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almost two years since the toppling of his father the son of moammar gadhafi still awaits trial libya is refusing to hand him over to the international criminal court amid fears that he's facing a death sentence on. private companies in the u.k. are accused of hiring rogue detectives to steal their clients' private data adding to the blanket surveillance concerns unleashed by recent snooping leaks and. through involved at all the whole it's just tends to make them more alcoholic going to affect them and improve their condition. struggles to curate feeling economy with the bailout cash we try to find out whether the billions of euros have been of any help.
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thanks so much for tuning in this hour i'm lucy casanova of course you're watching our team well on to our top story now nearly two years after moammar gadhafi was overthrown and killed in libya his son so you follow islam is yet to stand trial for alleged war crimes committed during the twenty eleven uprising now he is set for a hearing in libya in august but international criminal court judges fear that he won't receive a fair trial there libya is meanwhile defying an i.c.c. ruling by refusing to hand him over to the hague and sustaining on a trial at home well let's examine the man and his story so you follow islam was educated in london he was seen as a crucial figure in building relations between libya and the west but an early twentieth revolt the uprising kicks off eventually when he made. reports now amid
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allegations that he and his family committed crimes against humanity the i.c.c. issued arrest warrants just a few months later moammar gadhafi was killed by the rebels now the chief i.c.c. prosecutor had confirmed informal talks about the surrender of the younger gadhafi he was eventually captured by a rebel group and apparently have parts of his fingers and be tainted libyan authorities wanted a trial in tripoli but the i.c.c. had demanded that he be handed over to the hague a request which was rejected now for delegates from the court or detained in libya for a month after attempting to get documents to him gadhafi son has made two appearances in the libyan courts and the i.c.c. again rejected libya's efforts to hold the trial by themselves well for the latest on the situation we turn now to our tease paula. although the international criminal court has ruled that libya must extradite safe islam to the hague so that he can face charges of crimes against humanity the libyans won't allow it they want
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to try him at home nick offerman who is a former israeli lawyer hired by gadhafi his daughter aisha says he needs to be handed to the i.c.c. on the basis of the u.n. security council decision the security council gave the international criminal court the mandate to investigate crimes are committed in libya after the revolution international criminal courts carrying out the will and the wish of the international community investigated the matter and issued two warrants for arrest one for safely. now if the libyans wish to try these two people that is their right but they have to request. permission to do so from the international criminal court the libyan government has challenged the right of the international criminal court to try safe it argues that the hague based court has no jurisdiction because it only intervenes if the local justice system is not functioning and those ruling libya say that they justice system is operating well but professor who did warn and
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who is an expert on libya disagrees she says the country is in a state of collapse. i am not sure that it will be right to assume that there is a government in libya today there is no army no police aren't militants are in control even if they give safe a trial the libyans always surprise us so i can't really see how the trial will go i'm not even sure if it will be good and how just an objective it will be the question needs to be asked why has safe trial not here begun he's been held captive since november two thousand and eleven and it's not even clear exactly where he's being held when the libyan rebels who are fighting against gadhafi they proclaimed largely that he and his family should be court marshaled. now they quiet it does seem as if one thing got into power they believe that the only ones they need to listen to them selves. tell of a have and that the proceedings do continue in libya will likely be executed at
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that is according to his attorney john jones who had spoken to my colleague earlier . he's being held in appalling conditions certainly in terms of his mental state because of such confinement thing any period of time and for a few leaks has been shown by scientific studies to be extremely damaging and he said in that condition for twenty months impossible for families to see him and even if they do see him. damon any circumstances where you can speak freely the last time you visited by night you see delegation meeting this covertly recorded and so he knows he knows it's become a complaint anyone can visit about these conditions you can say in the in meaningful his defense because it's being used against him is now being prosecuted in addition to the war crimes trials are being prosecuted for basically saying that he wanted to be tried in the hay and exercise his right to fight a tro but if indeed saif al islam is actually tried back at home may not be what exactly i want what do you think he's facing. what he's facing
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a show trial. entirely on federal trial in which he's going to be able to get any defense witnesses to testify on his behalf that is going to be too terrified to testify and in which the end of the world is going to be executed because the penalties carry the death penalty and it's quite clear from pronounced inspired officials in libya that they want to carry out the death penalty if it's imposed. well moving on after having forced through further austerity measures greece is set to receive its next to bailout installment now it took the government a lot of effort to please its creditors greece's parliament had approved the cuts after european partners had threatened to pull out at the last minute now the bailout comes at the expense of thousands of public sector jobs a rescue loan no four billion euros will come from the eurozone and the european central banks the i.m.f. is also expected to stump up a further one point eight billion euros in order to get these loans athens will effectively have to fire four thousand civil servants all by the end of the year
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meanwhile twenty five thousand more will have to be redeployed now greece has been relying on rescue funds for over three years now but as financial expert patrick young explains it's done very little to actually cure the country's financial woes . well unfortunately i've always argued that greece was never going to survive as long as it was in mode because the difficulty is that you know through involved at alcoholics just tends to make them more alcoholic and it doesn't affect them and improve their overall condition really what greece has always needed to do was to leave the euro and declare bankruptcy it's the only way that it can feasibly restructure what's going on instead what we have is this absolutely maybe arkell situation where in order to manage to stay in the euro we have a series of political forces in western europe who are desperate not to see their law as the political experiment failed and therefore greece has been left just like
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cyprus just like other countries that have received bailouts like ireland they have been sacrificed the alter of a ludicrous national political statement or supra national political statement whether you're looking at germany or whether you're looking at the european union as a whole there are lots of things greece can do but ultimately in terms of dealing with the bail ojt they have a fundamental problem they've gone through seven years of switching recession and effectively all that we're seeing is people starving the poor are getting poorer and ultimately nothing working within the greek economy with greece in the grip of austerity thousands of homeless and unemployed greeks have sought refuge in drugs see sound the so-called cocaine of the poor is easy to make and cheap to buy. talk to some of those who have been pushed by them to the brink by the recession. used to be out of work now he's still unemployed but also on heroin is homeless and has
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aids he's already tiny chances of getting a job have vanished completely. alone that some start using because they are angry at life no work no money for the same reasons many decide to start selling drugs and up using the needle themselves. every day drugs rock the lives of new people with just one many thought they'd hit rock bottom it's very true he can find the devereux. and as far as i'm concerned is the worst thing a van so far. believes hit on the greek drug market is making even the most experienced junkies shiver and with a price tag starting from just two year old produce is becoming increasingly widespread in the crisis hit me it's. from or from a battery of cars. very dangerous because they
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can sleep she's a can either be smoked inhaled or injected together with heroin they are now among the key engines behind the spread of ha been factions there's a good. percentage. very very health issues. more serious every day n.g.o.s go into the field to trying to stop the virus spreading so we're at a drug user spots in one of the poorest districts of athens were asked not to film outside in order not to frustrate anyone since it's morning now and apparently many users still haven't taken the first dose of the day but here the procedure is quite simple the social workers collect used syringes and distribute these alcohol wipes of fresh water and syringes for their users to inject just. we thought being on the street is as low as a drug addict can get we want to investigate this the greedy governments radical
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approach to tackle what's seen as a scourge on society by forcing addicts off the streets and holding them along with prostitutes and illegal immigrants and special detention centers like this facility where up to five thousand people are believed to be kept hidden from the eyes of the public or at one of these camps outside of athens to the amount of security here is a really impressive several lines of gates wired to wire and lots of security guards in fact one of them has already asked us to leave so we don't we have that much time to film not much time at all we had to stop filming since our local producer told us we were risking our documents and footage to be taken away i did manage to grab a couple of more shots from my phone looks familiar. disappoint fierce criticism from human rights organizations greek officials say the populations of these guantanamo lookalikes me soon double and that they should be viewed as a model for the rest of europe you've got this kind of athens weeks. as europe
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struggles to dig itself out of recession britain is now also in danger of losing some of its assets scotland will decide on its independence from the u.k. next year and as the country's first minister told r.t. it may be better off without london of course you can catch his full interview here at nine thirty g.m.t. but here's a preview. i think independence is about control of your finances control of your resources in the case of oil and soaring nubile resources in scotland but also control of your revenue if you control your revenue and therefore control your spending and how to distribute that revenue more population then you are a genuinely independent country with independence in the european union scotland would control one hundred percent all of its revenue base would decide how to spend its finances. we have allowed control of less than ten percent it's welfare revenue base in the scottish parliament and therefore ten percent is not independence one
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hundred percent even independence within europe is independence. it's not only government security agencies that have their eyes on private data if you're in the u.k. many businesses also have access to your personal info new revelations in the british press suggest that major companies hired private investigators to steal data the country's organized crime agency apparently knew about this but kept the material secret until now or do says are still has more. in another instance of unlawful gathering of private information it's been reported by the independent newspaper that banks of pharmaceutical companies the law firms and other private firms are on a secret list of clients and have hired private investigators or p.r. who break the law that these companies have not face any consequences or prosecution now the information of this a list had been passed on to a parliamentary committee by the serious organized crime agency or so so this
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materials fossa find a secret to quote unquote a safeguard individual human rights as well as protect the financial viability of major organizations as it may have a negative impact on these companies being publicly associated with criminality now so called also said that they refute any allegations that they had sat on this information that they submitted their findings to the home office of legal practices by two thousand and eight and they have called for government regulation of such practices having said that though there are three successive home secretaries with access to this information and it's been reported that they had failed to act on this now this is caused outrage among m.p.'s in particular who question first of all why this list is being kept secret and second of all why nothing has been donna to stop the practice some of the information that the p.r. had managed to get their hands on include mobile phone records bank statements and details of witnesses under police protection let's get more insight on this from
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professor charlie beckett thank you very much for joining us today so the biggest problem that you see in this issue what would be i think there are two main problems around transparency why. these companies have been part of a criminal investigation if the reason is simply because it impacts. rather dangerous precedent and then from the. the second concern would be that we've seen in the newspapers and. this investigation. so there seems to be an inconsistency i think want to see it. right thank you very much for that well as this is story unfold say the times have reported that the home affairs committee is now considers that considering publishing about lists of more than one hundred clients of these rogue investigators that it was obtained from
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a so-called reporting from london. on this day it was still ahead you crave it is walking a tightrope between moscow and the e.u. deciding on whether to align itself with russia's regional trade or to push for an integration that story and much more for you after a short break. that judge's essential son. killed in the streets. that women kidnapped and converted to islam muslims will be another moses for the christians of egypt to the cross to the future victims. the way of the cross.
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an issue free could you take free storage free arrangement free. three stooges free. download free blanquita cullum videos for your media project a free media. welcome back while vote counting is underway in mali this is after the presidential election there the first since a coup last year are saw separatists and jihad as groups take control of the north now if no outright winner is picked the election will go to
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a second round in two weeks time millions have turned out to cast their ballots but many were unable to find the right polling stations due to organizational problems it's hoped that the elections will bring stability and ensure a fragile peace but mali is future certainly remains in doubt what is more of an ocean examines the origin of the crisis that have brought the nation close to civil war. here and then over the country the walls and billboards tell the story of the conflict when i am in no way to call with a spot of the country on every road sign there wrote welcome to free as i was somewhere you can still read it then the mugello painted their symbols there is no god except in arabic like letters in a wide circle the mall then flag appeared after the governmental forces together with french army liberated this area the fragile peace is now being carefully protected checkpoints cover the region's main routes to filter all those passing through. two ways are also patrolled. we have to verify whether their achievement
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is among them who want to cross the river. how did decide who is who. jihadists don't have papers and we send to police all those with no documents. the stakes are high memories are still fresh in people's minds from the days when religious radicals to cover the country's north spreading the extremist lord's it's a new market if you come to the really like this do you do this bit you buy a stick at least sixty times. if you are married they take you to your husband and make him buy and they thought extremists would impose strict rules of modesty on these women without cross the niger river to go to college or the first to be let in mali is north to openly supports the islamists when they first came and provided them with fighters tried to find a family whose children joint there. and al qaeda affiliated group appeared in mali's north last year and began coordinating with the rebellion of the indigenous
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african tribal to our regs who sought independence but they soon began infighting after ready cause started imposing sharia law why did they come here in the first place people in this area are very poor this is why we bring in some serve for women and some sweets for kids we visited the chief of the village first the one hundred fifteen year old man says one part of the village strongly supported al qaeda and al qaida divisions are very close hold interprete qur'an to reach them we cross a dried river the soil in mali's north is far from fertile the land is not generous to people farming here this part of kaja village is very conservative so for a woman it's better to be covered so to cover myself we get to a female part of the village and the first house we come across what looks like a women's club the ladies here differ from those swimming naked on the other side
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of the river from what we cover ourselves because this is our tradition our religious tradition we protect our whole bodies to talk with men we go to a male part of the village we see to the most influential of them to hear their story if they brought weapons and we didn't have a choice but to be one man confesses his teenage son was inspired by outsiders before he was brought to a mile in jail they behaved in a dignified manner they were never involved in looting. they showed respect to the koran but also they had money that looks very attractive to poor people like us. if the government provides local people with jobs. and more immune to the islamists we'd speeches or would you please explain who are these people and from where they come they're not from here but we don't know their nationalities we repeat the question to the mayor of gal one of the biggest cities in mali is north and the percent of deadly clashes during the crisis who are now.
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in as it came from afghanistan algeria mauritania but they spent eleven months here and they recruited a lot of course. this is the conflict now over the conflict madame has started. but it's far from over when i wave back a sense storm begins clouds of dust cover villages and cities peace in this region seems to be as trendy and as blue skies on a sunny day you may think it will remain the way tease for some time but you can never be sure. from mali. meanwhile you can log on to r.t. dot com to find out how america's and that's a spy scandal is continuing to long ramble and you were one of the big brothers little brothers are now spying on us citizens accessing thousands of e-mails and phone calls. meanwhile on our you tube channel you can watch how pollution
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police drown out presidential corruption charges with tear gas and riot sticks for all that or more party dot com. right to see. her story. and i think. on our reporters. ukraine is trying to decide whether it wants to align itself with russia's regional trade ball court to push for e.u. integration the former soviet state has close ties to moscow but is on greater cooperation with its western partners let's bring in our katie pilbeam for more on the story katie hi there i'm curious how would the figures actually work out for the ukraine if it chooses to align itself with the european free trade zone versus
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russia's equivalent well if we look at the map we can see that ukraine is right in the middle so it's always torn between the two partners now according to the russian academy of sciences firstly oprah villages the country currently enjoys would be lost by moving away from the customs union which means ukraine would no longer be privy to a lower price on the energy oil and gas bills from russia have to pay the same price as the rest of the e.u. and hence no discounts at all exports would also take a huge. by the move exports to russia are estimated to decrease by up to two billion dollars annually if ukraine were to join the customs union exports to russia would be expected to increase by as much as ten billion dollars annually and then there's the issue of infrastructure not only would ukraine lose trade deals and export contracts but the country would be expected to spend money in order to
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meet european standards for in this drug job whereas the customs union would not expect such an extensive investment program so while ukraine sees closer ties to europe it may be a friendship the country's economy won't be able to afford well certainly a lot of money at stake here thanks for that update katie pulliam artie's stated coping. let's take a look at some other world news now we start in egypt where the prime minister has been authorized to grant soldiers the right to arrest civilians after more than seventy people were killed in clashes in cairo it's feared this may be the first step towards declaring a state of emergency in the country something that was seen under the former president hosni mubarak and granting him almost absolute power now this comes as the military conduct a sweeping counter extremist mission in sinai or at least one soldier has died in an attack on an outpost. at least forty four people have been killed in
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a series of car bombs across iraq baghdad took the brunt of the attack with twenty two people at least twenty two killed in the mainly shiite areas more than one hundred injured a blast near a bus station in the city of cult in the east killed more than ten while four others have died in a town thirty kilometers south of the capital. thirty eight people are now said to be dead in a road accident in southern italy a coach carrying catholic pilgrims and their children plunged thirty meters off a motorway fly over into the woods rescuers are still shifting through the wreckage they say they expect to find more bodies it's not yet known what caused the accident in which up to ten other vehicles may have been involved. riding has hit the ball for a new capital over the weekend after the country's long demanded a law that would see the protesters prosecuted as terrorists hundreds have been arrested and jailed since the beginning of the uprising authorities are still
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struggling to keep control in the face of more anti-government protests which are planned for next. two explosions have struck libya's eastern city of benghazi suitcase bombs were detonated near buildings used by the judiciary causing widespread damage and injuring at least thirteen people the attack follows the escape of more than a thousand prison inmates on saturday night only around one hundred have been recaptured so far. i'll be back in about thirty minutes to stay with us watching our. i've got a big question for you how stupid can stupid terrorist paranoia get according to four progressive dot com the texas department of public safety demanded that any women entering the state senate hand over any tampons or pads before entering wow
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so why would they do this are they really that scared that some terrorists are playing a sneak a bomb into the place at any cost according to news at yahoo dot com the official reason is that they're afraid of people using projectiles as a form of protest against a law that would really restrict abortions oh well no i kind of see where you abortion is an issue that people really get furious over now it kind of all makes sense but what what's that they're afraid of projectiles but people with guns were allowed to take them into the senate are you kidding me i think the second amendment does a lot more good than harm by i think it goes without saying that for women to concealed carry their hygiene items they should need a permit or permission from anyone but that's just my opinion.
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in the pool kairos. ten year old likes to escape from his tiny apartment on the rooftops you can see the crosses on top of the local. church where policemen enjoy the intensity and heat next to the entrance it's unlikely that mina realizes his father was like a tia humble government employee was killed on this very roof. a sniper's bullet caught him in the chest on that april night of twenty thirty meters father was one of six christians who died sectarian violence. we were sitting here all together when dad went up to the roof.


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