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tv   Headline News  RT  August 31, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets president obama says he wants to launch military strikes against syria but he will take the issue to congress for approval also. the russian president blast the u.s. for planning intervention in syria insisting the alleged chemical attack was a provocation by those aimed at dragging the west into the conflict. meanwhile u.n. inspectors say they need to visit syria again to continue their investigation of the site of the alleged chemical attack near damascus the latest developments here on our team.
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international news and comment live from our studio center here in moscow where it's just turned eleven pm this is. so president obama has announced he wants to carry out a military strike against syria parts will be seeking congressional approval for it . can tell us more about the u.s. leaders statement now so he really has made it a definitive decision that he will go ahead then with military intervention but he doesn't know when. that's right u.s. president barack obama has announced something of a shift in strategy with respect to military intervention into syria now most of the world is speculating that washington would strike damascus within the next within the next twenty four to forty eight hours but on saturday afternoon president obama confirmed the u.s. will take military action against syria but first the u.s. leader says he will seek authorization from congress speaking in the rose garden
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obama said that he believes he has the authority to carry out a military attack without approval from congress but he feels that going before congress having a public debate debate having a vote would make the country stronger if there was actually a national conversation taking place about obama's intended military strike against syria now the u.s. leader says that he feels comfortable carrying out an attack against syrian targets without the approval of the united nations security council u.s. officials believe that any security draft resolution allowing for the use of force against syria would be vetoed by russia and or china now obama says his plan military strike is not time sensitive that means that it could happen one week from now it could happen one month from now but ultimately the u.s. president says the syrian government will pay consequences for allegedly carrying
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out a chemical weapons attack. after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets and should not be an open ended intervention we would not put boots on the ground instead would be designed to be limited duration and scope. now it's important to point out that the team of u.n. experts that have been investigating the august twenty first alleged chemical weapons attack just returned from damascus and i've not yet concluded if chemical weapons were used the results of their findings may become known in the next few weeks what president obama is basing his judgment on is an independent investigation that washington has done into the alleged chemical weapons attack which blames the assad government for being behind it now president obama also said that the u.s.
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cannot raise its children in a world where we don't follow through on the things that we say president obama was for referring to his own statements and what he said a little over a year ago when he drew that proverbial red line in the sand about the syrian government using chemical weapons if they were to then there would be consequences now many experts believe that the u.s. president can't bluff he's in a position where he said what he said and now he has to back up his words but many countries believe that or not there's not enough conclusive evidence that shows that the syrian government was responsible for carrying out a chemical weapons attack many many people within the united states but the citizens and elected officials still believe that there's not enough conclusive evidence which is why president obama bill is going to take everything to congress now congress comes back into session on september ninth it's not clear if the president will will call them back sooner but if not that means that this debate will begin on september ninth and after that as obama said sooner or later he will
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order a order a strike on syria thanks very much indeed for that. in new york. as we heard earlier president obama says he does have a feeling to act without congressional authorization to have a look at what the u.s. public thinks about carrying out an attack on syria a whole for those americans who took part in the recent reuters. poll don't want intervention only twenty percent are in favor of it also whether assad should be attacked if he is implicated in chemical weapons use while just under thirty percent of americans said yes well the syrian authorities said that the army is mobilized for intervention while the rebels pledged more attacks artie's is following the latest developments in damascus and we can cross live to her now we're i suppose a sense of relief because there was some speculation of course an attack was imminent indeed tonight but that's not happening but what is the mood now in syria over the news. well we followed obama's speech from white house here in
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damascus with a group of syrians and i had a chance to see how people's faces how their mood was changing while american president was delivering his statement and while they were looking. at the television where obama was speaking while the president sad that the u.s. should take military action. sports to chemical weapons use in syria and that could happen tomorrow next week or next month but he will seek congress' approval for attack in syria and many here on the ground took it as an aggregate strategy and this is why at the beginning of a speech i saw that people looked nervous obviously frightened and worried relief came to replace all these emotions all these feelings following a bomb a speech many here say that congress is unlikely to approve military action against
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syria but even those who think that it could happen that congress does approve this strike against a country say at least it is not going to happen tonight and that means they could come back to their families to their friends and take dinner tonight without thinking about a possible strike against a country without thinking about this pressure they've been living under in the last several days after a bomb first announced that it could be a possible strike against that country so definitely relief is. how the mood here in damascus now could be characterized but this is what about this evening following a violent speech but if we're talking about the general mood here in syria the public opinion is divided there are others who are afraid and frightened and they leave the country they packed their bags they send their families women and kids outside syria and they're following them themselves. there is another part of this
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syrian society they say we don't care we've been living under this pressure on did these dangerous highly unsafe and stable situation for more than two years and how we didn't leave last year and two years ago why should we leave now so we'll stay and that could be explained by two reasons first this patriotism towards syria and another one less pathetic but maybe maybe more real that people got used to these nightmare they've been living in in the last two years and a half back to you in a thanks maria thanks very much indeed for that live update there from damascus auntie's real notion that well earlier the russian president vladimir putin hit a lot of the claims of science government carried out the chemical attack warning the u.s. against military intervention he also added washington's claims the full intelligence report providing firm evidence cannot be published disrespectful to its international partners so they get more from shawn thomas so sean clearly some very
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harsh words before obama made this decision some strong words now from moscow what's the reaction well certainly bill president vladimir putin spoke to reporters from a lot of all stuck here in russia where he did have strong clear words about the situation in syria first of all he said that he believes that all of this talk of intervention and strikes comes from the fact that the syrian government is making gains against the rebels and he feels that this is a move to try and advance the rebels position and change the tide of the war he also said that he believes that chemical weapons use by the assad regime is just plain ridiculous because given the circumstances on the ground that it just doesn't seem possible to what he had to say about that. cease. fire syrian government forces are advancing in some areas they've surrounded the rebels to think that at such a time they would give a trump card to those calling for intervention. now he
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says that russia is of course against the use of weapons of mass destruction specifically chemical weapons and he says that in this particularly case that the world community needs to wait for the u.n. inspection team to show their results and basically really act lawfully as a global community and not to have anything you know unilateral which would be against international law he said that he was surprised by the u.k. decision to go to a parliamentary vote and he was also pleased and surprised by the fact that they voted down the idea of british military intervention but he said that it illustrates that there are some rational minds that are at play in the government and that they can indeed prevail at that time he then kind of put a teaser if you will he put a plea to will president obama not as a president but as a nobel laureate saying that you are a man of peace if you are
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a man of peace then you need to consider what the reaction would be or what the consequences would be of the strikes inside syria would it really help anything this is what he had to say on those words. let's not forget that barack obama is a nobel peace prize laureates over this last decade the u.s. historically conflicts in various parts of the world that really solve many problems afghanistan iraq libya is a new dimension see there now which is what the u.s. claim to try to bring your there's no civil peace or balance all of this needs to be taken into account before you know you wonder decision to start bombing syria which will lead to civilian casualties. and one thing that president putin said. is that the g twenty summit that is coming up next week is a good place for the global community to discuss the situation in syria and that anything should wait until then it looks like now obama has sent this to abate in
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congress and we're waiting to see if that same spirited debate that happened last week in the parliament will happen in the united states as well sean thanks a lot for that live update there from central told us well meanwhile antiwar protesters have been demonstrating around the world against this imminent strike on syria more than a thousand protesters in london chanted hands off syria that was before obama left no doubt the country will be a target there were similar scenes in germany close to the same amount of antiwar activists there said only a sovereign and independent syria free of foreign interference would make peace possible and that sentiment was also echoed paris' will supporters of syria were out in force in turkey as well well pepe escobar is an asia times roving correspondent who's covered the syrian conflict since it began almost two and a half years ago joins us live now to talk about obama's announcement pepe a lot of world reaction from people who are against it even the reuters poll which we've been following here on r t says many americans are against any intervention
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of yes they have made no final decision so why do you think today he suddenly said yes he's going to go ahead. it's his hail mary pass in fact he was sinking serves of congress an internal public opinion u.s. so now you can see that he is in a win win situation senate is a slam dunk is going to win congress is more complete pity because they were needed by republicans if they say yes you know go ahead and become nobel prize winner baumberger president barack obama if congress says no he can always say look i try but the other want me to bomb it a but i don't see the us congress who refused the opportunity to once again bomb the middle eastern country but this is a woman's role of that that is not one hundred percent guaranteed but this is what in the past few days he looked at what happened to david cameron england they said ok i need
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a hail mary pass and that's it. he says it's going to be limited action it won't be a full scale war what impact though would a military strike by the u.s. have on the situation in syria now well this is the question that i would say six million people are asking at the moment what for so it's not ridging change it's not going to degrade their regimes capabilities it's not going to alter the situation which is that assad's army in fact they have been gaining battles and advances for the best two months at least so what for just a. the president of united states said this is a red line and it was crossed and then de evidence of course bans u.n. inspectors damn the u.n. security council then nato then even that mean it coalition of the willing with the frogs and france this is group legally absurd but i mean many would say though obama is acting as a moral policeman on behalf of the rest of the world who are appalled that this
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chemical attack took place they are convinced that it came from this sad regime he therefore has to be punished as any exactly because of the added thence that they have this was all for essentially by benny gantz the chief of the id have the israeli forces directly to a general martin dempsey chairman of the joint chiefs of staff it was. basically by the mossad it can be extremely compromised only top of it your other agenda we have a triple agenda here i need to keep talking about this all the time you what joe biden is thracian israel and saudi arabia but they are bush is in charge of this syrian war since i became director of national intelligence saudi arabia there is a direct connection between but there are bush and d's hard core wahhabi so sone radicals whatever you want to call them joe but old rules that are out qaeda in iraq so as to jihad this hardcore you name it there is they are linked to about the
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uk and there is a connection between jihadi cells that are where busted in iraq last month and what one of these guys under in an interrogation you can imagine walk out and. joe but the wills are in syria we're going to get our chemical weapons are rudimentary can't go weapons so there's a very strong possibly it which must be analyzed by you in inspectors that this was probably a false flag well you cannot reach this this conclusion ok nevertheless nevertheless a military strike is imminent by the sounds of things the reaction from russia and indeed iran what some international impact could this have. look how old logs to be in the city where. barack obama meets president vladimir putin say next week there's not a lot of good happens with the g. twenty is who space is everything could change
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a lot by then but yet to tell us more about your feelings about that possible meeting is ekta because we're not going to have a face to face between president putin or barack obama but we go but i have to leave brazil india china not to mention all the developing countries which are extremely reticent and all of the censoring these are this new american born the other middle eastern country that's what it is so i will do it did she do any it's completely real white are the only thing they're going to be discussing is syria and obama's going to be there completely isolated against the other nineteen leaders each see because they will care is going to be their right ok thank you very much indeed for input there. roving correspondent for the age of times live here in r.t. we just learning now that we've received a statement from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons there saying that analysis of the evidence collected by the u.n.
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inspectors in syria from the site of this alleged chemical attack will take up to three weeks so it will take over three weeks for any conclusions to come as to what actually happened in that attack in syria well before obama made it certain that he wants a limited attack on syria washington's has already had a lot of naval power on standby in the mediterranean he says that he he wants to talk to congress about it but the house will only be back from its break on september the knife unless it's recalled but so far there's no indication that could happen well this is the sort of firepower surrounding syria now fire five american destroyers are ready to attack when ever the order is given and the u.s.s. san antonio that's a warship with several hundred marine. board also joined them late on friday and the bombers said they'll be no boots on the ground in syria according earlier u.s. claims that these troops on board won't see any action and the ship is merely there as a precaution while the other five vessels those packs a major firepower as you can see each of them can carry up to ninety tomahawk
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missiles these are guided missiles they can strike syria from a distance keeping the destroyers from where they were launched safe from syria's anti missile and t. ship missiles and let's not sum up then the latest developments on syria for you president obama has said that he does want a limited military strike against the country despite having the ability to go ahead with that action by himself he has decided to seek congressional approval for it and he hasn't said exactly when the attack could take place for of course we're following closely the developments here on r.t. or do stay with us for all the latest i'll be back with other news for you after this short break r.t. live in moscow. wealthy british. writers.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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twenty one minutes past the hour in the russian capital time for some international headlines here in a world update this hour which just hearing that the yemeni prime minister has escaped an assassination attempt in the capital sanaa the government open foreign minister was motorcade before fleeing the scene according to one of the advisers late but he was injured during the assault yemen is a hope that of insurgent activity affiliated with al qaida. afghanistan a suicide blast has claimed eighteen lies in the southern city of kandahar the attackers stormed a security checkpoint as people queued to enter a nearby bank of police and civilians were among the victims while according to military officials insurgents in the east killed a nato soldier the country's played by almost daily insurgent attacks.
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also the world update this hour eight bus drivers and a woman have staged a crucifixion in protest of being fired from their jobs in paraguay their anger came in response to years of unpaid benefits for over fifty employees of a bus company in asuncion it's really the third week of protest and it's planned to last another twenty two days. where you have discontent over the upcoming football world cup are continuing to cause ripples in brazil hundreds of demonstrators flooded the streets of rio de janeiro protesting against corruption and income inequality demonstrators mocked the president dilma rousseff who is under pressure to boost spending in brazil's largest city sao paolo marches turned violent as protesters attacked a major bank and national media giant and was sparked in june over public transport fare increases and pouring money into high profile sporting events while social services remain to violate under funded. time now for some thrills and spills from the world's finest pilots at russia's max aviation show the biggest
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daredevils don't need and it jets a seat or a supersonic jet engine lindsey france has been there and explains. it's not the size of the engine that matters it's how you use what you've got that's what the pilots of first flight rushes only aerobatics team using propeller planes say no jet engines here no mach two or eject buttons just good old fashioned pistons and plenty of guts at air shows like max these pilots may no longer be the main attraction but propeller planes were the first to take on aerobatics and they plan to stick around. and main goal is to show everyone how beautiful flying can be and to demonstrate the potential of these planes and popularize esports and aerobatics though these planes may not be so big and powerful they have great potential reminiscent of the barnstormers of the one nine hundred twenty s. in america this team's planes are equipped the smoke systems but the patterns in
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the skies piloting on a stunt team is still a man's world but irina markov is one russian woman breaking that mold. people often ask me how i feel different from the male pilot if i just assume that flying planes makes us the same i feel complete freedom in the skies it is believed there are six degrees of freedom but in reality it seems to be much more out there that is how free you feel. making it look easy is part of the job and world champion aerobatics pilot. insists that means his mood has to be put to one side when he takes the controls. the most important thing when you do a great flight is to follow the guidelines and express your emotions be they sad or happy only to you land and turn off the engine during the flight you have to be focused on performing the elements flawlessly and stay safe so if you is going to have fun. of course just watching isn't enough so off i went in
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a bright shiny fifty two with the arena at the controls and a leisurely two hundred kilometer per hour cruising speed it was clear that for the pilots it's more about finesse than g. force lindsey france r t moscow. some of the best moments in the skies the show today you can see the photos on our website right now i'll be in vision section is where you want to head plus. move will be on the bottom of the sea a new species of this brown and white shark has been discovered in waters near indonesia or china the creature uses its fins to move along the sea bed all that. well before we finish this latest update let's just go over the latest developments on syria that we've been learning about during these past couple of hours president obama has said that he does want a limited military strike against syria but will be seeking authorization from congress they're not in session until september the ninth we just learned that
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congress spokesman has confirmed that they will deal with that issue on that date as opposed to being called back in early and hasn't said exactly when the attack could take place and clearly a lot will depend on what happens at that session in just over a week from now we are of course closely following the developments here with our correspondents in damascus new york and washington and moscow. time now for stacy to take on the big bang because of wall street in the latest edition of the kaiser report that's next and i'll be back with more news more developments with the news team in just over half an hour from now.
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so the historic and for many americans tragic ruling in the bradley manning case just got a lot weirder because he has declared that he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea well i'm glad his lawyer got him to keep this revelation to himself until the end of the trial but sadly he really should have pushed for him to keep quiet about this just a bit longer why you ask because if there is one thing i know about the mainstream media is that the second sex is involved everything else instantly becomes a distant second case in point what is the legacy of bill clinton is that the job murderer who are sure to nafta no is it a violent foreign policy throughout the world somewhat similar to bush's and obama's in locations like haiti somalia in the balkans etc no his legacy is based on the least important sin he committed as a president cheating on his wife for the years couldn't wasn't office the lewinsky scandal just smothered everything else i am pretty sure that if i know the
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mainstream media they are going to use manning as gender confusion to overshadow and drown out everything else involved in the case but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser today we're going to talk about young people those to whom we bequeath this burnt out underfunded hollowed out bed ridden drug addled and old financial system pension system markets and infrastructure stacy herbert yes max we're going to talk about a generation the all should just do or run or because mom and dad and grandpa and grandma have left you with a big bill for all of their hollowing out hold the economy hold jobs.
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you know it's like back in the dust bowl days you know they had that woody. guthrie woody guthrie you know going around town to town with a little guitar talk about you know shellacked bangle and do gold well that's what we're going to talk about you know i was inspired by looking at the story from los angeles where they're selling three billion dollars worth of bonds to fix potholes now there are so many potholes there because they actually haven't fix the roads for up to sixty years in some places so they're piling on taxes in order to pay for all of these past few decades where instead of spending a very small amount to keep the roads maintained during the whole process they're cute the costs are massive because they let this whole system go to rot so they have to dig up all the roads and repave them so this is what we have in our financial system education system ecosystem everywhere you look is like we could have just spent a little tiny bit more.


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