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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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german intelligence shares obama's confidence that the assad regime was behind last month's alleged chemical attack in syria as washington continues building a case for a military strike while in the u.k. . revelations that a british company was quote on to the lights and fixed full potential not of gas a chance that syria has let the government can't they think tough questions about how that was allowed to happen. to the kitchen president morsy will stand trial for inciting violence and the murder of protesters amid accusations from his supporters that the case is politically motivated.
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in moscow good to have you with us here on r t our top story a german intelligence agencies reportedly sided with the white house in blaming the assad regime for the alleged chemical attack in syria last month but like their u.s. allies germany's spies have failed to provide hard evidence details from artie's peter all over. what we've seen in reported in the ago is that the head of the german security services shindler held a meeting with top brass within the bundestag the main political movers and shakers to talk about what intelligence germany had regarding chemical attacks on syria and they say that it was a sarin news nerve gas they base this on interceptions made on doctors who have treated patients and they cite that the symptoms that those patients had. similar to those that you would find of somebody who had been the victim of a sarin gas attack what is interesting from this one is one bit of information that's come out regarding
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a intercepted telephone call reportedly between one senior hezbollah figure and somebody at the iranian embassy now according to the intercept it says that the hezbollah are official it said. lost his nerve and made a huge mistake by ordering this attack germany is playing a fine balancing act between keeping their american allies happy by by showing support and not direction but also by trying to keep the german people happy we have an election coming up here in just a few weeks' time and opinion inside germany has been predominantly anti involvement in the syrian conflict this balancing act is something that the german government hasn't played all too well on every occasion just last week we saw the the foreign minister. now he issued a statement through the foreign ministry in english in which he said germany will be among those calling for action to be taken well that statement lasted one hour
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before a retraction was given they cited the fact that it was it was muddled in translation and a far more watered down version of germany stance was given which was. called a sequence is only in the right type of scenario so germany and anglo. merkel indeed is playing a very very interesting balancing game between keeping her allies happy and keeping the german electorate happy of course ahead of that general election in just a few weeks' time german journalist manuel oksana writer says german intelligence services are actively working to support the allegations of the us surveillance networks. the us americans are starving for credibility and for this the german and i especially germany and the german secret service turned out to specially during the last weeks by this huge and it's a scandal to be a type of branch of the u.s. intelligence so it looks like the u.s. intelligence and the german intelligence delivered and this just in time barack
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obama and much more a little chunk carry on are being flown credibility in the syria case so they have the problem that not even their own population not even their own political class is believing in this what is called evidence by the u.s. and there you can see the same in europe the general opinion is strongly critical against those allegations of chemical warfare by president assad in syria allegations coming from berlin iran the same kind of conclusions that were presented by the white house as it tries to win congressional and public support for a strike on syria but let's take a closer look at the case that has been built so far washington saying the intelligence reports implicating assad but ever of used to present any concrete evidence so far officials have been said pointed to amateur footage posted online allegedly showing victims of the attack unconfirmed eyewitness accounts also being used as solid evidence by the u.s.
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the latest claims from the state department revolve around alleged samples from the war zone which they say confirm the use of chemical weapons but moscow was criticized washington for its quote inappropriate game of secrecy over the alleged chemical attack that the u.s. is still refusing to reveal before extent of its evidence or to use sean thomas has more on that. again lavrov addressed students at moscow state university of foreign relations today being the first day of class and he started off with some broad general statements about the western position on the middle east saying that the policies are inconsistent and that there are double standards that exist but specifically speaking to the idea of the united states having evidence saying that it was the assad regime that used chemical weapons inside syria he said that it just does not pan out in fact he said there's no concrete evidence no locations were given no names were given no specifics of any kind and listen to his own words about what he had to say as we believe we've seen these papers there is no evidence
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it's just accusations if you have read any super secret data well you need to remove the secrecy because we're talking about war and peace now the big news also is that lavrov talked about the situation in march back in aleppo where the russia believed that it was the syrian rebels that used chemical weapons that pointing to evidence that russian. experts had looked at saying that the ordinance that were used were not manufactured by any professional company the gas that was used was also not done on a professional grade suggesting that it was the rebels that used chemical weapons at that point in time then russia wanted a u.n. investigation but it seemed to what he says his western partners on the u.n. security council didn't seem interested in investigating back then in march but now . reiterated russia's position and strongly is against intervention nato says it won't take part in a possible military action against the syrian government meanwhile the u.s.
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navy continuing to step up its presence in the region ahead of the congressional vote on the issue five u.s. destroyers loaded with missiles along with an amphibious assault ship in the mediterranean they've been joined by aircraft carrier group now in the red sea to support an attack on syria in order to the carrier u.s.s. nimitz one of the largest warships in the world more than three hundred meters long powered by nuclear reactors carrying ninety planes and helicopters its company by five smaller ships armed with tomahawk cruise missiles. meanwhile images have emerged on social media purporting to show u.s. servicemen speaking out against a looming strike on damascus people in military dress are seen posing in front of cameras with handwritten signs saying they didn't join up to fight with al qaeda in syria pictures cannot be verified but the pentagon is reportedly looking into the identities of those involved earlier we heard from gordon duff a marine corps veteran who said that u.s. troops are against supporting syrian rebels because of the extremists in their ranks fifty to seventy percent of americans are clearly opposed to up.
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against syria and members of the military. particularly lost five thousand killed fighting the same groups in iraq that we are advocating that we support in syria so members of the military from either side in their clear divisions in the military both the left and the right none of them have any reason to want to support syrian rebels president obama has got himself painted into a corner there is no way out it's been revealed the british government rubberstamp the export of chemicals that can be used to prepare the nerve agent sarin it's this to syria it's the same substance at the center of the alleged toxic gas attack last month near damascus licenses to sell the chemicals granted to a u.k. based company but they were actually never actually delivered there the years what the u.k. department of business skills and innovation told us they say the british firm was given the export license only after claiming substances were going to be used for
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civilian purposes not clear exactly who was to receive those shipments or the name of the company that was set to send the compounds r t sara for more. business secretary vince cable certainly going to be facing some tough questions these revelations that the british government has granted export licenses to. as yet unnamed british company now this is for substances to be sent to syria and it was due to so-called chilled use substances and that was. and sodium fluoride in both these agents can be easily precursor chemicals in the manufacture of nerve gas or those export licenses granted by the department for business innovation and skills it's reported in january the seventeenth and eighteenth and that license valid for six months in two thousand and twelve when the civil war in syria was already raging but he's concerned anyway again about these suspected chemical weapons
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stockpiles a map of some of the suspected sites there of course huge concern about what the syrian government could potentially be doing with those chemical weapons but of course also that some of these sites could fall into the wrong hands if the situation gets ever more complex there are going to be questions tabled in parliament really runs through and scrutinize exactly how these licenses for chemical agents that could be used in the types of weapons that the syrian government a big accused of using on their own people who granted. syria already enduring a civil war the looming threat of u.s. firepower on the country is just one more thing for the people there to worry about or he's worried if a notion has been finding out how the threat of an intervention is affecting everyday life. tomorrow next week next month series wondering if or when america's missiles will strike and what the aftermath
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will be but for many people here it doesn't pay to linger on what tomorrow will bring because the resolve ready award today. you know is going on every day every hour every minute to endure bombardment we have bombs and terrorist attacks shelling it's not very hard to face america after dealing with the jihad it's for sale. at the shop we've been his word for two years with bombs falling in our hands just a few kilometers from here with cruise missiles are about as well is the difference with michele waleed not his real name has a nice apartment in an upmarket area of damascus but a year ago he moved into the hotel his running for safety reasons after a family member was kidnapped by what he says were members of an al qaeda linked group we don't feel safe of course not because of. of. the strike
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we've got just at the last stop they are throwing these things against a sea of civilians and that's very bad and have had a looser is considered to be one of the most successful and aggressive opposition forces promoting fundamental islam and proclaiming the end of the assad regime they are believed to hold several districts around damascus where they engage in almost daily battles with government troops both the u.n. and the u.s. and others consider it a terrorist organization a treaty by saying that america should side because we are fighting terrorism america doesn't agree i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets they have no right to strike a country man but in the united nations each c.m. person who loves his country. he would never accept the. who to send one to attack that's just another entry on the lawn least of daily concerns which
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already includes terror attacks pains and killings those living in residential areas of damascus say several days ago they started receiving letters like this one advising them to clear their basements in preparation for now no one i spoke to looked like they would follow the advice syrians may vote with their feet when the bombs start to fall but for now they've got plenty of other things to worry about. the reporting from damascus in syria and our days maria fellowship will remain in syria keeping an eye on developments in the country as it faces up to a possible western military strike. so to come on the program a thousand days in the life of julian assange. we'll look back at what the wiki leaks founder has been through as well as the possible prospects for his future plus. i mean you have you. can report on why the financial concerns are forcing officials in the city of lights to start teaching the notoriously red grecians service sector workers the rules of etiquette this and more after
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a short break. please speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the will talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing stories are you. trying. to find out more visit our big.
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technology innovation called the developments from around russia. the future covered. quarter past the hour now egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi will stand trial for inciting violence and murder along with more than a dozen other members of the muslim brotherhood charges relate to. december protest at the presidential palace in cairo that left seven protesters dead the country's army backed government set up a pound to revise egypt's constitution with a brotherhood store fusing to take part supporters of the ex-president pressing ahead with rallies calling for his return to power despite hundreds having died in violence mohamed from the british egyptians for democracy thinks the charges
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against morsi aren't justified. president morsi the first freely elected president of egypt with these crimes it's very obvious that what we're seeing is a very politically motivated charge he was elected freely by everyone in egypt at the end of the day this is how democracy works people go to the ballot box they choose somebody and this person stays there for their time his term was four years so he spent one year for people to remove him they have to go back to the ballot box not through the masses not through people on the ground what we've seen is a very wealthiest and this is a text. is illegitimate coup is always something illegal you cannot accept a crew in twenty thirteen anymore what we're seeing now is very obvious and it's very clear and what the people on the streets that millions of egyptians now are doing on the streets of egypt they say they will never go back to the time of the
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barak they'll never go back to dictatorship they will carry on peacefully resisting this military coup can find more stories on our website that our team is lined up for you here's what's a click away right now high level espionage your report on how even in countries normally friendly to the u.s. have become involved in the n.s.a. spying plus. these guys from el salvador know how to play with fire in motion section of r t dot com for the full fiery video. a short spell in a london jail followed by house arrest and now holed up in ecuador's u.k. embassy that's how we queue leaks founder julian assange spent the past thousand days has you do sure a deal initially started in two thousand and ten when he left sweden worth already wanted to question him on sex crime allegations after an unsuccessful attempt to appeal his extradition from the u.k. back to stockholm a song sought refuge in ecuador's embassy he's now spent more than a year holed up inside the diplomatic mission because he faces immediate arrest the
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minute he sets foot on british soil. former hackler former hacker rather could also face espionage charges in the u.s. because his site revealed so much information about the country's military operations we can leak spokesman christian raf and told us why given the u.s. attitude toward whistleblowers the prospects for a songe don't look promising it is quite all abuse if you read through the transcript of the trial against chelsea manning and see what kind of arguments were raised there and how often we can use was in that mentioned in the trial that there is a very strong possibility that the next target is to innocence and it might already be an indictment against him and all the others in our organization we see as well the escalating war against to those who commit the act of journalism and this is escalating from month to month the argument is this is the bradley manning was the first whistle blower and he was history who has been. prosecuted and found guilty
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on the basis of espuelas journalists will come next could possibly be we could leaks all the media organizations it's a real possibility and we know about the ongoing investigation in the u.s. into we could leave which has been now going on for three years and probably cost. quite a sum of money because it has been. stated as one of the biggest criminal investigation in la times in the u.s. so it is a very worrying situation turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe dramatic footage emerging showing tornadoes tearing through he strong japan at least sixty three people said to be hurt in about one hundred homes damaged lightning strikes also caught power supplies to tens of thousands of households while officials warn the public over worsening weather conditions. three insurgents died in assault on a u.s. military base in eastern afghanistan prior to the attack they torched several nato
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trucks but failed to enter the base itself after a gun battle broke out no u.s. or afghan soldiers were injured but it casts further doubt on the country's stability at the official nato pullout in two thousand and fourteen. violent clashes broke out during protests against the president in mexico's top of the hundreds fought with police in seven days of demonstrations across the country came to a close and wreaking a tows only a year into his presidential term but already anger the public by proposing a privatized the country's oil production. hundreds of members and supporters of the newly founded alternative for germany party gathered in the streets of dusseldorf for an election rally marchers held posters and banners critical of on the merkel and demanding the return of the deutschemark the f.d.a. is founded in february two thousand and thirteen known for its conservative views and famous for adamantly. for being adamantly empty euro and advocating the idea of separate currencies being used in europe. a lack of civility demonstrated by some
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service sector workers in paris has become such a problem that officials have been forced to act there now want to mission to teach etiquette to french workers because of fears the country could be losing out on millions of euros a year and a continent wide debt crisis are these tests are still your reports. going to go up are. smiling faces that belie a troubled economy with the number of job seekers rising to three point one eight million in july from the twenty seventh month in a row and a budget deficit the government can barely rein in france has been walking on eggshells since europe's economic crisis hit but there is a small respite visiting the street dangers of momart in paris is a must for any tourist in the city francis clencher title of world's top destination it's one in twelve with eighty three million visitors and thirty three million in paris alone but the numbers may not be enough as the reality is not
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always up to a car with a dream. with a city of like known as much for its beauty as its unfriendliness at the extreme end of it a few years ago dozens of japanese tourists were reported to have been struck with the so-called paris syndrome they were so madly affected by rude encounters that they had to be repatriated back to japan and the state of shock. paris is beautiful it's wonderful but the reasons are immigrants and they have to change things because they're a liar and revenue from to emerge from other people that they're rude but i haven't had any reading counters myself i'm shocked at the behavior of some people who are supposed to be tourism professionals i won't get into details but really i'm shocked at the attitude we've given me. with tourism making up more than seven percent of the french gross domestic product tourist officials in the country's capital decided to attempt the naysayers claim was impossible giving those who work in the service industry to be more pleasant. a good team was launched this
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summer in paris called do you speak truest guide for. drivers and shopkeepers on how to behave towards their city's guests giving them contrie by country advice on what is expected from them. it is important for everyone involved in pounces economy to treat. regardless of their nationality in order to make them want to come back and to spend on this through them and that's precisely where france lags behind the competition despite being the number one destination the un world tourism organization found out that visitors to the u.s. spend twice as much as those who travel to france and that's the spite fewer people making the journey to the states that the loss of revenue is proving twice as costly as europe continues to struggle with a debt crisis that seriously endangering the french economy this paris taxi driver
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insists though that while the dream speak to rest is a good idea creating a positive experience is not a one way street. first of all for us taxi drivers that are passengers who are very excuse me for saying so annoying. something they may simply have to accept with a smile if they want to hold on to one of its economic a says i'm in this movie losing hands but it's important to remember the good manners cos nothing but his friends is learning bad manners may be very pricey indeed. tester sylvia r.t. paris after the break our roundup of the week sports news with kate partridge stay with us.
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with the economic ups and downs in the final. deal and the rest. will be. ok. so now we have a whole poking toxin in the blood of our fetuses which gets in their brain because there's no blood brain barrier developed at that stage. right close to. the first strike. and i think the true. reporters. being the.
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good lumber tour. was able to build most sophisticated robots which fortunately doesn't sound anything. to teach me. to care about humans. this is why you should. only. be british. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my extremes there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on our.
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hello and thank you for joining me for the r.t.s. for show time take fall church and coming up is our weekly roundup of support from russia and the cross the globe and here are the top stories. top transfer whiles we've got gareth bale moves from talk them through right now madrid for a world record three of almost one hundred thirty three million dollars. plus walking tall russia ukraine in their last friendly before the european boss people championships as the new the squad aims to repeat their two thousand and seven trials. and ice time stick we look ahead to the new ice hockey season as to pay a child giants long horns and a child star alexander ovechkin unveils russia's kids for the sochi olympics. but first let's kick off with mobile and after weeks of negotiating totaling
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a gas bell has joined realm of dread on a six year deal for a world record free of almost one hundred thirty three million dollars the twenty four year old while star will receive over four hundred sixty six thousand dollars a week in wages the move eclipses the one hundred twenty four million dollars which right outside manchester united cristiana rinaldo in two thousand and nine bale joined spurs as a left back from southampton six years ago and last season scored twenty six goals in forty four appearances. while chelsea have signed cameron strike at samuel lesotho russian club and three were not the steward for a transfer a one year deal the certain. two year old rejoins coach jerry's a marine you know who led his into a landslide to the trouble in two thousand and ten last month and he is billionaire owner silliman get him off to slash the club's big budget citing a host of top players into the brazil weak field up also to chelsea boss
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christopher samba and russia got the big order to do number. and retired in june star david beckham has been backing training with his former club the l.a. galaxy but despite still putting his skills on the pitch the thirty eight year old has no plans for a comeback on the hanging up his boots in may in contrast former teammate landon donovan has signed you three year contract extension as america's all time top scorer looks to add to his tally of fifty six goals in rio next year. most of the time i'm going to be guaranteed to play as long as i'm training on playing well and . this is the best place for me to be leading up to the world cup and so i took all that into account all that into consideration but it was still overwhelmingly obvious that this is the place i want to be leading into hopefully my fourth world cup. well meanwhile pep wadia and josie marino faced each other again as by in munich beat ten month chelsea five four on penalties in the european super cup final in prague fernando torres volley the blues in front after eight minutes then
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straight after the break frank rebury equalise from twenty five yards chelsea a last remaining us to a second booking late on but two minutes into extra time at them has not restored their lead better check them produced a flurry of saves but couldn't stop having martin as levelling with the last kick of the game and off the nine successful penalties manuel neuer safe from remember lee kaku to give quadea his first trophy with bae in my opinion the best the most. the thing that deserves more to win lost but that's football sometimes it happens in football. not always the best team the best team wins not always a team that deserves more win the game we have the opportunity to win the first time for this club the super cup a few now so now by you had all the titles around the world and is the first time in we are so profit that for for has this club to make big.


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