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tv   Headline News  RT  August 30, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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top stories nato says no to military action against syria but the war drums beating louder in washington with secular state john kerry say america's citizens must make the final decision on the strike. britain but the way parliament rejects a campaign against president assad after a prime minister failed to convince lawmakers. the un completed its inspection of the alleged chemical attack near damascus saying the
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need time in the lab to make a final assessment. for a good meeting is just after ten pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. coming to you live my name is kevin i went first nato has become the latest to tell america it won't join its plan to attack syria the u.s. is struggling to drum up international support for action but secretary of state john kerry's been stating his case in the past hour or so indicating that washington is almost certain to proceed with military intervention anyway let's go live to d.c. our correspondent cans there how they got this news just having in the last hour or so how is he justifying it. well kevin those who expected to hear from john kerry some you know specific evidence that the u.s. claims it has were disappointed but he did refer to
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a paper that the white house would least with with with the title of the u.s. government assessment of the syrian government's use of chemical weapons on august twenty first twenty thirteen and also just we got a little bit and the only specifics that we got. probably the only ones where where we're here take a listen. we know that the regime was specifically determined to rid the damascus suburbs of the opposition and it was frustrated that it hadn't succeeded in doing so we know that for three days before the attack the syrian regime's chemical weapons personnel were on the ground in the area making preparations and we know that the syrian regime elements were told to prepare for the attack by putting on gas masks and taking precautions associated
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with chemical weapons. well in the assessment u.s. officials also said they decided the detective rocket launches from territory controlled by troops loyal to president bashar al assad but so far the main argument that the white house has made comes to comes down to this the assad government has huge stockpiles of chemical weapons they have the capacity to deliver them and therefore they were responsible for last week's attack near damascus the obama administration is in such a rush to act and we could hear that the urgency in john kerry's remarks the statements coming from the white house they completely black out all other considerations and reservations even those expressed by some members of the u.s. intelligence community and we heard that sources say the u.s. intelligence told associated press that the evidence that they saw it does not directly link the chemical attack to the government those sources speaking on
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condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak said evidence was no slam dunk despite top u.s. officials attempts to present it as such they say there are caviar in the report the report the classified version of which the public will never see they just saw the official the unclassified. version of this report so anonymous sources in the u.s. intelligence who saw the report say the images u.s. satellites have captured provide sketchy evidence on movements on the relocation of chemical supplies by assad's forces they say with shifting front lines in this two and a half year old civil war and sketchy satellite and human intelligence coming out of syria u.s. and allied spies have lost track of who controls some of the country's chemical weapons supplied in addition these sources also say an intercept of syrian military officials discussing the strike was among low level staff with no direct evidence
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tying the attack back to to another saudi insider or even a senior. commander senior. government official this is what those officials told the peace so u.s. intelligence officials are not certain that the chemical attack was carried out on assad's orders but that's that's aside from the official report but some have even talked about the possibility that rebels could have carried out the attack in a calculated attempt to draw the west into the war but that suspicion was not included in this official intelligence report something that is very alarming is that ten years ago you also had top government officials absolutely for about the evidence against saddam hussein and you had people from u.s. intelligence community coming out and saying the evidence was not slumdog and yet we know what happened those voices have been blacked out what also should ring a bell is that ten years ago collin powell in his presentation to the u.n. also talked about satellite images and intercepted communications that suggest there undeniable evidence against saddam hussein back then too the uighurs in the
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u.k. have discredited and shunned the result of the u.n. investigation saying they didn't believe it was credible here the same thing now john kerry just said whatever results come out of this u.n. investigation it's basically not going to not going to make any difference to the united states or are going to be. closely following a little bit later in the coming hours because some sort of madrid crispin he's head of the belgium movement for international solidarity or so you live in are two things to be with you've been advocating against intervention in syria i believe. it needs to be done it's a humanitarian thing you don't see any reason to not at all no. you hear us absolutely in the. ok thank you absolutely i don't think that using chemical weapons it's reason enough to intervene in syria
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no it's a little bit complicated to understand we know more for example that the us army. hello yes you still you still live on. ok you know what i wanted what i wanted to do said is that we saw that u.s. army already used the chemical weapons. agent in vietnam or in fallujah in need i saw it's not really a. good reason to intervene in syria and also what i wanted to point that bomb being using bombs will not solve the problem in syria we will add more that more injuries and it's not correct in my need to intervene and to solve the syrian problem ok there your thoughts that we see it coming from brussels or the very heart of the e.u. what is the general picture you know your friends your family people you are
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speaking to about your view is it generally shared. for example if. we read the newspaper here in belgium you see that more than seventy five percent of the people is against this intervention and we can see that in other countries in europe and also in united states are against. this intervention in syria and i think we can point to. two explanations to that the first one is that. people in western europe doesn't. give more credit to the some allies that we receive from u.s. government with colin powell when we want to have really does evidence is that the pointing to intervene in syria we know that also calling for will manipulate the truth for intervening in iraq in two thousand and three get up to date for in europe let's bring it up to date is probably tonight that nato has said now that it
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won't get involved in the knock on effect of that do you think it'll dissuade the u.s. from from a military strike anytime soon or or some sort of intervention any time soon now. i think they can intervene we don't the u.n. council accord they will prefer to have. to intervene also but even if they don't have the support from the. united kingdom or friends they will intervene anyway it will be with less means. less pressure but they will intervene in syria interesting to talk about nato the nato chief anders fogh rasmussen said today that quote he certainly assad government is to blame britain france the u.s. is also said that but i wonder why do you think even he's not come forward with any concrete proof still well that we've seen anyway or you know i don't know if you. we don't have seen any proof everybody is talking about prove we see that as
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missing from that you think that he has some proof we heard kerry is saying the same but if they have those prove they have to show it in no way we know that we have a un mission for the moment. in the us in making some investigation to to collect some of that the boat this the use of chemical weapons so this can be maybe an eventual approve of use of chemical weapons but if they say no there we have proved we have proof they have to show it in public opinion and no hayden ok andre thank you thought under crispin the head of intel a belgian movement for international solidarity on the line there i gather from brussels thank you sir. well meantime the u.k. is also ruled out as a measured military action against syria the prime minister was dealt a huge blow by parliament which rejected his plan to support the u.s. if he chooses war the motion followed mounting allegations of a mass chemical or tightly damascus largely being blamed on assad government r.t.
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sarah ferguson of that crucial session in london. defeated and she merely ate it that's how the prime minister is being portrayed today after that major political blow with parliament voting against military action it means that the prime minister's decision essentially to recall parliament to bring this nation against possible military action in syria has backfired spectacularly many of the prime ministers a party members turning against him labor today calling his leadership reckless and cavalier it's not going to sit comfortably with the prime minister this issue of foreign policy and it was a major issue that he really stand his name of paul is one that the prime minister is the country usually leads on and you heard when the results of that vote was announced last night in the house of commons those cries for the prime minister to resign now questions they feel whether his leadership is really going to be under
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threat it's thought that's quite unlikely at this point but certainly he stands in a much we can and position today and as he said that defeat really not putting him in a comfortable position tools very many people feeling that the vote reflected the lack of public appetite for any military action certainly with the evidence that was on the table of course all eyes will now be on the us and what course of action they'll take they've lost a major ally in britain voting against military action the indicators coming from the us is that they'll be willing regardless to go it alone in terms of a timeline you've got the u.n. inspectors coming out the country on saturday in presenting their preliminary findings say all eyes will be closely on that and then the actions that follow but as we said certainly the prime minister today had both internationally and here at home standing a little less tool today i think our correspondent in london who during i was
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a devote britain's m.p.'s didn't hold back in telling prime minister cameron exactly what we thought of the plan to attack syria who's just some of those who spoke. what has convinced you where is the evidence that an action by the international community would cease the use of chemical weapons within syria the un is not some inconvenient side show and we don't want to engineer a moment instead we want to adhere to the principles of international law in no way does this country support any attack that could come before the un inspectors have done their job. some of us worry that military action might exacerbate the situation rather than make it better and draw us into mission creep which we would have very little control over just but earlier tonight i spoke to one of david cameron's conservative party m.p.'s who voted in favor of military intervention against syria he told me why he supported the measure but couldn't tell me what hard evidence they have about the use of the chemical weapons. the chemical weapons
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attacks were delivered on an industrial scale in which is a suburb of damascus you know it is pretty clear there is only one person who could have delivered that which is actually more her bashar assad's brother who is in charge of defending damascus absolutely confident that he is responsible and he has a response he alone is responsible what can you say to people that still say they want to see facts before intervention happened how could you convince that my know what you're saying and i can hear that you absolutely believe it but how do you convince the unbelievers if you like. you know at the end of the day as with a jury you know any judgment is made and the words beyond reasonable doubt or use sometimes no information is absolutely perfect you know you may not have the electronic intelligence with a voice saying to you from mark or a bashar assad to
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a general please drop these bombs on somebody but i think above and beyond that there is only one person who could have delivered the the mayhem that was caused last week and again you can rest easy at night that there will be hopefully no collateral damage to innocent people here if it happened in warfare you can never guarantee that one hundred percent but unlike bashar assad who is targeting innocent civilians we or the west at least or perhaps the americans will be targeting military sites that is the difference between our moral compass and the moral compass of bashar assad so what exactly would happen if washington did attack syria birds over these the your voting on an r t dot com it's our web site vote we've run this is still a couple of hours to run as well we'd love to know what you think right fifty seven percent of you just more than half full course a cut a straw fee conflict in golfing the entire region of it just under twenty percent
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if you're a libyan like situation if there's intervention with a rampant islamic insurgency and years of violence then to come just about the same amount of you think washington would dare attack syria without help from others the minority of your seven percent think obama will teach syria a lesson as he put it by carrying out strikes as promised maybe over the next couple of days during the debate plenty of time to do it r.t. dot com. and that is tonight edward snowden has done it again the man who blew the lid off the n.s.a. snooping program has revealed how much america spends to spy on people it's called the black budget because it's never been shown to the public before until now label top secret the documents show america splashed out fifty two nearly fifty three million dollars on intelligence gathering in this year twenty thirteen alone spending by the cia surpassed all the other spy agencies twice that of the n.s.a. fourteen point seven billion dollars the other three agencies at the top of the national reconnaissance office of the geospatial and general defense intelligence
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programs together they got nineteen point six billion dollars to operate imaging satellites to draw secret maps and to assess foreign military plans and resources was known as a wanted man at home of course but an award winner abroad he'd just landed the twenty thirteen whistleblower prize from a coalition of n.g.o.s i spoke to artie's people over in berlin he says snowden is proving to be a star name in the upcoming election no less there well he's certainly not on the christmas card list of the german government as it stands at the moment these leaked documents that he's he's put forward have really been rather damning on the german government and just how complicit it seems that the b n d the german security services were in terms of spying not only to help the n.s.a. were spying on their own people here in germany when edward snowden released these documents one of the things i'm sure he didn't think he would be was a major issue in the german elections the that's on the twenty second of september
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the general election here it's become one of the main the only real issue that people seem to be attacking anglo merkel over. the leader of the social democrats who said her main challenger in this election it said if he becomes chancellor if he wins this election then he will be asking some serious questions of the. states and he also be looking into delaying an important trade deal saying how can we possibly look at doing trade with the americans when we don't know if they have microphones under all of our desks so this has become something that the politicians are looking to attack and glimmer cologne it's probably one of the only things she's really weak on in the public eye because not only it seems to allow the united states to spy on germany but it seems that she also helped the united states to spy on germany so this is one of the reasons why edward snowden has received this award and he is being honored with this by a number of groups for his work in revealing what turns out to be the the wide
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ranging spying activities of the n.s.a. and the united states and our correspondent in berlin after the break with me kevin or another bailout ever going to work for greece here experts opinions than from athens and europe. thank.
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you. so it's technology innovation. developments around russia. the future covered. stuck in recession plagued by soaring unemployment and suicides the greek plight is dragging on sending shivers across the greece is struggling to meet the conditions of its international lenders were pouring billions into the ailing economy but when will the rescue package actually work or has the whole bailout deal been
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a failure can all spin why the covering greece's dire situation has his report on some of those suffering at the sharp end. george got his first job in his early twenties beginning as a musician and then a radio producer and finally is a specialist at the greek foreign office. about four years ago he was sacked and since he didn't own any real estate the troika's austerity measures ended up casting him onto the streets everything was changed for the worse. for the elections that actually. got jobs. better all the people that. were working for themself. even saw george says he's lucky since around a year ago he managed to become a volunteer at this shelter for the homeless at least this way there is a roof over his head where he could help others like him cope with their bleak new reality with greek unemployment currently at twenty seven percent which is the
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highest in europe each year more and more people with higher education and impressive work experience find themselves on the street and no one can feel sure about his job or about the salary. he's. about he's associated benefits. with a walk in the streets of athens he or she people who before five years here edging out a job they fear families but now they have no job or there is no a welfare state that in july despite nationwide protests the government approved yet another set of austerity measures including laying off tens of thousands of public workers including teachers doctors and police officers it meant greece could secure the release of the first instalment of over eight billion euros in the latest rescue loan from the troika. it appears can offer port a new job merely a two for an in-depth discussion on how to handle greece now and in the future.
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quite a lot of people are being affected these layoffs really are aimed mainly at the public sector and the public sector traditionally is the foundation of the greek economy and that's why so many people are taking to the streets to protest these mad let's let's go to our friends kind of guilty we've spoken to many times before every time we've talked about the huge amounts the billions being poured into greece from international lenders we heard igor there you seen it firsthand that you know the guys he's talking to at least a pretty depressed they don't see a light at the end of the tunnel your enough is what's your view well it is obvious by now the. whole scenario adopted for greece has been like a the straw for. this by those huge huge bailout loans greek debt. very high. peak over three hundred and twenty one billion euros did
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so that means that we're much worse than when the debt crisis started the bailouts were bad the bailouts were a cover for a fix carolan new set of european studies in brussels. was it pouring good money after bad do you think you're a proponent of the bailout on the turn of this would have been much worse much worse situation i don't think from greece you have to look very far you simply look to bulgaria for example to see i mean the whole much worse it could have been there still today living standards in reason are higher than they are in bulgaria if greece were to have left the euro zone and that's why men favor all further beno i think it's a disastrous idea once you realized you've made a mistake you should stop doing it it is very simple the bailout is not helping the greek people we've just seen the images of people homeless people living in shelters losing their jobs cannot pay their rent their pension funds are disappearing now the bailout money is not aimed to help the greek people it is a. huge rescue package for bags just because who has benefited who has been
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a big. most not the banks but i think germany has benefited most from the euro zone that's why i see the u.s. come painting on staying within the euro zone and that's why merkel has forty percent of the approval rate because germany is thriving germany exports all over europe and they are have a disability interest in having a stable currency zone. to london to brussels i can only say that he is looking at the completely wrong end of the stick simple is that the euro was a political project it never had any financial standing. and he is supporting a political decision not the economy and germany is has vowed to cover twenty six percent roughly a quarter of the bailout money that is going to greece and now we're looking at two hundred forty billion that means german taxpayers in the end will have to pay for sixty billion euros this money is badly needed in germany our infrastructure is suffering the railway system needs. investment so does the famed how to bonn and
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the industry. i think mr the greek colleague is only rooke looking at this one side of the coin and not seeing and not realizing the long term effects. just click on a web sites and here's a little of what our online team got my dog for us kicking the habit japanese authorities fighting to create so cool fasting comes to help internet addicted teens plug from the web is it possible to hit all the parents screen or the online also to study shows pollution in major u.s. cities is the largest cause of premature death in the country with two hundred thousand americans dying annually from the fumes of car exhaust industrial smoke stack check out the sobering statistics again look for another interest. call. always got plenty of topical conversation and comment on this channel up next scotland's first minister alex salmond talks to sophie shevardnadze about his plans
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for the country to quit the u.k. but with more news in thirty four minutes time. so the historic and for many americans tragic ruling in the bradley manning case just got a lot weirder because he has declared that he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea well i'm glad his lawyer got him to keep this revelation to himself until the end of the trial but sadly he really should have pushed for him to keep quiet about this just a bit longer why you ask because if there is one thing i know about the mainstream media is that the second sex is involved everything else instantly becomes a distant second case in point what is the legacy of bill clinton is that the job
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murderer who are sure to nafta no is it a violent foreign policy throughout the world somewhat similar to bush's and obama's in locations like haiti somalia in the balkans etc no his legacy is based on the least important sin he committed as a president cheating on his wife. for the years couldn't wasn't office the lewinsky scandal just smothered everything else i am pretty sure that if i know the mainstream media they are going to use manning's gender confusion to overshadow and drown out everything else involved in the case but that's just my opinion.
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i don't welcome one says a shevardnadze and today we're away from our usual moscow studio where in a very special setting astonishingly beautiful shetland isles off the north east coast of scotland where the north sea atlantic you will find the shetland isles and there is a way harris to talk to the first scottish minister alexander salmond about the defining point of every land its sovereignty and its mr solomon's flagship policy to see scotland become independent from the united kingdom one of the benefits and the drawbacks let's take a look. at europe in scotland.


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