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tv   Headline News  RT  July 31, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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it is a dangerous person i mean example national security extremism and u.s. whistleblower bradley manning's conviction on charges ranging from astronauts to computer fraud and vocal wave of international criticism with lawmakers and you were urging the obama administration to release the army private. meanwhile the sentencing phase of his trial is set to begin with manning facing decades in prison despite being acquitted of aiding the enemy. and the u.s. secretary of state had to slam about hoping to ease tensions with the new government there over america's convertable drone strikes on pakistani soil.
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this is are you coming to life from the russian capital five pm here on marina joshing welcome to the program or bradley manning has been found not guilty of one of the most grievous offenses under american law aiding the enemy but it's still staring at the prospect of live behind bars the sentencing of a twenty five years old twenty five year old army private responsible for the largest leak of classified documents in the country's history is set to begin within an hour but that's just the start of a process that could last several weeks argues andrew blake has been following the court proceedings at fort meade maryland. starting wednesday the court case will enter its sentencing phase and the government and defense are expected to call upwards of forty witnesses total in order to testify to the merit and intent and motive of private manning now during the last two months of testimony we've heard all sorts of stories about how private manning acted in an off of the battlefield what kind of experience he had as an army intelligence analyst however not all of
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those testimonies will be heard by members of the public or the press in fact or more than a dozen of the testimonies that will be entered in the court will be done so under seal those are all classified witnesses whose testimonies could harm national security if they were released earlier this year we heard from manning himself how he did it and why he did it he admitted guilt in releasing more than two hundred fifty thousand state department diplomatic cables guantanamo bay detainee assessment briefs iraq war logs afghan war logs and a number of other classified materials according to private manning himself when he went to the web site wiki leaks he did so in order to expose the rest of the world to the atrocities that he saw while serving in iraq private manning was held in pretrial detention up until earlier this year having spent more than one thousand one hundred days in military custody now that the trial approaches a conclusion however manning's fate will for once be a little bit less undecided once the judge decides how many years he will have to
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spend in prison will finally have an answer. now bradley manning was convicted on all but two of the twenty two charges against him let's take a closer look at them now well aiding the enemy was most serious charge carries an automatic life sentence and in some cases capital punishment man i know was acquitted of that but convicted of fifteen counts of espionage and surfed of government property he was also found guilty of computer fraud along with related infractions committed while he was serving in the military all those crimes together mean a maximum sentence of one hundred thirty six years behind bars are just going to account has been investigating how the obama administration has redefined the espionage act the espionage act was never intended to punish whistleblowers it's a nine hundred seventeen statute for spice but the obama administration has already charged eight whistleblowers with espionage and here's doing songs the man who gave media platform to bradley manning's revelations here's what he said about about the
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verdict this is the first. conviction against was the united states it is a dangerous precedent and example of national security extremism is the short sighted judgment that cannot be tolerated and it must be reversed it can never be conveyed true information to the public is is and yet yet even in the face of those very serious charges whistleblowers keep coming forward with revelations about the government's wrongdoings as they see that bradley manning's example didn't stop edward snowden for example from doing what he did and the question now is to what lengths will the government go to stop the whistleblowers of the future the prosecution did not provide evidence that were even claimed a single person came home as a result of brevity many disclosures the other the victim. was the u.s.
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government's. but the abuse of this man bradley manning was never the way to restore. the sense of disco's. on. bradley manning. of course we don't want to underestimate the fact that the military judge ruled that many was not guilty of aiding the enemy but the obama administration's treatment of whistleblowers in general has already done a great disservice to investigative journalism especially to journalists who cover matters of national security many of them say their sources have dried up people in the government are afraid to speak up in the wake of bradley manning's leaks to the government came up with the so-called insider threat program under which government employees with clearances are basically encouraged than instructed to snitch on each other on top of that journalists learn that they can be targeted as
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accomplices of a crime for seeking classified information and publishing it as is the case with julian assange remember julian us all is not a whistleblower he has provided media platform for whistleblowers and on the list and then most recently that was the fox news reporter who was investigated as an accomplice of a crime for having sought classified information so all of this is certainly sending a chilling message to the journalistic community here. well according to the general counsel of the national whistleblowing center of the government is more determined than average a crackdown on information leaks. there over reaction to the bradley manning case has been just to clamp down on all types of whistle blowing and that that's unfortunate there have been some advance ments in the law in the non national security or intelligence area but that's being divorced by the overreaction to this and also there's been an attack on the media not just in the
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intelligence community but all government agencies have been faced with a crackdown on whistleblowers because the obama administration sent out a warning to all agencies to be on the lookout for leakers and to identify the leakers before they happen in response to the manning case now the case has alarmed many e.u. lawmakers some of whom have called on the u.s. government to free bradley manning and if he is from france sweden spain portugal caray show island and germany signed a letter to president obama and the u.s. defense secretary well they say that manning is not a traitor and have the best interest of his country at heart the lawmakers also express their concern over the u.s. war on whistleblowers saying it undermines democracy on both sides of the atlantic while manning has suffered too much the letter says in spending over three years behind bars including ten months in solitary confinement the message is manning
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should be free as soon as possible and that view shared by plenty of americans as marina now reports. union square has been something of a stomping ground for bradley manning supporters in new york city you see over the years many rallies have been held here in honor of the army private first class intelligence analyst now manning has been found guilty of downloading and releasing confidential u.s. documents that subsequently disclosed illegal activity and crimes on the part of washington manning faces up to one hundred thirty six years in prison instead of telling you how the public is reacting to this news we're handing our microphone directly over to the citizens bradley manning didn't commit any crimes would be like is if you shot me and the camera man said hey i've got this footage of this crime and he. you know put it out there for justice and instead of trying you they try him and it doesn't make any sense it whether it's mr manning or snowden. i
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think they're doing a good thing because the american people are basically enslaved and they're you know they're told what to do by the media and they follow orders it would appear to me that the manning verdict would be sending a message to edward snowden i'm sure he's listening to news in better hands in russia the man who used to. abide by whatever we do i want to just salute bradley manning we were in support of you if you look at the apache helicopter video which probably the most famous one. for the american public at least know what is actually going on in the wall i think something needs to be done is far from a legal standpoint needs to be changed because like the american public needs to know about things like that now although manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy charges he may be punished for the rest of his life for presenting the
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american public with the truth reporting from new york for an up or nine our take well as discuss this more now with danny wiranto from other free bradley manning support network thank you so much for joining us here on our team any now what was your personal reaction to the verdict yesterday. i was personally rather relieved but at the same time i was very wary of what it actually meant in the espionage act because of course we're still on number eight of the espionage act and it doesn't detract from the chilling effect that we're experiencing i suppose in the freedom of the press and information activists such as myself. i think that this is a grave reversal of justice and what kind of message to send out to young people everywhere you know if you tell the truth you'll be you'll be slapped with the espionage act if you want to expose corruption or war crimes you're going to rot and rot in prison basically and they'll throw the book at you. as
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a massacre and then a few other potential whistleblowers here yeah right ok and indeed i mean do you see this also as a punishment for bradley manning or more of a warning to other potential whistleblowers. i think they had to make of course an example out of him and of course because of the edward snowden debacle that's unfolding and because of the u.s. government just not willing to. investigate the alleged crimes of torture and war crimes for example that bradley manning is getting sentenced to one hundred you know potentially hundred thirty four years and the people who actually committed the war crimes haven't even got eight months ten months at different rates i think it's very regrettable the state of affairs in the us and that the press is not really stepping up to the plate i mean some are but because they're also being targeted under the espionage act well manning did did
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admit though to ten of the charges against him so that means potentially there is no way he can get out of prison time then. i think that he has suffered enough and i think it's been a disgrace his conditions his imprisonment conditions i think barack obama should pardon him and and give america a breath of freedom of democracy of of justice of righteousness is the whole thing is just wrong it's an inversion of justice and the priorities for example i hope it happens every every president can pardon someone and during their administration and he'd be. good to do so. and speaking about your work danny how do the documents leaked by manning contribute to your work and help you in some way . it's been very revealing first
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walks on the cuban national citizen i learned a lot about cuba and guantanamo of course and. how information. you know the state department cables for example and the war crimes i think that was where i really began to become an activist basically the indignation i saw when i saw the collateral murder video example that was the moment where i decided i'm outraged and indignant and i think justice must be seen to be done and i spoke out for bradley manning our information activist joining us live from berlin thank you so much for your views here. now manning senate hearing is set to begin in about fifteen minutes from now so make sure you stay tuned to our team and we'll have all the very latest from those proceedings for me to maryland. and coming up here in our more talks but no one really deep rooted between the israelis and the palestinians looks set to remain unresolved at least until next april when the
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science hope to come up with a final status deal. we are focusing on the problem. because no one thought to think. lol minutes when you lose out for. other local what's national but there's a law in the local needs you want a community l.n.g. motion will be used. you just don't for a match up artist i was right i was right. i'll fight. fight problem right.
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wealthy british style it's time to write. down. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on our. welcome back this is our t. line from moscow the u.s. secretary of state john kerry you said to visit pakistan hoping to strengthen dialogue with the country's new government topping the agenda are the cia's deadly drone strikes on pakistani soil the issue has become all the more controversial since classified documents were leaked showing every fifth victim of the attacks is a civilian us foreign policy analyst for earlier discuss the upcoming visit was my colleague kevin no one. key himself just two years ago when he was the head of the
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senate foreign relations committee it correctly said that afghanistan is a sideshow and of the main event which is pakistan so he understands the importance of having good relations with pakistan and the first step to doing that is to end the drone strikes mediately because they've turned eighty percent of the population against the united states they strengthen the pakistan taliban they've made it impossible for the us to cooperate with the pakistani government and safe and it's nuclear weapons if you touch on it just now i just want you to elaborate on it a bit more you said how much the population i guess naturally are against it more and more then i guess it's driving a maybe into the hands of terrorists the pakistani taliban were far weaker in two thousand and three than they are today as a result of our drone strikes of we've put tens of thousands of people into the pakistani taliban and strengthen them and the pakistani government has not shown
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itself particularly capable of controlling them several dozen u.s. national security experts have said in very clear terms that these drone strikes are not harming the pakistani taliban but actually helping them recruit members this is a strategic catastrophe without power alone american history. now quick look at what we've been covering on the line of fire has pledged to spare no effort in freeing prisoners from guantanamo bay and we've got all the details on that of our t.v. dot com. you can meet the man who fly is besides flames and his own custom made jet pack and watch that video and others on our website r.t. dot com. and after a three year hiatus peace talks between israel and palestine are now starting to get back on track with the only result so far as been an agreement to hold further talks negotiations aimed to are now their key disputes over the next nine months
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where the next meeting planned for mid august washington which is hosting the negotiations says the aim is to reach a final status agreement but there is no compromise on the horizon so far the goal is a two state solution which would see israel coexist peacefully alongside a new palestinian state but the two sides will first need to tackle a number of burning issues israeli settlement expansion the status of jerusalem and the fate of refugees the palestinians also want israel to return land it seized in one hundred sixty seven artie's falsely are has a story of one arabic speaking minority fighting for equal rights in israel. each weekend is rabies flock to this truce village on the top of mount carmel the shops a busy the restaurants food and the office flow as freely as the wine breeze very good restaurants here in the area it's very welcoming if you like to be a lot of the drinks think it's great to make you feel really comfortable twelve
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thousand inhabitants of his village have opened their doors to tourists it's a way of bringing in cash while preserving the traditional druce lifestyle. kamel owns a popular cafe that would not be out of place in tel aviv or any other is radie jewish city. the people who come here usually look for something with center something they can only find within the drews community what they don't look for and don't see is something just as authentic a community floundering on to a lack of basic necessities to do so in arabic speaking people who follow an offshoot of islam they hold a distinct place in israeli society as the only major non jewish community whose majority of members are drafted into the israeli army. has lived here for twenty years his home still has no electricity and only three years ago did he get running water i served in the army my kids will serve as well will live in israel but we don't receive what is really is are getting i don't know why we don't ask for
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special privileges just electricity crews and arab villages have always received less funding than jewish areas resulting in poor quality of education in arab schools and weak infrastructure and social services so. our relationship with the jewish communities around us is perfectly fine no problem but our relationship with israel establishment is different we plan for degrees people are not with the druze people we have difficulties on many levels first of all getting budgets approved for planning and then the planning itself. most of these radios who visit here are bolivia's to the problems and even those who know prefer to look the other way i haven't heard on this i myself don't know about it there was some problems regarding some of the just but. israel government really tried to. yeah i heard about it and the problem. a lot of problems.
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with it. trouble building the limited space and building but it's not only about turning the other cheek and choosing not to see there are israelis i've spoken to who feel nothing about adding racist slurs about arabs and then eating in a restaurant. but getting them to admit it on camera is almost impossible. i mean the problem is not so my son or i know the language and they don't understand mine and i served in the military i understand them but they sometimes come with certain prejudices. and we surprise them by how like we know the. not enough and like it seems to stop them living in very different worlds full of c.r.t. is few a village in northern israel time now for some other international news in brief in iraq new deadly blasts have ripped through two mosques in baghdad killing at least nine people and this comes after an al qaeda linked group claimed responsibility for a series of bombings which left sixty dead across the country on monday the government
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says iraq is now facing a full war against terror and extremists who killed five hundred people in july alone. in london around a thousand people have taken part in a rally against the government's plans to slash legal aid budget it's the latest in a string of protests triggered by a controversial proposal to slice over two hundred million pounds from public spending on assistance in criminal cases the demonstrators claim the cutbacks will put just as out of reach for the poor and vulnerable leaving them unable to afford a legal defense. analyst highest court is hearing silvio berlusconi's challenge against the tax fraud conviction a lower court earlier sends the billionaire former prime minister to four years behind bars but the lawyers say is unlikely to serve actual jail time for this county insists the charges against him as well as a separate case in hiring an underage prostitute are politically motivated if the
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latest appeal is overturned he will face a long term banned from public office potentially plunging the governing coalition into crisis. now with most of the e.u. still in the grip of recession it's the smallest banks that are taking the biggest hit our speed are all over travel just small german village to find out how one band managed to stay afloat. it's not all big city banks with bailouts bonuses and big shots in rural germany this small town has all its financial needs taken care of by just one man. here we only concentrate on people from gams failed if you live ten kilometers away sorry you can't be a customer in fact the furthest away one of our customers lives is about seven hundred meters with only nine hundred customers peter believes he can offer something that big banks can't. you personally people get
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a personal service here i know everyone who comes in of course i do they're my neighbors this means there's big trust they aren't just a number or part of a money making machine when our t. stopped by at this one month bank we found that the man in charge wasn't alone the regulators were going through the books like they do in every other european bank. once a year someone come for four weeks i think it's a bit too long but hey that's the way it is even as we live more and more of our daily lives online and small towns like this one is still a place for the face to face because a bank sometimes i need to go to the city banks are all run by machines don't even get me started on the internet it becomes that we have here we are all members not customers. it's hardly the most modern of operations opened at the end of the nineteenth century some of the equipment looks like it isn't much
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younger now wouldn't mind forking out my predecessor had a quite specific grip you can see here over forty years he wore the pain away all the modern stuff doesn't look right here if it works why buy new. so how do all or. even the youngest in town a case of four having their own individual money boxes to make sure they aren't sheepish about saving. they even gets a lesson every now and again to make sure that they know that not everybody should be trusted not see it ok who wants to count your teachers money you need me. he has. that right now with twenty surety money you got me. thanks everyone gets a lollipop. due to the cost of running them small rural banks of all put
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disappeared for most of germany but the people of the town of this failed want to hang on to this for many more years to come peter all of the south west germany. and up next here and he will travel to the new share delta where armed gangs are battling a corrupt government that's a couple of minutes away. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t.
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question more. if you. so.
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for the past two years the battle has raged at the mouth of the niger river pitting local militants against government forces and multinational oil companies. when i first arrived here i had just a basic understanding of the nature of the conflict. the jury is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the united states is the aid large six border of oil on the planet but in the niger delta the region that produces hundreds of millions of
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dollars in oil and gas each year the average person lives on less than one dollar per day there are no there schools no good roads no good hospitals every year over three hundred oil spills contaminate the region and constant flaring of precious natural gas pollution the ecosystem. well companies and corrupt politicians reap enormous profits the inhabitants of the niger delta live in poverty. under these circumstances it was a. surprise to me that a conflict that ignited in which militant type lines sabotage closed haitians and kidnapped foreign oil workers. actually did not get into. some blue decide. troubled economy. the truth is i always tend to root for the underdog and i felt an attraction to these.


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