don't know but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to worlds apart they claim to represent the family's cause here did in
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a way that makes man rather than women pay attention they claim you tease a way to reclaim the on a ship of female sexuality for they only parade young in the statically attractive bodies if a man movement celebrated its fifth anniversary this year and while it has definitely managed to get through walls attention hasn't been able to achieve anything beyond public disturbance well to discuss that analogy and buy in the shift to one of the moments very active members in a thank you very much for your time now i'm sure you have been asked this question before but for those viewers who may be unfamiliar with your movement why breasts why breasts why when they can't why we're using our six charlotte as a weapon because this this does world to society this system by circle system left us only one function only sexual function they took everything from us they took political social function from women and left us all new sexual one that's why
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i was sad our sexual will become political would transform when they could budget openly to go instrument was say that my body is not working for parts or are anymore my budget is working for my own liberation for women's liberation well in my body is also working for my own goals but unlike yourself i cannot claim that i have been reduced to a sexual function i got an education i have a well paying job sharing my house whore chores with my husband so i don't feel oppressed when you say oz who exactly you're speaking for you know we're not seeking to represent someone who who is as you or as you say objectively if it so who is not oppressed but i call you and all other women who are in this imposition is you don't deny the fact that there are millions of women who are who are just totally controlled by by.


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