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tv   Headline News  RT  July 26, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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two people have been killed and dozens injured in egypt as supporters and opponents of the ousted president clash in rival rallies. and move into. the u.s. promises not to kill edward snowden if it flips between good cop and bad cop in order to get its hands on the. people's freedoms or attempting to sway voters. to question as it did previously regulations worldwide that's after being caught red handed up in washington. mixed feelings between the syrian national coalition and the u.n. security council to the rebel group for weapons with us.
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from a studio in moscow to this is. a day so these are live pictures from egypt thousands of egyptians are out on the streets throughout the country and in qatar where these pictures are coming from for and against the ousted president mohamed morsy two people were killed as demonstrators clashed in alexandria and a bridge has been. dozens of injuries have been reported true from egypt's capital. now we have had clashes here in the capital in an area called supra which the peak moment is where from where i'm standing here what happened was why evil marches accidentally cross and angry citizens and up during rocks at each other
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people still had a lot of violence outside the capital in the nile delta government dummy access and we saw again why the protest because fighting inefficiencies that comes to city of alexandria where they support his opponents all found to be to mohamed morsi supporters in the main running points you see the very heavy deployment of break the military and the police where i'm standing here in the area there are few tanks to the sari securing the square although of course people here are chanting for the military and the police to actually seeing police officers mingling with the crowds meanwhile out across the capital in sit ins but there you see largely members of the mission brotherhood the posting of the ousted leader we have also seen army vehicles who have been at their position there for several weeks now in case all clashes well this is really fueling the fire here this announcement this morning that most see is being detained over the charges of allegedly conspiring with
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palestinian organization hamas to spy on the country he's also being charged with that being responsible for the deaths of soldiers and prison guards were hebrew counts of what in a tree in prison during the eighteenth a uprising some people here are saying it was a political decision to put him up for this particular charge because the missing mother had his under attack the most mother had for that part maintaining that most he is innocent and then he is an adjustment president's first people here very much and i spoke to the protests this is saying that he is gauging the most he's engaging in acts of terrorism and these charges are correct so we see a massively divided country with a lot of violence already and further bloody clashes express's on the horizon. when we spoke to representatives of the muslim brotherhood and the british egyptians for democracy group on the situation in egypt from where we continue to show you those live pictures both share the view that the army is the main danger to stability in the country at the moment. i personally do not want any violence they are my family
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my friends everyone i love and i can't out for they are out there exercising the legitimate right to freedom of expression and they should be protected the military should not be on the streets the military should be back in the about it the minister should not be interfering in politics the military this is not the role general of the c.c. with all due respect to him he's an appointed minister of defense the people did not choose to have another he thinks he is given some super constitutional powers to be able to decide what the one of the people as well as the whole one knows what the one of the people this through the institution of democracy approves that is what we're seeing though is a high judge of the people's will what do you think could be the consequences if the muslim brotherhood doesn't sit down and talk to the military what would the military do next because it seems that of issued a very strong ultimatum well we've seen already what the military has done this is not about morsi and holds not about the muslim brotherhood this is about democracy being hijacked by the military every single day we're seeing members of the
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pro-democracy movement being killed being arrested being attacked the only crime is to support democracy and to call for an end to this bloody coup and so the solution you cannot also the pro-democracy movement for for a solution because it's the military who created the problem so if we one and two this problem for want and this escalation in egypt then we have to see the end of the military have to see the back of the military. so more live footage from tahrir square in cairo where files and have gathered in rival ronnie's for and against the ousted president morsi we'll be bringing you more as the story develops and you can also follow the live transmission from tahrir square right now on our web site altie dot com. a game of political pingpong is being played over. because most wanted whistleblower edward snowden has
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been stranded in the moscow airport for more than a month now russia says it won't hand him over to the u.s. although it's going to stop discrediting washington while the u.s. remains desperate to get its hands on the leaker even promising not to torture or execute the man paul scott has more. well as edward snowden prepares to spend yet a nother weekend in the transit zone of moscow's shadow much of the diplomatic wrangles over his future continue now it was established very early on by russian president vladimir putin that russia simply would not extradite snowden back to the united states there was no extradition treaty between the two countries and russia's stance was that they wouldn't send anyone back to a country that has the death penalty now america have responded to that recently by saying that edward snowden would not face the death penalty if he was returned to america and if he was tried on to those charges of espionage so in some respects maybe it appears as if america softening the stance however they are still playing
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hardball in some other respects with some senators and lawmakers suggesting the countries who are offering to help edward snowden as it appears russia are prepared to do that they should come under some form of economic sanctions and in particular preferential trade deals between the two countries should be scrapped some people even calling for president barack obama to boycott the g twenty which is taking place here in russia in september and even some tools for american america to boycott the winter olympics in sochi next year as well snowden's predicament now is there any indication when he is likely to leave that transit zone in moscow one of course he still waiting isn't he for that piece of paper from the federal migration the piece of paper that will allow him out of the transit and into russia proper we thought that he might get out on wednesday when his legal representative. arrived at the airport but he wasn't possessing that piece of paper so snowden is still
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there now just just to quickly give you the waiting snowden once he gets his hands on this piece of paper that signifies that the f.m.s. has started to process his application for temporary asylum which could take up to three months now if his application is given the thumbs up then he'll give a twelve month stay in. if it's given the thumbs down he could well appeal meaning it seems that he wants to try and settle down in russia but he does have other options particularly in latin america where bolivia venezuela and nicaragua have all said that they would take him in of course if he can get there earlier on the president of nicaragua or spoke to r.t. and explain exactly why snowden would be welcome but i think the threats coming from the u.s. work against them it's ridiculous power like the united states threatening a young man who's had enough courage to tell the truth about something that went against his principles a man who realized at a certain point that he could cross the line of what is called intelligence work he understood where intelligence ends and lawlessness begins and that lawlessness has
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nothing to do with secret operations the war on terror with protecting state interests or with the search for scientific information a point when he sort of this is sheer madness because it isn't normal it's not like the us are forcing the europeans hand in this is just a they have something in common common positions a common strategy and the same desire for global domination they want to impose democratic principles on the world they want to judge all nations so is this a moscow based snowden saga enters a fifth weekend what do we know we know that snowden looks set to remain in the transit zone at moscow shot a matter of course america still want to get their hands on him but russia are not prepared to hand him over. germany wants to tighten the screws on u.n. data protection regulations it comes after an avalanche of criticism anger over what some see as the government's failure to deal with the scandal sparked by snowden's revelations expose burleson's role in massive u.s. led surveillance but many in germany view the move as a simple attempt to win back political points ahead of september's general election
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all of the reports from bunning. so two of germany's most senior cabinet members have written to the e.u. counterparts to try and get them to push the united nations to change their current privacy legislation that all seems well and good especially when you consider that the current privacy legislation was written way back in one thousand nine hundred sixty six long before things like mobile phones facebook the internet all of those things that the n.s.a. apparently looking into now this could be a genuine effort by the german ministers to try and help the privacy of the people of the european union or it could be something of a smokescreen and a bit of damage limitation you have to consider that germany was one of the major helpers for the national security agency when they were spying on people around the world in fact the b. and d.
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the german secret service operated one of the major parts of prism this was called the x. keyscore program that basically looked into what people were searching for online and five hundred million data connections here in germany were checked or were available to be checked by the n.s.a. now this all comes after a week in which we've seen angela merkel originally claimed that she only heard about n.s.a. spying through the media at then turned out that in fact germany was one of these major partners now the germans have an election coming up a big general election coming up here at the end of september and the german people are understandably upset by the amount of information of theirs that was being looked at whether edward snowden knew that he could be a big influence in the german elections when he decided to leak these things will never know but what's the certain is he definitely and the information he's brought forward will definitely be used in the upcoming weeks and months before that vote
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or considering the involvement of germany and other e.u. countries in the n.s.a. spying program it begs the question whether this is a legitimate attempt to improve the previously of the citizens of the you or just politicians attempting to cover up the fact that they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. we spoke to dr alexander dixie's the berlin commissioner for data protection and freedom of information and he thinks that german politicians are moving in the right direction by attempting to change u.n. privacy rules no matter what their actual motives are under the german law and the german constitution there is a fundamental right of informational self-determination of privacy as you call it and data protection commissioners all over the world have for a long time called for an international treaty to have privacy regulations in place to protect individual privacy and data when surfing the internet and crossing
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borders and now the n.s.a. scandal is just the last tip into the. problem to make it completely clear that we urgently need an international agreement in this fear that what we're seeing here is really excessive secrecy protecting excessive surveillance and that cannot go on as it has done in the past we need effective control and we need limits to what the intelligence services are allowed to do r.t. live here in moscow stay with us for more news after the break. peace process what peace process the palestinians have suffered over four decades of illegal israeli occupation in over twenty years of the so-called american sponsor to go she should have gotten them preciously little why are obama netanyahu and abbas interested in history does it have anything to do with peace or are there other agendas in play.
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i've seen the perception of the cross many times it doesn't matter if there's snow a heat wave or hail stones for people keep on going i don't expect anything i just want i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to that's all i wanted at the moment mickey i have sinned so. i'm carrying these sayings on my shoulder. do you want me to put a bandage shared you know that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted who were evacuated three to wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring. the. news continues here naughty leaders of the syrian national coalition
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a group with no official power have agreed to participate in a peace conference known as bony if a number of preconditions are met that says the organization wrapped up its informal meeting with the u.n. security council report has more on the story. very mixed messages coming from the bastards from western countries such as the u.k. and france and their embassadors such as the russian ambassador to the un for telling churkin now a u.k. and france said that it was a very productive meeting that the delegation representing the syrian opposition that is visiting new york promised to attended the geneva two meeting as you mentioned also showed a commitment to building a transitional government for syria and also a commitment to not supporting any terrorism within the country but then when you hear from other representatives that were sitting in on the meeting an informal meeting should be underscored it seems as though the delegation has
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a lot of. before it will actually arrive at this geneva two meeting it seems as though they want to make sure that syrian president bashar al assad has no authority following the geneva two meeting and another precondition possibly that we could that was spoken about by the by the french envoy was that once the transitional government is established that that transitional government would have full authority over the security of the military in syria as russian ambassador to the u.n. really underscored here is that all this talk of prevents the geneva two meeting from actually moving forward and taking place on the having various going tax with the national committee with the supreme council of the kurds of syria but there is a common understanding has not yet been achieved among them to be jointly represented presented to. the syrian opposition would like to receive the
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weapons in arms in military aid that the obama administration recently promised to provide to the rebels fighting against syrian president bashar al assad many ask why would washington be shipping more weapons and. thank you so much for this now we should point out here there's france's envoy to the u.n. i just spoke to the media and said that the vast majority of you and member states already recognize mr jardine as the sole representative of the syrian people legally i don't know how that can happen within the un there can't be official recognition of someone that is not a head of state or without it being processed within the united nations also what some experts are questioning is the overall legitimacy of the syrian national coalition critics say the group has no power. and recognition inside of syria or another let's get more from chris another team he's an analyst for democratic
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strategists magazine chris it looks like that this meeting has ended with mixed feelings but will it have any effect on what is happening in syria well i think that remains to be seen but i will say the most the primary thing to remember about the united states is you could bet your last dollar that there will never be united states troops getting involved in this conflict and then if you go in concentric circles it's very very unlikely that they'll be a so-called no fly zone that some american politicians want the obama would never agree to that i think it's too risky for. american troops in implementing the no fly zone and there's a very little support among the american people but so i think that what's happening with senator kerry is he or i should say secretary of state kerry is he's playing around the edges trying to find something that makes some sense and we don't know what that will be but it won't be very severe all right but there is
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definitely hint all supporting the rebels militarily coming from the u.s. so what form could that take then if it doesn't involve boots on the ground or no fly zone. well i think it's providing arms but as you've heard some syrian rebels as they're called don't think that's enough but unfortunately for them that's about the only thing the united states is going to do militarily and i think that part is very clear and the one thing that secretary of state kerry has been clear about is that's about as far as the united states is going going to go i think he said today that the only solution is a peaceful solution which means that the united states is not going to get itself involved militarily at all and yet there we have the coalition talking about weapons. at the u.n. talking about a peace plan so do they really know what they want out of all of this. well listen it's very confused and i think that's part of the problem the rebels have with the
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american people which is the last thing people in america want is to get into another situation our rock which is very confusing we never really picked the side . to be on that seemed to be the right side and ten years after our invasion there doesn't seem to be any kind of coalition around a governing body that all iraqis can agree on so what in your set up report you know they talked about the kurds now trying to assert themselves in syria as far as most americans are concerned this is just another big mess and while we want peace while we don't like the idea that there's been one hundred thousand civilians killed i think most of the sentiment of most americans is just let them sort it out by themselves and will provide whatever aid we can we'll try to pick the least brule of the forces if we can but but that's as far as we're going to go as a country and chris you put the point let them sort it out for themselves here we
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have the syrian national coalition it's not even an official group it's not well maybe some people may question his credibility just how much influence does it have on what is happening on the ground bearing in mind it's not even that based in the country just briefly right and i don't know the answer to that and i'm sure you know that the intelligence analysts around the world are struggling with that because there are so many factions that have so much influence with this coalition and even the assad government has brought in others outsiders if you will to sort of prop up their government that there doesn't seem to be any particular group that can claim to be in charge or one side or the other the whole situation has become balkanize chris great to hear thoughts thanks so much we really appreciate it. chris uppity an analyst with democratic strategist magazine thank you very much. in france the number of people out of work has reached a record high with almost five million unemployed it casts
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a shadow over president all and optimism the country is being pulled from its economic model france is now seen as jobless level increased steadily for more than two years the gryphon ocean explains the crisis is forcing talented young french people to try their luck elsewhere. the grass is not always greener on the other side even for those eurozone countries that are in dire straits even the block's biggest economies are feeling the pinch france is now officially in crisis at least in a job crisis recent data from french labor ministry paints a disturbing picture june saw another rise in unemployment with almost fifteen thousand more people now out of work that's five hundred new jobless every day we say there are more than the present of the provision in the broad yes but worked herself forty of them but almost ten percent of the division is bought them broad but for that biased. the reason behind the gloom is statistics according
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to the labor minister is expired a short term contracts that are never in you'd as cautious companies can no longer afford to keep people sick pretty slow entrepreneurs have no opportunity to develop tuxes or very high bureaucracy is terrible hiring people is a big problem and it's even worse to fire them the result businesses close and people are caught in the streets. and like in other crisis it's countries young people divorce heat youth unemployment in france is above twenty six per cent more than double the national average. b. of the business c.n.n. to the negative trend every year he says over six hundred thousand students graduate just to realize they're not one to. be for decades france was a rich country and our old people had money there is a curious situation today where by grandparents pay for their grandchildren's education but when these people's resources dried out what will we do some young
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people think they have the answer and that is to leave the country seven million tourists come to admire the evil tower in paris every year that's around twenty. thousand people every day france is among the most visited nations on earth but for its own citizens its charms are fading and this film producer from france moved to london for career reasons at home he says he didn't have a future he seems even before the crisis france did little enough to provide the yarn and dishes with proper employment only define our to the economic meltdown those opportunities have shrunk to zero. is the whole system of the country moping and it's all stuck in this very if you're disabled you need to have this position and you need to study from this university so they're not really open to ambitious people oregon says he's unlikely to ever come back and it seems he'll soon be
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joined by many others these two french students have just began their studies their plans to leave france on the first train up to big radiation. that is a necessary sacrifice we can't realize or dream tear down there in your particular . friend adds it's a political message to the government that something's going wrong. when all of there is no direction we're going down the state has no precise line at the cost of something ugly and disgusting we're not going anywhere because the future is bleak the authorities try to remain optimistic president along pledges to bring unemployment down by the end of these here skeptics say that is only feasible if most of job seekers say or who are to france. now r.t. from paris. now for some international news in brief the five secular members of the board that drafted
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a new constitution for tunisia have announced their resignations following the assassination of a fellow member an opposition politician and a brummie was killed with the same gun used in a similar political murder in february and as it is now facing a second day of protests over the villages killing the businesses across the country closed and the national carrier canceling all flights thousands packed with police on thursday after bromley was shot there in front of his home to. multiple bombings have left at least forty one people dead in tribal areas in the northwest of pakistan the deadliest took place in the city where a bomb blast ripped through a marketplace killing dozens of people earlier suicide bombers detonated two devices outside different mosques in peshawar or even fifteen dead near the afghan border no group has claimed responsibility for any of the attacks. the black boxes from the train that hurtled off the tracks in northern spain on wednesday of being analyzed by investigators police now say seventy eight i did
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crash this comes amid reports the driver who is now in custody is refusing to answer questions. and is going to speak permitted. world update the south prosecutors in the u.s. have charged five men with carrying out a three hundred million dollar fraud the country's largest ever online crime the russian and ukrainian men hacked into security systems stealing credit card details which they then sold worldwide a number of major global companies were allegedly targeted by the men including jet blue and the french for coffee. or just a reminder now of our top story this hour five people have reportedly been killed and more than one hundred injured as supporters and opponents of ousted president mohamed morsy clash across egypt now these are live pictures. from tahrir square where thousands gathered for demonstrations that morsy is now in the investigation for allegedly killing himself with
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a mass and killing military officers during the two thousand and eleven revolution and he supports the demanding his release meanwhile holding rival rallies of the supporters of the military is being called outs onto the streets by the country's defense minister. and we'll be bringing you more as the story develops and you can also follow the live transmission on website dot com i'll be back with a news team with more on that and other stories we just have a half an hour from now in the meantime close to what is next after the short break . boy oh boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there from mysterious extra planets drip killian creatures living among us but there also may conspiracy theories that are very
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plausible and some that are well actually true one that i've heard for a long time is that they are specifically trying to fill the police with dimwits to abuse the american people which is silly right right well cording a.b.c. news a discrimination lawsuit revealed that robert jordan was denied the chance to become a new london police officer because he was too smart his entrance exam score was a thirty three which is an i.q. of one hundred twenty five and it was just too high to allow him to defend the public good that police department only accepts candidates who have scores from twenty to twenty seven the logic is that people who are too smart get bored as policeman and they're more likely to quit after years of costly training. yeah this is proof of a conspiracy theory well the lowest score of the accept is still around average i.q. so that doesn't mean they're specifically trying to fill the place with sub par people but it does seem really weird to fear people with high i.q.'s entering the please.


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