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the second international conference on quantum technologies was held in moscow this month the event touched over one hundred scientists including a nobel prize winner the conference was dedicated to the application of quantum physics in technology one of the latest breakthroughs in this field is in teleportation the head of the russian quantum center's executive committee tells us more what's happening there is that with teleport a quantum state of atoms for all occasion to another and atoms in the same quantum state they're indistinguishable therefore we can say that with the reporting atoms for one location to another but we're not moving matter when moving information about this matter and so the information which was written in the atoms of this location is no transferred teleported unturned other location the trick is that quantum information can not be written as a sequence of classical bits and therefore i cannot just look at where times and
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call you on the phone and tell me everything about there i am not allowed to do it by the laws of nature therefore we need this special link which we call in the tango moment and this is how teleportation was accomplished on the sixth international maritime differential was held in st petersburg earlier this month the event got off to a flying start with an aerobatic display from the russian knights and a chart suggest from thirty one countries to show not only gave participants changed demonstrate the latest in naval technology on dry land under sea but also get down to serious business. the russian government submitted a bill to the state team on the twenty eighth of june as visiting a radical reorganization of the bush an academy of sciences which was founded in seventeenth twenty four i'm currently unites four hundred eighty three institutions employing around ninety five thousand people consuming proposals of the bill for the russian academy of sciences to incorporate the bushnell. science is on the
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rushing to me of medical science is transferring control over the. financial assets of property to specifically created state agency giving the scientists more time to spending a lot. of the efficiency of the organization encourage putting scientists to join and stimulate will research but it is received a mixed reaction state officials are holding talks with leading scientists as a result sixty nine amendments to the original draft to be made the bill should come into law sometime in the changes to be made by the time. this bill is a vital importance it's not only about reforming the russian academy of sciences it will determine the path russia takes in the future whether we continue to be a results based economy or turn towards high tech industries this is what's at stake but. it won't be right without first getting. well so here's the last story he did for
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technology. to learn about the latest developments in the tractor industry. brain. with the world's population set to reach eight point one billion people by two thousand and twenty five the pressure is on to meet growing food demand and despite a recent your income paints possible food source you certainly won't find meeting a local anytime soon so it looks like staple food such as cereals were made one of the most cost effective ways of meeting on the traditional needs. to some combines to be the work of course is responsible for feeding all these extra miles it's not surprising then that global demand for trucks is expected to increase six point eight percent each year until two thousand and sixteen reaching an astounding one hundred twenty two billion dollars ninety six percent of the truck to market is split between eight manufacturers one of which works the company has a history supplying by over sixty. yes it has produced over three point three
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million shoppers two point six million of which are exporters one hundred twenty five countries around the world and with a market share for ten percent the company's in a great position. to work was created in one nine hundred forty six and in addition to its main punching means it owns a number of the facilities dotted around fellow troops grounded in the team their bikes and child's means to see what the companies doing stay ahead of the game and found a company called he could use a sixty two different models ranging from small multi-purpose trucks as a municipal vehicles to truck machines and long vehicles that can operate at forty degrees below zero the components of specifications of each model a tailored suit a very different jobs each charterhouse to perform whether it be plowing the fields ready for the next harvest or clearing the snow to keep the traffic moving in the winter months but one thing that all touches have to supply plenty of is sheer brute force and precise control and to do this they need a transmission that's up to the job the mechanical transmission is the most common itself as a high powered conversion ratio compact size and good reliability can be
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a bit impractical hydro mechanical systems also using heavy duty because it often automatic gearbox given the driver more comfort so unfortunately this type of has a low power conversion ratio and requires a cooling system then there's the electro mechanical transmission which can be found in ships trains don't troops in a military vehicles this type of a superior control over power and speed which has not been widely implemented yet due to its large size expense and weight nothing new about the idea of installing electric transmissions and tractors we build the first track with an electric transmission in the night and sixties night in sixty five to be precise it wasn't very powerful but it's we were a bit ahead of our time we developed the track so with the st petersburg electric technical company of course back then electronics were not that advanced so we couldn't develop it further. we were ahead of our time then and now we're catching
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up with the. charts wisconsin such was also in moscow to help effect the electromechanical transmission. is one of russia's leading electrical engineering specializing in various fields including manufacturing design engineering research and development the company's portfolio over three thousand products ranging from hydro generators a night you'll notice to control systems electronic transmissions. discussing the possibility of creating electro mechanical transmission around four years ago as a result a number of prototypes were produced on subjects field tests which culminated in one of the charts receiving a silver medal at the two thousand and nine i.q. technical expo in hung over since then both companies have tinkered with the prototypes and tweak the design and now have a model display to hit the production lines in close cooperation with highly skilled specialists from track to work we solved the main issue control in the traction electric equipment set it was only through that close cooperation that we
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managed to solve the main challenge to control the power of the tractor. transmissions dynamically integrate four key components the diesel engine combined motor generator electronics high level controller and asynchronous motors on the wheels the motor generator and. the kinetic powered funded by the diesel engine into electricity which is then used to drive electric motors on the wheels all of these components and by the high level controller which makes sure the try to base the drives every command quite instantaneously just in the speed and direction of the wheels ensuring maximum fuel efficiency however also poems challenge was to integrate an electro mechanical transmission into an existing must produce truck the bellows thirty twenty two. now it's one thing to develop a completely new charger on this type of transmission from the ground completely overhauling the transmission of the truck to. specifically designed for this quite a different matter and this is where the brains of the t.m. came in. machine b.
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sit in development institute forms on specializing in electric motors for over forty five years need to introduce low voltage election motors for the shipping industry trains. and countless occasions their experience and expertise and has played a crucial role in developing an electrical mechanical transmission the very specific criteria set by mean start to works. it took nine months well twelve to be completely honest to build the first tractor off to designing the prototype. as we designed the prototype built the equipment tested it and finally installed it on a tractor. the world is constantly changing and people always looking for quick and easy ways of doing things so given that some trust the drivers have to contend with to fifty years it's hardly surprising that manufacturers are looking for a better solution. transmission and all the benefits that come with it means that
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farming just got a little bit easier than thirty twenty three is kitted out with all the latest cons including a touchscreen g.p.s. increase control while the reduction in vibration makes for a more peaceful environment mccallum in light of this resoundingly success both companies are looking to introduce the electromechanical transmission model range which is so confident in how we see the trucks used to drive but they even let the technology go despite the five hundred in a while. tractor rarely has gas and brake pedals instead of having four different ones accelerator two different brakes. you drive to step on the gas pedal it's just like driving a mercedes but naturally the drivers learn how to operate these tracks very quickly . and it.
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was really. the first half of the program. good lumber tourny to mccurry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach the creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm
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tom harpur welcome to the big picture. i've seen the perception of the cross many times it doesn't matter if there's snow a heat wave or hail stones from people keep on going i don't expect anything i just want i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to that's all i wanted at the moment he had a hand send so mind she's saying i'm carrying these sayings on my shoulder. do you want me to put a bandage here no that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted who were evacuated three two wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring.
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welcome back the city of homs is located slap bang in the sense of. and for a couple of days in may the city was hosted in of us forum making it the sense of innovation as well. focal point founded in sixteen zero four toms could already establish itself as the educational center of siberia by the mid nineteenth century the city now boasts fifteen research institutes eight universities and one in every five residences a student. in two thousand and ten tomsk invested two point two percent of its gross regional products in r. and d. making the city second largest economic sector the city's host a universe which is the longest standing innovation forum in russia the annual
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event was held for the fifteenth time this year over two thousand people from nineteen countries around the world took part in the forum which attracted over twenty five thousand visitors in just four days the forum gave representatives from leading washing companies startups and universities your shooty to meet and discuss various issues and share their experiences as you may have guessed from the name the form is dedicated to the development of the bush and of its except it's a. form of this forum was different from the previous ones in the sense that it was focused on a specific economic sector it wasn't just a forum for innovations that involved all economic sectors it was aimed at the wrong material sector mainly the oil and gas industry focusing on a specific sector which gave the form a second wind. as well as showing off the latest products innovations developments and strange slimy substances many participants of the form some to
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firm contracts of corporation in part the focus of this year's forum on the oil and gas industry was so successful that the organizers sponsor continued dedicate in the form to different economic sectors in the future the robots were particularly popular amongst the students at the turn to be advancing. robots and humans was even slaves of the two thousand and eighteen located off the beaten track of the trans-siberian railway i'm sure that tons will continue to stand out. because the very heart of h. crystals are normally associated with precious jewels but they also play an important role in the world of technology. crystals very seriously and a whole new meaning to the phrase crystal clear. water tank is located in the tom special economic zone with over forty years of experience made a reputation for self as a top of crystals for solid state lasers however before he could be shipped around the world the crystals that make them must first be grown each crystal starts off
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as a seed or small crystal which is then placed in a mixture of. the rotation. speed of the crystal all closely monitored after being subjected. to greece for sixty days if. you have all the equipment you can see. specialists and built right. so. not only our own technology growing crystals and treating the final product. our own special equipment. various shapes and sizes and highly polished to ensure the surfaces are completely flat and angle correctly the crystals produced by the committee are used in a wide range of optical instruments and devices such as night vision goggles range finders a medical instruments one of the price is the modulator for solid state leads as the modulator is responsible for controlling the frequency of the beam. the
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finishing touches must first be made before the commute in any of these things to do this. with. the. benefit from three very. very high. throughout the entire structure of the crystal. very strong optical damage resistance. the crystals that we grow also have very very high electrical resistance and for. each crystal must pass one final hurdle before reaching the market scientists in this testing facility put all their products through their paces to the very highest sun this is especially true of the. science when they must be flawless. generate the powerful yet short pulses of light
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the scientists required to study split second reactions. resistance and transparent properties of the modulators are tested in this lab to ensure they won't fail despite being only a relatively new markets are not only in high demand in russia but also the c.i.s. china and russia has traditionally been at the forefront of laser technology stiff competition from abroad in recent years as for the computer game so let's head over to the lab and see what they're doing stay one step ahead. one shop in the last. physical institute can trace its roots all the way back to seventeen fourteen and to this day remains one of the leading scientific institutes carrying out research in all the major areas of physics and it was also home to many nobel prize winners including alexander proctor of the nickel. they were awarded the nobel prize in physics in one thousand nine hundred sixty four for their groundbreaking research and the development of the laser as we know it the quantum oscillator they created stimulated emissions between two atomic energy states which in turn
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a large population version to be maintained or in other words the world's first continuous laser was professor. worked with. and is now picked up the baton and continues his legacy. in the infrared spectrum for twenty years the institute before becoming interested in a phenomenon known as super radiance. boss of was the first person to appreciate the importance of research in this field and completely studied super ratings for fifteen years in the infrared spectrum which is invisible to human eye then around four years ago joined forces with scientists in other countries who also interest in super radiance within the blue and violet physical spectrums advancing the spectrum in other countries in recent years has meant that you're such a pick up the pace just to keep but i'm sure also made a pleasant change the culture to be able to actually see his work. live in steve's history in the spectrum naturally call the eye of the european commission so to
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jumpstart europe's laser industry the commission issued of the search grant to the consortium of later research is known as fence of. the grant was issued as part of the future and emerging technologies branches f p seven program which focuses on investing in high risk research with potentially revolutionary social and technological implications in addition to the liberty of institutes the consortium is made up of two institutes in switzerland two institutes in germany and the university of cambridge. european commission financed us because europe was trying to catch up with japan when you will several years ago japan made a significant breakthrough in the blue and violet spectrum scheme. mainly thanks to the efforts of such companies as sony and shelved so japan was very much out of the rest of the world as it practically have the monopoly of these lasers on the market of japan had already unveiled the first blu ray prototype in two thousand with the first plays being released in the country just three years later the blue relays it
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generates a more focused theme than the one using d.v.d. drives the greater precision of the blu ray allows much more data to be crammed onto each disk as well as leans more immersive game and film experiences the way also has much more serious scientific occupations with such high demand for these lasers enough to thirteen years of production japan cannot churn them out for as little as eight dollars apiece it's no wonder then that your wants to get in on the action. so to set the ball rolling told to stop took on japanese great joys and took them apart to get the laser inside. cambridge university has been developing the idea of modifying lasers with these focused ion beams for a long time. we did our first joint work in this area in the mid one nine ninety s in one nine hundred ninety five or ninety ninety six but the world as well as putting their heads together. also pulled their material resources institute supplied their custom laser pulls measuring device joakim which provided
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a focused workstation the laser measuring device allowed to be such as to monitor the up of the laser with a position of up to one millionth of a billionth of a second in near real time. just the police units that helps us to form operations with lasers and to turn ordinary lasers from insides blue ray drivers. as i've mentioned earlier. into lasers capable of generating ultra short impulses got you with. the laser from the blu ray drives placed inside the vacuum chamber of the focused workstation it must then be located with a microscope so the etching process can be closely monitored in real time stream a high magnification of the microscope means that finding the laser can sometimes prove tricky once located the areas that need to be removed from the metal body of the laser focused. the whole process can save between ten and fifteen minutes depending on the intensity of the beam. each laser section of to monitor
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the residual resistance between the two parts which should increase over time as more message between them is removed. the process we carried out split the laser into three parts. the body of the laser has been divided into electrically isolated. the electrodes attached to either side supply an electrical current which implies the laser radiation reception in a sense i totally absorbed when the amount of electricity supplied exceeds a critical level the floodgates open resulting in shorts and coherent powerful laser pulses being emitted other words a super radio plays a big we managed to make a shorter low power full impulse and break the world record that sony had previously set people's last for just over one pick a second as power is seven to eight swats which exceeds that of the japanese
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achievements. so why did six institutes the european commission of a serious go to all this trouble well apart from their interest in the nitty gritty futuristic science of it's all super radio lasers also have very practical applications today that can be used to transfer process information because times help scientists study rapid reactions in cells and improve the accuracy of g.p.s. navigation systems by the filter of assyria since we just find on his body. pushes a rapidly expanding market is becoming increasingly attractive to international corporations. qualcomm is one of the firm for consider only action so we went to the core components to see what they had to offer. teach. it didn't take much to convince me to attend i.q. two thousand and thirteen which was held just a stone's throw away from bad square at the ritz carlton hotel the event put together the biggest in brightest plays of the mobile and wireless industries looking to tap into the potential of the bush markets the extensive bull lots of
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four g. networks and their ready availability before double smartphones means that the number of mobile connections and she's expected to more than double by two thousand and seventeen make an exception only to india. cocom focus on providing both hardware and software products for the wireless ecosystem and mobile environment among all this the company currently works with internet security by the kaspersky mobile game. develop a hero craft and software developer avi abby has made a reputation for itself as an industry leader in the field of tech speculation the company's business card application builds on this experience and lets you just stand back nice and save concepts information from a business card or in a couple of tops and swipes of the recently updated its already successful application three to the all joined it's a knowledge of developed by call all join unable proximal and pay to be a connectivity among complication so you can then run a collaborative environment where you can share information real time information
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in a very low latency capability or join is also an essential component of the internet of everything where we see millions of devices connected together around the world . abbi was founded in one nine hundred eighty nine and he's one of the world's leading software developers with his famous linguistics the software and business card reader the community has a history of bringing people together in other business benefits of having the pretty obvious so why don't more smartphones or all the mobile devices are anything like this a stand it home with the he won't call me is also a large developer of cheap sets so we can offer our products to the vendors which use cheap sets when developing their devices either with the device hopefully will no longer be left in the lurch from we can't find someone's business card or an ounce of our own the cooperation between our being caucus just one example of how international firms are increasingly working with their version counterparts to bring in of its you products to the market given obvious impressive track record and all comms mobile expertise i'm sure it will be long before we see either of
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them again so it's a good job i scan the business cards. i'm afraid that's all we've got time for today but we hope for to see you next month in the muscle what's on your business card or what type of transmission you have enjoy the right. wealthy british style. markets why not. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. that judges assess on son.
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killed on the streets. that women kidnapped and converted to islam by false wills ability or of muscles from the culture christians of egypt to the cross to the future victims. the way of the cross.
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and. i. interview.
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live. technology innovation the list of elements around russia. the future covered. nobody chooses to be homeless knowing chooses to me and now sorrow. isidro's for. good in the six pm get out six b six.
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they were. doing school that. had to me the class people and. there's no word against. it's tough to think about all of the homes of the state and to know that many may not have only been the last to choose should never be but there are also do different closures that never should have.
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over one hundred people are feared dead in overnight clashes in egypt as the muslim brotherhood claimed supporters of the president targeted by the military with a shoot to kill policy. launches an anti terrorist operation in the sinai where extremists and knowledgeably joined by militant morsy supporters have been stepping up attacks on the military. and. say they're losing faith in their government as they take to the streets across the country to vent their anger at america's sweeping surveillance and britain's role in it. coming up next will be here to ruffle the feathers of bankers who do stay with us on our.


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