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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  August 15, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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logs are in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. on wednesday private bradley manning spoke out in court to apologize for any harm he's caused this country but could the next speech he gives it be the nobel peace prize acceptance speech also at the bottom of the hour our phone lines will be open for our your take my take live segment so if you want a chance to ask me a question live on the big picture give us a call we'll be talking to you in a little bit and republicans in congress have enough votes to impeach the president and repeal obamacare forty and so why don't they have the votes to rebuild crumbling bridges or provide affordable education dollar mansions more on that and
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i'd still eat it. you need to know this america is a billionaire is paradise in the super rich are way too rich consider these facts right now the american social structure looks more like that of a banana republic in the country thomas jefferson called an empire of liberty just four hundred megawatts of the households now own more wealth than sixty percent of the entire country corporate profits are higher than they've been in over half a century and the top one percent has captured almost all the wealth created since two thousand and eight but the scariest part is that the mega rich don't even know what to do with all that money a recent study reported on by c m d c found that last quarter the savings rate of the wealthiest one percent soared to thirty seven percent in the second quarter
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that's up from thirty four percent in the second quarter of two thousand and twelve . more than three times their savings rate in two thousand and seven so what do the super rich do when they're not hoarding their wealth like spanish can piece that ours well they're throwing massive parties to honor themselves sean parker of napster frame for example recently trash an environmentally fragile california campground to celebrate his wedding party cost four and a half million according to reports was supposed to evoke the coronation of elizabeth the second of the billionaires like jeff these ows the mega wealthy founder and c.e.o. of the amazon dot com empire use their spare riches for the oh so noble purpose of controlling public opinion just last week jeff who owes his fortune partly to the fact that there's no internet sales tax he got a tax loophole purchased the washington post for a whopping two hundred fifty million dollars which amounts to only about one one hundredth of his twenty two billion dollars total net worth and if you need any
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further proof that america's elite are really just modern day nobles consider how they control our government according to a recent analysis by the sunlight foundation a tiny one one hundredth of one percent of our population makes twenty eight percent of all campaign contributions meanwhile the rest of the american people are struggling employee share of the national income the money taken home but no class and working class people is steadily slipping in fact is now at its lowest total in over fifty years before the reagan tax cuts people could still get rich but now we've gone back to robber baron era levels of wealth in inequality so where is the outrage i'm joined now by richard as a senior fellow at the campaign for america's future which is hosting its twenty thirteen awards gala on november sixth for information at our future dot org in austin peterson chief executive of stone gate l.l.c. and editor editor of the libertarian republic dot com in austin richard great to
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have you all with us. good to be here over the plaza over here grace. so. richard. you just wrote an amazing piece for the for the internet about this phenomena that i just described you want to give us you had the eight things that indicate that the super rich are just way too rich but give us a snapshot of that in a in a minute or so sure i mean you hit on a lot of them but one of them is that billionaires like jeff bezos is a brilliantly talented guy but a lot of this wealth is being created with the government created technology like the internet and with government educated consumers and workforces and is way in excess of what we used to see historically so you cited a lot of the statistics in fact the top one percent in america has actually gotten one hundred twenty one percent of the economic recovery since two thousand and eight in other words they've advanced their disproportionate share since then we've seen people monopolizing in altering the political process so that it's far less
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democratic you mentioned sean parker's environmentally destructive and silly way in which also involved him singing a song from the little mermaid to his bride which i think should he already got fined two and a half million dollars maybe there should have been another two and a half million dollars for singing a song from the little mermaid but that's just me so we've got we've got a situation that really is gilded age plus now in terms of disproportionate wealth and i guess i conclude by saying that while someone like jeff bezos is very talented a lot of people who are billionaires nowadays really didn't do it with talent they did it more with luck and aggression than any anything else and i would throw a number of internet billionaires in that category so we really need to get back to a much more rational and much more free market economy in real terms than what we're seeing right now so austin what is it that you like about america becoming a banana or will i love the gilded age i consider it one of the best parts of
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american history of global growth over cleveland. one of the best democratic presidents we've ever had and richard i read your article today very interesting and you guys seem very focused on the rich but what you're not focusing on is the fact that even though the united states does have a high disparity between the rich and the poor we also have higher incomes and more disposable income than most of our european counterparts and this is according to both mean and median measures so we're we're not skewing this for high highs but i want to richard would say about that richard because you're very focused on the rich but think about this from the those reagan tax cuts that you mentioned from one thousand nine hundred five to one thousand nine hundred one you know the average income game for rich households was four thousand but for poor households they had a twenty eight thousand dollars gain because of those reagan tax cuts for the way that you choose this is today in the clinton justice is what i'm going to say is that to say a twenty eight thousand dollars game for poor house i want to poor house doesn't earn twenty eight thousand dollars i guess it's real simple you have told us with these tax cuts for the rich we have all sorts of jobs where are the jobs well i
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don't know ask president obama he's been in office long enough to make you take on this yes so maybe if we want to. care act we might have a better chance at the the eight hundred eighty seven state of the union address that your hero grover cleveland gave where he said when we look at the american landscape we see trusts and combinations the irony of the corporation is on the neck of the american people he was speaking out against the guild that a woman i think you know that age was a period of time that was the most grinding poverty for working class i thought america was the time when when people who owned companies were literally shooting working people with machinery i think that what grover cleveland was anticipating was the rise of corporatism in the united states and what we have here are corporations that have captured the government and the issue here is not necessarily the corporations have too much power on their own because corporations in a free market would only have the power given to them by consumers however after the rise of the new deal when when the economy had collapsed in the one nine hundred
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twenty s. and then they said that we need to have a new deal they said the corporations and government need to work together look at the. so the history of us hold on they they do an episode of the new deal they show that government and corporations got in bed together so the problem here is not the corporations the problem is that the corporatism that is involved with the corporations getting in bed writing regulations taking advantage of the people through the government this is new deal corporatism and get it was a straight chisels alexander hamilton is a saddle between jefferson and you're all going to hamiltonian side and i'm morgan the side of freedom you know the era of the of the robber barons was the last time we had a monopolistic care of the united states and post nine hundred eighty was the second time we had a monopolistic era break the change happened after the great crash of eight hundred ninety eight and the rise of populism of the progressives teddy roosevelt to great to republican presidents in forcing the sure of. the rights of republican races recipes i would grab both corporate and richer to those you know where yeah yeah yeah let's look you know i would have thought that we'd have allies among the
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libertarian community and i think here and there we do that when corporations become so powerful that they and a few wealthy individuals become so powerful that they monopolize the political process and force deregulation that allows the aggressors to buy up and drive out of business their competitors and destroy any semblance of what we might call the free market i would have thought we'd have some libertarian talk out of both sides of your head my friend now listen the corporate know they why do you not know what you're watching out of both sides of there has been no he really wasn't around three ostend don't filibuster i'm not the one talking out of both sides of my head here you either like this concentration of wealth and the corruption of our political process or you don't know i don't know that i don't like let me live in a just let me finish i said i don't you said you do explain your because the czech republic is listed as having the lease don't tire to me about it a little and we want to talk about oh yes very good listen m.j.
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in that in the czech republic right now the wealth disparity is the lowest it is in the world but these people are twenty seven out of. thirty eight in disposable income so why don't you go live in the czech republic where they have no money to spend of goods and services but they are very close together in wealth disparity yeah you can be really close you can be poor and really close and richer i bet if you're going to have a long limousine with christ and you talk to me about the czech republic i'm talking about. because in the united states we do have great wealth disparity and the problem is not the gap between the rich and poor the problem is that the poor get better off over time and i've explained you sir the between nine hundred seventy one and nine hundred ninety one the poor have gotten better off the united states after all because of free market capitalism sir and you are ignoring that and you are causing the poverty that you claim to be against and you say it's deregulation for all but it is only what it is the review regulation of these corporations that they i mean last night now we're going to say i'm up to three am i ignoring the poverty or my causing it explain yourself because either is jibberish what i'm wondering which is your actual position that and that's going to be where we wrap it up i think austin richard great to see i think. coming up
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egypt is seen as bloody as a days since the two thousand and eleven revolution is over six hundred gyptian have been killed and thousands more injured in violent clashes with the military controlled government what does the latest chaos and bloodshed in egypt say about america's foreign policy well.
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i'm. looking for every doc in the field that we won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspective from top class scans in antarctica. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot like you sir are a fool you know what kind of my other terrorist cells in your neighborhood want us to feature isn't the only liberal the christian public. scrutiny just because it's you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that. in screw news earlier today president obama announced that the united states was
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answering its joint military exercises with the egyptian military in the wake of increasing violence in the arab nation arab world's largest nation in the months since egypt's armed forces forced out on their president mohamed morsy what was once seen as egypt's second revolution has turned into a bloodbath on wednesday more than six hundred people were killed in the military cleared muslim brotherhood supporters in their encampments in cairo the fact that egypt's search for democracy has turned violent is disturbing but frankly for americans it shouldn't be surprising and here's why it's pretty straightforward we have been for thirty years since the reagan administration and well really since since camp david since jimmy carter cut a deal with the israelis and the egyptians for peace the egypt was the first country to acknowledge the existence of israel and the payoff for that was a broad egypt gets half of whatever israel gets in terms of foreign aid but that
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foreign aid has been given in the form of military aid. now that in and of itself is pretty grim or most of it for example last year we gave egypt or the year before last last one that we have published data for two thousand and seven we gave egypt one point five billion dollars one point three billion of it was in military aid and about two hundred fifty million about a quarter of a billion dollars of it was in nonmilitary aid but here's how it works and that military aid those checks get written in washington d.c. but not to the egyptian go that money doesn't even cycle through egyptian banks the checks get written to lockheed they get written to boeing they get written to g.e. aviation they get written the halliburton whatever they get written to the long list of defense contractors things get manufactured all over the united states and then those hardware those military goods get shipped to egypt and as a consequence of that you have all of these military contractors here in the united
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states who are absolutely dependent upon this this money that is supposedly going to egypt it's really not it's it's going to us number one you're not going to see the president declare a coup and you're not going to see a dial back on the military aid to egypt because we're not foreign aid to egypt because we're not giving them money we're giving them weapons that we're making here number two those weapons are causing the egyptian people to see made in the usa on the tear gas grenades made in usa on the tanks on the planes everything else but perhaps most important and finally with the little quarter billion dollars or two hundred fifty million dollars this domesticate that goes to the military too because the military owns most of the domestic economy see so what we're doing is we're creating millionaires among their military officers it least in the united states when somebody is in the pentagon and they want you know they're making you know one hundred thousand dollars a year and they want to leave the pentagon and go into private industry make five million a year they leave the pentagon in egypt they don't they stay in the military and
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they own and run one of the giant businesses so you know we're creating oligarchy in egypt. but perhaps the most important thing here is what has happened because the reason why there's not been going to be a quick resolution of those and the reason and how we set this up goes back to a comment the psychologist abraham mazloum made back in the early one nine hundred seventy s. he said when the only tool you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail the only tool that militaries have is to break things to blow things up and kill people that's what armies do that's what militaries are designed for to blow things up and kill people so you've got a military running a country in this case egypt were the ones who over thirty years put them there we built those things we're the ones who have been supporting the dictator mubarak and set up behind it before him and so on and the military is confronted with a bunch of people on the streets gone they we don't like the way things are going
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and we're not going to leave you know they've got their own homegrown occupy movement and so what does the military do they do what militaries to blow things up and they kill people. which is no way to run a government so as long as you you know as long as our idea here is that here's the key concept here our idea of foreign aid. is that we are going to give money. to american corporations to build weapons which are going to get shipped over overseas and egypt is not the only one that is on the receiving end of this by the way this is the principal way that we do foreign aid it's a welfare program for our military industrial complex instead we should be building schools in egypt we should be building infrastructure highways electrical grids water sanitation systems septic systems hospitals build the stuff that is the infrastructure of industry build the stuff that's the infrastructure of democracy
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build schools for girls in particular if we had been doing those things if we were devoting even half of what we're giving to egypt and had been for the last thirty years to those kind of things we wouldn't be in the situation right now look back at the marshall plan after world war two europe was in flames japan was in flames we didn't go in and say we'll build all the stuff you need your whole new military we'll build out here in the united states and ship it over to give all the money american of contractors we didn't with the marshall plan we loaned them the money and we gave them the money to build their own industries and so japan and germany are now both vibrant independent nations this is i mean it's not rocket science all we need to do is look at our own foreign aid policies from after world war two to see what we could have and should have been doing for the last thirty years rather than this worst kind of reaganomics crony capitalism which has brought us this disaster in egypt.
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in the best of the rest of the news every year the nobel committee in oslo norway honors the person who has done the most or the best work for turning between nations where the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the peace and promotion. peace congresses they do this by awarding them the nobel peace prize in the past the committee has given the prize to people as diverse as former south african president nelson mandela and palestinian leader yasser arafat in one thousand nine hundred seventy three and even gave it to the un secretary of state henry kissinger hard to say. top honors for his work to go shooting the paris peace talks that ended america's involvement in the vietnam war it is after nixon extended that we're in listening to anyone this year's list of nominees includes the usual diplomats and dignitaries but it also includes private bradley manning
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who is currently awaiting sentencing at fort meade maryland for his role in leaking u.s. government documents to wiki leaks. as monday supporters of manning's validation and a one hundred thousand signature petition to the nobel committee in oslo to demand that he receive bradley manning receive this year's prize one of the organizers of that petition norman solomon founding director of the institute for public accuracy joins us now norman welcome back to the program great to have you with us so tell us how did how did this get started what what initiated this process this this idea of giving bradley manning the nobel peace prize what was the rationale behind the political action group roots action dot org we realized that bradley manning far from being in a position to just defend himself or be defended should be put forward as a role model when you see something wrong you should call it out you should speak out against it you know it's the antithesis of that notorious phrase that gives us
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chills just follow orders no you're not supposed to just follow orders and bradley manning and i think a former winner of the nobel peace prize may read mcguire said it very well she nominated him for the nobel peace prize and said i can't think of anybody else more deserving he blew the whistle he exposed diplomatic cables and the now notorious collateral murder video he showed that atrocities weren't just an anomaly in iraq with the u.s. occupation they were routine and they were routinely covered up and so as corgan mcguire pointed out just this summer he deserves the peace prize in part because his revelations helped to shorten the u.s. military occupation of iraq in the way that happens very simple very quick the iraqi government said oh all this information is exposed the u.s. government was covering up atrocities thanks to bradley manning they knew about it
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as we all learned about it so the u.s. government must allow u.s. troops in iraq to face iraqi justice if their accusations are must be a rock. you're now going on in the sand the george bush would not go it was a no go to the white house you can't but u.s. troops answer to anybody in an occupied country that is our government represented by the people that country so that's why our troops were able to come home as soon as belated as they did. and you just identified one of the questions that i had for you which is with the nobel peace prize you can't just like you know son of a telegram or son of a letter and say hey you got a pick norman solomon it's got to be somebody who has actually won the nobel peace prize in the past or there's a couple of other categories but they're all quite close to that it's kind of a little fraternity and you said that a nobel peace prize winner has the if is the official nominee of bradley manning well yes may read corrigan maguire who won the nobel peace prize for her wonderful work for peace in northern ireland has made that nomination and prior to that early
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this year some parliamentarians from the icelandic parliament put his name in nomination as well so and they all thought any government people who are at that level can do so yes in terms of the national parliament so that maybe that has made bradley manning an official nominee for the nobel peace prize and when i went to oslo on behalf of roots action dot org and eight hundred thousand signers by the way more than twenty thousand of them wrote their individual comments so if people want to go to action dot org they can read some of those comments very moving and i said to the research director on monday in oslo a big pile on the desk here them it here's a thumb drive p.d.f. of the entire petition with all the comments please give one of these to each member the nobel committee i said these are folks who are passionate there from all every state in the united states and around the world please read this read the comments i had they respond with all of the research to read was cordial but it was
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a little icy for august well that out there not either used to and i think probably they don't appreciate lobbying well but i wasn't. the pressure from corrigan maguire is a former peace prize winner because when i arrived with the petition in norway within a few hours on sunday and monday i was on the two t.v. national networks in norway including the most watched lee widely watched t.v. news their major newspaper spreads as well and so there was enormous domestic pressure for them at least to go through the motions that said there is a real strong tilt to the united states as reflected by the fact that only four years ago president barack obama received the nobel peace prize right do you is there any chance that your lobbying like this could backfire and cause them to say no we don't want to look like we're succumbing to pressure or on the other hand does it help and should americans who are watching right now go towards action either and get more involved or the other way is well you can only help for people
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to go to the root section dot org petition i learned more in norway that while the pretense is from the nobel committee were above politics we just go on the virtues of the situation in point of fact that committee of the nobel apparatus which has been in the building i visited now very ornate structure for more than a century it's very plugged into the political power structure of the norwegian government so they're sensitive to political opinion norman solomon great work thank you thanks for being with us tonight. crazy alert when the head was snakes attacked them selves huntsville alabama resident sam villains for quite a surprise this weekend when he tried to kill a snake that was hiding out in the woodpile behind his house villager thought the
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snake copperhead exact was dead after he cut its fat off but as you can see in this video the snake severed. head and body still had a little bite left in them minutes after ability or decapitated the copperhead the snake's head snapped back and took a bite out of its own still writhing tail it had dug in with his teeth and held on for a minute or so before it loosens and loosen its grip and fell off as if that video wasn't creepy enough yet this many other species of snakes a species of snakes besides the copperhead have been known to strike and kill people hours after they've officially been declared dead and i think i always thought republicans were the only creatures that didn't need a heads in order to survive. coming up the phone lines are now open for your take my take live segment so if you want to chance to ask the question live here on the big picture give us a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four they'll be talking with you after the break.
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a little worse if you're going to take. the white house or give it to a radio guy for a minute. they want. to give you never seen anything like good. little. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details such as dickson misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream headline states and if in your trying to.
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convey your take my take live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a call at two o two and i know for twenty one thirty four if you're outside the united states add a one country code for the u.s. for our international viewers and so let's go to our first video question of the night william in east lansing michigan. hi my name is william dietrich and i'm from east lansing michigan i speak and write on the topics of accountability and responsibility. here's a thought i want to offer it seems to me that none of the political leaders we have in washington are accountable that is we have all these issues and problems and no
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one owns anything so my question for you is how do we as citizens hold our political leaders accountable thanks. wm brilliant question there is one. logical construct part of the question though that's the that i'd like to recalibrate for you and i think it'll all become very evident what's going on. and you start out by saying nobody seems accountable in washington d.c. that's not true every single one of the our elected officials is one hundred percent accountable they are totally accountable the problem is they're not accountable to you and me they're not accountable to the voters they're not accountable to the taxpayers they're not accountable to the good of the country they're accountable to the billionaires multimillionaires and corporations and the corporate pacs and things like that that are put together by those group by that group of people who basically fund their campaigns and provide them with free
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vacations all over the world and buy them rolex watches and all the other stuff that goes along with it so in order to move and they're totally accountable those people which is why they're always doing what those people what they are totally accountable to the koch brothers that totally accountable to shelly adelson they're totally accountable to g.e. . so in order to break that level of accountability so that they can go back to being accountable to we the people what we need to do is sever the lifeline of that accountability which is cash we need to get money out of politics in the united states if we can do that then you know it's all good they'll go back to being accountable to us because after all we elect them the only way we can do that though because the supreme court no particularly over the last forty years but broadly over the last hundred years but particularly since buckley versus vallejo in first national bank versus bloddy in the eighty's and then citizens united twenty ten our supreme court has created this doctrine out of nothing out of thin
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air that says that corporations are persons and entitled to the constitutional rights that you and i have the protections of the bill of rights and that money is somehow the exact same thing as free speech the only way to get that out now that the supreme court has put it in to american law is to amend our constitution so go to move to amend dot org and join the movement to get that out our next video comment comes from donald in johns creek georgia. thank you for doing what you do i really enjoy it. my question is the widening wealth inequality gap in america how much of it is due to the simple thing of interest. rates for example. family a they invest a thousand dollars they work hard and they're responsible and they double their money in five years so now they've got two thousand dollars
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a family be they're lucky enough to narrate a million dollars from mom and dad they work hard they are responsible they invest that million dollars in five years they double their money and now they have two million dollars so get family a family be able basically doing the same thing one with two million dollars in savings the other with two thousand so are the rich truly evil and they're out to get us all or is the growing wealth inequality gap do largely to simple match and the dynamics of interest and investment growth i would love to hear your opinion. good question donald actual answer is that it's a little bit of both you're right about investments growing although don't try to sell that to anybody who had their money in the stock market in two thousand and
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eight. there are there are investments and then there are investments so a so yeah and this is one of the reasons why it is so important to have an activist government multi-generational leave because what happens is over generations once wealth is accumulated think of the rockefeller family the kennedy family once it's accumulated in substantial portion it tends to endure generation after generation and in fact compound get larger and larger and more and more powerful over time so breaking that up occasion or at least limiting it seems like a wise thing to do things like for example the inheritance tax that teddy roosevelt was such a champion of back when he was president united states the republican was so but there on the other hand you've got a lot of people who are simply gaming the system they're making a fortune because there's a giant tax loophole for the internet for example jeff bezos with amazon or they're making you know their welfare queens like bill bill gates you know using the
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copyright laws to protect their their their product in a ways that that the founders wouldn't have you know imagine the fact thomas jefferson wrote loudly against so and then not to mention you know the folks like mitt romney and all the other scam artists who are running these you know pump and dump operations and. these so-called venture capitalists or vulture capitalists so it's a little bit. of pick up some of our a lot of callers tonight dr patten in toronto ontario dr patton walk into the program. hi thank you for having me as a guest i was curious what your response would be to the current situation in the u.s. taking a more broad minded european approach to the drug strategy reversing mandatory minimums and the cannabis prove beach into. quilt that exist for the medical patients of the united states excellent question thanks for calling and asking it i think this is one of those areas where you would think that we would learn from our
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experience right we did this already we did it in the one nine hundred thirty s. we had prohibition we said alcohol is a dangerous drug it was a national movement and one of the reasons why go back and read the history the time was that the ten o'clock coffee break and the three o'clock coffee break and the lunch break in a lot of factories around america were the times that people broke out the whiskey and started drinking and the factory managers in some cases actually encouraged that and so there was this big movement largely led not largely well you know largely led by a lot of women who were very upset about their husbands showing you know coming home drunk. to bed and i'll call it got banned we tried saying here is a dangerous drug people can't handle it it's causing problems and it didn't work and so we did away with prohibition now we've got we've banned a weed that you can grow in your backyard i mean that's even crazier than banning alcohol it takes some effort to make alcohol and so i think that the the you know
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what portugal has done decriminalizing all drugs and what much of europe has done in practice if not in law saying these are medical problems not legal problems just makes perfect sense al and yucky up. california. but you know thank you how you do it al. oh ok i was going to talk about ronald reagan but i when i seen the beginning of your show you had to guess. the one fell on the screen and you go. a certain across the table i see it on your show i mean any time he went off on grover need to take tom so i was. anyway anyway he mentioned that. grover cleveland was the democrat president yes something like that yeah correct me if i'm wrong he said some words to that effect yeah yeah yeah well i thought he was compliment.
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grover cleveland he was more republican than any democrat that i did any reading studying about i. just to my knowledge he. won't be. the twenty third president perfectly was the twenty second twenty fourth for the right the twenty third president a republican. benjamin harrison he was a general during the civil war so he knew combat was there and he made a penchant for non service connected. veterans. that didn't get their injuries in were running right on time could you make your point i'm sorry well anyway he gave them this and this first thing they did was take this back to gator's office is take it away and then. and then it didn't
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cocked his army. in this twenty twenty fourth term called army marched. because of the economy and the way things were you know the veterans wanted to you're absolutely right you have zero i'm sorry there's a bunch of other cause you want to get in here but your absolute right what people have to realize in particular somebody complimenting grover cleveland as a democrat that the democrats back at that time was the radical republicans who pushed the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendments who were totally anti-slavery and who drove the the initial process of reconstruction and the democrats back at that time or the kind of left over hey they're in favor of slavery folks or some variation on it and grover cleveland was kind of straddling the fence and was part of the great betrayal of reconstruction so but it's but it was such a different time that using labels like democrat and republican just confuse people
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briefly in jackson new jersey hatebreed what's up. hi thank you for taking my call i want to talk about the. possibly suggest something if the n.s.a. and our government been. saying all communications for at the very least about twelve years then how can they claim that they cannot gather enough evidence child sex trade traffickers. or the child pornography ring that are international and. if. we have just one minute i want to get one more call but you're absolutely right it's an excellent question and not just that i mean why can't they go after the narco traffickers why can't they you know any of the other things we had one more caller on the line. i'm sorry let's take. carlos carlos what's up.
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thank you. all. right. i'm totally with you and merle haggard did a great song a couple years ago we said let's make america first let's put america let's get out of iraq and take our country back let's rebuild america first and i'm totally with it totally with thanks a lot for the call that's good for your take my take it live thank you for all your calls get to your calls tonight tries back next week and keep the video questions coming it's easy just grab your phone flip it around to its face a new record your question or comment and email it to us at your take my take at g. mail dot com. coming up what's more important to congressional republicans renaming washington d.c. reagan and sending all illegal immigrants to the moon or enacting comprehensive tax
7:43 pm
reform and investing in our nation's infrastructure or on that and it's deleted. the same story doesn't make it news. no pocky says tough question right here. the i'm. going to. get off sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else and you
7:44 pm
hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. from. i think.
7:45 pm
looking pretty in the field that you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories you need this back in top of my scans sorry. it's thursday so let's get geeky sugar may be sweet new studies suggest it's also a silent killer first a study conducted by researchers at the university of washington in seattle suggests that high blood glucose or sugar levels are associated with an increased risk of dementia in the elderly and that study researchers recorded the blood sugar levels of over two thousand people who were average around seventy six years old and none of whom had dementia they were all dementia free at the time some participants had diabetes and some did five years later run a quarter of the participants in the study had developed some kind of dementia
7:46 pm
among the study participants who didn't have diabetes the risk of developing dementia was eighteen percent higher in those with high blood glucose levels than those with lower levels in participants with diabetes the risk of dementia was forty percent higher the study didn't establish a specific biological link between high blood sugar dementia but researchers suggest that the relationship could be explained by either glucose sugar related damage to tiny blood vessels in the central nervous system or to insulin resistance but the way there is even more startling sugar news scientists announced on tuesday that sugar. as toxic to mice in dosages that in humans would equal a safe in quotes diet that includes three cans of soda for a day per day according to the studies researchers mice fed a diet which sugar contributed a quarter of their daily calories died younger and had fewer babies than animals on a healthy diet in this experiment scientists split one hundred fifty six mice into
7:47 pm
two groups one was fat a normal and healthy diet or the other had a diet of naturally occurring carbohydrates comprising a quarter of their diet replaced with added sugar at the kind of sugar found in soda candy and baked goods after twenty six weeks of being on the diets the two groups were placed together to live complete to compete and to breed for another thirty two weeks during which time they all were fed just the normal mouse diet no sugar at the end of the experiment thirty five percent of the female mice fed the high sugar as diet had died compared to only seventeen percent of the female mice in the no sugar group or the normal male mice on the sugar diet sired produced a quarter twenty five percent fewer offspring than those in the healthier diet and they control twenty six percent less territory biologists james ruff who coauthored the mouse study said that we have shown that levels of sugar that people typically
7:48 pm
consume and that are considered safe by regulatory agencies impair the health of mice he went on to say that in the end we have to ask ourselves the question if it makes a mouse sick do we want it in our bodies and that's a great question and we take a long hard look at the damage sugar is doing to our bodies. just. it's the good the bad and the very very subtle like tickly ugly they're good the seattle police department this weekend seattle will hold its first fast hot celebration since washington state legalized marijuana last year and when thousands of weed smokers descend on the city starting on friday they'll get a crunchy surprise courtesy of the seattle police department is that a busting pot smokers seattle cops would give them bags of yummy to read oh snap
7:49 pm
bags will also contain ample it's outlining the details of the washington state you want to watch good work seattle police department the war on drugs is a failure of the war on munchies begin the bad fall stale north carolina's house majority leader is under fire today for comments he made to the news and observer paper about tarheel state superintendent june atkinson when asked about atkinson's recent proposal to expand standardized testing to both public and private schools god stand told the newspaper that the superintendent who is female should stick to our own netty. there is a possibility that majority leader stand simply meant that the superintendent should mind their own business but given the north carolina republican party's spotty track record on gender equality issues these days it's hard to see his remarks as anything but sexist and the very very ugly john kraft is system u.s.
7:50 pm
attorney for the eastern district of texas finds himself in boiled in controversy today for a comment posted to a private facebook page which he apparently pretended to be trayvon martin according to the beaumont enterprise local texas paper craft wrote are you a fix for scandals in arizona watermelon for a cocktail and maybe a bottle or robitussin too in your neighborhood i am fresh out of purple drank so if i may come by for a visit in a rainstorm in the middle of night in thirty don't get upset or anything if you see me look in your window ok. private facebook page or not public official. why craft to make a completely racist comment like that is just very very. it's
7:51 pm
easier to abolish women and send illegal immigrants to the moon then it is to improve our nation at least for republicans at a town hall meeting this past weekend republican congressman blake farenthold of texas told his constituents the republicans in the house of representatives parata ability have enough votes to impeach president obama check it out into the flesh. even if everybody's so in the book. but i think the. i'll give you a little break here about if we were going to use a president of all you could probably get the book. but it would go to this it it would be. right of course fair and old didn't go into any of the specifics just exactly what it was republicans were going to impeach president
7:52 pm
obama for actually you know he's got darrell isis got the it's so you have been no it's the are oh so no it's a you know come up with something else next week and all the idea of republicans trying to impeach president obama without any reasonable cause is. by you know the standards of most americans pretty absurd berthold does raise a good question. what else do republicans probably have enough votes to do in the house of representatives folks over a democratic underground compiled a great tongue in cheek list of other things house republicans probably haven't up votes to do democratic underground talks about how republicans probably have enough votes to rename washington d.c. to reagan ville every republican places reagan on a pedestal after all so what better way to honor the gipper than to rename our nation's capitol after. republicans also probably have enough votes to give
7:53 pm
full voting rights to fetuses are going to little problem with the constitution on that but they'll figure out a way or to ensure that every preschool in america is equipped with it's all very own gun range publicans probably have enough votes to amend the constitution's opening line to read we brothers and republicans probably have enough votes to abolish women from the united states. finally republicans probably album of votes to send every last illegal immigrant to the moon in a giant rocket ship and to make teaching evolution in our schools illegal now that last one isn't just a probably they've kind of come close to that in some school districts around the country while democratic underground made its list to poke fun at fair and bald and his republican colleagues in the house thanks to the state of the republican party
7:54 pm
today and it's absurd insane policies republicans in the house could foreseeable pass any of the those outlandish ideas in the voting years. so what don't house republicans have enough votes to pass well for starters they don't it seems based on their behavior have enough votes to pass their own plan for tackling america's health care workers house republicans have voted a staggering forty times to repeal obamacare since it was signed into law but now once said they introduce their own plan to make health care more affordable or accessible for americans republicans ows don't have enough votes to pass comprehensive tax reform which would make the wealthiest americans pay their fair share to help support our economy at the same time they don't have the votes to close the corporate tax loopholes that allow corporations to make billions in profits would pay next to nothing in income taxes in fact since reagan came into the white house corporate profits of skyrocketed of corporate income tax payments
7:55 pm
have dwindled for example bank of america had seventeen point two billion dollars in profits in two thousand and ten on which the company paid a big fat zero in taxes similarly telecommunications giant verizon made nineteen point three billion dollars in u.s. pretax profits between two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve but thanks to corporate tax loopholes the rise in paid no federal income taxes at all during that period and instead got five hundred thirty five million in tax rebates from our government. the chance of the house of reps republicans passing corporate tax reform even though they control the house is about as likely as them passing any sort of comprehensive infrastructure bill america's roads and bridges are collapsing our transportation systems are incredibly outdated and our electrical grid not only looks like something out of the nineteenth century much of it is out of the one nine hundred century but despite our nation's crumbling infrastructure
7:56 pm
republicans refuse to invest the money that is needed to usher america into the twenty first century house republicans also apparently don't have enough votes to help make higher education affordable to all americans right now there's between nine hundred billion and a trillion dollars in total outstanding student loan debt in the united states roughly eight hundred sixty four billion of which is federal student loan debt so the house representatives could easily do something about it these staggering figures are thanks in large part to the fact that for the college board the price of attending a public four year college is risen twenty seven percent beyond inflation over the past five years and according to bloomberg college tuition fees have increased one thousand one hundred twenty percent since they began keeping track back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight finally house republicans certainly don't have enough votes to pass legislation tackling the greatest threat that our planet is ever faced climate change. despite study after study proving that climate change is
7:57 pm
very real speeding up and manmade some republicans continued to deny that it even exists the majority says they're skeptical at best about there are dozens of present issues facing america today from the rising cost of education to an out of whack tax systems are crumbling infrastructure republicans in washington are blind to these issues and are more likely to pass a bill saying the democrats are the spawn of satan and they are to tackle the issues that really matter to all americans time for americans to wake up to what the republicans are really all about serving exclusively the rich the well bred of the well fed and vote them out of office and that's the way it is tonight thursday august fifteenth two thousand and thirteen and don't forget if you have a question or comment senate your video questions are your tape or are your take my take a live segment is grab your phone turn it toward yourself get record and e-mail your video question to your take my take and g. mail. for more information check out our websites of. free speech dot org. and who
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would slash the which and don't forget democracy begins of you see them are. old. technology innovations all the developments around russia. the future of coverage. it used to be.
7:59 pm
you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so poorly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcome is a big issue. coming
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up on r t in egypt hundreds of promo marci protesters have died during a massive crackdown by government security forces with the death toll likely to rise the future of the nation now looks even more chaotic the latest updates ahead of. u.s. drone strikes in yemen have seemed to racicot uptick now it's reported that one of these strikes killed a top al qaeda bomb maker well look at the u.s. drone war in the country coming up. and it's thursday so it's time for our tech reporter and a digital age u.s. companies face a growing number of hack a tax and it seems that those very companies are thinking about fighting that war on that is tonight's show.


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