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most of the time i'm going to be guaranteed to play as long as i'm training on playing well and. this is the best place for me to be leading up to the world cup and so i took all that into account all that into consideration but it was so overwhelmingly obvious that this is the place i want to be leading into hopefully my fourth world cup. well meanwhile pep wadia enjoys a marina and faced each other again is buying muni beat ten month chelsea five four on penalties in the european city final in prague fernando torres volley the blues in front off to minutes then straight after the break frank rebury equalise from twenty five yards chelsea a last remaining us to a second booking lights on but two minutes into extra time a them has not restored their need better check them produced a flurry of saves but couldn't stop having martin as leveling with the last kick of the game and off the nine successful penalties manuel neuer safe from remember lou kaku to give quadea his first trophy with fine in my opinion the best and most.
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the team that deserves more to win last but that's football sometimes it happens in food will not always the best team the best team wins not always a team that deserves more win the game we have the opportunity to win the first time for just go up the super cup you know so no by you had all the titles around the world it is the first time in we are so proud of that for for has disclosed to be bigger. well three days before their european super got triumph by and dropped their first points of the buddhist league as season after they were held to a late one one draw at struggling freiburg could and should carry for the dominant binah head off to thirty three minutes but the defending champions have to settle for a point off a little less snatch a stunning eighty six equaliser fine and i'm second two points adrift of brasil dortmund. draw a governess second leg draw a time to ten month athletico madrid was enough to see barcelona try on away goals
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and lift a record eleven spanish super cup the developers produced great sides either side of the interval visit to have ben hunt reproduce sent off late on the last minute boss were awarded a spot kick start strike at little messi get the ball to the coach but although martino still planed his first piece of silverware after guiding the cats won't dance twelve one one until the away leg. now with the european basketball championships about to get underway russia finished their preparations with a comfortable friendly win at home to ukraine and head to slovenia in a confident mood because the temperatures are both as more. it's been six years since russia lifted their biggest bust them all too often as they edge pro spain in the euro basket decided in madrid they did lots man then failed to defend their title but did play in bronze into an elaborate however five members of that's broad will miss this year's event including all star forward and that he could enter into
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my famous go as the two meter a sixteen centimeter or seven foot tall center took a break to prepare for a leap for the new n.b.a. season but only because it is my training is going well but it's a pity i can't help the side of this tournament it's hard to watch the game sitting in the stands and not playing i believe that these guys can achieve a lot blood has since gone he and the role of head coach has now passed to us to look at ourselves in the build up to the european championships the russian steered his side through in mind fran lives with me extra results and it was only after claiming victory in the last match at home to ukraine that the olympic bronze medalist felt a real sense of optimism despite trailing twelve points to two in the first few minutes against ukraine the russians for the big don't to be dominating on the court and just as he had been in last summer olympic bronze medal match against argentina minnesota's alex he should be at was the nation's leading scorer this
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time sinking twenty three of the points in the eighty six to seventy win but this was published i feel some serious possibility and the mill that manifests count on me that it's all trying my best not to let them down work even harder and claim victories. while city can a self once again proved he was russia's biggest boss but the nineteen year old son of the head coach and cleveland cavaliers dropped big scheme to shining his second major tournament as his country's much changed what turns to you rather than experience but by the way do we have a new team with new coaches we're getting to know each other's game and we had to win this last match on home ground to gain extra. we're not a tough group of the eurozone but we're hungry for windows that will do our best. job was obvious that this must be over we have many young players and what depends on the atmosphere within the team there are a few things we need to improve but so far i'm satisfied off the way we play tonight's show finishing at least seventh in slovenia they will qualify for next
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year's world championships in spain in the first group stage they will face twice four winners italy and greece as well as turkey sweden and fewer and if the new form confidence leads to an opening victory against the tail and so wednesday then russia's younger stars will be hoping for a podium finish as well as a ticket to spain constantine by the card to. moving on to tennis and there have been several big name upsets at the last grand slam of the season the u.s. open in the women's drawer two thousand and eleven champion sam stars that was the first round highest profile casualty with a shock three set defeat to american teenager victoria duval the eleven seed lead by a set of four games to two but the seventeen year old qualifier who back to stun the home crowd before crashing out of the next hurdle. and it was a third round exit will check it patrick there to that is the former wimbledon
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champion fell ill and bad as two american wildcard alison risk six three six love and former world number one caroline wozniacki also lost as italian qualifier camilla georgie prevailed in a twenty three set at four six six four six three. while you katherina mccotter is the last russian standing in the women's draw after upsetting wimbledon finalist sabine lisicki of germany six four seven five in the third round before also knocking out polish but it's a national banks got six four six four to reach their second grandson to form the season but maria kirilenko fell victim to the hands. simona halep as the in-form rumanian extended her winning streak to eight matches with an easy six large six one victory and two time grand slam winner spent learn the course not so but also turned into the net go crashing out if he's got the up america seven five six one.
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and in the men's draw thirty two year old lleyton hewitt claimed the biggest scalp so far as he knocked out six feet one martin del potro who made seventy errors in the second round five set battle to form a champions that lasted just over four hours this trading veteran went on to beat yevgeny don't score in four sets and next faces another russian in the last sixteen . now let's move on to ice hockey as some of the stars of the russian national teams unveiled their new olympic kits with the red machine targeting gold at the country's main winter games in sochi next february michael crabtree and co reports. the unveiling of a new kit for any team carries with it a sense of a new start but for russia's ice hockey teams the strips unveiled last week serve more as a reminder of past success is the men's why jerseys have eight gold crowns on them and a gold stars on the red version signifying the eight olympic gold medals won by russia
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and the soviet union and the new kids are also meant to galvanize the team and the nation ahead of russia's biggest sporting event here at the sochi twenty fourteen winter olympics where the men will hope to make it gold number nine with the help of n.h.l. star alexander ovechkin. every athlete wants to participate in the olympics as it's one of the most important or worse in your life but it's one thing to take part two when we were shows always want to win and i think we have what it takes especially with this new kit you always want to perform in a nice you kid. and h.l. in russia legend alexei yashin took overall charge of the women's national team last december and in preparation for the olympics has now expanded his role to work with the men's squad. was born i'll still be the general manager of the women's team and will continue to work with them but i also now be working closely with the men's team especially with those players based in the u.s.
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as i spend a lot of time there and can check up on my performances and fitness more closely. meanwhile just outside of moscow at the training center men's head coaching little to believe dinner will lead the red machine to gold at the two thousand and twelve world championships i was busy working with the sports russian based plays and believed in the thinks there's no discrepancy within the national team between those members who play in the n.h.l. and those from the cage oh. we don't have any players training here right now but when we gathered in sochi recently to check out the infrastructure the lads had time to catch up the atmosphere within the squad was great plus there were hardly any differences between the n.h.l. players and the k h l players which makes it all the better however the head coach stressed that while spirits are high the squad's main goal was to hone this commodity to help them focus on succeeding at the winter olympics. but i wouldn't
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say there are many difficulties ahead in terms of preparation as everything is going according to plan but i think the main task will be to really get each player to shake off any personal issues they might have and ensure we put together the most tight knit team possible only this way can we realize our goal. is with just over five months to go until russia's first ever went to games it seems there's no lack of enthusiasm in the man's eye socket team and they'll be hoping that this will be the extreme greedy to help put another star on the red shirt market genco r.t. . and that golden ambition brings us to the end of part one but don't go away as we'll be back with more on ice action after the show break. there's a medium leave us so we leave the people. by the sea potion securely play your party there's
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a goal. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from saw long politicking only on our t.v. . the commission for the couldn't take should be free in-store charges free. range month three risk free studio time free. download free blog plug in video for your media projects and a free media dog r t v dot com. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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dramas that can't be ignored. to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world lights never. so picture of today's leaves my own to and from around the globe. local. t.v. . well. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future of covered.
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welcome back to the sports show and do a regime point to in such a way that the defeated norway to win the four nations ice sledge hockey tournament and russia beat the czech republic to wrongs in the final test event before the country's first winter paralympics one of the reports from the black sea resort. the reigning world champions canada went into the final as favorites with a one hundred percent record in the round robin tournament well no we had just suffered one defeat but it was a five one drubbing at the hands of the canadiens and true to form the north american side is the one two zero up in the first period then he finished control of the second coasting to a three an elite and could have scored more than norwegians bravely held off their opponents going into the third with canada added two more goals later on to seal a convincing five zero victory and keep the undie record intact win or lose this term but the made things come see the rink. you know just know the atmosphere how
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did how the puck goes off and see the change rooms that was the number one goal this week it's a one off i've got games is it's just kind of the ratio in the case. you know we have great difficulty so we're we're still doing trials right now we have guys valid response and you know september first we want to be here and so it's. just well right now i'm already thinking about all the work we have to do we get home so i will enjoy tonight and he'll jump on the thing to watch it in the back to work or sit in the match to decide the place russia had the chance to make amends for disappointing overall showing after failing to register a single victory while opponents the czech republic were also looking to avoid finishing last and opened in the first period but russia immediately leveled. the home fans urged the team on with trumpets and the familiar cry of shy but shy able or one more go and russia julie responded scoring twice in a second to take
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a three one lead though the czechs pulled one back before the break however the floodgates opened for the home nation in the third as russian that's it for an ounce of goals to finally secure a comprehensive seventy two first victory of the tournament and with it the bronze medal. our first game didn't go very well maybe we weren't properly motivated them however against the chicks we were. and forth and we were third and we simply couldn't let ourselves down we also knew it would be an forgivable to let down our fans coaches and everyone who works with us so we grit our teeth and we got the result we get to feel blimp experience and that it wasn't once all the changes but it was good for everyone to test a new venue. and while the competitors had the opportunity to practice in their arena well they'll be vying for gold come march those who planned the test event were also impressed with the new infrastructure great job with the facilities the organization the organizing committee is extremely well organized and cooperative
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so easy to work with which is important for us coming in and having event like this so at this point we're really happy with you know the preparation that's taking place for the paralympic games and i think we all can look forward to a great great event come march so with all the test event now successfully over the shi'a or puck arena and now focus on the fine details with the seventh of february and the seventh of march now firmly within sight when the seven thousand seat arena is set to be filled with fence shouting the rally cry scheiber for the national team like of genco such well let's stay on the ice as the sixth season of the kontinental hockey gets underway this week and robert's father on hand takes a closer look at the hold as the nominee and contenders to a scone after they face each other in a pre-season tournament here in moscow. saw that in russia nice hokey classics
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the country's most famous club around the globe and in a most skilled one of their arch local rivals throughout the decades in domestic leagues up on two occasions and even in admission games the ice rink is a battlefield my legs never oak the man who led the reigning champions and i must go to the victory twice in a row and john for charity the american who was with you gotta let hope stanley cup winning team as an assistant coach and cross the atlantic to take over and revive the glorious traditions of the i'm a man where we're going to try and play a fast i mean. we've done a lot of conditioning the last month. so we have a strength coach. we want to play a scheme and you know we're going to make mistakes as we go along here because some new systems and we're just going to keep trying to improve in that system you know
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week by week and month by month. by christmas at first game exactly what gave them an edge in the maersk up match against anonyma said additional opened two minutes before the first intermission to prove some of the team chemistry is already there for monk who are can export brandon reed to time when they're without bourse alexei models of the likes of seasoned professionals for their field of and looks a break in just some of the new reinforcements this isn't we're just trying to put together a group of guys we've got almost twelve new players so we're not you know we're focusing on just getting better game by game. and just hopefully we can just keep building our team to play like a team like i and the team managed to level the game in the final period not seem so obvious make it one one in a poke play with a great eight. it would help his one club during the lookout watching from the
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stands yet though the blue and whites had retained last year's victorious roster there yet to regain their imperious form it was the other men who snatched the three three minutes from time to dish it out of netting a brace to seal the final score of q one has completely my congratulations to scoff for this when when the game started we just weren't ready for the temple they set us we managed to pick up the pace in the second period and i would shot them in the third and it was a good game we always want to win and i'm glad we played with heart and we're close to coming from behind so we'll be working even harder now that means the devil defending genocide going to be even tougher to throw this isn't while the other man eventually secure the maersk out and could well be one of the main threats did enough has done us but i'm not certain they're on our team no still. staying with
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winter sport the new ball play season gets underway in november and veteran russian team leader alexander isikoff is preparing to be in top form for his fifth winter games in sochi author recruiting a former rival in his quest for gold because i didn't get up off has more. nineteen ninety nine was a turning point for alexandre's of course and for russia after more than korea on the lose he switched to bob slate and became a star the native was the first russian to win the european and then the world championships as well as the world cup and now aged thirty nine he is preparing to claim the one man old that so far eluded him olympic gold on his feet appearance and at his home event houghton were still in training so we're far from top form at the moment we have time and a lot to do before the olympic season gets underway the main thing is to avoid injuries and if we work hard enough we'll get the result it published.
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i at the two thousand and six games in two in zuckoff to excel when the four men event and added bronze in the two man board four years later in vancouver he then retired to become the minister of sport in his home region offer coots but just a few months later he was back dating the two man team to their maiden world championship gold enough to say the olympic track will also host russia's first ever world championships in two and a seventeenth a date in the targets of call has yet to rule out i've never said to anyone that i'd quit after the sochi olympics will see how we perform there and it all depends on my health if i'm fit enough then who knows what might happen zuckoff is now training under his former rival and canada's most successful bobsledder p.r. looters the forty two year old retired after competing at his feet and also home olympics and then cover and became russia's coach last year now the one time
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adversaries have teamed up and aim to bring home russia's first months albeit the olympic gold i think the thing that's very unique with with alexander and myself is there was always a good level of competition when we competed there were never any problems i think there was a high level of respect and that's carried over not only with him but with all the athletes. you know where we're not working together and we're working together for the goal and that's to win when you know it at the olympics for russia i think that i like working with looters well just a couple of years ago we were competing against each other so it didn't take long for us to understand how we'd work together after three decades on the track in two different disciplines and with a host of achievements of thirty nine year old zuckoff now has just one target gold for russian saatchi consignee about top of r t. now after all that wintry action
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let's catch up with the rest of the week's news from the world of sport sprinting you same bold once again stole the show at the diamond event in syracuse as the six time olympic champion dominated the men's one hundred meters talking nine point nine zero seconds had a fellow american a fellow jamaican i should say nicole actually made america's former world a million pick chunkin justin gatlin completed the podium. but before that manchester united fan both met ficos president sepp blatter at their headquarters in surrey to exchange gifts with the jamaican receiving the ahmed below mascot for next year's football world cup in brazil the country's second biggest city rio will also house the next summer olympics in twenty six the bold aims for his third straight sweep of the medals. to actually go to. rio or actually we may get to be a feat in itself because it would be the first time anybody has ever won treat on
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zero so me. i think back to our start to migrate so for me the key thing is just to go back to defend our tactics that's my focus while rainy weather couldn't stop the recent running craze here in moscow as thirty thousand amateurs run around the capital's exhibition center dubbed we run the ten kilometer race was held for the fourth year and it was just one of many events to hit moscow this summer as the capital also prepares to host its first marathon next week. motor sport now and much a g.p. champion whole day never ends i was back on track off the edge of inform on marquette in a straining british grand prix at silverstone to respond yes i exchanged the lead three times on the final lap was twenty year old mark so his full race winning wrong come to an end on the team right down to the dress at third as he markets under and swept the podium for a third straight time markets leads the overall standings by thirty points from the
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drivers that with runs are nine points back and six races left to go on the calendar. sun finally the world's top pound for pound boxer floyd mayweather genia says he's facing a solid competitor a mexican opponents all of ottis as the two undefeated fighters held their respective media workouts ahead of their title fight in las vegas next week about us is putting his w.b.c. and w.p.a. light middleweight belts on the line while looking to destroy mayweather as the super champion at thirty six the american star is thirteen years old and all about as and knows he has to dig deep to keep his perfect record of forty four wins intact. you know he's forty two and those sort of obvious you don't have some right you know to get to this point so you know he's a guy i know that i can overlook so i got a good to you to go for the next i guess to have weeks push was a good day to work hard and just listed
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a game where they might have. and that's it from sports same life and. wealthy british style. time right. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on. more news today violence is once again fled up the food these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations are the day . they were ready to do anything for their country to try to love the country more than yourself if you joined the military for any other reason that you're probably not to have a good day they were in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but however good people do get hurt. and i've heard good people. silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because i. i saw
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some people who died. near is cheaper than therapy. on our. interview. ok. dave
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a crock it while going to take your oliver jane it's a little while in the middle of the chesapeake bay kind of a. rampage here all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best areas in focus for us. there's an old picture of ten year island before the channel was oh here. way up there. as you go all. right here are some of the headstones from the graves it for you this is a fruit that's that's what we don't want to happen to change your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities.
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german intelligence reportedly concludes the assad government was behind last month's alleged chemical attack this as a bomber is struggling to convince congress to support a military strike on syria meanwhile in the u.k. . revelations that a british company was quantity a license to export potential not gas a chance to syria because that the government had facing tough questions about how that was allowed to happen. a thousand days in confinement house arrest time spent in a london prison and now limbo in the ecuadorian embassy it's the price we could expounded in the sun just paid in his battle for transparency. and radiation at japan's fukushima nuclear plant has spiked to lethal levels to be enough to kill.


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