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we boycott any country with any laws even be hinting against homosexuality they would have to hit them where it hurts and stop getting natural resources imported from countries like russia saudi arabia venezuela and iran and so on and so on that is a vastly more difficult proposition than pouring american made vodka onto the sidewalk but that's just my opinion.
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the bible says many times that god is the father of all forms those abandoned by their mothers and fathers. he's their father. i'm sure he called me to serve these children. i didn't know how to feed them. i borrowed money a ten percent interest a month. one day i came home totally depressed. i fell into bed and at around midnight i heard a voice. that was strong powerful and yet very tender it said these are my children i'll give you what you need. but i jumped out of bed knowing that. something extraordinary it happened i woke up
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my wife i said. i think god just spoke to me and he said that these are his children and he'd give me whatever i need vienna said calm down god will keep his word and it rolled over and fell asleep and three days later something incredible happened. all ojt bless this food and the hands that prepared it. i didn't know a way to get one hundred dollars. but in three days someone led me into the office of the most successful businessman in ukraine. as i told him about the children how they used to live in city basements and then came to live in my rundown house. the guy just smiled shook my hand and said go past or do your good work. in just four
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months they built a completely new house out of the ruins. what do we go ahead and so. there used to be an iron gray dawn cinder blocks over there where the kids we rescued used to sleep. we tried to give them new clothes to wash them. and to get the lice out of their hair. right here the republic of pilgrims began. with little turn hiatt where nodded how are you feeling ok if you want to keep living like this. that's the condition those kids are in when we rescue them from the basements. heads.
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up. his name. he lived in basements from the age of eight. he injected drugs seven times a day. at fourteen. i know what should be done when someone dies but honestly. i just couldn't do anything i was devastated i was on my knees before the care i cried it was amazing how much the boy consoled me with kind words he had no illusions he was going to die. for the first rescues we just went to the nearest crossroads. with twenty five or thirty kids the whole group back with us. around on the route. you know one overtakes me. yet it was the first seventy kilometers. gently climbing up the hill. was
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a mountain passes are waiting. will turn you into men. right in pairs. i'm a musician and i've never cycled before but here i am. it was so hard my legs felt like they'd fall off my bike was about to collapse on the asphalt but thank god i got a second wind. we do it so russia will be with us we tell our own stories we were orphans ourselves even drug addicts we lived in basements but people took us in and we changed there's nothing scary about it you see we're normal healthy people. always had a dreadful smell the stench of homeless children. simply beyond description when
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we took those filthy teenagers from the basement. people who. died in it i kept saying it's ok everything's fine. under special. he's one of the first guys who came to the republic of pilgrims. just changing your clothes right yeah to change to eat as far as i remember. last year i came to the pilgrims when i was twelve i lived on the street since i was six right where we are now from your business and i spent nights in basements i saw drug addicts and even sniff glue. if they haven't come to. basement about time to feed us i think i would be in prison just like so many of my friends this year. my life has
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changed completely at the very least i'm alive i'm studying at the conservatory now playing music which is what i like. in the orphanage thirty nine times i felt nobody needed me there. my dad i. know my mother is train king. in my life just like i want to become a champion. or below it was my first rival me.
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that much and you get a bottle of cola just. you know. this guy is serious what do you think doesn't matter that he's short he's serious are you got me. getting his prize. joking aside. having a boxing match with the president of the republic of formerly homeless pilgrims go to thankless task. you got me three times. you know every member had first we talked to the homeless children and drug addicts . we urged them to come with us to change their lives to stop them from killing themselves. after burying us another boy i just said. i'm not just talking to the kids in basements on the streets anymore. if it's a homeless child we just take him with us we know. that
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we waged war on drug dealers we kicked up a fuss in the city we started picketing places where they dealt drugs. obviously there was intimidation they threatened to kill me. right here under this window thousands of boys and girls ended their lives with a fatal dose. when i found him in the basement he never stop swearing. he said don't touch me just let me die he was stinking filthy his legs and arms were twisted and he couldn't walk. he was so damp all over that it just ran down your neck because he had to be carried out. we cleaned him up and after three weeks we took him with some of the other pilgrims to a children's camp. the boys then put him on a chair and bathed him in the sea. that day when the sun was setting he called me and said. forgive me i'm an idiot i just didn't listen to you.
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my fellow pilgrims. congratulations season is now. here we're going to beat the world record. for how many people. you can fit. into one boat. the last one is an elephant called the pastor. i didn't think i'd become an adoptive father. but as my life became intertwined with them as i began to treat them like my own. when you take a child save him from drug abuse wipe the dirt from his face and help rehabilitate him it's quite impossible to say to him go back to the orphanage especially if you
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know the boys escaped from there a hundred times so we began adopting the children we took that another and one more and more again. is my thirty first adopted son at first when we were out walking he panicked even if he let him go alone for just a short distance but now he can walk freely and he says to me dad i feel the strength inside. about. the best compliment is he grew up in a saddle. i can say that about my guys thought oh as. they grew up in the bike settle their fight of. how did you become my real son yes i never changed your diapers did i. my dad is
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probably the kindest soul in the world whenever you come up to him his eyes are so kind you see his heart even if he's tired he can't abandon a child he knows that they wouldn't survive so he endures to the end. as a special case the first time he was seen on the street he was just two and a half years old he couldn't talk yet. when we asked where he lived he just pointed to a rubbish dump. they lived in a metal container even in the freezing cold huddled in rugs like mice. well. you go begging jealous of people. go to the dump in the morning to find something to eat to steal or beg for food at the market and i see children going to school with their parents it hurt to see that a lot is
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a lot. they go through forty chips of blue a day in the cold said he'd committed four robberies a night if you multiply that by the time he spent on the streets i can't imagine how many robberies he committed. and then you you get high from the glow and you go stealing and looting you need money to buy vodka beer. i'd already been arrested. waiting for the trial and dad took me into a room and said listen nicholai your mother has died you can go either to the orphanage or to me. the more so that i didn't think it would last too long because he was utterly beyond control he went hysterical and ran off but gradually the boy comes down today i'm sure that he's one of the most promising guys here he's very talented. he talks even more than that don't you from shrek that little donkey has
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got nothing compared to nicholai. kids is the thing i want to become an actor and playing comedies i like comedies a lot i've got everything i need now i've got a childhood i'd love and people just pat me just stroking me on my head or back because when i was little my mom was busy and she had no time to do it i don't know why maybe because she drank. going on and on the obama administration's continued insistence that the syrian
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regime must be punished for alleged use of chemical weapons has convinced few of washington's traditional allies the americans have said they will strike syria on their own if they have to what does this say about america's standing in the middle east in the future of international law. ok. dave a crock it welcome you to ted you're all of virginia it's a little while in the middle of the chesapeake bay and of a genocide and achromatic out a. rampage here all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best there isn't a phone call fred. this is an old picture of ten year island before the channel was . oh here. we go way up there. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from the graves it for you this is a fruits that's what we don't want to happen to change your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like albert
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did in other communities. my children make me very happy. all i have to do is just to look at my little eagles and my soul feels good. just recently i saw one of my
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sons who sixteen sleeping with his arms around a teddy bear and mickey mouse. tears came to my eyes. this boy spent his childhood banking. and money for his parents which they just spent on drink. it's a great joy for me that i can give them a childhood. a good fire brigade good morning to you little rabbits. a new day begins has some questions in store for you i hope you can accept the challenge. i grew up in a family of alcoholics i was afraid to go home because i feared finding my parents had killed each other in a drunken fight. maybe that's why it's easy for me to understand my adopted sons whose own parents were
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also alcoholics or drug addicts. remember the rule slowly slowly gently pour it all right dad. i think. it's a miracle for me. i don't know what i would do if it weren't for this family i would have been dead now or would have been living on the streets. well i spent the first nights on the roof sometimes i had to go to the train station to spend the nights in the winter and i was little i pressed hard against the radiator stuff like that that i loaded watermelons at the markets well i own money i brought watermelons and some food to my house knocked on the door and run off i was afraid my father would beat me for that. then my mum died right on women's day i wanted to congratulate her and afterwards my dad came to see me. i was eleven
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when they were gone it's been five years since. i want to have a family. i want a couple of kids of my own and adopt three or four children. the ones you did i'd find cyclists with a figure like mine they're all lean like my done. where we go up the hill i have my tongue on my shoulder he's just smiling is coming. well i can see it coming he'll be having fun while his dad's half dead but you know what dad's let me go ahead all right go ahead son. then i look at him go. but i have become closer to our dream little by little we don't pay attention to roads the nature of the ballots were peddling to achieve our goal. we went past one village
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and right after we left it three children were adopted after we told them our stories. we savor the children by showing off who we are. not long ago we took a new boy into our family he's my thirty second adopted son he's eight my own son is five but they look alike. so my son came up to me and said something that made me burst into tears instantly. he said daddy mommy i understand that danielle is mommy died i have to share my mommy and daddy with him my son five he's living in his own little world and he's already so selfless it's fantastic that when we adopted our first children our friends were in shock as they thought we would get tired and give up that we would fail because it's very high it and i would come
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back to a normal life but these friends adopt children now. the human are not your yeah you're mine no you're mine. oh yeah you know it. was you know he doesn't get it yet he still knew. he's number thirty two when i put that label on you have it on the air on the back i can't remember where it is. they wanted to take him to the orphanage. in the head of the orphanage wanted to do it once but i said no he's got a brother. but our mother died after a second bout of pneumonia i'm his brother so i had the right to take him with me we fought for him and we won.
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like he's crying because of mom. maybe god wanted to take our mother and it so happened that he came to us i can bring him up here so he doesn't repeat my mistakes. which. i think. let everybody see that around with passing around to everyone that it was the. money in the preview there in a high. found her brother. then she learned that she had one mo brother two. she was looking for one and she found a whole platoon. we were small when they separated us she was adopted when she was eight they took her to italy. i was hanging out on a russian social network and a friend request popped up i looked at her photos and i saw at once that it was my
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sister dad didn't believe me at first but i showed him the photos and said look the nose the teeth the hair everything is like mine we're like them we called via skype and we talked i cried like a baby simply out of happiness i always remembered her i'd been looking for her. you have to do you know any poems in italian. that now do you think. she should. what is merely a round of applause cool. dream can be summed up in just a few words russia and the world with no orphans. we don't
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want any children to wake up in orphanages. we firmly believe that parents out there every child so if it should happen that one child is left without his own parents then other people should turn up and embrace them and treat the child as their own dad i think we're ready to take part in the tour de france they were right on smooth roads run through to france and europe we're on siberian roads and that means we're better you know mohels. they don't have potholes in the tour de france we do. this team has covered mall. the cells and kilometer of you let me ask about. the whole of ukraine central russia the orals and almost all of siberia sort of there
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but some of the homeless kids who grew up in basements around sewage and heating pipes if you look at the last time today they go around the world with their adoptive parents calling on people not to be a fright but easy to overcome their fears myths stereotypes and prejudices me i just go to the orphanage is to bring the children out of here me. yes yes. yes. yes. yes yes yes. this bicycle is from italy i got it from a professional cyclist who took part in the tour de france our dad told this guy about his dream and he gave this bike to my sister was adopted and she lives in italy now i dream of seeing her i hope that in the near future i'll be able to go
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there and see her myself. really on what he goes. doesn't spit up my ego's. you know. yes you are i cried with joy today.
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you know that once in a while i get overcome with happiness. today was one such day for was to be a chalet perhaps it's because i'm exhausted but it's not just that i'm really proud of you guys you've heard me say that before but i'm not just saying it for. there will be people who will adopt kids in a week in a month and offer yeah i'm one hundred percent sure of it absolutely stuart and that's what makes this tour worthwhile. he. could. be. with someone.
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who says. that was a prayer from my childhood. i didn't know back then who to pray to. they were ready to do anything for their country to me is to love the country more than yourself if you joined the military for any other reason that you're probably not to have a good day they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but it however
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good people didn't get hurt. but i have heard good people empty silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there are. those. i saw some people who died. there is cheaper than therapy. on our. we speak your language and out of the. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles couldn't stories. you hear. that all teach spanish find out more visit. all tito is calm.
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as america debates whether to strike syria washington use of the time to send reinforcements to the middle east including an outcrop kerry group. russia's foreign minister calls evidence that the syrian government used chemical weapons in convincing saying he is saying nothing that's actually resembles the fact. radiation levels at japan's stricken figure shamanic that blondes are now so high they are enough to kill up past an exposed fall as soon as her last fall out.


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