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tv   News Weekly  RT  September 1, 2013 12:44pm-1:01pm EDT

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welcome back to the weekly t.v. now the situation concerning gay rights in russia has been huge debate among activists politicians and even the fleet's a new law prohibiting gay propaganda to minors and sport calls for a boycott of the upcoming winter olympics in sochi in february when i discussed the issue with a panel of guests earlier this week. we have been accused of not covering this topic here on t.v. and just last week a freelance reporter by the name of james kirchick he brought our t. certainly into the spotlight didn't he with great star one has to say and he certainly made a very good. choice if you ask what you want to do twitter follower bump for him but to get to the point this by the way is our third panel on gay rights and i said but that's beyond the point kurtz that came on to r.t. to let us know what he thinks about our coverage or lack thereof of gay rights in russia and this is what happened you know being here on a kremlin funded propaganda network i'm going to wear my gay pride suspenders and
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going to speak out what about bradley manning plus i was there i don't i'm not really interested in talking about bradley i mentioned talking about being a riff environment of homophobia in russia right now and the russian gay people know that they have their friends and allies are i think those are just about. i only go on that station with the russians so i don't want to waste too much time my critic we did invite him to speak tonight he denied saying that he said in interviews around the world after this event that r.t. is not a legitimate news channel that he just believes it would be supporting putin and his mouthpiece and that he won't participate in discussions on our network to give it credibility but i think that we should not spend too much time talking about current you can talk about the real issues absolutely we invited peter tatchell who is with us now in london with regard to the anti gay law what it's basically says is that any information that makes homosexuality sound attractive or interesting or
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which says that homosexuality or heterosexuality is equally valid is illegal if a person under eighteen might witness it might witnesses and we know of at least two instances where people in russia have displayed signs saying things like homosexuality is normal and being arrested why shouldn't young people under eighteen know the facts of homosexuality and same sex love some of them move. or if not they will drop to know gay people they should know the facts the truth not about sex but about love between people of the same gender you quite rightly point to homophobic violence in russia but of course it's not just a problem here in the country i just like to give you some statistics about the problems elsewhere around the world in the u.s. for example sexual orientation ranks as the third highest motivator for hate crime incidents after race based on religion based attacks in new york alone and she gave
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crimes rose seventy percent this year according to local police let's look at the u.k. ninety eight hundred thirty can transfer crimes recorded each week across britain and compared to other types of hate crime the proportion of and to get taxes on the rise to now of course martin statistics in this piece is already highlighted the situation isn't good in this country we have to admit that the. you report a somewhat mixed report suggests that there is a vibrant gay community here but is it dangerous to be gay in the that's a very very difficult you know answer to give because in some ways i've lived here for eight years i had no trouble whatsoever many people could say well of course martin you live in an ex-pat bubble in the privileged lifestyle you know here but having traveled through seventy five regions of russia with much of a sure way for a few years ago i visited clubs all throughout russia so of course the violence happening there but it's for people to you know get the details wrong about what you know culturally socially stifel nicolaus would you agree you're going to go
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right here in russia what's your experience fighting for oil to be right some just fighting for human rights i have been doing this for years and what what is happening is just that i think activists in the west are just not listening to what we're saying here they are working to because of the vote because they want to because of the olympic games they want to do something by their own things but they never listen to the organizations and you're going to zation here in this country and what we're saying is that we have to do the olympic games in sochi we have to protest during this olympic games we have to raise this issues as much as possible during the olympic games and also the west have to do this during the olympic games there is no problem about this but why do we have to do it as a protest why do we have to charge after the russian people that their gay people that they are responsible for. the disruption of these olympic games we are not responsible for these we're just fighting for our rights and why did this law come into effect look at the impact it's had on particularly on the people in russia and its reputation abroad and yet i mean and this last. point why it was brought in is
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because russia is traditional i'm not going to lie russia has problems with homophobia but for me and what i wanted to ask actually nikolai is why russia why the focus around russia obviously in the problems you've been having and it's been going up and down on. social media the picture that is painted in the west is clearly very different that's why it's interesting to me where peter is getting these statistics that it's become worse that there's been attacks i mean have you heard have i said it's very sad because of people on the left. or to allegedly make it clear one thing is that there is a war which has legal implications and there is a law which has some many interpreting that is absolutely a tragedy one worse thing about the legal implications i can tell you this law is not that blind in practice the regional laws which are absolutely similar to the federal one are not applied in practice and the social consequences what's peter
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was saying i absolutely agree that these people who are doing these on the internet who are caressing young people who have to groups have to be brought to justice and this is absolutely any find in any in any country of the world and can we say that this is because of this specific it can be a consequences of this law because these people are getting a kind of blank for their illegal things for their illegal action same carte blanche that they have in australia with the gay panic law which no one is speaking about this is why is this about russia yeah you it makes that you're actually an active about russia or russia is now in the world spotlight because there is a lengthy games coming because it's the way to the next moment. to these topics obviously there is no other topic of human rights violations that will make such headlines around the world and that's what this headline is or talk about peter's experience you hear in two thousand and seven do you think the sentiment is change the toll since you're here because you were actually punched and we got some video footage of it let's have a quick look at the souls of what happened to you when you came here here it is can
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i explain to you i was merely standing in the street speaking to journalists the police allowed a mob of neo nazis and ultranationalist to walk through their lines and come and attack me what the film doesn't show is when i was dragged on the ground of being kicked and in fear of my life i was almost lost consciousness. and the police just stood there and watched and then when i heard a good beating and the police arrested me and loud my attackers to walk free another year i was in moscow i simply held a sign saying gay rights i was grabbed off the street by the police and arrested and detained for hours in a police station much worse happens to russians beaten people much worse and we've got to remember that this is not about western perspective this is about supporting the human rights of all russian people and it's not just about gay rights it's about the attacks on civil and human rights across all sections of russian society
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rather you're about to cross reaction of these is. the reaction of. homophobia is rife in this country that is one hundred percent true what i find it culturally interesting is that what is the why is the focus on russia when there are seventy six countries around the world that you know how far west laws to death penalty etc i guess is every single day from people saying how could you live in moscow the reality is that if two tourists or americans come to moscow if they have come in say the sense just like they will in any other country they will be safe. but i think you have a can i just we're not seeing we're not singling out russia we're not singling out russia here in london just in the last you may not see but they went through here is certainly is and i think i can tell you about some of his experiences that he's had with them not being interested guy you think you. know i mean i think i mean i'm going to agree with that homophobia is rife in this country i absolutely agree also with your point of two americans leaving here and not expressing their sexual
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orientation openly will be absolutely safe in this country and all these things about the talks about homophobia in this country if they're not involved in the public good t.v. they're not involved in the l.g.b. activism they will be absolutely free in this country and. will not be have any problems but what i'm saying that. also the point is that absolutely true we don't have the freedom of assembly this is not respected i mean we have lots of case of the european court of human rights on freedom of assembly and we won the case on the on the most pride is excellent absolutely if you don't know that it's wrong it's like most western media ok but just quickly my question tonight and i will not get an interview to western media outlets well i'm just telling you that i think that the whole picture is absolutely exaggerated it's not what they report is absolutely not true what they're saying is that basically everyone is being killed on the streets here one of my sensational stories. i mean i want to say i mean we i
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want what we want to say i'm here i mean i'm absolutely involved in all the public to t.v. you know probably one of my own not being rated by the police why am i not running a role why am i not now in new york why am i not now in london when i'm here in moore school in your studio fighting for your rights and talking about it right that's what i want to say absolutely and it's proof you're here and it's very happy to talk about it now peter just quickly you said that you were targeting russia does that mean that you don't agree with boycotting the olympics. absolutely boycott is not the right way that would punish us and of course many russian algebras asians have said they do not want to boycott to respect their wishes but we do believe the protests are necessary as they are against any and every government in the world that violates human rights will they be human rights of gay people or other people. i want to see i want to see an alliance in russia between gay and straight russians to defend freedom of expression for russian
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people peaceful people. russian consul general you have russia i have no idea where all that is trying to build a salience and then. we the gates open the door of the european court for the public for the freedom of assembly of all the russian people on this issue there is no problem when they're going to russia well that's what you do there are seventy percent of people we have to change and we have to fight for the change of the public opinion we have to persuade the politicians to change their opinion and to educate the russian population this is very important and i'm glad you will have because i was reading in one of the moscow newspapers that the opinion here is so conservative this is very young country only twenty years old it will take about fifteen years for it to a change its attitude if we didn't start it in two thousand and six it would never change if we didn't start this fight in two thousand and six we would not have the disease not the european court we would not have the un decision on one of the regional laws on gay propaganda we would not have maybe more cases that the
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european court what we want to do is find such a pride pride which will attract attention to those situation doesn't that then make the olympics about gay pride as opposed to about the athletes and then also doesn't that mean that western activists should be protesting the action of the world cup i know how to tell you but i think we really have run a time great to get all of you for thank you very much indeed. thank you all of these martin andrews and isa now and peter tatchell really appreciate your time as well live in london thanks so much for joining in this debate. and this is the weekly here in our t. will be consuming with the news for you in just a few minutes from now stay with us all the life here in moscow. he's blind. but he sees things that sighted people don't notice. he's
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the u.n. says it should be the only one to establish whether there has been a chemical attack in syria. john kerry claimed his intelligence agencies had proof. possible intervention in syria as president obama calls for military action but looks for approval from congress. meanwhile the russian president appeals to the american leader and nobel peace prize winner over the grave consequences of a campaign against syria. radiation at the fukushima nuclear plant. than previously thought which could prove a lethal.


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