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from a reference to. the un asserts that only it is able to provide a credible answer on whether toxic gas was used in syria last month is of us ramps up its case for military strike while continuing to blame the assad regime. members of the arab league refused to go along with the syria attack including iraq which is still witnessing the effects of a u.s. led invasion. routinely radiation levels rocketed japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant his readings show exposure could cause the death as little as four hours. says debt ridden greece may need a third bailout despite the country already struggling to meet the terms of current payments and its jobless figures remaining the highest in the e.u.
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. seven am in moscow i am at present bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news after being turned down by key international allies president obama moved to gain domestic support for a strike on syria asking congress to ok an attack aimed at punishing the assad regime for allegedly using chemical weapons last month lawmakers will debate the issue when they return from the summer recess on september ninth marina porton has more. obama said although he does believe that he has the authority to carry out a military attack without approval from congress he feels that the country would be strengthened by a public debate on the matter now the u.s. leader says that he feels absolutely comfortable carrying out a military attack against syria without the approval of the u.n.
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security council according to international law any military strike taken needs approval from the security council and a resolution to be adopted but u.s. officials believe that any security draft resolution allowing for the use of force against syria would be vetoed by russia and or china now obama says washington's planned military strike against the mask is not time sensitive meaning it could happen one week from now or one month from now but ultimately the u.s. president says that the syrian government of bashar al assad will pay consequences for allegedly using chemical weapons after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets and should not be an open ended intervention we would not put boots on the ground. instead our action would be designed to be limited duration and scope the white house released assessment of the use of chemical weapons on august twenty first and
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a countless amount of experts were not convinced by the intelligence that's been presented no where in the report to the us confirmed that assad that the assad government used chemical weapons instead the four page report used wording such as we assess with high confidence or multiple streams of intelligence indicate that this week also saw america's major ally britain opting out of military intervention in syria and nato also said it would not be participating in a potential military strike in the meantime the u.n. investigation team that recently returned from damascus has announced that atta lising the samples from the site of the alleged syria come syrian chemical attack will take up to three weeks and many countries as well as the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon have asked that no military action be taken before u.n. experts present their conclusion well storing washington's case for intervention
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and secretary of state kerry claims the u.s. has samples of blood and hair that tested positive for signatures of the sarin nerve agent raised questions about the speed of the analysis and after the un's own inspectors said it will take up to three weeks to reach a definitive conclusion about the alleged attack u.n. spokesman martin a serious q. stressed the united nations is the only body with the authority to establish the facts this morning as i'm sure you saw secretary kerry said very specifically talked about blood and hair samples teams like their labs move pretty fast are you saying that their lab work is is is less than credible have these shared this evidence with the u.n. as the secretary general requested all i can do is repeat what i already said that the united nations mission is uniquely capable of establishing impartial and credible manner the facts of any use of chemical weapons very stark you know no evidence collected from the ground. ok and is the u.s. shared any of this evidence that is described with the u.n. well as we've repeatedly said member states are encouraged to share
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information information they may have with regards to alleged incidents u.s. confidence in its intelligence has failed to convince much of the american public that intervention in syria is a needed numbers show that the majority of people still say they don't want the u.s. stepping into a conflict with a middle eastern country while twenty percent are actually in favor of military action and more than half a participated in a reuters poll say they are against it and even if assad is implicated in using chemical weapons less than thirty percent think the u.s. should then attack syria richard becker from the antiwar answer coalition says the u.s. doesn't have a legal basis to punish damascus. first of all it doesn't it defies logic that the assad government would have used chemical weapons at exactly the moment that they were winning and the un inspectors were there but secondly even if the that had happened the united states does not have the authority it's not the cop of the
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world to be able to go in and attack any country and syria has not threatened and cannot threaten the united states if they launch a war that it would not only be reckless it would also be lawless and it would also have unforeseeable consequences as all wars do before they begin with a little more than a week left before congress meets to decide on a syrian intervention in washington nevertheless his blue suit boosting its military presence in the region defense officials say the nuclear powered u.s.s. nimitz aircraft carrier is on its way to the red sea this on top of five destroyers already in the mediterranean plus an amphibious assault craft with hundreds of marines aboard officials stress the troops aren't part of any military planning just a precaution they're destroyers packing some serious firepower each carrying up to ninety tomahawk cruise missiles that can strike syria from a safe distance while dealing a massive damage to the country meanwhile the possibility of a u.s. strike has been met with a strong opposition by some major regional players an emergency meeting of the arab
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league saudi arabia called for members to back a strike against a mask is because our teams policy reports it was rejected by countries including egypt lebanon and iraq. regional leaders are warning the united states not to attack damascus warning that this could lead to massive violence now as you can well imagine the mood on the ground is extremely tense we hearing from the iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki urging the united states not to carry out any kind of military action this is noteworthy of course because iraq is a country that was invaded under somewhat similar circumstances and that invasion was to establish a so-called democratic government and it's now the government that is urging the united states not to carry out any kind of military action to create the same kind of scenario at the arab league meeting on sunday in cairo the iraqi foreign minister voted against any green light for military action inside syria we've also heard from jordan warning that it will not allow its
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a space to be used in any kind of military strike on syria with the jordanian government spokesperson saying that jordan too will not participate in any kind of strike against damascus so as you can see a lot of consensus in the region against any kind of u.s. intervention in syria those against a military action in syria are holding a mass protests in cities across the world in turkey riot police dispersed those rallying in support of damascus security forces also blocking the entrance to istanbul's goes to prevent demonstration there in the u.s. people took to the streets expressing their opposition to a possible attack on syria protesters gathered in front of the white house after obama's announcement about a strike and crowds turns out also in new york earlier in paris marchers held side of the president francois law and david cameron and barack obama terrorised the u.s. administration's eighty's syrian writer and sparked warnings and criticism from moscow as well president vladimir putin saying washington's assessment the assad
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government had launched a chemical attack against its own people is quote nonsense or to use sean thomas reports. moscow has been very busy this week urging the west not to intervene in the situation in syria vladimir putin spoke on the situation saying that the idea of the assad regime using chemical weapons that in country is ridiculous saying the situation on the ground just does not allow for it he said that the g twenty summit this week is a good place for the global leaders to discuss the situation in syria he also called on president obama as a nobel laureate not just as a fellow head of state a winner of the nobel peace prize to consider his actions and what it would mean for military intervention and more loss of life in the country the president said of course russia is against the idea of the use of chemical weapons but in this case that the global community needed to wait for the u.n. to go. it's to the u.n. security council and then they would decide how to react in
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a lawful manner according to international law listen to what he had to say about that when it comes to the stance of our american partners friends who are insisting that syrian forces have use w m d's in this case chemical weapons and stating to have proof they should demonstrate that proof to the u.n. inspectors and the security council the claims that the proof exists that cannot be shown to to secrecy studios stand up to criticisms it's disrespectful to lose america's global partners if there is proof it has to be shown it is not showing it doesn't exist and the president also said that he was pleasantly surprised at the situation in the u.k. as the british parliament debated and then voted down the idea of military intervention in syria right now the global community is waiting to see if the u.s. congress will follow suit and also continue in a spirited debate as obama has sent the idea of military intervention to congress we're keeping an eye on the syrian crisis on our team you can also find the latest
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developments on our web site r.t. dot com bring you live updates on the issue as well as expert analysis and international still ahead for you this hour of video nasties a series of anti muslim d.v.d.'s sent to mosques are cross london sparking fears are growing and two muslim backlash after attacks by extremists plus. a report from the spectacular girls in the spills on the last day of the match twenty thirteen air show in your moscow coming your way in a couple of minutes. going
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on you know the obama administration's continued insistence that the syrian regime must be punished for alleged use of chemical weapons has convinced few of washington's traditional iowans the americans have said they will strike syria on their own if they have to what does this say about america's standing in the middle east in the future of international law. more news today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. for asians are today.
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thirteen minutes past the hour radiation in japan's devastated fukushima nuclear plant reaching lethal levels with with readings eighteen times higher than previously thought exposure could lead to death within just four hours this after a massive radiation leak of water a week after which may have reached the ocean the fukushima plant damaged by a powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit japan in march two thousand and eleven plant operator tepco when i was friday that it detected new radiation hot spots in parts of the compound were contaminated water is stored independent nuclear consultant sean bernie says tepco has lost control of the crisis which could have been worse than sure noble. the chair will be needed as if you see it again with a very complex three reactor meet and speak to us seek to be good enough workers incite the workers don't get a d.c.s.
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that you're not being told about it but they know. and you words this is a plenty more is needed to get worse the longer we didn't wait we get it. the amount on street. seems to be as much caesium it's very dangerous you don't get to see times as much as we speak by the accident he's thrown. in the train she eats shoots. for other stories that you won't find on air click on r t dot com right now in the in motion section of our website come rain or shine this looks like rain this time it will be the military bands from around the world turning out in their fiery for the rehearsals to delight the crowds in red square plus zero stone a new study reveals that britain has the highest levels of addiction on the continent at the details on our website.
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germany's chancellor on the merkel's admitted that debt stricken greece may indeed need a third rescue package earlier the greek finance minister tried to downplay the ongoing speculation the saying if the country needs additional help in the future the sum will be significantly less than the two hundred forty billion it's already secured greece got its first ballot of one hundred ten billion euros back in two thousand and ten athens accepted it had to cut spending and by embracing austerity and another one hundred thirty billion followed shortly after but the public debt has only been growing in those three years at the beginning of the meltdown it rocketed to one hundred twenty nine percent of greek g.d.p. the extra aid boosted by more than a quarter meanwhile the painful austerity measures and job cuts have pushed unemployment rate in the country to becoming the highest in europe. back in two thousand and ten with the recession already taking its toll unemployment was at fifteen percent but that number has only been rising the series a record of twenty seven point six percent young people the worst affected nearly sixty five percent between ages eighteen and twenty four don't have jobs and this
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summer the government passed another bill that could see tens of thousands of public workers put out of work earlier my colleague kevin owen and marty's ever going to have talked about whether in financial help is worth its price. quite a lot of people are being affected these layoffs clearly are aimed mainly at the public sector and the public sector traditionally is the foundation of the greek economy and that's why so many people are taking to the streets to protest these my let's let's go to our cities kind of guilty we've spoken to many times before every time we've talked about the huge amounts the billions being poured into greece meant to nationalize it is. illegal there you seen it first hand that you know the guys he's talking to at least a pretty depressed they don't see light at the end of the tunnel your enough is what you'll view well it is obvious by now. the whole scenario adopted for greece has been like a the straw for. this by those huge huge bailout loans greek debt
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is the very high we have reached a peak over three hundred twenty one billion euros did so that means that we're much worse than when the debt crisis started the bailouts were bad the bailouts were carolan who said if european studies in brussels there. was it pouring good money after bad do you think you're a proponent of the bailout on the turn and it would have been much worse much worse situation i don't think from greece you have to look very far you simply look to bulgaria for example to see i mean the whole much worse it could have been a sale today living standards in reserve are higher than they are in bulgaria is greece were to have left the euro zone and that's why i'm in favor of further beno i think it's a disastrous idea once you realized you've made a mistake you should stop doing it it is very simple the bailout is not helping the greek people we've just seen the images of people homeless people living in shelters losing their jobs cannot pay their rent their pension funds are
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disappearing now the bailout money is not aimed to help the greek people it is a. huge rescue package for bags just because who has benefited who has been. most not the banks but i think germany has benefited most from the euro zone that's why i see the us come painting on staying within the euro zone and that's why merkel has forty percent of the approval rate because germany is thriving germany exports all over europe and they are have a disability interest in having a stable currency zone. to london to brussels i can only say that he is looking at the completely wrong end of the stick simple is that the euro was a political project it never had any financial standing. and he is supporting a political decision not the economy and germany is has vowed to cover twenty six percent roughly a quarter of the bailout money that is going to greece now we're looking at two hundred fourteen billion that means german taxpayers in the end will have to pay
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for sixty billion euros this money is badly needed in germany our infrastructure is suffering the railway system needs. investment so does the famed out to bonn and the industry. i think missed the greek colleague is only rook looking at this one side of the coin and not seeing and not realizing the long term effects. turning now to some other stories making global headlines this hour beginning in egypt where the president mohamed morsi will stand trial with fourteen other muslim brotherhood members on charges of inciting murder accusations stemmed from violence near the presidential palace in cairo last december the left seven protesters dead demonstration was triggered by morsi decision to expand his powers the former leader is still being held at a secret location is the country mired in a political crisis. incredible dash cam footage from taiwan where
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a potentially deadly double near miss as this white car in front here gets smashed alongside a landslide on a coastal road and then almost gets crushed by that massive boulder but the cars passengers managed to escape with only minor cuts and bruises the country remains on high alert as tarantula downpours from tropical storm causing the rate continue battering the island. despite a police that some two hundred people marched through the streets of paris expressing anger a gay marriage activist from the catholic group called the night watchman ended their demonstration with a vigil in the center of the french capital it was the last event in a twenty day march across the country against may's legalization of same sex marriages. in pakistan a roadside bomb claimed the lives of at least nine people the blast happened when a convoy was passing through the northern was erased and province not far from the afghan border at least twenty one soldiers reported wounded the turbulent region has seen a lot of violent attacks by both al qaeda and the taliban and u.s.
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drone hunting militants often catch civilians in the crossfire saturday a drone raid killed three foreign militants there. fresh demonstrations in mexico city against a series of reforms in the education energy sector as thousands of students and teachers take to the streets over plans to force school and university staff to pass an annual assessment of professional skills the government came in for criticism over its intention to grant foreign investors access to state controlled oil companies. london police investigating after a series of as a lot of phobic d.v.d.'s were sent to several mosques in muslim organizations and the british capital they contain pornographic and abusive images mocking the prophet mohammad as well as news footage about extremism the incident part of a growing wave of offensive acts toward british muslims as artie's tessera so he explains my name is gavin baby and on the lower behind go and freedom foundation we still. that is we help local neighborhoods resist planning applications for
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mosques and we win that's now sixteen wins out of eighteen cases a controversial madness somewhere further to ask the mosque buster objections raised by locals pertaining to mosques and clued traffic congestion on the general noise and disturbance which does concern people on the first one was the loss of a wreath so for the team all of which are legal objections but he says his motivation is deeper than that islamic doctrine is of wrong doctrine now it is contrary to english will if a catholic church was passing death sentences if a synagogue was blessing armies to commit acts of war all you would immediately say that has to be stopped when you have a man soon ideologically opposed knows little about these numbers faith maybe even what he's suggesting then he doesn't give credence to some of those views really but the gruesome murder of a british soldier by self-confessed islamic fanatics fueled anti muslim sentiment
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on the muslim myself and and and speaking to muslims a cool. sprint and the you know the good people are feeling slightly vulnerable because the they do feel as if the muslim community is being picked we have had instances where a local mosque had so she's thrown into it last year after a decade of dispute the new and council rejected an application for a so-called mega mosque the site of which is just down the road over here it would have accommodated up to ten thousand worshippers the group that had campaigned against it called themselves mega mosque no thanks and some muslim groups have also opposed to project but beyond just the construction of mosques the polarized opinions but the spotlight once again on why this is happening in the first place the polarization of opinion we see i think his poor need to to the failure within
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multiculturalism most simply become the symbol i think for this great anxiety that a recent you gov poll compared answers given by respondents in event by two thousand and twelve and may two thousand and thirteen and showed an increase in the number of people who agree that there will be a clash of civilizations between british muslims and native white britons in recent times a growing number of voices have stated that multiculturalism has failed as a concept which is a controversial way to put it but what's certain ignoring this issue make a clash of cultures and less likely to us or so you are to london the russian max two thousand and thirteen air and space show made its final approach and landed the flight program on the last day was curtailed because of every rains but the public still saw some breathtaking stunts this year's event beat attendance record with more than three hundred thousand visitors in its five days or his paul scott reports. it's been a good weekend for the crowds unfortunately the weather on the final day has was
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disrupted the shuttle slightly this big thick gray clouds above us and the rain has predominantly held off it has made visibility quite difficult the highlights on the final day included a display from the russian knights the robotic display wing of the russian air force for the planes came out and thrilled the crowds with that death defying stomach churning stunts we also saw commercial flights as well the airbus a three eighty was spinning around the heads. they were military on display the highlights of which was the showing of the t fifty which is the stealth fighter that is going to be parts of russia's force come two thousand and six day now final testing on those planes is still going ahead it's expected to be completed by the end of two thousand and thirteen when the russian air force will take delivery on some of those some of those stealth fighters the rule was deafening the crowds the plane overhead it really was an impressive sight right.
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now unfortunately the weather on the final day put paid to its display from better kuti which is the helicopter display team of the russian air force they were meant to impress the crowds on sunday afternoon but that was council however they did participate in the weekend over friday and saturday when the weather was slightly better organizes will be looking back on a record breaking year for max in terms of business deals struck almost sixteen billion u.s. dollars worth of contracts were signed it was record breaking as well in terms of number of attendees with representatives from more than one thousand companies worldwide from forty four different countries striking various deals and. you know and cross talk coming your way next stay with us here on r.t. .
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wealthy british style. sometimes it's just. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. sure kirby was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on
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fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything to a mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on our two dot com. hello and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm. going to be obama administration's continued insistence that the syrian regime must be punished for alleged use of chemical weapons has convinced few of washington's traditional allies the americans have said they will strike syria on their own if they have to what does this say about america's standing in the middle east in the future of international law.
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to cross the ongoing conflict in syria i'm joined by george samuel in new york he is a fellow of the global policy institute of london metropolitan university and author of bombs for peace nato is humanitarian war on yugoslavia and in washington we cross to jason isaacs and he is the american jewish committee director of government and international affairs all right gentlemen crosstalk roles in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it i want to make sure our guests understand and our audience that president obama has not decided at this point time as we're sitting down to regard this part of a program to attack syria so let's please keep that in mind george if i go to you first hear what you believe is the most important trend do you see going on in the arab world from tunisia all the way is to wait as we speak right now with this situation the united states and syria what's the most important trend in your mind well i think the. most important trend is. instability and there is.


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