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tv   News Weekly  RT  September 1, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the u.n. says it should be the only one to establish whether there has been a chemical attack in syria itself to the us secretary of state john kerry claimed intelligence agencies have you prove. this as the world holds its breath over a possible intervention in syria as president obama calls for more military action but looks for approval from congress. while the russian president appeals to the american leaders and nobel peace prize winner warning him over the grave consequences of a campaign against syria. and the warring rise in radiation at the fukushima nuclear plant levels are eighteen times higher than previously thought which could prove lethal within.
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the note back at the top stories for the past seven days and the latest developments this is the weekly on. the u.s. president wants to launch a military strike on syria but he wants to win a domestic political battle for that to happen barack obama is seeking congressional approval for the attack and congress will consider it on september the ninth washington wants to punish damascus for an alleged chemical attack but the evidence so far presented has left. us with more on this now from port not. obama said although he does believe that he has the authority to carry out a military attack without approval from congress he feels that the country would be strengthened by a public debate on the matter now the u.s.
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leader says that he feels absolutely comfortable carrying out a military attack against syria without the approval of the u.n. security council according to international law and a military strike taken needs approval from the security council and a resolution to be adopted but u.s. officials believe that any security draft resolution allowing for the use of force against syria would be vetoed by russia and or china now obama says washington's planned military strike against the mask is is is not time sensitive meaning it could happen one week from now or one month from now but ultimately the u.s. president says that the syrian government of bashar al assad will pay consequences for allegedly using chemical weapons after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets and should not be an open ended intervention we would not put boots on the ground. instead it would be designed to be limited duration and scope the white house
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released assessment of the use of chemical weapons on august twenty first and a countless amount of experts were not convinced by the intelligence that's been presented no where in the report did the u.s. confirm that assad that the assad government used chemical weapons instead the four page report used wording such as we assess with high confidence or multiple streams of intelligence indicate that this week also saw america's major ally britain opting out of military intervention in syria and nato also said it would not be participating in a potential military strike in the meantime the u.n. investigation team that recently returned from damascus has announced that atta lising the samples from the site of the alleged syria come syrian chemical attack will take up to three weeks and many countries as well as the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon have asked that no military action be taken before
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u.n. experts present their conclusion. that will secretive state john kerry said the u.s. has evidence that the sarin nerve agent has been used in syria that's despite the u.n. team not yet completing its own investigation with the world we're going to suppression of the results u.n. spokesman martin says he stressed the global body is the only one to establish the credible facts. the united nations mission is uniquely capable of establishing in an impartial and credible manna the facts of any use of chemical weapons based directly on evidence collected on the ground and that relates to chain of custody this morning as i'm sure you saw saw senator kerry said very specifically talked about blood and hair samples our girls dance at i understand you said it seems like your lab is moved pretty fast are you saying that their lab work is is is less than credible have they shared this evidence with the u.n. as the secretary general requested all i can do is repeat what i already said but
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the the united nations mission is uniquely capable of establishing in an impartial and credible manner the facts of any use of chemical weapons based directly on evidence collected from the ground ok and if the u.s. share any of this evidence that is described with the u.n. well as we've said repeatedly said member states are encouraged to share information information they may have with regards to alleged incidents. well we're keeping track of everything that's going on around the world after that u.s. announcement on syria social media reaction expert analysis and fresh updates waiting for you on r.t. dot com now obama wanted to strike syria without consulting congress at first but changed his mind at the last minute that decision is in line with public opinion one poll showed that eighty percent of americans believe the president should get the stamp of approval before military action but the majority of people in the u.s. still don't want their country attacking syria well twenty percent are actually in
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favor of military action over half of those who participated in a recent reuters poll are against it a sad is implicated in using the chemical weapons then less than thirty percent want the u.s. to attack syria france and turkey are the only ones who are backing washington on this while the british parliament has said no and most of syria's neighbors declined to provide support seamus milne is an associate editor at the guardian newspaper who thinks the focus shouldn't be on chemical weapons but on ending the conflict altogether one of the risks of this action and one of the reasons people oppose it not only that it won't achieve what it's aiming to do but will actually increase killing and spread the war but that not only the syrian government but its supporters both states and non-state actors in the region may well take retaliatory action but i think what really is missing from this debate at the moment is
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a serious focus on bringing the entire conflict to an end because the problem for most syrians is not chemical weapons however gruesome that may have been on this or even other occasions the problem is the huge scale of conflict death and destruction that has taken place in syria in what has become an increasingly be vicious sectarian war. despite the fact it'll be more than a week until the u.s. congress sits to make a decision on intervention in syria america's military in the region is already waiting for the green light to strike its naval forces in the mediterranean have been boosted to five destroyers now and then the abuse assault ship with hundreds of marines on board is also their official stressed that the troops are not part of any military planning and just a precaution the destroyers pack some serious firepower each of them carries up to ninety tomahawk cruise missiles now they can strike syria from a safe distance while dealing nassif damage to the country syrian president bashar
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assad says he's ready to cope with any external aggression there is gauging the mood in damascus. i followed obama's message from the white house i was in with the syrians and i had a very good opportunity a chance to see their vivid reaction to their to read their faces and to see all the developments of the motions and feelings that i have to say that if at the beginning of a bomb a speech people were nervous and would tans and of course were frightened obviously what i saw at the end of the message from america was relief what i saw in people's eyes because the president said that the u.s. should take a minute response to chemical weapons use in syria and that could happen tomorrow next week or next month he'll see congress' approval for attack in syria and that manned delay for everybody here and many here are two good legs that strategy they
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say congress is unlikely to a group interaction against we're so there's a strike they've been waiting for several days and they this pressure had they been leavin. first announced about a possible strike against syria they can now forget about that at least for some time. and you can follow the motion on twitter she's posting all the latest from damascus and earlier today she was reporting heavy artillery around the capital. in the. u.s. beating its war drums of sport warnings and harsh criticism in moscow president vladimir putin said washington's assessment the assad government would launch a chemical attack against its own people is utter nonsense thomas has more now on
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russia's reaction. moscow has been very busy this week urging the west not to intervene in the situation in syria vladimir putin spoke on the situation saying that the idea of the assad regime using chemical weapons that in country is ridiculous saying the situation on the ground just does not allow for it he said that the g twenty summit this week is a good place for the global leaders to discuss the situation in syria he also called on president obama as a nobel laureate not just as a fellow head of state a winner of the nobel peace prize to consider his actions and what it would mean for military intervention and more loss of life in the country the president said of course russia is against the idea of the use of chemical weapons but in this case that the global community needed to wait for the u.n. to do its job and then present evidence to the u.n. security council and then they would decide how to react in a lawful manner according to international law listen to what he had to say about
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that when it comes to the stance of our american partners friends who are insisting that syrian forces have use w m d's in this case chemical weapons and stating to have proof they should demonstrate that proof to the u.n. inspectors and the security council because lames at the proof exists that cannot be shown to to secrecy studios stand up to criticism is disrespectful towards america's global partners if there is proof it has to be shown it is not showing it doesn't exist and the president also said that he was pleasantly surprised at the situation in the u.k. as the british parliament debated and then voted down the idea of military intervention in syria right now the global community is waiting to see if the u.s. congress will follow suit and also continue in a spirited debate as obama has sent the idea of military intervention to congress. r.t. sean thomas there in voters who are against a military attack in syria or out in force all over the world these are the
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protests in cairo many arab league members currently meeting don't want a strike in syria the gulf states led by saudi arabia are backing military action earlier protesters gathered in front of the white house after obama's announcement and they were also crowds in new york even before the u.s. confirmed its plans for military action more than the bells and was seen in london chanting hands off syria in paris some held up signs saying president land is a terrorist along with david cameron and iraq a bomber and that sentiment was echoed in turkey as well britain's former first cedar wood and security minister told us that the intervention could have unforeseen consequences. the danger with saying we're going to use a limited surgical strike is all my experience of wars and i've been in them and in the lead up to them and i've been running them and things is to find that you have a lot of unintended consequences you think you're just going to do one little thing but actually things then happen expands we need to be very clear what is it we
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actually want to achieve what is the end state we want we have in place mechanisms militarily to ensure that things don't go beyond a certain degree but i'm not at all convinced that an attack would actually help the condition of the people within the within syria we've seen what happened in iraq you know we've seen what's happened in afghanistan i have no doubt that the al qaeda group and there are a very large group i'm afraid in the opposition funded by people who haven't thought through what this really means would be delighted if america and britain and france attacked they would be delighted by it but that doesn't mean they like us and they want to actually have they oppose us and would like to do is farm but in a temporary basis that would suit them so we need to be very very careful how we actually act. you're watching the weekly here in r.t. radiation levels at japan's devastated nuclear plant in fukushima have increased by eighteen times we'll bring you reaction on the story after the break.
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economic down in the final. and the rest i think it will be.
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weekly continues here in awe to the radiation has risen that japan's devastated nuclear plant at fukushima reading showed levels in one of the storage tanks of contaminated water have shot up by eighteen times now that's enough to kill an exposed in just four hours this comes just after a massive leak of radioactive water a week ago which may have reached the ocean the focus shima plant was damaged by a powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit japan in march two thousand and eleven. operator tepco announced on friday that it detected new radiation hotspots in parts of the compound where contaminated water is stored professor chris busby i spoke to
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a lawyer he's the son to fix secretary from the european committee on radiation risk it's next to impossible to control the situation at fukushima. radiation suddenly cannot increase unless something has suddenly happened and that something cannot be a leakage from the tank because gamma radiation goes straight through a tank the tank has only got very thin metal walls and as we know these metal walls will only attenuate gamma radiation by about five percent if even if it's one centimeter thick so although they may think that this is a leak from the tank and there may well be leaks from the tank this sudden increase to one point eight sieverts which is an enormously big dose in fact probably kill somebody and in two hours not four hours i mean nobody can go in to measure where these leaks are or do anything about them because anybody who approached that sort of area would would be dead quite quickly they would be seriously harmed i think it's likely that many people are going to die as a result of this just like that the liquidators died after chernobyl they will die
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over the next ten years or so nobody has actually realized how bad it is because the national nuclear destruction trying to play this down so much that they've sort of come to the idea that somehow it can be controlled was all along it could never be controlled and in fact i see a photograph in which the water in the pacific ocean is actually appearing to boil well it's not boiling but you can certainly see that it's hot steam is coming off the surface there's a fog condensing over the area of the of the ocean close to the reactors which means that hot water is getting into the pacific that means something is fissioning very close to the pacific if that graph i see is true they should now be evacuating people outside the hundred kilometers up to the hundred kilometer zone. and you can find more live updates on the emergency at focus on our website as well and here's what else online for you at the moment should you go on right now it had been thought your anus was all alone but now astronomers have spotted a lump of rock an ice age named trojan orbiting the planet over two billion is
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further from the sun than typical asteroids go online to check out why it's been given the ancient greek name in particular. plus the latest leaked from whistleblower edward snowden shows america conducted hundreds of cyber operations in one year alone with iran russia and china topping the list of hacking rates read the full article that story right now at r.t. dot com. download the official. yourself language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway. greece's jobless rate is continuing to rise with the latest used to to six released this week pointing to another record nearly one point four million greeks are out
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of work today that's almost fifteen percent more than just three years ago well back in two thousand and ten with the recession already taking its toll the unemployment rate was at almost fifteen percent but the number has only been increasing this year reaching the record of twenty seven point six percent young people appear to be the worst affected with nearly sixty five percent of those aged between fifteen to twenty four with out a job this is greece is stuck in its sixth year of recession and seems to need another bell next year well international lenders have already poured billions into rescuing its ailing economy its credit is already paid one hundred ten billion euros back in two thousand and ten greece excepted it had to wield the axe on its spending by embracing austerity and another one hundred thirty billion followed shortly after but public debt has only been growing in those three years at the beginning of the meltdown it rocketed to one hundred twenty nine percent of the
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country's g.d.p. the extra aid boosted that by more than a quarter one author and journalist. believes that the e.u. rescue package seems to have been a trap. what happened during the last two or three years during the so-called salvation period was that greece became. for foreign intervention and foreign help it's simply impossible anymore during the three hundred twenty billion saying it was impossible even in two thousand and nine everybody knew that but they wanted to bring greece into the strap that help only foreign banks especially in germany france and some other countries the only shouldn't. it's to do foreigners having the greek people in control of their procedure euro zone creates deficits and debts to the european very very well at the same time create services to the european core so we were saying from two thousand and nine two thousand and ten that we should leave the eurozone again in our therapist and not interim seen by berlin
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brussels or any other place in europe it destroyed again the infrastructure of the greek economy not only of the greek economy the same thing happened in spain portugal and ireland all the countries that took the strait jacket off. of the monetary union time now for some other news from around the world in our world update starting with this incredible dash cam footage from taiwan capturing a deadly double near misses the car in front gets hit by a landslide along the coastal road and then just narrowly avoids being crushed by a huge boulder because passengers miraculously escaped with only minor injuries the country remains on high alert as trench will downpours from tropical storm. continue to batter the island. now to pakistan where roadside bombs claim lives of at least nine people the blast happened when a convoy was passing through the northern province of was at
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a stand not far from the border with afghanistan at least twenty one soldiers were reported wounded the turbulent region seen a lot of violence attacks by both al qaeda and the taliban while u.s. drones hunting the militants often catch civilians in the crossfire on saturday a drone raid killed three foreign militants there. two hundred protesters defied france's ban on rallies against the new law on gay marriage to march in paris the demonstrators calling themselves by the name of night watchman closed their rally with a vigil in the center of the capital it was back in may that france's parliament approved same sex marriage amid mass demonstrations and unrest across the country. police in london are investigating after a series of islamophobia d.v.d.'s for sent to several mosques and muslim organizations in the british capital they contain pornographic and abusive images mocking the prophet mohammed as well as news footage about extremism incident as part of a growing wave of offensive acts towards british wasn't as cilia reports. my name
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is gavin baby and i'm the lawyer behind freedom foundation we start. that is we help local neighborhoods resist planning applications for mosques and we went that's now sixteen wins out of eighteen cases a controversial them somewhere further to the mosque buster objections raised by locals pertaining to mosques and clude traffic congestion on the general noise and disturbance which does concern people on the first one was the loss of the retail facility all of which are legal objections but he says his motivation is deeper than that islamic doctrine it is a wrong doctrine now exactly it's called for returning the shore if a catholic church was passing death sentences if a synagogue was blessing armies to commit acts of war. that has to be stopped when you have a man who is soon ideologically opposed knows little about these numbers faith
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maybe if you want he is suggesting that he doesn't give credence to some of those views really but the gruesome murder of a british soldier by self-confessed islamic fanatics fueled anti muslim sentiment on the muslim myself and. speaking to muslims across print on the cross you know the people are feeling vulnerable because the they do feel as if the muslim community is being picked on we have had instances where a local mosque had thrown into it last year after a decade of dispute the new and council rejected an application for a so-called mega mosque the site of which is just down the road over here it would have accommodated up to ten thousand worshippers the group that had campaigned against it called themselves mega mosque no thanks and some muslim groups have also opposed a project but beyond just the construction of mosques the polarized opinions but
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the spotlight once again on why. this is happening in the first place the polarization of opinion that we see i think is poor only to tea with a failure within multiculturalism most simply become the symbol i think for this greater hands on the table a recent you gov poll compared answers given by respondents in event by two thousand and twelve and may two thousand and thirteen and showed an increase in the number of people who agree that there will be a clash of civilizations between british muslims and native white britons in recent times a growing number of voices have stated that multiculturalism has failed as a concept which is a controversial way to put it but what's certain ignoring this issue both make a clash of cultures and less likely just are so you are to london. well still ahead for you in the weekly this issue of gay rights in russia has been sparking international controversy in about twenty minutes from now you can catch his latest
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panel discussion on that how it compares to what's happening in other countries and what it has to do with these sorts of impacts will next there it's all the latest from the world of business in venture capital with katie building that's after this short break. many gay bars are starting to refuse to sell russian vodka as a means of protesting the homosexual propaganda laws in russia as i've said before boycotts are a great way to put pressure on people but are they putting pressure on the right people not only is it racist to assume that hurting the vodka flow will deal a massive blow to the russian economy but it is also racist to think that any vodka with a russian sounding name is itself russian and many videos angry gay bartenders were pouring stolichnaya vodka which should be pronounced by the way onto the ground in a fury but if those bartenders would take
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a closer look at the labels they would see that exported stoli is produced and bowed in latvia by the s.p.i. group not in russia also according to the n.p.t. group beverage alcohol report the most popular vodka in america with a russian sounding name is smeared off which is british owned and produced and bottled in various countries around the globe including the usa itself we do support the american worker people have to panic over the hip and trendy scandal of the month but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that homosexuality itself is legal in russia and is punishable in many other countries including a death sentence in some of them and yet russia gets all the attention if people really wanted to effectively boycott any country with any laws even hinting against homosexuality they would have to hit them where it hurts and stop getting natural resources imported from countries like russia saudi arabia venezuela and iran and so on and so on that is a vastly more difficult proposition than pouring american made vodka onto the
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sidewalk but that's just my opinion. so now we have a whole poll. toxin in the blood of our fetuses which get to be a brain because there's no blood brain barrier developed at that stage. thank you. i. tell you that was the but i kept it with me thank you for being this we previewed the deep cut me up in the fifty's exact mind you know that from the top of the agenda about want more on the in the work you have to keep your eye tally for the better week of course with the more details on that one the. way turkey and with me your comments think how much money you've got that there is
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a market and i'll get you back up. and say i have a western military action against the syrian government this week resulted in turmoil in the financial world with oil spiking to a six month high and investors pulling out of global axes with concerns that an attack on syria will bring about serious consequences and threaten global supply meanwhile safe havens gold and u.s. treasuries as investors proceed with caution so for more on markets reaction to the political rhetoric over syria and joined by mike ingram from b.b.c. partners it has been a tumultuous week for the market says been a lot going on can you just start off by telling me the general for the anxiety what is a general feeling in the financial world at the moment in response to what's happening . well i mean i think you know the prop.


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