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tv   Headline News  RT  July 27, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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breaking news on our t.v. fresh violence in egypt reportedly claims at least thirty eight lives as pro muslim brotherhood demonstrators are said to have been targeted by snipers in cairo of clashes erupt between supporters and opponents of the army in alexandria. the syrian national coalition agrees to take part in peace talks as the group meets with the u.n. security council for the first time. and u.s. authorities break a cyber fraud scam worth hundreds of millions of dollars believed to be the largest ever are now sitting decades in prison for the hikers.
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thanks for joining in this saturday i'm lucy and of course you're watching our team but we begin with our breaking news here on our t.v. in egypt the muslim brotherhood says at least thirty one people have been killed in cairo with another seven reported dead in alexandria during what is believed to be the largest protests egypt has seen in two and a half years clashes between supporters and opponents of the ousted president mohamed morsy have erupted across the country some reports claim that promo suit morsi muslim brotherhood demonstrators were specifically targeted by gunmen are true has more from cairo. it was a very bloody night here in egypt as clashes erupted in many parts of the country and continue into saturday morning off to the summation wind trying to protest both in support and against the ousted leader mohamed morsy what eyewitnesses a saying although we haven't completely reports is that protested had attempted to extend the city and past the area that they had been staying in for the last few
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weeks towards to go to the bridge at this point security forces then attempted to push them back with t. gas bute hospital doctors are reporting people have died and there are a number of injured as well and what we're seeing now is apparently eyewitnesses saying that some people have been coming in with gunshot wounds although we can't confirm where they come by a voice nice as well as people having problems with take ash inhalation but it was very chaotic with the injured coming in every five minutes and ambulances people were on the back of motorcycles bringing the wounded into the city and now this is also happened in other parts of the country there were violent clashes in the coastal city of alexandria between rival protest groups when supporters and opponents of the ousted leader met in the main running point also you leaving people dead this is been very very bloody civilian on civilian crashes we have of course seen massive amounts of tanks here and the military joining the police in
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attacking people saying or attacking these citizens of course this comes after the announcement on friday that mohamed morsi would be kept in detention following investigations into charges that he's been conspiring against the country with the palestinian organization hamas in addition to possibly being responsible for the deaths of the prison guards and offices when he broke out of prison during the eighteen the uprising in two thousand and eleven so this is a very serious serious allegation against the former president we could see him so jail time this of has of course if you. the fire and by his support is of course nice islamist group that miss the brotherhood who is saying this is a very much a politically driven charge and that this is part of why the crackdown against the group by the minute sri no side is backing down many people are dying the violence is continuing leading many to feed that this will only get worse political analyst dr ahmad again and believes the military is trying to hide its crackdown on the
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opposition by calling it a war on terror. this is the reality you know them and let's you military coup folding in front of our eyes this is the military this is that reality of. military will try to force it all on edge and on the people and the people has to fight back to the country is divided that's no doubt about that i'm not saying that the country is united just the word terrorism is a very like political word and c.c.s. using it is using the war in terror just to and he's own crack down islamist and put it in make it like sound more american war into war isn't that the same war that george w. bush started so he wants to tell his friends in the united states that i'm doing the same as you do and i'm fighting terrorism too but in fact that is not the reason there are peaceful protesters. sitting in the streets demanding that own
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freedom and demanding that all votes be counted against a military coup this is i understand if you fight in terrorism and say now you are going to do there isn't and by the borders but do resume in the middle of this peaceful protest or that's doesn't make and doesn't make any sense. we have additional footage coming in from egypt where are the latest pictures from cairo field hospital that as you can see in this video recorded we believe to be recorded by the muslim brotherhood there appear to be many edger injured and casualties are continuing to arrive at the hospital at this point speaking out now there's also been disturbing images of violence scenes in egypt on twitter now and some of the photographs if we can pull those up and just a moment we can see some of the victims are children there are also claims that a thirteen year old boy was killed in alexandria and there are also pictures allegedly showing the police firing live rounds at pro morsy supporters that hasn't been confirmed of course you can log on to check our timeline of the turmoil in
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egypt since president morsy was deposed but we also have some of those dramatic pictures and accounts on our web site for you our team dot com to make sure to check that out. it's. you. living on to the conflict in syria the syrian national coalition ended up meeting with the un security council where they agreed to participate in a genie of a peace conference those are. reports a number of the preconditions still have to be met before any such meeting can actually take place. delegation representing the syrian opposition that is visiting
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new york promised to attend the geneva two meeting it seems as though the delegation that has a lot of. before it will actually arrive at this should be able to meeting it seems as though they want to make sure that syrian president bashar assad has no authority following the geneva two meeting and another precondition possibly that we could that was spoken about by the by the french envoy was the fact that once the transitional government is established that that transitional government would have full authority over the security of the military in syria as russian ambassador to the u.n. really underscored here is that all this talk of prevents the geneva two meeting from actually moving forward and taking place understand that having various gone tax with the national committee with the supreme council of the kurds of syria but
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there is. an understanding has not yet been achieved among them to be jointly presented to present to. the syrian opposition would like to receive the weapons in arms and military aid that the obama administration recently promised to provide to the rebels fighting against syrian president bashar al assad many ask why would washington be shipping more weapons in. the civil war that is now we should do in iraq for years france's envoy to the u.n. i just spoke to the media and said that the vast majority of you would member states already recognize mr you are right as you can still representative of the syrian people legally i don't know how that you're happy with in the u.n. there can't be official recognition of someone that is not a head of state or without it being processed within the united nations also with some experts are questioning is the overall legitimacy of the syrian national coalition critics say the group has no power and lots of them and recognition
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inside of syria. party as an activist with the answer anti-war coalition says that the syrian rebels are willing to negotiate only when they have the upper hand as has been. the united france other western nations have really made france other western up the fall of the side and despite the fact that they continually try to say that they're for peace negotiations it seems at every turn whether it's sending arms to the rebels whether it's in the quote unquote non-lethal aid money in general supporting the gulf countries that are also supporting them that really all of the talk about peace is disingenuous and unlike russia and other countries they seem very. determined to push forward the syrian rebels as the new leadership of the country regardless of the situation on the ground when the russian in the united states where originally trying to promote the geneva two conference we saw that the syrian rebels essentially said that they had no intention of negotiating until the situation on the ground changed that is until they gained the military upper hand so from their perspective they seem only
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willing to negotiate if the military situation allows them to have the upper hand in negotiations but if they seem to be losing the war if it seems that support for them inside of the country is dropping all of a sudden they have no desire to negotiate and they only want to continue to push war which is the subtext of this entire meeting where on the sidelines they have been pushing for more and more military aid from the united states and for it to come significantly quicker. christoper tina who's an analyst for a public opinion and political strategy web page says that he believes the u.s. involvement in syria could potentially create another iraq. there are so many factions that have so much influence with this coalition and even the assad government has brought in others outsiders if you will to sort of prop up their government that there doesn't seem to be any particular group that can claim to be in charge or one side or the other the whole situation is become balkanize the last thing people in america want is to get into another situation are rock which is
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very confusing we never really pick the side. to be on that seemed to be the right side and ten years after our invasion. there doesn't seem to be any kind of coalition around a governing body that all iraqis can agree on as far as most americans are concerned this is just another big mess. so i had a washington says it's moving towards closing guantanamo bay prison by sending two inmates back to algeria but as we hear later on the program their future in the country may not work out for the better also coming up we report on how some people in the most whale law are turning to so-called self-defense groups to quell the danger of staggering street crime was the police proved to be rather powerless.
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in the.
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u.s. prosecutors have charged a group of hackers with stealing more than three hundred million dollars in what's been dubbed as america's largest cyber fraud case for russians and a ukrainian allegedly spearheaded the fast and face decades behind bars r.t.s. andrew blake has the story. we had five guys four russian nationals and one ukrainian man who over the course of around seven years were able to penetrate a number of the networks of leading financial institutions banks all sorts of systems where very important information was being stored over the course for several years those men broke into the databases allegedly took at sensitive information and in the end u.s. prosecutors now say that those five men were able to compromise roughly one hundred sixty million credit cards causing upwards of three hundred million dollars of
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damage they were able to elude authorities for around seven or eight years now but actually masterminding this operation itself took a lot of very careful planning now all of the five men that are believed involved in this each one kind of had a separate little niche that they would specialize in for instance were experts when it came to penetrating computer networks others would go into these networks after they were compromised in mind for even more would build up very very sophisticated internet networks to be able to communicate anonymously so by having different specialists in different sectors they were all able to put the pieces together and cause millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage in effect you know people around the globe two of them were arrested one of them has since been extradited from the netherlands the other one is awaiting extradition and three of them are at large so once they are brought to the u.s. and tried to see could be looking at likely decades in prison. that was unsealed
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thursday this week it all stems from a previous investigation that began a few years ago and did with the conviction of an american computer hacker who is currently serving several decades behind prison for a similar crime and while washington is trying to secure cyberspace from illegal access its appetite for private data seems to be gaining momentum but the securities and exchange commission lining up to monitor people's private e-mails without a warrant for more go to our web site r t v dot com also there for you. well you might think these people would be ready to file a complaint for being pepper sprayed but that's not exactly how it plays out if the police officer is now demanding compensation to learn why on to r.t. .
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to guantanamo bay detainees could soon be transferred from the prison facility in cuba to be held in their home country algeria the white house says that the move is part of obama's plan to close the facility and algeria has successfully managed detainees in the past now almost half of the inmates of the prison are still being held behind bars this despite being cleared for release dr alan singer from hofstra university in new york says he believes the move is an attempt by the u.s. to break the hunger strike at the detention center. in many ways detractors desperation the hunger strike has embarrassed the united states all over the world so they're trying to break the hunger strike by pushing out a couple that people but these are people that are being detained without any legal justification one of the things i find so curious is that trying to get out
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curiously jake to the people algeria is not well noted for the due process of its courts countries with stablish legal proceedings do not want to touch this just saying to the states and is saying to all by love you made this mess you're stuck with it i am an expert on the jury in prison system but i had to go to jail i think i'd much rather go to sweden or denmark the conditions in general in algeria are very very harsh i mean i think they're looking to send people to a. hunt is fate i don't see this is any kind of due process of any kind of outcome i just think they're trying to get out of something they created while the orthodox church delegations are in ukraine's capital of kiev to follow the same to andrew scott across a symbolic relic that had united nations of ancient russia president putin has said to me the leaders of ukraine and the restoring the festivities and he's a regular skull looks at the historical twists and turns between moscow and kiev.
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ukraine again seems to be facing a choice either siding with moscow with which its political cultural and economic ties go back for centuries or to turn its back on his old relations and trying to make its way towards the european union relations which in moscow and kiev haven't been exactly seamless as of late specially over the past several years of course there was the orange revolution the recent gazprom pledge to get the robberies inside the country and still say that you would be much better off staying on friendly terms with russia rather than playing a backseat role for your. ukraine is existence destroying relationship with russian for thousands of reasons i'm sad to say that every third ukrainian it's close relatives living in russia and although more than half of the country prefer to choose a moscow friendly course which they believe is moving in the opposite direction of
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freedom dissent because the voice of the protesters isn't the new one believe that it's a pity that at the same time moscow wants to see its next door neighbor to play a bit of a more active role in regional cooperation for example by starting by joining the customs union up with russian forces that is an internal player ukraine's economy is also highly hemant on russia with some seven hundred thousand ukrainians employed in russia on top of that they're all forced cultural and religious ties key if at one point being the center of the slavic lands and it was here that one thousand and twenty five years ago he was adopted and that it's that religion is about or the other things a force that keeps the countries close through all the trials and tribulations and many warn that if you're praying chooses to steer away from russia hoping to find a better role or a better future within the european union it risks losing not just its independence and identity as a nation well time now for a world. we begin in brazil where
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a violent well yes have broken out in the city of hollow now police have used tear gassed and stun grenades in just over three hundred protesters as they ransacked banks and torched a vehicle belonging to a local television company the rally comes amid demonstrations in rio de janeiro where people have voiced their discontent over corruption the protests follow last month's unrest when thousands have taken to the streets in anger at a crippled social system and rising transportation. the fate of whistleblower bradley manning is about to be decided as the seven weeks long trial comes to an end and a military judge is due to rule on the charges after closing arguments were heard manning has already admitted to ten of the twenty two crimes he's accused of but not the most serious charge of aiding the enemy the former private faces life in prison for what is considered to be the largest ever leak of u.s. secret u.s. government documents. at least one person has been killed during violent rallies
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in tunisia following the assassination of a promised prominent leftist politician the opposition leader was shot dead in front of his home by two unknown men officials have meanwhile blamed al-qaeda linked extremists for the attack the assassination house triggered mass protests across the country. thousands of soldiers and dozens of tanks and rocket launchers have paraded through pyongyang's main square this to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the korean war the country's leader kim young knew and when i witnessed a show from a podium us troops saluted him while passing by military parades are frequently used to underline the military power of north korea with tension remaining high with its southern neighbor. venezuela may be seen as a safe haven for u.s. whistleblower on the run edward snowden but for many of its citizens the country is far from safe with street crime and robberies reaching record highs residents are even forming armed self-defense groups to protect themselves more now from
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ourselves. the way the. election campaign may have been based on the lead this is legacy but if there's one the major issue with his new president can be credited for bringing to the forefront it's the country's lack of security you can be abducted even from your own home there's no safety in our country government figures show more than sixteen thousand people were killed and it is willing twenty twelve an increase of fourteen percent from the year before and a murder rate of fifty five point two per hundred thousand inhabitants one of the highest in the world making the high crime rate public enemy number one their tack room and beats us my father was killed near his home four years ago. entered or collectives organizations that initially emerged as left as revolutionary groups driven by ideology determined to confront
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a society's ills today they're known either as protectors of the community or violent vigilante groups depending on whom you ask we. also known as now a senior member of the. there were. some time ago american imperialism that infiltrated latin america in venezuela in particular cause massive spread of drugs across our territory we have to combat this disease that's when the movement of power or kid even scenario started we also start of the model of urban groups that fight drug trafficking and violence we clean up the streets so to speak. so we're here in an area called bend at the us and there are a lot of shanty towns here and it's very rural who go chavez and also pro but it's also home to a very strong leftist activism and people here tell me that they don't welcome the police they don't want to see him here because they say that the police here are corrupt instead they have groups armed groups called the collective us who maintain
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security in this area they may be going after drug traffickers but it's widely believed that at times they are also resort to lethal means some locals say however that there's no alternative for now police corruption has been so rampant that in two thousand and nine the government even admitted that twenty percent of crimes were committed by crooked cops but the. role is protector may be challenged as he pushes his secure fatherland pliant deploying some three thousand troops into the streets of caracas. they might help the government one day they might become allied with local mafias on the next day mr nikola the new president is out of the scene is certainly going to have much greater difficulty in bringing them under the sway. government policies and government quarters he's definitely getting into very very difficult waters there because if he sends at least forces trying to control
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them that will definitely create scenes of violence of those scenes of violence can sort of very ugly and now move those in the hot seat having pledged to make tackling climate a personal priority a promise will be held to by a politically divided population united by a desperate desire for peace of mind to answer syria r t caracas. coming up the n.s.a. surveillance camera shaking prospects for rest of egypt. stay with us. i talk with your many times about the absurd things going on all around us like
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kids being thrown out of school because they had a gun that shoots bubbles or various people getting punished for their tweets and facebook posts it's all really abstract it's hard to truly get angry over until you see the results or playing a stupid video game just carter sarcastically said to someone who called him crazy oh yeah i'm real messed up in the head i'm going to go shoot a bunch of kids at school l.o.l. j k. and for this bit of sarcasm he spent quite some time awaiting trial in a texas prison not only that according to his father he was being attacked brutally on many occasions leading to both paul concussions and black eyes and in the end he had to be thrown into solitary confinement for his own good you see this is the ugly reality of those who for the bad side of political correctness you know i don't talk about these stories just for fun the main thing i'd like to say is that it wasn't for some anonymous coward in canada turning him into the authorities for doing at. silly nothing this young man would not have to live with the memory and possible injuries from numerous assaults to the anonymous canadian who turned him in i sarcastically wish you
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a horrible fate but you probably get me arrested for it so just say that it's people like you who allow tyranny to exist but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous and lucky i got so many i mean family and i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old story so personally apologize to. the worse for the little thing the white house or the. radio guy for minestrone. what the clothes were about to give you never seen anything like this i'm still.
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holds up guys i mean martin this is breaking the set it's now been thirty three days with the simpler edward snowden complete legal limbo as he awaits his fate in the transit zone of the moscow airport and see despite being granted asylum by venezuela bolivia and nicaragua snowden cannot leave the u.s. government's cancellation of his passport so looking for any kind of refuge in the meantime snowden has applied for temporary asylum in russia which would allow him to remain in the country for one year is sound request prompted the white house officials to ask russia to extradite snowden the government officials have refused to return the whistleblower but this government wants snowden back so bad that they're willing to make a huge concession see i just found out a few hours ago on a breaking a.p. news alert that attorney general eric holder. will not seek the death penalty for snowden wow i guess that means we can all just sit back and relax now after all it was the death penalty that we're also concerned about right has nothing to do with
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the fact that snowden would be indefinitely detained charged with the espionage act and most likely spend his entire life in jail see no assurances and assurance that the us government won't just try this whistleblower to two tiered sham we call the justice system so spare me from this overhyped compromise some have breaking news alert when there is some real news to break. it's no secret that we humans make tons of trash seven hundred thousand tons every year to be exact and while majority of that garbage ends up in landfills as an alarming amount that ends up in the ocean thanks to spiral currents and the suspect there's an island of trash floating there that's been coined the great pacific garbage patch to be exact there are actually two masses of trash in the pacific and combined there are.


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