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tv   Headline News  RT  July 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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this hour on r t over one hundred people are feared dead in overnight clashes in egypt as the muslim brotherhood claims supporters of the ousted president are being targeted by the military with a shoot to kill policy. while egypt launches an anti terrorist operation in sinai work stream is now allegedly joined by militant morsy supporters have been stepping up attacks on the military live comment on plus. germans are showing that. the n.s.a. spying program support towards whistleblowers edward snowden and bradley manning with demonstrations across the country and over forty cities join me peter all of us for more on this and if you bowman's.
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hello and good morning to you if you just joined us this is international money just after one am in moscow our top stories are just said egypt's interior ministry has warned it's going to disperse protesters soon as they put it as was the brotherhood supporters continue their rallies it follows a night of deadly clashes between the military and those backing the deposed president morsy the health ministry is now recognize the death toll of seventy four but morsy supporters say it's over one hundred truce in cairo with the latest. an uncomfortable calm has descended across the country are very bloody nights here in egypt when there were clashes between security forces and supporters that ousted leader mohamed morsi i went to the city where the clashes took place which is in a place called nasr city if you kilometers from here where i'm standing in to her square there were burned cars rocks and pools of blood to leading up towards this
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city in where supporters of mohamed morsy with reeling after this very fine and nights medics was scrubbing the floors of blood so often bodies had been basically stacked up in piles any place they could find they told me meanwhile people were still being treated for injuries late into the often noon and funeral prayers warehouse now in the ministry of interior denies the claims from these supposed to move and they fired on protesters they say they have never shot at the protesters that they only used to gas to basically dispersed this city in which had stretched to far away from there about the way mosque where the system is taking place they also said they would now launch a kind of campaign on a religious extremism and work together with the military to disperse these sit ins the two main sit ins are here in the capital at this mosque and also at cairo university and the people in the sit ins i spoke to today said to me they're not
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going anywhere so we're really seeing quite a tense atmosphere where we've got people here and to here is celebrating the ouster of morsi very much supporting the military and all of its actions of the security forces well meanwhile people are mourning the loss of their loved ones in the city in just a few kilometers away. another strand to the story this morning the start of the large scale antiterrorist operation in the sinai peninsula bordering israel heavy weapons are being deployed to the area where extremist attacks on the military but increasingly frequent details about from artie's posts lier. what we do know is that the egyptian military has closed all internet says in and out of the sinai it's launched a forty eight hour operation to deal with a sudden increase in the number of islamist operating there the information that we have is that there have been violent clashes in the area of share is the way it now not only centered there but also in areas like elevation other villages in the
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surrounding area these clashes are between the army and extremists that have been operating there for quite some time now let me remind you that the situation in sinai has been unruly ever since the overthrow of the former egyptian president hosni mubarak and since then we've witnessed an increase in these kind of attacks these kind of violent acts happening in the sinai but we're hearing from the army as that there are at least five hundred extremist militants operating in an area of four square kilometers now the army says that they are heavily armed it says that they could use civilians in those areas as human shields and at the same time the army has deployed both its if force and on the ground troops who are heavily armed allegedly muslim brotherhood supporters are taking up arms and i'll go into the sinai where there are joining these islamist groups from the army we're hearing that they've been fired on that they have been attacked by these extremist elements
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more than sixty bedwyn tribes signed a memorandum that they support the egyptian army and that this is a support for the egyptian people they're trying to put some kind of order there but the situation is merely continuing to descend into chaos. and with. political sociologist for some more analysis of the situation. focus first of all on what's happening on the sun and potentially before we broaden this out what are the areas where these people carrying out the attacks all the government forces the . as you know since the revolution in two thousand and eleven sinai which is times the state of israel in the area. has been. listening and nobody is controlling the area and so we had many terrorists coming from. you know some egyptians coming form of
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understand forms from boston you know from a lot of countries because the country it was very much. after the evolution and this happens in many who shows when you don't. grip of the central government becomes very weak so this area began to be very active and at heaven for. especially most sinai which is the poorest governor waiting for egypt and this is also the most populated part in sinai the population of sinai is a hundred and seventy thousand in the most sinai c. one hundred thousand and the south sinai you have seventy thousand and all the thought is is between the center and the most now in the last three years the world many complains by the egyptian army. operation and those companies that not succeed very well for many reasons one of them is that when president morsi who comes from
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an organization that's supposed to isn't. came to power he released many of the. terrorists who were in jail in sinai and despite that they are ideologically different from the muslim brotherhood. the popular uprising that click to who. was not welcomed by. a lot and it's made a bell you know now what about the timing or why it's anti terror operation now the why is the egyptian army doing it now it's this side of desperation maybe on their side is it because. they're trying to quash any political opposition or is it simply something that was planned anyway and was going to happen what she what are your thoughts on the timing of it. of course after you know the egyptian people on the cities of june made a big second we've lucian and we have to. present the most he and his group because
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they found that the country had been hijacked by a group. of army feel that the militants in sinai because of the hold by the muslim brotherhood lead those. militants in sinai to rebel and make trouble of course if you didn't come up here attacks on the source canal attack on . the people in north sinai me infiltrate into mainland egypt and that's why they're blocked all the roads and access to the lead egypt from sinai and deployed through intelligence work and. beefing security to encircle the of those in certain parts of most sinai preparing to launch this desert storm campin and do hope that there would be able to medicate them once and for all this me take time because as i mentioned to you sinai is a huge area it's it's not that easy but at least it would give the activity for
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a long time not only again as gyptian but also again this is the it is again this. is so it is in the interest of the whole world that they support the egyptian military campaign against terrorism in north sinai dr final thirty seconds show me the broader picture here the the civil unrest in the country and what do you think about the way the army handled it last night of the tactics though shooting people in the chest in the head and be the egyptian army is also said that the muslim brotherhood must come to the kosi actions by this weekend well deadline seems to be passing doesn't it. of course as you know what happened yesterday there was a sit in strike in an area called developer live in cairo and the plan for the muslim brotherhood was put in this in clear into our government in exile for the deposed president and he began to expand the area expand the coast and move to
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other areas and this is where the clash with police called the army and the clash was the police and if you look at the some of the videos will not. peaceful protesters they were not peaceful sit in strikers they were marching and there were suds and they carried office and they started attacking the police the strategy of the muslim brotherhood is to either to make some terrible here and there all due to stop the lies a country by blocking the mean led troops pull towards. civilians here and they're attacking christians it was not the army that attacked them it was the police trying to stop them from blocking. fly over six of which i'm sort of asked your question why not give me the proper time to respond to it but thank you for your time dr saeed political social. here we're going to lose the lying to you she was going to go off or i think you said thanks being with us. will come out of so
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if holding mostly in prison won't work but that he has to go through the election process again if he wants to return to power. he still does have a large following of course. and whether it should be done is that he should. somehow tragical back to the situation where you have essentially elections indecently i don't think that it could work that you have an elected president in jail and i don't think it's going to end the anger and the sense of injustice that his followers. choose it could be on its way towards plunging into chaos to after violence but with tens of thousands gathered sooner of mistrust that proposition later we got more votes but just a few minutes. previously rights activists have demonstrated across germany against u.s. worldwide surveillance and berlin's role in it the revelations by edward snowden of
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ignited public anger among germans who say that their government let them down was artie's peter all of the reports demonstrators are gathering in over forty cities around germany to show their support for both edward snowden and bradley manning the largest of those demonstrations is taking place in the financial german financial capital of frank first but as here in berlin as well as many other cities around the country marches are taking place to show their support for the the two whistleblowers and to show their anger at the way that not only the united states government has been spying into their private lives there is mails their phone calls their social networking sites and allies but the way in which the german government appears to have been well not just complicit but an active partner in taking part in not spying it's turned out that germany being one of the the most watched countries by the n.s.a. prism operation over five hundred million data connections were intercepted from
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germany every month and that's according to some of the the leaked memo. those that were put forward by edward snowden now those people who have come out here in berlin told me exactly why they want to show their support for edward snowden and other whistleblowers and why they're angry at the german government. i'm very unhappy we have a constitution and laws in this country the german government isn't interested in our holding their own constitution the way germany is led by the us and spying makes me want to puke. and i can't agree with this policy this my private life is important to me is something sacred that should be protected and . it's only through what snowden and manning are going through they're being treated as criminals for exposing the real crimes of the military and security services. it's outrageous that the german government refuses to do anything to
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protect its own people's privacy. while holding banners saying yes we scan a parody of the a bomb is election speech for his first term and yes we can they're angry at what they say is being let down by not only their own government but the infringement by the united states is government into their privacy they want to be left alone they say and they're saying as well today that they're all edward snowden's they're all bradley manning's and that's why they're standing together across germany they just knew twenty four seventh's r.t. dot com and here after this quick break. wealthy british.
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police reportedly arresting protesters outside the parliament building and should missing its capital after dispersing them with tear gas nearly a tens of thousands of people flooded the streets and cheered as for the funeral of mohamed bradley he was a key secular opposition figure who was assassinated outside his home on thursday but have a professor. at university claims that flirts with terrorists instead of keeping them a bay. group. shehri out on terror sheria . terrorist group but i don't think the government is doing anything to. stop that. and i would say at one point even they flirted with this group the government and it's run by these there was a party and i think the islamists go it's not you're listening to the people it's not listening in to the opposition parties or the opposition parties so i think the rift is you know why did it and there's some kind of myopia is there some kind if you like this kind of theater and you have definite you know the pulse of the
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street and i think this you know you know the situation that we have today which is really exclusive to. the people of mali is preparing to pick a president on sunday but there is the organizing a success simply too much too soon for the right report on that shortly. hundreds of protesters been wreaking havoc in brazil's major cities run sucking banks and setting cars alike the country's been witnessing chaos in the streets from last two months now as people have been expressing their anger over the cost of the twenty fourteen football world cup a sports local journalist want to explain. there were careers and should be the maximum of five hundred people in each mostly peaceful in sept one of last night protests that could make here in this city all some problems there was white and wyoming there were good actions of these protests are taking the very edge of the international events might this one where we have patients all the world is focused
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on brazil to be more straight period of peace extraction with both the state and federal governments i have and also broke out since the beginning and i could notice that he never your friend there were in small group of bamako busy fruiting if you trade it there in not taking away some of the credibility of the vast majority they don't want their voice to be heard by the old tory i suspect that after the visit of the pope and we've got an international event taking place in brazil these protests the crease in the next few weeks and please this is what they're. hoping for but i can assure you we greet us once again when brazil will host this sucker the world cup brazil has suspended for four more days where he'd be a ball it still holds the soccer world cup germany to lead over ten billion dollars again prince harry spending twenty eight billion dollars all those peoples those people there on the street might not be believed it may have been no reason to
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croak congress and the president trying to make new laws that would change some of this in order to get the. to request the demands of the people on the street but i don't see that they're all that will happen the next few weeks or few months at least until they need to be here we may see some results of those changes and we're going to congress are doing right now we have to wait and see what happens pictures from pyongyang online a show of might and delight to date as the north korean capital rolls a massive parade to celebrate sixty years with just. like the korean war. and russia just sets its sights high with plans for a low cost carrier to connect with europe's major cities. if you want to find out floats like his plat. presidential candidates in mali a finnish campaigning ahead of sunday's poll the electoral commission says it's
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concerned the ballot could be marred by low turnout critics say technical difficulties could also plague the vote the e.u. insists the election must go ahead however for billions of dollars worth of aid to start flowing to mali we have to kiwis editor of the blog pan african newswire he told me from some particular will be keen to show the ballot is a success i am certain that the united nations are will put its stamp of approval on the elections perhaps the economic community of west african states but it remains to be seen exactly how much credibility is going to happen the country france of course which carries a lot of weight the european union is looking for a mechanism to exit mali they intervened in january of this year they had approximately six thousand troops on the ground inside the country now there are about four thousand french troops may feel that this election can present some type of credibility for the incoming government as well as a united nations presence there and they can accelerate their exit from the country
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they still plan on having some one thousand french forces even by the end of two thousand and thirteen. the orthodox church delegations arrive in ukraine following historical holy relic the cross that unites the ancient nations of russia but the symbolic event comes during political times for ukraine as well with the country the crossroads between russia and the e.u. really. well it's really the center of one of the most religious festivities you have seen in the last several years that hundreds of thousands of people have flocked here. taking part. because one thousand twenty five years ago it was here and it was adopted as official religion. and then spread its way across the country and there have been several conflicts that russia and ukraine have participated in over the past several decades the orange revolution which increasingly saw ukraine pushing its way. away from russia ukraine is just and
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destroying relations with russia for reasons to say that ukrainians. living in russia and the country. is moving in the opposite direction. because new voices. of course there are people in ukraine who a look at her looking west they're looking at europe and they're thinking. it's in the european union. their attention and their priorities lie they want to adopt. european lifestyle they want to see some of their values at the same time of course russia and ukraine share a lot of cultural historic and of course. a lot of critics. of ukraine warned that should other countries turn westward risking basically diluting its national identity. and use of improve in the last hours in pictures to bring you
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a soyuz russian soyuz you rockets launched in the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan all went well pleased to say the rockets currently unmanned progress and twenty m. space freighter if you're counting it's a whole bit to dock with the international space station that docking set to happen the experts say about six hours after launch just over five. it's a resupply mission which will see the progress and twenty m. bringing food fuel scientific material and parcels from relatives to the cosmonauts and astronauts about looking forward to that they have been at the i assess since the end of may to say all went well they're good to see it continuing its journey up into space in the i assess more international news no brief break in libya see more than a thousand inmates escape it happened on the outskirts of eastern city benghazi the prisoners rioted at the same time as the facility was being attacked from the outside it comes after a prominent political activist was killed in the same city leading to widespread protests. six people were killed friday in florida by an armed man who took
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hostages in an apartment complex these latest pictures through police say there was a row apparently between the couple of run the building and said gunman who may have been a tenant there when police arrived they found two dead bodies and then heard more shots of his eventually killed the gunman in a shootout. venezuela's president has ordered thousands of soldiers on to the streets of the capital caracas to stamp down on crime but with murder rate some of the highest worldwide people there are arming themselves and taking security into their own hands tesser said the reports from t.v. . legal as models entire election campaign may be based on the only good charm this is legacy but if there's one the major issue as well as a new president can be credited for bringing to the forefront it's the country's lack of security. you can be abducted even from your own home there's no safety in country government figures show more than sixteen thousand people were killed and
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it is willing twenty twelve and increase to fourteen percent from the year before and a murder rate of fifty five point two per hundred thousand inhabitants one of the highest in the world making the high crime rate public enemy number one. there rob and beat my father was killed near his home four years ago. entered or collectives organizations that initially emerged as left as revolutionary groups driven by ideology determined to confront society's ills today they're known either as protectors of the community or violent vigilante groups depending on whom you ask we. also known as now a senior member of the collective or. some time ago american imperialism that infiltrated latin america in venezuela in particular cause massive spread of drugs across our territory we have to combat this disease that's when the movement of
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power or kid even started we also started the model urban groups that fight drug trafficking and violence we clean up the streets so to speak. now we're here in an area called bend at the us and there are a lot of shanty towns here and it's very rural who go chavez and also from that's also home to a very strong leftist activism and people here tell me that they don't welcome the police they don't want to see him here because they say that the police here are corrupt instead they have groups armed groups called the collective us who maintain security in this area maybe going after drug traffickers but it's widely believed that at times they were also resort to lethal means some local say however that there's no alternative for now police corruption has been so rampant that in two thousand and nine the government even admitted that twenty percent of crimes were committed by crooked cops but the quality was self-proclaimed role as protector may
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be challenged pushes his secure father one ply deploying some three thousand troops into the streets of caracas. they might help the government one day become allied with local mafias on the next day mr. president chavez out of the scene is certainly going to have much greater difficulty in bringing them under the sway. government policies and government orders he's definitely getting into very very difficult waters in there because if he sends at least forces trying to control them that will definitely create scenes of violence of those scenes of violence can sort of very ugly and now with the hot seat having pledged to make tackling climate a personal priority a promise will be held to by a politically divided population united by a desperate desire for peace of mind to answer syria r.t. . that's the news round so far from moscow. and kevin i hope to see you again
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tomorrow after the break to give the mainstream media more of a bruising in late edition of breaking this enjoying. boy oh boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there from mysterious extra planets drip kilian creatures living among us but there also may conspiracy theories that are very plausible and some that are well actually true one that i've heard for a long time is that they are specifically trying to fill the police with dimwits to abuse the american people which is silly right right according to a.b.c. news a discrimination lawsuit revealed that robert jordan was denied the chance to become a new london police officer because he was too smart his entrance exam score was
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a thirty three which is an i.q. of one hundred twenty five and it was just too high to allow him to defend the public good that police department only accepts candidates who have scores from twenty to twenty seven the logic is that people who are too smart get bored as policeman and they're more likely to quit after years of costly training. yeah this is proof of a conspiracy. theory well the lowest score they accept is still around an average i.q. so that doesn't mean they're specifically trying to fill the place with sub par people but it does seem really weird to fear people with high i.q.'s entering the police force this case to have a confirms nor denies the conspiracy theory but is definitely food for thought and does a kind of not make sense to discriminate against anyone ever for having a high i.q. i don't know but that's just my opinion.


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