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tv   Headline News  RT  September 1, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the world holds its breath out of a possible u.s. intervention in syria as president obama calls for military action but goes looking for approval from the congress. this sounds the russian president appeals to the american leader as a nobel peace prize laureate warning him over the grave consequences of the campaign against syria. and also this hour hike of radiation on the fukushima nuclear plant and levels are eighteen times higher than previously thought which could prove lethal within four hours.
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the latest news on the week's top stories we're watching our see the week here on our c with me you know thanks for joining. the u.s. president launch to launch a military strike on syria but he will still win a domestic political battle for that to happen barack obama seeking congressional approval for the top and congress will consider it for september the ninth washington wants to punish damascus for an alleged chemical attack but the evidence so far presented has left much of the world unconvinced montez from. obama said although he does believe that he has the authority to carry out a military attack without approval from congress he feels that the country would be strengthened by a public debate on the matter now the u.s. leader says that he feels absolutely comfortable carrying out a military attack against syria without the approval of the u.n. security council according to international law any military strike taken needs approval from the security council and a resolution to be adopted but u.s.
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officials believe that any security draft resolution allowing for the use of force against syria would be vetoed by russia and or china now obama says washington's planned military strike against the mask is not time sensitive meaning it could happen one week from now or one month from now but ultimately the u.s. president says that the syrian government of bashar al assad will pay consequences for allegedly using chemical weapons after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets and should not be an open ended intervention we would not put boots on the ground. instead would be designed to be limited duration and scope the white house released assessment of this use of chemical weapons on august twenty first and a countless amount of experts were not convinced by the intelligence that's been presented nowhere in the report to the us confirmed that assad that the assad
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government used chemical weapons instead the four page report used were being such as we assess with high confidence or multiple streams of intelligence indicate that this week also saw america's major ally britain opting out of military intervention in syria and nato also said it would not be participating in a potential military strike in the meantime the u.n. investigation team that recently returned from damascus has announced that the samples from the site of the alleged syria come syrian chemical attack will take up to three weeks and many countries as well as the un secretary-general ban ki moon have asked that no military action be taken before u.n. experts present their conclusion. and we're keeping track of everything that's going on around the world after that you are so now sometimes syria social media
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reaction acts but analysis and waiting for you. obama wanted to strike syria without consulting congress and france but changed his mind at the last minute that decision is in line with public opinion poll showed that eighty percent of americans believe the president should get the stamp of approval before military action but the majority of people in the u. are still don't want the country tucking syria while more than twenty percent in favor of military action over hope of those who participated in a religious pull against it and even if assad is implicated in using chemical weapons only thirty percent. when the us to then i talk syria france and taki are the only ones who are back in washington on base they were fish moment said no and most of see were his neighbors declines to provide support to political analyst patrick henningsen says chemical weapons use is just an excuse for the west to
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topple assad which has been their goal all along the big elephant in the room which none of the political classes neither in britain france or the united states want to mention is the forty thousand foreign jihadists fighters that have been imported into the country that have had the political backing essentially of the u.s. and the u.k. so if they're not going to address this problem it's not going to go away obviously those who are looking at this story for a few years now know that the stated policy from american u.k. is regime change and only recently we've seen this talk of chemical weapons despite the fact they've built a whole backstory for it politically obama right now is fully exposed so it all depends on the majority g.o.p. in congress whether they might seize this opportunity as labor did to regain some political capital that's been lost over the years but certainly led by john mccain
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and lindsey graham there is a republican campaign for intervention in syria that it's been going on for quite a few years now so it's very difficult to say it's i would say that it all depends on what happens over the next nine days a lot could happen domestically and internationally. and despite the fact it will be more than a week until the u.s. congress sets to make a decision on intervention in syria america's military in the region is already waiting for the green light to strike its naval forces in the mediterranean have been boosted to five destroyer as an amphibious assault ship with hundreds of marines on board officials try as the troops are not part of any military planning and just a precaution to destroy a spark some serious file power each of them carries up to ninety tomahawk cruise missiles they can strike see where from a save distance while dealing massive damage to the country singer authorities say the army is mobilized for intervention she's worried if an ocean is gauging the
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mood in damascus for us. i followed obama's message from the white house i was even with the syrians and i had a very good opportunity a chance to see their vivid reaction to their to read their faces and to see all the developments of emotions and feelings that i have to say that if at the beginning of a bomb a speech people were nervous and would tans and of course were frightened obviously what i saw at the end of the message from america was relieve what i saw in people's eyes because the president said that the u.s. should take a minute response to chemical weapons use in syria and that could happen to morrow next week or next month he'll see congress' approval for attacking syria and that manned delay for everybody here and many here are two good legs that strategy they say congress is unlikely to a group interaction against syria so there's
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a strike they've been waiting for several days and they this pressure had they been leavin. first announced about a possible strike against syria they can now forget about that at least for some time. and of course conform more a few notional twitter issues posting on the latest from damascus and earlier today she was reporting heavy artillery fire around the campus. of the in the. the u.s. be seeing it through drones have sparked warnings and harsh criticism of president vladimir putin said washington's assessment there from the government a hundred launched a chemical attack against its own people is utter nonsense thomas has more now on
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russia's reaction. moscow has been very busy this week urging the west not to intervene in the situation in syria vladimir putin spoke on the situation saying that the idea of the assad regime using chemical weapons that in country is ridiculous saying the situation on the ground just does not allow for it he said that the g twenty summit this week is a good place for the global leaders to discuss the situation in syria he also called on president obama as a nobel laureate not just as a fellow head of state a winner of the nobel peace prize to consider his actions and what it would mean for military intervention and more loss of life in the country the president said of course russia is against the idea of the use of chemical weapons but in this case that the global community needed to wait for the u.n. to do its job and then present evidence to the u.n. security council and then they would decide how to react in a lawful manner according to international laws and what he had to say about that when it comes to the stance of our american partners friends who are insisting that
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syrian forces have used w m d's in this case chemical weapons and stating to have proof they should demonstrate that proof to the u.n. inspectors and the security council because lames at the proof exists that cannot be shown to to secrecy studios stand up to criticisms it's disrespectful towards america's global partners if there is proof it has to be shown it is not showing it doesn't exist and the president also said that he was pleasantly surprised at the situation in the u.k. as the british parliament debated and then has voted down the idea of military intervention in syria right now the global community is waiting to see if the u.s. congress will follow suit and also continue in a spirited debate as obama has sent the idea of military intervention to congress. demonstrators all over the world have taken to the streets to speak out against an attack on syria protesters gathered in front of the white house after obama's
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announcement and there were also crowds in new york even before the u.s. confirmed its plans for military action more than a thousand were seen in london chanting hands off syria paris was the scene to similar protests somehow it up signs saying president all around is a terrorist along with david cameron and brock obama that statement was echoed in turkey as well britain's former first sea nord and security minister told us that the intervention could have unforseen consequences. the danger with saying we're going to use a limited surgical strike is all my experience of wars and i've been in them and in the lead up to them and i've been running them and things is to find that you have a lot of unintended consequences you think you're just going to do wonderful thing but actually things then happen expands we need to be very clear what is it we actually want to achieve what is the end state we want we need to have in place mechanisms militarily to ensure that things don't go beyond
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a certain degree but i'm not at all convinced that an attack would actually help the condition of the people within within syria we've seen what happened in iraq you know we've seen what's happened in afghanistan i have no doubt that the al qaeda group and there are a very large group i'm afraid in the opposition funded by people who haven't thought through what this really means would be delighted if america and britain and france attacked they would be delighted by it but that doesn't mean they like us and they want to actually have they oppose us and would like to do is farm but in a temporary basis that would suit them so we need to be very very careful how we actually act radiation levels at japan's devastated nuclear plant a figure or have increased by eighteen times we'll bring you the details on this shortly after a very short break. in cuba is not a failure of the cuban people it's
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a failure of sidel castro to come. when a sunset nation on sabotage backed by the officials both hostility and suspicion encouraged by the government these operations against cuba were known to the attorney general of the united states the president united states himself the defendant's intelligence arms had to infiltrate to resist. national agencies freedom fighters terrorists. who is kook. well no real terrorist please stand up on our cheek.
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you're watching the weekly on art see with me let's move on now radiation has spikes and japan's devastated nuclear plant at fukushima reading show levels in one of the stories tongue so contaminated water have multiple multiplied by eighteen times and that's enough to kill a man in just four hours this comes just after a massive leak of radioactive water a week ago which may have reached the ocean the plant's operator tepco has said it will invite foreign experts to help with tackle the ongoing problems dr robert jacobs who is a historian i've been here all peace institute believes it's quite likely that more incidents like these will occur. did so harder and harder for workers to work in
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these exposed areas so you have to cycle workers in and out each working a very very short bit of time so this is been an ongoing degrading situation in which from the start two and a half years ago the area has become more and more and more contaminated making it harder and harder and harder to simply carry out work as designed there's ground water moving through this area towards the sea this is not a new league but for two and a half years ground water has been moving through these buildings tempo is pumping out hundreds of tons of this groundwater per day to store so as you can see if you're pumping out hundreds of tons of groundwater per day it's a growing problem day after day after day needing new tanks and more tanks these tanks are being put up in an ad hoc manner and there's no way to stop this wound water the ground water simply moving to the ground is radiation simply entering the ocean they this is just the normal daily activity now at this point the real
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problem is were there to be another serious earthquake were there to be another serious catastrophic event you have all of these tanks with massive amounts of highly contaminated water that our subjects' to the same sorts of problems that happened when there were earthquakes earlier. under the screen and on the internet as well logos are also your call right now for more pictures and stories including it has the full if you're in a school or alone but now astronomers have spotted a book called rock and dice orbiting the planet over two billion kilometers farther from the sun than typical asteroids so go on line to check out why it's been given the ancient greek name of production in particular. and a major sneak from whistleblower edward snowden shows america conducted hundreds of cyber operations in one year alone with iran russia and china topping the list of hiking rates and read the full article on how to.
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download the official upload cation to you so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch your t any time anyway. greece's jaundice rate is continuing to rise with the latest e.u. statistics released this week pointing to another record nearly one point four million greeks are out of work today that's almost fifteen percent more than just three years ago back in twenty ten with the recession already taking its toll that employment rate was at almost fifteen percent but the number has only been increasing this year reaching the record book twenty seven point six percent young people appear to be the worst affected with nearly sixty five percent of those aged
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between fifteen to twenty four without a job they says greece is stuck and its sixth year of recession and faces needing another bailout next chair international lenders have already poured billions into rescuing its ailing economy its credit is already paid one hundred and ten billion years back in twenty ten greece accepted it will be x. on its spending and by embracing a star eighty and another one hundred thirty billion followed shortly after but public debt has only been growing in those three years at the beginning of the meltdown it rocketed to one hundred and twenty nine percent of the country's g.d.p. the extra aid boosted by more than a quarter also and journalist charles e. stefano believes the e.u. rescue package seems to have been a trap. what happened during the last two or three years during the so-called salvation period was that greece became a junkie or for foreign intervention and foreign help it's simply impossible
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anymore during the three hundred twenty billions and it was impossible even in two thousand and nine everybody knew that but they wanted to bring greece into the strap that help only foreign banks especially in germany france and some other countries the only shouldn't you should now it's to deform having the greek people in control of the procedure eurozone creates deficits and debts to the european very very well at the same time create services to the european core so we were saying from two thousand and nine two thousand then that we should leave the euro zone again in our therapist and not in terms imposed by berlin brussels or any other place in europe it destroyed again the infrastructure of the greek economy not only of the greek economy the same thing happened in spain portugal and ireland all the countries that took the strait jacket off. of the monetary union.
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there are only a few hours left for pilots to flex their wings of the mach twenty thousand and show one of the world's top aviation events and away just signed the washing capital showcasing all the latest airspace technology heavy rain may have been delayed performances but it hasn't kept the planes grounded she's post called is there for us. despite the disruption of the crowds that have gathered gathered the hearty souls that have remained have seen a number of displays from commercial aircraft acrobatic display teams as well as military aircraft as well the pic of which was probably the the acrobatic displacing the russian knights now they're part of the russian air force four of the planes came out they were meant to be. doing a display with the swifts another branch of the russian force but because of the bad weather that was unable to happen before planes came out on the other skills of the pilots were unsure of the perfect formations that they were flying in often
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disappearing unfortunately behind the think gray clouds above us but they were still performing some death defying stunts really and some moves that no doubt turn the stomach of the pilots commercially we saw the bus a three eighty which is a rather sizable plane to have flying around overhead and in terms of military we saw a showing of the t. fifty which is a stealth fighter that is going to be part of russia's af or scum two thousand and sixteen but it's not just other displays of course it's a big business contracts are being signed here it's important weekend in the aviation industry and around sixteen billion u.s. dollars worth of contracts had been signed on the hope is that more contracts and deals will be done in the final few hours raising that figure even higher and it's already a record breaking year for max in that respect with around a thousand representatives all representatives from around one thousand companies representing forty four different countries so it's a record breaking year for max as germany continues its nuclear power phase out in
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the wake of japan's fukushima disaster plugging the energy campus perving a tough time and there's now public storm bring our they wind turbines which are popping up across the country to meet the demand for power. want to found out why it's such a great idea is leaving on those seeing red. germany's wind farms are spinning out of control that's according to a new generation of don quixote's who feel hung onto dry by a lack of regulation on where windmills can be placed. it's turned into a nightmare for us we came here fourteen years ago and there were just two small wind turbines two years later the reform team since then another sixteen have gone up we moved here for tranquility and they have taken that away from us. one of the main problems for people living in this area is the she assignees of the new turbines that overshadow their homes come on in the north going to have been from
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march until the end of july we have a constant flickering in our kitchens it's very unpleasant you don't even want to breakfast there. germany has plans to increase the amount of energy drawn from the wind almost three fold over the coming years modern wind turbines are around two hundred meters tall that's roughly double the height of the statue of liberty and they're springing up all across the german countryside this is seen previously nonpolitical people become activists trying to fight against a green energy lobby they feel is out of control and against turbines that they say are causing real damage to human health. these low frequency sounds are just constantly in your hands and you feel it throughout your entire body when i can fall asleep it wakes me up in the night sometimes it feels like you can freeze i have a common most awesome playing i'm not going to eat when they're going around it's
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like there's permanent movement in my peripheral vision i work in this field and i understand that such movement has a real psychological effect on people it's not just that they're tall and noisy these massive new neighbors are also having a huge effect on house prices rocco is trying to move away from the turbines his house has been up for sale for the last five years without success and has become i've already calculated them into the asking price and if not half the price off i've had around fifty people come and look but no takers there's no concrete law in germany restricting where wind turbines can be built meaning in some cases they can spring up just two hundred fifty meters from residential areas but the semis of life and. he can be like this forever i don't want to leave but these noises make me sick but there have been times that i've sat in front of my house and cry. those
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cries being hood in the corydoras of poet though all the major policies in the upcoming election all stressing their commitment continuing jim in his race towards renewables which means more wind mills peter all of the r.t. germany. and the break is the true story of kievan spying and pay the price for trying to stand on us terrorism. so the historic and for many americans tragic ruling in a bradley manning case just got a lot weirder because he has declared that he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea well i'm glad his lawyer got him to keep this revelation to
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himself until the end of the trial but sadly he really should have pushed for him to keep quiet about this just a bit longer why you ask because if there is one thing i know about the mainstream media is that the second sex is involved everything else instantly becomes a distant second case in point what is the legacy of bill clinton is that the job murderer who are sure to nafta no is it a violent foreign policy throughout the world somewhat similar to bush's and obama's of locations like haiti somalia in the balkans etc no his legacy is based on the least important sin he committed as a president cheating on his wife for the years couldn't was an office the lewinsky scandal just smothered everything else i am pretty sure that if i know the mainstream media they are going to use manning as gender confusion to overshadow and drown out everything else involved in the case but that's just my opinion.
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when i was sleeping it was around six am. what i remember hearing on like someone breaking the law. although you know i was surrounded by people with machine guns helmets stuff you see in movies. they examined my mouth they seem to many james bond movies i thought i had signed up there. they told me i was under arrest i asked for walks they said you know. cubans busted here in the united states spying for fidel are they terrorists or freedom fighters .
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do you know the cubans ira. were they those guys that did play to us in the semifinals of the pan american games in the basketball tournament the five cuban five were defending their country against terrorists they had the cuban five other that's also been americans you know i haven't ever heard about the cuban five there that rock band right. i mean you know to cuban five. well you want to find out ok. ok the police are looking for you to deal with the terrorist groups in miami's of exiles with people planning attacks on the cuban people and foreign citizens inside cuba the cuban five every right to defend the cuban revolution the cuban revolution before my time.
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the story of the cuban five began more than fifteen years ago. nine hundred fifty seven i was a university student and i discovered that kids my age were fighting a guerrilla war in cuba i read the story in the new york times. the rebels were led by a young lawyer he dealt castro. the us government backed a loyal and very anti communist dictator full n.c.o. but east.


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