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welcome to the big picture. please please. please. please.
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please. please. please please please. so always the first to appear. on. the real monsters behind old. until he begins none of the engineers knows which crew will fly. like pilots and navigators who are eight different types technicians always remain loyal to just one machine.
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preflight routines for aviation in russia flee from common practice in many forces . are the most critical of an aircraft between successive missions. and russian aviation technicians absolutely every one of the systems before each and every flight if there's anything else about even one from the flight just cancelled.
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before anything it's traditional for pilots to add the finishing touch by polishing the skylight which is what flight crews canopy over the cockpit. it's this find the bomber is affectionately known as russia as the because of its flat nose cone. concealed beneath the outer skin as a special radar antenna which help crew to take control of immediate and space. and whether it's on land on the water or in the. thirty four has a comfortable cockpit designed for whole flights two people can stand upright behind the seats there's also a toilet and cooking facilities. this aircraft was
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originally designed for naval pilots training to teach them how to learn on aircraft carriers but while it was being designed and built the new machine was read designated for combat two g.'s. as you thirty four fullback. maximum speed one thousand nine hundred kilometers. combat radius one thousand one hundred kilometers. service ceiling seventeen thousand meters. on takeoff weight forty one thousand three hundred sixty kilograms. infantry. as a bomber yes he was thirty four is capable of destroying ground targets warships bits of weaponry weighs up to eight tons but the efraim has excellent flying
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characteristics making it a highly effective fighter. it's highly maneuverable the air able to defend itself as well as to seek out and destroy enemy planes in the. in russia every file it never gave to has his own particular specialization offensive combat or bombing but whatever field a young pilot chooses his road to achieving the status of flying ace will never be first.
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please. after graduation from the military academy and less flight simulator training begins that's followed by exams on flights with instructors. then a minimum number of solo flight outs and the beginners take offs gradually become a combat training. vs a bit of trees service and a pilot fulfill practically any airborne tosk that might be offered up and show.
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my. pilot's often joke about this as he was twenty four i crossed. saying that it flies
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like an oil and it's a powerful heavy unstable bomb that can carry out a missile a bomb attack against a target in almost all weather conditions even at night. its most prominent feature is the variable geometry of its wings the pilots can select any one of four different configurations during the takeoff face the wings are extended to their maximum angle to generate the most list. as twenty four fencer crew to. maximum speed one thousand four hundred kilometers per hour. combat radius five hundred sixty kilometers. surface ceiling eleven thousand meters. maximum takeoff weights thirty nine thousand seven hundred kilograms.
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super bowl zero buffalo is a symbol of strength and power well the beast has no natural enemies and was a hero but my first flight in this aircraft went well me up on my colleagues congratulated me in keeping with tradition they all sat on the nose will a bit of news there. oh. i was left for the very woman impressions on memory of that flight. p.s.u. twenty folds we. almost flat against the fuselage this reduces drag allowing for much greater speed and maneuverability. operating combat aircraft at night is always dangerous.
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at sunset even small clouds can arise in. a sky with. pilots orientate themselves by instruments and with help from ground control. with the latest technology this. can attack targets in virtually any weather conditions and for the. night flying exercises extremely high priority.
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to sunset take the lead just until late into the night. most of these voices the couples a lot for violence or thefts. we drove the window climbed in and tried started. we pushed it a little way and here we were drunk. and soon who you're an alcoholic or nearly all of them are homeless orphans with no money or relatives. to go to without me.
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for a moment but there it felt like i was back when those street hooligans are going to beat me up at any moment. you know that i turned my back i couldn't help wondering about my safety. isn't a warden is there the father you could save it's lover raises us he makes normal people out of ugly duckling. one of. the. face people.
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a pleasure to have you with us here today. this is a quiet world wide. with other brands like the kalashnikov rifles of the russian ballet. that make twenty nine a lightweight all weather front line fighter that somehow appears to defy the laws of gravity. nato has given them a twenty nine the code name fulcrum because of its extreme maneuvering stability.
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the actual fulcrum its keep the design does not fuselage in the strict sense of the word in its place is an unloved wing root. beat up a surface of the culprit graduates into the wings forming an air flow vortex a little like. this generates a dramatic increase in lift allowing the fighter to perform quite unbelievable turns at supersonic speed. as an international presence as one of the world's most effective and safe combat fighters. an engineer was once asked what kept the aircraft flying during its spectacular.
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but it was the cells of hands of the people who had created. twenty primer a short distance weapon is the controllable piece seventy three missile with infrared targeting system. for forty three type of local forty three. launch authorized. observing the operation for forty three types of contracts but the good forty three ready.
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launch authorized. the pilots can choose between. any state. i grew up near the air base so every flight that took off from look at scare base was white and front of my eyes i dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since i was a child. i wanted to become a fighter pilot to perform all those amazing exercises in the air my dream came true and now i fly the make twenty nine i truly believe that this aircraft is one of the finest aircraft in the world let you do so many different things as a pilot now i'm absolutely delighted with it. twenty nine. crew.
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maximum speed two thousand four hundred kilometers. radius three thousand kilometers. service ceiling eighteen thousand meters. maximum takeoff weight eighteen thousand five hundred kilograms three. to sixty nine takeoff to sixty nine takeoff. to fifty forward left three hundred level. in the russian air force every combat aircraft has its own gun but on the radio neither pilots nor controllers will ever say at the time only its designated number. fifty four aides clearly. air traffic controllers have full come out of the craft movements around the base.
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they give permission for engine start to takeoff and landings and then remain in contact with all crews of flight relaying information about any passenger airliners flying within a one hundred kilometer radius of the base. combat aircraft affected away from conflict to traffic so they can perform their exercises a safe distance from civilian airplanes to sixty nine return to zone six six hundred. six hundred. russian pilots this craft is known as the rule of. the earth plane went through a baptism of fire at the early eighty's when the soviet union was engaged in its
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military campaign in afghanistan. among pilots the s u twenty five is especially known for its high levels of survivability. su twenty five a tentative aircraft safely to base having sustained heavy damage with just one engine with damaged ailerons a bullet traces on the cockpit kind of. a twenty. foot crew want maximum speed on the thousand kilometers per hour. combat radius one thousand two hundred fifty kilometer it's. feeling seven thousand meters. maximum takeoff weight
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nineteen thousand kilograms. of against you twenty five botanical craft still in active service russia ukraine belarus and go look afghanistan and several other countries. as you twenty five come by at crawford it was designed to provide as support for. ground forces on the battlefield yeah i love this plane very much people usually say i'm either obama or a fighter but i tell them to get off you know guys i know either of those you're wrong there but i'm an attack on my it's a proud name that's why they called it the road like a good i said looks like what our guys you know brooke is a proud and beautiful but i'm fearsome in its way when you approach the aircraft
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you crease him in your mind you say come on pal go we'll go on a flight now and everything's going to be all right. well we have a tradition under left hand and takes a twenty five out for the first time he gives out cigarettes once he's landed out of there but who does he give them to talk to the instructor who trained him and showed him everything but he gives a plan to him even if the instructor doesn't smoke it gets a pat with the pilot signature you will feel i've trained something like six left hand and i still have every one of those side access.
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major general alexander such a scheme is the officer wearing the light blue flying suit he's the commanding officer at the look at it and base under his supervision these pilots are working on their aerobatics routine. these aviators will execute against you twenty seven's trademark maneuvers they are the falcons russia's famous air display team said to sydney. aerobatics on notoriously risky it takes teamwork coordination and pinpoint accuracy they fly to the absolute extremes of the aircraft maneuverability at high speed and with just centimeters apart.
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from the spectacle close formation flying also has a tactical purpose when flying in such close proximity are interpreted by anybody as a single plane. as soon as the group reaches its destination the formation splits with each aircraft diverting to its own allocated.
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under such a scheme as a veteran high level solo aerobatics pilot the bell is his favorite figure a complex and dangerous and combat maneuver to fight a gathering speed in a vertical climb then suddenly hangs motionless in the. the s u twenty seven is billed as an almost perfect glider but also has extremely powerful engines a combination that allows the pilot to float and again by minimum height and very
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low speed. immediately the commander studies each flight with technicians and. he's well move as an undefeated aviator. in the atlantic ocean a triumph for american f. fifteen fighter pilots in training one of those he beat south africa's best pilot in a training flight. a coma basic fronts he was offered the chance to fly a simulated comeback mission in the mirage two thousand. despite never having seen
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the craft or if afloat it he climbed into the cockpit took off and won the challenge. his french counterparts with a rule that was outstanding ship with an honor every decoration. is committed to has secured the majority of its ever trees in the su twenty seven. s u twenty seven flanker crew one maximum speed two thousand five hundred kilometers her. combat radius one thousand six hundred eighty kilometers. service ceiling eighteen thousand five hundred metres. maximum takeoff weight thirty thousand kilograms. b.s.u. twenty seven spermy objective with it's an excellent go dynamic characteristics is
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to gain and maintain air supremacy it's not easy to predict which pilot might win the one flying a modern aircraft or a second generation plane the oakum will depend on the airman skilled as well as the conditions prevailing during the maneuver so there's no one best aircraft but the pilot to acquire the target first makes best use of the weapon systems is the one who will prevail. was flying is a craft ascent to a distance the banks. pilots can return to the hopes. there were no combat missions in peacetime.
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well the language of what i will only react to situations i haven't read the reports so i'm likely to put the no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month so it's ok you have a car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you have to punch be ready for a battle for the speech and little down the freedom to question. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for
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a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were taking they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. hold it. hold of. her lips.
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that speak. to. her or her. wish. to mislead and good. just see them. come out of. a little. admission free cretaceous three times four charges three. three. three. two three.
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three blown video for your media project a free media god r t v dot com. six hundred dead according to the muslim brotherhood as police and snipers combined to room morsi protest camps in cairo but the government says it's just fed teen. age girl angers palestinians by an ounce in new plans for settlement homes in occupied areas pushing restarted from john middle east peace talks under threat. rubbish spying recycling bins are used to track people on the streets of london collecting data from bad mobile phones as well as their litter.


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