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tv   Headline News  RT  July 30, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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operations. whistleblower bradley manning will discover in a few hours whether blowing the lid off american military wrongdoing will see him spend the rest of his days behind bars. israeli and palestinian diplomats made to washington to revive negotiations after years of failed peace efforts while in the palestinian city of hebron we report from where the roots of the deadlock are most keenly felt. and this forecast of a chinese slowdown cast a shadow over the global economic outlook we ask whether the numbers back up the past ms m.
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six pm and the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshua welcome to the program i mean just a few hours the twenty five year old u.s. army private responsible for the largest leak of classified documents in american history will have his fate decided if found guilty on the greatest charge of aiding the enemy bradley manning could be jailed for the rest of his life although as now reports a whistleblower has already been sentenced by the public. guilty before trial much of the us media together with the government have all but convicted bradley manning look at simple manning did what he did they ought to try him and they ought to put his ass for fight him up because he should be fun as to the fullest extent possible and what is that. you think he should be killed yes. by from prison here or he jeopardized he jeopardized national security that. the program or the president after all the commander in chief called him guilty before he years before
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he was on trial that's under command influence to the judge in this trial who is a military officer in thousands of leaked documents bradley manning is exposed to many aspects of u.s. foreign policy through his warlock's the public has learned about war crimes committed by the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan perhaps best illustrated by the leaked collateral murder video this classified footage showed the ease with which the crew of a u.s. apache helicopter killed civilians in iraq with the protesting support of bradley manning throughout the country you come across demonstrations of supporting places like this restaurant slash bookstore and watching t.v. and their support is not so much for many as the thing to be drawn back to of course but more importantly for the public's right to know. but manning supporters are in the minority polls show that the majority of americans consider manning a traitor who cares whether the army killed some innocent people or not over in
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iraq we you know we don't want to we don't want to be a part of that we're very uncomfortable so if it's a complex issue and it's uncomfortable americans generally will pull back from it and it allows the media to fill that gap and portray bradley manning as a traitor it's been all too easy to label bradley manning a traitor perhaps because his revelations had to do with the u.s. government's wrongdoings abroad. polls show that americans are more sympathetic to snowden perhaps because these revelations are about their rights their civil liberties so they care more when it's some iraqis rights they apparently care less some argue that politics and timing have also played a role in the media coverage of bradley manning's case this it happened during the war and he was poor and weak the least got the stuff out scooped all these major media outlets right as the bush administration was ending and the war was still an issue and something that was wrong the american psyche might be something different
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but we're short attention span people so three four five years later he's a traitor three four five years ago he might have been a hero the main narrative that the us government has put forward and it was effectively delivered by the us media was that many revelations have endangered us national security but the conversation that's been avoided is that perhaps the government's killing of civilians with drones and otherwise has generated more enemies with the united states than great the many revelations in washington i'm going to check out. how manning leaked some seven hundred thousand diplomatic and military documents to the whistle blowing web site and we can leaks let's now take a look at how it all unfolded bradley manning enlisted to the u.s. army in two thousand and seven and was deployed to iraq two years later while in service he exposed the collateral murder video the food which of u.s. forces killing unarmed civilians in iraq manning was arrested in and at the end of
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may two thousand and tan and presented with a list of charges for opening classified information to the public while his confinement did little to stop the revelations as details of america's wrongdoings in afghanistan and iraq along with a massive trauma of the u.s. diplomatic cables continue to emerge in march manning was accused of aiding the enemy a charge that could ultimately keep. behind bars for life the court martial proceedings against him began shortly after that with the u.n. saying that he was subject to excessive isolation and cruel treatment during detention the high profile trial finally got underway in fort meade in their land and is expected to complete today gavin fabian the director of the london based center for investigative journalism and a close friend of julian a son just stresses that manning's actions were not driven by any personal gain. he thought that the crimes committed by the army should be made public and what they're admitting to was the fact that he broke the law in getting those documents
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and sending them out to wiki leaks the justice of what he did is another matter and i think in that most people are agreed except those who regard to automatically as a traitor most people would agree that indeed he did it as an act of conscience that certainly attempted to publish these documents in the new york times the washington post and other sources but none of them would do it until they were a wiki leaks that then they all took up the case but it's a very strong case that nobody would gain from this certainly not bradley manning who was affected abused very badly of solitary confinement so badly abused and cracked that a senior state department official resigned in protest the fact that the court will accept that as as evidence of cruel and unusual treatment is to me quite astonishing stay with r.t. for the ongoing coverage of bradley manning's trial we'll be covering the verdict for you at seven hundred g.m.t. well today at r.t. dot com our website were asking what sentence you think bradley manning will get
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a sense take a look at the vote so far well add this stage the vast majority as you can see believe that whistleblowers should be found not guilty and honored as a hero just our tan person and think a spanish sounds is an appropriate pal to some also saying he should be executed or at least and his days in jail and the minority which is four percent of this point think that manning should spend two decades behind bars so do you want to know what you think on this by logging onto our to dot com and leaving your vote there. are thirty six hours with a child surgery even. though you probably know that. there are these. now the u.s. has been hosting top israeli and palestinian aides hoping to revive peace negotiations that have been stalled for almost three years the sides have major
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disagreements over issues such as borders and security and few expect a compromise to be reached washington wants to broker an agreement on a so-called two state solution which would allow israel to coexist peacefully alongside a new palestinian state but the burning problems to deal with continued to be israeli settlement expansion the fate of palestinian refugees and the status of jerusalem the resumption of talks in the stream we unpopular among the palestinian people who want israel to return all the land seized in the nine hundred sixty seven war in a gesture to restart diplomacy tel aviv on sunday approved the release of one hundred four palestinian prisoners yet thousands more remain locked up in israeli jails policy reports from a town where the divide is bitterly felt. hebron to is really sick as seen through the barbed wire that protects you so if she's home his is the only arab house left in the tell me made
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a neighborhood in the same type of ancient hebron. she lives on one side of the street across from him his sickly neighbors who he watches through this video camera afraid of what would happen if he didn't like this you are no way no way you. did you see what you did you are and you daughters are two russia is a boy daughter she's afraid to visit her father because the second is throw stones and eggs at her and her children. getting worse my mother was supposed to give birth to cool the ambulance but these are very young we did not give permission for them to get close to the house so my father and my brother has carried my mother out from the chair she gave birth in the chair and the new. but it's not only ambulances who refused permission to drive down this road no palestinian is allowed to use a vehicle here seventy eight year old she has no choice he spends hours each day
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walking these well trodden stones to fetch groceries gas or to go to the mosque. or had you are really say they closed the road because they were afraid somebody would smuggle bombs you know i asked them how we were supposed to get to our house and they said you can buy i don't think so i told them people are flown to the moon and you want me to buy a donkey or you go home by car. palestinians in hebron are no strangers to vote blocks here in hebron the streets are a maze if you palestinian there are some streets palestinians can't use at all others they can walk on but not drive and still others they can access only with a permit it's to make sure the seven hundred israelis who live among two hundred thousand palestinians in hebron can move around safely although here brown is the second oldest and largest palestinian city it's also the second most holy site to jews after the western wall corrosive frustration in the land of israel this is the
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very roots not only of judaism but of one of the as i'm. just down the road it's the second holiest site of the jewish people in all the world and only since we've come back because everybody wants access to the whole sorry. of able to go in and worship there these radios justify the road closures arguing they protect the settlers who live here but palestinians say it's often done for no other reason than to make their lives difficult and you have the afternoon soldiers prevent me from crossing for no reason it depends on their mood whenever they feel like if they refuse us permission. all of abu ayyub she's arab neighbors have left this part of hebron the city is made their lives a living hell but he says he's taking a stand one step at a time policy r.t. have. now the palestinian militant group hamas took over gaza back in two thousand and seven after winning a majority in the legislative elections a year earlier it's classified by some countries as
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a terrorist organization august same from the hamas interior ministry says leaving the group out of peace talks is a serious mistake actually this new call for an israeli negotiation is coming from the american administration so they can want to make some. in this special that mr obama didn't do anything in this case it during the last period negotiation will fail especially that israelis will give nothing for the palestinians and the only thing they're looking for their security. and sort of medicine and. actually is not. given the right to from the palestinian to negotiate and to give a glance and. policy in constant cases. pakistan seems to have elected its new leader as we tell you in just a few minutes. but whether that will help rid the country all the white of u.s.
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drone raids which have killed scores of people remains and doubt stay with us for more on that. we speak your language i mean they will not advance. news programs and
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documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles to the stories. you hear. that all teach spanish find out more visit. play. live. live.
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live. live live live. live . welcome back this is our china seemingly unstoppable konami crys appears to be leveling off with g.d.p. growth now at a twenty three year low some economists are already heralding a long term slide down to three percent in the coming years big banks have voiced alarm over the numbers from china which comedy time of recession over in europe and the fiscal problems in the u.s. but despite the naysayers the chinese government remains optimistic pressing ahead
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with the reform plans and setting an ambitious seven point five percent growth target for this year so are we seeing the an end of the chinese economic miracle or are the doomsday predictions for a mature artie's business correspondent katie pilbeam investigates. china despite enjoying phenomenal growth over the last three decades is not immune to the overall global slowdown and as an economy reliant on external investment and demand the cracks of beginning to shy as it currently stands a chinese economy is expected to grow to seven point five percent by their standards having enjoyed a nearly ten percent average growth for the past thirty years now some point five percent is certainly not a disaster this acquaints to the whole of switzerland's economy one of the wealthiest countries in europe so china's growth will sustain this rate because you
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would be adding the whole of the swiss economy to its balance sheet every year but nevertheless the economy is slowing so what is being done to get the chinese economy to accelerate a bit more and avoid this three percent scenario well there have been chinese whispers that the government is planning to implement a huge spending package to boost the country's gross rushing out a new route ways and in the starts up the government also intends to dig itself out of debt most of the country's risk comes from. having high death and by. now all of this sounds bad it's nothing compared to the situation in europe where the year area is expected to contrast and over in the u.s. growth is expected to reach just below two percent and time to spell emerging markets are expected to go five percent a share the fact remains that while time is some point five percent growth may be ruffling a few feathers laced of europe can only dream of being able to fly by joseph kang
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a professor at the university of hong kong says china is stumbling due to temporary cycles in the global economy but the leadership has its eyes set on long term structural reforms it is cyclical in descends to the external environment is untrue or a bow and hopefully when u.s. economy been to european economy improves and chinese economy we do in fact it is structural in the sand instead china has to change and transform is economic development model it cannot be planned all the time. exports new leaders. and parents be ready to suffer from a slowing down of the economic growth rate and structural reforms so as to deliver at a later stage meanwhile beijing has been injecting much needed cash into the
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infrastructure of greece raising hopes doubt the debt ridden country could become a gateway for trade and investment between china and europe as artistic work has gone off has been finding out. this is not the set of a movie about the post-apocalyptic world but the old international airport this is what six years of recession twenty seven percent of unemployment and billions of euro in debt look like to me very will be the perfect reflection of the greek economy and since its creditors or the troika demand that greece of reserves nearly seventy billion dollars by the year twenty twenty two it has to sell off its state assets and here is where the chinese come in beijing is only planning to purchase this abandoned facility but is also looking at leasing the current working international airport it's also attracted other countries like russia and the u.s. but there is a great chance that that deal me also go to china back in two thousand and nine
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china's costco's the shipping company you least half of greece's largest happens with thirty five years and local authorities say it's completely revitalized it's a win win situation great business for costco and millions of euro in tax revenues for greece in fact things have been going so well athens is now considering leasing the second half of the port beijing is once again interested to turn it into the number one seed in the mediterranean from here chinese products are put on trains and then distributed throughout the e.u. so there are no prizes for guessing who wants to snap up the greek railways as well but this chinese takeaway doesn't end all the infrastructure greek food products or virgin all of all to be exact are stirring up an appetite in china last year the country became greece's number four export market and officials here say they used to think was a long term priority and now it's top of the list so as the troika slams greece with various austerity measures and demands a new job cuts and the reduction of salaries china is storming in on the white
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children for springing big business said it's considering covering some of the debt which is great news and a great opportunity for the greek economy and given that many other southern e.u. countries are also embarrassed. it's china will just be flexing its muscles you want to spin off or to athens. back on home soil the chinese government's opening a window into its military machine for the first time ever a key army base outside beijing is letting in journalists find out what's behind the move to transparency at r.t. dot com. plus millions of moscow commuters could soon have their movements tracked by police were revealed aziz plans to equip the metro system with thousands of sensors able to pinpoint the locations of mobile phones. right from the street. first street. and i think the jury.
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on our reporters were very. instrumental. in the. early results show that pakistani lawmakers have elected him on muna hussain from their ruling party as a country's next president it's two months since pakistan had its first democratic transfer of power for a general election but it seems no matter who is at the helm one controversial issue continues to plague the country the cia led program of deadly drone strikes and with the militant group promising reprisal attacks for each u.s. raid a retired senior air force officers told him how he says islamabad's hands are tied . the new government which had in all resorted to
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a lot of rhetoric in the run up to the elections especially during the electoral campaigns it had promised that it'll bring an end to the controversial drone attacks but it seems that there is been a reality check given to the new government by the americans that the aid which comes through. through loans and other things will be stopped unless the government of pakistan draws the line so therefore it does appears to be business as usual although the number of drone attacks have in fact increased with the new government coming in there have been only lip sympathy paid there have been in number of protests but there has been nor a stance taken do to take it up with the u.s. government that is drawn strikes must stop john kerry the u.s. secretary of state is likely to visit this week and maybe it has taken up with them but i personally have very little hope from that because if something had to be done in a concrete manner it would have been done the worst thing is that with the new
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government taking over it's been nearly fifty days but the number of terror strikes have actually increased. and the violence in pakistan is raging on twelve people have been killed during a taliban assault on a prison in the northwest were some of the group's senior fighters were being held officials said about two hundred fifty inmates escaped during the town carried out by more than one hundred man this guy as his officers and a squad of suicide bombers to fly it went on for over three hours forcing prison officials to call an army back up. in other world news the foreign policy chief says egypt's deposed president morsy is well and has access to t.v. and newspapers baroness ashton the actually leader but says she doesn't know where he is being held morsi has been detained since being overthrown by the military on the third of july scores of his supporters have been killed in clashes the fall of the army who. a series of deadly blasts has rocked the city of
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kano in northern nigeria hospital source says up to twenty eight people were killed in the attack the explosions ripped through a crowded christian neighborhood of the mainly muslim city the same district have been already targeted in the past by nigeria's boko haram islamist group since the beginning of the islamic insurgency in two thousand and nine over two thousand people have been killed. and morning is for me about half an hour up next we'll look at the problems faced by the middle east biggest christian group and the sacrifices worshippers have to take for their beliefs. to build a new most sophisticated. fortunately. tim's mission to teach me. this is why you should care
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only. to see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything is. welcome to the big picture. mission and free critique a should be free. for charges free. agent three. free. free. hold free blog videos. free media.
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i live. in the street. wish. misleading good. run of me a little. can
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leave. it in. the. live. in the pool kairos. ten year old mina likes to escape from his tiny apartment on the rooftops there you can see the crosses on top of the local church where policemen enjoy the intensity and heat next to the entrance it's unlikely that mina realizes his father knows like a tia humble government employee was killed on this very roof. the sniper's bullet caught him in the chest on that april night of twenty thirty meters father was one of six christians who died sick to violence.
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we were sitting here all together when dad went up to the roof to check on the church he wanted to know what was going on there and if he had to go and defend it in our modern i think he went there twice the third time he left he didn't come back yet. he was brought back and laid down here. also written here on my arm i have an image of jesus christ i like it a lot i also have one of pope shenouda and the madonna. every single tattoo is really important to me. the eldest son crolla swears short sleeved shirts to show off his tattoos openly displaying your affiliation to the christian minority.


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