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affectively boycott any country with any laws even the hinting against homosexuality they would have to hit them where it hurts and stop getting natural resources imported from countries like russia saudi arabia venezuela and iran and so on and so on that is a vastly more difficult proposition than pouring american made vodka onto the sidewalk but that's just my opinion. going on and on the obama administration's continued insistence that the syrian regime must be punished for alleged use of chemical weapons has convinced few of washington's traditional allies the americans have said they will strike syria on their own if they have to what does this say about america's standing in the middle east and the future of international long. when i was sleeping it was around six am.
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what i remember hearing on like someone breaking the law. although you know i was surrounded by people with machine guns helmets stuff you see in movies. they examined my mouth seemed to many james bond movies i thought i had signed up there. they told me i was under arrest i asked for walks they said you know. cubans busted here in the united states spying for fidel are they terrorists or freedom fighters. do you know the cubans i was. going to those guys to play the u.s. in the semifinals of the pan american games in the basketball tournament the five
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a cuban five were defending their country against terrorists they had a cuban five other that's also been americans know that i haven't ever heard about the cuban five there that rock band right. i mean you know to cuban five. would you want to find out ok. ok the police going to tell you what they did with the terrorist groups in miami's of exiles in cebu planning attacks on the cuban people and foreign citizens inside cuba the cuban five every right to defend the cuban revolution the cuban revolution before my time.
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the story of the cuban five began more than fifteen years ago. nine hundred fifty seven i was a university student and i discovered that kids my age were fighting a guerrilla war in cuba i read the story in the new york times. the rebels were led by a young lawyer del castro. the us government backed a loyal and very anti communist dictator. but the stuff. we have a lot of that you. will gladly sell for. already and there are new law you don't think.
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that we pick up that. up. well up. north and then i was part of castro's generation. and openness and i was president of the accountant school. we opposed but he stood the dictator. they. all are affectionate and business classes. we're all against but. the. life we're good for. are far worse than expected to us sugar. boat people. and then be a sports car. for
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a. time we will. really. have anything and everything to do good golf and we had. my grandmother took me to cuba the hometown it was just before the revolution. and i'll never forget my very astute grandmother telling me a thirteen year old watch out for the prostitutes and again with no. organized crime have taken over the city. yet the mafia built the hotels you still see and have. a lot of.
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who would have believed that such a ragtag operation could succeed. but it did. purple water when we emerged as cubans on that day. when i wake up it was a day of dignity patriotism and soul going to be about that it will be those who wait and. you know maybe one of the revolutions important acts in those first few weeks was to eliminate the gangsters and the rackets. impose naturally this provoked angry protests from the u.s. government only.
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human revolution generates a process of social changes. this brought the first wave of migration to miami. the corrupt officials torturing. my father was a colonel in cuba and he left that night that that president but he still left. i remember i was seven years old when castro came to power and i remember mobs outside my home. our house was surrounded sag we were searched constantly so that's the image that i have of the revolution
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people were being imprisoned the fact that people were being everything was taken away from them. without trial for or without a recent. the revolutionary prosecutor had presented evidence that the men on trial had participated in torturing tens of thousands and killing some twenty thousand people suspected of antibodies to activity. the revolutionary court acquitted thousands of former batiste police and military officials but executed some five hundred others. some former but tista military and police officials who launched attacks from miami trying to bring down the revolutionary government you out in the exiles didn't just threaten they took action. usually in mid october of one nine hundred fifty nine they flew b.
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twenty six's from the u.s. to bomb have vana. either since the revolution took power. in or we had to do more than denounce the attacks that. we had to send our people there. cuba complained to washington about allowing cuban exiles to use south florida bases to bomb the island secretary of state christian herder raise the issue with the president eisenhower responded why don't the cubans just shoot the planes down . but eisenhower didn't stop the raids and cuba began heavier infiltration of its agents into the violent groups in miami. that would be an event a second migration comes in the one nine hundred sixty s. and the opera be able to see him as a merchant once he came to the u.s.
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. the people who fled cuba fled castro came primarily to florida. were greeted with open arms in march one thousand nine hundred sixty president eisenhower ordered the cia to launch a covert operation to overthrow the cuban government it would be based in miami and use cuban exiles as the shock troops. they were recruited and trained by the u.s. government and the idea was to support them in overthrowing castro get rid of this communist is. springing up play it like a weed in our hemisphere a manifestation code name j.m. wave was the second largest in the world outside of the headquarters in langley. so you can imagine what kind of tentacles that had throughout the community but
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case office for cubans and. miami was essentially like i fantasize gus how blunt i was doing the war. back when the war in the second whole war. nobody was concerned about the employment of the cia and i mean in those days because as i say the cold war was at its pay there was this undercurrent of and trade get when exiles plotting to do it on their own or plotting to do it with the say i station. first i supported castro's revolution. you know it then i said you know this man's a dictator. i thought he'd become a real communist dictator i'd become important to the anti castro underground if you know more and more especially asked if i'd work with him. and.
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he invited me to lunch at la florida if we wanted. i mean. he said he worked for an intelligence agency it was obvious it was the cia . his intention was to create a psychological war. and i'm going to hang. out on my merry way to spread a rumor to provoke more fear of the government. to destabilize the cuban government but we force a lot of people believe that. the state you know parents would control children's education by this caused a huge panic this was the origin of the campaign known as pedro pan. i was thirteen years old. by the fall of nineteen sixty the central intelligence agency decided that it was in the interests of the united states.
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to get children all of the upper middle class out of cuba. we call it. a project put together by. the church with assistance from the cia no question about it. some fifteen thousand kids came to the us. we have a whole poking toxin in the blood of our fetuses which gets in their brain because there's no blood brain barrier developed at that stage. this
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well. science technology innovation all the list of melanin still around russia we've got the future covered. by nine hundred sixty it became clear the cuban revolution showed blatant disrespect not only for washington's policy preferences but for private property in general. hospital as followers bury american business and dump the symbolic caskets into the sea. in early one nine hundred sixty the cold war entered the equation when the soviet union offered to sell cuba low priced oil washington ordered the u.s. refineries in cuba not to process it. to go away are nationalizing only assets of the texaco and as so oil companies. that is what i was press conference president eisenhower i'm not supposed to was assigned chair of the united states should hear about it has been cut in reply to
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my you know how strong deliberate policy i was going to. castro responded by nationalizing all u.s. property in cuba. eisenhower imposed a commercial and credit embargo on cuba. under the radar however the cia made a major change in its plan to overthrow the cuban government. the original plan for the bay of pigs right and fell trade and set up work with the grill as it were already operating mostly in the us calm brian has turned cuba but then and november of the fall of sexting somebody decided to change the concept and recruit a lot more people and then as a strike force many of the participants in the bay of pigs were on that landing force because i had known them personally in cuba and i had recommended on
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a number of occasions that such and such a person would be a good man to have in the brigade i started training for the operation that later became very effective the beginning he was not going to be an invasion it was going to be and insurrection from inside using our sas to do this fear head. on january second one nine hundred sixty one feet of constant cold the u.s. embassy a nest of spice. limit to what the united states and self respect camp endure that limit has now been reached. our friendship but of course not affected. kennedy continued to pursue the covert plan to send
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a force of cuban exiles to invade the island. i was in cuba in one thousand nine hundred sixty one and like everyone else there i knew an invasion was coming but where and when. i watched militiamen planting dynamite under bridges and installing anti aircraft guns along the coast. cia backed exiles assassinated cuban schoolteachers and militiamen. they burned cane fields and tried to sabotage sugar mills and oil refineries. shortly before the invasion kennedy ordered that no u.s. air support be given to the invasion force. that's begun on the dictatorship. mediately we got involved in the first firefight which was
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a cold that was guarding the city or the overall column apply a dome and and therefore after that we started them moving in then we found the first resistance at one am in the morning and wednesday the nineteenth i was awakened by a call from the white house it was mack bundy he said i am in the president's office and he would like to have you come down here soon as. when i arrived in the president's office president was concerned it sharpened his comment. it was increasingly clear even with the breakdown of communication that things were going badly. no one knew. to see the american ships on the horizon and people were trying to get in whatever boats they could find to try to reach them but the fact of the matter there were too few rope boats and there was just not enough time when that broadcast came from the
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beach and the leader said we're standing in the water and there's nothing else we can do and first we were inside this once and no. more mount and we were looking at the beach and then you know castro was coming into the been sitting on top of the tank for a few minutes who were debating would take a shot at him and try to kill him we had him in the fight you could have said. proposition to begin with but i guess kennedy was not altogether with the idea that ration should take place or that castro should be the post so one day he decided to get rid of us and that's precisely what he did. he believed that i was not being bombed or had not turned the words communism.
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the americans were just really baiting. these was not a product of ideology was a problem of interest be in effect i. asked call ups we were copping a place cold candle. the kids basically freaked out because now they came to the really safe and that then i'm going back home. there's no saying that. victory has a hundred bobbins in the meetings and often the immediate mood of the white house in the weeks that followed the bay of pigs was a mixture of anger frustration there's little doubt then that. ultimate objective remained the same which was a overthrow cuban revolution the castro regime and i are pigs failed and then it became obvious that the only way to win was to execute the tyrant yes to
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assassinate fidel castro. and it does it was the first attempt was made at the presidential palace when i was here because in york we. i was recruited by the cia by cardinal harold bentsen. later we identified him when you put. as david i believe phillips also known as morrie spaceship. i had been stationed in cuba in one nine hundred fifty five fifty eight i was there fifty nine and sixty before i had to leave rather abruptly i had an affinity for cuba the cuban people are more. moment every occasion his interest was fidel one when leaving where is fidel going to walk our feet els itineraries clearly they intended to assassinate him these
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operations against cuba were known to the attorney general of the united states the secretary of defense the secretary of state and the president for national security affairs the president united states himself. castro could not defend against these attacks so he tried diplomacy. in august one thousand nine hundred sixty one he dispatched che guevara to meet with kennedy's advisor richard goodwin in or of why . the two men met in secret during which che made it clear cuba could loosen its ties with the soviets stop supporting revolution in latin america and compensate the american companies that had expropriated if the united states would stop its aggressive behavior and resume trade with cuba kennedy was very interested but the rooms were of the bay of pigs for the united states were much
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too raw to think of beginning discussions at that point in the weeks following cuba's diplomatic gesture cia backed raids against cuba increased castro then turned to a dramatic form of deterrence from moscow the soviet union began to secretly install nuclear missiles in cuba for thirteen days the world nervously waited. would the missile crisis end with nuclear war but kennedy and khrushchev resorted to diplomacy instead the soviet union would withdraw its missiles from cuba kennedy would remove u.s. missiles from turkey and not invade cuba. despite with president kennedy had promised to. the christian off on. agreeing to get the missiles out of cuba. we suddenly were found again a new boss came in and we were back in action again to get rid of castro the castro
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regime. and it was during this period that we ended up with what was called the autonomous groups. to involved operations against against cuba provide money and materiel in any way to these groups do not try to direct them do not try to tell them what to do and do not ask them what they are doing the cubans were going to run their own operations and they did and if it was a disaster. the plainly from for its bombing mission i feel hollow and i was going to be the plane left from a secret base log or you go on and. read about nine bombing. of the above or this never for the right place we did one thing on a materiel we told them where to but buy their weapons and not get rooked.
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by the mid one nine hundred sixty s. the cia officials had left miami. but the culture of violence they had nurtured remained in the further away they got from being able to realize their goal they began at some point in time they just begin to morph into regular criminals. they are the children who raised in the twenty's and thirty's and forty's and saw all political gangsterism. as a means to money and to power some of them were politically illiterate it's the old story of give to the end i castro freedom movement. or suffer the consequences my father always said i remember even as a small child say he never feared debating somebody who was a radical or
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a communist he only feared not being allowed to debate so my father did not cooperate with the terrorist and repudiated the dictatorship in cuba it was a moral position to take but it also made him a target for the extremist and on april thirtieth of one nine hundred seventy six he was a victim of a terrorist attack that cost him both his legs and nearly as life. i would work again i would be on my feet again ok. captain there seems to be. just an unusual amount of bombings in dade county over the past few years what's been the record year our biggest years back in one nine hundred sixty eight we had forty four bombings this year so far we've had twenty three i think i would point in the one nine hundred seventy s. miami was having more bombings than you would find in belfast or in beirut they even bomb planted to be divisions in the big period of that it isn't in miami one
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of the bombs they place the air. back in the late seventy's wasn't the f.b.i. office. that was as a message to the u.s. government saying wait a minute. we were on you were on your side were your people and now you're persecuting the violent exiles carried out dozens of attempts in miami new york new jersey and puerto rico. but their main target remained the same kind allusive. what i mean here is of course the bail out in the united states with eighty five percent of the population being strongly against that and all things in and simak write a constitution and the will of the people could prevent the government from actually implementing now we have created a system that is against the will of the people so that is too big to fail we've jailed no bankers that committed these heinous acts which destroyed trillions of
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dollars of wealth and so it does bring into question the very strength of democracy right now i would argue that it's quite weak. the bible says many times that god is the father of all since. i'm sure he told me to sift. children. straight from the orphanage that you know in time this is just bullshit so nobody needed me and my fellow pilgrims' pasta. my dad is probably the kindest soul in the world. he can't abandon a child he knows that they wouldn't survive so he in jurors to the end. dream can
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be summed up in just a few words russia and the world was no wolf and we don't want any children to wake up in orphanages firmly believe that the parents out there every child speed up my goals. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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like. the un asserts that only it is able to provide a credible answer on whether toxic gas was used in syria last month as the us wraps up its case for military strike while continuing to blame the assad regime. appears as members of the arab league refused to go along with syria attacking putting iraq which is still witnessing the effects of the u.s. led and. asian their. radiation levels skyrocketed japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant is reading show exposure could cause death in as little as four hours . on the merkel says that death stricken greece may need a third bailout as the country struggles to meet the terms of current payments and unemployment continues to be the highest in the e.u. .


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