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tv   Headline News  RT  July 30, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the u.s. whistleblower bradley manning will soon fear his sentence he could face life in prison if he's found guilty on charges of aiding the enemy. all talk as israeli palestinian negotiations resume after years of failed you suffered so we take a look at the roots of the deadlock. and the slowdown in the world the workshop that's trying to post small sports figures we find out whether those predicting a major financial depart justified. thanks for joining in this hour i'm lucy catherine of and you're watching our team on to our top story now a military judge is set to deliver the verdict on a u.s.
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army whistleblower bradley manning later on tuesday that's in just a few hours he could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of aiding the enemy his defense argues that manning leaked classified documents because he wanted to expose war crimes when it comes to the press coverage of the case in the us innocent until proven guilty may not apply or he's going to explain it's guilty before trial much of the u.s. media together with the government have all but convicted bradley manning look it's simple if many did what he did they ought to try him and they ought to put his ass for fun because he should be punished to the fullest extent possible and what is that. you think he should be killed us. by comparison here he jeopardized he jeopardized national security that. he broke the law the president after all the commander in chief called him guilty before he years before he was on trial that's under command influence to the judge in this trial who is
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a military officer in thousands of leaked documents bradley manning has exposed many aspects of u.s. foreign policy through his warlock's the public has learned about war crimes committed by the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan perhaps best illustrated by the leaked collateral murder video this classified footage showed the ease with which the crew of a u.s. apache helicopter killed civilians in iraq we see protesting support of bradley manning throughout the country you come across them inspirations of supporting places like this restaurant slash full story watching. and their supporters not so much for many visiting to be drawn back to of course but more importantly for the public's right to know. but manning supporters are in the minority poll it shows that the majority of americans consider manning a traitor who cares whether the army killed some innocent people or not over in iraq we you know we don't want to we don't want to be a part of that with very uncomfortable so if it's a complex issue and it's uncomfortable americans generally will pull back from it
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and it allows the media to fill that gap and portray bradley manning as a traitor it's been all too easy to label bradley manning a traitor perhaps because his revelations had to do with the u.s. government's wrongdoings abroad. polls show that americans are more sympathetic to snowden perhaps because these revelations are about their rights their civil liberties so they care more when it's over iraq his wife they apparently care less some argue that politics and timing have also played a role in the media coverage of bradley manning's case this it happened during the war and he was. the least got the stuff out scooped all these major media outlets right as the bush administration was ending and the war was still an issue and something that was wrong the american psyche might be something different but we're short attention span people so three four five years later he's a traitor three four five years ago he might have been
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a hero the main narrative that the us government has pushed forward and he was effectively delivered by the us media was that many revelations have endangered us national security but the conversation that's been avoided is that perhaps the government's killing of civilians with drones and otherwise has generated more enemies with the united states then bradley manning's revelations in washington i'm going to check on. bradley manning was responsible for the largest leak of classified documents in u.s. history let's take a look at how the exposure of those seven hundred thousand cables actually came about so we've compiled a timeline for you bradley manning joins the army in two thousand and seven two years later he's deployed to iraq now his leaked collateral murder video was released by wiki leaks showing u.s. forces killing civilians in iraq he told a hacker about his leaks who later handed those chat logs over to the government as a result manning was arrested and charged for revealing that classified information now the afghan war diary was released shortly after that manning moved to solitary
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confinement in a maximum security prison more revelations about what the u.s. did during the iraq war along with a series of u.s. diplomatic cables were then revealed by wiki leaks in march the extent of the. charges became known manning was accused of aiding the enemy wiki leaks have released documents about the guantanamo bay prisoners and all those revelations earned manning a noble peace prize nomination the court martial proceedings against him began shortly after that with the u.n. saying that he was subject to excessive isolation and cruel treatment during detention a judge did not allow the u.n. torture inspector to testify in the high profile trial finally got under way in fort meade maryland. well to make sure that you're tuned in to our team one bradley manning discovers his fate will be covering that verdict announcement for you at seventeen hundred g.m.t. in just a few hours. eight. thirty in. israel
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and the palestinians are holding a new round of peace talks in the u.s. reviving negotiations that have been stalled for almost three years having a long and disappointing history there's already growing skepticism over whether the sides can actually reach a compromise on some of the most intractable issues the united states is seeking to broker an agreement on the so-called two state solution under the proposal israel would exist peacefully alongside a new palestinian state created in the west bank and the gaza strip now those are lands that have been occupied by the israelis since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven a war the major issues that need to be resolved to bring an end to more than six decades of conflict include borders the future of jewish settlements the fate of palestinian refugees and the status of jerusalem and what has been described as a goodwill gesture israel had agreed to release one hundred four palestinian prisoners but many critics say the two sides are no closer to
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a solution artie's policy or reports from a divided palestinian city where the conflict is rooted. hebron to israeli settlers through the barbed wire that protects. his is the only arab house left in the tell them a good neighborhood in the same type of ancient hebron. she lives on one side of the street across from him his neighbors he watches through this video camera afraid of what would happen if he didn't. you are. grown way you. did you see what you did you are. and your daughters are two russia is a boy you she's daughter she's afraid to visit her father because the settlers throw stones and eggs at her and her children. it's getting worse my mother was supposed to give birth because the ambulance but these are very young we did not
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give permission for them to get close to the house so my father and my brothers carried my mother out from the chair she gave birth in the chair and the newborn baby died but it's not only ambulances who refused permission to drive down this road no palestinian is allowed to use a vehicle here seventy eight year old she has no choice he spends hours each day walking these well trodden stones to fetch groceries gas or to go to the mosque. really say they close the road because they were afraid somebody would smuggle bombs you know i asked them how we were supposed to get to our house and they said you can buy a donkey so i told them people are flown to the moon and you want me to buy a donkey or you go home by car. palestinians in hebron are no strangers to vote blocks here in hebron the streets are a maze if you palestinian there are some streets palestinians can't use at all others they can walk on but not drive and still others they can access only with
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a permit it's to make sure the seven hundred israelis who live among two hundred thousand palestinians in hebron can move around safely although here brown is the second oldest and largest palestinian city it's also the second most holy site to jews after the western wall around it's a frustration in the land of israel this is the very roots not only of judaism but of one of the isn't. just down the road it's the second holiest site of the jewish people in all the world and only since we've come back everybody wants access to the whole sorry. fable to go and worship there these radios justify the road closures arguing they protect the settlers who live here but pay. say it's often done for no other reason than to make their lives difficult. often soldiers prevent me from crossing for no reason it depends on the mood whenever they feel like if they refuse this commission. only arab neighbors have left this part of hebron the
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cities made their lives a living hell but he says he's taking a stand one step at a time policy r.t. hebron. in its push for israeli palestinian peace talks washington has left hamas out of the score the palestinian militant group has governed the gaza strip since two thousand and seven but it has also been classified by some countries as a terrorist organization although saying from the hamas interior ministry says that leaving the group out of the talks is a serious mistake actually this new call for the policy an israeli negotiation is coming from the american administration so they can want to make some efforts in this special that mr obama didn't do anything in this case it during the last period negotiation will fail especially that israelis will give nothing for the palestinians and the only thing they're looking for their security.
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team actually is not. given the right from the palestinian to negotiate and to give up our lands and. in constant cases and of course we want to know what you think about the israel palestinian talks you can have your say online at r.t. dot com let's take a look at how you've been answering so far. all right an overwhelming majority ninety percent right there believe that in fact you're pessimistic about this new round of talks you don't think that will bring a about a solution now a tiny fraction just five percent right here believe the current talks will lead to even more negotiations now three percent of you in the yellow believe that the talks will forge a path to palestinian states and just two percent believe the settlement settle israeli settlements will be rolled back so of course it's not too late to vote. coming up deadly drone diplomacy in the run up to the presidential elections on
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manned and strikes by the u.s. are keeping pakistan on edge is the new government serious about halting the strikes will stay tuned to find out. a story so you think you understand it and then you. realized everything you thought. was a big. old . technology innovation all the developments from around. the.
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no. street corner. joy. if you're away from your television it just doesn't matter with your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. after years of trying those rapid growth and development the world's second largest economy appears to be slowing down the government is expecting the lowest rate of economic expansion in more than two decades at seven point five percent some economists are predicting a grim future saying that the growth could dip to as low as three percent in the coming years big banks are sounding the alarm over the slowdown which is also complicating the global recovery efforts so is china in for financial collapse or are the doomsday predictions overblown artie's business correspondent katie pilbeam
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breaks it down. pointed despite enjoying phenomenal growth over the last three decades is not immune to the overall global slowdown and as an economy reliant on external investment and demand the cracks are beginning to show. as it currently stands a chinese economy is expected to grow to seven point five percent by their standards having enjoyed a nearly ten percent average growth for the past two years now some point five percent is certainly not a dissolve this figure equates to the whole of switzerland economy one of the wealthiest countries in europe so china's growth was to stay at this rate because you would be adding the whole of the swiss economy to its balance sheet every year but nevertheless the economy is slowing so what is being done to get the chinese economy to accelerate a bit mall and avoid this three percent. sanaa well there have been chinese whispers that the government is planning to implement
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a huge spending package to boost the country's gross rushing out a new route ways and infrastructure the government also intends to dig itself out of debt most of the country's risk comes from having high death and bad loans now all of this sounds bad it's nothing compared to the situation in europe where the year area is expected to contract and over in the u.s. growth is expected to reach just below two percent and china's spello emerging markets are expected to go to five percent the fact remains that while time is some point five percent growth may be ruffling a few feathers most of europe can only dream of being able to fly i. want to talk more about china and its place in the global economy with james corbett the editor of the corporate reform website to serve thank you for the time to speak with us some economists as you just heard in the report there is the china slowdown as a signal of a looming crash do you think that those fears are justified. i think they certainly are and we've already seen indications of that of course last month in the next
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stage of the credit crunch which hit in an interesting way and actually led to a cash crunch crisis in some of china's peripheral banks last month so i think we have to see what's happening now in the context of this this credit crisis that's been developing for years now as much of the chinese economic growth though is since at least two thousand and nine has been the result of the direct result of bank of china liquidity injections into the chinese economy so now that we have this xi jinping administration coming along and trying to supposedly rebalance the chinese economy away from fixed investment and more towards household consumption then they're basically threatening to close that spigot of liquidity into the markets we see the chinese shadow banking economy that's that supposedly worth it at least ten trillion dollars at this point is starting to clam up and this is having some severe effects and i think we could definitely see even further slowdown in growth in the chinese economy as
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a result of this which would likely have international implications of course but you are in japan and i want to bring in that that japan example here one prediction is that time it could be following the fate of that country both of them relying on exports and credit killed investment for growth japan of course has been in the doldrums for almost twenty years now do you think that china could follow suit. in a certain sense yes although there are different examples based on different things the that shiny of the japanese example was really based on the appreciation after the one nine hundred eighty five plaza accord that led to a basically a. release of liquidity that had built up the the stock in the real estate market in japan and and what's left as a result of that has been the twenty year deflationary recession here so that's the basically what japan and what the all the administration here is trying to do is kind of the opposite of what china is trying to do with which is to actually open the spigots in to actually get inflation kicked off whereas china is trying to
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close or at least indicate that they're closing that spigot so i think they're going in different monetary directions but i think the result could be very similar in so far as once again it threatens to derail the export based economy which is the real engine of both of these economies and sort of broadly speaking here i mean that china certainly has major economic guess is that it will so address in order to move forward but at the same time growth of seven point five percent comparatively speaking isn't necessarily all that bad i mean if you compare time for example to the countries the economies in europe what's your reaction in that sense. well i think we have to take the chinese g.d.p. growth numbers with a hefty grain of salt because the current trying to use premier league teaching back in two thousand and ten there were leaked to diplomatic cables from two thousand and seven that came out indicating that leaky chang had said behind closed doors that the chinese numbers the g.d.p. numbers were quote man made end quote unreliable so that's coming from the man who
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is right now the premier of china and is supposedly the one who spearheading these attempts to get the chinese economy back on track so we have to to basically cock an eyebrow up at the at that idea that there is seven point five percent g.d.p. growth right now i think that that's an artificially constructed number but certainly china has performed better in recent years than a lot of economy the. for example in europe about that is coming to an end and i think that we could see this really spiral out of control if the bank of china isn't very careful about what it's doing because once again if they do send out the wrong signals or if they do you tighten that liquidity too much too quickly and it could have some devastating effects that as you say will spill around the world if this is really an economic loaded gun that's pointed to the head of the chinese economy and they're staring down the barrel of a gun right now and it seems to be a rock and a hard place there and a lot of there is a lot of wiggle room for maneuvers here all right a rock and a hard place indeed unfortunately we're out of time so that was james corbett of the corbett report website thank you and beijing has been pouring cash into
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the infrastructure of a debt ridden greece making it a gateway for investment and trade between china and europe on top of that china has become a priority market for the greek food business. has more. this is not the set of a movie about the post-apocalyptic world but the old international airport this is what six years of recession twenty seven percent of unemployment and billions of euro in debt look like since this is important very will be the perfect reflection of the greek economy and since its creditors or the troika demand that greece of reserves nearly seventy billion dollars by the year twenty twenty two it has to sell off its state assets and here is where the chinese come in beijing is only planning to purchase this abandoned facility but is also looking at leasing the current working international airport it's also attracted other countries like russia and the u.s. but there is a great chance that that deal me also go to china back in two thousand and nine
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china's costco's the shipping company you least half of greece's largest port in your happens for thirty five years and local authorities say it's completely revitalized it's a win win situation great business for costco and millions of euro in tax revenues for greece in fact things have been going so well athens is now considering leasing the second half of the port beijing is once again interested pledging to turn it into the number one seed in the mediterranean from here chinese products are put on trains and then distributed throughout the e.u. so there are no prizes for guessing who wants to snap up the greek railways as well but this chinese takeaway doesn't end all the infrastructure greek food products or virgin all of all to be exact are stirring up an appetite in china last year the country became greece's number four export market and officials here say they used to think was a long term priority and now it's top of the list so as the troika slams greece with various austerity measures and demands a new job cuts and the reduction of salaries china is storming in on
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a white children for springing big business beijing instead is considering covering some of that which is great news and a great opportunity for the greek economy and given that many other southern e.u. countries are also embarrassed. it's china will just be flexing its muscles you won't be school of athens. you can find more on that story and much more of our t. dot com including the fed's crackdown on sex crimes in the u.s. the f.b.i. says it's saving the five minors from prostitution arrested one hundred fifty people those details online also. that were snowden remains stranded in a moscow airport we look at what the future could hold if russia granted asylum all the latest on this and more are t. dot com. first. and i think you're.
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going to. be. well today pakistani lawmakers are set to elect a new president just two months after pakistan had its first democratic transfer of power but it does seem that no matter the government one controversial issue continues to plague the country the cia led program of drone strikes and with the militant group now promising reports of pardon me reprisal attacks for each u.s. strike retired senior air force officer and. says that as long as hands are simply tied. the new government which had in all resorted to a lot of rhetoric in the run up to the elections especially during the electoral campaigns it had promised that it will bring an end to the controversial drone attacks but it seems that there is been
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a reality check given to the new government by the americans that the aid which comes through. through loans and other things will be stopped unless the government of draws the line so therefore it does appears to be business as usual although the number of drone attacks have in fact increased with the new government coming in there have been only lip sympathy paid there have been number of protests but there has been. a stance taken to pick it up with the u.s. government that is drawn strikes must stop john kerry the u.s. secretary of state is likely to visit this week and maybe it is taken up with them but i personally have very little hope from that because if something had to be done in a concrete manner it would have been done the worst thing is that with the new government taking over it's been nearly fifty days but the number of terror strikes have actually increased. the violence in the country continues twelve people have been killed during a taliban assault on
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a prison holding some of their top leaders in northwest pakistan two hundred fifty prisoners escaped during the attack which was coordinated by more than one hundred men disguised as officers also a squad of suicide bombers the fight went on for over three hours forcing president prison officials to call in the army for backup. in other world news a driver's body has been recovered from the wreck left by a commuter train collision in switzerland thirty five people were injured after two twenty and smashed into each other head on just south of byrne on monday evening investigators are still trying to find the cause of that accident. doherty's in thailand have closed the coastal area on a popular tourist island after streaks of crude oil contaminated the shore of about fifty tons spilled into the sea on saturday morning after it leaks wrong in a pipeline more than three hundred workers have been deployed to clean up the nearby area has been declared a disaster zone. kaiser report is up next stay with us.
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i've got a big question for you how stupid can stupid terrorist paranoia get according to four progressives dot com the texas department of public safety demanded that any women entering the state senate hand over any tampons or pads before entering wow so why would they do this are they really that scared that some terrorists are playing to sneak a bomb into the place at any cost according to news to yahoo dot com the official reason is that they're afraid of people using projectiles as a form of protest against a law that would really restrict abortions oh well no i kind of see well you know bush it is an issue that people really get furious over now it kind of all makes sense but wait wait wait wait what's that they're afraid of projectiles but people
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with guns were allowed to take them into the senate are you kidding me i think the second amendment does a lot more good than harm but i think it goes without saying that for women to concealed carry their hygiene items they should need a permit or permission from anyone but that's just my opinion. i am x. kaiser last week rumors of bounded that as bro was going to introduce a new monopoly board game with out jale finally commentators thought it was going
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to reflect the real world of american oligarch of capitalism where there is no such thing as jail for the elite players. but no the wall street journal report was wrong typically hasbro said there would in fact be jail in the game of monopoly version as there always has been jail now for more on this return to stacy herbert yes max because hasbro even a game justice is sacrosanct they are saying of course there's no such thing as having no jail in monopoly now the reason why they say that they have a new game coming out is because apparently young people don't have the attention span to spend more than half an hour in a team so they're trying to shorten and that was one of the ways it's just get rid of jail but you know it also gave away i think the wall street journal how they see the game being played by the players on wall street is that they don't have
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a have to go to jail so we see that the first headline s.a.c.'s cohen risks lose some fortune while keeping his freedom stephen a cohen founder of a fourteen billion dollar hedge fund indicted and what the u.s. calls an unprecedented insider trading scheme faces a future without a fund or a multibillion dollar fortune on the other hand he won't be behind bars oh yeah well steve you cohen has got the you know version of the monopoly board where there is no jail you see steve biko mistake and he's making it real he's doing he's doing it but you know he doesn't want jail steve biko and you know he's got he's re-inventing the game using that stuff that you know there's jail out here somewhere go to jail though you there you go to jail you know in case you don't get a good view of this right there you know go to jail steve you going ok this is no jail means and that's not free market cap continue please well.


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