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to the global economy with. global financial headlines kaiser reports. spy spying and will spy u.s. congressman america's national security agency to continue its worldwide surveillance despite visible divisions and. also reported spying contagion is spreading to u.s. friendly new zealand prominent figures that blaming washington. the ruling party's headquarters torched tear gas in the streets thousands of angry protesters clashed with police in. the nation of a prominent opposition leader the second such case this year. our brave young men and women to fight against al-qaeda in some countries and with al-qaeda in other countries us out of the idea of syrian rebels calling it siding
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with terrorists as the syrian national council plans to weapons shipments during its visit. from a studio center in moscow this is with the twenty four hour a day. so the show must go on and that's the message from american lawmakers who have allowed the national security agency to continue spying both at home and abroad a motion to curb its activities was blocked in the house of representatives by a narrow margin of only twelve votes if a clue bob from listening to the environment made by us for a vote is exposed a major split between both the republicans and democrats let's go live now to new
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york. katherine. katherine. and i say it's going to be allowed to carry on spying did that decision from congress come as a surprise to you. we were really hoping that they would do the right thing many members of congress have said that they weren't aware of the extent of the spying we've heard a lot of going back and forth over the last couple of weeks and said word snowden came forward but i have to say i was truly disappointed that they made the wrong decision today and do you think very was more of a political decision a game between the democrats and the republicans rob than the genuine concern for people's privacy. well if you have to realize that members of congress are members of the government and this really is an issue of the government spying on the people and so i think really the bigger question is are the members of congress and are they representing us as the people or are they representing the powerful interests that want to have more surveillance data on americans and i think today
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made it very clear republican democrat you know we saw votes across the board there we've also seen under both republican administrations and here george w. bush and also under this democratic administration under barack obama in both cases we've seen this kind of warrantless actually unconstitutional surveillance so i don't i don't think necessarily it's in the issue of democrats versus republicans i really think it's becoming an issue of the government versus the people talking over the people do the majority of americans really care about being spied on is it such a big issue amongst the american population. it's actually become a huge issue i can say in the last couple of weeks everyone from the woman who cuts my hair to the the cashier at the grocery store people are talking about it people are concerned about it people want to make a change and they would like to see congress act on this if congress doesn't act on
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it i think people are very eager for solutions and i would say yes it's at the very top of people's concerns nowadays and catherine you're a consumer privacy expert what do you say to people say well what should i be concerned about if i've got nothing to hide and i'm being spied on and i don't know about it been really does it. what all the worries them. well i think the worry is that over the long haul if you don't draw the line then you will find every aspect of your life being surveilled and i think the framers of the us constitution really viewed it this way if you've done nothing wrong all the more reason for the government not to be watching you to really be leaving you alone so my concern comes up when we start saying you have to watch everybody in the event that one person may do something wrong and in the process you are doing a dragnet and observing many many millions of people who are completely law abiding citizens of the fourth amendment to the u.s. constitution makes that a crime you can't do that that's not legal so i think the bigger question is how do we more more effectively watch the people who are demonstrably involved in crimes
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and get the rest of people out of that dragnet or just want to leave where does that leave people not just in america but around the world internet users may prevent themselves being spied on is going to be impossible. well you know this is a question i've been asking myself for over ten years as a privacy advocate and it's one of the reasons why i helped to create the start page search engine we're really looking at start page dot com it's an alternative to google we also have an e-mail program coming out that will be completely private fully encrypted with a user vault that no one can access even if they could get it back to where they wouldn't be able to access the information because it will be fully encrypted that will be at start mail dot com and i think really that the solution here if if the courts will not act if the legislature will not act then it's really going to be up to us to find solutions and to actually use them when they're available that means that companies who create internet products whether they're looking at the best way to spy on people need to start asking themselves. so start page dot com start mail
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dot com dot com there's a number of other services out there really focusing on privacy and i really think that people are ready to make this switch get it off of facebook get away from being in yahoo and google stop using the. surveilled emails and really think consciously about how to support alternatives that keep your privacy intact catherine albrecht thank you very much indeed for joining us live here and good to hear from you thank you. well edward snowden who revealed to the world what the n.s.a. is up to is still waiting for the paperwork to allow him to leave his current state of limbo in a moscow airport transit zone is emergence is eagerly anticipated by the world's media have been waiting for him to come out since he arrived from hong kong more than a month ago and he's applied for asylum in russia and he's apparently planning to settle here meanwhile washington has continually the mahdi is extradition if sent home snowden could be tried for espionage for revealing the scope and details of america's surveillance program in the history of obama's war on whistle blowers
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leaves little doubt that in this case could end up at best heading down the path of his fellow leakers as artie's gonna chicken reports. by relentlessly going after whistleblowers here we picked some of the most notable ones the us government is sending a message this is what's going to happen to you if you speak out even if you think you're doing it for the public good even if the public things you did the right thing in edward snowden's case fifty five percent of americans consider him a whistleblower not a traitor and yet even as many americans are thinking to snowden for greater awareness about the government's blatant snooping on millions of absolutely innocent people snowden still had to flee the country so was not to share the fate of his fellow whistleblowers had he stayed he would have been in jail facing life in prison or maybe even the death penalty the example of bradley manning is right there the twenty five year old u.s. army private bradley manning has been in custody for three years now and is facing more than one hundred fifty years in jail many leaked documents and videos that
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exposed war crimes committed by the u.s. the military judge has recently ruled that mending still has to face the most serious charge the charge of aiding the enemy despite many claims that he's sole intent was to make the public more aware of the cost of war the human cost and other whistleblower former cia analyst john king also thought he was doing the right thing when he spoke about the cia's torture practices and became the first government official who confirmed waterboarding at one time to get out who was the head of the cia's counterterrorism operations in pakistan father of five kids out who is now in jail serving his two and a half years sentence former n.s.a. employees william binney and thomas drake were very close to jail time after they separately blew the whistle on the government's massive surveillance program which they saw as ineffective an illegal needless to say their careers were destroyed edward snowden's revelations of only confirmed would be drake had been saying for years but possibly unlike binney and drake snowden has also made public
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indisputable proof of the existence of the programs i had the chance to interview three of these men john kiriakou william binney and thomas drake they talked to me about what it's like being targeted by the u.s. government take a listen to your in itself is control. and what people will do when they're fearful is they were be will begin to censor themselves so much of what's happening now particular my case it sent it extraordinarily chilling message that anybody i was a senior executive the government had a very high position and say it sends it extraordinarily chilling message that if you speak out if you speak up we're going to hammer you and we're going to hammer you hard because look what we did to mr drake the court is supposed to protect the constitution all these all these people in government take an oath to defend the constitution and they're not living up to their oath of office i never believed i would be going to prison under
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a president obama never. that's been i think my biggest disappointment the classified documents that daniel ellsberg leaked four decades ago revealed that the us government had lied about the vietnam war and those revelations contributed to the erosion of public support for the war daniel ellsberg was the first whistleblower who was charged under the espionage act the government went after him with only had wiretapped him without a court warrant broke into his therapist's office trying to find something to discredit him with the judge dismissed all charges against ellsberg due to the gross government misconduct and illegal evidence gathering today daniel ellsberg stands in support of all these whistleblowers arguing had he been charged today he would have most probably gone to jail in washington i'm going to check out. activists in new zealand say marches are being organized against government attempts to allow the country's intelligence service the g.c.
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espied to legally spy on citizens well this is prohibited under the current legislation but the agency is double said dozens of times since two thousand and three maybe while helping other security agencies upload founder kim dotcom was exposed to a lawful surveillance tactics and self says it's the us which is promoting the motion overseas n.s.a. director general keith alexander visited new zealand right after the legal spying by the g.c. s.p.d. in my case became known and during his stay here in new zealand he brainstormed with the g.'s years b. what to do about the scandal i assume that only an american general could have had the idea to push for new spy legislation granting incredible new powers to the g.c.'s be under such circumstances. it turns out that the american surveillance agency is not. as it seems from what you know which is really to spy on the whole
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world called track what is actually happening in its own backyard. first things first the syrian national coalition leadership is expected to talk with the u.s. secretary of state on thursday and discuss matters of peace with the u.n. the next day well that says the world body secretary-general ban ki moon put the death toll from the civil war to more than one hundred thousand. it's no secret that the syrian opposition wants to receive the weapons and military aid that the obama administration has promised to provide to rebels fighting against president bashar al assad and this is likely going to be the main topic that will be discussed between the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the syrian delegation visiting the u.n. which is being led by the president of the syrian national coalition the new president ahmed jarba now the issue many experts are raising here is the fact that
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the group has no official power and lacks support and recognition inside of syria the syrian national coalition was founded in doha and is based in is stamboul many see this group as outsiders lobbying for more arms to import into serious already bloody civil war and several u.s. lawmakers have publicly opposed providing any weapons to the syrian rebels among the most outspoken is republican senator rand paul he recently accused u.s. president barack obama of asking the american military to open up a front without any congressional approval and there are currently seventeen different rebel groups in syria including the largest group. of fighters are radical anti-american geodes and they're affiliated with al-qaeda but your politicians in washington are eager to send weapon. they promise own weapons won't get into the hands of the enemy i don't believe that anyone believe that
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well i think those goals are what will be discussed in the informal security council meeting that will take place on friday meeting was called for by the u.k. now according to reports the syrian national coalition the delegation at the u.n. is expected to state its readiness to send its representatives to the conference in geneva in order to join other influential opposition groups the negotiation table with the syrian government without conditions now that meeting is the second international conference in geneva it is commonly referred to as geneva two it's co-sponsored by russia and the u.s. now the international conference as our viewers probably know already seems to outline a political settlement settlement in syria in accordance with the geneva communique which calls for a transitional government to be established that it takes members of the opposition and members of the assad government now while all these negotiations are taking
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place most recently as you already mentioned the u.n. secretary ban ki moon announced that more than one hundred thousand people have been killed during syria's ongoing civil war and this is leading many to ask including rand paul who we just heard from if sending weapons to an ongoing conflict is the best idea for ending all the violence and bloodshed because that is what the u.s. plans to do to arm the opposition and the rebels with military aid and this is something that we can be sure will be discussed at least behind closed doors at the united nations. well many experts think u.s. militarism has already made iraq a failed state terrible things and bringing the number killed in the country this month alone to a shocking seven hundred fifty nine as interpol international alarm off the al-qaeda breaks up five hundred of its own from iraqi prisons. also threats all the wheels the u.k.
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government launches a mobile ad campaign telling illegal immigrants to get in touch or get arrested it's late is dr carson to leave the country voluntarily that's coming up shortly here on the. violent protests are raging in tunis year with thousands out in the streets following the murder of an opposition political leader mohamed brahmi was shot dead in front of his house by two government on motorcycles romney was the leader of the secular people's movement party and a member of the board drafting a new constitution his daughter says he received a phone call right before the killing. that she was sitting next to me in the room then she got up got dressed and went out of the house then i heard bangs at first with thought someone was using firecrackers to addle started running outside i wasn't allowed to go out i could never imagine my father had been short but then listening to the adults i understood she fell victim to an attack she wasn't even
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going to leave the house of first but then someone called him on his phone and he ran to his car that's when the shots started. as usual protesters marching to the interior ministry in tunis capital and in the city of city busy the local headquarters of the ruling party was today's assassination of a striking similarities to fairbridge killing of a secular leader chokri belaid protests following his death led to the resignation of the islamist prime minister in the boyd middle east and in this country risk believes the ruling party will suffer from the escalation of this excessive nation whether it is to blame or no. this is a very sensitive issue as you know the last time we saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets we saw strikes across multiple sectors and we have been identifying such a political assassination as
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a potential trigger for that kind of thing to happen again the problem is that no matter how much the party leadership try to rein in their supporters there's a very deep underlying political divide here between the secularists and the islamists within tunis and this is really all about determining the nature of what to his is going to look like socially as well as politically following the uprising in the revolution so it's a very contested area that is likely to be polarizing people very much already and i think the assassination is just going to bring that to the fore once again. more news coming up after the break. wealthy british style. is no time to write.
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twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow this is. the death toll in iraq this month alone has reportedly reach a staggering seven hundred fifty nine after a new wave of violence claimed thousands of lives across the country this comes as interpol issued an alert to al qaida freed some five hundred of its members in attacks on iraqi prisons in a statement the organization said most of those who scaped senior members and pose an international threat to political analyst patrick henningsen told me that he thinks they could never have pulled off such a prison break on his son iraq at the moment is only realizing seeing the fruits of the seeds that had been sown through a decade of occupation by the united states and other forces five hundred terrorists sprung from two different prisons. it's quite extraordinary i mean the odds of this actually happening without any outside. help but say either
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from satellite from the telecommunications support this isn't a prison break that al qaeda could organize all their own would have had to be either an inside job and also have outside support so it's quite extraordinary for cations of this for iraq. there isn't a lot of confidence in the security services in iraq after an event like this happened but i think we need to investigate further about how it happened and who might have been involved and helped. in the u.k. vans plastered with threatening illegal immigrants for the rest the soon to appear in the streets of london part of a new push to get people to surrender to the local authorities if they're illegally staying in the country and it's not the first immigration campaign to be launched of late the fight against immigration begins beyond britain shores and here a series of suggestions from the public poking fun at government attempts to put off potential immigrants citizens from countries thought to be high risk will soon be made to pay a three ball and to enter the country will get that back when they leave ortiz test
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reports this is barking and dagenham one of six london boroughs where the vans with massive billboards like the one behind me with a message go home or face arrest will be driving around london in the next week this is the latest attempt of the u.k. the home office to deal with illegal immigration in the country they say they want to encourage a voluntary leaving of the country now would also advertise a number that can be texted by immigrants to ask for help and how to leave the country on their own accord now the home office says that voluntary returns are the most cost effective way of dealing with illegal immigration with about twenty eight thousand departures last year and the immigration officer minister mark harper had said of the message essentially is that there is an alternative to being led away in handcuffs however this program has received a lot of criticism we have spoken with david coburn of the u.k.
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independence party we're awfully hard to fight i mean this is like. the nazis going around was cool with trucks it's dreadful it's discriminatory is unpleasant it makes the country loop extremely unpleasant indeed but we also spoke with the migrant rights network to see how this might impact communities and what kind of reaction it could get from illegal immigrants and the locals alike. the minister has chosing very diverse areas of london to drive design around and what they will do is actually create suspicion of immigrant communities people might look for in one way or another and all of this falling under an active push by the government to make britain more difficult and as has been reported a more hostile environment to unwanted immigrants reporting from london i'm tess are cilia the greek parliament has voted to make the laws changes to labor laws
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needed to receive two and a half billion euros in funds the new legislation involves transferring and possibly sacking fell's and public sector workers well the first time athens is agreed to make cuts despite unemployment increasing dramatically the global financial crisis hit greece five years ago when less than one in ten people that didn't have a job but that number skyrocketed and now more than a quarter of the population is out of work the latest figures from the finance ministry show almost as many as twenty three percent of falling below the recognised poverty line and people are being forced to look elsewhere for opportunities university of thessaloniki estimates that ten percent of all students who earn science degrees have already left the country that's one hundred twenty thousand people r.t. if you got a president of reports on greece's brain drain. fortis has a master's degree in engineering management he got in the u.s. and hoped it would help him find a job in greece but for months now this logistics mastermind hasn't been able to
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find a use for his skills he says businesses are simply afraid of hiring new staff because there is all these unstability they don't know what will happen in the two or three months later so there is zero investment going on in the market highly educated people are unable to find work are becoming as common pleas here as strategies in the greek salad officially do out of three grads in greece are now unemployed it's not only about graduates most of all can find a decent job even over a master's degree have also decided to stay in science often in front of us while leading to an academic deadlock that so far even the brightest minds haven't been able to crack because of the latest star city measures by greece's creditors the so-called troika around seven hundred fifty scholars or ph d. holders elected to serve as faculty members of the national academy can't be officially appointed to their posts stuck in unpaid limbo they're also unable to
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use existing research facilities even if they are willing to do so for free but that just finished their ph d.'s and want to give things to education and to thirty veltman of the country cannot have a just held hostage just waiting for their plane when they don't have money they are looking for other jobs to survive according to a recent study by the university of just alone over one hundred twenty thousand professionals including scientists have left greece since two thousand and ten and as the troika continues pressing athens with the new austerity measures in exchange for financial aid the potentially catastrophic brain drain the country is experiencing is either being unnoticed or deliberately ignored you go to school of athens greece. more international news in brief now emergency workers are clearing the wreckage of a train that hurdle of tracks in northern spain killing at least eighty people report say it may have entered the corner more than twice the speed permitted. said the driver of the train is being questioned as part of two investigations into the
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crashes the worst railway accident happened in spain for more than four decades. emergency services have had to evacuate part of a small airport in miami after a suspected leak of depleted uranium fifty five gallon drum containing the substance opened in an area where a plane used to be broken up the executive airport officials say the container had been sealed earlier and it's unclear how the seal was broken that's it morning. the report is next. boy oh boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there for a mysterious extra planet strip killian creatures living among us but there also may conspiracy theories that are very plausible and some that are well actually true one that i've heard for
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a long time is that they are specifically trying to fool the police with dimwits to abuse the american people which is silly right right according to a.b.c. news the discrimination lawsuit revealed that robert jordan was denied the chance to become a new london police officer because he was too smart his entrance exam score was a thirty three which is an i.q. of one hundred twenty five and it was just too high to allow him to defend the public good that police department only accepts candidates who have scores from twenty to twenty seven the logic is that people who are too smart get bored as policemen and they're more likely to quit after years of costly training. yeah this is proof of a conspiracy theory well the lowest score they accept is still around an average i.q. so that doesn't mean they're specifically trying to fill the place with sub par people but it does seem really weird to fear people with high i.q.'s entering the police force this case that the confirms nor denies the conspiracy theory but is definitely food for thought and does
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a kind of not make sense to discriminate against anyone ever for having a high i.q. i don't know but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report max kaiser you know in two thousand and three according to buckingham palace officials the royal household cost each taxpayer in the u.k. about one loaf of bread in two thousand and four that cost was just under two pints of milk and in two thousand and nine a mere m p three download that certainly sounds much better then telling the taxpayer the queen cost them forty one million pounds annually to maintain meanwhile across the pond goldman sachs role in the aluminum market has cost the consumer five billion dollars over the.


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