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i don't thing legacy of the war in iraq goes through the generations leaving children as the latest victims are teen investigates as to who's to blame for the destroyed lives. they fear is confrontation between the egyptian army and the muslim brotherhood turns bloody more than seventy people are confirmed dead in cairo clashes with each camp blaming each other for the violence. that still transit limbo for edward snowden who is waiting for people work that will allow him to leave a moscow airport amid fresh threats from washington. and the syrian national council agreed to take part in a peace conference but first demands that assad steps down asking the u.s. to ship arms to the opposition this comes as divisions within the rebel camp highlights the possibility of internal strife.
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thanks tuning in this hour you're watching the weekly right here on our t.v. i'm lucy confident of well rampant violence in iraq this week has claimed at least forty two lives with bombings and shootings having put the number of those killed in july at over eight hundred making it one of the deadliest months this year but more than a decade after u.s. led forces invaded iraq there is also a legacy of horrific birth defects taking a toll on those who were born in the years after the war now we visited iraq earlier basically a month ago and here is a report on what we discovered in the city of najaf. one hundred sixty kilometers south of baghdad the sacred shiite city is known for its holy shrines and is surrounded by one of the largest cemeteries in the world some of the
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heaviest fighting of the iraq war took place amid these graves its legacy still haunts the residents it was born with severe birth defects he's only eight months old but the doctors don't expect him to live past his first birthday. i felt dizzy you were no hook the news i ran out to his office in the taxi. but for his mother layla there's no escaping the reality her son has a nervous system disorder and his muscles are slowly wasting away. it's a recurring nightmare for leila and her husband three of their children were also born with congenital deformity is none of them survived and while they don't have proof they believe radioactive ammunition used by american forces during the war is to blame the rule isn't over yet if the americans are gone but with suffering from
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the consequences. spiralling numbers of birth defects and high miscarriage rates have also been recorded in fallujah and basra where american and british forces used heavy munitions at the start of the war but our visit to knowledge off revealed that the phenomenon may be far more widespread in iraq than previously known dr sundin's and as one of the few scientists who's been documenting cancer and birth defects here and she says in the midst of a growing health catastrophe. after the iraq war rates of cancer leukemia and birth defects rose dramatically none of the areas affected by fighting so the biggest increases we believe it's because of the legal weapon sled depleted uranium and the hospitals here cancer is more common than the flu. depleted uranium or d. you cuts through armor like a hot knife through butter more than four hundred tons of it is estimated to have been used in the two iraq wars the vast majority by u.s. forces the pentagon did not respond to our request for comment but the military
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generally denies any link between exposure and cancer or birth defects it also says do you weapons are only used to penetrate enemy tanks but a new report funded by the norwegian government found the deal was used against civilian targets in populated areas including not jobs in two thousand and three it notes a lack of transparency by coalition forces over the use of depleted uranium but describes one incident in najaf where a bradley armored fighting vehicle fired three hundred five d.-u. rounds in a single engagement the heavy fighting may be over but in nearly every street we visited in this neighborhood multiple cases of cancer and children with deformities no one knows what's making people here sick the families want answers and they want help. is old enough for school but has to be cared for as if he's a toddler he can't walk he can't speak he can't even go to the bathroom on his own use of brother is healthy but the family has buried two other children one severely
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deformed the other with a hole in her spine like many of the couples in this city they're simply too afraid to have another baby and they're left feeling totally abandoned no one cares about what's happening to the other families in this area even our own government doesn't do anything to help what can we do because our fate is a fate that many and not just suffer in silence. how it was the rockies lost their lives in the decades since the u.s. led invasion all across the country their memories are honored in cemeteries like this one the dead may be the most visible reminder of the human cost of the war but if the living victims of that war's toxic like to see who are still paying the price there's a captain of our team iraq. our team has also spoken to dr christopher busbee he has researched the effects of depleted uranium extensively now he told us what he learned after visiting flew to see how the civilians in that city had been affected
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we went to flu and we found the levels of can in about the nation and cancer and we looked at the parents of the children with congenital malformation and we did analysis of the head to see what was inside the head that might be geno toxic might be the sort of thing that can cause congenital malformation and the only thing that we found was you radium we found your brain even the hair of the mothers of the children with congenital malformation is now that we know that you are a new ms do you know toxic that it causes these these levels of genetic damage and because of that it also causes cancer so you can work slowly back from that towards your brain you know the only the any source of uranium was the use by the american forces the american led forces of uranium weapons not only depleted uranium weapons as we later found slightly enriched uranium weapons which we believe they were using in order to cover their tracks so i think we have more or less proved these facts. as a result of the use during the two wars of uranium and the particles that the
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uranium weapons produced. in egypt the confrontation between the military and the muslim brotherhood has intensified clashes between the supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi and the security forces on saturday had resulted in the deadliest violence since the military took power official figures but the number of those killed more than seventy and the muslim brotherhood says that another sixty people are on life support or true is reporting from cairo. i went back to the city in. the violence that ended and spoke to many of the eyewitnesses and also the medics said running these very makeshift hospitals inside the city and speaking to eyewitnesses they told me that about a few hundred of them i decided to extend their sittin down the main road to gold six foot to the bridge which is the main thoroughfare at about one o'clock in the morning at this point so security forces attempted to disperse them using take ass off to this they say they reported a call to show which is
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a puppet and also an off the bat they then were fired on with live ammunition which went on until nine o'clock in the morning leaving dozens dead speaking to the medics they said by about four five o'clock in the morning they started to get the bodies in with live ammunition weans mostly to the chest neck in heads they say implying this was the shoot to kill now this is the forces for their part denying this the protesters say they were not on top of the ministry of interior said saturday evening that the protesters were armed and shot back at them including injuring several of the soldiers they maintain they did not fire on any protest is only used tear gas when it was in fact the protesters themselves because the most of the violence so we really don't have any confirmation of how this exactly start states however looking at the wings of the people on the sheer number of dead it does imply that live ammunition was used at a muslim brotherhood have said they will stay put in the sit ins and they will keep
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protesting to fight for justice and also you for the reinstatement of mohamed morsy the military for that part maintaining that they will clear the sit ins the minister of interior released a statement to saturday saying that it is working together with the minutes three divines a plan to leave these citizens on using legal means they say however this is being slammed by rights groups who say it's not possible to legally clear is sit in the house being phase that will be for the violence because we've seen such a heavy handed response from the military and the police force towards those protesting so it's very divided egypt extremely tense with the expected violence on the horizon. dr mohammad abdul aziz is the director of the salam islamic center in california and is familiar with the situation on the ground in egypt and he told us that there are strong indications that the army's crackdown on the muslim brotherhood could lead to the radicalization of its young members the military is
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now doing what it does best going after the supporters of the legitimate president this is basically reminiscent of the of the nasir era and the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood that took place in the one nine hundred fifty s. what we be sickly see a repetition of that same scenario where the military of egypt cracking down on on an islamist group we may or may not agree with their policies these but they have renounced violence a long time ago they put them in prison the torture of their members the the shoot him dead a group of those members will eventually break off of the muslim brotherhood and adopt a more violent perspectives and this is exactly what happened in the sixty's seventy's and eighty's and those developments basically to the creation of the international phenomenon of terrorism that we still suffer the ramifications of until the present day what to what extremely concerns me right now is those young members of the brotherhood saying the same exact thing feeling that democracy can never bring them
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to power that their voices will never be heard that they will eventually resort to violence and then when we have waves and waves of violence this is not going to be good for anybody. the egyptian army has started to make good on its promise of bringing an end to what is called terrorism in the country a large scale counter extremist operation has been launched in the sinai peninsula bordering with israel it comes amid a spike in attacks on soldiers and policemen there in the wake of mohamed morsi is ousting our middle east correspondent policy or brings us the details what we do know is that the egyptian military has closed all internet says in and out of the sinai it's launched a forty eight hour operation to deal with a sudden increase in the number of islamist operating there the information that we have is that there have been violent clashes in the area. not only santa there but also in areas like elevation other villages in the surrounding area these clashes
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between the army and extremists that have been operating there for quite some time now let me remind you that the situation in sinai has been unruly ever since the overthrow of the former egyptian president hosni mubarak and since then we've witnessed an increase in these kind of attacks these kind of violent acts happening in the sinai but we're hearing from the army as that there are at least five hundred extremist militants operating in an area of square kilometers now the army says that they are heavily armed it says that they could use civilians in those areas as human shields and at the same time the army has deployed both its if force and on the ground troops who are heavily armed and they to the muslim brotherhood supporters are taking up arms and i'll go into the sinai where there are joining these islamist groups from the army we hearing that they are being fired on that they have been attacked by these extremist elements more than sixty bedwyn tribes signed a memorandum that they support the egyptian army and that this is
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a support for the egyptian people they're trying to put some kind of order there but the situation is merely continuing to descend into chaos. i'll be keeping you updated on the situation in egypt right here on our team for the latest developments as well as a full timeline of the events photos witness accounts and expert opinion you can also log on to our web site dot com. i'll be back with more news after a short break do stay with us. this woman points i know your dates and you try to transmission make sure the right bush and scientists comes up crystal the e.u. says he's laser sight sometimes on one of the tick joints comes to town.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. welcome back well there's been a fresh round of diplomatic wrangling over edward snowden between russia and the united states as the world expected the fugitive whistleblower to leave
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a moscow airport earlier this week that the former n.s.a. contractor has been stranded in the transit zone for a month now he's currently waiting for moscow's decision on his temporary asylum request or dozens of friends recaps the snowden saga. the world's media and u.s. law enforcement may not be chasing edward snowden from country to country at this point but there is plenty of chasing going on at the airport and there's no sign of it slowing down as the weeks passed the kremlin has stuck to its guns on allowing snowden to stay as long as he does not harm the united states by disclosing any more information tension mounted wednesday when reports emerge that snowden's russian advisor anatoly. was en route to shadow metro airport terminal with documents allowing snowden's temporary release from the transit zone while his asylum bid is considered but he showed up toting a brown paper bag filled with nothing more than new clothes and a few copies of russian classics translated to english along with some rather
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dismal news for snowden the paperwork was delayed. it was in waiting mode now we can all imagine how he feels being unaware of what's ahead of him and whether he'll get a yes or no answer from the russian authorities and the procedures can take up to three months anyway he's very grateful to russia which didn't abandon him and to the people who were trying to help him needless to say snowden was nowhere in sight for the media's hungry lenses meanwhile the game of diplomatic ping pong gets better and better while russia allows snowden's who remain in the transit zone the white house demands he's returned without delay the kremlin returns the volley by pointing out the absence of an extradition treaty with washington u.s. ambassador to russia then takes to twitter claiming they're not asking for extradition just to return russia points out the absence of an international law requiring a return secretary of state john kerry call snowden a traitor to his country russia states part of the reason for sheltering snowden is
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worried that he could face capital punishment it's then that u.s. attorney general eric holder penned a letter to russia's justice ministry no torture no execution russia points the fact that snowden has been stripped of his passport he can't travel to which. holder scrambles to offer a temporary pass for for direct travel to the secure embrace of american law enforcement the kremlin is unmoved while the white house asks for clarification on snowden status i think edward snowden has really been in many ways a hero and he has sacrificed his entire future i think as an american how much is clear he loves this country he will never again see the golden gate bridge or the blue ridge mountains or the grand canyon all the things that we americans take for granted other irons in the fire congress accelerated a bill applying sanctions to any country offering asylum to edward snowden and some hawkish senators are calling for everything from a change of venue for september's g twenty summit in st petersburg to
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a boycott by the u.s. olympic team of the twenty fourteen winter games in sochi outside the states there are plenty of people lining up to make sure snowden is not thrown to the washington wolves anytime soon it's important that people from whatever government can say i think my government has been doing wrong and has been breaching people's human rights and i need to apply for asylum in order to be able to speak about it is while all sides battle it out back and forth back and forth where is there querrey he's quietly hanging out in duty free or possibly something through his new copy of dostoyevsky's crime and punishment back at sheremetyevo airport in moscow lindsay france are taking. despite washington's promises that snowden will not face the death penalty he would still be tried for espionage for revealing the scope and the details of america's surveillance program more now from r.t. is going to just a can in washington by relentlessly going after whistleblowers here we picked some
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of the most notable ones the u.s. government is sending a message this is what's going to happen to you if you speak out even if you think you're doing it for the public good even if the public things you did the right thing in edward snowden's case fifty five percent of american. i consider him a whistle blower not a traitor and yet even as many americans are thinking to snowden for greater awareness about the government's blatant snooping on millions of absolutely innocent people snowden still had to flee the country so was not to share the fate of his fellow whistleblowers had he state he would have been in jail facing life in prison or maybe even the death penalty the example of bradley manning is right there the twenty five year old u.s. army private bradley manning has been in custody for three years now and is facing more than one hundred fifty years in jail many leaked documents and videos that exposed war crimes committed by the u.s. the military judge has recently ruled that mending still has to face the most serious charge the charge of aiding the enemy despite many claims that he's sole
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intent was to make the public more aware of the cost of war the human cost and other whistleblower former cia analyst john king also thought he was doing the right thing when he spoke about the cia's torture practices and became the first government official who confirmed waterboarding at one time to get out who was the head of the cia's counterterrorism operations in pakistan father of five kids out who is now in jail serving his two and a half years sentence former n.s.a. employees william binney and thomas drake were very close to jail time after they separately blew the whistle on the government's massive surveillance program which they saw as ineffective an illegal needless to say their careers were destroyed edward snowden's revelations of only confirmed would be drake had been saying for years but possibly unlike binney and drake snowden has also made public indisputable proof of the existence of the programs i had the chance to interview three of these men john kiriakou william binney and thomas drake they talked to me
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about what it's like being targeted by the u.s. government take a listen to your in itself his control. and what people will do when they're fearful is they were be will begin to censor themselves so much of what's happening now particular my case gets sent extraordinarily chilling message that anybody who i was a senior executive the government had a very high position and i say it sends that extraordinarily chilling message that if you speak out if you speak up we're going to hammer you and we're going to hammer you hard because look what we did to mr drake the court is supposed to protect the constitution all these all these people in government take an oath to defend the constitution and they're not living up to their oath of office i never believed i would be going to prison under a president obama never. that's been i think my biggest disappointment the classified documents then daniel ellsberg leaked four decades ago revealed that
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the us government had lied about the vietnam war and those revelations contributed to the erosion of public support for the war daniel ellsberg was the first whistleblower who was charged under the espionage act the government went after him with all he had wiretapped him without a court war and broke into his therapist's office trying to find something to discredit him with the judge dismissed all charges against ellsberg due to the gross government misconduct and illegal evidence gathering today daniel ellsberg stands in support of all these whistleblowers arguing had he been charged today he would have most probably gone to jail in washington i'm going to shake him. as always we're eager to hear your views on the stories that we cover so you can log onto our website at r t dot com and let us know whether you believe that russia should grant edward snowden temporary asylum. earlier this week the syrian national council met with the u.n. security council and agreed to take part in
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a long awaited peace conference but only if assad agrees to a transitional government the rebel group also met with the u.s. secretary of state to urge the white house to speed up arms shipments to anti assad forces with promises that the weapons would not fall into the wrong hands but the pledges come as divisions within the opposition deepen and as artie's paul scott reports the former allies may soon become sworn enemies. well the opposition are united in their desire to overthrow president bashar al assad but it seems to be where their similarity ends the syrian national coalition is the umbrella group recognized internationally as the legitimate representative of the syrian people but they don't represent all factions opposed to a saddle one group operating out of their control for example is the al qaeda linked al nusra front the coalition say they've hijacked the revolution or they've been classed by many in the west as a terrorist organization elsewhere a separate syrian group related to al qaida helped facilitate a jailbreak in iraq over the weekend freeing high ranking al qaida operatives
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infiltrated by foreign fighters on the issues agenda seem separate from out of the coalition and it's even led to infighting on f.s.a. commander was killed by a rival group and the f.s.a. feel they could soon be fighting on two fronts but when we use the phrase opposition exactly who are we talking about well the coalition alone is made up of at least eleven different groups including the muslim brotherhood who have recently called on the us and the e.u. to send arms in the battle with assad while only offering loose guarantees they won't fall into extremist hands there's also the coalition of secular and democratic syrians the syrian democratic people's party supreme council of the syrian revolution and so it goes on the disparate nature of the syrian opposition combined with the presence of islamic extremists means any nation looking to support the rebels are walking a continual tight rope with very few guarantees that any military support won't backfire and actually encourage the one thing met trying to fight elsewhere you
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know while president obama's plans to send arms to the forces fighting assad in syria were condemned by at least one lawmaker senator rand paul claims the white house is playing a dangerous game of double standards over syria. as we continue to aid in armed despotic regimes in egypt we were also about to send weapons to islamic rebels in syria this is problematic on multiple levels the assad regime is no friend of freedom or the united states but this does not mean that the enemy of our enemy is our friend there are currently seventeen different rebel groups in syria including the largest group of al nusra al nusra fighters are radical anti-american geodes and they're affiliated with al-qaeda but your politicians in washington are eager to send weapons they promise oh these weapons won't get into the hands of the
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enemy i don't believe it does anyone believe that how can we ask our brave young men and women to fight against al qaeda in some countries and with al qaeda in other countries. some international news and brief for you right now would begin in somalia in a couple of them of the issue where a suicide bomber has round an explosive lab and vehicle into the gates of the chargers' embassy three people including the suspected attacker have been killed two more wounded the radical islamist movement has claimed responsibility for the assault not the group to explain the attacks saying that turkey supported the somali government in attempts to stop the establishment of a real law in that country. fifteen protesters have been arrested by peruvian police after thousands rallied in the capital of the security forces have used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the mass demonstration students and human
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rights groups have voiced her concerns over the proposed education reforms as well as the looming job cuts to state jobs. to stay with us the technology update is coming up next on our team. boy oh boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there for a mysterious extra planet strip killian creatures living among us but there are also many conspiracy theories that are very plausible and some that are well actually true one that i've heard for a long time is that they are specifically trying to fool the police with dimwits to abuse the american people which is silly right writes well according to a.b.c. news a discrimination lawsuit revealed that robert jordan was denied the chance to become
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a new london police officer because he was too smart his entrance exam score was a thirty three which is an i.q. of one hundred twenty five and it was just too high to allow him to defend the public good their police department only accepts candidates who have scores from twenty to twenty so. the logic is that people who are too smart get bored as policemen and they're more likely to quit after years of costly training. yeah this is proof of a conspiracy theory well the lowest score they accept is still around an average i.q. so that doesn't mean they're specifically trying to fill the place with subpar people but it does seem really weird to fear people with high i.q.'s entering the police force this case that the confirms nor denies the conspiracy theory but is definitely food for thought and does a kind of not make sense to discriminate against anyone ever for having a high i.q. i don't know but that's just my opinion.
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choose your language. make it with zero and if you. choose to use the consensus to. choose. the great. choose the stories but if you. choose the access to. hello and welcome to technology updates my name's peter and i'll be presenting the show in today's episode we learn about brothers changing career. participants of the form in tom's going to football match between robots and humans.


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