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what's up martin this is breaking the that so guys monsanto was just granted even more immunity they already had tuesday obama signed what's been dubbed the month santa protection act so it was a small provision deceitfully disguise and slipped into the latest agricultural appropriations bill paxon congressman and came out and said that they were told that this bill would have voted government shutdown but they were completely unaware of the stipulations unfortunately these stipulations will do away with consumer rights and eliminate federal oversight for the continued use of genetically modified foods and the bill was signed despite an outcry over a quarter million people who signed a petition pleading with obama not to pass it this latest move sets yet another dangerous precedent one where corporate interests are first and consumer safety is second but guys there is a silver lining here the provision is only active for six months so let's use this time to organize better and make it clear that this will not stand.
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one of the most controversial practices being used across the muslim world is the use of unmanned predator drones program utterly lacking in transparency which is why independent media sources that began to fill the void left by this government silence take for example drone stream twitter account cataloging every single drone strike since the first one and yemen on november third two thousand and two or drones to graham and instagram accounts mapping out interactive landscapes where these drone strikes occur which brings me to the most recent initiative by data visualization company pitch interactive take a look at this interactive graph of drone strikes just in pakistan since two thousand and four and of course after obama got elected drone use exploded so far having killed three thousand one hundred five people that we know about to talk. me
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more about this initiative as one of the artists last scrubs and data visualizer with pitch interactive last thanks so much for coming on. thank you for having me so wes usually we see this kind of initiative being done by independent media outlets what inspired your company to do this. it's it's kind of a long story but we were very busy company were we have a lot of clients and every year or so we try to push away a lot of our client work and just work on something that personally resonates here at the studio and this time you know drone usage is just something that we we we feel very strong about and we started researching it and as we started and raveling some of the data it became it became very shocking to us and we just are compelled to go with this approach while i think it's amazing it's really cool looking and it also really resonates with people i think when they see this west you know we hear from the establishment that there is very little civilian deaths obviously as you've compiled with this graph and that's not the case at all how do you guys
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collect the data. we we get a big search the stanford in any way you did both independent studies they did a research paper called living under drones and it's the most comprehensive research paper we've found we reached out to stanford in a pointed us to the bureau of investigative journalism in london an independent news organization that's been collecting this data and they were able to provide us with the with a very comprehensive data so they can justify every attack and every number and everybody out there. and yeah i mean there's a lot of civilians there we split out children from the civilians just to really make a point and the biggest question now is this other the obama administration calls us other groups military combatants but mostly it's just males and a lot of these others are actually civilians it's just a very conflict in a region it's very hard to gather accurate data in the region and i just all i'm comfortable calling all of those peace. were some of them are very much innocent
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just calling them all military and that's just not the case well yeah let's talk about first of all the study that you're referring to also in that study really amazing study and courage i want to check it out it verifies a really shocking statistic which is of course your graph also points out that this drone program west has a ninety eight percent failure rate when you're looking at the two percent success rate for really these high profile targets that they've taken out and let's go over some of the numbers that you just talked about we have one hundred seventy five children foreigner and thirty five civilians and the two thousand three hundred forty eight other which you just articulated are these militants quote unquote these people who are just military aged in a strike zone i mean who are these people why are they now being counted in civilian deaths it is really shocking especially when we know that there's only. so many people that are high level targets who who are the rest of these people here i mean that is a really interesting point i'm glad that you didn't just clump them in with high
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profile targets because of course they're not i mean they've said themselves that they count every military age male in a strike region as a combatant i mean that is absolutely absurd what happen to due process right it were not at war with pakistan so sometimes i just imagine a group of men sitting in a sealed somewhere maybe maybe one of them has rifle with them or something just to protect themselves and their attacks you know there might be a literate there or are they really a threat for american interest high profile targets yes i can support there are threats to american interest these are people we can name out we can define their affiliation with the taliban and. that we're trying to steal your it's very troubling and i think more transparency really needs to be made here well of course i mean and also i don't even know if i agree with you on that point considering how we haven't seen the evidence i mean i really do think that there needs are more try . and even who these targets are what evidence do we have against these people to
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really justify this drone program in general of course the failure rate so massive and how does it justify so many civilian deaths let's move on though are you guys planning on updating this as strikes continue and what other countries like yemen afghanistan i know it's a huge project but it's so cool we're going to see in other countries too right well what we're doing we're working with the bureau and this is going to have like a live look up so anytime there's a new attack reported in some firms the bureau will update their system and not automatically update in or as far as other data i was really looking for a bunch of data i was surprised that all we could really find at the beginning was . afghanistan is just it's very hard to gather data in afghanistan or iraq the bureau did inform him that they do have yemen and somalia drone strikes you know we decided at the very end just to stick with pakistan because there is a very clear story to be told there is a tactic there's a timeline you can start when charles aryans there's this huge increase when obama
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takes over that increased in two needs to grow and that's really what we want to stick with it rather than trying to model it up with a bunch of other countries but we do plan on expanding this this was a project that we did on our own dime and so it's just a matter of getting mexico where millions are and then it's i mean back to this unless of course you can find somebody out there who can go from this with a grams or something and some unions and let's look at another image you guys created at some of the arms and ammunition that are important export i love the same agency amazing if we can take a look at that what exactly are we looking at here of course we know that guns are the largest export of the u.s. i mean to explain as really quickly we have about a minute left ok this was actually done in conjunction with the google data are seeing the globe that you're looking at was actually built by a bison michael a google brilliant guy and they contacted us basically to build the u.i. structure of sort of the data either around this they had developed this whole thing in. experimental. sort of system for chrome for google chrome and they wanted
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us to sort of make sense of that data so we built these other elements around and we help in some of them with some of the visuals of how to do that and there's a will for this but you can go through this through the world and kind of see who is importing and exporting to who you can see the u.s. is you know really doing both china exports a lot you know what is indonesia doing it's a very sort of explorer it's a tool itself i wouldn't quite see its decision making functional device in that regard it's more of an exploration tool so. that was wes grubbs data visualizer with pitch interactive. do you ever get the feeling that the news anchors on television are just mindless media parrots repeating the same talking points over and over again well if you haven't you might after seeing this. consumer news economic factors may take some
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spring out of the easter bunny step this year if you don't like factors like take out of the easter bunny still be sure economic factors make a kind of spring out of the easter bunny this year at the moment. i was even sure. i could only factors in maybe the spring out of the easter bunny step this year economic factors makes the ring at least with the instep this year and the factors making. the easter bunny here i cannot make take the strain out of the easter bunny debt this year economic factors may make bring out the easter bunny steph this year economic factors restrictions were you know if you survive the stuff this year i cannot factors maybe some spring out of the easter bunny stuff is here economic testers make a spring out of easter bunny stuff and here they're going to make this thing out of the easter bunny's. factors make a sudden bring out of the easter bunny if you're going to spring out of the easter
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bunny's to see economic factors may take to bring it out of the easter bunny get this here economic factors may take some of the spring out of the easter bunny's this is going to make. the easter bunny. i don't know you but i'm getting the feeling that economic factors may take some spring out of the easter bunny's step this year but seriously kudos to conan o'brien for once again exposing the media repeaters look obviously this is no coincidence the question remains. where are all these news stations getting their scripts from while there are affiliate news services that supply packages and scripts to hundreds of stations around the country stations then have their anchors read the canned the story with the generic script now you might look at this and say it's just indicative of how lazy local news can be but consider the implications of this kind of reporting for one second say it was an easter bunny and rather the story
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being mindlessly regurgitated was about a virus a terrorist attack or a report on of war casualty counts the bottom line is that people who watch the news tend to trust this information information that influences their perception and decisions so for these anchors to ask no questions do no fact checking and hold no different interpretation of the news they're delivering is not only absurd it's downright dangerous. if you like what you see so far you can go to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking the set be sure do what thousands of done already give us a lake we'll be updating our status daily there with links to past segments as well as reaching out to the audience for ideas for the show also check out the i'm breaking the set behind the scene photos so that your facebook page and check out all of that and more and i took a break from my pre-teen but stay tuned to break the set with roseanne barr next. there's a show we. are the oceans. the party there's
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a. shoes that no one is there with. that you deserve answers from. interview.
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they were ready to do anything for their country to me is to love the country more than yourself she joined the military for any other reason that you're probably not to have a good day they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but however good people do get hurt. and i've heard good people empty silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because. i saw some people who had died and. there is cheaper than therapy. on our. kids right to see.
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first street. and i think picture. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. i think you. should have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher.
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in the to. have you ever seen anything like that. it's not every day that i get the chance to talk to someone i grew up watching on television my next guest is a bold independent woman who pushed the boundaries in hollywood using her platform to tackle issues like homosexuality and classism you may know her simply as roseanne but she's not only a famous actress and comedian she's also a social activist and political figure i mean just run for president of the peace and freedom party and that's why i'm especially excited to share my interview with roseanne barr check it out. so rosanna moore upon a potentially historical verdict when it comes the question of same sex marriage and i can't help but think of your show roseanne which tackled l g b t issues
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decades ago i mean was one of the first shows to host a gay characters and also display an on screen lesbian kiss per your request why was it so important to you to feature that issue and how challenging was it at the time to push those boundaries on national television. it was always important to me because i have a gay brother and a gay sister. we were raised in salt lake city utah and they went to a significant amount of bullying in you know so it was always important to me because you know that was always a big issue in my life and it was very very difficult to get it on television and and it was very hard. but you know it's proven to have been the right thing to do and. those who are against this issue is definitely on the wrong side of history roseanne but in addition to homosexuality roseanne confronted numerous social issues such as class domestic violence race and women's rights on your show i think it resonated with
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a lot of people because it represented the plight of the working class i mean how important you think it is for people to be able to identify with real characters like this and how come we don't see this type of programming anymore. while you know the whole issue of classes like big taboo in america you're not supposed to notice it and you're not supposed to talk about it you're not supposed to oppose it it's just supposed to be there like reality so that was that was a hard thing to it was a hard thing to talk about class race and gender in america it still is but why do you think that we don't see anyone pushing on. your show used to do. well because it's too hard and you know the only the only reason that i was able to do it is because i was just such a committed activist and committed fighter but you know i i know how hard it is for anybody else first of all it's really difficult to see things that are kept
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invisible but it's really hard for artists to find their voice in the medium of television period right and let's talk about sexism roseanne which i know they are very vocal about it today especially as i look at your timeline i mean i talk about women's rights a lot on the show and i cannot tell you how many. men tell me sexism doesn't exist anymore and in fact sexism against a men is actually more of a problem in society where is this mentality coming from. thomas are meant to have a mentality of sexism and just by virtue of the things they say i mean it's just an ungodly ignorant and it's ungodly ignorant that they have no idea that they're ignorant so as a levels. just levels. of patriarchy patriarchal brainwashing and mind control and you know i can't hold when you know we're talking about this think of the steubenville rape case i mean this is
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a perfect example of how sexism does exist in society not only did the rapists get a slap on the wrist but the media was showing sympathy toward the rapist their verdict i mean is the media entertainment responsible for perpetuating a rape culture. yeah i think the maid is responsible for perpetuating the rape culture and you know i mean it's profitable for the people at the top who run the rape culture. who run it and you know they profit from and to say otherwise would be a big fat lie so you know they don't want any kind of power shifted away from the way they have it set up in a very hierarchical manner with you know women's free labor at the bottom was originally slave labor at the bottom of that big pyramid you get a hollywood insider for so long you've been vocal for so long i mean how challenging is it to see your colleagues across hollywood lacking for the obama
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administration when they have so much power and influence they can singlehandedly shape the dialogue when so many people are watching them. well i think that you know this is a culture of fear and nobody is more afraid than people in hollywood they're afraid that they'll drop out of the top you know. that they're afraid that they'll drop from the bottom of the pyramid maybe to the middle of the pyramid but you know they they're the ones hollywood is the is the one that keeps all this power structure and all this culture of racism and sexism and and classism and gender is a men all of it in place they continually feed it and they make a lot of money doing it and they do it at the behest of their masters who run everything so you know they're not going to get brave enough to do that i mean i think that there are many of us who. who are brave enough to do just you know i'm lucky that i can do it and i feel that i do it on behalf of many
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people in hollywood till i go to hollywood parties or you know occasionally i go to oscar parties and things like that and people big stars people will grab me by the arm and take me aside and say yes one can. say and it blows my mind but that's the culture it's a culture of fear for sure. you know and it's a big culture of mind control to m.k. ultra mind control rules and hollywood if if you don't know google that look into it. we've talked about operation mockingbird and my old mind control stuff from i mean this goes back decades and decades but roseanne i mean do you know people been blacklisted i mean is it just kind of self-censorship in hollywood or do people actually get edged out if they are too much against the grain. yeah it's self-censorship after a while but it's not just
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a crazy self censorship itself censorship because. there's actually a danger that you will never work again and people know it everybody has friends that happened to that maybe you said too much or maybe you were too boucle on on. popular issues and it's funny because. it doesn't matter if two years later i find this a lot but two years later those unpopular issues become very mainstream they still don't forgive the first person who does it and that's kind of been my story there when you're first you're going to be vilified despite the fact that two years later everybody saying what you said you're still going to be vilified because you dare and you know you know like they say in the chinese you know the chinese have. a saying that says the nail that stands up is hammer down and that's how it is here and everywhere in the world right now you don't really want to put yourself at odds
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with with people who decide your future and pay for your work but sometimes you have to and i was very lucky that i had a successful show that made me a lot a lot of money and so that i can do that and i feel that i owe that to the people i came from to say those things that maybe they can't say because they're afraid they'll be fired or they're afraid even though they'll be put in jail or whatever i'm going to do it because why not. well that's why i love you roseanne because you are an artist you're comedian but you use your craft to also really express dairying political statements that are too true and like you just said i mean years later all these things are validated i mean look at m s n b c ten years after the iraq war saying how we were all duped i mean they were part of the duping so it's amazing to see you know as it's mainstream we all know these things now it's easy to come out and say you know what happened we were all sold this war but roseanne
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weeks ago you tweeted something you said failed senate failed congress failed executive branch failed to prove court people look at this and they agree with you and they say you know this corruption this blatant corruption is why we need less government what do you say to those people. while those people to say they want less cover. men are just a bunch of liars because you know they're trying to get the government on the backs of all the gays right now so they do not have fact want less government at all they want more government and it's funny that the whole time they're trying to amp up the government on everybody's personal freedoms and civil rights they're talking about they want less government but you can't have it both ways while one of the things you people are saying is just a lie and which one is it and also the government has bailed out these banks which is basically government socialism for what capitalism is turned into this crony capitalism or socialism is bailing out the capitalism just an amazing and
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hypocritical thing the country is turned into but you decided to be the changers and you ran for president under the peace and freedom party in the last election yet the stigma remains third parties a wasted vote i may have a dangerous business to perpetuate the lesser than two evils mentality. it's very very dangerous and it's very very sad and you know what i'll tell you it's very un-american it's like you know they they don't like america and they don't like you know what we should where all proud of about our country they want to be down our right to speak out our right to dissent our right to be a whistle blower to do the right thing they don't like any of those things but they won't be able to stop it so you know word of encouragement from me and from you and from people who think like us is very very important and it's very important that it happens over the people's airwaves. and i know you are thank you for what you do
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. means a lot to me and i know that you are also support of occupy wall street which are unfortunately it was violently suppressed by militarized police forces all across the country and rose and i tell people that everything we do every day is political and every action we take is a vote essentially any more words advice you can give to people who are watch. and saying you know there's nothing that can be done and we don't have a voice. while i'd say that that that's not true there's so much that can be done and don't stop now because we've put a crack in it and now the light will get in so don't stop now whatever you do don't stop and you know they talk about occupy wall street and this and that in the other but you know it needs a reboot like everything having to do with resisting our country being owned by the banks and both parties of its government being owned by banks tourist there is no way we can turn our back or quiet down now it only get worse and so now's the time
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to amp it up and for occupy wall street and all these vehicles and venues of resistance it's time to come together and i have my theory is that it sexism really beat all those things down because in and every single thing. that is not led by women these days it's going to fail because women are tired of listening to men we you know as a class not as a sex but as a class who are just tired of failed policies of males that continually put everything in conflict and that so there can be a winner and a loser that's not the way women think and it's not the things that those are not the things that women value anymore so any i think that we're going to find that any any any method of resistance any organ of resistance is going to fail unless it is led by women and i see evidence of that everywhere on earth and you know it's going to come to america too and it is coming and so i just give everybody
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a heads up to take a look at that and see if i'm not right roseanne and i thank you for being one of those powerful women leaders that we can look up to and follow the words that you're saying which is the spirit of dissent alive and well and we need to keep pushing back against the system thank you so much roseanne by. our actress and comedian thank you so much and i hope everybody starts listening more to women thank you so much guys for today's show but before i go i want to give a very special thank you to one of my producer shannon donahue who's leaving us today shannon thank you so much for making the show visually author of an amazing will miss you so much. but he sees things that scientists people don't notice. these.
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things most people never to call him disabled but he's the world's first deaf and blind doctor of science. professor i think the other support of. the great life. fields. the books the book.
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the book . dramas the challenge big no origin. stories others refuse to notice. so since changing lights never. filled picture of just days. from a ranch good luck. brooklyn.
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the eyes to the right two hundred seventy two the nose to the left two hundred eighty five. the british government's a war cry is silence as paul avenger rejects prime minister david cameron's call for military intervention in syria. president obama is considering charging ahead with a limited military strike on syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons despite growing reluctance on its allies. also emergency crews in the russians fought he's still work around the clock trying to keep floodwaters at bay and evacuate residents as the war is a delusion a century takes a heavy toll on infrastructure.


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