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the regime to support the arab league initiative you dave. approved of a mission we've convinced. mr acid's. government. that made. it on the go to the. inspectors and to prove coffee on the plan. every time the mandate was cancelled we were also the organizers of the geneva conference and we saw were a communique coming out of it and everyone says that this is the bible so it is least a blueprint for the geneva settlements we've been talking about geneva two conference . and as we. agreed we've. convinced. mr are started who said she was ready to send a delegation to such
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a conference. to implement all of the items of the communique but we're not seeing the same signals from the opposition and the opposition was just. under the influence of. the. people in the countries of the region in countries which are staunch opponent of larry king. if you don't want any conference they are aligned with the military. and that's why the opposition don't want anything they want this toppling of the regime they don't have the forces of their own that's why they demanded military intervention from the west and that's why they've been inspired by the u.s. statements. due to certain facts which. are which
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is evidence of the use of chemical weapons attack her by the government regime that they want to. conduct a military strike but now they want authorization from congress well this issue is not the first time that we saw this issue being brought up when near aleppo in march this year we had the same incident and the syrian government was asked the u.n. to send its. experts to investigate this incident. and bang him on said yes then. he was under pressure and they were talking openly about it but you came from a pressurized team. no we can't send a mission there to investigate this very incident when we need to get permission from mr ass aren't. any number of inspectors.
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to. any. device meters so. actually as you remember the iraq you know the mission that sent to iraq had this mandate but. you have a difference with iraq was on there is sanctions of the u.n. syria is not and there is no evidence. that such an intrusive search was launched mondale is really needed to investigate one similar one small incident. that happened in march. when the syrian government refused to allow such a moderate. then they asked us and our experts.
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to gauge. the benchmarks of the u.n. we did the sampling we present the. pictures with the date with the names of the witnesses with the results of the tests done in the trees which are certified. by the organization for the band of the chemical weapons we presented this reports. it's a multi page. presented to the u.n. when we said here's our contribution please assess it. we never received any feedback from. the u.s. . not from france or the u.k. from what i want to. give case and france and the us. pain recent months have been telling us that they have smoking gun evidence that it's the regime that
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used chemical weapons and they knew the couple and just recently they said they have where evidence is overwhelming evidence that it was the syrian regime that used chemical weapons on the twenty first of august when. it was really strange for me to. hear that my colleagues. u.s. state secretary john kerry said that. with. the u.s. has presented this evidence. to russia. the russians refused. to acknowledge that that was the purpose well you know for you know. we're going. to get used to the course we do everything on purpose i mean we did everything consciously yes we wish
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to sound sketches but there were no geographic coordinates so there were no names there was no prove. that the tests were taken by professionals obviously. there were no comma in. the video footage which are on you cheers. doubted by a lot of accidents. which was that it was true of the so we have a lot of doubts about that because what we were showing. recently by u.s. french and british partners you cannot convince us. you have any facts. but just so we know for certain but it was in the end when you would russia asks
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for more information but for confirmation they says no it's secret information we call and presented to you. should give you. sorry for being too long on this one but. used to. warm the bigger aspects beyond the syrian conflict. and that refers to. the nonproliferation regime regime has been faced with a lot of challenges and risks and one of the threads. which could become a really serious. this is the. convene. a conference on the. which is free from weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. and thank you thousand when you know we have
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conferences lines that every five years we had a resolution that no later than two thousand and thirteen will have a call for it was a. goal would be to create. in the middle east which is free from weapons of mass destruction. you know not just nuclear weapons but weapons of mass destruction and their delivery sequels the u.k. the u.s. and russia. to put it in their. designated as the cool organizer by together with the general secretary but despite all the. be honest with you all the straightforward. you have to know the truth that you. as it says the good speakers of the position of the us. so that we're not even
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able to announce that doing to such a conference is to us preferred to many circumstances we grieve that these circumstances are in place some of them are. one you need to. get on that if you will then make sure that every country of the region he's part of that conference not just the arab states but also israel iran. has a very challenging task of course. he can't just use. the word gentle see the facts is as an excuse. preaching some delays. because of those wells the conference should have taken place. now we're demanding for it to be sent will we absorb the water because in a year and a half we're going to have another view conference and the arab countries.
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said that's a goofy don't deliver on your promise on the creation of these weapons free zone we. you know. we will not be constructive with you on other issues because this is a major problems. you need to bolster is the nonproliferation regime of mine it. was in syria was one of those who initiated this idea they said they wanted to set out g's. so i think it's. like what they. need to be the way. with. these issues is. need to engage. country that has access to this technology. to talk to. people through transparency can solve anything by
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threads or especially threats with which as we believe we've seen these papers there is no evidence. if you have really any super secret data. well you need to remove your secrets because we're talking about world because we're talking about war and peace. this is the move that you since. you've been through to receive so you used to listen to one of the ladies that said you could see jay was the joke was the side to side with he was the true is the slowest person as it was to go the chinese language show like to talk about china she just it was you and russia just when you introduced the kids it was they just heard from russia's foreign minister sergey
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lavrov they're speaking to students at moscow state university just before the opening of this year's class is now in reference to a question asked by one person in the audience are referencing the problems going on in syria right now. did address many of the issues that are on the top of the list of problems right now one is the the. sit the likeness between iraq and syria these two problems with the u.s. wants to go in and find weapons of mass destruction or or chemical weapons he said there was there was too much similarity in this situation that the u.s. and sometimes other western countries tend to want to topple some dictators but not others and that's democracy democracy is often used as an excuse for military intervention he also pointed to the fact that he needed to conference needs to be held that nonproliferation is of utmost importance to this area if peace is going
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to be reached in any sort of a long term way so some very compelling remarks there from him meanwhile the u.s. military is sending even more forces to surround syria in anticipation of a first strike order from washington congress will reconvene in a week's time to debate whether to attack damascus but barack obama has made it clear he may order an assault even without the agreement of lawmakers. american defense officials have confirmed that an aircraft carrier group is now on its way to the region the nuclear powered u.s.s. nimitz carrying dozens of aircraft is accompanied by five smaller warships armed with tomahawk cruise missiles the strike groups expected to team up with several ships already positioned in the mediterranean off the syrian coast the combined fleet could pummel damascus from a safe distance dealing massive damage to the country artie's maria financial has
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the reaction from the syrian capital. tomorrow next week next month series wondering if or when america's missiles will strike and what the aftermath will be but for many people here it doesn't pay to linger on what tomorrow will bring because the resolve ready award today. now is to be going on the money we've been at war for two years with bombs falling in our hands just a few kilometers from here cruise missiles or a missile is the difference in the us i could get the shot every day every hour every minute we endure bombardment we have the bombs and terror attacks shelling it's not very hard to face america after dealing with a jihad house for so long you know where michelle will lead not his real name has a nice apartment in an upmarket area of damascus but a year ago he moved into the hotel his running for safety reasons after
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a family member was kidnapped by what he says were members of an al qaeda linked group we don't feel safe of course not because of the. of the strike we've got just at the last stop they are throwing these things against a sea of civilians and that's very bad and jeff has a looser is considered to be one of the most successful and aggressive a position forces promoting fundamental islam and proclaiming the end of the assad regime they are believed to hold several districts around damascus where they engage in almost daily battles with government troops both the u.n. and the u.s. and others consider it a terrorist organization a treaty i see that america should side because we are fighting terrorism america doesn't agree i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets but that's just another entry on a long list of daily concerns which already includes terror attacks now. pains and
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killings. living under the threats over a foreign strike makes people think about they safety all the time those living in residential areas of damascus say several days ago they started receiving letters like this one advising them to clear their basements in preparation. for now no one i spoke to lute likely would follow the advice syrians may vote with their feet when the bombs start to fall but for now with plenty of other things to worry about . recruited from damascus in syria. meanwhile u.n. and experts are analyzing samples collected in syria as part of a probe into alleged use of deadly chemical weapons last month but washington's made it clear it intends to take action regardless of the you what the u.n. comes up with the white house is building a case for war against syria based on its own findings washington says it has
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intelligence reports implicating assad but has refused to present any concrete evidence u.s. officials have instead pointed to amateur footage are posted online allegedly showing victims of the attack unconfirmed i would miss accounts are also being used as solid evidence by america while the latest claims from the state department revolve around samples allegedly for allegedly from the war zone which they say confirmed the use of chemical weapons of most of america's allies aren't buying the arguments with only france agreeing to weigh in with force to support a u.s. attack while the u.n. says it's the only one who can determine whether chemical weapons were actually used. the united nations mission is uniquely capable of establishing impartial and credible manner the facts of any use of chemical weapons very starkly on evidence collected from the ground ok and is the us share any of this evidence that is described with the un well as we've said repeatedly said member states are
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encouraged to share information information they may have with regards to alleged incidents the u.s. has been accused of overlooking some facts that determine its view of how the region should be dealt with artie's anesthetic looks at claims that washington rarely lets inconsistency get in the way the use of chemical weapons on august twenty first killing hundreds of people with an ongoing you want investigation is now the anchor to weigh a more direct involvement and the option of a military escapade but this is far from the first time chemical weapons have come up in the conflict although incidents which are apparently less convenient for the us to pay attention to one example in may this year a top u.n. investigator said a chemical attack with the use of sarin gas had taken place in march with indications that it was done by the opposition forces we collect its weakness distin the nie that. that made to appear that some
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chemical weapons were used in particular. and what was. what appear on. to our investigation that was used by openings by the rebels and we have no no indication at tool is that the government. of the syrian government has used chemical weapons from ignoring the reports of un investigators that would rather kept quiet to turning a blind eye to the feet of kurds the largest ethnic minority in syria at the hands of the opposition leading to the displacement of tens of thousands of people. our people our villages suffer the vicious assault there chased out of their homes they become victims of massacres and ethnic cleansing everything connected to the kurds
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is being destroyed to episodes of finding sarin gas in the homes of syrian militants reportedly to be used for bombs in may this year when russia and turkey called for an investigation but the west did not questionable and i'm comfortable factors have been downplayed by the us time after time possible and to the syrian crisis is as far away as ever but misinformation and selective reasoning seem to be alive and well and if they are to moscow anti-war activist richard becker doesn't believe the syrian government would shoot itself in the foot by using w m d's against its own people when it went into civil war first of all it doesn't it defies logic that the assad government would have used chemical weapons exactly the moment they were winning the u.n. inspectors were there but secondly even if the it happened the united states does not have the authority. the world should be able to go in and of terror and the
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country and syria has not threatened and cannot threaten the united states launch a war that it would not only be reckless it would also be lawless and i would also have unforeseeable consequences as all wars do before they began. the arab league is split over the syrian issue saudi arabia and qatar are calling for strong action while other states who have experienced an american intervention say they wouldn't wish that experience on anyone else artie's policy player has more regional leaders are warning the united states not to attack damascus warning that this could lead to massive violence now as you can well imagine the mood on the ground is extremely tense we're hearing from the iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki urging the united states not to carry out any kind of military action this is noteworthy of course because iraq is a country that was invaded under somewhat similar circumstances and that invasion was to establish a so-called democratic government and it's now that government that is urging the
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united states not to carry out any kind of military action to create aria at the arab league meeting on sunday in cairo the iraqi foreign minister voted against any green light for military action inside syria we've also heard from jordan warning that it will not allow its a space to be used in any kind of military strike on syria with a jordanian government spokesperson saying that jordan too will not participate in any kind of strike against damascus so as you can see a lot of consensus in the region against any kind of u.s. intervention in syria after the break we will tell you how the contamination in japan's crippled fukushima nuclear power plant is getting worse by the day. it's. going on and on the obama administration's continued insistence that the syrian
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regime must be punished for alleged use of chemical weapons has convinced few of washington's traditional allies the americans have said they will strike syria on their own if they have to what does this say about america's standing in the middle east in the future of international law. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others use in those. places changing the world right now. so pictures. from around the globe. drop to.
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the radiation level at japan's fukushima nuclear plant as eighteen times higher than previously reported scans show that in some areas it could kill a person exposed to it in just four hours independent nuclear consultant sean bernie believes that the situation at the plant crippled by a two thousand and eleven quake and tsunami is only going to deteriorate. to. be sure. but we need one as it's. very complex three reactor and speak to you it's. not enough workers incite the workers and don't get in deep seas that not being told about the. forward this is a plot you need to get worse. and. absolute certainty the
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amount and street. savings you seem to be times is much. very dangerous you don't get three times as much as was released by the accident. in the train chief. in mexico violence has erupted between police and protesters demonstrating against the government's proposed education and energy reforms the clashes were near the congress building in mexico city as protesters tried to disrupt a parliament session students threw stones and petrol bombs at security and police responded with tear gas teachers have been protesting for two weeks against mandatory evaluations of their performance while others accuse the government of trying to sell off the nation's energy assets. such as in romania continued into the night on sunday after thousands rallied over the opening of a new mine in transylvania people were angered by reports that
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a canadian mining company could use cyanide to extract gold demonstrators condemned the government for backing the plan saying the technique would harm the environment . monday marks one thousand days of confinement for wiki leaks editor julian a songe most of it under house arrest but since june two thousand and twelve the whistleblower has been holed up in london's ecuadorian embassy attempting to avoid extradition to sweden where he's wanted on sex crime allegations. assad's fears he should he step should he step out of the embassy he will be arrested and ultimately handed over to the u.s. to face life imprisonment wiki leaks spoke spokespeople told us art told r.t. why they're so worried it is quite all of us if you read through the transcript of the trial against chelsea manning and see what kind of arguments were raised there and how often we kill this was not mentioned in the trial that there is a very strong possibility that the next target is to you know science and it might
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. already be an indictment against him and all the others in our organization we see as well the escalating war against to those who commit the act of journalism and this is escalating from month to month the argument is this is the bradley manning was the first whistle blower and he was history who has been. prosecuted and found guilty on the basis of. journalists will come next it could possibly be we could lose all the media organizations it's a real possibility and we norval do on investigation in the us too we could leave which as we know go on for three years and probably cost. quite a sum of money because it has been cited as one of the biggest criminal investigation in la times in the u.s.
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so it is a very worrying situation coming up and more discussion our top story on the crisis in syria with peter lavelle that's after the break. many gay bars are starting to refuse to sell russian vodka as a means of protesting the homosexual propaganda laws in russia as i've said before boycotts are a great way to put pressure on people but are they putting pressure on the right people not only is it racist to assume that hurting the vodka flow will deal a massive blow to the russian economy but it is also racist to think that any vodka with a russian sounding name is itself russian and many videos angry gay bartenders were pouring stolichnaya vodka which should be pronounced by the way onto the ground in
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a fury but if those bartenders would take a closer look at the labels they would see that exported stoli is produced and bowed in latvia by the s.p.i. group not in russia also according to the n.p.t. group beverage alcohol report the most popular vodka in america with a russian sounding name is smeared off which is british owned and produced and bottled in various countries around the globe including the usa itself way to support the american worker people love to panic over the hip and trendy scandal of the month but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that homosexuality itself is legal in russia and is punishable in many other countries including a death sentence in some of them and yet russia gets all the attention if people really wanted to effectively boycott any country with any laws even a hint thing against homosexuality they would have to hit them where it hurts and stop getting natural resources imported from countries like russia saudi arabia venezuela and iran and so on and so on.


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