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on larry king now the grammy nominated musician julian lennon opening up about his late father the iconic john lennon there was a great deal of anger there but there's a. grown up looking as there's been forgiveness since that plus my interview with another famous offspring author and activist katherine schwarzenegger i'm very focused on making that my own and not wanting to be the daughter that's all ahead on larry king now. welcome to larry king our special guest is julian lennon the musician filmmaker photographer humanitarian the son of the music icon and beatles legend john lennon and his first wife simply eleven his debut album the lote was a pronounce what
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a lot launched him onto the scene almost thirty years ago judy is now back with his first studio album in fifteen years called everything changes does it does everything that it lead to this is safe to say that you were born to be a musician you got the right. to be honest with the i don't i don't really know because my i actually fell in love with acting in school and i was offered a scholarship to the shakespeare company. but i picked up a guitar and the sense is that i kind of the rest is history i guess i mean i was so what's why fifteen years between the early years work and now the new one well you know i've never had the c.s. relationship i think with the music industry the business or the media on the many many levels but it's just been a tough road of being bashed a lot you know because of your name yeah yeah it's. it's it's it's been i think
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a lot harder than easier than people might think. you know the when when people don't take you personally seriously as an artist but just only want to know you because of you father elaine you because your name well i don't know you because your father and that's it and that's a tough one to ride i mean i was i was thinking about you know the fact that every time i went to a new school you know i was introduced by the headmaster of the school the first day of assembly that is john lennon's kid and so to even begin to try and make real friends at that stage was it was a tough thing to do understand why i had to say that in a sound i don't think he did have to say that i mean there were you know there were many other kids that came from very very wealthy families that weren't necessarily in the limelight. that there's that the rub exactly there in lies the rub you
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worked with legendary aerosmith front man steven tyler that's true you learn from him now on the new he's on the he's on the new yes he's on the on the lead track of the album the first single door where he's great he's you have to catch him when he can he's he works a lot himself mean at the time that we were doing that he was on idol he was also recording the new album of theirs he was also really rehearsing for a live tour so he was on the go to actually trap him for two hours to actually write a song was it was it was a bit tougher to the our photographer you know in the book is that would you been doing mostly in this fifteen year interim or have you been cancer doing oh no no no i got out of the business entirely and i love music i try because of the relationship i have with the business not i just i feel let down a lot knife feel that i do work my heinie off as much as the net. man if not more
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my office never closes as far as i'm concerned. and that just means that i'm you know i'm always working on projects one way or another whether as a club and therefore more so what brought you back why now because i just think that you know music lives within and i love the the process of finding a song that relates to people that that i get goosebumps you know for me the writing so i'm all three elements of the song the music the lyrics and the melody all have to have the same intent all have to have the same emotion for it to be a marriage of to get for me to get goosebumps or you missed it so i kind of mistake yes you also released this documentary called through the picture window yeah let's take a look at it and i'll ask you about it sure as see it. i think initially of ourselves to be honest because i feel i need to prove to myself that i'm as good as i think i
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am in the songwriting department. he's an artist i think just a musician he's a truly truly great melodist and people should not be. confused about this he's a genius lyricist is a brilliant musician plus he's taken the great gift his father has given him and he stretch it out of ten fold excluding one of his relatives he has one of the most recognizable voices on the planet. and. look great you know obama was a good buddy and i know he appreciates your work which is indoors and no absolutely not it was nice to hear that from friends you also the tell me about photography joe had to undergo. well it was it was actually trying to keep the show i was doing a campaign for lupus because
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a friend of mine lucy who is lucy in the sky with diamonds she passed away and so i would. all fall awful and i would become an ambassador for the foundation of america and in the meantime but we were working on a campaign and we were using timothy white who's an incredible photographer. and. he sent me some photographs and i edited them and sent them back and he said let me see your work and i showed him the work and he said you should do something with this and i said. he said i said there's no if you're serious about this then you know if you support me in this and you help me put an exhibition together then but let's go for it so you debut for darvish that was at the mars and hotel galleries in new york city that's over that's what i yeah that's where i first started that idea like an issue. landscape sort of my favorite but i do like a lot of fly in the wall stuff i've been doing
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a lot of that recently four months ago. i think capturing the moment. and the emotion of whatever that is in the way i actually love the editing process after a while all you do all that you know i mean that's that i would call myself probably more a visual artist than a photographer to be honest we want to do cinematography i don't know if i'd get into that on i you know maybe that's further down the road one step at a time so this thing you had been hearing your father's name all the time did you wind up. having to kind of dislike the him i don't mean to be personal on my part of it i mean i thought the door i was on and i now have shown i was angry i'm sure i didn't understand bell yet i took it was leaving me of course of course i was in the was a great deal of anger there but there's also you know i've grown up a lot and as there's been forgiveness since then but it was it was tough it was very tough growing up that's for sure what is did he have an influence on your
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music oh absolutely no question about that i mean. i mean as you know as much as steely dan as much as keith jarrett as much as many other artists but certainly. i think the beatles were at the forefront of all of them mean anybody that wanted to be a songwriter. of any kind would look to them for four for how they constructed the song can you explain using what they had what did they do for that other groups didn't do that tough on they pulled things out of the thing that nobody else did i think it was more about exploration. they were willing to challenge themselves and challenge songwriting and challenge music in a in a way that probably not many other artists had or did do at that time maybe apart from the beach boys you know the good conduct arthur fiedler told me the beatles
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symphonic lee yes will live forever oh it's you know what changes their music they were revolutionary i. was even someone who took the music on the road and orchestrated it well and they just sang with a full orchestra and one song in particular julia which was better my grandmother. goosebumps absolute goose but in fact effected me more that way the natural in the sort of pop rock sense whole you only past seventeen. where were you i was i was actually. i was actually in my bed which at which i was a your no no i live right by i never i learned never lived in new york and that you were mother and oh yeah i was with my mother in north wales she was actually with maureen starkey riggers ex-wife in london who was a dear best friend and i was actually in north wales at the time and literally i
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heard a noise and there was the chimney fell in and i you know when you just have that gut feeling that something's wrong something's really wrong and i went downstairs and all the curtains were closed and. i thought the sisters to be. who knew what it was at the time and then the press outside everywhere and my stepfather had been told not to tell me until mum you know arrived but i just said. what's going on and you've got to tell me the my first concern that point was to make sure that mum was ok more than anything you know moving absolutely because she still you know absolutely i mean that was the first love of a life so you know she'd known him much longer than i'd ever known him and was much more closer than i had ever been so it was all about looking after her natasha's been ever since do you keep in touch with the players the mccartney's the local
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wuornos the ring goes through every once in a while every once in a while we bump into each other and say hello you know. so sore living with this legacy yeah do you think the end result is you benefited from the main hindered by the name or it's a wash while. i wouldn't say a benefit to it in in the public sense but i would say it's made me probably made me the man i am today. along with the fact that i want to make my mother proud more than anything else that is number one and. do you play all the time in your writing all the time no i very much consider myself a songsmith rather than a player i mean i'm one of those people that if i write and sing and do a project once i'm done i'm done i can't i literally if i have to go on the road
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again i have to go and look really learn all of the songs all of the chords it's just one of those things i always want to progress i was just want to move on with great pleasure. thank you for coming my pleasure my pleasure to everything changes that's my guess and you can buy the new album everything changes exclusively and i do miss. the. time of the new alert. scared me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears and so will i. had read it or
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found out there's a story. playing out in real life. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew. if you don't know i'm tom parker welcome to the big picture.
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we're going to larry king our special guest says that's one schwarzenegger you know her as the daughter of maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger but katherine is proving to be much more than just a famous name because the graduates she's a reason u.s.c. graduate had a bestselling self-help book out called rock what you've got this was a major bestseller chose as a web site katherine schwarzenegger dot com and a rising television career and another book coming yeah what's it going to be called i know it can be called quite yet but it's about at dice her recent college graduates and i've been interviewing
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a bunch of different people about their experience post graduation and all the things i did it comes with that and figuring out your life how did you get into this self-help right. i think just by living it i just kind of weighed it you know deal with different things in my life for that book it was body image and i just found it really fascinating and being a young woman in america. and dealing with it myself i wanted to kind of explore it more which led to a book and the same thing kind of happened with the book that i'm doing now which was. graduating college and not really knowing what i was going to do with my life and being very overwhelmed by people asking me so what do you do now over and over again so i thought that it would be a great opportunity to go and interview kind of well known and successful people about you know their experience dealing with the what next of their life shorty going to do though. i am finishing my book right now
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that's been a a lot of work you have a website and i have a website i just launched what it is it's a lifestyle website it's kind of what we are. dot com. and that kind of i did about a month and a half ago and i really wanted to create a lifestyle website for people of my generation and so it would be a website that had everything on it from cooking to things going on in the world that are relevant to millennium goals to fashion to style and kind of have everything on there and kind of one location you see. entrepreneur. i mean you want to be also want to be told. you hold twenty two twenty three of those to your thirty three. what are you doing. i hope to be doing a lot of what i'm doing now but also a lot of things that i have on kind of my vision board for my life and i hope to be
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having a t.v. career that kind of dabbling in right now but little less name is a famous name there's a little in the film his father did you give some thought to changing that made. i mean i don't think i would ever change my last name i found it to be. very challenging and i wrote minus two still on the definitely there are minuses i think that i kind of first experience that when i went to college because i was when you're in high school you're so sheltered and you go to college and meet a bunch of new people and you would go over the border and i was like i was our daughter at that time yeah which is another kind of separate chopped are but also a huge responsibility that comes along with that last name obviously whenever someone hears my last name they mediately think of my father so. but i am very focused on making that my own name and not wanting to be the daughter of i think
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that that will always kind of be there lingering but i'm i'm very focused on making my own name how do they feel about what you do and. they're very supportive my mom is i live with my mom right now i moved home after i graduated and my mom is kind of my number one fan is she says she's always there to kind of support me and help me in a lot of the things that i'm doing are similar to what she's doing so it's amazing for me to be able to ask her for advice. true but it was deeply into the public limelight for you and i think that he he. like i said i mean he thinks that it's great whenever any one of us kids is doing something that we're passionate about and that we're following our dream which is what he did with his life so i think that whenever we are excited about doing something and that we're doing it in the right way that that's all he cares about most in my show you have in years old i know why i was there with my two little boys and my wife and you were there with
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your siblings and you were going to hold on they still became over your rambunctious little kids there is so i grew old is right i am the oldest the oldest i don't want to do anything personal but just as an override having famous parents yes being in the new all of things that surrounded you how did you deal with them dealing with those things kind of as they commentating day by day. there's no kind of rule book for dealing with something like that can't be yeah exactly so i think that obviously i have an incredibly involved mother who kind of checks on all four of us constantly and make sure that we are happy and healthy people's hands on very hands on she is as hands on as they come which is an amazing thing so i think that i have dealt with it pretty well i would think. would be hard go times definitely of course it's hard at times i mean there you also are kind of born into it so it's not like you chose to to be in
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a certain position but. i mean i kind of deal with things as they as they come up and do the pub rosie by the you a lot i think that they i think their goal was more to kind of set off one of my siblings or i just to kind of c.s. get upset and say there's a troubled child but we are losing a boy will give bob the yeah definitely bothers me i mean it's not the most exciting thing to kind of go out and be harassed by people but i think that if you just kind of trying take a deep breath and keep your mouth shut that you will you know you'll be fine how do you deal with the political aspect your father a moderate republican leah your mother all. democrat coming in we can be where you want him back but i think i'm kind of right in the middle i would say that i kind of i used to be more of a democrat but i've kind of found myself now to be more of an independent really so as i become older and more aware of different issues i think that i kind of and i fall more in the middle if you want to be married have children do you want to go
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there or you want everything right don't yes of course the ambition runs through what is your new additions family has come about to t.v. roja for catherine teaches me how to rock what i've got by what do we mean by rock or you've got. i came up with that title very last minute which is i guess what i'm going to do with this book that i'm doing right now and it kind of was a catchphrase that i thought would kind of embody what everything all the content in the book so i really encourage young women of all different shapes and sizes to realize their own unique beauty and their inner beauty and to not focus on what the media says and how the media portrays women which i think is confusing a move to women yes and well i mean i originally aimed at young women but as i have been able to go to more advance and give more speeches about the topic i found that
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it's obviously a topic that affects both men and women but i'm i'm more relating to young women and what is the more the meal i view millennial is as being some of the most enthusiastic and excited and eager young people that the world has ever seen and contrary to what people say about millennia the u.s. chamber of commerce put those studies there being that thirty six percent of those depend on financial support from their families and pretty hard to figure you have way more kids graduating college and moving back home than we ever have before so yeah exactly and it's a great way. to be able to save money if your parents are willing to have you come back home and i think you know it's not a traditional path that people are taking anymore are there are jobs that are such new jobs in the economy today that we're creating were much more entrepreneurial oddie young age and i think that the bottom line is that millennial is today are coming out of college and dealing with not such
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a great economy but we're very excited and we're very. ambitious and eager to kind of begin our careers right away and excited about our futures is there a misconception about the yes i think that which is that we're lazy and that we don't want to start from the bottom or that we want things too quickly which i think i think we do want things to then my parents' generation did but i think that's because we we want to be successful and we're eager to achieve is one of the problems you face it's good people might say well wait a minute how can i relate to this person who was born into wealth and fame with two famous parents with the problems they may have been counted but also all the pluses about. how does she associate with me and i totally understand that and i had that question a lot when i did. when i talked about my first book but i think that the reality is that doesn't matter what family you're born into what last name you have or how
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much money you have the reality is that you know i'm a normal young woman i deal with the exact same issues that any other normal young woman would deal with and i struggle just like everyone else would and i think in my book i talked a lot about struggling and and dealing with. you know the pressures of being a young woman and my next book i talk a lot about struggling again and trying to kind of find myself and find my figure out my purpose and kind of going through all of the normal thoughts and mindsets that people go through when they come out of college and i still. and drug court i've got a course you can give me. i mean these of pretty much rocked out you have your air pretty set. you can always no matter what your age you can always learn trucker you've got i think it's important to know that it's something that you have to deal with every day i mean i never lose my curiosity never do and that's very important we have some social media questions for you holly motor rally early on facebook
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wants to know what was the first issue that made you want to stand up and fight. i think that i always grew up watching my grandmother stand up for what she believed in and your mother's mother yes well the lady yeah. and she was very strong and very feisty and i always really admired her so i think the first issue that i kind of really was passion about standing up for was body image so i that's why i wanted to write with her she was the female version of bobby and she was trisha brome on instagram want to know do you have any plans for politics absolutely not absolutely not because because i grew up around politics and i think when you grow up around it you either love it or hate it. i mean i think it's interesting obviously i would not like it for myself i would not choose that you my life at all no we now play
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a little game of if you only knew and she just a fun game get up from first kiss. a boy named andrew my first boyfriend will usually. group in ninth grade as it is awfully good about them andrew. we're still really good friends but i really be i only did him for like two months the biggest pet peeve. loud chewers definitely favorite person to follow on twitter. there's this comedian on twitter that my sister started following got me to fall named johnny johnson she's very very funny very funny very kind of disgusting yeah but she but i i get a lot of humor from it most embarrassing moment i it's really hard for me to get embarrassed because i come from such an embarrassing large family i have found it so i think that i am so used to being embarrassed all the time that i it's really hard to find where you live. paper book the great gatsby person you most want to
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work with but i think that if i had the choice i would want to work with my family like my step. things i think would be really fun to work with they were food cereal cereal we had one. i like i kind of mix them all together yeah we had i did just how you know cheerios i love my neck serious honeybunch of a love on you sometimes you know raisin bran sometimes yeah that nice guy if you're going to get a feel healthy also yeah it does thanks to all thank you so much great seeing you again you know up katherine schwarzenegger tassos was in a good. rock when you've got a new book coming in april and remember you can find me on twitter at kings things and i'll see you next time.
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a little worse if you're going to. the white house to give a. radio guy. what he. did because you never seen anything like this.
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well see british sign on the sun. spot on the right let's go to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports . more news today. again flared up. from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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good afternoon and welcome the prime interest i'm perry i'm boring and i'm barbara bush and here's the story that we're tracking today. two q e or not to q e that is the question now that it's clear fed chairman bernanke he is out as of next january two front runners are being floated by the mainstream media these would be larry summers and janet yellen we've profiled summers before and know his complete mismanagement of the harvard and down and fallen and he is nowhere near the glib politician bernanke he is so why some words well it's quite simple he's been openly critical of the fed's monetary wanted jazz and has much more keen on fiscal stimulus and on the other side we have.


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