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an irishman michael holmes he wins the russian i've been by four strikes as the european tour returns to the country for the first time in five years. and mighty wings the full time event was back in moscow treating the packed crowd to another entertaining display of homemade aircrafts and human endeavor. but let's start with athletics after sprinting you saying bolt ran his fastest one hundred meters of the season at the last major tournament in london before the world championships in moscow the jamaican superstar made another spectacular entrance at the anniversary games as bolt returned to be limping stadium on a rocket but the twenty six year old wasn't the frosted out of the blocks though eventually at close the field in the closing stages of the race the six time olympic champion clocked nine point eight five seconds doesn't rule out another world record in moscow. he did much better already better maybe i don't know i
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believe this point where i need to work harder before it's going to be hard but i do want to do it to be where moscow is good hopefully to do that to get out there and done so with the. wall rushes fast rising alexander men call posted eight meters thirty one centimeters to take his third win of the season in the men's long jump. while back in moscow hi joe but you've been all called added another accolade to his gold medal from the london olympics after the twenty seven year old won the russian championship absolutely cyrena took up played two meters thirty centimeters at his first attempt to claim the title while there was also success of course as the two thousand and four olympic champion again prevailed in the men's eight hundred meters and even more stars battled it out for a spot on the national scene with the world championships here in the capital less than a fortnight away were given portland has more. it's been
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a busy some of the rushes are fleet since about to get even busier than a number of the country's athletes recently competed at the university aiden khazan and with less than a week's rest it was back to the tranq to compete at the national championships but the finishing touches every major religion the stadium but all championships in moscow less than two weeks away the number of russian stars have decided to may spare her national championships but there have been a few of the same measures so a ten year isn't by a vote was beyond dimes and starvation show because world record holder is a twenty ninth of a glittering career i was looking for the perfect swarm song in the russian capital amazingly the thirty one year old's last major triumph came five years ago the beijing olympics she missed out on gold in london but the volgograd native say is she's getting back to advanced and she easily won the national championships with a clearance of four meters and seventy five centimeters some of. them also well i
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really think i'm beginning to return to my best for him today wasn't my best performance as i had a few problems getting my legs going but the technical side of my jumps is a lot better than the last few years this is really pleasing for me and there will continue to work ahead of the world championships i will be an excellent forum when the competition gets underway. does it. caught up with the last russian to win a war javelin trying to embarrass in two thousand and three ten years on and to be treated i mean could look to and not wait for twenty one year old recording the world's best brewis here of eighty meters ninety four centimeters. i've been taking this season step by step i recorded it through eighty three mazes of the university because i am in my next event in monaco i managed to throw eighty six meters and i had a few technical problems here really only but with my last efforts with a lot of encouragement from my wife team i managed to set
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a season's best. for. the team missing girl is someone who needs no introduction to athletics fans she's been defending olympic and world ham and champion from a twenty nine year old showed she's in great form with an effort of seventy need to send fifteen centimeters. i really enjoyed competing here in the stadium and the fans were great i think it was a great rehearsal ahead of the world championships and the tree to help me. oh it's a long jump buddy if he should name is for national championships as she has a really qualify for the world's long jump is an event where russia particularly strong especially on the women's side miller culture and of i want to silver at the two thousand and seven want championships are saka six is on one she's looking to go one better on a home track. this event was a great training exercise for me there are around two weeks to go till the well championships start and i need to be ready. for
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a number of russian sportsman and world championships will be a once in a lifetime opportunity the opportunity to compete in a manger after a six event on home soil and they'll be doing their upmost a piece for home fans and trying to improve on the my gold and nineteen medals way want to two years ago richmond pulled me tante moscow. now into football and there was a short managerial departure in the russian premier league as former russia coach crusading resigned as boss of angie just a month after signing a one year contract extension the sixty six year old stepped down after angie picked up just one point from the right thing to games getting assistant and fellow dutchman then a real instinct took over and drew one want to clear sets off in his first game in charge on the head in the darkest time side finished third last season the highest place in the history again qualifying for the europa league before losing out for all three on penalties to assess the cup final. and says go manager lane it's it's
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he was handed the award for best coach of the season hearing all sky in the last campaign the forty two year old steered the capital club to their first domestic title in seven years and completed the double before also beating runners that's a neat three nail in the curtain raising super cup earlier this month and winning two one in the league at lokomotiv on sunday a set of results which have made slips in demand but he says he's not going anywhere. again. haven't been approached by any foreign club so far but when they say the trashing coach is never walk abroad it doesn't mean that we aren't any good now but even german coaches don't usually work outside germany but they're still doing a great job it's all down to the fact that in any given country they prefer their local coaches even though in russia there are quite a few foreign managers as for me i'm quite happy. all over in spain argentinian had other martine i was named as the new coach of
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barcelona the fifty year old has signed a two year deal and replaces tito villanova who is continuing to have treatment for cancer marty not being named fatha has no experience it managing a european club but has coach nine size including the power to go i national team and guided his former club old boys to the argentine tornado title in his first season. while the former barcelona coach but gaudio let his buy a new nick signed to their seven straight pre-season victory to nail against his old side to lift the newly homeless trophy at a sold out alianza arena with caretaker manager jodie water still at the helm and missing manchester united transfer targets s. probably gas the visitors couldn't stop front rebury crossing to phillip lawn for the final skipper to open after fourteen minutes and four minutes from time diego content so laid the ball on for mario mind you could be wrapped up the two no scoreline. however buy and went on to suffer their first loss on saturday as
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brasier dortmund avenge their champions league final defeat with a four two home win over their rivals in the season i think super cup final goalkeeper manuel neuer was out injured so tom came in and gifted marco royce a six minute i'm fina then early in the second half a ten minute spell produced four goals high and robin levelled off to fifty four but almost from the restart the bend down move on biden put through his own net and less than sixty seconds later it was three one open in the gun and thomas mueller though robin pulled a goal back with his favored left boot however four minutes from time made it for two royce grabbing his second home you know going club side the first time fall off the campaign. and in italy liverpool goalkeeper pepe reina flew into rome to have a medical at head of joining his former manager rafael benitez and signing a one year loan deal with napoli the thirty year old spent four seasons with me it
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is a down field and joins a number of high profile signings with the syria. forwards gonzalo to go in and jose callahan and defend all for real madrid as well as dutch greece merton's off to selling prolific forward again some could only two p.s.g. . well staying with football there were just five years to goto russia host the twenty eighteen well cup earned as richard van poor feet discovered the tournament's chief executive alexei said all can think the advent of football's biggest event can boost one of the country's national sports injuries times like these are unfortunately a common science in russia a number of premier league clubs struggle to attract more than ten thousand fans to home games or even sponsored by moscow one they regarded as russia's most popular club only had an average gate of around eighteen thousand last season full facilities and outdated stadiums certainly don't help the i.c.c. at all consensus things will soon change if we have comfortable stadiums if people
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enjoy being there if every club has its own home stadium which is sometimes not the case as you know in our country. i'm sure the fan population will double at the age going going to a football match in russia can be an arduous experience the constant security checks but it's a cold i mean sometimes i'm really behavior of fans make watching football on television a much more attractive proposition but still reckon doesn't believe there is much apathy towards football game in the country football will always generate a lot of interest a lot of turmoil whether it's sometimes positive sometimes it's negative but if there is still a lot going on in football and it will never change people. will regardless of everything be interested in football there are some positive signs but crime figures are improving m g much come us or an increase of almost ten thousand fans after moving to benny's stadium this season well terry gross me you have one of the
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most up to date rain is in russia i have also seen attendance figures rockets i'm a great believer that. that the venue has a lot to do with it. and usually based on other countries' experience when you have a new venue when the club has a new venue or an event as a new venue. it's certainly one accounts for sudden surge. in the turn up of the stadium. because on rostov and surrounds will host world cup matches in two thousand and eighteen how of the near of these respective clubs had an average gates of over ten thousand fans no less several can isn't worried that some of the arenas built to host a competition would become once an offense there are architectural methods of voiding that. that is didn't dispensable seats that is bringing down
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stadiums to the capacity there's actually needed and every time we rely on the local administrations to tell us what capacity they think is optimal for their venue there is still plenty that needs to be done to try and boost the profile of football in russia and it will be interesting to see over the next few years when the stadiums of bill weber tendence figures in the country doing three s. i'm told me jonty moscow. and that super power but plenty more spectacular action after the break do not go away. i got a big question for you how stupid can stupid terrorist paranoia get according to four progressive dot com the texas department of public safety demanded that any
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women entering the state senate hand over any tampons or pads before entering wow so why would they do this are they really that scared that some terrorists are playing to sneak a bomb into the place at any cost according to news at yahoo dot com the official reason is that they're afraid of people using projectiles as a form of protest against a law that would really restrict abortions oh well no i kind of abortion is an issue that people really get furious over now it kind of all makes sense but wait wait wait wait what's that they're afraid of projectiles but people with guns were allowed to take them into the senate are you kidding me i think the second amendment does a lot more good than harm by i think it goes without saying that for women to concealed carry their hygiene items they should need a permit or permission from anyone but that's just my opinion. so we. can see.
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that no one would be guess that this is from. wealthy british style. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune
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in to kaiser report on our. welcome back to the sports show and where as you say with golf often although not as michael holmes he won the russian i've been by four strikes on something but up off reports. the labor golf club just outside moscow has hosted the european challenge tour for the last three years and thanks to geck new cause designed corps and great infrastructure its own promotion to stage a top tier event five years have passed since russia held its last european tour tournament but now some of the foreigners go first we're back at the country's top venue rations and i'll be golfing country but they're done a fantastic job for such a great show and i say you know the golf courses are fantastic jack nicklaus and all the players were very happy about the presentation of it all of course i'm sure that really will come back here next year northern irishman michael who we went
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into the final round with a commanding five stroke lead after carving an impressive seven under par sixty five on day three which included any goal six birdies in just one bogey and on sunday the thirty four year old comfortably defended his advantage as a two under par seventy was enough to give him his fifth european tour title and his first triumph the. don't have my best game today i don't feel like it with my swing but so long week and. you know i parted well you just have to score well you don't have to hit the ball that good so i scored well today and i kept myself the last few horse kept mentally pretty good alexander girlfriend and halfway leader englishman matthew nixon tried to peg back but could only get to within four short of the winner finishing on twelve under and tied for second despite carting relatively modest but confident final round michael who is still his fifth european tour title at the russian open with an impressive sixteen under par total constant
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by that of. moscow region. and now to the pool and russia has claimed all seven available gold in synchronized swimming at the world aquatic championships in barcelona but the country's also hoping to pick up an historic first medal as the extreme sport of high diving makes its debut robot for the neon has more. perhaps one of the planet's oldest extreme sports but also among the newest since two thousand and nine dose who dare has been telling across the globe with the red bull cleave diving world series this year for the first time ever they're also set to represent their breathtaking sport at the wool aquatics championships in barcelona. the competition kicks off on monday when fourteen of the world's best high divers will make history diving from
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a twenty seven meter platform. let's take a closer look at the top three of the sports currently. gary found the brooklyn bridge is definitely the man to beat after winning each of the past three seasons of the world serious and being top of the standings after four stops this year. and in second. the twenty nine year old russian will claim the high score ever seen in crete diving completions and open decision with to impress the wins in france and denmark. currently number three and steal number one for many fans of the sport along the due care the colombian grandmaster with nine world championship titles to guinness world records and the first world series crown to his name at the age of thirty seven the duke looks like he's back to the top of his game and also this year detail and stage of the red bull world series so for ladies make their debbie
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at the event from a twenty metre high platform with germany's on the bother putting a name into the history books as the first woman to win high diving completion in barcelona this tuesday there will be five of them. a bit funny on our team. i put a boxing. where china's two time olympic champions are shimming claimed his second professional win in macau the saudis year old flyweight proved too much for his lesser known mexican opponent ortega who is just nineteen again prevailed on a decision after also pointing eighteen year old any as our ballots were also from mexico when his pro debut in april trimming is coached by legendary trainer at freddie roach who wants the local hero to shine outside his native china. while roach is better known project money paki i was also set to fight in macau later this november and the filipino great faced american brandon rios at
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a press conference ahead of his first bat outside the u.s. since two thousand and six the former eight division world champion is looking to bounce back from two stinging defeat last year and the thirty four year old congressman hopes being nearer to home could help him return to winning ways. i'm happy for. boxing again. and this is a big opportunity for us the fires here in moscow. it's very close to the philippines so i'm expecting that more than you can people are going towards november thirty four. now from the ring to the cage as we meet adam a mug of one of just three russian fighters making his name in the u.f.c. and he showed our own nicholai chelles a few tricks of the trade. for any mixed martial artist reaching the ultimate fighting championship is
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a journey in the charts to compete against the top ranked fighters in the largest m.m.a. promotion company in the world and russia's atlanta mug of is one of the select few the twenty six year old made his welterweight they be against fellow new karma chris spawn on april the sixth and despite not managing to knock his opponent out the russian managed a solid first u.f.c. performance claiming victory by unanimous decision and taking valuable experience from the fight of course i was quite nervous but there were a number of challenges the jet black problem and it was my debut actually to do abuse that wants to be fighting for the first time in the u.f.c. and the other was because i changed my weight class so it was hard but thank god it worked out well it was almost the way i wanted it to play out here i wanted an early win but i'm happy anyway winning the fulfilling behalves it's even better because in the new weight category i had a chance to test myself out see how my body handles the new weight class. and it
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was the prospect of testing myself out that i couldn't resist here in the cage privileged to be joined by. one of just a handful of russian mixed martial arts fighters competing in the u.f.c. and now i will learn firsthand just a few techniques which make these fights so special. almost anything goes in a mixed martial arts i guess biting head butting and needing an opponent on the ground all fouls but fighters must be prepared to attack and defend with their hands but don't close your legs knees and feet mastering the skills takes blood sweat time and patience is the key factor is beating your opponents mentally so you can defeat him physically in your body before fights we try to watch every parent's fights know his strengths and develop a strategy to beat them for example. enjoy jitsu if you stronger than avoid getting on the floor and whenever he gets you to get up and take a firm stand or if he's
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a puncher get him down on the floor drive the fight to where he's not that great that's what it's all about basically trick them play them find a way to beat them create an advantage so you can win. a mugger has already proved he can outwit at least one opponent and gain valuable experience from his willing debut he now eagerly await his next battle in the octagon in all goods where the russian warrior will be looking to further boost his reputation amongst the fighting elite. they cannot. r.t. moscow. tennis now and russian men's number one may call usually sealed his ninth career title with a straight sets victory over dutchman robin hossa in the final of the swiss open the world number thirty three didn't face a single breakpoint and needed just over an hour to secure a six three six four victory the thirty one year old put an end to a seventeen month title drought becomes the first russian to be failing to. get
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a couple weeks off one it eighteen years ago. while there is hamilton claimed his first victory since joining the sadie's this season as the former f one champion dominated from pole to secure his fourth win in hungary but his team mate nico rosberg crashed out late on how to remains fourth in the standings as defending champion sebastian vettel finished third to stay top of the pile by thirty eight points to me when i can and was the big mover after the flying finn came second to overtake fernando alonso into second overall with nine races to go. and finally why it's not strictly a sport there was still plenty of agility and effort needed at moscow's third flugtag competition for do it yourself aviators and michael craft janko brought us this flying report. is this year's flu time to be. streamed live was any indication of just how popular the do it to sell flying competition has become the roughly one
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hundred thousand people in attendance cemented that notion held at one of the most courageous beached codes the surge by annual flu talk in russia's capital was a great fun day out for all involved yet i came here to relax two more children crazy flying objects that family is down just where their parents so much so that i want to go in john howard beach and every one of them push here but what are the seeds of the came here to spend some time by the river or saw the savannah was on are so many people here and seems everyone is enjoying themselves for forty teams from around russia competed with an ever a collective a rate of ingenious and outright silly flying contraptions and try to beat the sixty nine point seven nine needs a world record set in jim twenty twelve names like brutality chicks with a giant dragon shaped flying machine to the hell fan club with their bullwinkle j. moose inspired rock it seemed iams away from leonardo da vinci's helicopter design
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some five hundred years ago something the contestants clearly didn't spend a second dwelling upon. the bottom of the mission and why did you decide to participate in the janet jackson memorial it's really a really cool. pageant back them up and did you come here just for fun to look up at your way only victory will do only hardcore. keep the fortunately for them though the yellow submarine did exactly what a submarine should do submerge while most designs look flyable one of the most bizarre team and she's retro right a giant robot built out of wood the displayed absolutely no errors in the mix whatsoever despite splitting a set of wings and it still managed to cover a whopping seven needs as before belly flopped into the most near the end of the general. i designed nearly this meant to for you and it did fly for a whole seven mate is it may be a bad result but it's still
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a result we can do better next time we try harder she was feeling great the experience was super and we started getting ready for next time you can argue with such positive emotions and although the best plane of the day only managed to fly thirteen meters it won't stop russians from continuing to take the plunge in future installments of flip top will lay out of the venture certainly is turning in his grave after the performance to see him today but the third installment of the flugtag outside of moscow is certainly proof that people cannot get enough of trying to fly. like a franco moscow. and that's even this voting i find. we are facing a lot of problems. because no one thought to drink no good school.
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minutes when you feel south park. rather local what's not enough will be the law in the local needs you might want to community l.n.g. motion will be used. at all. you've just done for my prop artist i was fired about almost twice. all fired. fired by the right. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations to rule the day. that. both. her mother. would speak. her her. wish. good. luck.
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and. i. find i'm a better little. secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build the world's most sophisticated robots which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me the creation of life should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only dog call. her.
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live from moscow at ten with greenpeace about to get. its next tranche of the cost of thousands more jobs reports on the deadly addictive nemesis that's thriving on those who suffered years of raging unemployment. low shouldn't jailbreaks feeling transit over justice. libya and she was more deadly chaos while tripoli refuses to hand over the dead leaders son to the hague for trial. britain considers revealing over one hundred companies suspected of paying private investigators and then illegally obtained clients' personal data as pressure from furious m.p.'s mounts.


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