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boy oh boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there from mysterious extra planets drip killian creatures living among us but there also may conspiracy theories that are very plausible and some that are well actually true one that i've heard for a long time is that they are specifically trying to fool the police with dimwits to abuse the american people which is silly right right well according to a.b.c. news a discrimination lawsuit revealed that robert jordan was denied the chance to become a new london police officer because he was too smart his entrance exam score was a thirty three which is an i.q. of one hundred twenty five and it was just too high to allow him to defend the public good that police department only accepts candidates who have scores from twenty to twenty seven the logic is that people who are too smart get bored as policemen and they're more likely to quit after years of costly training. yeah this
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is proof of a conspiracy theory well the lowest score they accept is still around an average i.q. so that doesn't mean they're specifically trying to fill the place with sub par people but it does seem really weird to fear people with high i.q.'s entering the police force this case that the confirms nor denies the conspiracy theory but is definitely food for thought and does a kind of not make sense to discriminate against anyone ever for having a high i.q. i don't know but that's just my opinion.
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are we sure was true. it was. in the server just go. through. this. was. me. try sion for. research grants for the area i guess right we are going to come and. was foul was foreclosed on september
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first and two weeks ago they put a note on my while party saying that it was abandoned and vacant and that they were going to ten of the water shed of the t.t. and chosen in two days. taken because they would never meet with him to let me know on the door for bedroom on the first floor the main floor and is just full and that there is not go whole apartment himself up sticks. you. see i did the retarding myself also and to school the apartment upstairs dislike for bedroom on this food they said. there was nothing he destroyed there was one here in the back that the two dome i bought it in one thousand nine hundred seventy four eighty thousand dollars. and now. their land
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under the house is worth half a million because it's rezoning. and it is very typical. when we are being foreclosed we feel guilt we feel shame we feel inadequate and a few here thinking gee how come i couldn't take care of my finances knew better how come i didn't learn why did up in eight. brokers made more money steering borrowers and to loans that cost more to risk your loans made for a better retard and so there was no reason for them to give someone a decent loan when they could make so much more money giving them a bad one
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a lot of us do not understand their needs trade language. defined prints especially you know people why we carried what is able like. this that i am although. in the academic education. it becomes difficult at times to read all the specifics about very complicated. plans the precision of the two thousand and six. return of title. two. it is sad. so the property is initially mine
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is back in my hands. see the trash signed it. two times. please. now is not the american dream now no. not for
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me if i have the money i go back to mexico i don't know just in a movie by will smith caught a pursuit of happiness when used in a shelter would have no border so my son might hide there and i'm not i don't think it'll be a cell phone like that before dad kindly crashed we have a good gap and we pay out of me is like everybody has like you know do you guys have an x. ray card but when the climate crashed i lost my i have and i had dad and i may have enough money to pay my bills so i came here i think a. couple bought a week or so before christmas and that was very interesting too because it is christmas and we're going to present for my son i did think i would a good christmas good of my follow we now call on the street who we want to ask for right around a corner you've got you've got people on the ground that's homeless to me that's
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sad. so i might we bless we we both you know we hope was that really we got it we got to still be here don't wait what what have the we lost the family hall i wish they were brother from the wow did not you know company here so. i'm here and i had two kids are. kind of tired of this situation they really wants to have their own place. and. i do my best to get in a. letter when i go back turners enter the us saying dad is getting a brownie and. everybody goes is not i want to get a house for them around is now that is syrian army yeah you know. it's been. like someone's gonna love it i don't want to know what i was going. on
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move for my kids. i still believe in the american dream because without a vision the people will perish. so i still believe in in the dream i'm living the dream i'm back in my home and i'm fighting for others to stay in their homes a sense osisko they have a waiting list of twenty seven thousand people i'll say that again they have a waiting list of twenty seven thousand people you know i have a nothing but respect for president obama but you know. it really needs to provide some real hope and some real alternatives to people that have done nothing wrong i don't do drugs he doesn't do drugs you know we're clean we're respectful
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were intelligent human beings so why do clean respectful intelligent human beings have to live in one room for the rest of their life for the majority of their life rather than our you know i love i just say this thing else in no i don't know if you ever heard of the plantation then a mix when people have been reduced to slavery and then exploited and all their life some of them sway away from war and i mean that's what we suffer from in all poor neighborhoods of color in the in the in the nation is the deep psychological trauma that the plantation mentality and so. it's actually part of what they call the matrix of willie brown who is a former mayor who was. a grad mayor back to totally sold out to the system
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as soon as you were elected in no book no hard play trans fatty because when he was elected my son was a black man did a block party here to celebrate the first black mayor of the united states and as soon as he was sworn into office he made the statement i do think that chant fee cation is a bad idea for san francisco and he sold us out to the developers right and. they were a man is doing things that are not to me the class people so like everybody says and the people who work in our government or is going to stand . in two thousand and eight pounds of cards collapsed. we learned that mortgages had been sold to people who couldn't afford or understand. banks and made huge bets and bonuses with other people's
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money. regulators had looked the other way or didn't have the authority to stop the bad behavior. it was wrong. it was irresponsible. and it plunged our economy into a crisis the put millions out of work saddled us with more debt and left innocent hardworking americans holding the bag for years jennifer fried inbox has been assisting in organizing the new poor created by the ambition of a financial system without rules she's the director of the coalition on homelessness a center for the protection of social rights so typical day we might be you know having meetings with homeless people doing outreach and talking to folks working on media communicating with people via e-mail maybe trying to go down to city hall and try to you know like right now are working on legislation that they're really teaching them on. this is the richest country in the world or.
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just feel like. we're against poor we should have a perfect for like you know we are the poorest and they don't have we're just really i mean. they are of course by leaving. us to serve closely but she. is asleep on the street all right we have thirty six thousand men do you need to be good night i'm on the list the public housing twenty two thousand people. do the housing right now not for these people and because i don't know what iraq you see because more important. i think that you. know there's no exact numbers on how many people exactly are homeless in san francisco but the latest homeless count showed there was around six thousand at a point in time count but it undercounted families there's probably another two thousand families on top of that another couple thousand news so we know that
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there's about twelve thousand every year that are trying to seek shelter in san francisco so we don't have exact now. but you know somewhere between six and fifteen thousand people without a regular place to call home. please . please.
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liz. liz. liz. liz. liz liz. liz liz please. i live.
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there is a sense on. the streets. that women kidnapped and converted to islam. for the coakley christians of egypt to their. future victims. the way of the cross. is. six.
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recession we had this huge surge where we had the number of families who were on the wait list for shelter and that reached the highest point ever about a month ago we had a increase in the number of people who were single adults who are homeless about a fifty percent increase there we have about sixty percent of all the people right now seeking shelter are homeless for the very first time in the united states especially of plays a very central role because it's this very much this culture where if you just work hard you can get ahead and that there's this idea that if they. aren't able
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to get ahead that it's their own fault. but they have missed a lot of processes that they've been cases where people we've talked to where people are even given a foreclosure notice and they get evicted or the house is sold an auction they
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don't know anything about it and so you know that's illegal however there are none of these laws unfortunately. are there are several violations so there's no regulation around them from the banks to whatever the hell they want about a month behind at that point with her or loan services and i really approach them with the little effort to find out what were my options so what they told me i should do is to they offered me a loan modification of september was a friday it was about two thirty in the afternoon on never forget it actually was two thirty four to be exact i read sadly that. i had caught any lawyer. and i said where is the paperwork that you're supposed to be sending me that says that.
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the cell date was stopped. and she told me. that the sell date was solid well september thirteenth huge and tell one day i was getting ready to leave the city for a few hours and my phone rang and they told me justifying tolbert as the i am we say we are the new owners to use what they say we are the new owners i thought it was a bad dream us up that i would try and hit myself to wake up here they sold the house to. the new owner and the new owner. what i had left to go as i said i'm a day care provider i went to drop all of my granddaughter to school when i came back of i saw a lot of people standing in front of my gate where they had changed the locks on my
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gate i could not get into my house. with the increase of insolvency procedures coming on to the desks of bankers credit institutions decided to take a much shorter and easier way to deal with the amount of paper robo signing with this method they were able to fake signatures needed in documents to proceed with foreclosure practice they can do all this without even looking at the papers every bank when they're going through foreclosure have to go through a process right in their laws that actually. they don't monitor but there are laws that they're supposed to abide by however most banks are don't follow by that because there are so many foreclosures that they're tearing at the same time one of the big ones is something called robo signing.
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what they found is that. you are potentially thousands of foreclosures that were simply just being rubber stamped with no evaluation of the documentation or. the note maybe the foreclosing party didn't even have a right to foreclose so when that broke in the fall of two thousand and ten when that story came out everyone says whoa we've got to stop the foreclosures because we don't know if these are right or want to foreclosures because no one's reading the paperwork.
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so we're here to defend the right to housing which is why we've had a campaign against wells fargo and the big banks have been foreclosing on people. was. going to. work here today is january twentieth when we're out here in san francisco with lots of people protesting for lots of different reasons it's part of the occupy movement but also
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a lot of people are out here that have been organized in struggle here in the city for their rights for housing rights for tenant rights for all sorts of things before the occupy movement really coalesced like last year. the crime of false witnesses in economic fraud linked with the scandal of robo signing was acknowledged by a government agreement it was altered in a fine of twenty billion dollars to be paid by the banks a subsidy of only one thousand eight hundred dollars was due to those who had seen their houses illegally foreclosed.
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and now we've got and there was an investigation and a recently announced the national mortgage settlement which addressed it was a as a result of the ruble signing scandal. and. it's it's tough to think about. all of the homes of the us. and to know that some many of them may not have only been lost due to loans should have never been made but there are also do different closures that never should have happened. after the wave of junk loans new forms of debt have arisen. you can find payday loans are everywhere in the poor areas of the city these are small loans to be repaid within two weeks and are backed up by a salary or welfare check. the annual interest rate is more than three hundred
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percent there more than twelve million americans trapped in this form alone advertised as a simple and quick solution. but i think that payday loans are particularly. attractive for people who are living paycheck to paycheck because they're everywhere they're easy to get you don't have to go through a credit check and it seems very simple but the problem is that the entire mountain is borrowed is june in two weeks and so our problem with payday loans is that interest rates are extremely high three hundred sixty percent four hundred percent four hundred sixty percent really high numbers.
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low pay and some payday lenders get financing from banks and what we've seen happening lately the last few years is banks actually offering payday loans themselves so wells fargo which is headquartered there and cisco u.s. bank third bank these are all banks that offer should pool digit interest loans to their customers and essentially it works the same way as a payday loan you go where no credit check they put the money directly into your account and then as soon as you get a direct deposit they take everything out. and if it looks like a you know we say in this country that looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it's a duck and so you know these banks are offering essential in what amounts to a payday.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lang you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harman welcome to the big picture. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking
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on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. political . goals of. the of the speech. as you. wish. all things long misleader.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on. the fears confrontation between the egyptian army and the muslim brotherhood turns a bloody more than seventy people are confirmed dead in cairo clashes with each camp blaming the other for inciting the violence. at the stories that shaped the week here on our t.v. still transit limbo for edward snowden he's waiting for paperwork that will allow him to leave a moscow airport amid fresh threats from washington. and the syrian national council agrees to take part in a peace conference but first demands that assad step down asked us to ship arms to the opposition now this comes as divisions within the rebel camp highlights the possibility of internal strife.


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