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my extremes are a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. life we are to new center of nine with greece about to get its next bailout tranche of the cost of thousands more jobs we report on the deadly addictive nemesis it's thriving among those who've suffered years of raging unemployment. explosion jailbreaks an intransigent soviet justice post gadhafi libya in june is more deadly chaos while tripoli refuses to hand over the dead leaders son to the hague for trial. and britain to consider is revealing over one hundred companies suspected of paying private investigators who then illegally obtained clients' personal data as pressure from furious m.p.'s man's.
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kevin owen here with you this hour at r.t. thanks for your company the top story the increase is scott its next desperately needed bailout installment approved by the skin of its teeth the money comes at the expense of thousands of public sector jobs though even as prime minister somare says his top objective june the country's upcoming presidency is an economy free from the scourge of unemployment with a rescue loan of four billion euros will come from the eurozone or the european central bank the i.m.f. source are expected to hand out a further one point eight billion to to get the money though athens has to fire four thousand civil servants by the end of the year while twenty five thousand more must be redeployed rescue funds have been crucial for keeping greece afloat for over three years now as financial expert patrick young points out it's not curing the country flawed economy though. well unfortunately i've always argued that greece was never going to survive as long as it was in bail like mode because the difficulty is that you know throwing vodka at alcoholics just tends to make them
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more alcoholic and it doesn't affect them and improve their overall condition really what greece has always needed to do was to leave the euro and declare bankruptcy it's the only way that it can feasibly restructure what's going on instead what we have is this absolutely mainly arkell situation where in order to manage to stay in the euro we have a series of political forces in western europe who are desperate not to see their law you see political experiment fail and therefore greece has been left just like cyprus just like other countries that have received bailouts like ireland they are being sacrificed at the altar of a ludicrous national political statement or supra national political statement more money coming the government's ways cold comfort for the many thousands of greeks left sleeping rough having lost their jobs homes and families in the past few years increasing numbers of sort solace in what's called the cocaine of the poor are those who go pers can often finding out more about that in athens for us. used to
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be out of work now he's still unemployed what also on the heroin is homeless and has aids he's already tiny chances of getting a job have vanished completely blow up on the show some start using because they're angry at life no work no money for the same reasons many decided to start selling drugs and using the needle themselves. every day drugs wrecked the lives of new people with just one many thought they'd hit rock bottom it's very chilly here confined to their room. and and as far as i'm concerned is the worst thing i've learned so far. the leaders hit on the greek drug market is making even the most experienced junkies shiver. and with a price tag starting from just two year old produce it's becoming increasingly widespread in the crisis hit me it's. from or from bacteria for
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cars. very dangerous. they can sleep she said can either be smoked inhaled or injected together with heroin they are now in the engines behind the spread of ha been factions there's a good. percentage. very very health issues. every day n.g.o.s go into the field to trying to stop the virus spreading so we're at a drug user spots in one of the poorest districts of athens were asked not to film outside in order not to frustrate anyone since it's morning now and apparently many users still haven't taken the first dose of the day but here the procedure is quite simple the social workers collect used syringes and distribute these alcohol wipes of fresh water and syringes for the users to inject but just as we thought being on
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the street is as low as a drug addict can get we want to investigate this the greed government's radical approach to tackle what's seen as a scourge on society by forcing addicts off the streets and holding them along with prostitutes and illegal immigrants and special detention centers like this facility where up to five thousand people are believed to be kept hidden from the eyes of the public or at one of these camps outside of athens to the amount of security here is a really impressive several lines of gates wired to wire and lots of security guards in fact one of them has already asked us to leave so we don't we have that much time to film not much time at all we had to stop filming since our local producer told us we were risking our documents and footage to be taken away i did manage to grab a couple of more shots from my phone. looks familiar. disappoint a few screws and from human rights organizations greek officials see the
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populations of these guantanamo lookalikes me soon double and that they should be viewed as a model for the rest of europe you go to school of our d. adams weeks. well as europe struggles to dig itself out of recession britain is now also in danger of losing some of its key assets scotland soon set to decide its independence from the u.k. next year and next hour in fact the country's first minister talks to us tells us why he thinks it'll be much better off without london. i think independence is about control of your finances control fewer resources in the case of oil and gas or a new ball resources in scotland but also control of your revenue if you control your revenue and therefore control your spending and how to distribute that revenue among the population then you are a genuinely independent country with independence or in the european union scotland would control one hundred percent of its revenue base would decide how to spend its finances currently we have a load control of less than ten percent of our revenue base in the scottish
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parliament therefore ten percent is not independence one hundred percent even independence within europe is independence. takes minutes now to focus in on libya particular the city of benghazi it was rocked earlier by two explosions it's also been the grip of violent clashes two between armed rebels and the militia at least one soldiers died in the fighting there but security forces and have said to be in control that's the latest we know the explosions targeted judiciary buildings including injuring thirteen people and causing massive damage this is more than a thousand prisoners remain on the run to after a massive jailbreak in the same city the prime minister the transitional government said people living in the area stormed the prison because the didn't want visibility in their neighborhood the country struggled to return to disability. since the twenty eleven nato backed intervention which toppled colonel gadhafi meantime a son of the deposed leader saif al islam is set now to stand trial for war crimes
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allegedly committed during the twenty eleven uprising he set for a hearing in libya in august despite the international criminal court's demand that he be handed over to the hague let's take a closer look at the man and his story showing educated in london so far as one was seen as a crucial figure in building relations between libya and the west but all that changed in early twenty eleven when protests broke out against the forty two year rule of gadhafi saif al islam and his father were accused of crimes against humanity in the ensuing crackdown on the i.c.c. issued arrest warrants is the time line spinning if you then just a few months later the libyan leader moammar gadhafi was brutally killed by rebels we all recall those pictures the chief i.c.c. prosecutor confirmed informal talks about the surrender of the younger good feet he was eventually captured by a rebel group an apparently had parts of his fingers amputated libyan authorities wanted a trial then in tripoli but the i.c.c. demanded he be handed over to the hague instead a request which was then rejected for delegates from the court were detained in
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libya for a month indeed after attempting to get documents to him gadhafi son made two appearances in a libyan court on the i.c.c. is again ruled against libya's efforts to hold the trial by themselves is going backwards and forwards here for the latest on the situation is artie's paulus lier . although the international criminal court has ruled that libya must extradite safe islam to the hague so that he can face charges of crimes against humanity the libyans won't allow it they want to try him at home because men who is a former israeli lawyer hired by gadhafi his daughter aisha says he needs to be handed to the i.c.c. on the basis of the real security council decision and security council gave the international criminal court the mandate to investigate crimes are committed in libya after the revolution the international criminal court carrying out the will. of the international community investigated the matter and issued two warrants for
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arrest one for safely to the suzi if the libyans wish to try these two people that is their right but they have to request if permission to do so from the international criminal court the libyan government has challenged the weight of the international criminal court to try safe it argues that the hague based court has no jurisdiction because it only intervenes if the local justice system is not functioning and those ruling libya say that they just the system is operating well but professor who did one man who is an expert on libya disagreements she says the country is in a state of collapse. i am not sure that it will be right to assume that there is a government in libya today there is no army no police aren't militants are in control even if they give safe a trial the libyans always surprise us so i can't really see how the trial will go i'm not even sure if it will be good and how just an objective it will be the
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question needs to be asked why has safe trial not here begun he's been held captive since november two thousand and eleven and it's not even clear exactly where he's being held when the libyan rebels who are fighting against gadhafi they proclaim that knowledge me that he and his family should be court marshaled. now they quiet it does seem as if one thing got into power they believe that the only one thingy to listen to them selves point a c.r.t. tell of a george jones is the lawyer appointed by the i.c.c. to saif al islam he described to us the conditions his clients being held and he talked to my colleagues. he's being held in appalling conditions certainly in terms of his mental state because so much confinement thing any period of time for a few weeks has been shown by scientific studies to be extremely damaging and he said in that condition for twenty months impossible for foremost to see him and if they do see him. him in any circumstances where you can speak freely the last time
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you visited by night you see delegation meeting that's covertly recorded and so he knows he knows it's become a complaint anyone can visit about these conditions you can see in the main floor but his defense because it's being used against him is not being prosecuted in addition to the war crimes trials are being prosecuted for basically saying that he wanted to be tried in the hague and exercise his right to photo but if indeed saif al islam is actually tried back at home may not be what exactly what do you think he's facing. what he's facing a show trial. entirely on federal trial in which he's not going to be able to get any defense witnesses to testify on his behalf is going to be too terrified to test and expandability going to be executed because the penalties carry the death penalty and it's quite clear from pronounced by officials and if you know that they want to carry out the death penalty if it's imposed. a bit early despite constant demands for the war crimes tribunal saif al islam is unlikely to ever leave his
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native country as we've been hearing too from a former british ambassador to libya. the fact is that the libyans will not hand him over and there are good reasons for that. could face two different sorts of charges he could face charges relating to what happened in the revolution in two thousand and eleven and that's what he would face if he would extradited and handed over to the international criminal court but in addition to that he may well be charged with for example stealing vast amounts of money very large assets have been frozen by by the security council and by the libyan authorities i think that it's quite possible that will be some some arrangements that he should be tried in libya and those charges which are of interest to international criminal court the international criminal court would have some kind of role they would have to play some parts in the proceedings in libya what i think is politically most unlikely in fact i would say impossible is that he would actually be handed over to be tried in
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the hague. coming up the dangers of morning rush hour in iraq dozens of commuters never reached the final destinations our first spate of car bombs went off across the country look at why the nation just can't escape the violence it seems to be witnessing all the time. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. a little turning to angles stories. here. the spanish find out more visit.
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britain's considering exposing a list of one hundred two major companies and individuals suspected of paying private investigators are then illegally obtained klein's personal data the u.k.'s serious crime agency gave the list to parliament but told them to keep it confidential and they're furious about it test for a senate report. banks the pharmaceutical companies the law firms and other private
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firms are on a secret list of clients that have hired private investigators or p i's who break the law that these companies have not face any consequences or prosecution now the information of this illicit been passed on to a parliamentary committee by the serious organized crime agency or so they said that they submitted their findings to the home office of illegal practices by two thousand and eight and they had called for government regulation of such practices having said that though there are three successive home secretaries with access to this information and it's been reported that they had failed to act on this now this is caused outrage among m.p.'s in particular who question first of all why this list is being kept secret and second of all why nothing has been donna to stop the practice some of the information that the p.r. had managed to get their hands on include mobile phone records bank statements and details of witnesses under police protection let's get more insight on this from
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professor charlie beckett thank you very much for joining us today so the biggest problem that you see in this issue what would that be i think there are two main problems one is around transparency why. these companies have been part of a criminal investigation if the reason is simply because it might impact on you know the share price that seems to me to set a rather dangerous precedent and then from the second concern would be that we've seen in the newspapers in germany. this investigation had been so there seems to be an inconsistency. in the city conservative party. the serious crimes agency over the scandal he says laws must be applied equally to everyone. there's been a real reluctance by the police to pursue this now we've got to the stage where the home affairs select committee impose. given the names under very stringent
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terms they're not allowed to put these names out to the public and they have to remain under lock and key so there's a very serious situation whereby the police know about wrongdoing and they're protecting the companies rather than letting them defend themselves to the public in the open we had all the phone hacking incident take place in the last two years and none of those companies news international for example one newspaper closed the news of the world closed completely and the effect of that company in terms of its stock price and had many ramifications so we can have one rule for one set of companies and another rule for another set. i don't see the common cold war indications of how good old fashioned data privacy is becoming a thing of the past across the atlantic journal as to both story about america's prison surveillance system once again sounds the alarm about how easily washington
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can snoop on its citizens it's a line from also to bring in more on the bahrain ban on campaigning in the capital we voted t.s.a. there's more online investigating whether that will be enough to stop the angry dissatisfied making a stand. relentless terrorist violence continues to plague towns and cities across iraq a wave of over a dozen bombings and deeds left at least sixty people dead and scores more injured baghdad took the brunt of the violence with over twenty people killed in mainly shia areas mostly assaults involved car bombs there's been a recent spike in activity from terrorist groups including al qaida in the ongoing insurgency against iraq she led government in fact july has become the deadliest month so far this year with over eight hundred ten fatalities dr curtis doebbler is an international human rights lawyer and peace activist and says iraq's us but government has restored stability. in iraq you have
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a much different phenomena than just terrorists i think there are i would not deny there are some mixed in who remember there were none in iraq before two thousand and three when the united states and its elvises invaded iraq so we brought them there even as the united states government puts nevertheless when people turn to that tape of a situation when you have a situation of a proxy occupier of people who do not reflect the will of the people the government they were not put there by the people there whose government was changed by an outside foreign force then very often you hear this type of violence and they look for friends wherever they can get assistance and i think when there we have such a situation it is unfortunately very difficult for the government to get to trust or control over its population. trial of u.s. military will supply bradley manning is drawing to a close with a verdict to be delivered on choose day the army private faces a barrage of charges the most serious of which aiding the enemy could land him life
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in prison let's get up to speed on this see what's happening out his gun if you can is in washington for us garny how is it how is it looking for a private manning the. well kevin will hear the verdict tomorrow this tuesday at one pm eastern time the twenty five year old u.s. army private bradley manning has been in custody for three years now and is now facing more than one hundred fifty years in prison he's facing life in prison he leaked documents and videos that showed war crimes committed by the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan the military judge has so recently refused to drop the aiding the enemy charge against him the most serious charge despite many claims that he's sole intent was to make the public more aware of the cost of war a human cost and the question of intent is very important for for the public support of bradley manning but maybe not not so much for the prosecution the u.s. government is sending a message this is what's going to happen to you if you speak out even if you think
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you're doing it for the public good where the mannings verdict is supposed to serve as an example for other whistleblowers who know that. it didn't scare edward snowden for making his revelations probably one lesson that snowden learned was that he had to leave the country in order for him not to share bradley manning's fate as. far as the issue of public support it's very interesting because. of course you have a great many people who support stand up being in support of bradley manning to have protests across the country but at the same time polls show that the majority of americans actually think of him as a as a traitor. this as opposed to the majority of americans thinking of edward snowden as a whistle blower so to a certain extent the public support for this or that whistleblower depends on the subject of the revelations bradley manning revealed that the u.s. the u.s. government's war crimes abroad perhaps not surprisingly manning generates more
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sympathy abroad than at home but one can argue that americans are more sympathetic to snowden because his revelations are about their rights their civil liberties so they care more when some iraqis. right so they apparently care less but then you have some really prominent figures standing up for edward snowden figures like daniel ellsberg the legendary whistleblower who leaks the pentagon papers that showed. in the seventies that show that the government has lied about the vietnam war and it contributed to the erosion of public support for the war he was the charges against him were dismissed but now daniel ellsberg says had he been charged today he would have probably gone to jail and he would have probably shared bradley manning's fate well we don't know what sentence but he. of course we don't expect him to be released let's put it this way we don't know what the
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sentence is going to be the day it's more of a private bradley manning as you said before we very closely going to kind of washington thanks very much. the seeds are the final version if. you are or were you know that. there are parties you. ukraine is mulling whether to align itself with russia's regional trade bloc or go the other way and push for close ties with the former soviet republic wants cheaper russian gas but also creates greater cooperation with western partners to his business present a capability ways of the options for. as you can see just here it really is stuck in the middle ukraine faces a choice either go for the option of a customs union with russia shop or go for the european free trade zone now if you crane chooses to go westward it will become part of the world's biggest trading block but the question is whether it will be what the country would be expected to
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spend money in order to meet european standards for infrastructure vironment the quality of their good past ukraine enjoys oil and gas discounts due to their close relationship with russia if the country enters the e.u. then they would be expected to pay the same price as the rest of the e.u. countries now trade with russia is expected to decrease by up to two billion dollars annually as a result on the other hand is the option of joining the customs union now this will leave trade with the e.u. at the same level that it is now at the same time boosting exports to russia up to an estimated ten billion dollars annually so economically the situation seems pretty clear however on the political side of things if ukraine is ready to pay the price they get the e.u. stamp of approval for better or for worse. a lot to consider their briefs night in
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egypt two leading figures of the muslim brotherhood been arrested it follows the interim president's decision to grant soldiers the right to arrest civilians after more than eighty people died during weekend protest in support of yost it is this president mohamed morsi main tile the e.u. foreign policy chief catherine ashton news on a visit to egypt is urged the acting government when the standoff with these rebels forward two hundred sixty people have been killed in street riots since the july military coup that forced morsy from power. the syrian army seize control over a key rebel held district in the city of homs after a month long offensive lebanese t.v. channels released footage showing the area lying in ruins after fierce clashes between insurgents and government forces backed by hezbollah militants homes have been dubbed the capital of the revolution against president bashar al assad recapture the district represents a landmark victory for assad's forces in the civil war that's been raging of course now for over two years and claimed one hundred thousand lives. a partridge with
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weekends week sports highlights. carlow. police in full scope becoming independent schools a nation a nation should be self-governing the government of the feels better that allowing someone else to do it for. me is easy it's. easy. to. say. choose your language. of choice we can with no influential senators feel some of
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that. choose to use the consensus yet you. choose to opinions that you think a great deal of. chance to stories could impact the lives choose the access to your office. hello welcome to another our three sports show hall for an hour of the week's top sporting action from russia and around the world with me kate partridge and here's just some of what's to come. lightning strikes you saying bolt runs his season's best one hundred meters to win the other verse three games as the jamaican prepares to regain his world title in moscow next month. while for northern irishman michael holmes he wins the russian open by four strokes as the
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european tour returns to the country for the first time in five years. and mighty wings the group dog event was back in moscow treating the packed crowd to another entertaining display of homemade aircraft and human endeavor. but let's start with athletics after sprinting you saying bolt ran his fastest one hundred meters of the season at the last major tournament in london before the world championships in moscow the jamaican superstar made another spectacular entrance at the anniversary games as bolt return to be a limb big stadium on a rocket but the twenty six year old wasn't the frosted out of the blocks though eventually out of class the field in the closing stages of the race the six time olympic champion clocked nine point eight five seconds and doesn't rule out another world record in moscow. he did much better reading better the larger.


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